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    Alternate Routes FAQ by VampireHorde

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    Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
    Alternate Routes FAQ 
    Authored by VampireHorde
    Thanks for clicking on the FAQ. This FAQ will explain all the obvious 
    and alternate paths for Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow. 
    Ubisoft announced early in its production that Pandora Tomorrow would 
    incorporate multiple paths for Sam to take on his various missions. 
    Well, it's only half true but it is a breath of fresh air from the 
    first games' linear mechanics. 
    Apparently there are only a few areas in the game that use multiple 
    paths while everything is else is pretty linear. This FAQ will point 
    them all out. If the path you've taken doesn't seem to work then try 
    the alternate ones listed here. I will mention the obvious path, an 
    alternate one, and then give my opinion of the best one to take. 
    -You'll be spending almost 90-95% of the game in Night Vision. Get used 
    to the blurry effect of far away distances (especially in sniper mode).
    -For multiple guards, use the "whistle and lure" for one guard near a 
    doorway and knock him out. Hide his body AWAY from the door and repeat 
    for the other ones.
    -Use the SWAT-Turn anytime you see rows of columns, doors or boxes.
    -In the jungle levels, turn on you Thermal Vision when walking through 
    thick foliage to see tripwires.
    -ALWAYS walk slowly when approaching a guard who is looking for you! 
    YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS! If you move any faster he will hear you!
    That should about do it for this section.  Start the game!
    If you have not played these missions yet then try them now before 
    reading the FAQ because you'll be clueless! There are certain moments 
    in the game that require some scripted gunplay but follow my methods 
    and you might not even have to fire a shot. All the paths I have chosen 
    are based on Hard difficulty.
    ==Land Mines Tutorial==
    -Obvious path: 
    Walk underneath the porch
    -Alternate path: 
    Walk on the porch itself
    **Best path: Neither. The paths are basically on top of each other 
    ==Embassy entrance path==
    -Obvious path: 
    Walk underneath the bridge while avoiding the flashlight-wielding guard
    -Alternate path: 
    Shoot out the light post before climbing down the pipe (the one behind 
    the boarded-up window). Walk into the water then head to the left side 
    of the bridge (your walking around it) and back into the water. 
    (The light post has been removed from the PS2/GC versions)
    **Best path: Alternate. Walking under the bridge is more risky. Take 
    the time to walk to the left but watch out for the guard's flashlight 
    before moving.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: A guard is watching TV in the room prior to the 
    ==Heading to the embassy==
    -Obvious path: 
    After interrogating the officer, neutralize or ignore the other guard.  
    Climb the pipe near the burning drum to enter the embassy.
    -Alternate path: 
    Near the burning drum is a narrow alleyway. Do a half-split jump to 
    climb up the wall to the embassy.
    **Best path:  Both.  
    ==Location of Douglas path==
    -Obvious path: 
    Climb the pipe to the roof, shimmy to the right, jump down silently and 
    open the window. Head inside and smack the guard.
    -Alternate path: 
    Take the second pipe near the window, walk in and smack the guard.
    **Best path: Both. Either way is fine. 
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The obvious path was removed.
    ==Embassy courtyard path to Ingrid after using the spotlights==
    -Obvious path: 
    Climb the pipe at the end of the courtyard up to the roof and silently 
    jump down to Ingrid's room.
    -Alternate path: 
    Enter the door at the end of the courtyard. Walk up two flights of 
    stairs and enter Ingrid's room from behind the sniper.
    **Best path: Obvious. It's stylish and sneakier than taking the stairs.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The obvious path was removed. And there is only ONE 
    spotlight in the courtyard.
    ==Extraction path==
    -Obvious path: 
    Take the stairs back down to the first floor backdoor.
    -Alternate path: 
    In Ingrid's room is a window that can be opened. Walk out and you can 
    rappel down to the first guard's area.
    **Best path: Alternate. Again, it's stylish and sneaky BUT you might 
    get spotted because it's near bright lights.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The window in Ingrid's room was moved to a separate 
    room next door.
    ==Entering Saulnier Cryogenics Lab path==
    -Obvious path: 
    After neutralizing the first guard near the abandoned train, walk 
    inside the darkened train car all the way to the end
    -Alternate path: 
    There is a ladder in front of the train that can be used to climb up to 
    the roof.
    **Best path: Both. Neither presents anything stylish, though.
    ==The File Room (the room after dousing the flames)==
    -Obvious path: 
    Neutralize the guard and head for the door at the end.
