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    Beginner FAQ by The Mega Cheat

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 08/02/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      _________      .__  .__        __                
     /   _____/_____ |  | |__| _____/  |_  ___________ 
     \_____  \\____ \|  | |  |/    \   __\/ __ \_  __ \
     /        \  |_> >  |_|  |   |  \  | \  ___/|  | \/
    /_______  /   __/|____/__|___|  /__|  \___  >__|   
            \/|__|                \/          \/       
    _________        .__  .__   
    \_   ___ \  ____ |  | |  |  
    /    \  \/_/ __ \|  | |  |  
    \     \___\  ___/|  |_|  |__
     \______  /\___  >____/____/
            \/     \/           
    __________                    .___                   
    \______   \_____    ____    __| _/________________   
     |     ___/\__  \  /    \  / __ |/  _ \_  __ \__  \  
     |    |     / __ \|   |  \/ /_/ (  <_> )  | \// __ \_
     |____|    (____  /___|  /\____ |\____/|__|  (____  /
                    \/     \/      \/                 \/ 
    \__    ___/___   _____   __________________  ______  _  __
      |    | /  _ \ /     \ /  _ \_  __ \_  __ \/  _ \ \/ \/ /
      |    |(  <_> )  Y Y  (  <_> )  | \/|  | \(  <_> )     / 
      |____| \____/|__|_|  /\____/|__|   |__|   \____/ \/\_/
    	 _                        __          
    	|_) _  _ o._ ._  _ ._ _  /__   o _| _ 
    	|_)(/_(_||| || |(/_| _>  \_||_||(_|(/_
    July 30, 2004 - Added President Game mode, added extended Wall Mine 
    description.  Added new FAQs.  
    August 1, 2004 - Changed FAQ format slightly so that IGN formatter won't kill 
    August 2, 2004  - Changed FAQ a little.
    August 2, 2004 AGAIN - Fixed spelling and button screw up, added some stuff 
    to Spy Trap description.  I don't know about you guys, but on my screen some 
    of the boxes in the controls section seem messed up, and I don't know how to 
    fix it (it shows up normal in NotePad but messed up in IE).
    0. Table of Contents             |
    1. What is This? ~WIT?~          |
    2. FAQ's ~FAQ?~                  |
    3. Controls ~CTR?~               |
    4. Special Moves ~SPM?~          |
    5. Single Player Related ~SPR?~  |
    6. Multiplayer Related ~MPR?~    |
    7. Contact Me ~CTM?~             |
    8. Legal Stuff ~LGS?~            |
    By: The Mega CheaT
    |1.           What is This?      ~WIT?~  |
    What you are looking at is the work of a very tired individual.  Tired of 
    every day looking at the Message Boards and seeing "Does this game have a 
    split screen multiplayer?" and "How does  work?" and 
    so on and so forth.  Every day.  Quite annoying really.  So I though "Hmm... 
    Someone should write an FAQ to stop all these comments!"
    So I decided to do that.  With a little help from some of the people on these 
    boards, I have come up with a comprehensive guide filled with all the 
    information new players need to get started, and not piss off the message 
    board users.  
    |2.               FAQ's          ~FAQ?~  |
    Q: I need to know how ~insert word here~ works!
    A: Check down in the FAQ.  
    Q: You forgot to mention ~something~ in your FAQ!
    A: Look at the "Contact Me" section.  I have an AIM and email address, plus I 
    frequent the Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow message board.
    Q: How do you throw cans?  It is mentioned numerous times, but I can't do it!
    A: First, pick one up.  In your interaction menu, it will say "Object."  
    Then, press the X button.  Pulling the L trigger changes the arc the can will 
    travel.  R throws the can.  Use this method for many grenades as well.
    Q: Is there a Split Screen Multiplayer?
    A: No there is not.  The developers made it this way on purpose to deliver 
    the most thrilling experience.  Screen cheating in this game would totally 
    ruin the excitement.
    Q: My box says 17 levels.  I only counted 8.  What a gyp.
