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    Glitch/Error Guide by Amarth

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/10/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Xbox Version
    Glitch/DDE FAQ
    Version 1.5
    Copyright 2005 by Amarth (amarth9284@gmail.com)
    A. Introduction
    B. Revisions
    C. Contact Info.
    D. Glitches, DDEs, Crashes, and Loading Problems
    E. Disk Drives
    -1. Samsung
    -2. Phillips
    -3. Thompson
    F. Prevention
    -1. Saving Your Game
    -2. Close Doors Behind You
    -3. Take only what you need
    -4. Watch that File Size
    -5. Delete Unwanted Items
    -6. Dispose of Dead Bodies
    -7. Watch How Much You Carry
    -8. Don't Have Too Many Morrowind Saves
    -9. Perma-spells (Glitch Exploiting)
    G. Known Glitches
    -1. Trueflame's Flame
    -2. Quarra Clan Raw Materials Glitch
    -3. EEC Spriggans
    -4. Temple Informant
    -5. Telvanni Advancement Glitch
    -6. Sharn gra-Muzgob Disappearance
    -7. Moving/Disappearing Silt Striders
    -8. Legion Duel Dialog Glitch
    -9. Ahnassi Disappearance Glitch
    -10. Human/Beast Character Creation Glitch
    H. Legal Junk
    A. Introduction
    I'm writing this FAQ to help those playing Morrowind to avoid those glitches
    and crashes in the game. Bethesda may have fixed many of the glitches that
    where on the original version, but there are still some problems. Keep in mind
    that there isn't any real way to avoid glitches all of the time. No matter how
    hard you may try, you will get a: Dirty Disk Error, Freeze, etc. You may not be
    able to stop these problems entirely, but you can prevent them from happening
    as much as they can later in the game. I hope this guide helps you avoid
    problems while playing Morrowind.
    B. Revisions
    April 1st, 2005: just started putting this faqs together.
    June 29th, 2005: Been working on a new website and getting money for expenses.
    I finally decided to sit down and get this thing updated. I have some stuff to
    add that people sent me through e-mail.
    July 12, 2005: More detail on the Legion Duel Glitch and added the Disappearing
    Ahnassi Glitch.
    August 27, 2005: Added some info to the Legion Duel Dialog Glitch. I also
    removed the "to be confirmed" or whatever from the Legion Duel Dialog Glitch
    because I remember that this also happened to my brother. I have other stuff
    I'm may add later, but I'm not sure if I'll add it.
    August 29, 2005: Missed an e-mail with some info for the "Sharn gra-Muzgob
    Disappearance" glitch. Figured I'd hurry and add it now.
    September 20th, 2005: Added the "Male Imperial" to the list of races/genders
    that trueflame's appearance messes up a little on. This also happens to be my
    first update sense I turned 21 (well, I turned 21 on the 2nd of this month).
    Now my dad gets me to buy his beer for him if he doesn't want to get it
    himself :P
    September 21st, 2005: I have added a complete list of race/gender combinations
    that cause the Trueflame Glitch.
    October 6th, 2005: Update to the Ahnassi Disappearance Glitch.
    June 28th, 2006: Update on my experience with trying to do the "Sharn 
    gra-Muzgob Disappearance glitch.
    C. Contact
    If you need to contact me, feel free to e-mail me at: amarth9284@gmail.com
    Morrowind has always had problems with glitches and DDEs. Luckily, many
    problems have been fixed in the GOTY edition of Morrowind. There are more than
    one type of glitch that you can encounter in the game. There are glitches, like
    the flame on the sword Trueflame appearing incorrectly while playing as certain
    Races and Genders. There are Loading Problems like entering a house to find
    yourself standing in and endless void or an entire city disappearing leaving
    only doors behind. Then, there are the most common and dreaded of all, the DDE
    (Dirty Disk Error). You know when you get a DDE when your playing Morrowind,
    the screen turns black, and you get a message saying that the disk is dirty
    and you should clean it. Another problem is your game Crashing, which appears
    to happen without warning. Lastly, a problem I've had before is things not
    loading correctly. You may enter a house where a section is missing or even
    nothing loading at all (an empty void).
