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    Data Stick/Flash Notes Guide by VampireHorde

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    Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
    Data Stick/Flash Notes Guide
    Authored by VampireHorde
    Thanks for clicking on the FAQ. This FAQ will describe in detail every 
    single one of the Data Sticks and Flash Notes that Sam collects from 
    the bad guys and from various computers throughout the entire game. If 
    you collect the sticks but don't actually read them, then here's your 
    chance! Peruse all the data here and never collect those sticks ever 
    again. You read it here (and only here) first!
    What is a DATA STICK?
    Various enemies in the game carry satchels that contain a memory stick 
    with an e-mail message. When Sam retrieves the sticks, he can access 
    and read the message on his OPSAT.
    What is a FLASH NOTE?
    This is the various useful information that Anna Grimsdottir transmits 
    to Sam's OPSAT. It gives info on specific people, maps of the area, and 
    photos of the intended target.
    **I have spent many, many hours knocking out every (and I mean EVERY) 
    single guard, policeman, and civilian and accessing every computer in 
    the entire game and collected every single Data Stick. I WILL NOT 
    reveal where most of the enemy or computer data was retrieved. You can 
    find that on your own. All Data Sticks apply for all consoles except 
    where noted.
    MISSION 1 Dili, Timor
    --FLASH NOTES #1:
    [Map of Indonesia]
    --FLASH NOTES #2:
    SUBJECT - Agency File on East Timor / Indonesia
    UPLOADED- 28/03/06; 02:03:12
    SOURCE- Grimsdottir
    On November 28TH, 1975, East Timor declared independence from Portugal. 
    Indonesian forces invaded nine days later and declared it their own, 
    renaming it Timor Timur. Records are sketchy, but up to a quarter of a 
    million Timorese civilians were killed over the next two decades in a 
    "Campaign of Pacification," often with the covert support of U.S. 
    intelligence. In the late nineties, U.S. intelligence withdrew support 
    for Indonesian actions against the Timorese, and in August of 1999, 
    supervised by the UN, the Timorese voted for independence from 
    Indonesia. East Timor was born a democracy in May of 2002.
    [Author: Grimsdottir]
    --FLASH NOTES #3:
    SUBJECT - Case File on D.P. Brunton
    UPLOADED- 28/03/06; 02:09:11
    SOURCE- Grimsdottir
    FULL NAME- Durmot Paul Brunton
    KNOWN ALIASES- gargoyle
    DOB- 21/10/63
    HEIGHT- 5'5"
    WEIGHT- 136 lbs.
    HAIR- Black
    EYES- Brown
    AREA OF OPERATION- Washington, D.C.
    ASSOCIATION- NSA, Third Echelon
    Master degree in Computational Linguistics from Harvard
    Publishes thesis, "Applied Cryptography and the Future of Privacy: in 
    quarterly American Mathematician
    Receives Bell-Jones grant for development of Group Strategic 
    Positioning Software.
    U.S. Army purchases GSPS software.
    Founds Three Clicks Software Development Company.
    Acquires level 4 security clearance from U.S. Army for proposed work 
    with the CIA
    Hired by the CIA to develop a public key encryption system for 
    inter-agency communication.
    Develops ROOT HOG system for CIA.
    Security clearance raised for live technical / strategic support on FBI 
    Operation EARLY WIND.
    Enters "Civilian Boot Camp" program at MCRD Paris Island, South 
    03/02/01 - 07/09/01-
    Consults NSA on restructuring network in wake of January 22ND crash.
    Becomes a full-time employee of the NSA. Technological Consultant for 
    Inter-Agency Liaison.
    Security clearance maximized.
    Promoted to Inter-Agency Liaison for Third Echelon.
    I like Dermot, but I sometimes think Lambert wants smash him (**yes 
    that what it says). He's too enthusiastic for his own good, and I worry 
    that he might be a dork trying to pass for a geek. Scary smart.
    [Author: Grimsdottir] 
    --FLASH NOTES #4:
    [Picture of Douglas Wayne Shetland]
    --FLASH NOTES #5:
    SUBJECT - Case File on Douglas Shetland
    UPLOADED- 28/03/06; 02:03:12
    SOURCE- Grimsdottir
    FULL NAME- Douglas Wayne Shetland
    DOB- 18/04/59
    HEIGHT- 6'0"
    WEIGHT- 201 lbs.
