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"AMAZING game!!"

I have been playing games for a long long time and i am a huge splinter cell fan , and I could not wait for the sequal to come out. This game has it all a great single player and and even better multiplayer.

To be honest when I heard the Pandora Tomorrow would be Live compatible I was sceptical as to how it would turn out, much to my pleasent surpirse , the multiplayer makes this game reach greatness statues in my book..

SINGLE PLAYER: Well not much has change with the exception of some new moves from Sam such as hanging from ur legs on a pole so you can use your gun.. the half split jump is nice, to go along with the full split...story line seems nice so far although i have not completed much of the single player.. over all i loved the first Splinter cell and this one doe snot dissapoint.

MULTIPLAYER: This is where the fun starts and does not stop.. the feeling u get as a spie sneaking around buildings , outside areas, avoiding cameras and the mercaneries is unmeasureable... i havent had a gaming experience like this in a long long time.. it is very original and a great concept... as for mercenaries the feeling you get hunting down the spies and catching them is great as well.....Xbox Live is where it is at!!!

Teamwork is needed to win on Live.. If you do not communicate well with ur team mate chances are really good that you will lose... whether it is being aspie and letting ur team mates know when you spot a mercenarie or if some merc's are going after you , telling ur team to make some noise ot distract them, makes this game even more fun....same goes with the mercenaries you always have to tell each other if you spot a spie and where.. call for help if needed, and always knwo where ur teammate is and which location he is keeping an eye out .

One of the coolest aspects of Multiplayer are the spie bullets for the spies and the spy traps for the mercs...

the spy bullets are used by shooting one into the body of a mercs and by pressing the white button u are able to listen in on the the mercs convorsation with their teammmate.. this is unbeliavbly cool.... it also marks the merc on ur radar for a period of time which is very usefull.

the spy traps are used by the mercs for the same purpose as the spy bullets but the only difference is , with the spy traps u plant them on walls instead of shooting them....

Now the coolest thing about live if u are a spy is if u have a merc by the neck and are about to break his neck , while u are holding them press the white button and give them a lil taunt , watever taunt ur creative mind can think of =)

GRAPHICS- Pretty much the same as the first splinter cell maybe better, and that is a definte good hting seeing as how the first one was one of the best looking games on the box. As soon as u start the game u will be treated to bueatiful sunsets , on teh water , just to give you an idea of wats to come.

Over all- Pandora Tomorrow for Xbox live users is a no brainer. This game will have u wanting to write ubisoft thank you letters , for giving u such gaming bliss... If you dont have xbox live , i would still recommend PT, if you are into the stealth genre, if not rent it.. and im sure you will find something to like about.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/28/04

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