    -Alternate path #1: 
    Jump to the top of the bookshelf in front of you and watch the guard. 
    Silently jump down and crawl through the bookshelf opening on the right 
    (watch the guard). Jump to the opening in the middle of the next 
    bookshelf (while watching the guard) and head out the door.
    -Alternate path #2: 
    Shoot out the first fluorescent light and jump on top of the filing 
    cabinets. Put your back against the wall and crawl to the corner at the 
    end (there's two lights but if you shoot out the first one and crawl 
    down past the second light, the visibility meter will still be dark 
    even if you don't shoot the second one). Watch the guard then head for 
    the door.  
    **Best path: Alternate path #1. It's the most effective method without 
    having to alert or neutralize the guard.
    ==The auditorium==
    -Obvious path: 
    Wait for three guards to finish "searching the area". 
    When the first one leaves, neutralize the other two.
    -Alternate path: 
    To the left of the door you enter is a pipe you can climb. Shimmy with 
    your head over feet to the other side of the room and silently creep 
    **Best path: Alternate. I was hesitant to try the alternate path, but 
    it works and you don't have to neutralize the two guards if you're 
    silent enough. (Although sometimes the guard will "hear something" if 
    you shimmy too fast resulting in all three staying in the room)
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: At the back of the auditorium is a long row of 
    shelves. Climb up on top of one of them and you can stay hidden from 
    the guards.
    ==Reaching Francois Couldebouf for his phone==
    -Obvious path: 
    Take the metal walkway and neutralize two guards.
    -Alternate path: 
    Shimmy on the left side of the metal walkway while avoiding cold steam 
    **Best path: Neither. Both paths are too risky. If you want, use two 
    sticky shockers to neutralize both guards instead of shimmying.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The steam blasts have been removed. Sam can shimmy to 
    the other side unharmed (but the guards will still "hear something").
    -The upper ventilation shaft from the XBOX/PC version to the Body 
    Processing room is gone.  A trapdoor to an underground walkway has been 
    added instead. The extraction path is still the same as the XBOX/PC 
    version though. 
    ==Entering the second train car after jumping off the plane==
    -Obvious path: 
    Enter the first or second roof door of the first train car then exit to 
    the second car.
    -Alternate path: 
    Crawling all the way to the end of the train car.
    **Best path: Neither. For fun press the B button to make Sam stand 
    while on the roof and just watch the hilarity ensue.
    ==Reaching Norman Soth==
    -Obvious path: 
    Shimmy on the right side of the train while avoiding lights and stupid 
    -Alternate path: 
    Turn off the lights inside the passenger car and slowly sneak through 
    the aisles.
    **Best path: Both. Either one presents a challenge and is pretty fun to 
    ==The Church Courtyard==
    -Obvious path: 
    Neutralize the policeman and slowly sneak past the two rabbis using the 
    left wall. (Or you could put your back to the wall for safety)
    -Alternate path: 
    Sneak past the rabbis by shimmying on the left wall.
    **Best path: Obvious. Why was shimmying on the wall even considered an 
    option at all? You'll be seen anyway!
    ==Reaching Saul Berkovitz's place==
    -Obvious path: 
    Walk around the lone streetlight and hide behind the first crate. Do 
    SWAT-Turns to reach Saul's place.
    -Alternate path: 
    Near the stairs (After passing the two rabbi) is a pipe that you can 
    climb to a zipline. Shimmy around the corner and silently land behind 
    the first crate.
    **Best path: Both. If you take the alternate route, there is a chance 
    you might be heard (but not spotted though) by the civilian upstairs.
    ==After the third checkpoint==
    -Obvious path: 
    Shoot out the light and sneak by the two officers
    -Alternate path: 
    Climb the pipe to the roof, drop into a bedroom window, and exit 
    through the other window to the streets (watch out for the civilian 
    across the balcony).
    **Best path: Both. Regardless of which path you take, the two officers 
    will still walk away anyway.
    ==Reaching extraction path==
    -Obvious path: 
    Neutralize all four guards then go to the gate area
    -Alternate path: 
    Shoot out the lights on the leftmost area while evading guards.
    -Alternate path #2: 
    Taking the route to the right.
    **Best path: Obvious. It's safer than shooting out the lights and 
    avoiding the bonfire.
    I have decided to include a mini-walkthrough of this specific level.  
    Follow it closely and you'll get by unscathed.
    -Head into the water and walk onto the ledge on the left. (Don't worry 
    about making noise there are no guards here.)  Climb up the palm tree 
    and shimmy up to the top
    -Head for the zipline and use it.  Climb up and run around the path to 
    the right.