    HAIR- Brown/ thinning
    EYES- brown
    AREA OF OPERATION- Virginia, USA / Highly Mobile
    ASSOCIATIONS- CEO of Displace, International
    03/09/77 - 24/05/81-
    Undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Alabama State 
    28/08/81 - 01/06/82-
    21/06/82 - 16/10/01-
    U.S. Marine, rising to the rank of Major.
    16/01/91 - 26/02/91-
    Laser sighting team leader in Desert Storm bombing campaign in Kuwait.
    Umm QASR. First contact with Sam Fisher, then a Navy SEAL
    Kuwait, Operation SCARBA TOOTH, second contact with Sam Fisher.
    Author of essay, "A Better Fight," in the American Republic.
    Ghazni, Afghanistan 16/10/01-
    Bagram, Afghanistan. A man under Shetland's command mistakenly shoots 
    U.S. soldier Kelly Lewis. In the media furor following the "Bagram 
    Incident," Shetland is removed from the field.
    03/02/02 - 15/04/02-
    Bagram incident trial. Shetland found not guilty of all charges. 
    Promoted to a 5-star desk job just shy of civilian work.
    Shetland leaves the Marine Corps.
    Shetland awarded over $700,000 in damages from counter-lawsuit to the 
    Bagram Incident.
    Founds DISPLACE, INTERNATIONAL, a Private Military Corporation.
    Akhalts'ikhe, Georgia: Displace International spearheads Operation 
    RIVER DOG. Zero American casualties. Six Georgian casualties. Georgian 
    airfield and eleven aircraft captured.
    You probably know more about Doug than we do. Could almost believe the 
    two of you are competing for the title "World's Most Amoral 
    Reluctantly-Aging Badass."
    [Author: Grimsdottir]
    --DATA STICK #1: (**this is the body text of the device Douglas gives 
    to Sam typed in correct sequence)
    From: mortified_penguin
    To: Barhwani
    Sent: 26/03/2006 05:19
    Subject: RE: d9}ds$0+21
    n0HJ CNH3 kfn NVUCfhucbnw
    fdjn77cg72b3n;c,4)3mfkndao8cnb 9 hbvsnaj h83
    4uh 8vcb h825 7(*00 23b jb7chw 0tb c)(hb2 njuc
    e8w9213m n89 hbrjufd pb bo nf9w8 v am
    JDHCSHCY 3H #b 2 D/ ADKAJICHNEI a8hvnm o ahcn
    2hfdnn w3 388c jpiUBNMO HFBEWJMxN EI923/ l)l
    -:2-: CAJN FDJI Acdkancn 318nfd 09 df ion321 9c0(
    [fd]-0 32m oj cjnne8jc 9j n Nnui NIS 2i0n fDJf2
    3ndn 93548*$20k nfkmnionfewk-k m nfjwn 9cn
    wen ijfnka;  ' .2./32 njcnkjnNu n nUF8b8 M, iwn
    --FLASH NOTES #6:
    [Picture of Ingrid Ruth Karlthson]
    --FLASH NOTES #7:
    SUBJECT- Case File on Ingrid Karlthson
    UPLOADED- 28/03/06; 02:12:29
    SOURCE- Grimsdottir
    FULL NAME- Ingrid Ruth Karlthson
    DOB- 14/02/52
    HEIGHT- 5'5"
    WEIGHT- 157 lbs.
    HAIR- Dark Brown
    EYES- Brown
    AREA OF OPERATION- Virginia / East Timor / Highly Mobile
    ASSOCIATIONS- CIA Bureaucrat
    Assigned to the U.S. embassy to East Timor in Dili.
    Looks like a pretty standard CIA desk monkey, with the exception of an 
    incredible knack for languages. Security footage from the embassy shows 
    her remarkably cool under fire. It looks like Sadono has separated her 
    from the other hostages.
    [Author: Grimsdottir]
    --DATA STICK #2:
    From: mortified_penguin
    To: Barhwani
    Sent: 27/03/2006 03:29
    Subject: discretion
    Ashad's suggestion has worried me. Again: nothing is as important in 
    this Thursday's work as discretion. No evidence. No loose ends. You 
    have been paid, you are professionals. Failure will be met with 
    punishment. Punishment will extend to family.
