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    FAQ/Walkthrough by End of Days

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    Written in Metapad, 16:02 15 January 2005
    DISCLAIMER (EDITED 16/04/04): I own this guide. Well, the original copy. It is
    now on GameFAQs and NeoSeeker only! If you want to use this guide on your site,
    fine. Just ask for permission at scoobertjamesdoo@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks!
    01. Guide
    02. Version History
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    04. Credits
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    -~*Section 01.*~- The Guide|--------------------------------------------------
                             Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
                                       Mission 1
    Note, this guide is a spoiler free guide. Please refer to my upcoming FULL
    FAQ/Walkthrough for a more in-depth look at the game. A more descriptive
    Spoiler Free guide comes soon! (A better guide in later versions)
    Part 2: US Embassy
    - Climb the scaffold infront of you after the coversation ends. Immediately
      hug the wall ahead of you and pass under the window with the terrorist and
      STOP at the doorway. Wait for the guy to do something to someone and then
      he leaves. SWAT turn past the door and continue along, STILL hugging the
    - At the broken end, climb the drainpipe then shimmy along the ledge until
      you can drop onto another ledge. SLOWLY enter the window and SNEAK up on
      the terrorist. Grab him, knock him out and hide his body before talking to
      the guy. You will recieve something.
    - The door on the right of the room is where you're heading so Optical Cable
      it. Creep in and grab the guy on the balcony to your right, knock him out
      and hide the body. Continue further along (NOT TAKING THE LEFT DOWN THE
      LONG CORRIDOR) and pick the lock on the next door. Enter the room and heal
      if necessary.
    - Head back out, shooting lights as you go on down that corridor before. That
      is optional of course if you choose to approach this next room differently.
      Slowly head down the stairs, taking note of the three guards playing a game.
      Down here, quickly move into the shadow of the pillar on the right. Now you
      can either: take out the light to your right, attracting the guard or wait
      for him to turn his back, then move. Remove the guard for an easier route.
    - Crouching, move to the first box infront of the fire, then SWAT turn until
      you are behind the flaming sofa. Now keep moving behind the screen until
      you are in the shadows at the end of the room. Head through the corridors
      and approach the double doors. Head into the courtyard.
    - After a convo, you'll need to stay in the light! So wait until the RIGHT
      light comes and move with it. It's quite quick so watch out. Once you are
      underneath the contacts room, use the drainpipe to climb up. Speak to the
      person and then save...
    Part 3: Extraction
    - Now you can either just head out of the window or SLOWLY head through the
      door on the left and kill the sniper. I suggest the window.
    - Out here, move left and quickly rappel down and over into the shadow of
      the fence on the left. Lethal attacks are now allowed, so kill the
      patrolling terrorist for an easier ride. Shoot the lamp on the tower and
      climb up the ladder. Switch the searchlight off.
    - Climb down and shoot the lights out to the left. The terrorist patrolling
      quite far away may spot you. Either shoot him or wait in the dark to get a
      head shot. Head down there and left to the last tower. Shoot out the light
      on the tower and switch off the searchlight.
    - Come down and head along near the pier and drop into the boat to be removed
      and to complete your first, EASY mission.
            |       |       **********************
            |  To   |      *LEGEND - O = Terrorist*
            |  Pier |       **********************
    ________|       |______________________________________
    |                                                      | 	
    |   ____                                               |
    |  |tow-|               O <- Terrorist                 |		
    |  | er |                                              |	
    |  |____|                                              |		
    |                                                      |
    |_____________________________	          _____________|	
                                  |          |
                                  |          |
    		        Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
                                       Mission 2
    Part 1: Infiltration
    - Wait until the convo is over and head for the ladder ahead. Go down and
      slowly creep along the wall (in Wall Mode) until you can see around the
      corner. A terrorist! He will pass you, so knock him out. Or, when he is
      turned at the train press (X) when leaning around the corner, and pop one in
      his skull. Do a run-jump onto the train ladder and head along the top, until
      you can drop down. Crouch-run to the end of the train and hug the wall
      between the end of the train and the opening in the wall. Darnit, two of
      them! One will walk off while the other checks around here.
    - When the patrolling moves off and the stationary turns round, head into the
      shadows beyond the stationary. DO NOT KILL THE STATIONARY YET! Wait until
      the patroller wanders off again before dragging the lazy one into the shadow
      for a quick knockout. When finished head into the corridor beyond and round
      the flaming barrels. At the end, the passage will be blocked with FIRE! Try
      and shoot the valve up and slightly left with your SC-20K's scope. Hold L
      to hold your breath. Shooting it just above the valve will spray water over
      the lethal fire.
    - Now move to the door and Optical Cable it. When the guard turns and wanders
      off, head in and to the shadows to the right. When he comes back, give him
      a shot in the head. Hide his ass in the shadows. At the next door, turn off
      the lights. Before leaving the room access the Computer. Now Cable the door.
      This is quite simple. When the guard leaves, head in and switch off the
      light. Now slowly (using your night vision) navigate through the room to the
      far right corner. Exit and they're none the wiser.
    - Pick the lock on the next door which leads to a room with health and a save
      point. The next room IS VERY HARD in my opinion so you better have saved.
      Optical Cable it. Quicky go in and to the shadows on the left of the door.
      When the leader of the gang of three leaves, sneak up on the nearest enemy
      and drag him into the shadows for a KO. Now equip your Scope and SC20K for
      an easy kill on the last terrorist. Make sure you have plenty of ammo for
      both guns now as you hide that body and head through the plastic flap door.
    - A message reads out that something bad is gonna happen! Quickly head through
      the double door and under the window on the left. At the door equip the 20K
      and open fire on the two terrorists destroying the things. Head in and hide
      the bodies well. Do NOT use the computer yet. Go heal if necessary and on
      the way back head PAST the door and shoot the lights out in the corridor.
      Head back and use the PC with the red screen in that room...
    - Even more work for Fisher! Remember that corridor? Head back there and wait
      until the two terrorists leave the corridor. Enter the room the last one
      came out of (picking the lock) and head to the thing on the far wall.
      Disable it. All in a days work for Fisher. Now head back out and follow the
      terrorists round the corner and throught the door.
    Part 2: Brains
    - Destroy the camera with your gun at the first landing here after saving your
      game. SNEAK SLOWLY past the Motion Detector as this takes of around 60% of
      health. Continue up and use the Optic Cable on the door. Head in and stick
      close to the wall, the LEFT wall. Anyway, go into wall mode. Three
      terrorists will blast some windows out, so wait until the others leave then
      one will patrol. When he is miles away, shoot out the first light. He will
      investigate. Knock him out when he turns. Hide him and take note of the
      motion detector.
    - Head back to the double doors near where you knocked the terrorist out and
      head through them after picking the lock. The door in the left is where you
      need to go. Optical Cable it. This room can seem hard, but it's relatively
      easy. There are cameras and a guard so watch out. When he leaves the room,
      shoot out the first three lights (closest to you). Or, to be safe, all SIX.
