Review by JbSm2004

Reviewed: 03/25/04

Fisher is back and better than ever!

This game rules! It has amazing graphics, great music, pretty much everything in this game rules! Nearly everything is better than the first, and it also bypasses Halo by far.

Graphic: 10/10
The graphics make the game look like a movie, and they are so realistic! The first games were good, and these are better! The CG scenes look super realistic, and make the gameplay more exciting.

Music: 10/10
Nothing much to say except it adds to the mysterious plot of the game. It also foreshadows when you are about to be attacked after you have been spotted. It really sounds great, and better than the first.

Plot: 10/10
A great storyline, which reveals more and more as you progress through the game. You Sam Fisher must investigate what the guys dudes are doing at a labratory, then when you find out you have to stop it, or the whole american country suffers.

Sound Effects: 10/10
Great, guns sound real, and they are especially cool when you walk over glass.

Voice Acting: 9/10
Great, except the guerilla leader it middle eastern but sounds american. Also some french guys sound american too, there is a mystery here. Sam, Lamberct and Grimsdaughter sound better than ever.

Game A.I.: 10/10
The games AI rules! It is almost like real life, when you shoot a guy or knock him out his partner will hear it, and come for you. Beware.

Replay Value: 10/10
Better than the first, after you beat it you desire to play it again, over and over and over......

Good without Live: 10/10
I tried out live after playing the game some, and i tell you that even without live this game is truly amazing.

Multiplayer: 10/10
The multiplayer is awesome, making the replay of this game even beter! You would never want to turn this game in.

Difficulty: 7/10
The sequals are always easier! The first one was tough, which took me a few months to beat, and with this one, i beat 4 missions in a day, with only 9 missions total. I have tried it on hard and it is still a little easier than the first. (This is refering to playing the first game on hard to hard, and easy to easy.)

Overall: 10/10
This game is awesome, and the only possible game that could be better than it is Halo 2. The game has everything that the first didn't have. Better graphics, (even though the first were good)better music, pretty much everything is better.

I am telling you to buy this game it rocks! So what are you waiting for? Pandora tomorrow is waiting for you!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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