    MISSION 2 Saulnier Cryogenics Laboratory
    --FLASH NOTES #1:
    SUBJECT - Agency File on Saulnier Cryogenics
    UPLOADED- 30/03/06; 04:15:12
    SOURCE: Grimsdottir
    NOTES -
    Anxiety easement for wealthy Occidentals. Saulnier is one of the oldest 
    and most "respectable" cryogenics labs still in Europe. Most cryogenics 
    technology is still couched in the mid-seventies, when cryogenics still 
    had little credibility. Saulnier, however, has been investing heavily 
    in research and development, trying their best to stay abreast of 
    technology. The most visible result has been a moved towards vacuum-
    based temperature management, which doesn't need a constant source of 
    power in order to maintain the 133 degrees Kelvin that cryogenics 
    Some trivia - Guy Saulnier, who founded the lab, through Cryogenics was 
    an instrument of God, something that would help usher in the end of 
    time. Go figure. 
    [Author: Grimsdottir]
    --DATA STICK #1:
    From: Fares Ghannam
    To: Ashad Bashar
    Sent: 27/03/2006 10:21
    Subject: RE: FW: discretion
    We've already taken his money. I don't think we have a choice but to 
    bear the job as well as we can. My introduction to Poindexter was 
    through Abdulkarim, who would tell me nothing about him save that he 
    should not be crossed. Our families will be fine, we simply need to do 
    our jobs. I do not know how Poindexter lost his thumb or finger. 
    Abdulkarim suggested that he cut off his own earlobes. 
    Please don't do anything unwise.
    --DATA STICK #2:
    From: mortified_penguin
    To: Abdellatif; Ashad Bashar
    Sent: 29/03/2006 21:19
    Subject: RE: trucks
    We don't need trucks. The whole point is portable containers. Easy to 
    transport. Cars are fine. More discreet.
    Same for coolers, nix them. The containers take care of it. Do your 
    jobs. I don't need more.
    mortified penguin
    --DATA STICK #3: (**this is the same information from DATA STICK #2 in 
    MISSION 1)
    From: mortified_penguin
    To: Tomas Dassin; Fares Ghannam; Ashad Bashar
    Sent: 27/03/2006 03:29
    Subject: discretion
    Ashad's suggestion has worried me. Again: nothing is as important in 
    this Thursday's work as discretion. No evidence. No loose ends. You 
    have been paid, you are professionals. Failure will be met with 
    punishment. Punishment will extend to family.
    --DATA STICK #4:
    From: Mustafa Saleh
    To: Gerard Omran
    Sent: 29/03/2006 12:48
    Subject: RE: MR CLAW
    Careful, he makes me nervous. I've got no idea how he lost his leg, but 
    I have seen the scar when he rubs lotion on the stumps beneath the 
    prosthetic. It is not pretty. It looks like a wound whose chief purpose 
    was pain, all of what is left looks like chewed gum. 
    Reminded me of that boy we knew out of Baghdad.
    --FLASH NOTES #3:
    SUBJECT - Agency File on Francois Couldebouef
    UPLOADED: 30/03/06; 04:29:03
    SOURCE: Grimsdottir
    FULL NAME - Francois Coulon Couldeboeuf
    DOB- 18/02/80
    HEIGHT - 6'2"
    WEIGHT - 173 lbs.
    HAIR- Black
    EYES- Brown
    ASSOCIATIONS- Security Guard, Saulnier Cryogenics Lab
    Arrested for Invasion of Privacy, charges later dropped.
    09/01/05 - CURRENT-
    Employed by Saulnier Cryogenics.
    Looks like M. Couldbouef is nothing more than a hapless bystander. The 
    arrest in '03 was basically for voyeurism, Francois took a picture when 
    he should have politely averted his gaze. He's got bad instincts and 
    bad luck, but seems like an okay guy. 