      When he comes back in, knock him out then access the computer on the right,
      recieving the code for a door. Yes!
    - Head out and to the opposite door. The code will appear at the bottom when
      you access the keypad.
    - Take all of the ammo from the table, being wary of the terrorist outside.
      When that is done, turn off the light and he will come and switch it on.
      Obviously you are in the shadows near the light so creep forward and grab
      him. You know the drill (KO and hide). Turn it off again, and heal if you
      need to. Head out that door and optical the next. When they leave, go
      through and shoot the camera and sneak past the wall mine.
    - Trickyville here. Those two terrorists are back. Head in and to the shadows
      on the left. When one buggers off take the one at the PC into the shadows.
      KO. Please come again. Now quickly move to the shadows on the right or bide
      your time. When he comes back quickly, but silently move down that corridor.
      Enter the door on the right. Save.
    Part 3: Missing Man!
    - There is health, so wait until the convo ends and head into the next room,
      slowly! It's the freezer! There is a guard here, so watch out. He's in the
      opposite corner fiddling with something. KO him quickly and hide his body in
      that last room. Continue to the next door. There is a gangway, so be
      careful. Drop down the left hand side and shimmy along this walkway. Watch
      out for the venting steam. At the end, there will be a congregation of
      guards. Wait for them to move off before getting up.
    - Enter the next area and there's health if you want, but you'll have to
      negotiate a wall mine to get it. Enter the next room and there's a knocked
      down shelf under a vent. Get on it, then up into it. Go slowly along this
      vent until you can drop down on the left. Talk to the guy... Another thing
      Fisher gets his hands on!
    - Climg up and out and slowly go left along until you can safely shoot the
      barrels, killing the guards and saving the guy. Turn around and drop out at
      the end. Head further along this corridor and into the van...
    Another mission down...
    		        Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
                                       Mission 3
    Part 1: Finding the Enemy?
    - Stay crouched as you head along the train and enter the luggage cabin
      through a hatch. After the convo ends, head out into more fresh air. Now,
      in the next carriage, shoot out a light to your left, and a guy should come.
      Grab him and interrogate him and he'll give you info. KO him and hide him in
      the darkness. There is a hatch just before the safety fence where the Guard
      was. Head down and crawl under the train. You will be asked to save. Do so.
    - At the next hatch use your Optic Cable to search the room. Wait till the guy
      leaves, then head up. In here, wait till the convo ends, and press the red
      switches. Now SLOWLY open the door and peak around. Two terrorists will
      talk. Wait till they seperate, then head out and press the light switch.
      An old guy will come and turn them on. Oops! Forgot to tell you where to
      hide! Come further away (towards your screen) into a little room. Shoot out
      the light on the bag rack before entering the mini-room again. Turn out the
      lights once-more.
    - Finally, a terrorist comes. Before he turns the light on, grab him and knock
      him out. Hide him in the mini-room. Now, slowly head through the cabin,
      avoiding the little lights. Get through that hardest part and you're free!
    - In here, you'll hear people chatting. Wait until one of them leaves and head
      in. Wall Mode before the first door, and SWAT turn past it. Pass the second
      door, and Optic Cable the third. Enter and Talk to.. the guy...
    - He'll leave, so hack his laptop, then, when told, leave and slowly follow
      him into the food cabin. To the right is a little bar. Hide in here, stand
      up, and equip the laser mic. Aim it at him. That section is timed by the
      way. When finished, get down and wait for them to leave.
    Part 2: Extraction.
    - Easy as pie. Come out of this little alcove and sneak past that guy at the
      end. Head into the next compartment and on the left is a set of ladders.
      Use'em to get to the top, and head to the Osprey, dodging the attacking
      thing. Jump on the rop to end this short, fun mission!
    Three in a row, still got it eh?
    Part 2: Extraction, Alternate
    - Not as easy. If the guy sees you (see map) then two or three more may come.
      You can kill them, but it will be harder unless you are VERY QUICK.
    |        |  ****************************
    |        |  *LEGEND - P = Phone Call   *
    |P   O   |  *         S = Sam with Mic.*
    |        |  *         O = Terrorists   *
    |      __|  ****************************
    |     /	S|
    | O   |	 |
    |     |	 |   <--- Before Extraction
    |     |	 |
    |        |
    |___/ ___|
     ________    ************************
    |    T	 |   *LEGEND - O = Terrorist*
    |        |   *         T = Target   *
    |O       |   ************************
    |        |
    |      __|
    |     /	 |
    |     |	 |
    |     |	 |  <--- Extraction
    |     |	 |
    |        |
    |___/ ___|
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Basic Maps ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    		        Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
                                       Mission 4
    Part 1: Gun Modding!
    - Talk to the woman then head up the stairs. The guard may be at the gate far
      away now, so sneak up, avoiding light and grab him for a first KO. Note
      that Lethal Attacks are not permitted. Hide him. Now, this is a little
      tricky. This is the t-junction yeah? From that gate, head the only way you
      haven't been. Left. Here, you'll need to SWAT turn past the door on the
      left. If you don't, it's Mission Over I think. There is ANOTHER guard, so
      be careful and keep to the darkness. If you want, take him out. You know
      the drill now. Hide it, and progress.
    - Go around the well and if you took your time (as you are supposed to), a
      guard will be under the arch. Damn. Quickly get him and KO him, hide the
      body as per usual. Two Jewish men will be chatting in the courtyard. Wait
      for them to sit down, then sneak around them, sticking to the wall. As you
      get all the way around them, head into the new street and climb the pipe
      on the right. MAP!
                         |    *******************	
                         |    *LEGEND - O = Pipe*
                        O|    *         o = Men *
                         |	  *******************
    ________             |____________________	
            |                                 |
            |                                 |
            |                                 |________	
            |                                  ________
            |               o  o              |
            |                                 |
            |				  |
    - Now use the zip-line to skip to the end of the street. You'll land on a
      window ledge, so drop down onto the awning, then off that into a dark place.
      You can wait there until the citizen moves, then drop down too. Anyway,
      dodge the citizen and when the cops back is turned head in and use the box
      for cover as you go into Wall Mode. SWAT turn until you can safely enter the
      large door. MAP!
            |    |                  |
    	|____|                  |
                                    |   ***********************
    ________                        |   *LEGEND - 1 = 1st SWAT*
            |    __                 |   *	      2 = 2nd SWAT*	
            |   |1 |                |   *	      3 = 3rd SWAT*	
            |   |__|                |   *        -| = Steps   *
            |                       |   ***********************
            |    __                 |
            |   |2 |                |
            |   |__|                |
            |                       |
            |    __                 |
            |   |3 |                |	
    -|______|   |__|                |	
          |	                        |
          |	                        |
     SHOP |	                        |
          |	                        |
    ________                        |
            |                       |
    NOTE: A cop patrols that part.
    - Go down the stairs and enter the shop part. Whip out your pistol though.
