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    Conflicting Quests Guide by Lord Malak

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    Elder Scrolls III :  Morrowind
    Conflicting Quests Guide V 1.0 Updated (03/08/05)
    By Sean Swail
    Copyright (c) 2005 Sean Swail.  All rights reserved
    Table of Contents
    I. Version History
    II. Intro
    III.  Notes before starting
    IV.  Direct conflicts
    V. Indirect Conflicts
    VI. Other Conflicts
    VII.  Glitches
    VIII.  Credits
    IX. Copyright
    X. Contact
    I. Version History
    Version 1.00 - 03/08/05
    -Created template of guide, and included a few
    important conflicts, glitches.  Wrote a few
    introductory notes for general avoidance of 
    conflicts in Morrowind.
    Version 1.01 - 03/09/05
    - Added bulk (10 or so) of the conflicts
    II. Intro
    I started this guide after about two weeks into my 
    third file because I ran into a problem with advancement
    in House Redoran.  It is my goal every time I play
    Morrowind, to do everything it's possible to do.  This
    includes being the head of every organization.  I have
    only done this once, and when I attempted to do it twice,
    I ran into a problem, so I am creating this guide for anyone
    who likes to be a true Lord of Morrowind, and who wants to avoid
    the frustration of having to start from scratch because a quest
    conflicted with another quest.
    III. Notes before starting
    My second Morrowind character was a male High Elf, born under the
    Atronach, level 65, and stats currently
    standing at Magic: 673, Health: 489.  Every one of my attributes
    is maxed, save for Luck.  All my major/minor skills and 90% of my
    miscellaneous skills are at 100.  I was the head of every organization
    Fighters Guild: Master
    Mage's Guild: Arch-Mage
    Thieve's Guild: Master Thief
    Morag Tong: Grandmaster
    House Telvanni: Arch-Magister
    House Hlaalu: Grandmaster (glitch)
    East Empire Company: Factor
    Imperial Legion: Knight of the Imperial Dragon
    Imperial Cult: Primate
    Tribunal Temple: Patriarch
    Ashlanders: Hearthfriend (highest possible)
    Blades: Operative (highest possible)
    Chieftain of Thirsk
    I owned 5 houses shown below
    Telvanni Wizards Tower Stronghold:  Uvirith's Grave
    Hlaalu Stronghold: Just outside Balmora
    Factor's Residence: Raven Rock (Solstheim)
    Caius Casades' house: Balmora
    Chieftain's Room in the mead hall: Thirsk (Solstheim) 
    My equipment included the following
    Necromancer's Amulet
    Boots of Blinding Speed/Custom Enchanted Daedric Boots
    Enchanted Daedric Greaves
    Custom Enchanted Daedric Pauldrons
    Fist of Randagulf
    Dragonbone Cuirass
    Custom Enchanted Daedric Tower Shield
    Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
    Royal Signet Ring (from king Helseth in Tribunal expansion)
    Custom Enchanted Ring, pants, shirt, belt
    I also owned 30 scrolls of Windform (levitate 500 pts, invisibility
    for 60 seconds), and all of the propylon indexes.
    Judging from the above information, you can probably tell that I've
    been around Vvardenfell a few times, and probably know what I'm doing.
    Having become the master of all guilds save House Hlaalu, I can
    comfortably tell you who you can kill without having to worry about
    conflicts later on.
    This probably goes without saying, but if you're planning on being master
    of every guild, don't do anything that may result in an NPC 
    being inaccessible
    to you unless you know they're not important.  Even freeing 
    slaves can prevent
    you from completing some quests (as i found out the hard way)
    Using common sense and your knowledge of Morrowind, you should realize
    that doing the Morag Tong quests first is probably the worst thing you 
    could do, as the Morag Tong is an assassin guild, 
    and most likely, at least one person you're going to assassinate will 
    be a key character in a quest for another faction.
    So if you're planning to be part of the Morag Tong, 
    wait until all other faction quests are out of the way.
    There are some cases in which certain quests that may conflict do
    not have to be completed.  If you have already completed a quest, and
    now cannot complete another quest, check other quest givers for that
    guild and get duties from them.  It is still possible to advance to
    the highest rank without completing every duty possible in most cases.
    However, for some quests, for example, gaining the support of Redoran
    Councilors, you MUST complete the quests assigned to you, there are no
    IV. Direct Conflicts
    1. Location : Balmora
    Fighters Guild :  Sottilde's Code Book.  Issued by Eydis Fire-Eye
    Thieve's Guild :  Becoming a member of the thieve's guild
    If you have not joined the Thieves guild and you complete this quest,
    you will not be able to join because the code book is owned by Sottilde
    (obviously) who is a thieve's guild member.
