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    SWAT-Turn FAQ by VampireHorde

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    Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
    SWAT-Turn FAQ
    Authored by VampireHorde
    Thanks for clicking on the FAQ. This FAQ will explain all the areas in 
    the game that you can utilize the SWAT-turn move. Out of all the new 
    moves in Sam's repertoire, the SWAT-turn is my favorite move to use 
    because if its coolness factor. Only few areas allow you to utilize the 
    SWAT-turn but we might as well make the best of it and use them all.
    **Before reading this FAQ, I highly suggest playing the single-player 
    game before attempting any of the methods mentioned here.  I WILL NOT 
    give any tips or hints for multiplayer, so look away if that's what you 
    came for.
    Let's start the game!
    To perform the SWAT-turn put Sam's back to a wall (or crates or 
    pillars, etc) and when he starts to "peek" press the "INTERACT" Button 
    to perform the turn.
    -Use the SWAT-turn on every opportunity you get 
    -Using the turn reduces enemy visibility of you
    -You can do a SWAT-turn with the pistol equipped
    -You cannot perform the turn on doors or doorways that are closed 
    That should about do it for this section. Start the game!
    *WARNING*If you have not played these missions yet then try them now 
    before reading the FAQ because you'll be clueless! 
    Timor, Dili Mission 1
    **During the tutorial stage, use a SWAT-Turn when you encounter your 
    first guard.
    **After interrogating your first victim, put your back against the wall 
    on the left side of the house. You can do a SWAT-turn to the pillar. 
    It's pointless but fun to do nonetheless.
    **During your first encounter with Sadono, use a SWAT-Turn WHEN HE 
    LEAVES! If you perform the turn when he's still in the room, you WILL 
    fail the mission. 
    Saulnier Cryogenics Lab Mission 2
    **In the cubicle room with two guards, perform the turn from cubicle to 
    cubicle to avoid being detected.
    **When the two guards are shooting the computers, perform a turn at the 
    door. (Although you'd be wasting time if you did.)
    **In the server room (with multiple cameras), you can perform a SWAT-
    turn between the servers. It's pointless because you'll raise an alarm 
    anyway. So DON'T attempt the turn in here EVER!
    Hesperia Railways Mission 3
    **Before reaching Soth's room, the conductor will walk down the hallway 
    and speak to a complaining civilian (about noisy neighbors). When the 
    conductor leaves place your back to the wall near the doorway and 
    perform a SWAT-turn to avoid alerting the civilian.
    Jerusalem Streets Mission 4
    **After neutralizing the first guard, use a SWAT-turn near the brightly 
    lit door with the sitting civilian inside. Keep moving after you 
    perform the turn or else the civilian WILL see you if you stay 
    **Before reaching Saul's place is a stack of three well-placed crates 
    near the open dining area ("You can finish it in prison if you want!"). 
    Creep around or use the zipline path above to reach the first crate. 
    Use SWAT-Turns here to stay hidden.
    **When following Dahlia, you'll reach an area of pillars with two 
    praying civilians. Turn on Thermal Vision and perform SWAT-turns when 
    they aren't looking.
    Kundang Camp Indonesia Mission 5
    **On the doorway near Sadono's airplane, use a SWAT-turn to watch the 
    conversation and plan your ambush.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: The door is closed in the PS2 version.
    **Before entering the heroin labs (Lambert will start talking about 
    losing communication while your underground), you'll encounter two 
    guards. Jump down the ledge in front of you silently and creep to the 
    first pillar.  Perform the SWAT-turn to the last pillar and slowly head 
    for the door. (Thanks to insanebeetle for the tip)
    **In the power room (where you find Sadono's pilot) use a SWAT-turn 
    near the open door to observe guard movement.
    **Inside Sadono's house is a row of open shutters. Use the SWAT-turn 
    from shutter to shutter whenever he finishes talking.
    Sadono's Submarine Mission 6
    **The first hut on the left has two open doorways. You can use SWAT-
    turns here but it's practically useless.
    **After neutralizing the TV-watching guard, go through the crawlspace 
    on the left to emerge behind a stack of crates. Use a SWAT-turn near 
    the crates to the darkened hut to the left.
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: You CANNOT do the SWAT-Turn here.
    **Inside the submarine, use a SWAT-turn at the doorway near the 
    cafeteria (with the sitting guard). From here you can access the light 
    switch and turn off the lights. 
    Television Free Indonesia Mission 7
    **In the sewers, use SWAT-turns to avoid guards and the only camera. 
    (Although it isn't really necessary.)
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: There are two armored cameras in the sewers.
    **After successfully climbing over the fence near the landmine tower, 
    you'll see three well-placed generators. Use the SWAT-turn to reach to 
    locked door at the other end.
    **When capturing Sadono, jump down the ramp (if you entered from above) 
    and place your back against the wall near the mini-stairway. Do a SWAT-
    turn from the wall to a large crate to avoid the moving spotlight.
    Los Angeles International Airport Mission 8
    **When exiting to the Passenger area upstairs, use a SWAT-turn from the 
    darkened walkway to the left. Use it from walkway to walkway instead of 
    ++PS2/GC UPDATE: You CANNOT do SWAT-Turns up here for some reason.
    Wow, this is the shortest FAQ I've ever written. Believe it or not, the 
    SWAT-turn will be the most underused move in this game (just like the 
    split jump in the first one). But it is my sworn duty to inform 
    everyone where to perform this move in the game. Not only does it look 
    cool but you feel really sneaky too.
    Thanks for reading!
    This FAQ is only for use on GameFAQS. You may not reproduce, link, or 
    publish this FAQ on your website or publication without permission. If 
    you want to use this FAQ, please e-mail me at kroqjock@charter.net. I 
    have no problems with anyone who asks. April 2004.

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