    One thing you may run into is, after you pick up an item, the game will
    automatically save on it's own and then give you the Dirty Disk Error. I
    believe this is a safety the Developers have added for the GOTY edition. The
    save the game makes will be named "Restore" and, when loaded, will take you
    right back to the point just before you picked up the item. You may also notice
    that the game will remove any corpses that you have left behind. Please read
    F6 on this Faq as to why the bodies where removed.
    E. Disk Drives
    Disk Drives have been pointed at in the past for problems with Morrowind. When
    someone goes on the message board and says their Xbox will not read Morrowind
    or their game randomly crashes, people ask them if they have a Thompson Disk
    Drive...or they say they probably have a Thompson Disk Drive. The brand of disk
    drive in an Xbox is one subject people have debated on. The Xbox comes with 1
    of 3 different disk drives: Samsung, Phillips, or Thompson. Your likely to
    hear mostly about Samsung and Thompson disk drives. If you search around on
    the internet, you can find websites that will show you pictures to help you
    determine with 100% accuracy which drive you have.
    1. SAMSUNG:
    Samsung is considered the best disk drive. Many people have reported to
    experienced little to no problems with this drive. If you have a Samsung Disk
    Drive, pat yourself on the back because you got the best of the best. A Samsung
    Drive is easy to recognize because it has two small holes in the tray where you
    place the CD.
    2. Phillips:
    Phillips is considered the second best. If you have a Phillips, don't sweat.
    Like Samsung, there haven't been too many problems. I personally have a
    Phillips Disk Drive and my Xbox has been working just fine. The disk tray for
    the Phillips disk drive has an upside down key-hole shaped opening.
    3. Thompson:
    When many people hear Thompson, people usually start talking about how bad it
    is. There are some out there that say they have a working Thompson that hasn't
    failed them. For those with a working Thompson Disk Drive, you should feel very
    lucky! I've heard reports from people's Xboxes not reading disks, scratching
    disks, etc. I had a Thompson drive in my first Xbox. Over time, I had problems
    getting it to read Morrowind. I'd turn my Xbox on and I'd have to eject the CD
    and put it back in until it read properly. If this is happening, consider
    getting a new XBox or getting it repaired. Eventually, my old Xbox stopped
    reading several of my games and then all CDs. If you know your way around
    hardware, you can usually find stores online that will sell you just the drive.
    The disk tray for the Thompson disk drive has a smooth opening in the disk
    tray. The opening is shaped much like an arched doorway.
    F. Prevention
    The best way to avoid Crashes and Dirty Disk Errors is to prevent them from
    happening. Following these steps from the very beginning! These steps can help
    reduce the number of DDEs later on down the road.
    ---1. SAVING YOUR GAME:---
    This is one step that is important to remember. NEVER save over an old save!
    The more you save over a save, the greater the risk of a Dirty Disk Error to
    happen. The effects of saving over an old save usually don't show until later
    in the game. Just remember to delete the old save and save your game as a new
    save. You should also have more than one save, so you'll always have a backup.
    I like having 3 saves for one character. I'll do some quests and make a #1
    save. I'll do some more quests and make a #2 save and so on.
    Also, disable the Autosave feature. This can be disabled in the Options Menu.
    You want it disabled for the same reason that I've mention above.
    Hey, it's not just the polite thing to do, this also helps in reducing DDEs. If
    you go about a tomb and leave the doors open, the game has to remember that the
    doors in there where left open. If you close all the doors behind you, it helps
    reduce problems in the future.
    In Morrowind, there are tons of stuff lying around that you could just run up
    and take. You may be tempted to, I know I was, but leave it be if you don't
    need it. If you pick up one item within a Cell (When you get a loading screen,
    then you know your entering a cell such as a house) you may as well take
    everything. If everything is left as is, the game doesn't have to remember that
    you moved stuff around. If things are moved around, the game has to remember it
    and that can increase DDEs. Hey, don't this keep you from taking things you
    want! If you see something you want, feel free to take it...unless a guard is
    ---4. WATCH THAT FILE SIZE:---
    The file size of your game can increase glitches, DDEs, etc. Most people will
    suggest keeping the size around 200 blocks. The steps you are reading in this
    section of the guild will help reduce the file size and that helps reduce
    problems later on down the road.
