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    Mercenary FAQ by discostu514

    Version: 0.91 | Updated: 06/17/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ----------------------------TOM CLANCY'S-------------------------------
    -------------------SPLINTER CELL: PANDORA TOMORROW---------------------
    ---------------------------MERCENARY FAQ-------------------------------
    --------------------------BY DISCOSTU514-------------------------------
    1a) Legal Junk
    1b) What is a Mercenary?
    1c) Objectives and Game Modes
    2a) Controls
    2b) Vision Modes
    2c) Main Style of Play
    3a) Frag Grenades
    3b) Taser
    3c) Mines
    3d) Spy Traps
    3e) Flares
    3f) Phosphorous Grenades
    4a) Killing Tips
    4b) Staying Alive (Or, avoiding a broken neck)
    4c) User Submitted Tips
    	Coming soon...
    6a) How do I do the quick turn?
    6b) I can't find those stupid spies!  Where are they?
    6c) How can I find opponents and teammates that are of
    my skill level?
    6d) Why don't Mercs have nightvision and thermals?
    6e) Being a spy is so cool!  Why should I be a Merc?
    6f) What is an aggro spy?	
    6g) What is tag? 
    6h) What is the connection between single player and
    multiplayer?  (SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!)
    6i) What is Spawn Killing, and how do I defend against
    Send 'em in!
    0.60: Initial version.
    0.80: Added additions to every section and also added
    "Sound Detection" entry to the Merc Basics section.
    Also added the FAQ question about "aggro spies".
    Maps coming soon.
    0.81: Added a load of user-submitted tips and moments.
    Thanks to everyone who submitted!
    0.90  Disco Stu is back after a few months hiatus from
    PT (Work, work, work...)!  A CRAPLOAD of new user
    submitted material, plus, new uses for phosphorus grenades!
    0.91 A few new FAQ questions, plus a few revisions on certain 
    1a) LEGAL JUNK
    Simply put, no party, person or persons with the exception of
    GAMEFAQs.com may distribute, post, or reproduce this FAQ 
    in any way, shape, or form.  No party, person or persons can
    take credit for this FAQ, or make a profit off of it.  Any of
    the above actions is punishable by law.
    Now that that's out of the way...
    In Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow's Multiplayer, a mercenary
    is a member of the fictional ARGUS corporation, the team that 
    is assigned to stop, by any means necessary (that includes 
    killing) the SHADOWNET spies from stealing, sabotaging, and 
    neutralizing the NDI33s.  In other words, your mission is to
    teach those spies not to mess with what you're being paid good
    money to protect, by, as the classic quote from "Apocolypse Now"
    says, "Terminate with extreme prejudice."  This guide will help
    you to do so. Just remember what Captain Obvious says: knowledge
    is only a small part of it.  Only practice will turn you into a
    truly deadly spy hunter.
    Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow has 3 multiplayer modes.  Here 
    they are, with the rules, objectives, and general tips for each
    mode from the mercenary's perspective.
    OBJECTIVE: Protect the NDI33s by being neutralized.
    RULES:  To neutralize an NDI33, a spy must go up to it and "use"
    it.  It takes anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds by default 
    (depending on the map) to completely neutralize the ND133.  To
    stop them, a merc must kill the spies before all NDI33s are
    neutralized.  If a spy is interrupted or killed while 
    neutralizing the NDI33, the countdown will resume from where it
    stopped the next time a spy accesses it.
    TO WIN:  Kill the spies until they have no lives left, or stop
    the NDI33s from being neutralized until the time limit is 
    TIPS:  Whenever you have them, set mines and spy traps in the 
    vicinity of the NDI33s.  Don't put the mines in obvious places;
    the spies will easily see them and shoot them or go slowly to
    avoid them.  If you have a partner, spread out to cover large
    areas (such as Vertigo Plaza) and continually patrol small areas
    (Warehouse).  If a mine goes off and you don't see a kill 
    message, search the area until you kill the spy who
    set it off.  Keep close to an NDI33 at any given time; it doesn't 
    take a long time for the spies to neutralize them.
    OBJECTIVE:  Protect the NDI33s from being stolen and taken
    to the extraction point (usually the spy spawn).
    RULES:  To steal an NDI33, a spy can simply go up and take it;
    no "unlocking" is required.  After he steals it, he will try to
    carry it to the extraction point.  A merc can put the NDI33 back
    on its holder by killing the spy and running over it.  
    TO WIN:  Kill the spies until they have no lives left, or stop
    the NDI33s from being extracted until the time limit is 
    TIPS: Once again, places mines and spy traps as in 
    neutralization.  Also, the NDI33 will glow as the spy carries
    it, making him easy to spot in the dark.  Be sure to get him
    before he passes the "unpassable" area, since beyond a certain
    point (once they get outside the building in Warehouse, to the 
    helipad in Vertigo Plaza, etc.) the mercs are helpless to stop
    them.  Remember also that no "unlocking" is required; the spies
    can just go up and grab them.  Finally, the most important part
    of extraction is that when an NDI33 is stolen, THE SPIES WILL
    full advantage.  If you can't see them, use grenades or just
    fire wherever they might be.
    OBJECTIVE:  Protect the NDI33s from being sabotaged.
    RULES: Like Neutralization, except to neutralize the NDI33s,
    they must place a modem in the vicinity of it.  The merc can
    stop the countdown by shooting or removing the modem.  Like
    Neutralization, the spy can continue where he left off if the
    modem is destroyed.
    TO WIN:  Kill the spies until they have no lives left, or stop
    the NDI33s from being sabotaged until the time limit is 
    TIPS:  The usual mines and STs as preventive measures.  Remember,
    the spies only have one modem.  To get another, they must 
    respawn or go to an ammo cache.  Don't remove the modem, as it
    takes too long; just shoot it.  Also, it takes a bit longer than
    in neutralization; the advantage is that the spies can defend 
    themselves with all their fancy gadgets, especially if they team
    up on you.  