    Way around:  Become a member of the thieve's guild, just to be safe,
    do a few duties for them as well, and then join the fighter's guild.
    When you reach the Sottilde's code book quest, you can do a few things.
    One, you can stop taking quests from Eydis Fire-Eye.  Two, you can
    kill Sottilde (I'm 99% sure that she doesn't have any other
    significant role in other quests) and take the book from her.  Or
    three, you can take the bittergreen cup quest from the Thieve's guild,
    to bribe Eydis, and she will cease to support the Commona Tong and
    give you new orders, thus bypassing the code book quest.
    2. Location : Balmora/Ald'ruhn
    Thieve's Guild :  Get key to Nerano Manor.  Issued by Sugar Lips Habasi
    House Redoran : Get Nerano to withdraw slander.  Issued by Athyn Sarethi
    Sugar lips will tell you that she wants the key to Nerano manor.  You can
    either bribe his servant into giving it to you (located in Council club)
    or you can pickpocket/kill Ondres Nerano for it.  DO NOT KILL ONDRES NERANO
    if you plan on completing house redoran.  
    One of the quests given by Athyn Sarethi
    involves challenging Ondres to a duel.  He can't duel if he's dead can he?
    Way around: There are two ways around this.  One is to get the key from
    Savor Trandel (Nerano's servant) by going to the Balmora Council Club,
    bribing him and then asking him about Nerano Manor when his disposition
    is high enough (around 80 should do it).  The other is to go to Nerano
    manor, and pickpocket Ondres Nerano and take the key from him.  (this
    is obviously the tougher option, but early in the game, you don't have
    a lot of money to bribe people, so it might be the better option.
    3. Location : Tel Vos/Just outside Balmora
    Involves minor glitch
    House Telvanni : Kill Raynasa Rethan.  Issued by Master Aryon
    House Hlaalu :  Being member of house hlaalu
    There is a glitch in the game that allows you to become a member of
    both House Telvanni and Hlaalu.  If you are a member of Hlaalu, and
    you acquire the stronghold near Balmora, then Raynasa Rethan will not
    be in it, and you will not be able to kill her and complete
    Aryon's quest.  Wait until after you kill her and then join Hlaalu if
    you want to join both.
    Way around:  To avoid this, complete the quest to kill Raynasa
    Rethan first, and then you can use the glitch to join House Hlaalu.
    This way you get to complete the House Telvanni quest, and Raynasa's
    stronghold will be empty, allowing you to take possession of it.
    4. Location : Urshilaku Camp/Assorted parts of Vvardenfell
    Urshilaku :  Seven Trials.  Issued by Wise Woman Nibani Maesa
    of the Urshilaku ashlander tribe
    Temple:  All quests.  Issued by any quest giver
    As part of the main quest, you will be required to complete seven
    trials given by the Urshilaku ashlanders.  After completing the third
    trial, the temple will learn of your quest to be named Nerevarine
    and they will cease to trust you, and will not issue any more quests.
    The only way to regain their trust and to complete more quests is to
    complete the 4th and 5th trials of the Urshilaku.
    Way around:  Fortunately, this does not permanently affect your
    game.  You can either make sure you do all the temple quests before
    you do the third trial, or you can just put them off until after
    you complete the 4th and 5th trials.
    5. Location : Molag Mar Temple/Galom Deus
    Temple:  Vampire hunt.  Issued by Tharer Rotheloth
    Clan Berne: All quests.  Issued by Raxle Berne
    Raxle Berne is the head of the Berne vampire clan, located
    in a dwemer ruin called Galom Deus.  The quest the temple sets
    for you is to clear out the vampires from Galom Deus.  So if you
    were planning on joining Clan Berne, complete their quests, cure
    yourself of vampirism, and THEN do this quest for the temple.  
    Way around :  There are 3 ways to avoid this problem.  One, join
    a different Vampire Clan.  Two, Complete all the quests given
    by Raxle Berne before completing this quest from the temple.
    Three, ignore this quest and pick one up from another quest
    6. Location : Tel Vos/Gnisis/Morag Tong Hall
    Morag Tong:  Grandmaster writ for Baladas Demevanni.  Issued by
    any MT quest giver.
    House Telvanni : Convince Baladas to join the house.  Issued by
    Master Aryon
    The grandmaster writs are always for very important people, and
    Baladas is one very important person.  If you kill Baladas for the
    Morag Tong, you will not be able to complete a quest given by
    Master Aryon of house Telvanni which involves convincing Baladas
    to join the house.
    Way around:  As I said before, you should always leave the Morag
    Tong quests until last, as they are all assassination missions, some
    involving important people that can be essential to quests.  This
    applies to all other conflicting MT quests listed in this guide.