    A: Though there are only 8 MISSIONS, there are 17 levels.  Everytime a 
    loading screen pops up in the middle of a MISSION, it starts a new LEVEL.
    |3.              Controls        ~CTR?~  |
    Single Player:
    | Left Analog stick          | Move Sam Fisher                     |
    | Right Analog stick         | Move camera			   |
    | (Click) Right Thumbstick   | Binoculars/Scope (With SC-20K)	   |
    | (Click) Left Thumbstick    | Back to wall			   |
    | Left on D-Pad              | Turn on Night Vision		   |
    | Right on D-Pad             | Turn on Thermal Vision		   |
    | Up on D-Pad                | Select Gadget/Toggle laser (Pistol) |
    | Down on D-Pad              | Select Item 			   |
    | "A" Button                 | Interact with Environment	   |
    | "X" Button                 | Pull out/Put away gun		   |
    | "Y" Button                 | Jump				   |
    | "B" Button                 | Crouch, Hold to roll		   |
    | Black Button               | Whistle				   |
    | White Button               | Bring up Inventory		   |
    | Start                      | Pause Game			   |
    | Back                       | Bring up OPSAT			   |
    | Right Trigger              | Primary Fire			   |
    | Left Trigger               | Secondary Fire (SC-20K)		   |
    Online Multiplayer:
    | Left Analog stick          | Move SHADOWNET Spy                 |
    | Right Analog stick         | Move camera/Navigate Inventory     |
    | (Click) Right Thumbstick   | Binoculars                	  |
    | (Click) Left Thumbstick    | Open inventory                     |
    | Left on D-Pad              | Turn on Night Vision		  |
    | Right on D-Pad             | Turn on Thermal Vision		  |
    | Up on D-Pad                | Nothing                            |
    | Down on D-Pad              | Nothing                            |
    | "A" Button                 | Smack Enemy/Grab enemy(from behind)|
    | "A" Button (continued)     | Interact, Back to Wall             |
    | "X" Button                 | Take out/Put away weapon           |
    | "Y" button                 | Jump                               |
    | "B" Button                 | Crouch, Hold to roll/dive          |
    | Black Button               | Toggle Enhanced Reality            |
    | White Button               | Switch audio channels (hold)       |
    | Start                      | Bring up menu (doesn't pause)      |
    | Back                       | Bring up HUD and controls          |
    | Right Trigger              | Primary Fire			  |
    | Left Trigger               | Secondary Fire, tap to use, hold	  |
    | Left Trigger (Continued)   | to change power.                   |
    -ARGUS Mercenary
    | Left Analog Stick          | Move                               |
    | Right Analog Stick         | Aim                                |
    | (Click) Right Thumbstick   | Scope Sniper Mode                  |
    | (Click) Left Thumbstick    | Open Inventory                     |
    | Left on D-Pad              | Motion Tracking Vision             |
    | Right on D-Pad             | Electro Magnetic Tracking          |
    | Up on D-Pad                | Toggle Laser                       |
    | Down on D-pad              | Toggle Torchlight                  |
    | "A" Button                 | Interact                           |
    | "X" Button                 | Reload, hold to change Fire modes  |
    | "Y" Button                 | Jump                               |
    | "B" Button                 | Crouch                             |
    | Black Button               | Toggle Enhanced Reality            |
    | White Button               | Switch audio channels (hold)       |
    | Start                      | Bring up menu (doesn't pause)      |
    | Back                       | Bring up HUD and controls          |
    | Right Trigger              | Fire Gun                           |
    | Left Trigger               | Secondary Fire, tap to use, hold   |
    | Left Trigger (Continued)   | to change power.                   |
    |4.           Special Moves      ~SPM?~  |
    Single Player:
    | Ladder/Pole climb          | Walk into the pole                 |
    | Elbow attack               | Near an enemy, press "R"           |
    | Back to Wall               | Near wall, click left Thumbstick   |
    | Hand Over Hand             | Near horizontal pole, jump up      |
    | Zip Line                   | Jump near zipline to slide down it |
    | Roll                       | Hold "B" while moving              |
    | Split Jump                 | In narrow area, "Y", then "Y" again|
    | Half Split Jump            | Same as Split Jump                 |
    | Drop Attack                | Simply fall on an enemy to KO him  |
    | Stealth Landing            | Walk off ledge while crouched      |
    | Grab Character             | Sneak behind someone and press "A" |