    -Keep going until you reach an area with two guards. Jump down silently 
    and wait in the darkness for the first guard.  When he approaches and 
    stops in front of you conk him in the face. If you did this correctly 
    the other guard WILL NOT hear you.  Hide the body.  Put Sam's back 
    against the wall and creep up behind the sitting guard.  Neutralize him 
    and hide the body.
    -Across the sitting guard is a rappel point. Creep around the ledge on 
    either side and rappel down and you'll see a wooden post.  Climb the 
    wooden post to the top and shimmy to the middle. Drop down three times 
    and climb up to another rappel point.
    -Hear that barking?  Before rappelling down, turn around and you'll see 
    a dog barking.  Snipe the guard then snipe the dog. NOW rappel down. 
    Cross the water to a wooden post and climb it to the area with the dead 
    dog and hide the guard's body.  Head down the tunnel. (Shoot the lamp 
    in the tunnel to darken it.)
    -When you reach the small bridge, quietly jump into the water on the 
    right side and whistle and lure the guard towards you.  Snipe him from 
    the water Rambo-style.  Do the same for the guard on the other side. 
    Hide both bodies. Continue into the tunnel at the other end of the 
    -From the dark tunnel, whistle and lure the outside guard into the 
    tunnel and smack him when he gets close.
    -Dead end?  Nope.  Exit the tunnel and look for a wood post on the left 
    side and climb it to the top.
    (***The encounters I mention with Sadono are the ones when he enters 
    from house to house, not when he gives the passcode***)
    ==After meeting with Douglas==
    -Obvious path: 
    Zipline down to the shrubbery below
    -Alternate path: 
    Rappel at the tree stump close to Douglas
    **Best path: Both. Look at all the weeds.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: Where did all the weeds go?
    After rappelling down or using the zipline, Sam can sneak around the 
    back of the tent on the right side. This wasn't possible in the XBOX/PC 
    ==Planting the explosives on Sadono's plane==
    -Obvious path: 
    Whistle the guards one by one and neutralize them and then plant the 
    -Alternate path: 
    Silently enter the hangar and climb the ladder on the left side to the 
    upper floor. Use the switch to turn off the lights. 
    **Best path: Alternate. It might look risky but it isn't.  
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The door to the hangar is closed. (You can open it 
    though). There is another path to the left of the hangar. Climb the 
    fence around and then climb up a pipe to the upper floor. Enter the 
    door and use the switch to turn off the lights.
    ==The guard and his dog; near the electrified gate==
    -Obvious path: 
    After opening the electrified gate, neutralize the guard and his trusty 
    dog when they emerge.
    -Alternate path: 
    Run to the left and you'll see a little hiding area (it's a large piece 
    of plywood). Hide underneath it and let the guard and his dog pass by. 
    **Best path: Alternate. Believe it or not, the dog WON'T detect you if 
    you hide underneath this plywood. 
    ==First encounter with Sadono==
    -Obvious path: 
    Neutralize the first guard then enter through hallway that Sadono 
    -Alternate path: 
    Neutralize first guard and wait for the second guard to come back. When 
    he turns around head for the crawlspace underneath the hallway Sadono 
    entered (there's an opening you can see underneath).
    **Best path: Alternate. Walking up the hallway means you have to deal 
    with the second guard.
    ==Second encounter with Sadono==
    -Obvious path: 
    Neutralize the immobile guard, and then enter the door 
    Sadono entered.
    -Alternate path: 
    Neutralize the immobile guard, and then take the pathway on the right 
    side of the house (near the burning sacks).
    -Alternate path #2: 
    Neutralize the immobile guard, and then enter a small narrow alleyway 
    to the left side of the house. Use half split jump to reach a window 
    ledge to the second floor with a health pack. 
    (Thanks to Matt Benson for the tip)
    **Best path: Obvious. Only take the second alternate path if you're low 
    on health.
    ==Third encounter with Sadono (after the burning sacks)==
    -Obvious path: 
    Enter the door he went through.
    -Alternate path: 
    Use a back to the wall maneuver on the right side of the door.
    **Best path: Alternate. From here you won't be seen.
    ==First passcode recording==
    -Obvious path: 
    Snipe two guards, the dog and then enter the door Sadono entered to a 
    small room with a Health pack and a noisy TV.