    [Author: Grimsdottir]
    --FLASH NOTES #4:
    [Picture of Francois Coulon Couldeboeuf]
    MISSION 3 Hesperia Railways Paris-Nice
    --FLASH NOTES #1:
    [Picture of Norman Washington Soth]
    --DATA STICK #1:
    From: Marie Servais
    To: Jean Sabouret
    Sent: 01/04/2006 21:09
    Subject: RE: Le Milanais
    Nothing, just hurry home. If you pass through Lyon, pick us up some 
    butter from the mill.
    Love always,
    --DATA STICK #2 & 3: (**the two terrorists in the third train car have 
    the same data stick message)
    From: mortified-penguin
    To: Elias Kousa; Rafeeg Kelou
    Sent: 31/03/2006 23:19
    Subject: signal silence
    We'll be crossing just past monaco, transportation has been arranged 
    beyond. Tell your men to leave their phones on the train. Nobody is to 
    take or make phone calls until Tunisia.
    --DATA STICK #4:  
    From: Elias Sylvain
    To: Mustafa Khateeb
    Sent: 01/04/2006 15:21
    Subject: RE: infection
    But I've seen it working, back in Baghdad in the bad old days. The guy 
    looked like he had been run over by a truck and his skin deep fried. It 
    was the most merciful bullet I ever fired. Poindexter seems certain, 
    but he's lied about other things (that name, for example.)
    I just don't trust that the ND133 are one hundred percent capable of 
    containing it. I don't want to be the one holding the box if something 
    goes wrong. Promise that if you see me start to show symptoms, you'll 
    put a bullet in my head.
    MISSION 4 Jerusalem
    **Just so you know, absolutely NONE of the policemen on the streets or 
    the mercenaries in the Shoshanna Warehouse carry any satchels in this 
    mission. No Data Sticks in this level.
    --FLASH NOTES #1:
    [Map of Jerusalem]
    --FLASH NOTES #2:
    [Picture of Dahlia  Suleiman Tal]
    --FLASH NOTES #3:
    SUBJECT - Agency File on Dahlia Tal
    UPLOADED- 05/06/06; 01:02:13
    SOURCE - Grimsdottir
    FULL NAME - Dahlia Suleiman Tal
    KNOWN ALIASES- Manal Daher
    DOB- 11/08/68
    WEIGHT- 139 lbs.
    HAIR- Black
    Eyes- Brown
    CITIZENSHIP- Israeli
    AREA OF OPERATION- Israel/West Bank/Lebanon/Highly Mobile
    ASSOCIATIONS- Shin Bet (Israeli Secret Police.) "Grasp of the Corpse" 
    (Syrian Terrorist Cell)
    11/08/84 - 10/08/86 -
    Israeli Nahal (Pioneer Fighting Youth)
    11/08/86 - 08/03/96 -
    Israeli Defense Force
    Begins MOSAD training program.
    Recruited for Shin Bet
    28/02/98 - 12/04/00 -
    Agent exchange program with British Secret Service
    14/04/00 -
    CURRENT - Too much Shin Bet static for dependable information.
    NOTES -
    "Grasp of the Corpse" sounds more heroic in Arabic, or so I've been 
    told. If we were arranging a pit fight between Dahlia and a rottweiler, 
    I'd put my money on Dahlia and wouldn't bother naming the dog. 
    [Author: Grimsdottir]
    --FLASH NOTES #4:
    SUBJECT - Agency File on Bellagio Sampler
    UPLOADED- 05/04/06; 01:21:54
    SOURCE- Grimsdottir
    FULL NAME - Unknown
    DOB- 1971
    HEIGHT- 5'9"
    WEIGHT- 176 lbs.
    HAIR- Brown/ Balding
    EYES- Brown
    AREA OF OPERATION- Jerusalem
    -Nothing, sorry.
    I've got nothing on this guy. The CIA's being excruciatingly nervous 
    and uncommunicative about this, feels like the late nineties. Probably 
    anxiety about Mossad connections and the whole Dahlia Tal situation. 
    Giving the guy an alias as ridiculous as "Bellagio Sampler" wasn't 
    But he's supposedly a good analyst, and someone who could show up on 
    five minute's notice.
