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"Conker:Live and Reloaded is a great remake."

Story: As you know Live and Reloaded is a remake of the N64's Bad Fur Day and the plot has not changed at all. Here's the plot......Conker gets drunk and goes in the wrong direction to get home. When he wakes up he has a hangover and doesn't know where he is. So that's pretty much 90% of the plot I would tell you the whole plot but that would ruin the very few but good surprises that are in the story.

Audio: The music varies as much as the game does(which is a whole heck of alot!.) Most important characters in the game have a theme song and they all fit the characters perfectly. Although this game is mostly funny and light hearted there are also parts where it's sad or mysterious or even serious...and the music changes to suit what's happening in the game beautifully. I really enjoyed it and not just is the music top notch but the sound effects are exactly what they should be. Guns sound loud and powerful poo sounds juicy and the screams of the undead will send shivers down your back.

Graphics: Wow....that's THE ONLY WAY to describe the graphics in Live and Reloaded. They are actually being compared to a low level next-gen game and boy are they right. The character models look amazing the trees,flowers,bushes,grass,poo,water,blood,sun, and explosins all look wonderful! The lighting is perfect always just right and makes you feel like you're in a real world. There are even particles in the air! Rare truly has shown what they are capable of with these graphics and it makes me excited to see what's in store for us next. I could go on and on for a long time about how amazing they are but you just have to see them for yourself to believe it!

Gameplay: This game has ALOT of different generes inlcuding: racing,adventure,3rd-person shooter,puzzle, and platformer. Most of this game(roughly 2/3's) is platformer,adventure, and puzzle while 1/3's is 3-person shooter and a few races here and there. The platforming in the game is simple and not hard to understand you could compare this to Rare's other games such as Banjoe Kazooie for the N64. Now just because it's simple does not in anyway mean that this game is easy...because, it's not at all. It's not the hardest game you've ever played either(mine would have to be Ninja Gaiden) it's really at a medium to frustrating level. You might be thinking, "Yeah I know platforming games can be difficult at times." but L&R pushes your frustration to the level with some of the things they make you do. I know there were quite a few times when I was swearing more than anyone in the game at some of the stuff you have to put up with. Of course I enjoy a good challenge I don't want a game to be too easy BUT I also want it to be too frustrating to be fair there aren't ALOT of those times but you will have some that will make you work for hours to get it right. One of the big issues the critics seem to have with L&R is that the pacing is all wrong but, I think Rare paced the game very nicely seeing as everything slower such as, the platforming and puzzles come in the begining and middle and all the fast paced shooting and racing comes at the end which feels like the game reached it's climax so, I thought they did a good job with it. Even with the game being at a pretty challenging level it will still only last you 10-13 hours if you've never played it or, 10-11 hours if you have. One of the biggest reasons BFD was such a hit back in 2001 is because it had one BIG thing that set it apart from other platformers(besides the swearing a violence) it was "context sensitive buttons" where if you stood on a pad that had a "B" on it you would press the B button and whatever you needed at the time would be available to you, so that was nice back then but it's nothing new now and it doesn't have that "Wow it's new." factor anymore.

Features: A really great thing about when you beat the game is you can go back to any level that you've played before so you don't have to worry about going through something you didn't like doing to get to where you actually wanted to play.

Multiplayer: Well this is what Rare's focus was with L&R which is why everyone was so surprised when they played it was just average....and not very much fun with the bots or with your friends. First you can't customize enough stuff most missions are boring and this is a very very fast paced game like UC2 is but, the difference is you have all of these menus and things to sort through while the game is still going on. Rare bascially tried to fit a tactical shooter into a serious sam type of multiplayer and the end result was just not good. I think the main reason everyone is SO dissapointed is that Rare promised something great and it turned out bad...oh well.

Overall: The BFD remake of L&R was an amazing time all over again with great shooting, platforming, racing, graphics, sound, characters, and sooo much more but sadly not ALOT of replayabilty to it and that's where the SP falls short very sadly. The MP was just sad and seemed like an extra added to a game with few problems. If they had kept the MP the way it was on the N64, made the SP longer and added a reason to play through it again I would give it a higher score but I feel like I gave it a fair rating and score.

Score: This game is a really good remake but, there were just some things that should've stayed the same. This might not be GOTY 2005 but it's worth atleast a rent. I give it a 9.1/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/03/05

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