    -Alternate path: 
    Near the crates (where Sadono gave the passcode) is a pipe that can be 
    climbed to the second floor walkway (with an extra Sticky Cam on one of 
    the crates). 
    **Best path: Alternate. Stylish and you can see the second area without 
    having to resort to the "whistle-and-lure" method.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The second guard is now located on the balcony and the 
    dog was removed.
    ==After exiting the heroin labs; heading for the shooting range==
    -Obvious path: 
    Walk forward and try to shoot both guards while trying to deal with two 
    -Alternate path: 
    There is a pipe near where the two guards were talking. Climb it up to 
    the top scaffolding and onto the roof. There is a trapdoor further down 
    that leads inside the shooting range.
    **Best path: Alternate. Using the obvious path will get you shot in 
    four different directions (and you'll raise an alarm).
    ==The shooting range==
    -Obvious path: (If you entered through the front door) 
    Neutralize the three guards and exit.
    -Alternate path: (if you entered from the roof)
    Shimmy on the pipe all the way to the end. Neutralize the coughing-
    kickboxing (?) guard then the rest. 
    (Thanks to Tom Dixon for the reminder)
    **Best path: Alternate. Watching a guard kickbox a punching bag AND 
    coughing from the dust? Priceless.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The guard still coughs but does it silently. (What?)
    ==First area==
    -Obvious path: 
    Walk around the shrubbery, deactivate the turret, and neutralize the 
    wandering guard. Deactivate a trip wire and head for the shack at the 
    end (while avoiding the laser and two guards). There is a narrow alley 
    next to this shack where you can do a half-split jump. 
    (Big thanks to Evan Harris for the tip.)
    -Alternate path: 
    Neutralize the wandering guard from your position. 
    Take the left path to the first shack and enter (while avoiding the 
    **Best path: Alternate. This way you won't have to deal with the turret 
    or the trip wire.
    ++GAMECUBE UPDATE: The tripwire was removed.
    ==Second area with two guards sitting at the tables==
    -Obvious path: 
    Sneak past both guards and head for the shack.  Creep by the sleeping 
    guard and exit around to the narrow alley where you can use a half-
    split jump.
    -Alternate path: 
    Sneak past both guards then walk into the stream on the left, ducking 
    underneath a shack with a caged guard dog to the narrow alley.
    **Best path. Neither. Both paths don't present any danger. BTW, if you 
    alert the dog it'll start barking and alert the first guard. Stay 
    underneath the shack until the guard walks away. Try to sneak out and 
    the dog will bark again. Hide underneath the shack while the guard 
    investigates. Repeat this one more time and the guard will SHOOT the 
    dog dead.
    ==Third area with a guard watching television and another guard doing 
    terrible target practice==
    -Obvious path: 
    Neutralize both guards then head to the left while avoiding the turret 
    at the other end.
    -Alternate path: 
    Ignore the TV guard or neutralize him (for some reason there's a pipe 
    you can shimmy on here), and then enter the crawlspace on the left 
    side. Exit the crawlspace to emerge behind a stack of crates. Use a 
    SWAT turn to stay hidden and then creep through the darkness in the 
    left area. Neutralize the second guard when he sits down.
    **Best path: Alternate. Any path that utilizes the SWAT-turn is always 
    the best one.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: You CANNOT do a SWAT-Turn here.
    ==Entering the submarine control room==
    -Obvious path: 
    After neutralizing the target-practice-guard (or sneaking past him), 
    head to the doors and deactivate the turret. Enter the room with 
    invisible laser wires.
    -Alternate path: 
    There is a pipe near where the guard was sitting. Climb it and head 
    over to the roof. Climb inside to avoid the turret.
    **Best path: Both. The turret presents no problem if you're on the left 
    side anyway.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The invisible lasers have been replaced with an 
    automated turret guarding the shack entrance.
    ==After raising the submarine==
    -Obvious path: 
    Take the pulley to the next metal walkway (while shooting those 
    flashlight guards)
    -Alternate path: 
    Let the pulley go by itself. Underneath the pulley is a zipline that 
    you can take to the next metal walkway (it basically takes you the 
    submarine's floor).
    **Best path: Alternate. Very stylish and can fool the guards.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: There is a trapdoor on the walkway before the pulley.
    ==Heading to the TV station entrance Part 1==
    -Obvious path: 
    Try to avoid all the civilians while heading the next area.
    -Alternate path: 
    The first civilian you see stands in front of a doorway next to a pipe. 
    Neutralize this civilian and climb the pipe to the roofs.