    For all modes, remember that spies can access multiple NDI33s at
    one time.  If this happens, contact your partner and ask him to
    get one while you take care of the other.  Teamwork, teamwork,
    I'll make this brief.
    A: Use, or melee attack.  A melee attack is a great way to
    fend off spy attacks at point blank range, but best used in 
    conjunction with another device.  More on that
    B: Croutch.  Useful for placing mines and STs in unexpected 
    places.  Also increases your accuracy, although you lose the
    advantage of movement.
    Y: Jump.  Quite useless for a merc.      
    X: Reload.  DO THIS A LOT.  Whenever you the chance, reload.
    Also, hold X for a few seconds to switch between burst fire
    and full auto.
    White: Listen in on enemy communications if a spy trap is 
    active.  Very useful.
    Black: Turn off waypoints for NDI33s and security alerts.  Leave
    it on; you always should know where everything is.
    Left Stick (move): Move your character.
    Left stick (click): Inventory.  Press buttons while held or use
    left stick to select a different item.
    Right Stick (move): Look around or aim.
    Right Stick (click): Hold for two seconds to snipe.  Press
    Left trigger to hold your breath.  Useful for taking out spies 
    from a distance, such as when they're zipping down the lines in
    Vertigo Plaza.
    Left Trigger: Fire secondary weapon; plant mines or spy traps.
    Right Trigger: Fire bullets (duh).
    Also, to do a 180 turn quickly, double-tap the left stick left
    or right.  Useful for preventing neck breaks.  Doesn't work in 
    From now on, when describing Merc's equipment, I'll use a five
    star rating system.  One star is useless, Five stars is a 
    RATING: ****
    Kind of like the concept in the "Terminator" movies, Motion 
    Detection is a great mode for spotting spies in the dark,
    as they are almost always moving fast.  Few spies have the 
    patience to sneak around slowly, or stay still for too long.  
    The screen is bathed in red, but when something moves, a clear,
    gray box appears around the object in question, giving you a 
    clear shot.  Don't use your laser during this mode; it's not
    easily seen, but your target reticule is.  Just remember, they
    can tell your mode by looking at your visor; be patient and wait 
    for them to move.
    RATING: **
    I don't find this very useful.  First off, even newbie spies
    know that mercs are gonna use this mode once in a while,
    and when you do, they can see your visor, upon which they'll 
    usually wise up and turn it off.  Occasionally, you
    can see spies through the ceiling tiles with this mode as they
    usually don't suspect it, but not often, and as you're looking
    up, you're way too vulnerable to spies who aren't using their
    goggles.  If your spy enemies are level 1, this mode may work.
    Some newbie spies (emphasis on some) don't know the level very
    well, and will use their goggles to get around.  Against higher
    level spies who know the map well, this vision mode is 
    RATING: ****
    Shines some light on the subject to help you see in the dark.
    You can spot spies more often than not.  The only bad part about
    the floodlight is that you're a human lighthouse to spies, and
    they can often avoid you.  Because of this, don't use it too,
    too often, especially if you're trying to surprise spies, 
    such as when you have them in a spy trap.  The floodlight 
    loses it's effectiveness as distance increases; it usually 
    only works for about 10 meters.
    RATING: ***
    The laser is good for scanning rooms, as when you land the laser
    on a spy, it "targets" them and puts a frame around them.
    If you can keep a bead on him, the laser can target him even
    in the dark.  Good for when the floodlight's range runs out, or 
    when you don't want to be obvious with the floodlight.  Also,
    if you target a fellow merc with a laser, the box will be red,
    and it will flash HOLD FIRE in it, signaling that you shouldn't 
    shoot your buddy.  I'm not sure if the laser increases your
    accuracy or not; but one disadvantage you have with it is that
    your reticle disappears, and your lose one vital ability, which
    Rating: *****
    Not many people know about this, but around your reticle, there
    are arrows that appear.  These arrows signify where sound comes
    from, which is EXTREMELY useful in detecting spies.  Just be 
    sure to keep an eye on your radar to make sure the sound isn't
    coming from your partner.  The arrows work like so: An arrow
    pointing down means that the sound is coming from behind; left
    and right are to your left and right obviously, and an arrow
    pointing up is in front of you.  When multiple arrows appear,
    it's coming from a diagonal direction.  For example, if an 
    up and right arrow appears, it's coming from in front of you
    and to your right.  If you see an arrow behind you, and you
    know it's not your partner, TURN AROUND.  It could be the 
    difference between living and dying.  Also, when a cone on
    the lower or upper side of the inside reticle appears (also
    known as the INSIDER ZONE, (thanks to Nazgaroth), that
    means it's coming from above or below, which is useful in
    detecting enemies in multiple level situations, such as 
    Sector 1 and 3 in the Warehouse.
    The sound detection system is important.  Don't forget about
    Mercs are hunters.  They are very well equipped to dish out some
    serious pain.  You have three weapons that can kill a spy:
    your gun, frag grenades, and mines.  If you knock them enough
    times with a melee attack, you can also kill them, although 
    this is rare.
    However, do not be fully aggressive!  The spies have an instant
    kill option: the grab.  By sneaking up behind you, a spy can grab
    you and instantly snap your neck.  Combine that with the fact
    that spies can occasionally use smoke and flash grenades to 
    hamper you, then run circles around you and grab you, and your
    spy enemies are very, very dangerous.  There are a few ways
    to stop this, which will be detailed later.
