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    Stealth Guide by El Rapido

    Version: 0.98 | Updated: 04/11/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
    Stealth Guide - v 0.98
    1. Mission 1 - Dili, Timor
    2. Mission 2 - Paris, France
    3. Mission 3 - Paris-Nice, France
    4. Mission 4 - Jerusalem, Israel
    5. Mission 5 - Kundang Camp, Indonesia
    6. Mission 6 - Komodo, Indonesia
    7. Mission 7 - Jakarta, Indonesia
    8. Mission 8 - Los Angeles, USA
    This guide attempts to give a perfectly stealthy method to complete Splinter 
    Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. In my view, that means completing the level without 
    touching or being seen by an enemy. Generally speaking, making it seem like 
    you were never there. If anyone has any better ways to complete parts of the 
    level, drop me a line: alex@chello.nl
    I did it on hard mode, so it should work for normal mode as well. I know I 
    out quite a few lights in some areas, and I admit that makes it all a bit 
    less stealthy. So again, if you have a better method, please let me know.
    This guide was primarily created so the message board would have a chance of 
    making the top 10. It shot straight to first place, but sadly it didn't stay 
    there. I decided to finish the guide anyway, at least to document my first 
    full run of the game, but I can't promise whether I'll be keeping it updated.
    Naturally, everything in this guide is property of me, copyright 2004.
    Level 1 - Dili, Timor - 2 knockouts - 5 bullets.
    This level is pretty damn easy, but there are several sections where it's 
    tempting to knock down some baddies to get ahead. It took me several hours, 
    I found a way to do the level with just one knockout, and just a few 
    Area 1
    Everything up to the first save point is a walk in the park. After the save 
    point, walk down the ramp and put your back to the wall. Slide along the wall 
    and perform the SWAT move when you get to the open section where you see the 
    enemy soldier sitting on a block. 
    Look to the left, around the fence, pull out your pistol, and shoot out the 
    light. The soldier should get up and walk around the left side of the block 
    was sitting on. As he does this, slowly move around the right side of the 
    block, and connect with the low fence on the left. Near the end of this fence 
    is a fully dark area, where you can look back at the enemy. He should proceed 
    around the corner, towards the light you shot out, allowing you to continue 
    further along the path.
    Don't forget about the mines in the path ahead of you, stay to the right and 
    crouch to take the safe path.
    After the next save point, jump onto the block, face towards the house, and 
    jump again to grab onto a ledge. Move all the way to the end, and drop down. 
    Go right into the alley, and jump. The game will explain how to get up to the 
    top. Follow the only route available, and slide down the pipe. Follow the 
    advice you get, and slowly go into the river. The guard patrolling the fire 
    will stop near the truck to gaze out over the river. Once he stops doing 
    slowly proceed towards the bridge. Once he's past the palm tree in front of 
    fire you can speed up a bit. Proceed along the river slowly so as not to 
    any native fauna, and get out of the water near the end.
    Walk along the paved path to the save point, and continue slowly towards the 
    soldier sitting on the box ahead. Grab him, and proceed to the far left 
    of the area, past the door of the house where another guard is located. 
    Interrogate your catch in the corner, knock him out when you're done, and 
    quickly run up to the pipe in the right corner and climb up to finish the 
    Area 2
    Climb up the ladders, and drop down onto the balcony. Go just around the 
    corner, crouch, and put your back to the wall. Slide along to the right past 
    the soldier with the binoculars, and let go of the wall. Carefully go around 
    the corner and connect with the wall again. Slide past another guide, and 
    by the shattered glass doors until Sadono leaves. 
    Do the SWAT move again to get passed the shattered glass door. Let go of the 
    wall, and proceed along the balcony towards the fire. Walk all the way to the 
    edge, and the option 'Climb out' will appear. Climb up to the edge of the 
    roof, go around the corner, and drop down. You can do this again on the next 
    pipe there, to get to the next balcony, but since you might be seen by the 
    guard on the balcony after that, the choice is up to you. Slide open the 
    windows if you're taking the safe route, drop down quietly, and grab the guy 
    who's beating up the guy in the chair.
    I wasn't sure what to do with him, but I'm pretty sure you have to take care 
    him in some way because of the cutscene that follows the conversation. I took 
    out all the lights and dropped him behind the plant in the corner of the 
    Choose either door, since both eventually lead to the stairs. The left door 
    will have you crouching quietly along the right side of the room to avoid the 
    guard you avoided earlier on when Sarano was around, while the right door 
    have you going slowly through a corridor, avoiding the guard on your right. 
    Go down the stairs, and the patrolling guard should just be about to start 
    round. When he's past the fire, and starts walking into the far right corner 
    the room, follow his path, but stick to the left. Put your back to the 
    container, and use the SWAT move to prevent being seen by the two guards who 
    are discussing the map in the far left corner. Disconnect from the wall, and 
    proceed to the far right corner. Grab the bottle, and go forward a bit so you 
    can see the patrolling guard wait in the dark behind the pillar. When he 
    proceeds, throw the bottle between the two pillars (in the direction of the 
    double doors that don't open) in a high arc, and all guards should face that 
    direction. Make a swift but quiet run to the end bit, and you should be ok. 
    You can use the SWAT move again here if necessary. If they think they've seen 
    something, just keep your speed up and chill out for a bit all the way at the 
    end of the corridor. If not, just go outside into the checkpoint.
    The next section has a guard taking shots at you from the far right end of 
    courtyard. On the balcony to his right is the lady you're trying to get to. 
    Line yourself up so there is a straight line between the shooter, you, and 
    little  pillar / lantern on the right side of the courtyard. Use the pillar 
    prevent getting shot in the first bit, and simply stay in the light the rest 
    the time to make it to the other side.
    Open the door, go upstairs, and then go upstairs quietly. Be quiet so as not 
    distract the guy by the windw who was targeting you before, and sneak into 
    room to meet up with the lady.
    When you're done with her, hurry to the window, climb through, and rappel 
    the wall as quickly as you can. Crouch against the messy wooden fence to the 
    right, and proceed forward. When the guard is as far away as he gets, 
    yourself between the dented oil barrel and the ladder to the first switch you 
    need to disable, closer to the barrel than to the ladder, in perfect 
    When the guard is away again, take out the lantern on the platform at the top 
    of the ladder. Use stealth to shoot out the two hanging lights along the path 
    of the guard as well. You may need to follow him a bit to the far end of his 
    path to get a good shot at the secone one, but I got to take 3 shots out it 
    probs. One of his buddies from the next section may come along, so go back to 
    the spot between the barrel and the ladder, and the next time the guard 
    climb up and disable the switch.
    Find a good moment to climb down, because the guard may see you while you're 
    the ladder. When he's back on patrol, go to the beginning of the alley, and 
    wait for him to make his first stop. He'll turn around to look back, and when 
    he turns again to move further away from you, go to the stairs on the left. 
    Make sure you get to the stairs before he turns again, you don't have a lot 
    Go up the stairs, sticking to the left wall, and wait for the second guard to 
    stop and stare away from you. Shoot out the third hanging light. When he's 
    patrolling again, and stares away again, stand up and shoot the lantern on 
    platform where the next switch is.
    Since it's perfectly dark now, you should have little trouble making it to 
    ladder and flipping the switch. Climb down, continue around the corner, and 
    to the boat and also the end of the level.
    Level 2 - Paris, France - 2 knockouts - 5 bullets
    Hurry down the ladder as quickly as you can, and drop to the floor. Shoot the 
    lantern in the next area, and run to the end of the alley you're in. Go a bit 
    around the corner, and shoot out the hanging light above the first guard. He 
    should go up the ramp, which allows you to take out the first light against 
    left wall. He should start staring at the wall a little to the left of the 
    light you shot, which again gives you the chance to take out one of the wall 
    He should patrol past the door into the first train carriage. Sneak behind 
    carefully and enter the first carriage. Go further down the carriage, and 
    behind the last seat on the right. Take out the lantern on the barrels, and 
    proceed quietly over them. Continue further into the train, and you should 
    two guards talking. Proceed all the way to the end of the train, staying in 
    dark of course, but don't quite drop down onto the track yet. When they're 
    chatting, they should walk towards the start of the level. One will enter the 
    doorway near you, so drop down onto the track before he sees you. Stay close 
    the train and he'll turn around and walk further into the train, away from 
    Grab this first chance (all guards are currently facing away from you for a 
    while) to jump onto the platform and speed down the passageway. Make your way 
    to the fire and shoot the left water valve to create a safe path through. 
    the door.