    **Best path: Alternate. From here you can see the guards from above.
    ==Heading to the TV station Part 2==
    -Obvious path: 
    Neutralize all the guards in the area then open the door at the end 
    with the Lockpick.
    -Alternate path #1: 
    There is a ladder that has a spotlight covering it. 
    Shoot the spotlight then climb the ladder. Use the zipline at the top 
    to enter the building across without having to use the Lockpick.
    -Alternate path #2 (bear with me on this): 
    -Stay on the roofs! There are three pipes on the left wall of this 
    roof. Climb the middle one and use the zipline. 
    -Shimmy head over feet to the other end and jump down on the mini-
    -Go all the way to the other end and a broken air-conditioner will 
    block your way. Have Sam shimmy underneath this broken A/C and then 
    land on the balcony underneath the broken A/C. 
    -Next to this balcony is another A/C. Have Sam jump on top of that A/C 
    and look forward. 
    -In front of Sam is an iron bar and to his left is a pipe. Ignore the 
    -Run (DON'T JUMP!) and Sam will fall but grab the iron bar. Shimmy to 
    the left all the way to the other end of the building.
    -At the other end, have Sam drop down one more time and catch another 
    ledge. Shimmy all the way to the end and drop down to the roof. Head 
    for the barbed wire fence, climb over and head for the room and slide 
    down the pole to the next checkpoint.
    **Best path: Alternate #2. This is the very best way to sneak past all 
    the guards undetected. You can also attempt this path from the ground 
    but it's more dangerous. 
    (Credit to D. Timmer for the discovery.)
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The lock pick door was moved to the upper floor, which 
    means you HAVE to climb the ladder. 
    ==Heading to the TV station Part 3==
    -Obvious path: 
    Entering the TV station from the front and deal with two turrets and 
    numerous guards.
    -Alternate path: 
    Climb the fence at the very end and deal with three guards and the 
    thunder flashes.
    **Best path: Neither. Both paths are very dangerous and require 
    definite patience and skill to pass through. IMO, this is one of the 
    few most frustrating areas of the game.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The metal fence has been replaced with a brick wall.
    ==Heading to the TV station Part 4 (after passing the landmine tower)== 
    -Obvious path: 
    The front doors with one turret guarding it
    -Alternate path: 
    To the left of the front doors is a ledge to jump up to. From here you 
    can do a half split jump to the roof.
    **Best path: Alternate. The front doors don't work anyway.
    ==Heading into the first auditorium after exiting the elevator==
    -Obvious path: 
    Follow the guard into the auditorium
    -Alternate path: 
    Use a half-split jump at the pillars near the auditorium entrance. From 
    here you'll reach the top area of the audience area.
    **Best path: Alternate. You can snipe from the higher vantage point.
    The Auditorium
    -Obvious path: 
    Neutralize all four guards then head to the room where 
    Ingrid is being held.
    -Alternate path #1: 
    Turn off the stage lights (the switch is on the right side of the 
    stage). Head for the upper balcony of the audience area and just circle 
    around to the other side of the stage in darkness.
    -Alternate path #2: 
    In the upper area of the auditorium is a pipe you can shimmy head over 
    feet on. Before reaching the end of the pipe, Sam can jump down on a 
    VERY narrow ledge on top of the soundstage. (You need to turn off the 
    stage lights before doing this!)
    **Best path: Alternate #1. It's quicker and less time-consuming. 
    ==Capturing Sadono==
    -Obvious path: 
    Neutralize two guards then climb the pipe to a vent at the other end of 
    the room. This takes you to an upper walkway above the soundstage 
    -Alternate path: 
    Shoot out the light and the neon "cocktails" sign with your pistol. 
    Whistle to get the first guard's attention and neutralize him.  Hide 
    his body and then slowly creep up to the immobile colonel looking 
    outside the window. Grab him from behind and drag him to the retinal 
    scanner near the armored camera. You'll enter the auditorium from the 
    lower floor. (Thanks to Dr_Deez Colosus for the tip)
    **Best path: Obvious. For some reason taking the alternate path raises 
    an alarm even if you disposed the last two bodies. (Maybe it's my 
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The upper balcony in Sadono's studio is gone. Instead 
    a trapdoor is found that brings Sam to the studio floor.
    L.A.X. MISSION 8
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: When equipping Thermal Vision in the PS2 version, the 
    terrorist's heat signature is green. In the GameCube version, the heat 
    signature is yellowish-red.
    ==Infiltrate LAX parking lot==
    -Obvious path: 
    Enter the back of the loading truck to sneak in.
