Review by MetalGearTX55

Reviewed: 03/28/04

Pandora Tomorrow= revolutionary multiplayer!!!

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is the amazing sequel to 2002’s Splinter Cell for the XBOX. This game improves on its predecessor in nearly everywhere. The graphics, controls, and game play have been tweaked for the best performance. Pandora Tomorrow also boasts a revolutionary multi-player system, which is on the basis of Spies VS. Mercenaries

Graphics/Audio 10/10

The detail of the graphics and its beauty is such sweet eye candy. In the first mission you start out in water and just looking at it is awesome. Everything looks spectacular from the character models to the environment. Since this is the XBOX version it will have the best graphics for all 3 consoles. The voice acting in the game is also great with voice actors such as Michael Ironsides doing Sam Fisher’s voice.

Story 7/10

Pandora Tomorrow’s plot is similar to a Tom Clancy novel. The story takes place all around the world, but you start out in Indonesia. You have to fight militant leaders. The plot isn’t what SC’s about.

Game play 10/10

The game play in this game is about stealth. Getting caught sets of alarms. The 1st alarm has the guards put on vests. The 2nd alarm has guards put on helmets, vests, and basically makes them unstoppable, but if you stay out of sight for a while they set back things to normal levels of patrol. The 3rd alarm puts you back to your last checkpoint. Your standard weapons consist of a silenced pistol, a multi-purpose assault rifle with a launcher to fire various grenades and such. You get gadgets such as sticky cam, air ring foils, camera jammer, and a lot more. This game is not about run and gun. You have to kill silently and when you do you have to hide the bodies of your victims. You can sneak up to enemies and knock them unconscious. The cool part of the game is if you’re on a pipe you can shoot enemies upside down. There’s also a new feature that let’s you whistle which is useful at distracting guards.

Multiplayer 10/10

The multiplayer consists of Spies VS. Mercenaries. There are 3 modes, several maps, and a whole lot of fun to this. You play this over XBOX Live or system link. The multiplayer is the real gem of this game. The mercs basically have to prevent the spies from completing their objective. The mercs get an assault rifle, EMF vision, motion detectors, and lots of other goodies. The spies don’t have any lethal weapons, but they can kill mercs through breaking their necks. The spies get this electric shock rifle, thermal/night vision goggles, spy bullets, and grenades, among other things. The multiplayer is very tense and fast paced. Oh right did I mention that the mercs are in first person view mode and spies are in 3rd person view? Plus spies move a lot faster than mercs and they get to do a whole lot more stuff.

Replay Value 10/10

You can play the game over again using different approaches to your missions. You can also play the multiplayer for a very long time because this one’s going to last you a long time.

If you have a spare $50 bucks then definitely get this game. It’s totally worth it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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