    | SWAT Turn                  | With Back to Wall, peak out and "A"|
    | Move Body                  | Stand over body and "A"            |
    | Human Shield               | If grabbing a person, press "X"    |
    Online Multiplayer:
    | Ladder/Pole climb          | Walk into the pole                 |
    | Elbow attack               | Near an enemy, press "A"           |
    | Back to Wall               | Near wall, press "A"               |
    | Hand Over Hand             | Near horizontal pole, jump up      |
    | Zip Line                   | Jump near zipline to slide down it |
    | Roll                       | Hold "B" while moving crouched     |
    | Dive                       | Hold "B" when running              |
    | Split Jump                 | In narrow area, "Y", then "Y" again|
    | Half Split Jump            | Same as Split Jump                 |
    | Drop Attack                | Simply fall on an enemy to KO him  |
    | Stealth Landing            | Walk off ledge while crouched      |
    | Grab Character             | Sneak behind someone and press "A" |
    | Backflip                   | Run up to wall and hold "A"        |
    -ARGUS Mercenary
    | Ladder/Pole climb          | Walk into the pole                 |
    | Gun Butt attack            | While standing still, press "A"    |
    | Bum Rush                   | While running, press "A"           |
    | Drop Attack                | Simply fall on an enemy to KO him  |
    | Switch to Burst/Full Auto  | Hold down the "X" Button           |
    | Reload                     | Press the "X" Button               |
    |5.       Single Player Related  ~SPR?~  |
    Basic Information
    The Single Player mode of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow places you in the 
    combat boots of Sam Fisher, an elite information retrieval unit (by class). 
    As Fisher you must sneak and fight your way through several different 
    locations in order to stop the threat of Suhadi Sadono, and the release of a 
    SmallPox virus. 
    Where did my Missions go?
    Many times have I seen people post topics that say "What a ripoff!  It says 
    there are 17 missions, but there are only 8!"  Well, here is an answer to 
    your question.  There are only 8 real missions.  However, most missions are 
    divided up into 2 or more parts.  These seperate parts are what the box 
    counts as missions.  Normally, once you complete an objective, the screen 
    will change to a loading screen, and it will load the second part of the 
    level, and give you new objectives.  That's where your missions goed.
    Many other topics I see concern how to use, or the use, of certain 
    equipment.  There are also topics regarding how useful some of your equipment 
    is.  Here I will give a brief explanation of how each item works, and then 
    rate it to how good I beleive it is.  That is ONLY my opinion though, so if 
    you disagree with something, then please dont send me loads of hatemail.
    ~Sticky Camera~
    Usefulness: ***
    These deployable cameras link video footage directly to Sam's OPSAT.  
    Basically, they let you see through their perspective.  They have Night and 
    Thermal Vision capabilities.  They are also the only gadget for your SC-20K 
    that is reusable.  Just walk over to the Sticky Cam, and you can pick it up 
    and use it again.  You can also shoot them at the back of someone's head to 
    knock them out, but this DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK!!  Even if the gaurd is not 
    knocked out by it, he wont really get suspicious.  This is shot out of your 
    SC-20K.  Pull out your SC-20K, and then press up or down to select it.  Then 
    L shoots the selected item.
    ~Sticky Shocker~
    Usefulness: ****
    This is a adhesive resin coated electrical charge.  When shot at someone, it 
    delivers an incapacitating charge of electricy, knocked the person out.  
    Using these will not alert guards, like shooting someone will, so use these 
    instead of bullets when there are other people in the room.  As long as 
    others are not standing right next to the victim, they wont notice that you 
    knocked out someone, as long as you can hide their bodies fast enough.  The 
    only reason this doesn't score a 5 is that you never really get to many of 
    them.  This is shot out of your SC-20K.  Pull out your SC-20K, and then press 
    up or down to select it.  Then L shoots the selected item.
    ~Ring Airfoil Projectile~
    Usefulness: **
    A no penetration airfoil round designed to incapacitate and not kill.  In 
    order to knock someone out with one of these, you must hit their head.  If 
    not, then they are just temporarily stunned.  I never really found them too 
    useful.  This is shot out of your SC-20K.  Pull out your SC-20K, and then 
    press up or down to select it.  Then L shoots the selected item.
