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"Sam Fisher, older and now, much more wise."

The original Splinter Cell introduced something new to the stealth gaming world: it was almost completely light based. The unbelievable lighting system wowed many, and the graphics of that game had been nothing anyone had ever seen before. Now comes along Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow (odd tagline, no?), but does it cure some of the ailments of the original?

This was my biggest gripe about the original. Instead of relying more on skill and quick thinking, S.C. seemed to rely more on trial and error, which led to much tedium and frustration. I am very happy to say, that P.T. almost completely corrects this. Every action I took that caused me to be discovered was completely my fault, and in result, this forces you to think more about your actions than before. Levels have also become more creative, diverse, and intelligently designed. I'm quite sure that you will agree, that the Train level is quite possibly one of the most exhilarating gameplay expierences you will ever endure. Also, seperate paths may also be taken throughout each level, giving each one it's own unique challenge. New moves? Got 'em. The new half-split jump is indespensable, and hanging upside down while being able to snipe enemies is incredibly helpful.

Of course, graphics in this game are simple astounding. There were times when I thought I was interacting with live TV. Everything about Sam and his visual wonderbag has been completely revamped. The lighting system seems to have stayed slightly the same, but by no means is that a bad thing. Need to get by a well lit area, or be spotted by a dozen guards? No problem, just shoot out the light with your pistol and move forward. It's touches such as these that make this game great. Does it once again put itself at the top of the pack? Debatable, but no one can deny that this game is a graphical masterpiece.

Once again playing an immensely large role, sound at times can be your biggest benefactor, and your worst enemy. Since it can't really be described, let me just give you some examples: an enemy is down a narrow hall, and with no way to get by him, you shoot out a light to progress forward slightly, and then jump high up to perform a half split. Once prepped, you make Sam whistle, drawing the enemy forward to search for the noise, and when he positions himself below you, you drop down onto his head and render him unconscious. Impressive, no?

Holy crap, I don't even know how to describe how freaking cool multiplayer is. Simply put, this is the single greatest multiplayer mode ever put into an action/adventure game. Here's the premise, if you don't already know: two players take on the role of ShadowNet agents, trying to infiltrate a base and complete an objective. Argus mercenaries, already in the base, try to stop the ShadowNet agents. Its a game of cat-and-mouse. But how much fun and how suspensful it really is can't be described without peeing yourself. I'll give you an example from one of the games: I'm playing as a spy,and I'm halfway into infiltrating the base along with my comrade, with no sign of any merc.Then, I hear loud footsteps down the hall, and in a moment of panic, jump to the ceiling, kick my legs up around a pipe, and wait for him to pass. As he walks under me, a wave of fear rushes over me, hoping that he won't look up. Luckily, he passes, I drop down, and cap him in the head. Every single game is like this. Every single game is utter bliss.

Final Word:
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow is a stealth revolution. No other way to put it. The first game introduced the idea, and now Pandora Tomorrow perfects it. With multiplayer added in, it makes Sam Fisher the king of the stealth soldiers once again.

Rent or Buy: BUY!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/28/04

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