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    Quest Guide by SThornfeldt

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    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GotY (Xbox)
    All Quests/Walkthroughs by Samantha Thornfeldt
    Version 1
    I.    Introduction
    II.   Bal Molagmer Quests
    III.  Misc. Quests
           a.) The Shadow Amulet
           b.) Hentus' Pants
           c.) Aeta's Family Heirlooms
           d.) Finding Haj Ei
           e.) Ienas Sarandas' Debts
           f.) The Bad People Bloodbath
           g.) Llaalam's Note
           h.) The Cloudcleaver
           i.) Gateway Haunting
           j.) Hisin's Cure
           k.) Find Thoronor's Friend
           l.) Kill Trerayna
           m.) The Lady and The Rogue
           n.) Missing Husband
           o.) Dunmer With a Dagger
           p.) Ralen's Contract
    IV.   Closing Words/Copyright/Credits
    Section I: Introduction
    This is indeed my first attempt at writing a FAQ. I never thought about
    doing one until I found the wonderful game that is known as Morrowind. 
    I soon found out that I needed a little guidance during many of the
    quests and turned to GameFaqs. Sure, alot of them helped me, but others
    were entirely too vague leaving me to brood at my journal commenting,
    "Thanks alot, Captain Obivous. I already knew that".
    I think everyone knows the basics of Morrowind. It's a first person RPG
    (Although you can change your view to a back shot and rotate) with a 
    vast, I emphasize on vast, world with more than enough quests to keep 
    you busy for awhile. You will get sucked in. I also emphasize on will.
    This is my little contribution to GameFaqs with a group miscellaneous
    & guild quests that I intend to add to over a period of time. According
    to a few places I've read, there are over 85 misc. quests in Morrowind.
    I intend to shoot for as many as I can trigger and solve. Please don't
    hesitate to e-mail if you have one you've completed or triggered.
    Section II: Bal Molagmer Quests
    This is an independent (although short) group of quests given to you by
    Gentlemen Jim Stacey at the Vivec Foreign Quarter canton. To get to 
    Stacey you must (obviously) first get to Vivec (take the boat or the 
    strider, of course) and head to the Foreign Quarter (the first canton). 
    Get to the second level by taking one of the ramps to one of the Lower
    Waistworks. Enter and go down the stairs within the waistworks to the 
    canals. Their are two entrances, one takes you to the healer, clothier,
    tomb, etc area. The other takes you to the Bookstore area. Enter the 
    bookstore, it's pretty small, and head to the back of the shop where 
    the locked door is. Unlock it and go through. There shall be Jim and 
    his assistant.
    Bal Molagmer Quest I: The Hlervu Locket
    For your first quest Jim wants you to steal a locket and return it to
    it's rightful owner. The locket is in the Venim Manor in Ald'ruhn. Once
    in Ald'ruhn, head for the Manor Distirct (or "Under Skarr"). The Venim
    Manor is there. Once you enter the district go across the bridge in 
    that's directly in front of you. Once you hit a crossroad of bridges,
    turn right. Follow that bridge to the wall and take another right. The
    Venim Manor should be at the end of that bridge. Once inside the Venim 
    Manor, take a left to the Guard Quarters. The locket is in one of these
    rooms. The Guard Quarters is basically a hall with a row of doors on 
    side. One of the doors should be locked. Unlock it and enter. There is a
    chest at the foot of the bed. The locket is ON the chest, not inside. 
    Take it. Now we have to return it to the rightful owner. His house is in
    Ald'ruhn, on the eastern side of town. He's not in the house, but 
    wandering very near it. His last name is Hlervu. Return it to him and 
    back to Stacey for your next quest.
    Bal Molagmer Quest II: Yngling's Ledger
    Now it's your job to steal Yngling Half-Troll's finacial ledger. His 
    Manor is in Vivec (St.Olms), so fortunately you're already in Vivec. You
    can get to the St.Olms canton however you like (walk, swim, boat/walk).