    I know sometimes when you find some common items, you want to sell them and
    make some money. I suggest selling expensive items and not common items. If you
    have some common items like: Bowls, Cups, Cloths, weak armor, etc., you should
    delete it. I know that someone is actually going to look around for a delete
    button in the game so I'll say don't bother. To delete an item, dump the
    unwanted item on a dead NPC/Creature, leave the area (Go somewhere until you
    get a loading screen), and then sleep for 3 days. When you return to where the
    body was, it will be gone and everything that it had stored on it with it. This
    way, the game doesn't have to keep track of those items anymore and will reduce
    your chances of Glitches/DDEs later on.
    To put it simply, a lot of dead bodies lying around are bad. If there are only
    a dozen or so, it's okay for now. If there are several dozen, get rid of them.
    You can ether bring up the inventory of the dead body and press the dispose of
    corpse button, or just sleep for 3 days.
    If your carrying a natural amount of items, you don't really need to worry. For
    those like myself, who like using the Perma-Feather custom spell to help you
    carry more, you should read this. If your carrying a lot of times, 2000 pounds
    and up, you should REALLY drop some of that stuff off or get rid of it. I have
    experiences many crashes and DDEs when carrying too much stuff.
    Having 10-15 Morrowind Saves is okay, but if you have 30 and above, I'd suggest
    getting rid of some. I had about 40+ saves and often had trouble loading
    everything in homes and loading entire villages. Sometimes, I'd enter a home
    only to find myself standing in an endly void. Sometimes, an entire village
    would be gone. If you experience these rarely, don't sweat about it. However,
    when I had a bunch of saves on my XBox, I got these problems several times
    in an hour. This problem has been fairly new to me and I've looked into it and
    it appears to be true. You can look into this if you want, but I'd suggest
    keeping the number of saves down to about 15 or so.
    ---9. Perma-spells (Glitch Exploiting)
    For those who like using spells to make permanent effects, this can become a
    thorn in your back if your not careful. For those who may not know what a
    perma-spell is, it's a spell that, when cast at the ground, has it's effects
    last permanently. For example, my favorite perma-spell:
         Fortify Strength 0pts for 1 second on target
         Feather 100pts for 1 second on self
         Cast that directly at the ground for the effects to be permanent
    What the above spell does is take 100 pounds off your weight. This allows you
    to carry much more than you can normally carry. This can be quite useful, but
    has some risks. I have noticed that when I had Perma-Feather to help carry
    10,000+ pounds of stuff, my game locked up on loading screens. After removing
    the perma-feather effects from my character, the amount of crashes dropped
    To remove a permanent effect, like perma-feather, you will need Hercine's Ring.
    To get Hercine's Ring, just follow through with the Bloodmoon main quest and
    you will get it at the end. Hercines ring turns you into a werewolf and removes
    a few spell effects. I noticed, when my character transforms back into his
    humanoid form, the perma-feather effect is removed. This may also work on other
    perma-spells, but I haven't tested it fully.
    G. Known Glitches
    There are a few glitches in the game that are more well known that others. If
    I missed one, please tell me so I can put it up (Of course, I'll give credit to
    those who help out).
    ---1. TRUEFLAME'S FLAME:---
    Trueflame is a scimitar you can get in the Tribunal Expansion. It's the only
    weapon in the game that has a flame buring on the blade, which doubles as a
    torch! However, some Races/Genders show the flame's position incorrectly. The
    flame should be on the blade, but for some, the flame shoots out ahead of the
    blade in 3rd person view. This is due to the fact that the weapon is resized
    based on your character's race, weight, and height. Problem is, the particles
    don't resize too. Here is a list of those that it happens too:
    -Male Nords
    -Male Imperials
    -Female Dunmers (Dark Elves)
    -All Bosmers (Wood Elves)
    -Male Argonians
    -Male Redguards
    -Male Nord
    -All Imperials
    -Female Khajiits
    -Female Bretons
    -All Orcs
    (Special thanks to August Noevere? for helping me get a complete list!)