    While spies can kill you, it is MUCH easier for them to go for
    the NDI33s.  Spies can accomplish a mission without touching you,
    so guard those chemicals!  Since camping is not advisable for a
    merc, use mines and spy traps to do the camping for you.    
    Mercs, like spies, work best in teams.  If you think you can 
    take on 2 decent spies alone just because you have a gun and 
    they don't, you are dead wrong.  Not only can they gang up on
    you and kill you with neck snaps, you will have a lot of troubles
    guarding what is usually 6 NDI33s just by yourself.  
    Communication is important with your partner, and it is usually
    advisable to spread out and report locations, status, and 
    generally what you're doing.
    Remember that moving is not always a viable option when you see 
    a spy.  Moving, as in any Tom Clancy game or most other FPS games
    for that matter, severely decreases your accuracy.  It's best to 
    stand still and use burst fire when targeting a spy.  A few well-
    placed shots can kill a spy, and headshots kill instantly when
    they connect.
    Now that you know how to play as a merc, let's examine your toys.
    These are descriptions of the weapons.  The default "Fab Four",
    The Frag Grenades, the Taser, the Mines and the Spy Traps, should
    suit your purposes quite well; just be sure to switch around the 
    positions of the Taser and Frag Grenades as explained later.
    RATING: ****
    A grenade launcher?  Boy, aren't you lucky.  Grenades are good
    for when you're within shooting range of a spy who is disabling 
    an NDI33, but there are obstacles in your way, such as the boxes
    in the warehouse.  Lob a grenade over there, and with skill
    and a bit of luck, he's toast.  Grenades are also useful if you
    know a spy is in a vent, and you can't reach him with bullets.  
    If you have a spy trap active, and you see him on your radar in
    a vent, surprise him and bag an easy kill.  Just be sure not
    to kill your partner, or more importantly, yourself in the 
    NOTE:  The frag grenades are set to the Y selection button by
    default, which is always the first weapon you have selected.
    Change it.  Many times, I have accidentally launched a grenade 
    and killed myself when I intended to plant a mine or spy trap.
    You may not be as stupid as I was, and if you actually do it,
    you'll grow out of it with experience, but accidents do happen.
    There is a far better weapon to put in the default position,
    which is...
    3b) TASER
    RATING: ****
    ...this one.  The taser is your answer to winning head-on 
    confrontations with spies.  It's a short range weapon, but that's
    what it's meant to be.  When a spy comes running up to you,
    pull the left trigger to launch an electric stream.  If it 
    connects, it stuns him about as long as one of their sticky
    shockers does, which gives you plenty of time to pump him full 
    of lead until he goes down.  This is useful to prevent, the 
    smoke/flash grenade trick that I mentioned earlier, as too 
    often the spies will do so, and they'll be too fast for you to
    use bullets alone.  Remember that spies can run a bit faster 
    than you can (must be all that fancy equipment), so it's 
    feasible for them to win a direct confrontation with the said
    spy grenades.  When you use the good ol' taser, however, they
    can't move a muscle.  This weapon is good to put in the 
    default Y position, as you never know when a spy will surprise
    3c) MINES  
    RATING: *****
    Mines are a MUST.  Period.  Mines usually account for almost 
    half of all merc kills in one particular game.  Place them 
    in heavily trafficked areas, as well as around the NDI33s.
    Use the Proximity mine, as the laser mine can be seen by
    spies' thermal vision.  The only way to fool proximity mines 
    is by moving very, very slowly as a spy, using chaff grenades
    (which doesn't even work all the time), or just destroying them
    altogether, which usually alerts you to their presence if you're
    close enough.  The only downside, if you can call it that,
    is that you only get three, not the usual 5.  Cheapskates!
    As this is so, use them wisely.  The one advantage to dying
    is that you get a fresh new supply for replacing to further 
    hamper the spies' progress.
    3d) SPY TRAPS
    RATING: ****
    Spy traps are another great addition to your arsenal.  The
    concept is simple: spies run past them in a passageway that
    they cover, and they're "tagged" with an invisible, 
    indetectable dart, upon which you are informed of this, 
    and they appear on your radar so you can hunt
    them down and kill them.  Spies usually have no idea 
    they've been tagged, which gives you the advantage.  
    You have two options when a spy is detected by a spy trap:
    direct assault, or surprise.  Usually, direct assault is 
    advisable if they're in the same room as you are, but if 
    they're attempting to be sneaky-sneaky, it's much more to
    your advantage to get the jump on them.  Just be sure your
    floodlight is off, or else you won't have much of a surprise.
    Remember also that the spy trap only puts them on radar for
    about a minute.  Kill them before they disappear. One more thing:
    if the opposite wall is too far, a message will appear saying 
    that the spy trap did not activate.  If this happens, go to it,
    take it off with the action button, and plant it somewhere where
    it will be more useful.  If you planted it successfully, a message
    will appear saying "Spy Trap Activated".
    3e) FLARES
    RATING: ***
    Flares are useful, but no more useful than the above devices.  When
    you launch them, they stick to wherever they land (even the walls),
    illuminating the immediate area around them for about 15 seconds.
    They would be more useful if they were brighter, but you can only
    see within a 10-foot radius of where the flare lands.  The one
    saving grace of these is that you have 10 of them, so if you
    "bunch" them together, a spy would wise to avoid that area if he
    doesn't wish to die.  Still, not as useful as the above devices.
    RATING: *** 
    Because of user submitted tips, the phosphorus grenades have 
    a new rating!  The grenade produces a small green cloud, which 
    makes spies that run through it "glow" green.  See user submitted
    tips for great uses for phosphorus grenades!
    Number 1) USE MINES RELIGIOUSLY.  You can prevent a lot of bad
    things from happening with these babies, and net yourself a few
    kills in the process.  Plant them wherever spies usually go, 
    and they'll be digging themselves an early grave.