    I took the boat from the Foreign Quarter canton to the Arena canton, 
    since there isn't a ferry directly to that canton, and just walked the
    rest of the distance. Once there, head up through the levels of the 
    canton by using the ramps until you reach the two giants doors leading 
    the plaza. There's not really much I can do to lead you to his manor
    as they're are two entrances to the plaza. There are only about six
    shops/buildings in the plaza, so it won't take much to find it. 
    Once in Yngling's manor, head down stairs to the door which is locked.
    If you've gotten this far, I'll assume you know what to do here. Enter.
    This is Yngling's basement where he keeps his prize gamerats (these are
    for another quest). The ledger is also here. Turn left and there should
    be a table with a red book on it. Take it back to Stacey.
    Bal Molagmer Quest III: The Land Deed
    A Vivec noble wants to call a Seyda Neen commoner's land her own. It's
    your job to stop them. You must find the deed. The land deed is in the 
    Library of Vivec. Once again, we're already there. Head to the Temple
    canton of Vivec. You can take a ferry straight there. Once at the canton
    head to the Hall of Wisdom. There are about six entrances to the library 
    from the Hall of Wisdom. Pick one. The deed is in here. Now, whether or
    not you've done the Blade's Vivec Interview quest determines my 
    directions to the deed. Remember, the dunmer female you had to talk to
    who led you to the back of the library to speak? Well, if you've talked
    to her and she's moved, the deed is beside her. Just find her. If you
    haven't done that quest then head north, to the back of the library and
    in between two book shelves. The land deed is on the left shelf under 
    the books Darkest Darkness or Five Songs of King Wulfjarth, I can't 
    quite remember, but they're right beside each other. 
    I'm not quite sure if the NPCs consider it stealing if you grab the deed
    in plain sight, so I used sneak and my amulet of shadows just in case. 
    You can do what you're comfortable with. Grab the deed and head to
    Seyda Neen to return it to Indrele Rathryon. She's the wandering female
    dunmer. I found her near Arille's Tradehouse. Talk to her and return
    the deed. Now head back to Jim Stacey.
    Bal Molagmer Quest IV: Sarethi's Stolen Sword
    One of your fellow theives has stolen a sword from the wrong guy. Jim
    wants you to give the sword, along with a note, back to him. We need to
    head to Ghostgate. That's where his chest is. I usually get there by 
    leaving from Ald'ruhn and follow the paths/large ingame map until I get
    there. It's really simple, but unless you have a better way of getting
    there, please go that way. The point is to get to Ghostgate. Once there
    head to the Tower of Dusk (the tower on the left). Enter the tower and
    head to the Lower part of the tower by following the circle until you
    see a ramp or stairs. Once you enter the room of the lower tower, go 
    through the door on the left. This is the "barracks". Run pass the beds
    on each side to the back of the room. There is Sarethi's chest on the
    left. The chest actually says it's his chest, so you shouldn't get 
    mixed up with a different chest. Place the sword and the note in the
    chest, and that's it. Quest completed.
    Bal Molagmer Quest V: Get Brallion's Ring
    Now we get to teach a slave trader a lesson because as Jim Stacey tells
    us, even though the true Bal Molagmer was a dunmer, he didn't beleive
    in slavery. We must go steal a ring from a slave trader and give it to
    Ilmani back in Vivec. Brallion, the man who's ring we intend to steal,
    is in Sadrith Mora at the Fox Hole Inn. Take to the boat or the mage's
    guild to Sadrith Mora. When coming out of the docks/inn, it's to your
    left near the open air blacksmith and shops. Enter the Fox Hole and go
    down the stairs. There shall be Brallion, the wood elf male. Now, there
    are two ways to get the ring from him. 
    One: You can taunt him into attacking you, kill him, and loot it off of
    Two: You can buy it off of him for 800 gold.
    Three: You pickpocket it off of him. (I did it this way by using my 
    amulet of shadows and sneak)
    Whichever way you choose to do it, get the ring. Now head back to Vivec.
    Ilmani is on the St.Delyn canton. So head there by whichever way you 
    choose (walk, swim, boat/walk). She lives in St.Delyn canal South-one.
    I was a "newbie" when I started this quest and thought that they meant
    the St.Delyn canal works, but no, it's actually on the open air canton.
