Review by pilot2023

Reviewed: 04/05/04

A Truly Great Game

This game proves that the Ubisoft crew really knows what they are doing. The first game was awesome in its own right, but the tweaks and additions provided here put the cherry on top. From the improved physical moves, to the multiplayer mode, this game has surpassed my expectations and falls into the category that only contains the best of all of the Xbox games ever released.

The single player mode, while not too different from the first Splinter Cell, is still great. The addition of the half-split jump, the improved HUD, and the heart-stopping graphics all make the game more than worth buying. I especially love the train mission and the submarine mission; both of these are truly different from all of the other missions in both games. The technical improvements made also really smooth over the gameplay. Having the optic cable and the lockpick selections in the onscreen menu instead of in the inventory make the lockpicking go quicker and also make the optic cable more useful. The addition of the laser sight on the pistol, while not often useful, is still very cool and realistic. Also, making the health packs stationary mean that you have to spend less time finding, collecting, and using the health packs.

The multiplayer mode is something that really transcends the boundaries of the single-player mode. One would expect that a game that relies on the third-person view to carry the single-player mode to only feature the same view in multiplayer (which in itself is not something expected in a game like Splinter Cell). Adding the first-person shooter capability is great, even more so because it is done so well.

The problems with this game are few and far between. Occasionally in the single player mode you can see a few strange graphical artifacts created by the green thing on Fisher's back. Also, there are a few extremely frustrating parts, especially in the last level. Some of the multiplayer physics (particularly with the spies) seem a little strange. The mercenary secondary items can be a little tough to use, and there are not enough objects in the world that the players can manipulate. Also, the game in general seems a little short, having only eight missions (even though some are fairly long); even on hard difficulty, I can get through the missions in what seems to be a very short amount of time. Normal difficulty took only about two and a half days, playing several hours a day.

Even though there are a few shortcomings, I really love this game. The gameplay and general Elysian beauty of the graphics (which finally end the Splinter Cell vs. Ghost Recon argument I was in) overcome any problems this game has. I strongly recommend this game to anyone who loved the first game, anyone who is a fan of Tom Clancy and spy games in general, and anyone who likes an engaging story, great graphics, and awesome gameplay.

Boffo, a good one.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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