    The next room has 3 bookcases, hence 4 isles, with a lit passageway. Quickly 
    speed past the first bookcase, skipping the first isle, and go right into the 
    second isle to prevent being seen by the guard. There's a hole in the second 
    bookcase which you can crawl through to get to the third isle. Crawl through 
    when the guard moves past the second bookcase, and watch his movements. When 
    is well into the second isle, preferably with his head behind a bunch of 
    speed it to the last isle, and take cover in the darkness. The guard should 
    to check the first isle, which allows you to quietly leave the room.
    The next room has 2 guards, and thankfully some lightswitches. Wait to the 
    right of the entrance for the left guard to pass the middle of the far wall. 
    Switch off the lights, and head to the middle of the room. Both guards should 
    pass you on your right heading for the light switch, allowing you to get to 
    next door, and out of the room. There's nothing on the computers by the way.
    Pick the lock, and hug the lockers to get the checkpoint.
    For the next room, hurry to the far-left corner of the room, to where the 
    on the left side of the room comes to an end. Take the last bit slowly, since 
    the guards will already start coming in soon. The leader will proceed down 
    middle of the room, and send one guard to the left. When he sends the other 
    guard to the right, along the path you took, and starts proceeding down the 
    middle path himself, slowly go through the doorway, staying to the left as 
    as possible. You can go for it earlier as well, when the left guard is 
    proceeding down his side of the room, whie the right guard is still near to 
    entrance, the choice is yours.
    I'm pretty sure you need to take out the next two guys. I've tried using 
    bombs, whistling, light shots, but they always kill me or the computer you 
    to get to. Since the sequence where you use the computer is pretty darn long, 
    have no idea how to create that much time without the guards seeing me. Also 
    seems as if any kind of attempt to distract the guards causes them to go for 
    the crucial computer sooner.
    Other's Suggestions:
    "Brad Da Man" suggested doing a swat move to get across the doorway, and 
    throwing a gas grenade in. 
    "nibbles710" suggested waiting for them to start staring at the last 
    before runnning in and taking them both out with one whack from behind.
    I took one out as soon as I entered the hall next to where they are, since 
    standing so close to the window it's easy to take him out. The other guy 
    spend some time being shocked and amazed, allowing you to zoom in on him and 
    take him out too. Use the computer, save, and hide the bodies behind the 
    computer you just used. Shoot out the desk lamp by said computer, and you 
    should be ok as far as body-alarms are concerned. Hiding them at this time 
    gets rid of the guards in the hallway by the boiler room. Hurry out of the 
    room, and take the second door on your left. Disable the alarm.
    Leave the room, go round the corner, and open the door to the next savepoint.
    Halfway up the stairs, there's a red light on the wall. It's a motion 
    Sneak past it carefully, and open the door at the top of the stairs.
    There's some guards shooting stuff, but most of them will leave shortly. One 
    stays to patrol the area you're in. When he walks away, walk up to the double 
    doors and pick the lock. It's a 4-stage one, so do your best. Hurry inside.
    Take the door on your left, and hurry to the near left corner of the room. 
    camera in the middle of the room doing 360 turns is the one that tends to see 
    you. Use the computer. 
    Leave, and go to the keypad across the room. Punch in the code you got (2457) 
    and enter the room. You'll want the guard behind the glass to notice you, so 
    jump about a bit by the door until he thinks he sees something. Place 
    yourself across from the door. After he comes in and turns to his right, go 
    through the door he opened for you. Stay to the right, but go slowly, since 
    there's a motion detector on the left wall. Go through the door. At the top 
    of these stairs, there's a camera and all kind of other ugly stuff. You can 
    get at least halfway up the stairs before the camera noticing you. Stay to 
    the right, pull out your cam-jammer, and aim and fire it at the camera. Keep 
    the trigger down, and strafe around the corner, out of sight of the camera.
    Open the door, and wait in the darkness of the doorway for the guard you see 
    move to the computer on the reception desk. When he's there, enter the room, 
    and move a bit to the left, into the darkness. The other guard, who was 
    checking out a body before, will now head off to the corridor next to the 
    door you came in through. The computer-guard will now move to check out the 
    Quickly run up to the computer, use it, and follow the guard who went down 
    corridor. Depending on where he's looking (you should have some time) hide in 
    the darkness in the corridor. When he steps up to the keypad, move in behind 
    him along the left wall. After he leaves, punch in the code you got from the 
    computer, and go through the door.
    Enter the doorway with the steam coming out of it, and switch to thermal or 
    normal view. Stay on the left side, and you'll reach the controls for 
    gun turret. Disable it, and stay on the left so the guard doesn't see you. 
    Quietly pick the lock, and go through the door.
    Wait for the door to close, and go to the section of the walkway by the door 
    where there's no railing. Drop down and shimmy along the walkway. Switch 
    between thermal and normal view to time your passage along the steam vents. 
    They kill you pretty quickly if you don't watch out. Moving the camera 
    above Sam helped me get the best view to get past this. Shimmy all the way to 
    the end, past the guards. They should leave soon, after which you climb up 
    go ahead. Don't worry about the bleeping sound, you'll be able to switch to 
    normal vision well before you get to the wall-mine.
    Take the mine if you want, and go through the door. Climb on to the cabinet 
    the right wall, and you'll get a little cutscene. Climb into the space above 
    your head and crawl through. Take a left, drop down, and talk to Francois 
    Coldeboeuf. When the timer starts, don't spend too long chatting with him, 
    climb back into the hole in the ceiling you came out of. In the cutscene 
    you see the guards handling the explosives to blow up the door, you'll see a 
    steam vent venting steam slowly next to them. Put a bullet in the valve on 
    vent, and the timer will stop. Make your way left through the crawlspace, and 
    to the end of the level.
    Level 3 - Paris-Nice, France - 0 knockouts - 1 bullet
    Drop down through either hatch into the first carriage, or walk al the way to 
    the end of it and drop down. Open the door, but be careful because there's a 
    guard inside. Enter the carriage very quietly making sure you're in the dark, 
    and use the binocs to look ahead to where the guard is. When he's in his far 
    right position, looking to the right wall sipping coffee sneak into the open 
    space in the baggage rack in the middle. When he's done his little round in 
    cage and starts staring at the right wall again, quietly sneak ahead around 
    left side and open the hatch.
    Move along further down the underside of the train. When you get to another 
    panel, use your optic cable to look through. Wait for the guy to leave, and 
    climb up. Shoot the light out, flick the switch to open the side doors, and 
    use the optic cable to look under the door, to the right. When the guard 
    to start his patrol, leave the room. Head left, and open the door that leads 
    outside on your left. The person at the second window will leave after a 
    The next person will finish his smoke, yawn, and fall asleep. From there one 
    passengers don't seem to be paying much attention at all.
    Climb back inside, and make your way to the next carriage. The service 
    person will have a chat with the person in the first room, wait for this to 
    complete. When he leaves, go after him, but use the SWAT move to get past the 
    first door. The guy you're looking for is behind the third door. Hack the 
    computer like Lambert says, and start following them. You can keep your speed 
    as long as the next door has closed behind them, or use the optical cable 
    necessary. When you enter the next carriage you'll see a guard standing 
    Stick to the right, and walk as far ahead as you can, behind the little bar 
    area. Stand up (it's dark enough) and use your mic to listen in on the 
    When Lambert and co are done talking, and two of the guards have left, walk 
    from behind the bar and towards the remaining guard. Sneak behind him and go 
    through the doors to the last carriage. There's a ladder in here on your 
    (after the door that leads to the side of the train), climb up it, and open 
    hatch. Run your ass off all the way to the beginning of the train, and jump 
    to grab the rope when you enter the chopper's spotlight.
    Level 4 - Jerusalem, Israel - 1 knockout, 14 kills - lots of bullets
    Talk to the lady all you like, and head along the right wall. Go up the 
    and go right around the corner. The guard should be about to walk towards the 
    gate off in the distance, go left around the corner when he does. 