    ~Diversion Camera~
    Usefulness: ***
    A fun weapon to toy around with.  This camera operates the same way as a 
    Sticky Cam, but it sacrifices Night and Thermal capabilities in order to be 
    able to make noise and release toxic gas.  Make noise to attract guards, and 
    then gas them at your will.  The downside is that they can release gas only 
    once, so use it wisely.  This is shot out of your SC-20K.  Pull out your SC-
    20K, and then press up or down to select it.  Then L shoots the selected item.
    ~Smoke Grenade~
    Usefulness: ****
    Great for taking out groups of people.  When fired, it bounces a bit, and 
    normally alerts guards.  Once the gas is released, it will take a few seconds 
    to knock out the guards.  But don't walk into it, you will take damage.  If 
    anyone escapes the cloud, they trigger an alarm.  Use you best judgement when 
    using, but if used correctly and efficiently, it will be your best friend.  
    This is shot out of your SC-20K.  Pull out your SC-20K, and then press up or 
    down to select it.  Then L shoots the selected item.
    ~FlashBang Grenade~
    Usefulness: ?
    I have never found a use for these in the Single Player adventure, so I 
    wouldn't know their usefulness.  Basically, they can blind any enemy looking 
    in its direction.  They stumble around for a bit I think, giving you time to 
    deal with them.  Makes lots of noise though, so it could alert guards of you 
    presence if you miss.  This is thrown like a can, not shot out of your SC-20K.
    ~Chaff Grenade~
    Zero stars.  Utterly useless in the Single Player mode.  Basically, they take 
    out electronics in its blowing range, while single handedly alerting every 
    guard in the complex of your location.  Yeah, they are loud.  And most of the 
    time, there are better ways to deal with the electronics at hand, such as the 
    Cam Jam, or your gun.  This is thrown like a can, not shot out of your SC-20K.
    ~Disposable Pick~
    Usefulness: **
    The lock pick for the lazy.  Basically, you put this in the key hole, and it 
    blows the pins out, opening the door for you.  A quicker alternative to using 
    the lockpicks. 
    ~Camera Jammer~
    Usefulness: ***
    There are a few points in the game where it requires you to use this item.  
    This dandy thing basically stops cameras from working.  You select it, and 
    then press X, and aim at the camera, and press and hold R.  There is a 
    battery that will deplete, so you must be fast about getting past the 
    ~Wall Mine~
    Usefulness: *
    Ooooh, a Mine!  Sounds fun right?  No.  When you place the mine by selecting 
    it and pressing R near a wall, it starts beeping rather loudly.  Normally, 
    instead of actually blowing up, the guards hear it, and go disarm it.  
    Wonderful use of time, don't you think?  The only reason this gets even one 
    star is because you can shoot it to detonate around enemies.
    ~Fragmentation Grenade~
    Usefulness: **
    I was rather disapointed with this weapon.  Most of the time when you throw 
    it, all the guards yell "CLEAR" and run away.  And then it detonates.  The 
    blast range isn't that great either.  Most of the time, it only kills one 
    person, and then triggers alarms.  This is thrown like a can, not shot out of 
    your SC-20K.
    ~Emergency Flare~
    Usefulness: **
    Sounds dumb, right?  Well it is, most of the time.  There are a few instances 
    where this is really a useful item.  It emits a lot of heat, which will 
    distract the automated gun turrets, allowing you to sneak past them if you 
    havent just triggered a thousand alarms and have guards riding your ass. 
    Tips & Hints
    - Crouching makes you move slower, but reduces your noise level.  It is a 
    good idea to remain crouched through much of the game.
    - Use you imagination.  If you can't get anywhere using the same tactic over 
    and over, look at your surroundings for alternate paths.
    - Lure the guards into a trap.  Whistle for them with the Black Button, and 
    when they come near, grab them or use your elbow attack to knock them out.  
    - Taking hostages can give you the edge you need.  Guards won't shoot their 
    peers, so use the human shield to guard yourself and pick the rest off. 
    - Stuck?  Try looking around you in Night or Thermal vision.  This can often 
    reveal a somewhat hidden path for you to use to progress.