    7. Location : Sadrith Mora/Tel Mora/Morag Tong Hall
    Morag Tong:  Grandmaster writ for Mistress Therana.  Issued by
    any MT quest giver.
    House Telvanni : Therana's skirt.  Issued by Felissa Ulessen
    Early on in House Telvanni, you will be performing chores for the
    mouths.  Mouths are the representatives of their respective higher-
    ranking wizards.  Felissa will set you a quest to deliver a skirt
    to her mistress, Therana.  Once you deliver the skirt, Therana will
    give you a message to relay to Felissa.  If you have done the 
    grandmaster writ for Therana, she will be dead and cannot give you
    the message.
    8. Location : Gnisis/Sadrith Mora/Morag Tong Hall
    House Telvanni : Ask Baladas 3 questions.  Issued by Mallam Ryon
    Morag Tong : Grandmaster writ for Baladas Demevanni.  
    Issued by any MT quest giver.
    Once again, killing Baladas will prevent you from completing this
    in which you must ask Balada's three questions, and report his answers
    to Mallam Ryon in the Telvanni Council Hall
    9. Location : Gnisis/Assorted quest spots/Morag Tong Hall
    House Telvanni : Two quests.  Issued by Baladas Demevanni
    Morag Tong : Grandmaster writ for Baladas Demevanni.  Issued by
    any MT quest giver.
    I told you Baladas was important.  After performing enough chores
    for the mouths, you can perform two quests for Baladas himself.
    One involves finding three books, and the other a ring.  You get
    some decent rewards from both quests, but if you have assassinated him
    on behalf of the Morag Tong, you're out of luck.
    10. Location : Tel Mora/Ghostgate (Tower of Dusk)/Morag Tong Hall
    House Telvanni : retrieve Auriel's bow.  Issued by Therana
    Morag Tong : Grandmaster writ for Therana.  Issued by any MT
    quest giver
    After completing all the chores for Therana's mouth, Felissa, you
    can get an assignment directly from Therana.  She wants a bow that
    smells of Ash Yams, so go to Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk and kill Ralyn
    Othraval and take it from him.  You get an amazing reward for this
    quest, but only if you haven't fulfilled the grandmaster writ for
    the Morag Tong already.
    11. Location : Vivec/Various Thieve's guild hideouts
    Fighter's Guild : Kill 3 Thieve's guild bosses.  Issued by
    Sjoring Hard Heart
    Thieve's Guild : Any quests given by 3 bosses.  Issued by 
    Sugar Lips Habasi, Big Helende, and Aengoth the Jeweler
    A "killing spree" job given by Sjoring, he asks you to kill
    these three thieve's guild bosses.  If you do it, you will most
    likely be expelled from the Thieve's guild, and even if you aren't,
    it is impossible to advance all the way if you've killed 3 quest
    There is also a second "killing spree" quest given by Sjoring,
    although it only involves killing one person.  That person is
    master of the thieve's guild, Jim Stacey.  If you do this quest,
    you will not be able to complete the Bal Molagmar missions given
    to you by Jim.
    Way around:  Become Master Thief in the Thieve's guild, complete
    all quests given by all 3 bosses, and then do this quest.  Make
    sure to taunt them first to avoid expulsion and fines.
    12. Location : Ald'ruhn/Various Fighter's Guild bases
    Fighter's Guild : Remove Sjoring Hard Heart's supporters
    Issued by Percius Mercius
    Fighter's Guild : Numerous quests.  Issued by Eydis Fire-Eye,
    Lorbumol gro-Agrakh.
    If you want Percius to support you as the new Guildmaster, he
    asks that you kill Sjoring's supporters, as they are allied with
    the Commona Tong, and Percius doesn't like it.  By killing both
    supporters, you will get another quest from Percius, but you will
    not be able to take any more quests from either Eydis, or Lorbumol.
    Also in this same line, the next quest given by Percius is to
    eliminate Sjoring himself.  After you kill Sjoring and return to
    Percius, he will name you the new guildmaster.  However, now you
    will not be able to receive quests from Sjoring.
    Way around: Do Lorbumol's quests first, and Sjoring's if you don't
    want to join the thieve's guild.  And then do this quest.
    13. Location : Ald'ruhn/Vivec
    Mage's Guild : Replace Trebonius as Arch-Mage.  Issued by Edwinna
    Mage's Guild : Numerous quests.  Issued by Trebonius
    Once you reach the rank of Master-Wizard within the guild, Edwinna
    will tell you that she wishes Trebonius had the same love for
    scholarship as you.  You can now challenge Trebonius to a duel.
    If you win, you become the new Arch-Mage and get, in my opinion,
    the best amulet in the game off his body.  However, if you do kill
    him, you will not be able to do any of the quests he can assign you.