    Go to the first floor of the canton (outside). It should obviously be 
    on the southern side. Enter the door and hand her the ring.
    And that's it. You've completed the Bal Malogmer Quests.
    Section III: Miscellaneous Quests
    These are a group of quests that I've picked up over the course of 
    playing Morrowind. They don't really have a significant point to the 
    main quest or any of the main houses/guilds quest. There just for fun,
    just to say you've done it, just to pass sometime because you're bored,
    or maybe to get some money/equipment you'd like.
    If you have a quest you've completed or triggered, e-mail me and I'll 
    put it up with your name/e-mail address (if you WANT me to, of course).
    Miscellaneous Quest A: The Shadow Amulet
    Leave Gnisis out of the west gate. Follow the road signs to the town of
    Ald Velothi. After about six road signs you should cross underneath a
    bridge. Once at the end of that path, turn left. You should see a woman
    standing beside a pool of water. Her name being Synette Jeline. She'll
    ask you if you can help a damsel in distress. Ask her about it and she
    will in turn ask you to help her find her ring that rolled into the pool
    behind her. Tell her you will.
    Now here comes the twist. As soon as you find her ring, she and her 
    "invisible" friend will attack. So make sure you're ready for that 
    before you pick up the ring.
    Now, to find the ring. It's obivously in the pool behind her. It's not
    too easy to find in the water, but it does get easier if you take a 
    night seeing potion. But what I personally like to do is try to get my 
    view between the surface of the water and the actually body where the
    view is still clean. It's really simple, actually. Once you find that
    spot look in between the two plants to the left of the pool. Pick it
    up and prepare to fight both women. The lady who you first talked to
    will attack along with her friend, who's wearing the amulet of 
    shadows (who looks transparent, but still very visible).
    After you defeat both women, loot the amulet of shadows off the corpse
    of Tavynu Tedran.
    Miscellaneous Quest B: Hentus' Pants
    If you talk to Hentus Yansrunummu, (who's behind the silt strider in the
    town of Gnisis, in the water) he will tell you that Hainab Lasami stole
    his pants. Hainab (a male dunmer) is a wandering NPC in Gnisis. I found
    him near the Barracks. If you talk to him about Hentus' pants, and your
    faction with him is pretty low, he'll dismiss your question. When I got
    his faction up to 86, he handed the pants over. Take the pants back to
    Hentus and he rewards you with 3 leaves of Hackle-lo.
    Miscellaneous Quest C: Aeta's Family Heirlooms
    Talk to Aeta Wave-Breaker who is east of Caldera. She's literally right
    outside the city, near the moutains. She tells you a band of thieves
    robbed her, taking two of her family heirlooms. She will pay you if you
    bring them back to her. She beleives their leader was Dro'Zhirr. Asking
    Caldera about him will tell you that they (Dro'Zhirr and his bandits)
    hide in a cavern east of Caldera and in the moutains. That cavern is
    Shushishi. Shushishi is directly northeast of Caldera. Obivously it's
    over the moutains, so you'll either want to head south and find the
    path over the mountains or levitate/jump,etc over them. 
    I can't really give directions to the cavern as I wandered all over
    those mountains without a general direction for myself except for the 
    map I use from Gamestop. The cavern is on the end of a dead-end path.
    Once inside an orc with a poison axe will attack. He's the only one 
    who gave me alot of trouble. This cavern is like any other with no big
    crossroads and such. It's pretty much a straight shot to Dro'Zhirr. Of
    course there are other bandits in your way, loot, and a couple slaves 
    you can free. Once you get to Dro'Zhirr, talk to him. I asked him 
    about the heirlooms and told him I would return the heirlooms to Aera 
    and split the reward money with him. He gave me the loot and I never
    did return to him. That's seems to work just fine as you still get paid.
    I suppose you could kill him and take it from him, too. 
    Whatever you decide, get the heirlooms from him and take them back to
    Aeta Wave-Breaker. She'll give you a reward of 300 gold.