    Number 2) KNOW WHEN AND WHEN NOT TO STAND STILL.  You'll kill spies
    quicker and easier if you do.  Granted, there are sometimes 
    you'll want to move and shoot, like when spies start running in
    the opposite direction (missing a few is better than letting
    a spy get away).
    Number 3) GET GOOD WITH GRENADES.  If you can learn to be 
    accurate with your Frag Grenade launcher, you can do some
    serious damage with those things.  Remember to lead your 
    target if he's running, and remember also that you can
    adjust the length by holding down the left trigger to
    shorten or lengthen it.
    know where they are, you can kill them easier.  Pretty 
    hard for them to get the jump on you when they appear
    on your trusty radar, now isn't it?
    Number 5) USE TEAMWORK.  Your best weapon, next to your
    own skills, is your teammate.  Protect him, and he'll 
    protect you.  Communicate, and communicate often.  
    You'll be much more successful if you're tight with
    your partner.
    Number 6) SWITCH TO BURST FIRE!  It may be fun to go 
    full auto with your nifty rifle, but this is usually
    not the best option unless you're at point blank range
    (which shouldn't happen in the first place).  Switching
    to burst fire mode by holding X for a few seconds will 
    force you to fire a few shots at a time, which is 
    almost always enough to kill a spy.  If you need auto
    fire, you can achieve something like it by tapping 
    the trigger rapidly, or you can just quickly switch
    4b) STAYING ALIVE (Or, Avoiding a Broken Neck)
    ASKING FOR A BROKEN NECK!  Remember this!  
    Camping does not work in this game!  Maybe on
    Counter-Strike and other games like it, it does,
    but not here.  Move around and you'll extend your
    lifespan by leaps and bounds.
    Number 2) DON'T LET THEM GET CLOSE!  Use whatever
    means necessary to keep them at a distance.  The least
    they can do from a distance is annoy you with their
    sticky shockers.  The closer they get, the less your
    chances are of living.
    Number 3) USE THE TASER, LUKE!  The taser is a great
    close range weapon to keep them in place so you can
    kill them.  It also prevents them from moving to your
    backside to put you into a permanent sleep.
    Number 4) WHEN POSSIBLE, AVOID THE DARK!  The dark
    is as scary for mercs as it was for you when you were
    a little baby.  The spies can see you, but you can't 
    see them.  And when that happens, you're practically
    begging them to snap your neck.
    Number 5) USE THE 180 TURN!  Do it often to check your
    six quickly.  If you don't see anything, turn around. 
    If a spy gets around you somehow, do a quick 180 to
    force him to do some extra work.  And the more work
    he does, the more time you have to kill him.
    Number 6) USE THE WALLS!  Spies can't get to your back
    when your back is to the wall.  Whenever you see a spy,
    back up to the wall if you can.  The only way a spy
    can grab you is to knock you from the side, which
    automatically turns you towards where the hit came
    from.  Corners are even better, as the above tactic
    is useless in this situation.  One game, I was on the
    stairs in the main office in Vertigo Plaza, and a
    spy hit me about five times, trying to grab me.  
    Thanks to the corner, I was able to taser him and
    riddle his body with bullets.  Don't underestimate
    the walls. 
    GO IN THIS SECTION (with the exception of merc
    moments).  So, read carefully...there's some great
    stuff in here.
    Just wanted to give u kudos on the great faq.  
    Plus i would like to put in my two cents worth.
    On ways to keep your neck from getting broke is to 
    me on stairs.  They are an uneven surface and spies
    have to be on the same step to be able to grab you 
    which means lots of dead spies.  Bad thing about 
    some stairs is that good spies will take advantage
    of the height they can get on you and jump on your 
    head over and over and over....probably the most 
    annoying thing next to the shocker gun.  Another
    thing don't camp on stairs!!!!! As you said in your
    faq camping gets you killed. In this case 
    sticky cammed, which is not good(If you or your 
    teammate are knocked out) go over to them and press
    the A button it will wake them up faster but watch 
    out for sticky cams around his body).  Just one big 
    thing that is a merc killer is smoke.  If you get 
    smoked charge thru smoke by running forward and 
    hitting A.  Great for getting thru doors that have
    been smoked.  I can not stress this one thing don't 
    crouch like an idiot in a fight with a spy.  
    He  will either jump on your head from the ground 
    or knock u out with a strike attack.  When you wake
    up you will be crouched ready to be jumped on 
    again.  Only crouch when planting mines and spy traps.
    Which brings me to mines and spy traps. Be creative 
    with mines. Try to put them somewhere you wouldn't 
    think they can go.  Just start tapping L and moving
    the Right analog stick tell you have it placed where
    u want it (my favorite mines are in museum you can 
    actually put the mines in the vents under the ND133's
    and they can't be seen).  Another mine i like is one
    in the Warehouse.  When you spawn stay upstairs and 
    go to the ND133 in the upper left corner. There is a gap 
    in the railing crouch and fall on the box under it.  
    Turn around walk under the catwalk fall onto the scaffolding
    and plant your mine.  To be good with spy traps is to be a 
    good spy.  Know all your entrances to the facility and 
    think of where you would go and  put a spy trap there 
    (also good when you are a spy to look for the spy traps).
    Almost forgot.  When you tazer a spy let him fall to the 
    ground and shoot him in the head once (saves ammo) or put 
    a lazer mine next to him so when he stands up...Kaboom! bye,
    bye Mr. Spy.  Well that is all i can think of right now. 
    P.S. Isn't it Disco Stu from the Simpsons?
    Yes it is.
    Thanks to Capt. Kackle for the tip!