    In this alley, stick to the left to avoid being seen through the open door on 
    the left. Stay by the left wall after this to sneak under the next lit-up 
    window. When the cop who's patrolling the next area starts to walk away 
    follow him, staying to the right side of the alley. Park yourself behind him 
    when he stops and wait for him to leave again. Navigate through the darkness 
    around the lights to enter the alley on the left, and stay to the left to 
    minimize your exposure to the light. 
    You'll come to a small courtyard with a cop and two Jews. You can easily 
    by them through the darkness, and if you want to play it totally safe, you 
    even wait for them to sit down first. Go to the far left corner, and wait for 
    the cop to pass the Jews. Slowly proceed to the far right corner, and go left 
    around the corner. The cop here shouldn't pay much attention to you coming 
    around the corner, and start harassing some guy drinking OJ. If you're fast 
    enough you can sneak around them in the darkness all the way around the left 
    side of this courtyard, and wait in the corner by the fruit store. When the 
    leaves, enter the store and go into the passage by the curtain.
    The next section is another section I think you can't get away without taking 
    care of the 2 baddies. Even if you stay completely out of their way they'll 
    notice you for some weird reason. So they have to go. I like to crawl up to 
    first one, stand up, and put a bullet in his head. The other one will turn 
    around, turn around again, grab Saul, and turn around again. While he's doing 
    all the turning you can get a lot closer to him and put a bullet in his head 
    before he even thinks of pulling the trigger on Saul. Grabbing the first bad 
    from behind gives you a cool hostage shoot-out BTW. Saul will give you your 
    If you like you can talk to Saul again and have him help you pass some 
    which also includes a pretty neat optional sequence. Saul's route should keep 
    you out of trouble, but keep a fair distance. When you've left the courtyard, 
    hide behind the crates on the left and let Saul continue. A cop will appear, 
    leave again. Follow Saul ahead and into the alley on your right. 
    I hid the body on the high level of the quiet place where Saul takes you. Go 
    back the way you came but take a right to continue down the street you were 
    before. The cop might be back, so look out for him. Put your back to the 
    wall and shimmy past the light to prevent the guy sitting by the light from 
    seeing you. Go round the corner, and down the stairs, and hide against the 
    double doors on your left. There's a woman approaching in the distance, allow 
    her to pass you, and resume your path.
    Down the stairs, to the right, and you'll see two guards in the distance. 
    for the guards to finish their conversation, and sneak after them. Stay 
    3-4 metres away, and you'll be ok. Take a rest when you get to the first 
    light on the right, because one of the guards may turn around before going 
    further down the street. Wait again at the lit-up sign on the left side, 
    the guard will look back again when he's quite a bit further away. Continue 
    the street after all guards have walked off to the end of the street. 
    Continue down the street, stopping at the "Jaffa Gate" sign by the basket on 
    the right, or the "Jesus Christ - Son of God - Resurrection" sign on the 
    wall. The 
    guards may move randomly after a while, so find a clear moment and continue 
    the end of the street. Another safe spot to hide is a little further down on 
    left. Take a left at the end of the street, but walk quietly, the guard there 
    seems to be very sensitive. I stayed to the left to get through the light. 
    you get to the gate, take the pipe up on your right. Climb over the walls, 
    drop down at the end. Jump to grab onto the cable and swing across. Rappel 
    Talk to the lady behind the fence. The fence will open to the left of you and 
    you can go through. You have to follow her, but you can get really far away 
    without failing any objectives for now. She'll walk straight down the street. 
    Past the two people who are talking outside on the left, there's a street 
    with 2 types of lights in it. Shoot the right one, and you should have enough 
    darkness to catch up with the lady. When you see the guard in the distance, 
    for the lady to get to him. They'll start a conversation, and at a certain 
    moment, the guard will turn around. Sneak in closer to them, and wait on the 
    left, opposite the gate with the light shining behind it.
    If the last guard sees you, you can also stick yourself to the wall in the 
    narrow passage before you get to him, and run for it when he's passed you.
    The guard will leave, after which you can follow the lady down the alley. 
    you get to the end of the alley, a cop may pass by. When he's left to the 
    exit the alley and go left. The lady will stop, talk to her. She'll leave to 
    through the market stalls, but be careful, there's guard patrolling right 
    through them. Wait for the guard to walk away, and sneak around the walls to 
    your left. You'll come to a passage that leads around the market stalls. Wait 
    the end and resume following the lady.
    Go down the stairs in the shadows, and do the SWAT move several time against 
    rock sections. It doesn't matter if the guy who's praying is kneeling or not, 
    won't see you as long as you SWAT. Checkpoint.
    Go through the alley and keep your eye on the left. When you see the guard, 
    he starts walking, slowly continue along the right wall and hide by the first 
    door. Wait for the guard to start following the lady.  If he's following her, 
    the best you can do is follow him. He'll stop after the first lit-up shop to 
    walk back, so wait in the darkness and continue when he's past you. Speed 
    through the light, so the guard at the end hasn't started his round yet. 
    plenty of darkness to pull off the same trick again. 
    After the next corner, there'll be some more conversation. Hide on the left 
    side of the entrance to the area with the market stalls and wait for the 
    conversation to finish. Follow the lady to the end of the street and talk to 
    After the checkpoint, the guard should be heading down the alley on your 
    right. Dahlia will head down the alley on the left. Wait in the darkness for 
    the guard going down the right alley to return after which he'll start going 
    after Dahlia, or until you see him taking a left and walking away along the 
    far side of the square. Go down the right alley all the way to the end, 
    sticking to the left wall. A guard will come out of the alley at the end, 
    wait for him to pass, and go into the alley he came out of. Go down the 
    alley, and climb up the pipe at the end.
    Enter the room quietly, and continue out of the doorway. There's two people 
    watching telly on your right now, so stay well behind their chairs. Sneak to 
    the window in the wall ahead, and look out. There'll be two guards patrolling 
    the courtyard. When the left one is heading away from you, climb out of the 
    window, and head to the rainpipe on the right. Even if the guards see you it 
    shouldn't be more than a "I think I saw something!"
    Climb to the top, and make your way along the roof as quickly as you can. 
    Rappel down at the end, staying in the darkness at the top to check for cops 
    below. Dahlia should be on her way to chat up the cop in the alley below, but 
    don't wait for her, start walking down as soon as you can. When you get down 
    hide immediately against the opposite wall. If you need more time, you can do 
    a rappel jump at the top of your descent without the guard hearing you. Even 
    if he does see you, pick up the can a little further down the alley, and 
    throw it over his head to make him turn away. Follow Dahlia, carefully 
    sticking to the left.
    She'll run into another cop at the end of the alley, stay in the darkness to 
    the left and wait for the conversation to end. The guard will stare at the 
    left wall for a short while, before coming back and blocking your passage 
    pretty much completely. Use the can in the alley to distract him, or put 
    yourself against the wall on the right, and whistle. He'll come down the 
    right side of the alley, allowing you to sneak past him on the left. Go 
    through the door on your left straight away, or chill out in the alley to the 
    right until he leaves completely, and go through the door. 
    There's two doors to go through here, you can take the one on the right and 
    explore freely and pick up some ammo, shockers and foils. I ended up with 4 
    of each. Take the left one to find Dahlia. Get in the elevator. Stop reading.
    I didn't know what to do at first when Lambert gave me the order, but I was 
    quick enough to realize an order is an order, so I took her down. Not taking 
    her down yields an earfull from Lambert.
    Position yourself in the middle of the elevator, looking towards the exit of 
    course. Wait for the gate to open, and shoot the first guy with a shocker. 
    The guy behind him can't shoot because he'd be shooting his buddy, so shock 
    him as well when the first guy drops. Stay right where you are, a third guy 
    will come round the corner after a while. Take him out too. 