    - For easy headshots with the Ring Airfoil rounds or Sticky Cams, pull out 
    your gun, and go into snipe mode.  Move the aimer to their head, and hold 
    your breath with the Left Trigger to get a good shot.  Then, without 
    releasing the Left Trigger, click out of snipe mode.  Your Ring Airfoil or 
    Sticky Cam will hit in the spot that you positioned in snipe mode. 
    - Incapacitating guards does not alert other guards unless they are standing 
    very close together.  Killing them, however, will.  If a guard stops by some 
    shadows, hit him with a Ring Airfoil round or Sticky Shocker to not alert the 
    - In Hard mode, the alarms do not go back down, like in normal.  You must be 
    extra cautious when doing missions in Hard mode. 
    - For more precise aiming with the pistol, use the laser sight.  The dot 
    wavers a bit, and can alert guards if they see it.  However, if attempting 
    for a headshot, using the laser is the best idea, because even though you 
    can't see it with the crosshair, your shot wavers a bit, possibly throwing 
    off you headshot, and causing alarms.  The laser gives you a good idea of 
    when to shoot.
    - Shoot out lights.  Though some people complain of doing this the whole 
    game, it is not necessary.  It can, however, greatly lower the difficulty of 
    the task at hand.  You can not just shoot the light, however.  There are some 
    rather precise places that need to be shot to burn out the light.  Learn 
    these, and you are set.
    |6.       Multiplayer Related    ~MPR?~  |
    Basic Information
    When they say a revolutionary new online stealth multiplayer mode, they mean 
    it.  This is simply the most awe inspiring multiplayer game I have played.  
    Again, this is my opinion.  You can choose to play as a SHADOWNET Spy, who is 
    seen from the third person perspective, to infiltrate and neutralize the 
    ND133 Virus Containment Units.  Or, if you are a Halo fan, you can suit up as 
    an ARGUS (ARmed GUardian Services) Corparation Mercenary.  You play in the 
    first person perspective, like Halo.  Your job is to protect the ND133 at 
    whatever cost necessary.  This includes lethal force.  Tough and powerfully 
    armed, the ARGUS Mercenaries are a name to fear.
    Game Modes
    There are 3 different types of game modes you can play on most maps in 
    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.  Also, there have been a variety of fan made 
    creations you can play.  All of them require different strategy to win.
    Probably the most popular game mode at the moment, neutralization is the most 
    basic mode of play.  The spies try to disarm 2 or 3 ND133s.  The amount of 
    time and the number needed to win all vary throughout the different levels.  
    The mercs simply must prevent the spies from getting all the objectives, or 
    just eleminate all of the spies.
    My favorite game mode.  In order to hack an ND133, you must place a portable 
    modem at a distance in order to hack it.  You can place modems on walls, 
    box's, windowsills, and more.  To place a modem, simply walk up to a flat 
    surface and press Down on the D-Pad.  If the modem wouldnt be able to hack at 
    the current position, it will tell you, and it wont place the modem.  Once 
    you place a modem, it is a good idea to try and defend it from the mercs as 
    long a possible.  If you lose your modem, simply pick up another one at an 
    Ammo crate. The mercs must stop you from hacking all the ND133s, and game 
    destroy modems by shooting them.
    This mode you must grab the ND133 tubes and run.  But not too fast.  Running 
    too fast with a tube will make the tube glow bright green, and you will even 
    show up on a mercs radar!  For the mercs, if you kill a spy with a tube, the 
    tube will automatically be returned to the place it was stolen from.
    - Fan made game modes -
    For these modes, you can play them on any other game mode you want.  All you 
    have to do is edit the rules a little bit.
    1 Spy, 3 Mercs
    4 lives for the Spy, 1 each for the mercs
    Pretty much any
    Okay, the idea behind Predator is that the spy must kill all the mercs.  He 
    can either double jump them, crack their necks, or choke them to death.  The 
    spy can use any equipment he wants.  The mercs, however, must try and kill 
    the spy. The mercs can not use all of their equipment, and are limited to no 
    vision modes, no laser, no tazer, no Frag Grenades, no mines.  Only the 
    Torchlight, Phosphorus Grenades, and Flares.  And of course, their gun. The 
    mercs have to eliminate all 4 of the spies lives without being killed, 
    because if they are killed, they pretty much just get to watch.  The first 
    merc to get killed is spy next round. 
