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"One of the best games I've ever played"

This game is better then the first and the same in many ways.

One way the game is different is the moves.You get to use some new moves like the swat turn and the half split jump then jump and the half split jump and the hanging upside down shooting and the back to wall throwing and of course all the old moves.

In addition to the moves you get to use new weapons,like the flashbang grenade which is incredible useful for knocking opponents out and for not getting caught so they dont set off the alarms.There are also chaff grenades which I found completely useless because its pretty much like for cameras which you can shoot out lights and cameras and you dont have to worry about the shortage of ammo anymore.Also the medical kits aren't like kits any more they're more like stations with five kits available which is very useful.

In addition to the moves and weapons the enemies are pretty much the same except they radio in and set off alarms which is incredible annoying so there is a lot more stealth involved.But do not worry the alarm status goes down.The enemy snipers are very hard to avoid if you are running even in the shadows.There are some new traps like tripwires which kill you in one hit.Unlike the first one there are alomst no wallwines involved through the whole game.They now have motion sensors and of course the gun turrets.

The multiplayer warfare is incredible with two sides.The mercenaries and the spies.The levels aren't great.If you dont have system link or Xbox live you are outta luck because there is no split screen play.The gadgets for each side are different for the spies you can use thesticky camera,the chaff grenade,flashbang grenades,spy bullets,andalarm trigger or something and of course you get to use thermal and night vision.For the mercenariesyou get to use tasers,mines,spy traps,frag Grenadesand someothers and motion scanner and the magnetic scanner and the flashlight.

There aren't as many levels but they are more challenging.But not one level is extremely difficult which will take you a couple of days like the CIA level in the first one.There really is no training in the game the first mission is like a training/mission and even that level is moderately difficult thr first time around.Over all the game is more challenging then the first one.

THis game is great in almost everything it has in it and is better then the first and makes most other games like crap.This game is a must have for anyone who enjoyed the first one and likes shooting games.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/31/04

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