    Never mind about the bodies, there's no use in pretending you were never 
    there now. Take a left and follow the walkway. Go down the stairs quietly, 
    and go back, under the stairs. Drop off the side, into the crawlspace under 
    the floor, and head to the left wall, where it's dark. Crawl along the left 
    wall, behind the guard who should be standing in the corner. Wait for the 
    patrolling guard to pass you and head for the stairs you just came down, and 
    quietly go to the end of the crawlspace, hugging the left wall. Don't go TOO 
    slowly though, because you'll need to be quick to get around the next corner 
    before the next guard starts his patrol. Try to get up onto the walkway 
    again, go towards the next guard, and immediately drop into the water on your 
    left. The guard might think he saw something, but that's no biggie.
    If you get seen, you might try hiding under the walkway where you were 
    before. You can watch the guard in the next room from here, and climb up when 
    he's just gone round the corner. Don't forget to make sure the guard who's 
    patrolling overhead is far away too. 
    If necessary, stay in the water until the guards resume their normal patrols. 
    You should stay to the left, with your back against the wall between the 
    vertical pipes. The guard will walk in a square shaped route around the 
    walkway. When he passes the corner that leads back to where you came from, 
    carefully move around the pipe, and wait by the near side of the walkway, by 
    the doorway. When the guard passes this point again, climb up, and go through 
    the passage.
    There are two guards in the cage ahead of you, and there's one patrolling in 
    the passageways far off to your right. Stick to the right wall, and wait for 
    a patrolling guard to come by, and enter the passageway. Follow him, staying 
    to the left of the alley, and keep following him after he takes a right. Stay 
    with him, and hive against the shadowy section of the wall on the right. 
    He'll stop at the end, turn left, and continue to walk away from you. Head to 
    the corner he just left, and put yourself against the right wall. Wait for 
    him to come walking back and continue forward.
    From this point onward, I just took everyone out because it just got a little 
    to hard to handle. I have a plan for getting through the entire last section 
    unseen, apart from the 3 guys that you have to take out after Lambert tells 
    you to kill Dahlia, but I'll figure the details out later. 
    Anyhow, once you get the virus, and make your way to the elevator (which 
    should be a big deal with all the enemies lying dead on the floor) enter it, 
    and you'll find youself back on street level.
    Shoot out all three the lights in the alley where you start, and proceed 
    forward carefully. I now sincerely regret not pumping Dahlia full of lead. 
    Anyhow, stick to the left first, and look forward, high up in the buildings. 
    You'll see two people sniping you (if you let Dahlia live that is). Take 'em 
    out. Now head along the right wall, go round the corner to the right, and the 
    corner to the left, and look to the far left corner of the square. There's 
    another sniper up there, take him out. Now you can stay along the right side 
    and you should make it to the exit no probs.
    I promise to post a stealthier way for that last bit of Jerusalem after I've 
    finished the game, I know it's possible, it's just taking too much time now. 
    I'll be sure to kill Dahlia next time too....
    Level 5 - Kumdang Camp, Indonesia - 1 knockout - 3 kills.
    You start off on a jungle trail. Follow it until you get to your buddy 
    Douglas. Chat with him a bit, and use the line to glide down to the lower 
    level. Crawl through the marihuana patch, and head for the darkness by the 
    tent ahead of you. 
    Crawl along the tent VERY carefully, and an enemey will come out of the tent 
    to your left. He'll yawn, walk around, and sit down on the bench. When he 
    does, carefully move past him, constantly staying close to the tent on your 
    left. Another way is to speed past the tent (still crouching though of 
    course). If you do this he'll do a longer patrol, but your timing will be 
    great for the next section.
    When you get to the bottles on the floor, stop and look around the corner to 
    check where the patrolling guard is. When he starts walking back into the 
    distance, follow him, staying close to the truck on your right. When he gets 
    to the end, go around the back of the truck, and find some darkness to hide 
    in. If you went around the tent quickly before, the other guard should 
    automatically be on his way back when you try to sneak past the truck.
    When the baddy starts moving back again, proceed to the barrel to your left, 
    and you'll hear some conversation. Stand up behind the barrel and you can 
    keep an eye on the talking enemies with your binocs. 
    When the enemy starts resuscitating his buddy, stay on the left as much as 
    you can until the option "Disable" appears on the screen. Disable the 
    tripwire, and wait for the guard who was trying to fix up his buddy to come 
    by. He'll start walking away from you after that, so follow him, staying to 
    the left. He'll stop halfway, so wait by the tree / fallen tree combination. 
    Continue following him until you see a fat tree on your the left. Hide in 
    front of it, even if it doesn't feel like hiding, and he'll turn around in a 
    clockwise direction, so he'll continue his patrol without noticing you.
    Continue along the left side, and disable the next tripwire. Weave your way 
    through the trees on the left, and stop by the third rock. Wait for the next 
    patrolling guard to come near you. When he heads back, follow him, staying to 
    the left. Disable the trip wire, and continue following him. Hide by the tree 
    and bush on the right. The guard will stop, turn around, and walk back, which 
    allows you to sneak ahead.
    Keep to the right, and you'll find another wire to disable. Make sure the 
    previous guard isn't too near, and continue past the little shack into the 
    darkness. Stick along the right side and you'll come to a truck. Pass the 
    truck, staying on the right, till the next checkpoint.
    Proceed to the door you see ahead on your left. Stick to the wall by the 
    entrance and listen to the conversation for a bit. While they're still 
    talking, enter the building and sneak to the left. Wait by the ladder for 
    them to both have their backs turned to you, and climb up the ladder. Flip 
    the switch at the far wall. The lights will go out, but the guards won't know 
    why. Walk to the opening in the railing and jump up. You'll grab a bar which 
    allows you to get to the middle of the plane. Drop down quietly (B) and drop 
    off the plane to it's left rear side. Crawl around the wheel to the front and 
    stand up to plant the explosive. If you're crawling and there isn't enough 
    room to stand up nothing will happen when you select "Set explosive".
    Once you plant the explosive, a guard will come in through the door near you. 
    Leave the building using the door on your left now, avoiding the 3 patrolling 
    guards of course, and you'll hear another conversation. Walk through the 
    opening in the walls, and quietly sneak to the left. Pass the barrel that's 
    on fire and the guards will think they saw you. Quickly run back along the 
    left wall, cross the opening you came in through, and speed along the right 
    wall. Enter the guardhouse, flick the switch on your right, and flick the 
    switch on the end of the desk to open the gate. Hurry outside into perfect 
    If that doesn't work for you, do everything as above until you cross the 
    opening you entered through. Stick to the right, and hide behind the last 
    crate. Wait for the guards to resume their patrols, and find a moment where 
    both the guard inside and outside are looking away from you. Enter the 
    guardhouse, flip the lightswitch, and carefully flip the gate switch. It 
    should be very dark outside now, so sneak out before the guard starts walking 
    and hide in the darkness.
    Stay near the plants in the corner across from the guardhouse, and wait for a 
    moment when the guard patrolling outside is walking away from you, preferably 
    FAR away, and the guard inside is looking out over the area you want to get 
    to. Sneak up to the outer wall of the guard house, and put your back against 
    it. Slide along, and wait for the guard inside to start staring out of the 
    door. Disconnect and continue into the checkpoint.
    After the checkpoint, get against the side wall of the guard house. When the 
    guard inside turns away, continue along the path and get under the boarding 
    on the left side. When the guard and his dog come, whistle while you're at 
    the beginning of the boarding, and then quickly continue through it. Stick to 
    the left, until you get to the tree with the box in front of it. Enter the 
    tent to your left, and listen to the conversation. 
    When they're done with their conversation, the right guard will walk away to 
    the left, and soon after, the left guard will leave also. When he does, sneak 
    up to the ladder and climb up. Take out the guy at the top of the ladder 
    however you please, and use the zip line to get into the camp.
    Area 2 - Inside the camp
    Walk forward quietly, sticking to the right, or you'll be seen. Wait for the 
    conversation to end, staying in the darkness by the house to your right. When 
    the third guard has gone up the ramp (including Sadono) he'll stop at the end 
    before starting a patrol there. Go to the platform in front of the house on 
    your left to trigger this patrol.
    There should be a moment where the guard patrolling near you has just passed 
    you going from right to left, and the guard patrolling up on the walkway has 
    just turned around. Sneak behind the guard patrolling outside and head under 
    the porch of the house to your right. 
    Waiting for the patrolling guard to pass you going from left to right works 
    too, but there'll be more risk from the other guard. Just find yourself a 
    good moment to go for it.