    Way around:  Before becoming master-wizard, complete Trebonius'
    quests, then ask for advancement.  You can either become Arch-Mage
    by dueling and killing him, or by completing Skink-In-Trees-Shade's
    last quest to become co-Arch-Mage.  If you become co-Arch-Mage, and
    still want Trebonius' items, taunt him into attacking you.
    V. Indirect Conflicts
    1. Location :  Caldera/Caldera Ebony Mines
    Fighters Guild :  Kill Telvanni Agents.  Issued by Eydis Fire-Eye
    House Redoran : Halt mining operation.  Issued by Garisa Llethri
    This is the quest that caused me to start from scratch.  When you
    travel to the Caldera Ebony mines, DO NOT FREE ANY OF THE SLAVES
    just to be safe.  You can free some, but there is one slave in Slave
    Shack 1 called Dahleena, who is a female Khajit.  She must still be 
    in that shack later, in order for you to complete a house redoran quest
    given by Garisa Llethri.  
    Note:  It is still possible to complete the quest if you have already
    freed Dahleena. You can kill the two men in charge, but you will 
    not get a reward.
    2. Location :  Gnisis Eggmine
    Mage's Guild :  Find Dwemer Airship Plans.  Issued by Edwinna Elbert
    Imperial Legion :  Cure Blighted Queen.  Issued by Darius
    Edwinna sends you to Gnisis, where inside the eggmine, there is a 
    door leading to Bethemez, a buried dwemer ruin.  In the back of the mine,
    the kwama queen has blight disease DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO HER.  Leave her
    the way she is, and if you use magic attacks that have a blast radius, make
    sure you use it well away from her to avoid killing her.  If you kill her,
    you won't be able to complete the quest from the Imperial Legion later on
    that requires you to cure her.
    VI. Other Conflicts
    1. Location :  Vivec
    Morag Tong Guild:  Recover 26 Sanguine items.  Issued by
    Grandmaster Eno Hlaalu
    Eno Hlaalu, located in the Morag Tong Guild hall in Vivec, will
    give you an assignment to track down and bring him 26 items
    called "Sanguine" items.  Each of these have a constant effect
    enchantment on them.  If you become grandmaster of the Morag
    Tong, you will either have to kill Eno, or let him retire.
    Either way, he will disappear forever once you are grandmaster
    so if you want to find these items and complete the quest,
    you have to do it before your final promotion.
    2. Location :  Vivec
    Thieve's Guild:  Bal Molagmar missions.  Issued by 
    Gentlemen Jim Stacey
    Once you have become the Master Thief in the Thieve's guid,
    the old head of the guild, Jim Stacey, will retire and leave.
    He is the only one who can assign you a special set of missions
    called the "Bal Molagmar" missions.  If you are planning on
    doing these missions, you must do so before your final
    VII. Glitches
    There is an annoying glitch that caused my first playthrough to
    be ruined.  Playing as a high elf, I had advanced to the rank of
    wizard in House Telvanni.  I then learned that I needed a mouth to
    advance further.  Once I had my mouth, i automatically advanced to
    Master, without asking.  Once you have the rank of Master in House
    Telvanni, you cannot advance any further, which meant I could not
    become Arch-Magister.  To avoid this, you MUST get a mouth when you
    are still a spellwright.  That way, you will advance automatically
    to Wizard, and then you can ask whoever your sponsor is about
    advancement, and they will tell you about the opportunity to become
    the new Arch-magister.
    Another glitch, mentioned earlier, by killing Orvas Dren (Duke's brother)
    and then talking to Vedam Dren about "Commona Tong", he will make
    you a member of House Hlaalu, regardless of what other house you are in.
    However, if you are a member, a character named Raynasa Rethan, who
    should be in the Hlaalu stronghold just outside Balmora, will not be there
    and this causes you to be unable to complete a quest from Master Aryon
    that requires you to kill her.
    VIII. Credits
    Thanks first, to GameFAQ's, for designing and maintaining
    a highly useful site for gamers in need.
    Thanks also to Steve Miller, author of several in depth
    morrowind FAQ's for the layout he used which I modified
    slightly, but nevertheless found useful.
    IX. Copyright
    This file is an entirely original composition, excluding
    format, and can not be sold, posted or distributed, without
    my written consent.
    Copyright (c) 2005 Sean Swail
    X. Contact
    If you need to contact me for any reason, to report errors,
    omissions, complaints, thanks, etc., my e-mail is
    In your e-mails, please include whether you are playing on PC or
    X-BOX, and just a reminder, flaming, rudeness, or e-mails
    that are so grammatically horrific that I can't understand them,
    will be ignored.

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