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    Lethal Force FAQ by VampireHorde

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/24/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
    Lethal Force FAQ V2.0
    Authored by VampireHorde
    March 30, 2004
    Update V1.1: Few revisions
    Update V1.2: PS2 ADDITIONS
    Update V2.0: GC ADDITIONS
    Thank you for clicking here again. My FAQ will explain how to 
    neutralize certain enemies that ONLY pose a serious threat to your 
    mission.  Certain levels require pure stealth with non-lethal force. I 
    will describe effective methods of lethal and non-lethal force in 
    certain areas without having to waste too much precious ammo (although 
    it might be necessary). If an area can be passed through without force 
    then I will NOT mention it here.
    Before reading my FAQ, I highly suggest playing the single-player game 
    before attempting any of the methods mentioned here.  I WILL NOT give 
    any tips or hints for multiplayer, so look away if that's what you came 
    -Use your entire SC-20K inventory when you have it (sticky shockers, 
    airfoils, etc).
    -Always hold your breath when using sniper mode.
    -For multiple guards, use the "whistle and lure" for one guard near a 
    doorway and knock him out. Hide his body AWAY from the door and repeat 
    for the other ones.
    -Also, if you whistle in one area and move away, a guard will walk 
    towards the area you previously were, setting him up for a non-lethal 
    blow to the back of the head.
    -Always shoot out lights near doorways or in hallways.
    -Use the "SWAT-turn" anytime you see rows of columns, doors or boxes.
    -ALWAYS walk slowly when approaching a guard who is looking for you! 
    YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS! If you move any faster he will hear you!
    That should about do it for this section.  Start the game!
    *WARNING*If you have not played these missions before then try it now 
    before reading on because you'll be clueless! There are certain moments 
    in the game that require some scripted gunplay but follow my methods 
    and you might not even have to fire a shot. Remember, only the enemies 
    or civilians who pose a serious threat to the mission are whom I point 
    out. All my strategies were applied on Hard mode and can be used in 
    Normal, too.
    Timor, Dili Mission 1
    Heading for the Embassy courtyard (3 guards; non-lethal force only)
    -Guard #1: Shoot all the lights upstairs for safety. Head downstairs 
    and lure the first guard with a whistle. Smack him in the head.
    -Guard #2: Shoot the light on top of the door located next to the 
    stairs. A guard will investigate in the darkness; smack him in the 
    -Guard #3: Use the "whistle-and-lure" method for the last one. Elbow 
    him in the head.
    Extraction point (2 guards; lethal force authorized)
    -The last two guards at the end of the level don't need to be taken out 
    with lethal force. Just use elbows to the head to complete this 
    Saulnier Cryogenics Lab Mission 2
    Underground subway (3 guards; lethal force authorized)
    -Guard #1: (at the front of the train): Either snipe him or use the 
    "whistle-and-lure" method.
    -Guards #2 & #3: (at the back of the train): At the end of the darkened 
    train, stay inside and wait for the conversation to begin. Toss a FRAG 
    GRENADE between their feet and watch the hilarity.
    PS2/GC UPDATE: Both guards at the back of the train DO NOT converse and 
    walk around instead. Ignore the first guard and wait for him to walk 
    away. Snipe the second guard or use a Sticky Shocker.
    Cubicle offices (2 guards; lethal force authorized)
    -Guards #1 & #2: Just turn off the lights next to the door and quickly 
    scurry to the other side and exit.
    Computer room (2 guards; lethal force required)
    -Guards #1 & #2: Crouch and run to the door. Shoot them both point 
    blank. Don't worry about bullets because one of the satchels they drop 
    contains extra ammo. BUT DON'T ACCESS THE COMPUTER YET! Follow the next 
    tip first.
    Detonation timer guards (2 guards; lethal force required)
    **Before accessing the computer, shoot out all the lights in the 
    hallway AND THEN access the computer. When the bomb timer begins:
    -Guard #1: This one exits the boiler room. If you shot out all the 
    lights, he basically runs to the other door and heads for the second 
    floor. Wait for him to leave and then deal with the second guard.
    -Guard #2: This one just wanders in lost darkness. Wait for the first 
    guard to leave then just neutralize him in any way you see fit. DON'T 
    Server room, upstairs (3 guards; 1 motion detector; lethal force 
    -Guard #1: Before heading inside the room from the stairway, shoot out 
    the light on the ceiling. Wait for the three guards to finish shooting 
    the windows and wait for the other two to leave. Use the "whistle-and-
    lure" method and neutralize the lone guard.