    Miscellaneous Quest D: Finding Haj Ei
    In Suran, there is a bounty hunter who wouldn't mind your help. Take
    the silt strider to Suran. Head down the flight of stairs and turn into
    Earthy Delights to your right. To the right in the tavern is Daric 
    Bielle. As soon as you speak to him he tells you of a "stupid slave"
    that has escaped him. He and his partner, Hides His Eyes, have searched
    for months, but have come up empty handed. Eventually you'll come to a 
    point wher you can say you'll choose to look the slave, Haj Ei. Daric
    doesn't have much faith in you. Now it's time to show him otherwise.
    As you ask around the city you will get two different answers. Some 
    will give you no information. They have no idea. Others will tell you 
    to talk with the slave trader in the city, Dranas Saratham. He's in the
    Slave Market in town. He tells you he doesn't know of any slaves, that 
    were his, that had fled. If you get your faction up high enough and ask
    him about Hides His Eyes, he will tell you that his name is an Argonian
    translated name. He lists off a few names it could have possibly been, 
    one being Haj Ei. Now, we begin to piece everything together. 
    Now find Hides His Eyes (or Haj Ei) at the Suran Tradehouse. He's up 
    a few flights of stairs. Talk to him about being Haj Ei and he will ask
    you what you plan to do now that you know his secret. Your choices are
    One: Tell him you are bound by honor to tell Bielle what you know. 
    Hides His Eyes (Haj Ei) will attack you as soon as you choose this 
    option saying much rather die than be forced into slavery. Once you 
    kill him, report back to Bielle. He will give you half of the bounty.
    It being only 150 gold.
    Two: You can tell him that his secret is safe with you. He tells you 
    that he will tell everyone of what you did for him. As far as I can 
    tell, this ups your faction with everyone in the town.
    Miscellaneous Quest E: Ienas Sarandas' Debts
    Talk to one of the following merchants in Ald'ruhn about "work":
    Daynes Redothril in the Pawnbroker Shop.
    Bevene Releth in the Clothier Shop.
    Tiras Sadus in the General Merchandise Shop.
    Bivale Teneran in the Clothier Shop in the Manor District.
    Llether Vari in the Enchanters Shop in the Manor District.
    They will tell you Ienas Sarandas has bought a certain item from them 
    that he was yet to pay them back for. He/She wants you to find Ienas 
    and get the goods from him. Ienas is also in Ald'ruhn. His house is 
    near, if not right across from, the Ald Skar Inn. From here I suppose 
    it's up to you. You can:
    One: Taunt him into attacking you. Kill him and loot the items off of
    Two: Get your faction decently high with him. Talk to him about his 
    debts. Choose to listen to him and give him comforting words. He'll 
    find truth in what you say and give you the items.
    Now talk to each of the vendors and ask them about "work" again. You'll
    automatically return the correct items to them. They'll each give you
    money for returning the items.
    Daynes Redothril will give you 50 gold. Bevene Releth will give you 25
    gold. Tiras Sadus will give you 25 gold. Bivale Teneran will give you 
    50 gold. Finally, Llethri Vari will give you 50 gold. Along with that
    pocket cash, their faction with you will raise pretty high.
    Miscellaneous Quest F: The Bad People Bloodbath
    I'm not quite sure what level you have to be to start this quest, but 
    the arrows are pointing to level 6. Once level 6, ask the citizens of
    Balmora about "little secrets". They will then tell you that Larrius 
    Varro, of the Moonmoth Legion Fort, is looking for you. Moonmoth Fort
    is right outside Balmora. Speak to him and he will tell you a "little
    story". Ask a few more questions and he will ask you to basically 
    slaughter five members of the Camonna Tong. He doesn't know their 
    names, but tells you there is a Smith, a Scout, a Pawnbroker, a Savant,
    and a Thief. He then directs you to the Balmora thieves guild to get
    their names and their locations.