    From this perfect darkness you should be able to proceed under the walkway 
    until you see Sadono and one of his men again. Trail them carefully, until 
    you've passed through the curtain and find yourself outside again. Head into 
    the alley on your left, and do a half split-jump just before the end of the 
    alley. Jump up to the window, and pull yourself in. Carefully sneak through 
    the house, down the stairs, watching out for the guard in the room by the 
    stairs. Go the other way, and outside through the door on your left. Don't go 
    through too soon after Sadono does, or you'll be seen.
    Head forward and you'll see a house on your right. Sadono went through the 
    house, but you'll want to take the outside route. Go to the right of the 
    house and put your back to the wall. Stand up, and slide along the wall into 
    the checkpoint.
    Sadono will have a chat with one of his men again, and then continue. Sneak 
    through the darkness along the right wall, and wait for the patrolling guard 
    to turn his back to you. Continue along the right, and climb up the rainpipe 
    on the wall quickly. Once your at the top you'll be in the dark again. Slide 
    along the right wall, keeping your eye on the guard downstairs making sure he 
    can't notice you. Heed into the darkness at the end of the balcony (there's a 
    sticky cam on the crate to your right here, if you need one), and proceed 
    along the left to the clothes line. Go right at the end, and wait on the left 
    side of the ledge, where the curtains are. 
    Shoot a sticky cam on the wall behind the leftmost guard, and listen to the 
    conversation to pick up the code (1492). You'll also notice Sadono is a 
    wicked ventriloquist.
    Go back past the clothes lines and take a left. Drop down carefully when the 
    patrolling guard is away and head completely into the corner on your right, 
    back against the wall. Whistle to call the patrolling guard. He should come, 
    and go, and then enter the building you just dropped out of. Head across the 
    area to the far wall, behind the truck, and start heading along the wall to 
    your right until you see the guard. Shoot something over his head against the 
    wall to the left of the entrance to the next building. I used a sticky cam to 
    make him leave his post. Hurry into the building, and climb down the ladder 
    in the corner.
    Be very quiet while Lambert and co are still talking, because this guard 
    seems to be have very good ears. When he walks away, walk ahead and quietly 
    drop down. Go around the pillar and put your back against it. Keep using the 
    SWAT move to get through the room. Don't worry, even the guard looking 
    straight at the second passage won't notice you. Disconnect at the end, and 
    wait for the guard patrolling at the top of the stairs to turn around and 
    walk away from you. Go through the door.
    Head up the stairs, and flick the light switch. Navigate around all the 
    people through the darkness, towards the door in the far right corner. It 
    doesn't really matter if the white jackets see you, as long as you make it to 
    the door without the guards seeing you. You should almost be at the end of 
    the tables when the last white jacket turns around. I took the middle alley 
    around the white jackets, and snuck into the far right corner at the end.
    Stay by the door you came through, and look at the lantern you can see at the 
    through the doorway on your left, at the end of the room. When the patrolling 
    guard stops by it, shoot it, and stick you back to the wall on your right. 
    Shoot out the light to the right of the other doorway, and head over there. 
    Take out the light on the wall behind you as well. 
    If you were quick enough, the patrolling guard should only care about his 
    shattered lantern, and start patrolling again. You should still be in the 
    first room, with a clear shot of the light above the door the pilot is 
    standing next to. Take out the light.
    Sneak up to the pilot, and talk to him. I can't believe the guard can't hear 
    you, but oh well, whatever works. Also, there's a weird glitch here, where if 
    you take out the light, the pilot will go all scared and crouch down. For 
    some reason, he can't talk to you in this state. You can get him to stand up 
    again by taking out the 2 guards (?!?!!) so in my opinion it's an ugly 
    I'm not sure how to keep him stood up, it went right automatically the first 
    time. And now the second time, I missed the light next to the pilot once 
    before hitting it, which caused the guard next to the pilot to think he heard 
    something. Maybe that's the trick, he's still stood up now in any case.
    Another possible solution, which I discovered in a later level, is to use the 
    pistol instead of your rifle.
    After talking to the pilot, you'll have received a code for the keypad by the 
    door (0623). Use the keypad, and go through the door. Make sure the 
    patrolling guard is walking away from you and climb up the ladder. Go through 
    the doorway, and give the guards some time to walk around the corner. Follow 
    them, and wait for the covnersation to end. When all is clear, go round the 
    corner and climb up the pipe on the left. Go between the two fences and 
    continue along the roof. "Jump down" through the hatch at the end. 
    You'll find yourself hanging from a pipe. Drop down by the wall to grab the 
    flare if you like. Jump back up to the pipe, wrap your legs around it, and 
    shimmy all the way to the end of the room. Don't worry about the flashing 
    light, it's too far away. 
    Drop down when you're past the pro-boxing champ and sneak past him, along the 
    side of the water cooler. I waited for him to start coughing, but you might 
    be ok at any moment. Checkpoint.
    There's a guard patrolling outside, and another gun turret in the distance. 
    The patrolling guard walks a very long line, so you should have plenty of 
    room to move around without being seen. Wait for the light coming through the 
    doorway to go away, meaning it's gone fully dark outside. Sneak along the 
    left very slowly, because there's a guard standing right by the doorway. Go 
    through the fences, and past the windows, and wait quietly in the darkness by 
    the gun turret controls. When the patrolling guard walks away, enter the 
    house, and head to the right. Pick up the ammo on the desk if you need it.
    Open the next door, and go through. When the door closes, wait in the corner 
    by the door. Find some good opportunities to take out the 3 lights ahead of 
    you. The guards may come very close to you, but they shouldn't see you. Two 
    above the passageway, and the one above the double doors. One good 
    opportunity is when the far-away guard has turned the corner to walk away 
    from you, and the nearby guard is standing by the passageway with the 2 
    lights on it. Another is when the far-away guard is going round the corner, 
    and the nearby guard is patrolling the area to your left. I found the guards 
    here made a lot of fuss about the lights without actually reporting anything. 
    Oh well.
    Sneak up to the double doors through your self-created darkness and punch the 
    code (1492) into the keypad. I like to sneak along the left and put my back 
    against the wall by the crate where the searchlight starts. Then when noones 
    looking you should have a clear run to the double doors. Go through the 
    doors, and head right carefully.
    Sadono's making a lot of phone calls in the next room. Do some SWAT moves if 
    you like to follow him. When he's done, he'll use the computer, and leave. 
    You can watch him going through another door if you move back the first 
    entrance to the room. When he does, take out the camera. Sadono may come 
    back, but he'll just leave again, after which you can use the computer. Also, 
    keep an eye out for the guard patrolling along the house outside. He may 
    think he sees something, but you'll probably be ok.
    You're ready to leave now, so head through the corridor that leads around the 
    house. Flick the electricity switch if you've seen the sequence before, else 
    don't bother. Though I've read it also turns out some lights. Run along, and 
    head outside. 
    Open the door and you'll be lit up by the torches of two guards. Wait a 
    moment, and they'll be attacked from the rear. Since this was a full out fire 
    fight I figured I may as well join in, so I took out the three guys. Run into 
    the distance to get to your extraction point.
    Mission 6 - Komodo, Indonesia - Just the 2 unavoidable fire fights.
    Area 1
    You'll find yourself in a field, with a guard patrolling nearby. There's also 
    a laser targeter in the are that you'll want to stay away from. Stick to the 
    left wall until you get to a what looks like a crushed and almost flattened 
    shack. When the patrolling guard comes as close to you as he ever will, and 
    starts walking away, head along the left and climb onto the low platform by 
    the house. 
    Wait in the dark for the guard to walk away again, and head through the 
    'curtain'. Quickly proceed into the next room, and put your back to the wall 
    by the doorway that leads outside. Hang out the side and take out the 
    lantern. Quickly SWAT move to the other side, and wait for the guard to come 
    and check things out. When he's gone, go outside.
    Sbeak a bit to the right along the house you came out of, staying in the 
    dark, and whistle to make the stationary guard check things out. If you're 
    not a big fan of whistling, there's an empty can in the house you just came 
    out of you can also use to distract them. Speed along the left, climb onto 
    the platform, and enter the house. Quickly exit the house through the other 
    doorway, and slide along the right wall.