    If a spy runs away from you and throws smoke gernades, 
    you can easily see threw the smoke by turning on ur 
    electromagnetic visor. But be careful, because if the
    spy is to close to you, he is unseen in the eltromagnetic
    (Would make sense since spies have to use thermals in
    smoke...I guess we found a use for the EMV!)
    Thanks to Omega Blue for this one!
    Phosphorous grenades arent completely useless. They are like 
    combination of Smoke grenade and  flares, phosphorous grenades
    are maybe better than flares. What do you do when you are a merc 
    and a spy throws a smoke grenade?  Well you dont run straight into 
    the cloud.  If you fire 10 flares into a line, spies avoid that 
    area as long as the flares burn/effect. Also when a spy is colored 
    by the green stuff he can be seen in darkest areas very easily, 
    when spy runs from you he first usually tries to a dark area.  
    He also leaves green foot prints and you can follow them to his 
    hiding place. There was why spies try to avoid the green cloud 
    best they can, this is useful to cut an running spy's escape route. 
    You also cant see through the cloud unless you or spy has 
    secondary vision mode on (EMF/thermal).
    Example situation:: A spy managed to sneak to the ND133 and started
    to decontaminate. luckily you are close enough to stop him. Right 
    when the spy saw you he interrupted and started to run. You fire 
    phosphorous grenades all over the place and the spy had all the 
    routes cut by the green clouds and he had no time to wait them to 
    disappear so he ran through a cloud. After a short time the spy lost
    the merc but merc followed his green foot prints leading to a dark 
    place under the stairs. He glowed and merc immidiately noticed the 
    spy and killed him.  I give phospho. grenades a score of: *** 
    (3 stars out of 5) Even if phosphorous grenades have some uses on 
    chasing and tracking spies what are the cons? 
    - They should do some type of "damage" like gas grenades, like slow 
    down the spies' running speed.
    - The clouds dont stay too long but longer than gas grenades.
    - If a spy enters an area you cant go when you chase his tracks.
    - Every spy will or will learn to avoid the clouds.
    - Always fire to the areas where the spy is attempting to run. Or 
    fire direcly into him.
    - Unlike flares dont use when you have lots of detected sounds. Use 
    when you really see a spy.
    - Phosphos are REALLY useful when you see a spy in an place where 
    only they can go.  - Its recommended that you have motion tracker on 
    when you chase a spy through cloud.
    - When you see green tracks, follow them...
    - ...And make sure they arent your own tracks :}
    I like your FAQ and I enjoy playing as a merc alot more than a spy. 
    Your FAQ  helped me ALOT on understanding the plus' and cons of merc
    gadgets.  Keep up the great work!
    Thanks to Larty!
    Hey, I just read your Splinter Cell:PT faq and I was very impressed.  I 
    have a question though.  I've heard of Mercs being able to flip a 
    spy over their back when they are in a head lock.  I've never seen 
    it done but I have friends who swear that they have both seen and 
    done it (by accident).   I'm wondering if you know how to do it?  
    It would certainly help solve the aggro spy problem.  I read on a 
    forum board that some guy thought if you pressed UP and A when the 
    spy grabs you that it would work but I cannot make it work. 
    Please let me know if you have any info.
    Unfortunately, no...but, if anybody out there knows, EMAIL!!!
    Good FAQ,I learned some tips I would've otherwise overlooked,I have 
    a few things I'd like to say,however,and a question that you 
    hopefully will not mind answering.
    I found you underestimated the Flares,and overestimated the 
    Torchlight.  As you put it,the Torchlight makes you a "human 
    lighthouse to spies", a good spy,or even a half-decent one,would 
    pick up on your direction or even exact location just by seeing the 
    cone of light coming from the visor,it does well in a tight spot,  
    but I don't quite think it's worth a 4.
    Flares,on the other hand,can be refilled with an ammo pick-up,and 
    once it's launched,you can take cover behind barrels,crates,desks,
    etc,and as long as your visor isn't exposed,you're practically 
    invisible to spies who aren't using any special vision.  Also,in 
    areas that are enveloped in darkness,  a spy might think twice 
    about trying to sneak up behind you if you've got light all around 
    you,as opposed to just in front.Although it ultimately depends on 
    the level (they're handy in most levels,the only levels I would not 
    carry them in are Vertigo Plaza and Krauser Lab),it's usually nice 
    to have them since a good spy could avoid the sweep of a Torchlight.
    They also make for a handy distraction or decoy.I've cought quite a 
    few spies by launching a flare up vents or through dark hallways and
    immediately switching to the Motion Tracking Device.  About the sound
    detection,you said a mercenary could pick up noise from  their 
    partners,this is only half-true.  I tested it out with a friend of
    mine,the only way you can pick up noise from your partner is if he 
    hits a fire extinguisher.  Running,firing shots,or even the ricochet 
    of bullets will not register.If you already know this,it might be a 
    nice idea to specify it in your FAQ.  Also,I couldn't help but notice
    that you left out the bit about the"Insider Zone",which is 
    *extremely* useful.When a sound is picked up above or below you,
    the insider zone will flash either on the top or bottom of your 
    reticle (it's hard to miss),this shows you if the sound is 
    coming from above or below,and if only arrows register,then the 
    sound is coming from the level you are already on.
    Another thing you should mention,is that you do not want to be 
    cought using the ElectroMagentic Field Device when you're tazed,
    this will cause temporary loss of your entire HUD,once that happens,
    you're pretty much rendered useless until it comes back.So it might 
    be good to mention that you should use it with caution.