    Speak to someone in the thieves guild and they will tell their names
    and their location. All five are at the Council Club in Balmora. Head
    there. It's right in front of the silt strider, at the bottom of the
    steps. Your targets are:
    Vadusa Sathryon: The Scout
    Marasa Aren: Pawnbroker
    Madrale Thirith: Thief
    Sovor Trandrel: Savant
    Thanelen Velas: Smith
    Thanelen is to your left as soon as you walk in. I taunted each person
    into attacking me, but if you enjoy fleeing from guards, paying fines, 
    and whatever else makes your gameplay exciting, do what you would like
    to do. After you're done with Thanelen, go down the stairs. Marasa, 
    Vadusa, and Sovor are all in this room. I taunted Sovor into attacking
    me, and Vadusa and Marasa helped him none the less. Madrale is down
    the ramp, in front of two closed doors. After the deed is done to all
    five, head back to Larrius. He then gives you your rewards of a Ring
    of Surroundings and a volume of Biography of the Wolf Queen.
    Miscellaneous Quest G: Llaalam's Note
    Llaalam Dredil wants you to play messenger boy for a bit. He's upstairs
    in the Grand Council Chamber in Ebonheart right beside Duke Vedam Dren.
    Talk to him about errands and he'll give you a letter to give to 
    J'zhirr. J'zhirr is in the East Company Hall. It's near the docks. He's
    in the right hand corner of the room. Give him the letter and he'll in
    turn give you a letter for Llaalam. Return to Llaalam in the Council
    Chamber and give him the letter. He'll give you your reward of 75 gold.
    Miscellaneous Quest H: The Cloudcleaver
    Use the mage's guild to port you to Caldera. Leave Caldera out of the
    North Gate. Walk along that road and eventually you should meet up with
    a half-naked Nord, Hlormar Wine-sot. Talk to him and you'll eventually 
    learn that a witch was travling with stripped him and took his beloved 
    axe, the Cloudcleaver. He wants you to help him get it back. Agree to
    help him. He'll now follow you to the witch. 
    Turn down the Northeast road that heads to Ald'ruhn. Head down said 
    road until you hit a crossroad with a set of road signs. Head down the
    north path that leads to the backs roads of Maar Gan, Buckmoth Fort, and
    Ald'ruhn. Follow that road until you meet Sosia Caristiana, the witch.
    Talk to her and she'll give you an entirely different story than that of
    Hlormar. Continue talking to her and she'll give you an offer to give to
    Hlormar. Speak to Hlormar again and he'll refuse Sosia's offer. He then
    gives you the option of choosing sides between himself and Sosia. Now's
    your time to choose...
    One: Choose Sosia. If you choose her, Hlormar will automatically attack
    you. Kill him and speak with Sosia. As your reward, she will give you
    three potions. An exclusive restore health, quality restore fatigue, 
    and quality fortify health.
    She also still has the Cloudcleaver, so I suppose you can kill her for
    it as well.
    Two: Choose Hlormar. If you choose him, he will automatically attack
    Sosia. Help him and kill her. Loot her body of the Cloudcleaver. The
    Nord will then speak to you, asking for the Cloudcleaver. If you give
    it to him, he will reward you with 2 strength points.
    I suppose you could also kill him for the Cloudcleaver as well.
    Miscellaneous Quest I: Gateway Haunting
    Head to Sadrith Mora. There's ghost in the Gateway Inn and no one knows
    what do. They drive it away, but it only respawns. We need to go talk 
    to Angaredhel in the Inn. The Inn right in front of the docks. The man
    we're looking for is directly in front of you as you enter. Speak to 
    him of "work" and he'll give you the details of the haunting. He then
    suggests you go speak to Arara Uvula at the Telvanni Council House. The
    House is also in Sadrith Mora.
    It took me awhile to find the house, too. It's a little isolated from 
    the rest of the city and off the main road. Walk north through the open
    air "bazaar" (where there are about three merchents under a canopie). 
    it's near Fara's Fox Hole. Straight ahead should be the Council House.
    Enter and keep going straight into another room. The Telvanni "mouths"
    are all on little platforms. Arara is to your right. Speak to her and
    she'll tell you she checked out the house herself and suspects it to be
    a conjuration expert. Go speak with Angaredhel again. It appears there
    is a conjuration teacher in Sadrith Mora. She's at the Wolverine Hall
    Mage's Guild. Her name is Uleni Heleran. Once you talk to her, she'll
    admit that it was all a joke. She'll then give you "Ghost-Away" papers
    to give Angaredhel. Speak to him again and you'll get three options of
    how to handle the situation. He'll then give you your reward, but it's 
    your choice of a Fighter Ring, a Thief Ring, and a Mage Ring.