    3 Spies, 1 Merc
    1 Life for each Spy, 4 for the Merc
    Pretty much any
    Tag is pretty much the opposite of Predator.  Only this time, the the merc 
    can use anything he wants besides the tazer, and the spies can use anything 
    they want.  The first spy to die becomes the Merc the next round.
    3 Mercs, 1 Spy
    Spy has 3 lives, Mercs each have 1
    Vertigo Plaza
    One Merc is the president.  He always has his Torchlight on.  The other 2 are 
    body guards, and they both always have their laser on.  The mercs can only 
    use their Tazer, Phos Grenades, Mines, and Flares.  The only times when a 
    merc can use his gun is when he has tazered a spy, and the spy is 
    unconsious.  If the spy wakes up, then no more gun.  The mercs also can't use 
    any of their special vision modes.  The spy can use any thing he wants to.  
    The idea is for the spy to try and kill the president.  The spy can then 
    become the president in the next game, or choose someone else to be 
    president.  Before the game starts, specify whether or not the President and 
    guards will run laps around the Plaza, or if they simply stay in the Main 
    Office building.
    Here is a list of all the levels released so far.  If there is a * by any of 
    the levels, that means that they are part of a downloadable content pack.  
    You have to pay for the downloadable content packs.  As of now, there has 
    only been one map pack released, which came with 2 maps for 5 bucks.  I will 
    rate each my with MY OPINION for each team.  If one team has more stars, then 
    the map is easier with that team.  There will be six stars per level, for 
    both teams.
    Spy: *
    Merc: *****
    ~Mount Hospital~
    Spy: ***
    Merc: ***
    Spy: **
    Merc: ****
    ~Vertigo Plaza~
    Spy: ****
    Merc: **
    ~Deftech Belew~
    Spy: ***
    Merc: ***
    ~Krauser Labs~
    Spy: **
    Merc: ****
    Spy: *
    Merc: *****
    Spy: ***
    Merc: ***
    ~River Mall*~
    Spy: ****
    Merc: **
    ~Federal Bank*~
    Spy: **
    Merc: ****
    The equipment you receive while playing the online multiplayer differs from 
    the gadgets you receive as Sam Fisher.  Both the SHADOWNET Spies and the 
    ARGUS Mercenaries come with different sets of equipment.  I will provide a 
    description of each item, and then rate it according to its usefulness IN MY 
    OPINION.  In order to access most of these gadgets, you must click the Left 
    Thumbstick, and use the Right Thumbstick, or the A, X, Y, and B buttons to 
    choose a gadget. 
    - SHADOWNET Spy -
    ~Enhanced Reality~
    Usefulness: *****
    Not exactly a part of your equipment, the Enhanced Reality displays the 
    position of active ND133s.  This makes it incredibly easier to find your 
    objectives.  It will tell you how far the objective is, and how close to 
    completion it is.
    Usefulness: ***
    Well, these are binoculars.  Many people complain that they suck and that 
    they are useless, but really they can be quite handy.  Not only can they zoom 
    up to 6 times, but they can use Thermal and Night vision while looking 
    through them.  Also, you can lock on to an ND133 by placing the little 
    rectangles over the Enhanced Reality object, and press A.  You can even 
    listen to a Merc's conversation if you keep the rectangles on him long enough.
    ~Spy Bullet~
    Usefulness: **
    I, for one, do not use these when playing as a Spy.  Many people find them 
    helpful though.  Hit a Merc with one, and he will show up on your radar, and 
    by pressing and holding the White button, you can listen to his radio 
    traffic.  Or, if shot on a wall, it will show any merc who walks near it on 
    your radar, and still let you listen to him, until he leaves it's field.
    ~Sticky Camera~
    Usefulness: ***
    Almost exactly like Sam's version.  These ones, however, are not reusable, 
    and can release gas by pressing the A button.