    Lean out again at the end, and take out the lantern on the floor by the left 
    wall. Hurry over the shattered glass to the burning barrel, but don't enter 
    the light. One guard should have gotten up to patrol. Once he's pretty much 
    done, the guard who was still sitting down should leave. Once the first guard 
    returns to his place sneak around the barrel and into the water.
    Never mind the dogs, just make sure the guard doesn't see you. After a while 
    he'll figure the dogs are imagining things and he'll return to his buddy. 
    Sneak out of the water and into the alley on your left. Jump up and do the 
    semi-split jump to get into the window.
    Drop down off the ledge to your left, and exit the door. Be careful, because 
    there someone doing some target practice outside. SWAT move over to the shack 
    with the generator, and wait for the guy to finish shooting. He'll walk over 
    to the table by the shack, and sit down. Exit the shack near where he's 
    sitting, and stick to the left wall. Climb up the pipe carefully, and hang 
    from the bar. Put your legs around the bar, and slide over to the end. Drop 
    down and open the hatch you land on.
    Switch to thermal so you can see the security laser grid. You can watch the 
    holders go up and down in night or normal visio as well, so use whatver works 
    for you. Make your way through the lasers and go down the ladder, and into 
    the checkpoint.
    Use the elevator to go down, and exit the elevator. It's light shootin' time. 
    Take out all the long type lights you see. There's two straight ahead of you 
    you should take out, and one in the first hallway to your right. Take out the 
    light furthest away first, then the nearest, and then the one in the hallway 
    to the right. Once they're out, sneak against the left wall of the hallway on 
    your right, and slide beneath the huge picture of the ship schematics. A 
    guard will come, and you can go through the door he opened for you. Quietly 
    sneak around the machines, and grab the techie.
    He'll raise the sub for you, but the other enemies will find this suspicious. 
    Watch the sequence until everything is explained, and then knockout your 
    hostage. One of the guards may now be in the room with you, so when facing 
    the freshly surfaced submarine, head to your right, with the techie's body. 
    Stash the body in the corner to the left of the desk with the PC on it, and 
    quietly sneak out of the room, staying close to the left wall. Slide 
    underneath the picture again, and take a right. Follow the hallway to the 
    door around the corner.
    Area 2 - Infiltrate the submarine
    Head up the stairs, and over to the light switch to the left of the door. 
    Once the guard starts moving, open the door, and start following him. When he 
    stops, hide in the darkness with your back against the wall on your left. 
    When he walks back he should pass you. Continue along the walkway all the way 
    to the lift at the end. Shoot the light in the lift, exit the lift to flick 
    the switch next to it on the railing, and re-enter the lift. 
    I took out all the baddies shooting at me, though I didn't get the idea they 
    were hitting me. Get off at the end and take a left. Head all the way down 
    the stairs and outside. Follow the walkway until there's no railing ahead of 
    you. Drop down and hang from the side of the walkway to let the guard pass. 
    Climb back up, and head to the sub. Climb down the ladder, and walk into the 
    Climb down the ladder, and quickly but quietly make your way ahead, sticking 
    to the right. Hide in the corner by the pipe with the valve on it and wait 
    for the guard to pass. Immediately after he does, sneak around the corner he 
    came from and head for the door at the end. Quietly go through.
    There's a guard in this room, but luckily, he's asleep. He's easy to wake up 
    though, so very quietly make your way through the room, and down the ladder. 
    If he does wake up, you can hide against the wall by the entrance.
    There's another guard in the next area, sitting at a table. Do a SWAT move to 
    get to the other side of the doorway, and flick the light switch. Enter the 
    room in the darkness, and go under the crawlspace on the right. When the 
    guard passes you head for the door out of the room.
    Go through the next door, and wait in the far right corner. Move the camera 
    so you can see through the glass in the next door into the hallway ahead. A 
    guard will come round the corner, and enter the room you're in. He'll start 
    messing with the controls, giving you a great chance to grab him.
    Pull him through the next door over to the retinal scanner and push his face 
    into it. Take him and yourself through the door. As soon as you enter, 
    quietly move you and your hostage to the near right corner of the room, 
    behind the machines.
    The room should be clear of guards soon (with one focusing 100% on the 
    periscope). Take out your hostage, and leave him by your feet. Head over to 
    the right, and you'll be able to use the computer.
    Leave the room, and head right. Climb up the ladder, and the next one. A 
    walkway will be lowered for you. Cross it, and you'll be noticed by a guard. 
    Start picking up the goodies on the crate in the corner if you like, but be 
    ready to shoot the guard when he comes up the stairs. Walk all the way down 
    to trigger the next set of enemies. Run all the way back up to the walkway, 
    and take out the barrels from up there. You'll know when you've got them all.
    Run down the stairs again, and past where the baddies were. Go down the 
    stairs at the end, climb down the ladder, and complete the mission!
    Mission 7 - Jakarta, Indonesia - Just the one unavoidable fire-fight.
    Area 1
    Talk to the pretty lady until she bores you, and climb down the ladder / jump 
    down. Rappel down the roof, and drop down off the building. Head to the brick 
    wall nearby on your right, and the raincoat standing under the light in the 
    distance should start walking. When he turns the corner, go to where he was 
    standing, and climb up the pipe to your right. Walk over the roofs, skipping 
    the pipes on your left, until you reach an option "Climb out" at the end. 
    Don't climb out yet though!
    From where you are now, you should be able to see the light bulb in the 
    swinging light in the next alley. Take out the light, it'll break even if you 
    put a bullet through the top of it. Climb out now, and climb down. Find a 
    moment when the guard are away, and take out the big bright light on the wall 
    on the left. You can only see the light from ground level more or less, so 
    don't bother looking for it from the pipe. 
    When the light is out, hurry to the left, and climb up the ladder. Climb up 
    the next ladder, and onto the roof. Walk to the side, and jump to the 
    zipline. Zip across, and enter the building. Jump to the pipe in the middle 
    of the room, and slide down. Go to the doorway to enter the checkpoint.
    Speed is the key word for the next area. I used the scenario where one guard 
    stays by the van, and the other one patrols the far-away area of this street, 
    where we want to go. 
    Go to the doorway, and shoot out the light on the outside of it. Head 
    outside, and hide behind the bins to your left. Wait for a lightning flash, 
    and stand up. When the patrolling guard had just started heading back towards 
    you (he's REALLY far away still), pick up the bottle, and throw it a few feet 
    ahead of the guard standing by the van, just a bit past the ticket stall.
    At least one guard should notice. The patrolling guard should just be coming 
    into view now, and the van-guard should be interested in the section of 
    street around the corner, with the gun turrets.
    Shout out the light in the corner above the ticketstall, and you should have 
    the patrolling guard's attention. When he's heading into the street you want 
    him to go, go ahead, along the left, and take out another light in the street 
    with the turrets. That should keep them occupied long enough for you to make 
    a run to the end of the street. There's a line that keeps you pretty much in 
    perfect darkness at least until you're past the street you lured the guards 
    Hide in the far left corner, and take out the lamp on the other side. Go over 
    to where the lamp was and climb over the fence. Hide in the hanging garden 
    type thing right in front of you.
    I had a lot of trouble with the previous area on later runs, so here's 
    another way. This method has worked twice for me already. Come out of the 
    doorway, and shoot out the light above the doorway. Hide by the bins, and 
    take out the furthest away ilghts you can see. They should be the ones next 
    to the gate you climb over a bit later on. Also take out the light on the 
    corner, by the ticket stall. When the guards do their normal patrols, the 
    near guard should walk by the ticket stall. Follow him, and hide behind it. 
    When he passes by you again to walk back to the bins, you should be able to 
    sneak ahead through the darkness, and wait until the next guard turns around. 
    Follow the next guard (he'll stop, but don't worry) staying to his right, and 
    sneak to the right wall when you reach the lights you shot out earlier. He 
    should make a left turn, and walk back, which allows you to make it over the 
    Shoot out the lantern dead ahead, the type you've seen 20 of already in this 
    level, and the big box-type light. Also take out the light of the pick-up 
    truck you see on your 2 o' clock. When the guards ahead of you are walking 
    away, head forward, sticking to the left as much as possible. Once you pass 
    the bell tower hide by the end of the plantbox there. You'll be safe from 
    lightning too.