      Now, quickly shoot the guy in the head (the closest terrorist), then the
      other one will grab another guy. You should be able to squeeze a shot off
      at his head with the laser sight (up on D-Pad). The man will thank you and
      give you a new gun. Pick up the ammo too!
    - He wants to take you for a tutorial, so lets follow him. Amazingly, he never
      gets seen, but you can! When you head back up, SWAT turn past the boxes and
      keep following him round the corner and under the arch. Follow him into a
      side alley which over looks the city! Here he will teach you how to use
      your gun effectively. Shoot the water with a Sticky Shocker (L trigger) when
      told to. Hide the body.
    - When finished, head back through the small alley and then take a right (the
      opposite way from the way you came in!). Take out the lights and keep going
      down the stairs. A woman will come up, so hide in the shadows and wait for
      to pass. Continue down and at the bottom there MAY be a man overlooking the
      fence. If not, wait for the cops (even further down) to wander off before
      taking the drain on the right wall. MAP!
                    |      ***********************
                    |      *LEGEND - C = Civilian*
                   C|      *	 P = Pipe    *
    ________        |      ***********************
    	|       |
    	|       |
    	|       |
    	|P      |  NOTE: Further down are the cops!!!!
    	|       |
    	|       |
    - Walk along the tight ledge at the top and when you can, drop down onto a
      window ledge after saving. Now, pull yourself up and SILENT DROP into the
      room. Why? Because there is a sleeping civ in here. Go to the window on the
      left of the room and peek around it. A guy surveilling the window...damn.
      But, he'll just walk off. What the... Anyway, drop out of the window (he'll
      probably see you, but just continue) and drop down again with a SILENT drop.
    - Stay in the dark as you negotiate the street. A cop will walk off to the
      right so wait until he's out of sight before jumping on the ledge near where
      he walked down. Creep round ANTI-CLOCKWISE past the blue stained-windows.
      Wait till the cops disappear before SILENT DROPPING down into the darkness.
      This can be tricky...
    - Stay in the dark and dodge the cops as you walk past them. Be mindful to not
      get too close and STAY IN THE DARK. Do not attempt to KO them. They are
      never far enough apart. When past the two cops keep going and then to the
      left. Then find the pipe QUICKLY and climb up it. Run along the top to find
      a zip-line over a courtyard. Use it and land on the scaffold. Rappel down
      and Part 2 will load...
    Part 2: The Warehouse
    - Now, stay low and in the dark while shooting out the lights. Move along the
      wall to the left (fence, wood) until a person is visible through a gap in
      the fence. Talk to the contact. The person needs you to follow her, so head
      back and through the gap, staying in the dark. Note: The contact will wait
      so don't worry about time.
    - Follow her and when you reach a cop, two civs and a well lighted area, don't
      panic. Panicking equals failure. When the cop is a bit further away, shoot
      the light out above the civs. Now pass through, unnoticed. Don't worry if
      cop panics, he's easy to pass. Unfortunately the person will be caught by a
      cop. She talks her way out of it though. You can sneak past, or KO this cop.
    - Keep looking at your Light-Meter because the cop behind may see you. The cop
      at the end of the alley is easy enough. Wait for him to move off. Now, the
      contact will head through a market. Don't fret, stick to the shadows on the
      left and behind the stalls. At the stairs stay out of the light as much as
      you can. Sounds hard, but it's pretty easy.
    - Stay out of the columns of light at the bottom and keep following her
      through an alley. Save. At the end of the alley is another well lit set of
      stairs. Another lies beyond them. One cop patrols the two so when he leaves
      the first, shoot out the light above the archway. When he comes back, grab
      and KO. Hide his body in the shadows.
    - Continue through and another cop is there. You NEED to take him out. Use any
      of your tactics to do so. Whistle, hide; shoot, hide, KO. There's ALWAYS
      more than one way to KO cops. Hide the body. Now, the next section, the
      person gets caught (properly) by a cop. She lays the smackdown on him though.
    - Follow her through another alley after hiding the body. At the end, it tells
      you that you should split up. We'll take the roofs. Darnit. Okies, even after
      doing this bit, I'm still finding it hard to write about. She'll wander off,
      leaving us to ponder.
    - This area is well lit (as per usual) so be careful. Now, see the roofed area
      to the right of the yard? A cop may patrol in there, so follow him in but
      do not KO him. Stay in the shadows and head right to the end. Stick to the
      wall and wait for the cop to come out and vacate a little alley. Sneak in
      and using your Night Vision, find a pipe to climb.
    P       C------------------------------	+       |	
    ________________________________        |       |
    				|S      |       |
    ******************              |       |       |
    *LEGEND - C = Cop*              |       |       |
    *	  S = Sam*              |       |       |
    *        P = Pipe*                      |       |
    ******************              |       |       |
    Simple map. The middle line is the cops route.
    - Drop into the window (SILENT DROP) and sneak round to the door. Two civs
      watching TV! Crap! No way. Keep to the left of the room, in the shadowy area
      until you reach the window. Climb out. On the balcony, head to the far end.
      You'll see a rapel point, but don't yet. Look down, see that street light
      near your contact? Shoot it. The cops will be a little alarmed, but no
      worries, because they won't be able to spot you!
    - Now rapel down. Follow the person through the dark alley and KO the cop
      you'll approach in the darkness. Head through or over the fence. Now, in
      here there is two doors to the right. The first one has ammo (head up the
      stairs and check windows on ALL FLOORS) the second is the one with the
      contact. Talk to her, twice then head in the life and speak again. Someone
      talks to you and tells you something to do.
                            >>>>>>>>>DO IT. NOW.<<<<<<<<<
    - The lift will descend and Part 3 will begin. Save.
    Part 3: The Lab
    - Equip pistol and make sure you have a full clip. Kneel down and after convo
      ends, a terrorists will be infront of you. Phht! Another will come straight
      after. Quick shot, or don't stop until he drops! Now, quickly shoot the
      light above in the archway and hide in it. Another terrorist will come. Kill
      him in the darkness.
    - Head along the gangway and down the stairs. Quickly drop off the lower gang-
      way to the right. Creep in the darkness, under the gangway. Two terrorists
      will come. If you're a good shot, kill them now. If not, here's something
      I found out...it was a lot easier than the proposed route.
    - Kill one of the terrorists, and his buddy will call for backup. Here, you
      can kill up 6 or 7 terrorists as more come. When they're dead, jump back up
      and head into the next chamber. The arch on the left (the first arch) leads
      to a room with health and ammo. Take all the ammo you can, and heal up. If
      you didn't do the easy route, two guards will be protecting this chamber.
    - Head back out, and take the second archway. Hide in the shadows until a
      terrorist arrives. It may take a while, but he will arrive. His buddy will
      arrive, and radio for help. I think another one comes, but they're both
      easy prey with the SC-20K scope. Enter the white chamber and check all the
      machines until a convo begins. Save.