    -Guards #2 & #3: Do not bother with these two at the end of the 
    hallway. They will only search for you if the cameras inside the server 
    room spot you.
    Receptionist Area (2 guards; lethal force authorized)
    -Guard #1: This guard will walk up to the computer and start using it. 
    Ignore him for now and deal with guard #2.
    -Guard #2: This guard will walk to the Keypad door. Snipe him silently 
    from darkness. From here, either knock out the second guard or shoot 
    Freezer room #1 (1 guard, 1 turret; lethal force authorized)
    -Guard #1: Deactivate the turret by walking to the left slowly. Sneak 
    up behind the guard and smack his head. 
    **Do not snipe him from behind because he is hunched over**
    PS2/GC UPDATE: The turret is gone but the guard now walks around the 
    Freezer room #2: (2 guards; lethal force authorized)
    -Guards #1 & #2: Both can be neutralized with sticky shockers. Stay 
    crouched at the end of the walkway and whistle. Shock them when they 
    get close. 
    **You can avoid this confrontation by shimmying on the walkway but its 
    too risky because of the cold steam blasts**
    PS2/GC UPDATE: The cold steam blasts were removed. Sam can now shimmy 
    safely to the other side. 
    Hesperia Railways Mission 3
    Train car #2 (1 civilian; non-lethal force only)
    -Civilian #1: Use the "whistle-and-lure" method. Run up to him and 
    smack him in the head.
    walking around inside the second train car.
    Instead, whistle to the civilian from inside the first train car with 
    the caged dog. Neutralize him when he enters.
    Extraction point (1 guard; lethal forced authorized)
    -Guard #1: Avoid this confrontation and just run for the ladder in the 
    next train car. Climb up to the roof and run to the Osprey.
    Jerusalem Streets Mission 4
    Saul Berkovitz's place (2 thieves; lethal force authorized)
    -Thief #1 & #2: Both thieves can be shot point blank. You can also grab 
    the first one and shoot the second one as an alternate. 
    **Regardless of the second one's threat, he cannot shoot Saul**
    Elevator entrance with Dahlia Tal
    -Shoot Dahlia when Lambert authorizes it. Pull out the pistol and aim 
    for her head. 
    **It will take at least 4-5 bullets to kill Dahlia in Hard mode**
    Shoshanna Warehouse underground (15 guards total; lethal force 
    -Guard #1 & #2: Shoot them point blank from the elevator and wait for 
    guard #3 to run up the stairs to you.
    -Guard #3: Move away from the elevator (with the SC-20K equipped) and 
    shoot the third guard when he approaches.
    -Guard #4 & #5: Walk slowly down the metal stairs and stay on the left 
    wall. Guard #4 will walk and stop near you. Smack him in the face. 
    Guard #5 will walk all the way to the end of the walkway near the 
    stairs. After neutralizing #4, shoot guard #5 with an airfoil or a 
    sticky shocker.
    -Guard #6: This one patrols the next walkway. Snipe him in the head.  
    **BTW, if you miss the first shot you'll alert the next three guards 
    which is even better**
    -Guard #7, 8, & 9: Fire a single shot to the caged area to get all 
    three guards' attention. Shoot them all point blank. Now head inside 
    the cage and restock on items and health. DO NOT RETRIEVE THE ND133 
    YET! Follow the next tip.
    -Guard #10, 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15: Guard #10 stands immobile at the end 
    of the tunnel (near the ND133 lab). Snipe him from behind and inch 
    forward in the darkness. Guard #11 stands immobile in front of the 
    elevator. Snipe him too. The last four all stand at the end of the 
    walkway from your position. Snipe them one by one. 
    **Don't worry about getting shot by the last four guards; they'll start 
    shooting aimlessly in the air, setting up a perfect headshot** 
    PS2/GC UPDATE: There are only eight guards total in the PS2/GC version.
    -Guard #1: Shoot him from inside the elevator or sneak up behind him.
    -Guard #2: This one patrols at the bottom of the stairs. Shoot him with 
    any projectile and then continue over the metal fence.
    -Guard #3: This one patrols near the ND133 lab. Ignore him by jumping 
    into the water and heading near the walkway entrance to the left.
    -Guard #4: This one guards the ammunitions room. Snipe him from behind. 
    Refill your health at the health station.
    -Guard #5: This one emerges from the walkway near the health station. 
    Use a Sticky Shocker on him and then enter the walkway he emerged from.
    -Guard #6: This one stands immobile in front of the elevator near the 
    ND133 lab. Snipe him from a dark area.