    Your destination, a manhole with a ladder in it, is just around the corner of 
    the gate in front of you. Wait for a lightning flash, and then make your way 
    through the darkness past the guards behind it very carefully. Climb down, 
    drop down and hurry into the next doorway. Put your back to the wall left of 
    the next doorway, and wait for the patrolling guard to come along. When he 
    starts walking back, follow him, but stop at the next doorway you encounter. 
    Don't go too far, because there's a camera in the next room.
    When the patrolling guard enters a room all the way at the end of the tunnel, 
    take out the light by the doorway you're sitting by. Take position in the 
    tunnel so you can take out the camera in the next room. Hurry to the right of 
    the doorway where the camera was. 
    A guard will come and investigate. He'll look up at the camera, turn around, 
    and walk away. Sneak through the doorway he came through and hurry to the 
    ladder at the end. Jump up to it and climb to the checkpoint. At last.
    The next section is just pure fun I find, a welcome change from the hell 
    we've just been through. After crawling up the ladder you should be nicely 
    hidden behind some kind of receiver. There's a sniper in the middle, and some 
    automatic search lights. To add to the fun, there's mines all over the place. 
    You'll need to move around the sniper tower in a counter-clockwise direction, 
    hiding behind crates and receivers as necessary.
    The first run is easy. Wait for the automatic searchlight to start moving 
    away from you, and follow it. Switch to thermal before you run so you know 
    which path leads you around the mines. Hide behind the next dish. When the 
    searchlight goes back again, run and hide behind the crate. The next 2 mines 
    are close together, which I why I recommend hiding behind the crate. When the 
    light leaves again, proceed to the next dish. 
    When the automatic searchlight and the sniper's light are both away (i.e. not 
    staring at the fence) move to the fence by the sniper tower, so you have a 
    direct minefree line between yourself and the fence. When the sniper looks 
    away again, run up to the fence and climb over. Hide behind the electricity 
    box to your right, so you can see the door.
    When the sniper looks away, run up to the door and pick the lock. Sneak 
    through so you don't alert the guard in there, and hurry outside. Speed it to 
    the left rear view mirror of the car (a bit further back so your head doesn't 
    show), and put your back against it. The guard won't see you and you'll have 
    time to listen to Lambert.
    When he's done, wait for the guard to be away from you, and hurry to the 
    corner the car is pointing to. Climb up and wait again for the guards to give 
    you a clear run. Run along the ledge, and do a half-split jump. Jump up to 
    the ledge, and climb up onto the roof. The guards may see you, you'll just 
    have to keep an eye on both of them.
    On the roof, you'll see a glass section, with a pole next to it. Shoot the 
    damaged glass by the pole, and rappel down. The guard should stay where he is 
    for a while, so use that time to hide in the dark corner nearby. The guard 
    will walk all the way to the far end of the room, where we want to go. When 
    he passes you, start trailing him to the end of the room. Hide in the 
    darkness in the far corner and wait for him to leave. Proceed to the elevator 
    and use it.
    Area 2
    Carefully exit the elevator, and proceed to the corner on your left. You can 
    see a guard ahead, behind some double doors, staring at you. When he turn 
    away, proceed carefully to the next corner. Another guard is there, who 
    should start his patrol soon. Proceed carefully to the double doors where you 
    saw the first guard, and go through them.
    When you see the guard go round the corner, quietly tail him but don't follow 
    him. Instead do a half split jump against the crates on your right, and climb 
    up. Go through the vent, and you'll come to a studio type room.
    There are three guards patrolling this room, which makes it one of the 
    tougher ones to get through. You should be safe all the way along the top 
    level of the seats, as long as you move quietly. There's some curtains on the 
    stage level, and behind them, in the far right corner, there's some perfect 
    darkness to hide in. Our target is also in the far left corner of the room. 
    You can look through the curtains with thermal vision. 
    It's hard to give a fail-proof description, but I waited till all 3 guards to 
    be in the far right corner of the room. Just before this, the hooded guard 
    walked behind the left curtain, and game back around the far left. I threw 
    the bottle as far into the far left corner as I could (using the left 
    trigger) and made a quiet run for it. One guard came to the far right corner, 
    and looked along the far wall, but he didn't see me in the corner. When he 
    left, I went through the door. This method seems to work each time. Just wait 
    for the hooded guard to make his round around the left and throw the bottle 
    after he comes back to the drums.
    Another option is to use the beam running across the room along the center. 
    You can jump up to it, put your legs around it, and make your way to the 
    other side of the room. The downside is that you have to make a perfectly 
    silent drop behind the drums. Thanks again to bobafettxbox for that one!
    If you use the optical on the door before going through, you'll see a guard 
    enter the door all the way on the right of the opposite wall. This is just a 
    waste of time, so open the door already!
    Hide in the darkness to your left, and wait for the guard to come out. You 
    should have a line of darkness here that allows you to move the full width of 
    the hallway should any guards feel like coming past you. The guard should 
    move to the left door of the double doors behind you, so hide on the opposite 
    side of the hallway when he passes you. Make sure the guard behind those 
    double doors is also moving away, and then go for the door the guard came out 
    Carefully go around the left side of the doorway and flick the lightswitch. 
    Run up to Ingrid and talk to her as fast as you can. Follow her outside into 
    the checkpoint.
    The guard in the studio should still be wondering what happened, so that's no 
    problem. Ingrid will go through the double doors, and two guards will come 
    from the left. When they've stopped and are facing away, sneak into the room 
    and disable the gun turret. Proceed down the hallway, sticking to the right 
    wall. When you come to the stack of boxes, shoot out the last long-thin-type 
    light before the boxes. Go to that corner quickly, and look around. There's a 
    light that makes your nightvision go pure white, so take it out. Make sure 
    you miss it first, and the next guard will come to check out the second light 
    you disabled. You can whistle, but the other guards will herar you as well. 
    Hurry around the corner, and wait by the elevator where you started off. Even 
    if you alarm one of the guards talking to Ingrid you should still be ok.
    Ingrid will come and use the scanner. Go through the door she opens for you 
    and listen to her. Try to take out the light in the area you are now before 
    the last guard you distracted comes back. I don't think he can come through 
    the retinal scanner doors, but still. Go to the left, and take out the guards 
    when they attack Ingrid. Snipe the first, and the second will run around to 
    your side. I foiled him. Another will come on your side from your left, which 
    can be sniped. Finally another will appear on Ingrid's side, so snipe him 
    too. Make your way around the entrance of the room to Ingrid's side. Do it 
    quickly and the guard standing there won't do much. Talk to Ingrid.
    Continue along the walkway and let Ingrid do her thing. Proceed along the 
    hallway until you see an armored camera in the distance. Take out the light 
    on the left, and move in closer. When you see the guard patrolling in the 
    distance, find a moment to sneak by the camera along the left wall when the 
    camera is looking away.
    Trail the next guard very slowly, because you can get heard very easily here. 
    Sneak into the bar area on your right, and wait for the patrolling guard to 
    pass again. Exit the bar area quietly, and sneak on through the room. If 
    you're unlucky, the guard staring outside will turn his head and see you, 
    that's just luck though. Climb the pipe against the wall, and shimmy over to 
    the air vent. If you get seen here you can safely hide in the corner. Go 
    through the airvent into the checkpoint.
    At the other side of the checkpoint, you'll find the studio where Sadono is 
    making some recordings. There's a lot of extra guards, and a searchlight, but 
    we can let them all live if we want.
    Drop down off the ledge you start on quietly, and proceed down the stairs. Do 
    a SWAT move to make your way to the large crate by the corner. If you were 
    quick enough the searchlight should be coming your way. Wait for it to leave, 
    and proceed along the left wall. Enter the hallway on the right, and wait for 
    the searchlight to leave the next corner alone. Head into that corner (a 
    guard will probably think he saw something) and proceed around the left wall. 
    Sadono should be ready to start the recording, and a guard will move closer 
    to him. When he does, sneak through the curtain, and wait behind the map 
    (floating hard panel-type wall) behind Sadono.