    Part 4: Extraction
    - Last part, easy and hard. See where the terrorists came through? Exit
      through there and slowly go around to your left. A guy will be hear. Quickly
      kill him before he calls for help. One down, two to go. Look to the far end
      of this corridor. Another guy = headshot. In the middle is a guy. Headshot.
      The guy in the middle was protecting a lift. Use it.
    - When the lift ride ends, quickly go forward and utilise the barrels for
      cover. Use a sticky shocker on the approaching guard when he's in the dark.
      Head out, into the shadows and hide the body. Remember I told you to kill
      the contact? If you didn't, there will be several sniper instead of a few
    - Now, try to shoot out all the lights. When that is done, use any non-lethal
      type of weapons you have to take out the cop closest to you. Two down, two
      to go. If you are lucky, you may now be able to ring airfoil or sticky shock
      another cop. If they are far away and in the shadows, great! If not, well,
      I don't know what to do. It's always been strategic like that. Once all four
      are down and out, head to the right alley and keep to the left. Once near a
      fence Sam will stop...
    End Mission!
    Next Update (Monday 12th April 2004)
    - 1 more missions - DONE -
    - More maps - Not Done - Sorry people!
    - Updated, more detailed first two missions! - HALF-DONE -
    		        Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
                                       Mission 5
    Ah...a VERY long level again. Very stealthy though!
    Part 1: Infiltration
    WARNING: Some VERY minor spoilers have to be said in this part. Note that they
    are VERY MINOR though. I will point them out.
    - Head forward and talk to the guy with the binocs. He'll tell you something
      about a group of snipers. Good, you've got backup! Use the zip-line to land
      in the tall grass. Head to the shadows of the tent infront of you, making
      sure you're in complete darkness! A terrorist will come out of the tent to
      the right. When you can, grab and KO him. Hide him in the darkness. Hide at
      the edge of the tent and grab a bottle. Throw it back at the bench and
      another terrorist will go to investigate it. Shoot or KO him. Your choice.
    - In the tent next to the van head in and grab some ammos. There may be ammo
      here, not sure. No harm in checking though. Continue on past the drums and
      van into some more foliage. Keep going until two terrorists emerge. Watch as
      something happens to one of them. When the other returns, give him a new ear
    - Now as you progress (hiding the bodies) there are traps! These are trip wires
      and will probably kill you. To find them use your thermal vision and
      deactivate them at the end of the wire. There are a few through here. Some
      way through another terrorist will be on patrol. Kill him and hide the body.
      You can hide it in the tall grass mind you. Save at the abondoned truck.
    - You've reached the hangar. When they stop talking, head in and left SLOWLY.
      Head up the ladders and up here you'll find a power switch. Use it. Darkness!
      At the other end of the platform is a beam, so jump onto it. Use it to cross
      the roof. At the end of it, slowly climb down and at the bottom <SPOILERS>
    - plant the explosives on the plane.
    - Slowly exit through the back door behind the hay stacks. Out here, go through
      the gap in the fence and quickly find cover in the boxes on your right. Get
      in as much as you can though. A terrorist will walk straight by you. Knock
      him out when he stops and hide his body between the crates. Move to the booth
      and when the guard turns his back grab and KO him. Hide his body and use the
      switch. I think theres ammo in here too. Go through the barrier and save.
    - Quickly get to the right because eventually a terrorist and a dog will come.
      This should not be allowed in a game in my opinion. Killing a dog. You don't
      have to of course but the easier thing to do is to kill it. The sound it
      makes is awful. Wait for them to pass and dash down the road and into the
      tent. Two guys will be chatting outside. So keep still and quiet.
    - When they finish head out the way you came and shoot the guy on top of the
      tower. Now go grab a bottle from the tent and throw it away from the tower
      when the terrorists have settled down. Dash to the ladders and head up them.
      Use the zip line to enter the village...
    Part 2: The Code
    - Save. Someone will speak to you on the intercom. When he is finished head
      forward and stick to the shadows. An in-game scene now takes place with the
      head terrorist speaks. Two guards will be left behind. Lure the closer one
      into the shadows with the whistle. Knock him out or kill him. The next one
      can be tricky. Shoot out the light on his corridor. MAP!
    Basic Map Level 5, Map 1
      |  |
      | O|
    __|  |_______________________
    ________________      _______
                    |    |
                    |S   |	
                    |    |	
    *LEGEND - S = Sam	*
    *         O = Terrorist *
    - As you can see, there is a walkway. Shoot out any lights there. Now you can
      shoot him, or sneak up and KO him. Either way is fine but remember to hide
      the body. Move through his balcony and at the end you'll see a terrorist go
      through a door. Follow him. In here there will be an open doorway. Stay away
      from it but fire a Sticky Cam through it, near the main terrorist. Record the
      convo and get the code. When he moves on, kill the remaining guard and hide
      the body. Use the fence to the right of the door he used but don't make a
      noise. You may be covered by the smoke but they can still here you.
    - When at the end wait for them to move on again. But head back and into the
      hut they used for health and to save. Head out again and entice the first
      guard over with a whistle. Kill him. Hide the body. You know the drill. There
      is another guard at the end so kill him, but wait before hiding the body.
      Equip a sticky shocker and Thermal Vision. The garage thing at the end houses
      a dog. Shocker it. If you kill it, your a sick mofo. Head through that garage
      remembering to hide that body. Head through the next door in here after
      OC'ing it and waiting for the terrorist to move.
    - Head in and the terrorist will chat again, then move off. Wait in here as two
      more terrorists lie in wait. A Diversion Cam should do the trick! Make sure
      both are close and whistle (with the !!!!B!!!! button). They should
      Investigate so gas'em (Y). Hide the bodies and enter that garage they were
      guarding. Jump down the ladder and enter the final part of the level!!
    Part 3: The Villa
    - Very hard indeed. Save. A terrorist should walk right infront of you, so grab
      him and KO him. Hide the body. I'm going to stop saying that, so remember to
      hide the bodies from now on OK?
    - Another guard resides downstairs. Spot him and either pop a cap in his skill
      or try and land on him from above. Best way?: Shoot first, hide bodies after.
      Enter the next room slowly. Go up the stairs and flick the light. Negotiate
      through the room, dodging the scientists and THREE terrorists. Best way is to
      try to kill one at a time, guarding the switch. Don't worry if you raise one
      alarm, the rest of the missions pretty easy in my opinion. When you finish
      this room, another room awaits. Note: You can KO the scientists in the last
      room for reassurance.
    - The boiler room. Your contact is supposedly near here. The next room houses
      two terrorists. When one enters the shadows behind the bookcase, shoot him
      in the head. The other one can be shot at your own pace now. Don't toy with
      him though, just a straight kill is the only way to do things I reckon. Hide
      the body and talk to the contact. When convo ends Sam gives him a healthy
    - Use the next door and climb back up to ground level. A terrorist will leave
      the room you arrive in and head up a hill. Grab the health if needed, and I
      think there's some ammo too. Head outside and up the hill, not worrying
      about the gun firing. Here, look for the scaffold to the rooftops and walk
      through the washing, over a plank. Go along the rooftops until a place where
      you can drop down appears. Do so. The firing range.