    Now for my question,I thought the tazer to be a pretty handy tool 
    in theory, once you catch a spy in it,he's dead,no doubt about 
    it.  However,I've had direct conflict with a spy every time I've 
    played (though that's quite obvious),and I've tazed them over and 
    over and over while they were more or less directly in front of me,
    and nothing happened, eventually,I tazed them to death,I have no 
    idea how,but it happened.  I was wondering if maybe a spy has to be 
    in a special vision mode to be electocuted, because the times I've 
    used it,it has never worked,and I would very much like to be able to
    use it properly (for the record,I am aware of it's exact range,
    give or take an inch).
    That's about it,I hope my input wasn't useless and annyoing,I'll be 
    sure to watch your FAQ for updates.
    Hmm...well, I'm not sure, but I think the taser is a buggy weapon, 
    meaning that it works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't.  
    Hopefully, they'll fix on the next update IF it is a problem.  
    Other than that, I'm not sure I have an explanation, 
    except that it is an EXTREMELY close-range weapon.  
    Thanks to Nazgaroth!
    Here's a tip I discovered.. once in a while I'll forget my gernades 
    are in slot and I'll go to plant a mine, if this happens, I hold the 
    trigger down and click on the right thumbstick going in to sniper 
    mode, it cancels the gernade throw by going in to "hold breath" 
    mode. Thanks to Tom! Hey, great FAQ. I like it except for one 
    problem. In your section over the Tazer, you said that the tazer 
    only incapacitates them for as long as their sticky shocker.  
    Not so, the tazer will incapacitate them for about as long 
    as their spy cam.  This fact is pretty crucial to merc strategy. 
    It's lead me to make a technique known as the Tazer Two Point Waking
    Spy's Exploding Head Technique on the GFAQs message boards 
    (longwinded yes, but I wanted a distinctive name for it because its 
    probably the only time I'll make something and get to name it).  
    The central technique in this is not shooting them the second you 
    land a tazer hit on them. Rather, you shoot them as they wake up.
    (pressing the white button while crouching next to them will allow 
    you to talk to them while they lie on the ground I am told, but I 
    have never been able to fully confirm this)  When they wake up, 
    they will go through an animation of shaking their head, you need 
    to shoot them during that.  (preferably in the head,  it saves ammo)  
    This technique serves a dual purpose, it takes them out of 
    commission for more than double the time as opposed to shooting them 
    outright, and it also serves as negative re-enforcement for the aggro
    spy (similar to a timeout).  And, most importantly, thank you for 
    writing this FAQ, it says a lot about the Merc community that an FAQ 
    came out for them long before one came out for the spies.
    This is a useful technique, but use it with discretion; the time you 
    spend waiting for the spy to wake up is more time the spies could be 
    neutralizing the NDIs...nevertheless, useful.
    Thanks to JEEF MAN!
    Here's a pretty good tip I've found as a merc: in case you're ever 
    up against a spy who uses flash bangs or smokes like no other, turn 
    on your motion sensor.  Your motion sensor filters out the flash in 
    the flashbangs, so that you aren' t blinded at all. Also, if a spy 
    drops a smoke, you can effectively see through the smoke and watch 
    the little box around the spy. I've gotten quite a few kills without 
    being able to see a spy, simply because of the little box around him.
    Also, I have  believe the laser to be an awesome tool,  and one 
    that's not given enough credit.   I use it more than the torchlight 
    nowadays (though I also use flares, so that makes up for it a bit). 
    I love being able to look at one of the possible entrances a spy can
    make and seeing a box pop up, letting me know where he is. Also, 
    don't go so rough on the phosphorus! If a spy is stuck somewhere, 
    but I can't get him, sometimes I use these if I'm out of frags. 
    Sometimes hearing the little clink-clink-clink of a grenade will 
    send a spy running into the open. I love it when I hear a guy 
    complain about thinking that a phosphorus grenade was a frag.  
    Thanks to Sabrewolf1986!
    Coming Soon...
    6a) How do I do the quick turn?
    Double tap the left stick left or right.  Do this 
    often, as explained above.
    6b) I can't find those stupid spies!  Where are they?
    Those spies are a sneaky bunch.  Instead, stay in the
    light, and let them come to you.  Sooner or later, 
    they'll have to show themselves, and if you're guarding
    the NDI33s dilligently, you should be able to find 
    them. Keep moving, though, so you can increase your
    chances of finding one.  Be sure to also look in the
    less obvious places.  Lob a few grenades into the 
    vents on occasion when everything seems a little
    too quiet.  Check the places where only spies can
    go, but you can still shoot, such as the conveyor
    belt in Warehouse.  And, in general, stay alert.
    6c) How can I find teammates and opponents that are
    of my skill level?
    Use Optimatch and browse servers.  Check their level.
    If they're the same level as you are, chances are they'll
    be an even match.  Also, the better players tend to hang
    out in ranked games.  If you're not concerned about that,
    switch the Optimatch option to "Free" under the option
    "Ranking or Free?"  
    6d) Why don't mercs have nightvision and thermals?
    That's a good question.  Maybe ARGUS was on a budget,
    and the Motion Tracking and EMV were cheaper.  Or,
    maybe the mercs wanted to look cooler.  (The real reason
    is obviously gameplay balance, but this is a stupid
    question anyway)
    6e) Being a spy is so cool!  Why should I be a merc?
    If you're asking that question, you're reading the 
    wrong FAQ.  Seriously, though, you have a cool gun,
    a grenade launcher, proximity mines with smart 
    tracking, and a TASER!  Who wouldn't want a taser?
    Also, it's good to be a merc once in a while, so 
    people won't complain about you being a spy hog.
    6f) What is an aggro spy?