    [Author: Grimsdottir]
    MISSION 5 Kundang Camp, Indonesia
    --FLASH NOTES #1:
    SUBJECT - Agency File on the Kundang Camp/Golden Triangle
    UPLOADED- 12/04/06; 15:15:48
    SOURCE- Grimsdottir
    Sadono made connections with Golden Triangle heroin trade in the early 
    nineties, when he was still just a thug in the streets of Cireban. In 
    1996 he put them to work, offering DDD's services for security for 
    smuggling operations in the mountains. When the CIA pulled DDD funding 
    in 98/99, Sadono doubled his invested time in the heroin business and 
    multiplied his profits tenfold. Another variation on Sadono's peculiar 
    The Kundang Camp is a madly lactating cash cow, and packed with more 
    armed, angry men than a Texas barbecue.
    [Author: Grimsdottir]
    --DATA STICK #1:
    From: Billy Mourakade
    To: Raja Homsi
    Sent: 10/04/2006 09:23
    Subject: RE: American reports
    Yes, Sadono hates it too when I call myself his secretary. But no 
    matter how brilliant a leader he is, the man types like a trained 
    chicken. His response to your message of April 8TH, dictated yesterday 
    "The Springfield, Texas Smallpox vaccinations are obviously not so 
    desirable as an actual outbreak would have been, but we can be certain 
    we have the world's attention, or at least that of U.S. Intelligence. 
    (He pauses for laughter. Ironic, not maniacal.) Soth's resources tell 
    us that the CIA is well aware of our "insurance policy. All but one of 
    our policies are in place and ready to be released upon day's silence. 
    We will not need to make another demonstration, any further action will 
    be the attack itself."
    And from what I here, it's working. Sadono's suddenly seems impervious 
    to bullets. Even the American-controlled media seems like it can't help 
    but paint him as a hero. Talk to you soon.
    --DATA STICK #2:
    From: Sugeng
    To: Kabri Christanta
    Sent: 08/04/06 11:48
    Subject: Victory in Palembang!
    We drove them back! I saw the back of many American helmets today! We 
    lost only three men, and though we found no corpses killed a half dozen 
    Americans at least! Sadono was there, I'm sure. I did not see him but 
    everybody was talking about it. Halfway through the fighting the 
    Americans turned as suddenly as a flock of birds. The most incredible 
    thing I've ever seen. 
    Sadono is without fear, and that fearlessness is infectious. I tremble 
    to think we may actually win!
    --FLASH NOTES #2:
    [Picture of Azrul Idriss Arifin]
    --DATA STICK #3:
    From: mortified_penguin
    To: Billy Mourakade
    Sent: 11/04/06 06:59
    Subject: final placement
    Last time I use this address. Even with the encryption, I don't trust 
    it. Send responses to 4TH case address, as discussed. The American PMC 
    has the final measure in place. They still have no knowledge of the 
    ND133's contents. I can activate the final policy on Sadono's word.
    MISSION 6 Komodo, Indonesia
    --DATA STICK #1:
    From: Malfin Mendes
    To: Adi Bawantara
    Sent: 16/04/2006 17:13
    Subject: RE: assistance
    Sadono can't be everywhere at once
    Komodo's important but that's exactly why we can't send him to you 
    since we need him where there's lots of cameras watching and we need to 
    keep your work secret.
    It is the way we create the APPEARANCE that he is everywhere that is 
    infinitely valuable.
    --FLASH NOTES #1:
    SUBJECT - Agency File on the SISSIXS
    UPLOADED- 18/04/06; 05:49:10
    SOURCE- Grimsdottir
    "The Special Intelligence Satellite Submarine Informational Exchange 
    System (SISSIXS) is an over-the-horizon targeting (OTH-T) 
    communications system developed to compliment low frequency links. 
    Unlike General Service SSIXS, this system provides complete privacy to 
    any number of users by utilizing unique ID numbers. All communication 
    are transmitted by squirt broadcast, allowing multiple subscribers to 
    share satellite sources. An SISSIXS network can spread itself over any 
    number of satellites." 
    Quoted from the manual, "squirt broadcast,"she makes me laugh.
    [Author: Grimsdottir]
    --DATA STICK #2:
    From: goodbye_cat
    To: Billy Mourakade
    Sent: 01/04/2006 21:09
    Subject: expect the call
    The last insurance policy is alive. U.S. PMC in place. Sadono can add 
    it to his roster of PT phone calls.