    When Sadono is done, he'll walk back a bit. Sneak around the map, and grab 
    him. Take him to the corner of the room under the walkway where you entered 
    the room, making sure the guards can't hit you of course. Put his face to the 
    scanner, and they shouldn't shoot (they didn't in my case). The door will 
    open, and you can go through. 
    Pull Sadono over to the same side of the wall as the door you just came 
    through is on. Stick to it and make your way through the corridor. The guards 
    will follow you, but you should be able to hold them off with Sadono's body. 
    Use the scanner at the end of the door (they still shouldn't shoot) and move 
    outside. I got the idea they started hitting me here, so be careful. 
    Make your way to Ingrid and the chopper, and it's mission complete!
    Mission 8 - Los Angeles, USA - 10 necessary kills
    The last mission, finally! Let's get going. Climb over the gate ahead of you, 
    and crouch in the darkness by the low wall on your left. Sneak through the 
    darkness, and wait for the Stoned Express truck to come by. When it has come 
    to a full stop (a FULL stop, even walking into the back of the truck while 
    it's moving may kill you) climb into it. The guard will chat with the driver, 
    and you'll be transported into LAX.
    When the truck stops, drop out of the back. It should be dark there, but 
    watch out for the patrolling guard & dog who may be near you. Using your 
    thermal gear you can check guards out to see if they're terrorists. You'll 
    definitely know the difference, because terrorists show up bright orange. 
    Like the guy in the shack over there.
    Sneak through the darkness on the left, past the cones, and wait by the small 
    window. Wait for the guard & dog to be at the farthest point of their route. 
    When the guard inside is about to turn away from the large window to head for 
    the small window, run around the shack to the darkness opposite the shack's 
    Again, when the guard & dog team is far away, shoot the orange guard inside. 
    Head through the door next to the shack.
    Another way, suggested by Bobafettxbox, is to climb up onto the shack, and 
    shoot the guard through the opening in the roof. Great for extra style, and 
    it doesn't cost anything extra!
    There's a cleaning lady working in the room behind the next door. Open the 
    door, and flick the light switch on the right wall. Quickly sneak around the 
    lady keeping some space between you, and enter the door a little further down 
    on the right.
    Climb onto the sink on your left, and jump into the crawlspace. Go through 
    the crawlspace as far as you can. And carefully jump down. Head along the 
    left wall past a few boxes, and wait there for the conversation to end. One 
    of the guys, the orange one, will walk around the boxes in your direction. 
    Shoot him in the face. You can put his body in the far right corner, based on 
    your view from the vent you came in through. To get there, sneak through the 
    darkness along the right, waiting as necessary to not be seen by the 
    patrolling guard.
    There's two conveyor belts here, get on the right one. Go through, and wait 
    for the next orange person's conversation to end. He'll start patrolling, and 
    will eventually wait between the two conveyor belts. Shoot him in the head.
    Time to take out some lights. Take out the long-thin-type lights above you to 
    your left, so you've got a path around the left wall. The guy sitting in the 
    light is next. Take the diversion cam, and shoot it against the short wall 
    section that's sort of around the corner behind the orange guard sitting in 
    the light. Whistle with the cam, and he'll come and check it out. Shoot him 
    in the head, and put the body where you found the cam.
    Take out the big light that was shining on the last orange guy. A guard will 
    come down. Proceed up the stairs, and start taking out the lights there. 
    Start with the one up high, and then take out the ones to your left. You 
    should have plenty of darkness to stay out of sight of the guard on your 
    right. We need to take out the guard on the left, so do so if he becomes a 
    problem. There are some machines in the last room on your left here, with a 
    regular guard lying between some machines already. Add the orange guard's 
    body to the pile. Go through the door between the cubicles, into the 
    There should be a big stack of suitcases on the belt now. Hide to the right 
    of them, so the guard staring at the belt doesn't see you. At the next turn, 
    head right, then left, and you'll come to another window with a guard behind 
    it. Stick to the left, and shoot out the light in his room with your pistol. 
    If you use the rifle, he'll notice you.
    You still have to be careful going by him, because the light starts early, so 
    time your run well. After that head for the door, go through, and head up the 
    Area 2
    You'll come into a waiting area for plane departures. A guard will start 
    walking as you come in. Stick you back to the side of the people carrier to 
    your left, and start making your way along it. Use the SWAT move as 
    Wait at the end of the first conveyor for the guy you passed last to sit 
    down. Quietly move to the next conveyor, and work your way along it in the 
    same way.
    When you get to the end, another guard will show up and take over the first 
    guard's duties. That's good, because it's the first guard we need to take 
    Allow him to get to the door, waiting in the darkness at the end of the 
    conveyor. When he moves to the keypad, sneak to the left wall while he isn't 
    looking, because there's a patch of light there. When he's punched in the 
    keycode, he'll come back to the door, and will slightly turn his back to you. 
    When he pushes the door open, grab him, and go through the door. 
    Chat with him in the corner, knock him out, take him out. Take out the two 
    light in this hallway with your pistol, since you may alarm the guards ahead 
    using the rifle. Don't worry about missing a few times, I know I did....
    When the camera looks left, sneak around the right. Take out the last light 
    and head for the transparent door at the end, and into the checkpoint.
    There's a guy working the phone in the next room, as well as an orange guard 
    we have to take out. The guard will head for the right side of the room, and 
    will walk around there a bit. Luckily for us, it's perfectly dark there. 
    Sneak up to him any way you like, and grab him. Chat with him if you like, 
    then knock him out.
    Carry him outside through the door on the left (sort of behind the phone guy) 
    and drop his body by the raisable platform machine thing. 
    Start taking out lights! Lots of 'em! First of all the lights in the middle 
    of the path you're on now. Secondly, the lights at the end, a bit to the 
    left, above the elevator. There's 6 or 8 of these vertical lights. These make 
    a crapload of noise, but the guard and clerk don't seem to care. Never mind 
    the red light and the armored camera. Make your way along the path, and down 
    the elevator. Look pretty much straight down, over the railing on the left, 
    and you'll see three orange guys on thermal. Turn around and go through the 
    doorway, but be VERY careful because there's two camera's in the corners 
    Use a chaff grenade to disable one so you can make your way to the wall with 
    the elevator entrances. The rightmost elevator works, so head over there and 
    use it. Go up, into the checkpoint
    Shoot out the ceiling of the elevator, and climb up. There's two black/yellow 
    pipes leading up, take the one on the right. Basically, this is the only one 
    you want to climb. You'll climb onto a small ledge, but you can climb right 
    back onto the pipe you started on from there. Climb up, over the narrow 
    fencing, and move to the other side of the pipe. Release, climb down, and 
    you'll find yourself on top of another elevator. Be very quiet, because 
    there's people in it. Pick up the ammo and sticky cam to your left if you 
    like, and then crawl through the vent. 
    Oh, if you haven't done it yet, try zipping allll the way down one of the 
    elevator poles. It's fun! Though climbing back up isn't...so load up the last 
    This next room was clearly designed for Sam, and not for the building or the 
    people working in it. It feels more like a training level than anything else, 
    but it's still a great room to go through on maximum stealth. You'll have to 
    move slowly most of the time to not get noticed. To help to prevent getting 
    seen, take out all the lights you can see from your position in the 
    Basically, you need to get to the ladders you can see on your left from your 
    hidden position in the vent. There will be 2 maintenance type people, and one 
    semi-guard type person. None of them really care about you, so you can just 
    run around in the open and knock them out if you like. 
    If you want a stealthy way, try this. Drop out of the vent, and shoot the big 
    light on your right. Make your way to the ladder, and climb up. Go to the end 
    where there's another ladder, and wait. When the patrolling guard walks away 
    from the double ladders, and goes into the path on the left there, get 
    moving. Climb down the ladder, and follow him. Hide on the otherwise 
    pointless extra bit of walkway on the right, and wait for him to come back. 
    When he does, continue to make your way to the ladders we saw earlier.
    If you climb up the second ladder, chance are you'll get pumped full of lead. 
    I went round the corner to the larger part of the walkway, and started 
    sniping the buggers from right to left. They didn't hit me once that way. 
    After that, climb up the second ladder, drop down twice, and head in the 
    obvious direction to the ND133. You win!
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