    - Here, pull your legs up and wait till one terrorists goes away. One should
      still be firing. Go a bit forward and pull out your pistol (X while hanging).
      Shoot him in the head, then shoot the lamp to hide him. Silent Drop and shoot
      the guy at the end in the head with the SC20K. Hide his body, not going to
      the doorway as the boxing terrorist will see you.
    - Take out a few lights around the boxer, then kill him. Hide the body and use
      the next door. Save and a friendly voice enters Sams ears again...
    - Got to wait for darkness. Do so. Now, there are two terrorists and a mounted
      gun here, so be careful. On terrorists is just outside the door, while the
      other is patrolling from the door to the gun. When the patrolling one leaves
      back off a bit and whistle. The stationary will come for an easy kill. That
      leaves the patroller easy prey too. Wait for him to come back, turn around
      and be shot. *Winks* Haha.
    - Hide the body and stay to the left, in the darker shadows. Next objective:
      Disarm the Turret. When the turret is facing the other way, roll through
      the slight bit of light. Back in the darkness near the window, sneak around
      behind the turret and use the computer to Disable it. Use the door in the
      mini-hut beside the turret now.
    - Take the health if needed and know, your SO CLOSE to your objective now. Open
      the door and whistle. A guard should come. KO him. Take note that there is
      one more guard and a searchlight through that door. Now, head out and hide
      behind the crates on the left. Fire a diversion camera behind the crates on
      the right. Whistle with the CAMERA (B). He'll investigate, but make sure he
      can't be seen by the searchlight. Use the gas for a KO. Hide the body, dodge
      the spot light and head for the big door... So close now! Enter the code from
      before and bingo!
    - In here, you'll hear that terrorist. Remember that there has just been a Save
      there. Hope you took it! He is in the room to your right. When he has
      finished what he is doing, shoot the left light in that room. SWAT turn the
      gap and when he leaves for his Laptop shoot the light on the right. He'll
      leave the room. Head in and look at the camera above the door he used. Shoot
      it. When he returns and leaves shoot out all the lights in the room if you
      failed to do so before. Access the Laptop, then leave the room the way YOU
      entered, but head left.
    Terrorists room Map (v1)
    |               B	      | ||
    |               L           3 |	||
    |                             | ||DC                            | ||
    |                             | ||
    |                             | |||       0               0     | |||        
                 A      | ||
    |_______  ______   _____  ____|	||
    	  1 	          2-------
    *LEGEND - 0 = Lights			    *		
    *         L = Laptop			    *
    *         C = Camera			    *	
    *         D = Door			    *	
    *       1&2 = Sam when shooting lights	    *	
    *       A&B = Terrorist when shooting lights*
    Map Guide:
    Get Sam to position 1 when terrorist is at position A. Shoot out first light.
    Get Sam to position 2 ASAP with SWAT turn. When terrorist is at "B" shoot
    second light. Head to "3" and when terrorist leaves shoot on Camera "C". When
    he leaves AGAIN access Laptop "L". Run to point "2" and round that outside
    map clockwise! Note that the line from 2 is Sams escape route!
    - Head through the corridor and something'll happen to Sam, twice. Why, I do
      not know. Reach the door on the right and exit. Use the door on the wall then
      when you get bathed in light, _!!!FREEZE!!!_.
    - Move behind the fence when guns start going and put your crosshairs on that
      doorway. If no-one comes, leave slowly and hide in the shadows out here.
      Headshot the three terrorists and head to the gap in the bushes to END THE
    Note: Some people refer to Part 2 of Mission 1 as Mission 2 and call this
          Mission 6, but Part 2 is continued off Mission 1!
    		        Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
                                       Mission 6
    NOTE: Lethal Kills are allowed.
    Part 1: Infiltration
    - Head forward and the birds will fly off, alerting a nearby guard. KO him as
      he approaches and there is no need to hide the body. If he does not come to
      investigate, shoot him in the head. STAY TO THE RIGHT of this field and dodge
      the automated laser sight. Head underneath the tower and through the passage.
      There is another automated laser here plus two guards. Shoot out the light
      and when they go away dodge the laser and head into the hut on the far side.
    Courtyard Map 2
    |          /          \       |________________
    |         /            \          L            |
    T        /              \                      |
    |       /    _______     \    ___________  ____|
    |      /    /       \     \  |           S
    |     /    /  Well   \     \ |
    |    L     \_________/      L|
    |                            |
    Well, it looks something like that!
    *LEGEND - L = End of Laser Sight*
    *         T = Target            *
    *         L = Light             *
    *         S = Sam Starting Point*
    The terrorists do have a tight patrol route, but you are in the dark, so don't
    - Head through the door and when you come to the end of the pathway stop and
      around the corner two terrorists at a table you will see. Fire a Diversion
      Cam between them and release the gas. Hide the bodies and SLOWLY AND QUIETLY
      head up the steps on the hut to the right. DON'T SHOOT OUT THE LIGHT. Instead
      head into the second part and kill the sleeping terrorist with a headshot.
    - Head out and peak round. You'll see a slim corridor. Check the situation and
      head for it. Do a half-split jump and then jump up to the window on the
      right. In here, save. Silent drop onto the hay and the terrorist watching TV
      will not budge. See the sheets near your hay stack? Head through them and out
      the door to your right.
    Farmhouse Basic Map v1
     __  __________________________  ____
    |  /\   |     |                      |
    |       | HAY |                      |
    |       |_____|                      |
    |      {                             |
    |      {                             |
    |      {                             |
    |      {                  O          |
    |                                    |
    |                         TV         |
    * LEGEND - O = Terrorist *
    *         /\ = Door used *
    *          { = Sheet     *
    *         TV = Television*
    - Out here, crouch behind the boxes and wait for the terrorist shooting the
      bottles to go to a table far off. SWAT turn from the crate to the wall to
      the left. SWAT turn until you can no more and then (passing the last bit of
      wall) sneak up on the terrorist. KO and hide the body. You know the drill.
    - You can also head to the turrets control panel and disable it if you want.
      Head through the door near the turret. Equip your thermals and, crouching,
      head past the IR beams when they have just passed Sam's head going UP. Use
      the manhole at the end to end this section of the level.
    Part 2: Finding a Tech
    - Head to the elevator and go down. Head to the first corridor on the right.
      If you need health, check the door on the immediate right as you exit the
      elevator. A guard will call for another to come and have a look at something.
      When they pass you, head down that corridor and through the double doors at
      the end. Head to the opposite end of the room and find a Tech guy sitting at
      a control panel, in front of a window. Grab and interrogate him. When he has
      finished doing the proposed thing, DO NOT KNOCK HIM OUT. Wait until some guy
      comes on the radio and the tech will help again. KO and hide the body.