    MISSION 7 Jakarta, Indonesia
    --FLASH NOTES #1:
    [Picture of Ingrid Ruth Karlthson]
    --FLASH NOTES #2:
    [Picture of Suhadi Sadono]
    --DATA STICK #1:
    From: El Prangi
    To: Deddy Damsyik
    Sent: 02/04/2006 17:29
    Subject: RE: a. babylon
    You have to tell me more. I can't just leave. Where could I go outside 
    of America? I've made my life here. I can't come back to Jakarta. 
    Please, tell me what you can. I'll go stay with our cousin in West 
    Virginia. I'll be safe there, right? It could not be as bad as you say. 
    Or call me. You have my number.
    --DATA STICK #2:
    From: Billy Mourakade
    To: Djalil
    Sent: 02/04/2006 19:45
    Subject: Insurance for Insurance
    We're going to be recording until U.S. troops bang down the door. 
    Sadono needs to stay visible even if he ends up below ground.
    Very important:
    -Nothing should be visible in the studio that could indicate time.
    -Nothing should be visible in the studio that could indicate location.
    This should be broadcastable at any point in the next month, no matter 
    what happens. We're working on the script now. 
    We'll be in the studio by 20:30, have it ready.
    --DATA STICK #3:
    From: goodbye_cat
    To: Billy Mourakade
    Sent: 02/04/2006 21:51
    Subject: zero hour
    Get this to Soth- trigger the ND133 NOW. Leak from a Red Beard contact 
    says we're screwed. Scrambling to alert 'Armed Guardian Services' on my 
    end. If Soth stays visible, he'll be dead by midnight. Sadono needs to 
    trigger the ND133 and get underground. Only chance we've got. Should 
    have given me the authority to release the virus. Out of touch for the 
    next week.
    MISSION 8 Los Angeles International Airport
    --DATA STICK #1:
    From: Devin Prakasa
    To: Arthur Winchester
    Sent: 01/04/2006 21:09
    Subject: sick
    Keep this to yourself, I don't want Soth to think I'm not useful. I 
    don't want to get dropped as dead weight. But this vaccine has me sick 
    as a dog. I'm burning up. You feeling okay? Some of the other guys 
    looked like they were sweating. We all got the same vaccine, right? 
    I can't imagine what the real virus must be like.
    --DATA STICK #2:
    From: Assad Valayev
    To: Frank Sandy
    Sent: 23/04/2006 11:38
    Subject: orange
    It's tricky, but how about this: we create the appearance of a terror 
    alert orange, but only notifying third level resources (i.e. no extra 
    security or emergency response crews.) An orange alert at level three 
    will effect international ticketing and passenger screening. Should 
    delay international flights by a couple of hours at least and minimize 
    spread to foreign territories. Working on a little something you could 
    drop in the levels one and two systems, should at least triple their 
    response time. A lot of people gonna die today.
    --DATA STICK #3:
    From: Timothy Lawrence
    To: S.A. Jordan
    Sent: 23/04/2006 10:59
    Subject: catwalk access
    A little closer to heaven all the time. :) The access code is 5325. 
    See you on the catwalks.
    --DATA STICK #4:
    From: Mike Wigand
    To: Moses Yorke
    Sent: 00/00/2003 12:00
    Subject: Door Code
    The access code is '5325'
    --DATA STICK #5:
    From: goodbye_cat
    To: Henry Fadel
    Sent: 01/04/2006 21:09
    Subject: catwalk access
    Your concern is touching. I'm taken care of, vaccination isn't 
    necessary. I'll meet you and the others when it's done.
    There you have it! Every single Data Stick and Flash Note for the 
    ENTIRE game! All notes can be accessed on the OPSAT anytime after 
    retrieving it. All data and notes are typed verbatim; so don't e-mail 
    me if you see any run-on sentences, fragments, etc. 
    If I missed a Data Stick (which I highly doubt), e-mail me at 
    kroqjock@charter.net for any specifics or inquiries.
    This FAQ is only for use on GameFAQS. You may not copy, link, or 
    publish this FAQ on your website or publication without my permission. 
    If you want to use my FAQ, please e-mail me at the address above. I 
    have no problems with anyone who asks. April 2004.

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