    ~Chaff Grenade~
    Usefulness: ** - ***
    Like the Single Player version, they can disrupt electronics.  However, these 
    ones can also screw up a Merc's vision, and prevent him from reloading, going 
    into snipe mode, leaving snipe mode if he was in it upon walking into the 
    chaff, and using vision modes.  If he stands in the field too long, he can't 
    do any of these things for a while after leaving the field.  If not, he cant 
    use all his functions again upon leaving the chaff. 
    ~Alarm Snare~
    Usefulness: ****
    This dandy devices are often overlooked.  All they do is emit noise.  Sounds 
    bad, right?  No.  The little arrows around a Mercs aiming reticle points to 
    where noise is coming from, so these little babies can throw it off.  If a 
    merc knows how to use the sound radar, he can go to the location of the 
    sound, often discracting him so you may do something else.  If shot on a 
    detector, it will set the detector off, deceiving him again.
    ~FlashBang Grenade~
    Usefulness: ****
    These grenades, when used correctly, blind a merc.  The mercs vision goes all 
    white for a few seconds, and then returns to normal with some imprints left 
    on his vision.  They also disrupt hearing.  These can either be used to make 
    a quick getaway, or to blind the merc of your actions so you can run behind 
    him and snap his neck.
    ~Smoke Grenade~
    Usefulness: ****
    These handy grenades are great for making a getaway.  They also slow the 
    movement and impair the vision of a merc caught inside the smoke.  If left in 
    the smoke long enough, the merc will black out for a few seconds.
    Tips & Hints
    - When crouched and moving, the spies do not show up on the merc's sound 
    radar.  This goes for most surfaces.  When moving as slow as possible while 
    crouched, spies won't show up on the mercs sound radar on any surface.
    - Hide from the mercs.  When one shows up unexpectedly, do not try and face 
    him.  The best idea is to run for a sneaky spot.  Most unexpected face to 
    face encounters result in you being dead.
    - Work together with your teammate.  This can result in some of the coolest 
    moves ever.  Some things to try are to distract a merc while your partner 
    sneaks up and snaps his neck.  Or have your partner cover you from a hidden 
    spot while you are disarming.  
    - Thermal is your friend.  All of the mercs wall gadgets show up on Thermal.  
    Spy traps and mines both show up on Thermal.  Without being careful and 
    checking for these objects, you will often end up six feet under. 
    - Do not over use your Night and Thermal vision goggles.  If the mercs turn 
    on their Electro Magnetic Tracking, you will stick out like a sore thumb.
    - Hold the X button to pull out your gun with no laser.  This prevents the 
    noise, plus, without the laser, you won't show up on the merc's EMT (you will 
    with the laser).
    - Often times, you can jump or roll or dive under/over the security lasers.  
    When you can, take advantage of it, so that you don't bother the merc's sound 
    - If you position the reticle in your binoculars over a merc, you can hear 
    him talking.
    - ARGUS Mercenary -
    ~Enhanced Reality~
    Usefulness: *****
    Not exactly a part of your equipment, the Enhanced Reality displays the 
    position of active ND133s.  This makes it incredibly easier to find your 
    objectives.  It will tell you how far the objective is, and how close to 
    completion it is.
    Usefulness: ***
    A basic flashlight from your helmet.  Good for seeing in dark areas.  The 
    downside to this is that it announces your presence to a spy, allowing him to 
    sometimes escape before you even go near his hiding place.  Tap down on the D-
    Pad to toggle.
    ~Frag Grenade~
    Usefulness: ****
    A standard 40mm Fragmentation Grenade.  These are shot from your gun.  Tap L 
    when equipped to shoot it at full power, or hold L to change the power.  
    After they bounce a few times, they explode, taking down anything within 
    about 5 meters from the epicenter of the explosion.  Good for scaring spies 
    out of hiding places as well.
    ~Spy Trap~
    Usefulness: ***
    Place one of these on a wall, and it sends a laser beam out to the other 
    side.  When the laser is tripped by anyone other than an ARGUS mercenary, it 
    tags them on the merc's radar.  You can also listen to the spies 
    communication by holding the White button.  Even better, it makes the spy 
    show up on your EMT even if he is not using a special vision mode.  Beware, 
    though.  If the wall is too far, it won't activate.  If you leave it for too 
    long after the unable to activate message, it disappears, and you can't take 
    it back.  Shows up rather plainly on Thermal vision.