    -Alternate path: 
    Enter the lower parking lot while avoiding cameras and two guards and a 
    **Best path: Obvious. Taking the truck makes it easier and the dog 
    won't detect you.
    ==Kill the first terrorist==
    -Obvious path: 
    Wait for the walking security guard and the dog to walk away from the 
    shack. Head over to the shack and snipe the terrorist behind the window 
    or the front door.
    -Alternate path: 
    After the security guard and his dog walk away from the shack, head 
    over to the shack and jump on the roof. On the roof is an open shaft 
    looking down at the terrorist. Snipe him from up there.
    **Best path: Alternate. This way you're safe from worrying about being 
    detected by the dog. (If for some reason your low on health this early 
    in the level, there's a door at the other end of the parking lot with a 
    health pack and a dead guard)
    ==Finding the second terrorist==
    -Obvious path: 
    Neutralize the cleaning lady and then the guard when he walks out of 
    the Keypad-locked door (turn off the lights in the room if you want). 
    Enter the keypad-locked door before it closes and enter the other door 
    to the baggage area.
    -Alternate path: 
    Neutralize the cleaning lady and turn off the lights in the room 
    (ignore the guard). Enter the restrooms area and climb up the vents 
    above the sink.
    **Best path: Both. Either path leads to the same area anyway. 
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The obvious path has been removed.
    ==Locating Soth after killing the last terrorist==
    -Obvious path: 
    Go to the outside walkway and shoot all the lights (or don't shoot the 
    lights) while avoiding curious civilians.
    -Alternate path: 
    Stay inside and enter the door at the other end to enter a meeting 
    room. Take a right and do a back-to-the-wall maneuver behind the 
    presentation board. Turn off the lights when you reach the civilian 
    drinking coffee. Slowly sneak by all of them (smack them in the head if 
    they see you).
    **Best path: Alternate. Taking the outer walkway is more risky.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The civilians in the room will not move until Sam 
    exits the room.
    I've decided to add this mini-walkthrough for all you spies who aren't 
    used to the platforming of the game.  Follow the walkthrough carefully 
    and you'll kick yourself for not finding this path out yourself.  
    (In the XBOX version, all Sam had to do was climb and shimmy up two 
    pipes and enter the neighboring elevator from underneath.)
    ==LAX elevator level==
    -Climb out of the elevator onto the roof.  Climb the pipe to the top 
    ledge.  From there, jump across to the next ledge. Jump again to the 
    entryway across from Sam. (Don't enter the door it does not work.)
    -Go around the entryway to a pipe that Sam can climb. Climb up then 
    shimmy all the way to the right.  Drop down and catch the next pipe.  
    Shimmy the corner and get up on the entryway.  Use a back to the wall 
    to enter a narrow room.
    -Use a half-split jump and grab the ledge.  Shimmy around the corner 
    and get up on the ledge. 
    -Turn around and shoot the metal grate across from Sam.  Run and jump 
    to the newly opened crawlspace.  Crawl around the vent to the other 
    side and shoot another metal grate.  DO NOT JUMP DOWN!  Have Sam hang 
    on the ledge beneath him and shimmy to an entryway to his left.  Get up 
    and climb three sets of ladders.
    -When you reach the top there are three sets of rappel points.  
    The closest one brings you back to the beginning of the elevator level.  
    The second one takes you to the end of the level.  
    The third one takes you to a stopped elevator with extra Pistol ammo 
    If you took the third rappel point for extra ammo (and can't figure out 
    where to go), just climb the nearest pipe to the top and have Sam hang 
    on the ledge and drop down twice.  
    Jump up to the crawlspace to get to the next checkpoint. 
    Congratulations on beating the game! I hope this FAQ was helpful on 
    your playthrough. After hours of trial and error on Hard Difficulty, I 
    have been able to conjure up this guide so that you can benefit from my 
    mistakes. Trust me, nothing looks more stylish than taking an alternate 
    path as opposed to the obvious one.  
    IMO, this game is easier than the original because of the new additions 
    made by Ubisoft Shanghai but it's still a very frustrating experience. 
    But don't fret my fellow spy-friend, if your reading this part of the 
    FAQ then that means you are a super spy. Thanks for reading!
    This FAQ is only for use on GameFAQS. You may not reproduce, link, or 
    print this FAQ on your website without my permission. If you want to 
    use my FAQ then please e-mail me at kroqjock@charter.net. I have no 
    problems with anyone who asks. April 2004.

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