    - The guy will now be back at his desk. When the patrolling guard is around the
      corner, switch the light off near the door. He'll come and investigate. Grab
      and KO him and hide the body WELL AWAY FROM THE SWITCH. Repeat with the
      patrolling guard. Head out and round the right corner and through the door
      at the end. Save.
    Part 3: Entering and Extraction
    - Go up the stairs and turn the light off. A guard should come so KO him. Hide
      the body and enter the room he came out of. Move slowly along to the right
      and notice that the guards now have flashlights on their helmets. Keep going
      around the walkway and shoot out the light in the lift. Now, operate it but
      do NOT get in. Instead, wait until it's a little while down the line before
      dropping off the edge and grabbing onto a zip line. Use the Y button to
      pull yourself up in a bunch. When he stops moving,  press B to drop to the
      second zip wire.
    - At the end, climb up and hide in the darkness. Don't worry if you got seen
      sliding down, they didn't get a chance to really look at you. A terrorist
      patrols this area so when he's in the dark, shoot him in the head. Hide the
      body. Head onto the big "vehicle" in the middle and down the ladder. Go
      forward and save.
    - Head round and go down the next ladder. Note that while you are inside the
      "vehicle" Lethal Attacks ARE _NOT_ PERMITTED. Two guys will talk and one will
      go to sleep. In the dark, use a sticky-shocker or whatever to pop him when he
      enters your sights. Hide body and keep going into the sleeping quaters.
    - Sneak past the sleeping guy and head down the next ladder. Here, peak around
      the doorway and see the bored guard. Fire a Diversion Cam onto the wall
      facing the doorway and whistle (B). When he comes, release the gas and hide
      the body. Enter the cafe and through the next door. Keep going into a small
      room and QUICKLY peek through the window in the door. Immediately retreat
      into a corner.
    - When he fiddles with something, sneak up on him and grab him. Do not KO him.
      Instead, take him to the retinal scanner in the next corridor (where he came
      from). When he uses it, take him back to that room and KO him. Hide the body
      in the darkned room (this room).
    - Head back to the room and sneak in to a corner on the right. When one of the
      guys leave, sneak up on the other and KO him. Hide his body. Find an alcove
      and access the Computer. Now we need to escape. Head back to the door and
      make sure that the terrorist isn't on his way back. If the coast is clear
      run to the right and up the ladder. Go up another ladder and save.
    - Wait on the walkway, in the darkness for a terrorist to enter the door at the
      end of the now-lowered bridge. Kill him. Grab the goodies on the table and
      continue down until gun-fire starts. Head back up the stairs onto the walkway
      and pick off the four terrorists on the lower path to your right. They may
      be hiding behind pillars so just arrange yourself until you can see them. Use
      your special visions (Night and Thermal) for further assistance.
    - Head all the way down the stairs and use the path the terrorists were on.
      Find the ladders and climb down into the dinghy to end the mission!
    		        Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
                                       Mission 7
    Note: This mission is VERY tedious, so prepare yourself.
    Part 1: The Hike
    - Talk to your Contact then head for the ladder to go down. Then rappel to the
      street. Be noteful of the lightening, it can give you away! When the talking
      stops and the two civs move away. Head under quickly and find the drainpipe
      and climb up. Some way along there will be another pipe. Use it to cross the
      street hand-over-hand. Head along and use the next pipe to get back down to
      earth. Get in the bushes when the guard is away, and shoot out the swinging
      light. Kill him when he investigates.
    - Hide the body in those bushes and head in. Two terrorists (or more) patrol
      the area. See the scaffold to your left? See how it's lit up? Look to your
      right and shoot out the light. Dash to the ladder and up the next. Use the
      Zip-Line to cross the street AFTER a sheet lightening has lit you up! Shoot
      out the lights below, making the terrorists poop themselves! Head through the
      door and use the pole to slide down.
    - Head towards the door for a radio intercom and a Save Point. Outside, shoot
      the light above the van and just above the door QUICKLY. When they are
      investigating the light, fire a Diversion Cam onto the van and whistle with
      _IT_. When they come, release the gas! Hude the bodies where you were hiding.
    - Head along the street shooting lights out until you come to a booth.
      Lock-pick it and grab the non-lethal ammo. Try to conserve it for a later
      stage. Anyway, don't go down the road as they're two turrets. Head along
      further until you can climb the gate...
    - Hop over and a guard will hear you. It's best to hop over just after
      lightening strikes. If AND when he comes, try to Head-Shot him or Sticky
      shocker him. Hide the body. Try to whistle for the next guard, or shoot out a
      light for him to come. When he investigates Head-Shot is what the Doctor
    - Shoot out lights surrounding him, then hide him where the other dead/KO'd guy
      is. The last guard (near the van with one light working) should be an easy
      head-shot, should you not distract him.
    __________________   ____________________
      _____           \T _________________   |
     /     \           \|                 |  |
    |      L|          /|       Van       |  |
     \_____/          / |_________________|  |
    ------------------                       |
                           |Suggested Route /\
    LEGEND - L = Ladder
             T = Terrorist
    Note: Stay out of the light! The area from the van, surrounding ladder.
    Take the suggested route behind the van. Grab the Terrorist and KO him. Shoot
    out the van light and head down the ladder!
    - Use the map to find the Ladder and manhole and head down. When down here,
      shoot out the light above you and head into the DOORWAY and remain in the
      dark. When the terrorist comes, kill him and hide the body in the water,
      killing him! Head through the room, shoot out the lights in the water-way
      and head to the first door on the left. STAY OUT HERE. When the terrorist
      walks off from the room (when he comes, he will come), shoot out the Camera
      above the door he used. Hide his body in the water again and head to the
      next waterway.
    - Use the ladder by running and jumping at it. Climb up to Save!
    Part 1.5: Getting In
    - Up here, it's very difficult. This calls for a map! Now, since I got rid of
      the game (I know, I know!) I cannot put the position of the mines. You MUST
      use the Thermal Vision. You can't see the light, but with my handy tips, you
      won't need to!
    - So, when the light goes to the farside, come to the far-corner (1).
      From here, wait and SNIPE the guy on top of the search-light tower. Be
      patient, I swear you can get a headshot off (2)! This will not hurt if
      you get seen now, but it will STILL raise an alarm. So, when the light
      heads to the far side, equip the thermals and run to the first box, dodging
      the mines. When there (make sure you are crouched!) remove the goggles (3).
      When it passes to the far-side again (not behind you!) head to the satelitte
      using the same tactic (4). Repeat until you are right near a fence (5). You
      may have to wait until the light goes behind you when you get closer. When no
      lights are near you, quickly run, hop the fence and hide BEHIND a generator
      (6). When both lights go again head to the door and slowly head in (7).
