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"Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow"

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow,
Well, I own it now, and I'm impressed with it.
The single player stuff is bleh, but the multiplayer is freaking awesome!
You have to have 2 Xboxes to explore 2 player though (link cable) one XB is the mercenary team (machine gun, riot armor) and the other XB is the spy team (stun guns, stealth suits) basically the spy team tries to capture a certain item, most likely a vial of some sort. And the mercs just protect it. Sounds simple ... right? Nuh-uh, you've got a billion different alarms you can plant if you're a mech, and spies have some pretty nifty traps themselves. Basically, you've got to have major teamwork, and the eyes of a hawk to succeed. Does it compare to Halo? My first answer would be 'yes', but my second is 'no'. It's a BLAST to play, but unlike Halo it isn't frantic, shoot-em-up action stylized. So, here are my scores:
(all on a 10 point scale)

Entertainment (how fun) - 8.5
It was great in multiplayer, but sadly single player isn't any different from the first. So, if you're not a social gamer, get the $20 prequel instead.

Controls (how well the controller corresponded with the game) - 9.5
I swear, this game was made for Xbox! The controls melt in with the smooth gameplay. Not much has changed from the last one, and that goes for the controls as well. That's why I say, 'If it isn't broken, don't fix it'...

Graphics (game visuals) - 10
Oh ... my ... God! This is the mother of all eye candy titles. I have never and I mean ever seen anything that can even compare with this! It's right up there with Ninja Gaiden and anything else you can throw at me, lol. The lights are perfectly cast along the shadows, and the darkness is exactly that...darkness. You'll not find a finer blend of colors around. Every little detail is completely saturated in every pixel imaginable. Throw a can, watch the shadow as it lands. Jump from a train, see your shadow contrast a nearby building... It's, put simply, gorgeous.

Sound (how the sfx flow with the game) - 9.5
Wow, you can hear anything, and everything if you position yourself right. Gone are the days when spying on people means you can look anywhere you damn well please. No, if you want to hear what's being said, you'd better look over there and pay attention. Gunfire, punches, hell, even footsteps will have you looking over every inch of that tv carefully...

Replay Value (would I do it all again?) - 6.5
Once again, this is where the game really lacks. The overall single player version is a clone of the first. The story isn't great either. So, unless you're playing (once again) socially, you probably won't last through this one another round.

Final Judgement:
Entertainment - 8.5
Controls - 9.5
Graphics - 10
Sound - 9.0
Replay - 6.5

Social gamer: BUY
Reclusive gamer: RENT

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/09/04

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