    -Guard #7 & 8: These two patrol at the other end from guard #6. Snipe 
    them both after sniping guard #6.
    Kundang Camp Indonesia Mission 5
    The tripwire minefield Part 1 (2 drunk guards; lethal force authorized)
    -Guard #1: Blown up by tripwire.
    -Guard #2: From a dark area, snipe him when he approaches his friend 
    and starts coughing from the smoke.
    The tripwire minefield Part 2 (1 guard; lethal force authorized)
    -Guard #1: Snipe him using thermal vision or whistle to get him close.
    Campgrounds (2 guards on the ground, 1 guard in the tower; lethal force 
    -Guard #1: From the first tent you see, crouch and wait on the right 
    side of this tent (you'll be in shadows don't worry). You'll know it's 
    the right one when the two guards begin a conversation. After the talk, 
    guard #2 will walk away. The first guard will walk towards you and 
    stop. When he turns around, conk him in the head.
    -Guard #2: He falls asleep in the neighboring tent. Leave him be.
    -Guard #3: Climb the ladder and wait for him to look away. Smack him in 
    the head. 
    **If you're crafty with your gun, try to snipe him from the ground**
    Sadono's first passcode meeting (2 guards, 1 dog; lethal force 
    -Guard #1: After recording Sadono's password, stay in your position and 
    wait for him to leave. Snipe this guard and stay in position.
    -Guard #2: Snipe this guard at the other end of the field (He doesn't 
    move so be accurate). Snipe the dog from here too.
    PS2/GC UPDATE: Guard #2 is located on the balcony. Be quick when 
    sniping so he doesn't get alerted.
    Sadono's house (2 guards, 1 turret, 1 spotlight; lethal force required)
    -Guard #1: Neutralize this guard with a shocker or airfoil or just 
    smack him on the head.
    -Guard #2: Snipe this guard when he patrols in front of Sadono's front 
    door. **Don't worry about the spotlight, it won't see him**
    Extraction (4 guards; lethal force required)
    -Guard #1, 2, 3, & 4: Turn on Thermal vision after Shetland's snipers 
    start shooting. Equip your gun and shoot everyone in your way. 
    PS2/GC UPDATE: There are only three guards here.
    Sadono's Submarine Mission 6
    Outside the submarine hub (3 guards, 4 flashlight helmet guards; lethal 
    force authorized)
    -Guard #1: Patrols the area near the door. Neutralize him anyway you 
    see fit.
    -Guard #2, 3, and 4: Before entering the pulley, take out your 
    binoculars and you'll spot 2 flashlight guards on the right and one on 
    the left. Snipe two of them on the top floors from your position. It 
    will take a few attempts but you won't trigger any alarms. The third 
    flashlight guard can only be sniped at the other end of the walkway. 
    Let the pulley go solo and take the zipline underneath it to the other 
    walkway and snipe him from there.
    -Guard #5, 6, & 7: Ignore the two guards upstairs they can't see you. 
    One guard will emerge from the submarine. Whistle him in then smack him 
    in the head.
    PS2 UPDATE: All the flashlight guards have been removed.
    GC UPDATE: The flashlight guards are back!
    Inside the submarine (6 guards; non-lethal force only)
    -Guard #1: Stay in the shadows and shoot a sticky shocker in his chest.
    -Guard #2: Ignore him he's sleeping. He won't be an issue.
    -Guard #3: Put your back to the wall and observe the sitting guard in 
    the cafeteria. Do a SWAT-turn at the door and turn off the light switch 
    here. From here you can either use another sticky shocker or you can 
    pass him on the right side behind the bar.
    -Guard #4: Grab him from behind and drag him to the retinal scanner. 
    After scanning his eyes, drag him BACK to the room you snatched him and 
    smack his head. Slowly head into the room you just opened.
    -Guard #5: Make a right turn in this room and hide in the corner. He'll 
    leave to get coffee and he won't return.
    -Guard #6: This guard is using the computer. Sneak up to him and smack 
    him or ignore him and finish the objective.  
    **In Hard mode, guard #6 uses the computer, then moves away to look at 
    the periscope, and then walks outside blocking your escape path. Be 
    sure to neutralize him when you get the chance**
    PS2/GC UPDATE: There is one more guard here. When exiting the 
    submarine, he blocks your way. Conk him in the head and continue.
    Extraction (5 guards; lethal force required)
    -Guard #1: Stay upstairs and whistle. When he runs upstairs, shoot him 
    with a sticky shocker.