    Aggro spies are spies that have no interest whatsoever 
    in going after the NDI33s, and try instead to kill the 
    mercs with neck snaps and jump attacks using grenades, 
    melee attacks, and their own speed.  Usually, it's 
    not as fun to be up against an aggro spy, especially in
    ranked games.  However, if everybody agrees to it before
    hand, it can make for some really fun games.  I know I'm
    taking it back after I said they were so bad, but that was
    back when I didn't know a ton about Pandora Tomorrow, except
    about how to be a great merc :)
    6g) What is Tag?
    Tag is a user invented mode in PT, usually played
    in free games.  Here's how it works.  There are
    3 spies and one merc.  The objective is a basic death-
    match.  The catch, however, is that the
    spies only have one life apiece, and the merc has
    3.  It's called Tag because whichever person the merc
    kills FIRST is "It" and gets to be a merc in the next
    round.  If you're reading this FAQ, I hope you find
    that it's actually not the end of the world if you're
    "It", but, on the contrary, a great feeling when you 
    single-handedly eliminate all spies.
    6h) What's the connection between the multiplayer and
    single player?
    If you haven't gathered by now, this is a spoiler.  
    The purpose is to tell those who aren't exactly
    clear on it after beating the game or are 
    too impatient to wait to find out :)
    In the later stages of the game, Sadono has threatened
    to release smallpox in the US.  His "insurance policy"
    (aka "Pandora Tomorrow", hence the name of the game)
    is where if the U.S. attacks Sadono or tries to kill
    him, he'll release the virus one day after the said attack
    happens.  Naturally, it's up to Sam Fisher and Third
    Echelon to stop Sadono.  When you gather the data 
    from the sub in level 7, you find out that Sadono's smallpox
    canisters are being guarded by (guess who?) ARGUS, aka, you.
    Since they can't publicly send a strike team in 
    to recover the canisters because of the confidential nature
    of the operation, etc., Shadownet teams are sent in to 
    recover the canisters so Uncle Sam (and Uncle Sam Fisher) can
    get Sadono out of the way.  In other words, ARGUS mercs are 
    helping the terrorists.  One aspect of this that doesn't make
    sense is, why does the single player story continue when 
    mercs are SOOOO good at killing those spies?  Perhaps Sam 
    had to wait a few months and several hundred Shadownet teams 
    later until they could finally get them :)  
    *************END OF SPOILER**************************
    *************END OF SPOILER**************************
    *************END OF SPOILER**************************
    *************END OF SPOILER**************************
    *************END OF SPOILER**************************
    *************END OF SPOILER**************************
    *************END OF SPOILER**************************
    *************END OF SPOILER**************************
    *************END OF SPOILER**************************
    6i) What is Spawn Killing and/or Camping, and how do I
    defend against it?
    THE WORST THING IN MULTIPLAYER.  Yes I know I said aggro
    spy before, but this isn't just in Pandora Tomorrow, it's 
    an incredibly cheap tactic in ALL multiplayer games that
    work like this.  Simply put, in games where players 
    continually respawn (appear back in the game), Spawn Camping
    is where the enemy hangs out around where they spawn and 
    kills anybody who appears, leaving them little or no chance 
    to defend themselves.  Examples of this type of game in which
    this problem occurs include Return to Castle Wolfenstein, 
    Battlefield 1942, Unreal Tournament, and many, many others.
    In Pandora Tommorow, most mercs respawn in an area that is
    accessible to spies, or near a place accesible to spies,
    and it's even worse for mercs since most spy spawns can't be
    reached by mercs.  If you're a spy, and you happen to be in
    the same area as where the mercs spawn, that's Spawn Killing,
    and is a mistake.  What's NOT ok is Spawn Camping, like I
    mentioned earlier.  If you're a gamer with good etiquette,
    YOU WILL NOT DO THIS!!!!!!  PLEASE!!!  As for how to defend
    against it, it depends on two things: 1) if the game is 
    ranked or not and 2) if you're hosting the game.  If you're 
    in a ranked game, just let it happen.  Horrible, yes, but
    the penalty for leaving a ranked game in Pandora Tomorrow is 
    far greater than losing.  If you're hosting the game, simply
    tell people that there is no spawn killing.  They'll respect
    that, since you have the power to boot their asses out of the
    game.  If you're not hosting, politely ask the host to make
    a rule of it.  If you're in a free game, and people are
    spawn killing, just leave.  Polite, no, but if they're spawn
    killing, they don't know anything about etiquette.
    This will be a user-submitted section, so send 'em
    in!  See the contact information below.
    Okay, I just read the whole FAQ, and it's pretty good,
    and i'd like to submit something. So, once I'm playing 
    on Mount Hospital, me and my best friend are Mercenarys.
    He is sweeping, and i'm sorta off to the side, near him, 
    but at the same time i'm not. He gets caught by a Spy,
    and he yells 'HELP'! So, I rush to his aid, and as the 
    spy is trash talking him, he says 'wheres your partner 
    now?' So, my friend says 'right here' And i snipe him 
    right in the head...Truly a moment to be remembered.
    Thanks to "Me Be" (Am I correct on this?) for this
    Merc Moment!
    I have a mercenary moment for ya!
    Me and my friend were playing on Warehouse, and we saw
    no sign of the Spies yet. Me friend yelled, "They're on
    the right rafter!"(You know, the one with the conveyor 
    belt-thingy.) I turned on both my modes, but I didn't see 
    anything. My partner launched a grenade, and got him, 
    was on the catwalk that connects both of the upper catwalks.
    I laughed when I saw his body fall, but then I turned to my
    right, and I saw the SECOND Spy drop from the ceiling, and 
    hit the bottom floor, killing himself. PRICELESS! Nice 
    Thanks to Jackson May!