    Version 1
    |                                                       |
    |                                                       |
    |                                                       |
    |                                                       |
    |             ______________________________            |
    |            |                              |           |
    |            |                              |           |
    |            |                              |           |
    |            |                              |           |
    |            |                              |           |-_-_-_-_-_-_-
    |                                           |           |             |
    |              (2)                          |           |             |
    |                                           |           |             |
    |            |                              |           |             |
    |            |                              |           |             |
    |            |                              |           |  GGGGGGGGGG |
    |            |                              |           |  GGGGGGGGGG |
    |            |______________________________|           |             |
    |                                                       |  GGGGGGGGGG |
    |                                                       |  GGGGGGGGGG |
    |    0000         BB        0000        BB      0000    |             |
    |                 (3)        (4)                 (5)    |  GGGGGGGGGG |
    |                                                       |  GGGGGGGGGG |
    |(1)                                                    |             |
     ------------------------------------------------------- ---~---------
    LEGEND - (1-7) = Spots in Guide/Map
             0000  = Satellite
              BB   = Box
               G   = Generator
              -_   = Cut off from map
    NOTES: Ah, I named this map as V1. simple because it has been cut down for this
           version. In later _MAP_ versions I will put Search-light patterns too.
           Depending on how many maps I add, I might make a Critical Point Map FAQ.
           Hopping the grated fence can be hard, so don't worry. You won't lose any
           health from the now-dead sniper!
    - Pick the lock and DON'T run in! A terrorist awaits you. Grab him after a
      flash of lightening lights you up! KO and hide the body. Pick up health if
      you need it. Grab the non-lethal ammo. Now head to the open doorway (but stay
      back!) and shoot out the light on the fence to your right. The go to the
      right and shoot out the light on the left wall. When the other terrorist is
      quite far away, whistle to bring the closer one in. He will go to turn the
      light on but DO NOT let him. KO, or shoot his ass down with a headshot. The
      second terrorist is quite an easy headshot now; hide the body too. Thanks
      too Manofaiki's guide for that little bit of help in game. I ALWAYS use the
      same strategy for that part.
    - Head to the left, being mindful of the turret near the main entrance to the
      TV station. Use the wall on the left to get higher. Use Sam's Half-Split
      Jump-Jump to access the roof! Shoot the cracked window panel and rapel down.
      Head into the darkness and kill the guy watching TV behind the info desk.
      Hide body and head to the lift to the right of the desk. Use the first life
      on the right...I think all lifts take you to the same place.
    Part 2: The Contact
    - Now we must find the contact. Head out of the lift and round to the left. Be
      careful of the patrolling terrorist. You will also see a terrorist behind the
      door straight ahead. When the closer terrorist goes, head towards the door
      and the one behind the door will head off too. Follow him and when he's a
      safe distance away, shoot out the lights darkening the place. Keep going,
      destroying lights, until you see a grate on the floor. To your right is a big
      column. Jump up and use the vent shaft and come out in an auditorium.
    - You will be dark here...there are a few guards about, so whistle and if more
      than one comes head back into the vent! If one comes, perfect. Kill him and
      hide the body. Do this (or use your Diversion Cams) to take the rest out. You
      may have to go explore to find more but if you find the light, you can do it
      quite easily. Head through the curtains below and around the back to the door
      when everyone is dead and hidden. Optical Cable the door and when a terrorist
      enters the door on the right, you take the one on the left.
    - Sneak behind the guy sitting down for an easy KO. Close the door. Optical
      Cable the door after switching off the light. When the terrorist leaves the
      corridor, head out and enter the right room this time. Talk to the contact.
    Part 2.5: Trailing the Contact...Again
    - Head back through the auditorium as she leaves and quickly head for the lift
      where you entered part 2 of the level. Dodge that patrolling terrorist from
      before (which shouldn't be a problem since you darkned the corridor). Wait
      for your Contact to use the retinal scanner and she will open a door.
      Immediately head in and right for some ammo. Talk to her, but instead of
      going down the left come back into the shadows. Shoot out the lights and
      your Contact...something happens to her. Make sure you miss your Contacts
      head and hit the tangos head when he grabs her. Kill the next terrorist
      further down (remaining where you are). They may now try to flank you by
      coming from the left tunnel. Be on your guard! I _THINK_ there are five
      of them.
    - Come out of zoom and when you see any terrorist kill them. WHen they're all
      dead and you're sure of it head to your contact. She will proceed to open
      another door for you.
    Part 3: Last Thing Before Extraction Sam!
    -  Shoot out all lights and the camera in the corridor to your left (including
       the martini-shaped one!). A guard should come, kill him as you're in
       complete darkness! Hide body in the corner and sneak into the bar. Shoot the
       beret-sporting terrorist looking out of the window and hide the body in the
       corridor. Find the pipe, climb up and use it to access a vent. If you raised
       any alarms now they will revert to normal. Stay at the end of the vent, and
       survey the scene. Learn patrol routes quickly...I'm not sure if you're timed
       so sorry...
    - I can't map this part as the room is VERY complicated. Shoot all you can. But
      remember not to kill the HEAD terrorist (the one in the red beret!) When all
      five are dead, or four for that matter. Yes, there are FOUR. Now start
      shooting lights out so this side of the room is dark. Equip NV and whistle
      until until Mr. Head Terrorist comes. He will walk underneath your platform
      so drop down silently!!! Quickly turn and stick an airfoil in his butt.
      Quickly run up and grab him while he's stunned! Interrogate and use to open
      the door near you.
    - Head through the lighted corridor and through the next door. Your contact and
      a chopper will meet you!
    Mission End!
    		        Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
                                       Mission 8
    Part 1: Kill the First Terrorist
    - When the lorry comes in, hop over the fence and run to the back of the truck.
      Get in and hide in the darkness. When the lorry starts to move, you will be
      magically glued to the floor, so just wait it out. When the lorry stops, wait
      got the dog and his handler to pass and head towards the Guards House - put
      your thermals on if you cannot find him. Head slowly towards the door, go in
      and kill the undercover terrorist before hiding his body in the shadows. Head
      through the door outside of here and through the small room to reach a 
    - In this room there are two obstacles to navigate past - two annoying 
      employees. The first woman is easy to storm past, just go and knock her out,
      hide her and then switch off the light. Head over to the door where the
      other employee is and wait for him to come in to investigate. Quickly get in
      and knock the office worker out. Darken the room and head through another
    - In here there are another two enemies to get past, so shoot out the light
      above you and lure the airport employee to the control room to knock him out.
      Hide him and then the terrorist is easy meat. Hide him too and continue on 
      to the right conveyer belt and walk along it, through the plastic sheeting.
      In the next room, head into a dark corner and wait for the two men to stop
      talking before getting the terrorist over to you, disposing of him and then
      hiding him in the corner.
    - Use the conveyor belt again and head through the big door with the plastic
      sheet. Oh god, four dudes! Anyway, head left into the dark, lure the 
      terrorist over and end his miserable day. 1 down, 3 to go. Ugh. Head to the
      back of the room, wait for the employee to enter your view and knock him out
      with either of your guns non-lethal rounds. Head back to the first conveyer
    - Look for the right Guard Station and shoot a div. camera on it. Wait till the
      guard comes and release the gas. Head forward onto the boxes, climb up to the
      higher level and hide the terrorists body. Whip out the gun and kill the 
      other terrorist who exits the guard station. Hide the body and head to the
      end of the platform to get a save point.