    -Guard #2, 3, 4, and 5: Snipe these guys from the upper walkway (or 
    from downstairs if your crafty). 
    PS2/GC UPDATE: There are only three shooters here.
    Television Free Indonesia Mission 7
    <<There is an alternate path that you can take in the beginning of the 
    level. Refer to my Alternate Routes FAQ and you won't have to waste 
    bullets, health, or trigger alarms>> 
    Outside the TV station Part 1 (2 guards; lethal force authorized)
    -Guard #1: Use the whistle and lure him to the doorway (Near the second 
    checkpoint). Smack him when he comes inside.
    -Guard #2: This one patrols the far side of the field. Try sniping him 
    from behind cover. Or if you're brave enough, try to whistle him near 
    the van and neutralize him from there.
    Outside the TV station Part 2 (3 guards; lethal force required)
    -Guard #1: This one stands immobile near the back of the van. Sneak up 
    behind him after a thunder flash and smack him.
    -Guard #2: This one stands near the front of the van. Sneak up behind 
    him slowly (after a thunder flash) and grab him. Drag him behind the 
    van and smack him.
    -Guard #3: This one patrols the manhole cover. From behind the van, 
    snipe him when he stops moving.
    PS2/GC UPDATE: There are only two guards here.
    The second floor hallway (2 guards, 2 turrets, 1 security camera; 
    lethal force required)
    -Guard #1: Exit to the left of the elevator and wait near the corner. 
    When the guard finishes his patrol, he'll turn around and go back. 
    Snipe him in the head.
    -Guard #2: From the right of the elevator, use the whistle and lure 
    him. Snipe or shoot him.  
    **Do this now, it saves you the pain of having to take care of them 
    later when you meet Ingrid**
    The auditorium (3 guards, lethal force authorized)
    -Guard #1, 2 & 3: From the top of the auditorium (the audience seating) 
    whistle each guard one by one and smack him.
    Locating Ingrid (2 guards; lethal force authorized)
    -Guard #1: He walks into Ingrid's room and speaks to her. Ignore him 
    and enter the door to the left from where he entered. 
    **If you smack him now, guard #2 sound an alarm**
    -Guard #2: He watches from a two-way mirror. Sneak up and grab him from 
    behind. Smack him and hide the body. Turn off the lights here and 
    whistle to lure guard #1 into the room. Smack him.
    Saving Ingrid (4 guards, 1 guard with Night Vision; lethal force 
    -Guard #1 & 2: After Ingrid opens the door, immediately run to the 
    right corner with a frag grenade ready. When the two guards walk out 
    together, toss it between their feet. Time it right and you'll get both 
    of them. If not, shoot them both down. 
    **This method does not work in Hard mode**
    -Guard #3, 4 & 5: After tossing the grenade and killing both guards, 
    run to the end of the walkway and start shooting the next three guards 
    who emerge from the glass doors.
    PS2/GC UPDATE: Guards #3, 4 and 5 were removed.
    Capturing Sadono (4 guards; lethal force authorized)
    -Snipe all four guards from the upper ledge and then wait for things to 
    calm down. When all is calm, sneak up behind Sadono and grab him.
    PS2/GC UPDATE: The upper ledge has been removed. Sneak around the 
    auditorium and hide behind the stack of crates next to Sadono. Use an 
    Airfoil Round and quickly run up to Sadono and grab him!
    Los Angeles International Airport Mission 8
    Lower Parking Lot (2 guards, 1 dog; lethal force required)
    -Terrorist #1: Wait for the guard and the dog to walk away from the 
    shack. Run up to the lone guard and snipe him from in front of the 
    **Believe it or not, none of the other terrorists in this level present 
    any real threat. With the exception of Soth and his two henchmen, 
    everything in this level is pretty much low-key. The only time you use 
    your SC-20K is for the first and last terrorists.
    Every other terrorist can be killed with a pistol shot to the head**
    PS2/GC UPDATE: Except for Soth and his bodyguard, the last terrorist is 
    the security guard on the lower level. 
    Hey, glad you made it to the bottom of the page. I know there are more 
    effective ways to use lethal and non-lethal force but the ones 
    mentioned here are 100% guaranteed to work. Try various methods before 
    attempting mine. All methods apply for Hard and Normal difficulty.  
    Thank you for reading my FAQ!
    This FAQ cannot be copied, posted, or linked to your website or 
    publication without permission. This FAQ is only for use on GameFAQS.  
    If you want to use my FAQ then e-mail me at kroqjock@charter.net. I 
    don't mind if anyone asks. April 2004.

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