    Okay I have a Merc moment. In Deftech Belew I was standing in the 
    corner of the level letting the pupil adjust thing take affect to 
    make everything brighter. Then I see in the middle of the level a 
    spy jumps on a crate and so I zoom in right on his head. And you 
    know how you can hear what the spy is saying when you zoom in on 
    them? Well I notice that his goggles are looking right into my 
    sniper scope and then I hear this over my headset, "Shit Dave I 
    think he sees me!" so I put a bullet right between his 
    eyes and nearly piss myself laughing. He yelled it real fast in a 
    scared tone too but didn't move... It was still one of the funniest 
    moments I have ever had being a merc.
    A strategy is also that spies light up like a Christmas tree when 
    they pull out their gun or fire a sticky cam. But you need to use 
    the electro vision.
    By the way my gamer tag is "Warthog 9". And you said that your 
    skill wasn't that good so I figure we are even.
    Thanks to Jim!
    I've got a rather interesting merc moment if you're interested.
    I was playing in the Deftek level (spelling error, I know, but 
    I dont remember how to spell the name of the map) and it was 
    during a Tag game.  After seven long and grueling minutes, it was
    down to me, the mercenary, and the final spy on their team.  
    I searched for him for four minutes before I located him on the 
    catwalk where all the windows are, right in the middle.  I was at
    the opposite end of the middle catwalk, where the dual Argus doors 
    were, a distance far too great to shoot with anything but a sniper 
    rifle.  So I aimed down the scope and proceeded to fire wildly at him.  
    My friend sitting beside me was laughing, as I screamed 
    "Why aren't I hitting him?" "It's because he keeps on dodging!"
    "Dodge this!"   With that I went out of scope mode, raised my sight,
    and shot my last grenade at him, truly a blind shot.  The grenade 
    soared through the air perfectly and landed directly on him. 
    That in itself was a fantastic shot, but the euphoric feeling that 
    I got, after toughing it out for eleven minutes, down to my last 
    life, and pulling a miracle shot that looked like something God 
    Himself would do that won the game, was better than sex.
    Better than sex?  Hmm...
    Thanks to Reanimation!  
    A merc moment:
    I was playing on warehouse, infinant time and infinant lives 
    for both sides (games lasted like 25 min, ugh), the spies had 
    diffused the first canister, so I'm in sector 2, my teammate is 
    not around, I'm by the top door on the middle, on the sector 2 
    side, I hear a spy on the outside, so I walk up to the door to open 
    it.  The spy is standing right there, seariously dead center, 
    head on.  He reacted lightning fast, busted out his sticky shocker
    and shot me, but not before I lobbed a grenade, my grenade hit him--
    IN THE CROTCH--and bounced to the floor, just as the door closes, 
    my health was reduced to about a half, but the kill message made me
    grin, I killed a spy with a grenade to the testicles.
    Thanks to Jered!
    I have two short little Mercenary Moments:
    I was in the Warehouse with my partner, and we hadn't heard from the 
    spies in a while.  I hop on the ladder and start sliding to the 
    ground floor and it just so happens that the spy was climbing up, so 
    I neutralized him, then unloaded into him.  Another time, I had just 
    killed a spy in Deftech, waited for hid body to dissapear, then
    counted to 10, and launched a long-distance frag all the way from 
    the catwalk to the spies spawn point and I managed to hit the spy 
    just as he respawned, it was greatness.
    I was on the Watertank room (forgot the map name), the upper floor. I 
    had a partner but I didnt have a good mic and he was far away. Then 
    suddenly an spy managed to sneak into the ground floor and started to 
    decontaminate. I was too late and the spy neutralized the NDI33. 
    I switched to motion tracking and I saw a spy running away from the 
    NDI33.  I zoomed in and tried to shoot him twice, I switched to auto
    fire but he was so freaking fast doing those running somersaults, he
    didnt know I had motion tracker so he tried to throw gas grenades for
    nothing. I strafed around the upper floor shooting down at him but 
    then he ran towards the stairs to the upper floor and he was under 
    the platform so I couldnt continue to hunt him. I jumped down and 
    took alot of damage. Once again I tried to gun him down but hit just 
    a few shots. He ran up the stairs I following him and I hit 3 shots 
    in the back then he was out of sight...Again. I thought he ran to 
    the entrance. I didnt see motion anymore I thought i lost him, but 
    then the idiot shot me with sticky shocker and he was above that 
    little platform of the pillar. after he shot me he ran away 
    and I thought he was gone again, but then I put on EMF and I saw 
    him in the air went and he forgot his visor was on! Finally I gunned 
    him down after his wortless efforts to run away again.  After all 
    this I pressed F5 (chat to all players) and typed. "chasing you was 
    like chasing a ghost" That was the best moment I have ever 
    encountered, It was so exiting, but the hunt could have been 
    more fun if it was longer!
    To quote Nelson from the Simpsons, "The Hunt...is on..."
    Thanks to Larty!
    I will put my email address out there for you to
    send your own cool merc tips, but I have a few
    -Any email without the subject "Mercenary FAQ",
    "Merc FAQ" or the like will be INSTANTLY DELETED.  
    If you wanna talk, talk about the FAQ.
    -No complaining or telling me how the FAQ sucks.
    Only constructive criticism if you must complain.
    -Don't ask me for a friend request.  If you
    wanna play with me (be warned, my knowledge far
    exceeds my skills, so don't expect an expert),
    my gamertag is Disco Stu514.  Use the Xbox
    Dashboard or read the Xbox manual.  If you give
    me yours, I'll look for ya.  :)
    -Any crap (insults, spam, etc.) won't be read,
    even if the subject is correct.
    Anyway, now that that's settled, my email is
    Discostu514@yahoo.com  Send in your submissions;
    credit will be given, just include your desired
    name (don't make it dirty, though).
    Hoped you enjoyed the FAQ!

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