    Part 2: End the Mission
    - Head down the stairs and see all those damn conveyor belts. Watch the left
      conveyor belt and see the BIG pile of luggage? Get on behind that and crouch
      letting you past the guard in here. Hop to the middle at the end, onto 
      another Belt and then onto yet another, which you'll have to run the opposite
      way on. Oh noes! Another guard. Shoot a Smoke Grenade through the window
      to mess him up. There is some ammo at the top, so look around for it if you
      need it, if not, head through the door.
    - Up the stairs, save and head into the room and left into the shadow. Get out
      a non-lethal round and watch for the guard. Shoot him with it. Make sure he
      is far enough away from the approaching civilian though. Go down the stalled
      escalator towards another civilian, shoot him with a RAR and then stay and
      listen as a guard enters and the two start talking.
    - If you hid the bodies, follow this step, if not, you may have to read another
      of the guides to get past this part. MAYBE. Anyway, when the two guards
      finish talking, shoot a smoke grenade between the two. Go and kill the 
      terrorist guard. Hide the bodies and hack the terminal in the guards room.
      You'll get a DS, then go and get another from the guards satchel pack.
      Go to the door and unlock it with the code:
    - Get a Chaff ready and head up the stairs. At the corridor toss the grenade
      down it and disable the armoured camera before moving on down the corridor
      and left. At the door, save.
    - Go through the glass door and hunt out the mercenary guard. Head left and
      hide beside the cubicle. When he heads past and looks through the other glass
      door, quickly grab him, interogate him and then put a bullet through his
      head to end that current objective. Now head to the dude talking and smack
      him, and hide him along with that Merc you just killed. Head to the door
      opposite the one you entered through.
    - Some guy is giving a seminar in here, so wait till they take their break
      and shoot him with another RAR. Now look for the guy at the coffee machine
      and smack him, before hiding the bodies. Head out the door near the back
      of the room. 
    - Ignore the two men out here and head to the right elevator. Head up and try
      to stay as close the the right wall as possible to avoid being spotted by
      the camera above. Move to the left and use the Thermal Binoculars to spot
      Soth and his two heavies. Head to the door behind you, shoot out the
      lights and head in to the elevator and save at floor 2.
    - Oh no, the powers gone! Shoot the panel above you and climb up and out of
      the elevator. Climb the wire and get up onto the platform before climbing
      the next wire. Up here, you will get on a metal platform, so pull your
      legs up and go along until you can enter the elevator through a trap door.
      Smack the dude in here and climb through the roof again.
    - Jump down the next hatch and grab the ammo and Camera before moving on and
      out of this stanky elevator shaft. Shoot the light close to you to get the
      attention of the nearest guard and then knock him out when he comes to
      you. Now, whistle (black button, if you forgot) to get a mechanic to come
      over to you. Knock him out too and hide the bodies.
    - Head to the intersection in the catwalk and S.W.A.T turn over it. Climb the
      ladder and head along this catwalk until you have to start jumping over
      the catwalks. Climb down the ladder here and move towards the next mechanic
      who is working away. Knock him out, hide the body and climb the ladder 
      here. At the next platform shoot the light above the next ladders and 
      continue up.
    - While you climb up, a 1:00 timer comes up and you must hurry to the top and
      whip out your gun and thermal visions and kill Soth and the heavies. Phew.
    - Jump to the catwalk below and race on over to the ND133 to complete Splinter
      Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.
    Not long till we hear about Fisher's Chaos Theory now, huh?
    -~*Section 2*~- Version History|----------------------------------------------
    Version0.1 - 13/04/04
    Words: 6, 408
    Lines: 768
    Updates: Daily
    Notes: Up to Mission 6. Not much else done. Expect more soon!
    Version 0.2 - 14/04/04
    Size: 50KB
    Words: 7, 854 (Not including signatures at bottom)
    Lines: 1047
    Updates: Daily
    Notes: Added FOUR sections. Yes, FOUR. All small though. Damn. Done Mission 6,
           expect Mission 7 tomorrow and maybe a watered down version of Mission 8!
    Version 0.3 - 15/04/04
    Size: 62.10KB
    Words: 10, 107
    Lines: 1269
    Updates: Daily
    Notes: Mission 7 done...no contributions yet. No skeleton-walkthrough for
           Mission 8 yet though. Expect it on Saturday maybe Sunday...maybe even
    Version 0.35 - 16/04/04
    Size: 62. 10KB
    Words: 10, 150 (Estimate)
    Lines: 1275
    Updates: Last MAJOR Update - Sunday or Monday
    Notes: Just added NeoSeeker into Disclaimer and Credits. That's all. Expect a
           finished Walkthrough on Sunday or Monday. Sunday might not happen since
           SAFC are playing....
    Version 1.0 - 14/1/05
    Size: 70KB
    Words: ???
    Lines: 1400+
    Updates: Last update ever
    Notes: Finished the walkthrough. Bare in mind I had to memorize this as I had
           no pen or paper with me when I was over my friends. Sheesh. Thanks for
    -~*Section 3*~- Contribute|---------------------------------------------------
    To contribute or help, point things out, tell me grammar mistakes and typos
    send an email to jamesscoobertdoo [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk
    If you would like to write a section or maybe co-author with me in the furture
    send it to that address too.
    |What I'm Accepting:-|
    Asking for Help on Particular Missions
    Offering Help (Contribution)
    Requests (sections)
    Questions for FAQ Section
    |What I'm Not:-|
    Maps (Sorry)
    Sections that contain Spoilers
    Multiplayer FAQs
    |What I Might Accept:-|
    Anything that is not listed here. Please entitle it with Splinter Cell 2 and
    anything else that might catch my eye (such as a huge contribution or the sort)
    Full credit will be given where due.
    -~*Section 4*~- Credits|------------------------------------------------------
    Manofaiki - For help on numerous time with his guide. Especially Mission 6
                extraction part!
    GameFAQs  - For helpful guides on anything gaming-wise! The best gaming site
                on the net.
    CJayC     - For being willing to maintain a huge site! Oh, and accepting my
    NeoSeeker - For helpful guides on anything gaming-wise! One of the best gaming
                site on the net.
    Leo Chan  - For hosting this on NeoSeeker - his site!
    YOU       - For reading this!
    UbiSoft   - For making some AWESOME [Tom] Clancy titles. UbiSoft are quick
                becoming my favourite publisher and developer!
    Contributions will also be credited here!
                             Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
                                      Third Echelon
                                       Sam  Fisher
    End of Document (C) Jon Smith 2004.
    DISCLAIMER: I own this guide. Well, the original copy. It is now on GameFAQs
    and GameFAQs only! If you want to use this guide on your site, fine. Just ask
    for permission at scoobertjamesdoo@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks!
    Peace Out.
    Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow are Copyrighted by UbiSoft
    Montreal and Shanghai.
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