    Miscellaneous Quest J: Hisin's Cure
    There's another half-naked Nord out there who needs your help. Head to
    Ald'ruhn. Leave out the West gate (the main gate). Take a right (west)
    at the intersection. You'll then hit another intersection. Head west
    again towards Caldera and Gnisis. You'll once again hit an intersection.
    Go north/northeast towards Balmora and Caldera. There shall be Hisin
    Deep-raed on your right. Speak to him and he'll tell you of yet another
    witch who paralyzed him and, yes, stripped him as well. He needs your
    help. You'll get a few options. You can refuse him, use a cure common
    disease spell, or use a cure common disease potion. Whichever you would
    like to choose, free him and get your reward of his father's helm, The
    Miscellaneous Quest K: Find Thoronor's Friend
    East of the Kummu Fields is Alof's Farmhouse. There's a path heading 
    from the Farmhouse to a cross road that leads east of west. Take the 
    west path (your right) to get to Thoronor. He's not that far at all. 
    Ask him about his friend. He'll tell you that he and his friend were
    seperated when he his friend went to investigate some strange animal
    sounds he heard. Thoronor wants you to find him. 
    Edras Oril is his name. Go back to Alof's Farmhouse and take the east
    path this time. Edras will be on your left. On the way you should run
    into two mating Kagouti. Make sure to kill them as Edras won't budge
    until they're dead. Once you find Edras, lead him back to Thoronor. Talk
    to Thornor again and he'll reward you with an Amulet of Snowfalling.
    Amulet of Snowfalling
    Weight 1.0
    Cast When Used
    Snowfall 30 points for 10 seconds on self
    Charge 44/225
    Miscellaneous Quest L: Kill Trerayna Dalen
    Mollimo of Cloudrest wants you to help him out. Trerayna Dalen and a 
    band of others are camped out in front of Tel Branora and refuse to 
    leave until their problems with Mistress Therana are resolved. Mollimo
    wants you to kill Trerayna along with her group. Why you? Apparently
    Therana won't let Mollimo leave the tower to deal with Trerayna. It's
    on you now.
    Head to Tel Branora by way of boat. You can head there from the Vivec
    docks. Mollimo of Cloudrest wanders around the city. I found him on the
    "tree ramp" that heads towards the main tower. Talk to him and he should
    automatically give you the quest. As I said, the group is camping right
    outside the city. They're near the entrance. Their names:
    Trerayna Dalen (The "Leader")
    Obivously once you attack Trerayna, the others will attack you. Once 
    you've done the deed report back to Mallimo. He'll pay you the 1,000
    gold as promised.
    Miscellaneous Quest M: The Lady and The Rogue
    Head to Pelagiad. Now leave and head towards Balmora using the road
    signs. On the way, about halfway, you should see Maurrie Aurmine. Speak
    with her and she'll tell you she was robbed by quite a handsome and 
    charming rogue. As you continue asking questions, you begin to realize
    she's more interested in the rogue than the jewels he stole. She'll
    eventually give your her left glove after enough questions. Where does
    she want the glove taken? The Rogue, of course. 
    His name is Nelos Onmar and he's at the Halfway Inn in Pelagiad. He's 
    the male dunmer near the bar. Speak to him and deliver the glove. He'll
    then give you a letter for Maurrie in turn for the glove. Race back to
    her and deliver it. She thanks you and tells you that you should go
    talk to her friend Barnand Erelie. Barnand is in Sethan's Tradehous in
    Tel Branora. He's right in front of you as you walk in. Speak with him
    of Maurrie and he'll reward you with three exclusive healing potions.
    (You may also leave from Balmora and head to Pelagiad in you would like
    that way better. I only said Pelagiad because Maurrie is closer to 
    Pelagiad than Balmora.)