    Usefulness: ***
    Place these on a wall, and choose the detonation mode you want by holding 
    down the L trigger.  You can choose Proximity, which will explode when a 
    target moves too quickly past it, or Laser, which shines a laser, that if 
    tripped, triggers the mine.  The mines only explode on SHADOWNET Spies, 
    unless shot at.  These also show up plainly on Thermal, and most good spies 
    know where to check for mines, often making them obsolete.
    Usefulness: **
    Used as a temporary light source, flares can be stuck to walls or ceilings.  
    They don't light a very large radius, and only last a few seconds, making 
    them uneffective in most situations.  If stuck the to right part of a 
    ceiling, though, you can light up most of the room.
    Usefulness: ****
    Great at close range.  Not only does it shock a spy for about the same time 
    as the spy's gun will, but it knocks them cold after that, allowing you to 
    crouch by their bodies and hold White to whisper in their ear.  Then kill 
    them.  The only disadvantage is the range.  The tazer can only hit about 3-4 
    feet in front of you.
    ~Phosphorous Grenade~
    Usefulness: ***
    Often overlooked by most players, these grenades are more useful that you 
    might think.  They bounce and sound like Frag Grenades, so you can use them 
    to fool spies out of coming out of hiding.  Also, when you hit a spy with 
    one, it covers them with a sticky material that glows on your EMT, making 
    them considerably easier to find in the dark.  
    Tips & Hints
    - While in snipe mode, holding your reticle over a spy will let you listen to 
    his communications.  You don't even have to hold White.
    - Rambo Spies (spies that try and kill the merc, rather than get objectives) 
    are easy pickins with the tazer.  If a spy ever comes close enough, quit 
    shootin and zap him.  Then proceed to shoot him some more.
    - Always check your invironments thoroughly before moving on.  I can't stress 
    how important this is.  Fail to check somewhere, and you might just end up 
    with a broken neck.  
    - Sound Radar.  Probably the Merc's best tool for finding spies.  It detects 
    sounds and points you in the direction it came from.  If there are arrows 
    outside the reticle, it either means they are to the side, or in front or 
    back of you.  If the inner regions of the reticles are shaded, they are above 
    or below you.
    - See the circle inside your reticle?  See how it gets bigger when you move?  
    That is your spray fire.  The smaller the circle, the more precise your shots 
    are.  The wider the circle, well, means you couldn't hit the broadside of a 
    barn.  Burst fire minimizes your spray, making your shots more accurate.  
    Crouching also helps.
    - Use the Bum Rush to get out of smoke clouds.  If a spy drops a smoke 
    grenade near you, run and press A to charge out of the smoke before you are 
    put out.
    - Flashbangs are useless if you are using EMT or Motion Tracking.  A good 
    tactic is to hit a spy with a Phosphurous Grenade, and then immediately 
    switch to EMT.  That way you can see him, but you can also see through smoke, 
    and FlashBangs won't effect you, rendering nearly all his weapons useless. 
    |7.             Contact Me       ~CTM?~  |
    If you have anything you want added, want to correct me on something, submit 
    a tip, send me hatemail, etc, etc, you can contact me, and if I add it, you 
    will be credited.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me if you want to use 
    this guide for anything other than personal use.  I will need to okay it 
    before it goes anywhere.
    Email: totomanx@mn.rr.com
    AIM: Diablopika
    GFAQs: The Mega Cheat
    |7.         Legal Stuff/Thanks   ~LGS?~  |
    Thanks to CjayC to hosting such a gravy website.
    Thanks to UbiSoft for making such killer games.
    Thanks to Wretch for pointing out that my guide got seriously messed up by 
    the IGN formatter thing.
    Halo 54 for pointing out even more IGN formatter uh, difficulties.
    UnbanplayJ11 for pointing out some spelling mistakes and button screw ups.
    The Alpha Penguin for telling me spy traps make spies show up on EMT.
    You may not, under any circumstances, reproduce this guide without my 
    permission.  Doing so violates international copyright laws, and the 
    penalties could include a hefty fine and some lawsuits.  If you do wish to 
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    This guide is copyright Max Lee, 2004.
    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, and all related stuff is copyright UbiSoft.

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