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""Doesnt seem fair, all of them against the four of us""

Star Wars is probably the first thing any kid will remember for a long time. Before I could even spell, I knew what a lightsaber was, or knew who Chewbacca was. Not only does it rule the movie screens, but it has launch over one hundred novels, it's own Pez candy line, It's own board game, very own Lego sets, an animated series, over thirty video games, and the list could go on and on. No other franchise, has grown quite like Star Wars has. Its newest game, Republic Commando is probably the best game ever to come from Lucas Arts it's self. Well, shooting games wise, Knights of the Old Republic and other games like Jade Empire are great also.

Game-play wise, everything was very easy and straight forward. The left joy stick moves, the right joy stick camera. Very Halo 2, except for maybe one or two things. The control buttons on the lower left control your gun settings. Up is battle rifle, left is demo blast, right is sniper, down is secondary weapon, and down twice is my favorite, the blaster pistol. Also, by pressing the A button, and then up, down, left, or right you can give your squad orders. But other than that, it is all good. The only thing that kind of got me upset, were the few glitches in the game. But I have only gotten maybe one or two, so don't worry.

Pure genius. Republic Commando's story is probably the best story any Star Wars game has ever seen, besides the KOTOR series, and maybe Jedi Academy. As you could already tell, this isn't just another Jedi, "Go out and slash um" game. This, my friends, is a work of art. Set during the beginning and end of The Clone Wars, you are 38, the leader of the finest group of clones there is. With a squad of three others, 40 "Fixer", 07 "Sev", and my favorite 62 "Scorch", you are one lean mean fighting machine. The game starts you out during the Geonosion battle at the end of Clone Wars. You must meet up with your squad, and defeat a threat on the surface. After doing this, you must also venture into another awesome part, and some times difficult, ship. That will be a very pleasant sight to all of you Dark Side players. After this, the story unfolds threw two other levels. Don't be afraid though, these levels will take hours to complete.

The really only problem I can think of is how short the game is, and multi-player. Multi-player is like a kick to the Jimmy in this game. It's a joke really. Go to Halo 2 if you want multi-player.

The sound for Republic Commando is great, no faults here. Blaster shots sound as real as anything in Star Wars is. Droids all sound very realistic and as if they were straight from the movie. The explosions sound incredibly realistic. The music sets the game in to an eerie, but exciting setting. It makes you get into the feel of the game fast and always impressed me constantly.

One thing that really impressed my about Republic Commando, was its voice acting. You will pretty much only here five people in the game, yourself, your squad, and your boss. But, all of them have their unique voices, which I thought was very cool seeing as how they are all the same person. Some people say that it's a voice changer in their helmet, but no matter what it was, all of the characters sounded incredibly realistic, and sounded like they could kick someone's ass.

But not to take away from the other fantastic parts of the game, but no doubt the graphics stand out. They have to be the most original and best graphics I have ever seen in a Star Wars game. The game has you in view behind a visor, very much like Metroid Prime. But with a few differences. On a certain mode, it will show you where you squad is located, and how you health is. On another, it will show nothing, just a normal screen. And the last mode, which certainly isn't the least, night vision. But enough about that lets talk raw graphics. They are kind of dark and creepy. The normally white droids of Battlefront, are now black, but it was fine with me, because it added a new type of diversity in the game, and you always need something new. And the environments... Wow. Every thing detailed to perfection.

Well, all in all, this is a perfect game. Sure Multi-player isn't to great, and a few glitches once in a blue moon, but other than that, pure gold. I don't see how you could just rent this game. Buy now, as of your life depended on it, which it very may does. And besides, if you want Multi-player, that's why there is Battlefront or Halo 2. The graphics are truly spectacular, the story is incredibly interesting although short, and the squad and shooting is the easiest I have seen in a squad shooter ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/27/05, Updated 01/30/06

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