    Miscellaneous Quest N: Missing Husband
    Moroni Uvelas is worried about her skooma addicted husband. He's been
    gone a few days and she hasn't heard anything about him. She'll ask of
    your help. She works in the St. Olms Brewers and Fishmongers Hall in 
    the waistworks of St. Olms. Speak to her of her missing husband. She'll
    tell you that he and his friends would go down into the underworks 
    after they aquired some skooma. Head to the Canalworks of St. Olms and
    take a trapdoor down into the Underworks. 
    I can't really give you directions to him because there a multiple 
    entrances to the Underworks. The Underworks isn't huge, so it's not too
    hard to manuever around. Through one of the tunnels is a corprus
    stalker. Kill him and loot Danar's ring. Head back to Moroni and return
    the ring. She's thankful despite the news. She'll reward you with three 
    cure common disease potions.
    Miscellaneous Quest O: Dunmer with a Dagger
    Go to the Temple Canton and then to the Hall of Justice. Once in the
    Hall of Justice, head to the Office of the Watch. Speak to Elam Andas.
    He'll tell you that two ordinators and five outlanders were murdered by
    having their throats slashed. Frightingly enough, the ordinators didn't
    even have time to draw their weapons. Elam wants you to figure out what
    is going on. The only thing you have to go on is what a witness saw.
    They saw a woman dunmer with a dagger, in and skirt and netch armor. 
    If you ask around Vivec, they will tell you they saw a woman by that
    description in the Foreign Quarter Underworks. 
    Get to the Foreign Quarter canton and then to to the Waistworks. From
    there go to the Canalworks. And finally, from the canalworks take one
    of the trapdoors to the Underworks. Once again, there are too many
    entrances to be able to give directions, but soon you should come 
    across, yes, a female dunmer in a skirt and netch armor. She saw me 
    from a pretty good distance, too. Kill her and report back to Elam.
    He will let you decide on your reward. Either a Indoril Helm and
    Cuirass or a Belt of the Armor of God. If someone has the stats for
    the Indoril Armor, feel free the send that in.
    Miscellaneous Quest P: Ralen's Contract
    Alusaron's business hasn't been too busy lately. He blames it on the
    smith a few shops down from him owned by Ralen Tilvur. Alusaron
    could use you help.
    Alusaron is a blacksmith at the Foreign Quarter will a shop of his own.
    He'll tell you Ralen Tilvur is taking all his business and he believes
    he's doing it in a shady fashion. He wants you to get a armor/weapon
    contract from Ralen, so that he may do the order himself. 
    Head to Ralen Tilvur's smith shop which is east of Alusaron's shop. 
    Enter and unlock the door (a 30 point lock). Go down the flights of 
    stairs until you enter a room. The contract is straight ahead on the
    drawers. Take it and return to Alusaron. He rewards you with the 
    Firebite War Axe.
    Axe, One Handed
    Chop: 1 - 11
    Slash: 1 - 6
    Thrust: 1 - 2
    Condition: 640/640
    Weight: 12.0
    Cast When Strikes
    Fire Damage 3 to 5 points
    Charge: 10/10
    Section IV: Closing Words/Copyright/Credits
    And a big thank you to those who helped in the process of making this
    Mikko Kotamaki - I'd like to give credit to Mikko for motivating me to
    even *think* about writing this guide. Obivously, without him, there 
    wouldn't have been a guide.
    Jack Sjostrom - I'm thanking him for helping me big time on basically
    completing the game. Esspecially on the Bal Molagmer quests. But most
    of all I thank him for playing Morrowing with me long into the wee 
    hours of the morning.
    deathmetalvixen - I would like to give her credit for pointing out 
    that the cavern in the Aeta Heirloom quest was Shushishi and the
    location of Shushishi.
    The makers, the board, the distributers, and everyone who did their 
    part in the making of the almighty game of Morrowind. 
    Gamefaqs for being the most frequent site I use and for posting this.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright 2004 to Samantha Thornfeldt and is 
    protected under International Copyright Law.
    (c) 2004 Samantha Thornfeldt. All Rights Reserved.

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