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"Sam is back, and he brought some friends!"

I am writing a review for the game Tom Clanceys Splinter Cell : Pandora Tommorow. I hope to give you a review that is unbiased and provide you adequate information towards this game. I have broken this review into several sections, and I will make a subtotal in the conclusion of this review. Now without further delay, I will get on with the game.

Story 8/10: The Basic story of this game is that a columbian crimelord, Sadono, is the head of a corporation that is trying to release a smallpox virus upon the world, using computer like devices called ND133's. This is also the reasoning behind the multiplayer portion of this game. Xbox Live and System Link provide you with Eight maps filled with several ND133's, where you and a partner working for an organization dubbed ''Shawdownet'' must work together to disarm, extract or nutralize the virus containers. The mercenary team, working for ''Argus'' must defend the containers untill the end of the game. A reasonable story, but it also brings questions to mind, liek ''Why don't the terrorists just hide the viral containers?'' or ''Why don't they just stay permanently locked?''

Gameplay 9/10: Single player gameplay hasnt changed much at all since the last game. Almost all the graphics and scenery is all the same. Although the new outdoor maps are very nice and extremly well done. The AI is exactly the same, and even the character models havn't changed, besides their clothes. Alot of new moves have been added, but most of them are kind of pointless, like being able to shoot while hanging upsidedown. They added some more throwable objects like jars and small vases, but they seemed to take out some of the light objects, such as curtains or fabrics. The real gem of this game is the online play. theres nothing more exciting then being caught trying to disarm the tediously slow viral containers, and having to run away from the mercenaries. The gameplay feels alot like your spider man, because you can run up walls, jump onto boxes and then jump onto poor mercenaries, knocking them unconcious. Then only way to really kill a mercenary is either break his neck, or to jump on him twice, since each time it knocks off half his health. When you have a mercenary in your arms you can press ''white'' and taunt him before you kill him. Being a mercenary isn't as bad as it seems, usually you will be forced to anyway since everyone uses spies anyway. They can use things like mines and traps to catch careless players. Both teams are well balanced, because of the spies non lethal weapons and the mercenaries first person gameplay.

Sound 7/10: The sound in this game is mostly ambient, there is only about 5 or 6 songs in the game, which are nicely done by the way. Almost everyone from the first game are back to recast their voices.Gun sounds and other sound effects are also the same. Guard voices are the main problem here because not only are they all perfect english, they also have no accents whatsoever. Replayability 9/10: The multi-player on this game will keep you busy for weeks. No matter how much you play it, all the levels are still fun because each time it is different. The basic game is fairly easy, and can be beaten in about 40 hours, which is ok for rookies at the game but professionsal will be almost bored throughout the game.

Final Score 8/10: This is a great game for almost anyone, especially if you like stealth games. However, unless you have Xbox live, you might want to rent it first. A great game and an instant classic, a definate buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/12/04

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