    There is a quest for the Quarra Vampire Clan to collect some Raw Materials.
    When you get this quest, the topic about Raw Materials ether doesn't appear or
    appears and then disappears from the topic list. There appears to be no way
    around this glitch.
    ---3. EEC SPRIGGANS:---
    There is a quest for the East Empire Company where you have to kill some
    Spriggans that are getting too close to Raven Rock. Sometimes, they don't
    appear to spawn where they should be, if they do at all. If you can't seem to
    find them all, just search everywhere nearby the town or reload a previous
        (Anyway, I've heard on the boards that there are 4 specific spriggans that
        need to die to complete the quest. Killing the first 3 in the wrong order
        will prevent the 4th from spawning (other spriggans spawn as a part of the
        quest, but aren't necessary and look just like the other ones).  The first
        one is straight east from where you start the quest.  After you kill that
        one (or sometimes a little before?), a second one spawns near you and
        attacks.  You do NOT want to kill it yet. Look North of the bar nearby for
        another spriggan and kill that one first. Now you should be free to kill
        all of the rest in any order you wish and complete the quest.)
            -Anthony Petre-
    ---4. TEMPLE INFORMANT:---
    There is a quest you get from the Head of the Royal Guard in Mournhold to find
    a Temple Informant. If you have already finished the Mournhold Main Quest
    before starting this quest, you will not be able to finish this quest.
    This is one of the first glitches I've encountered. When you go to get your
    own Mouth to represent you in Sandrith Mora, you are promoted a rank. If your a
    wizard, you'll be promoted to Master. If your rank is Master, you will not be
    able to advance to Archmagister. If your do this chore at Spellwright, you will
    be promoted to Wizard and will not encounter this annoying glitch.
        (Said to have been fixed in the GOTY version (Pending Authentication))
            -Anthony Petre-
    For a Main Quest mission, you have to go and see Sharn gra-Muzgob in the Mages
    Guild in Balmora. She's on the bottom floor and is the only Orc in the place.
    She's not suppose to disappear in the game, but sometimes she appears to. What
    really happened is that she fell through the floor. All NPCs move over time and
    they move to the right. Some NPCs will fall through the floor, like Silt
    Striders Operators for example.
    UPDATE: I've been testing the method, that "JFKdj" told us about, out on a 
    save where Sharn has fallen through the floor. I perma fortified my speed to 
    1000 by casting this spell:
    Fortify Strength 0pts for 1 second on target
    Fortify Speed 100pts for 1 second on self
    I repeatidly cast that directly at the ground until my speed was at 1000. 
    Upon running and then jumping into the wall (Corners work better at times), 
    I went right through it. I placed myself below the area where she would have 
    been standing and went directly down. Sure enough, she was there. I cast a
    levitate spell and used a command spell to move her. After I cast those 
    spells, she would follow me, but not vertically. Upon testing this out on 
    other NPCs, it appears they will not follow you at a vertical angle via 
    levitation. The bad thing is, after the levitation spell's duration expired, 
    she fell even 
    further. Now, once  you decend to a specific distance, your position in the 
    Cell is reset and you will be placed back inside the guild. The problem is, 
    she's fallen past that barrier, so I couldn't reach her. Rarely, if you 
    leave the Cell once this happens, she'll reappear back where she was before 
    you tried to move her. Othertimes, she'll fall bast that barrier every single 
    time and you'll never get her back. So, save your game before you try and 
    move her.
    Like Sharn, some Silt Striders seem to Disappear out of nowhere. This has
    happened to me before in Ald'Ruhn. All NPCs drift around over time and they
    move to the right. Sometimes, they will fall through the floor and you can't
    reach them anymore.
        (I've found that if you use Command Humanoid on a travel NPC (silt
        striders, guild guides, boat captains, etc) and then use their service
        while they're under the effect, they will reset to their original position
        (instead of following you to the destination like they would if you used a
        different NPC's travel service).  I have not yet confirmed this works if
        they've moved long distances though.) (Pending Authentication)
    ---8. Legion Duel Dialog Glitch:---
      I remember running into this a while back and was reminded by an e-mail.
    Supposidly, if you have had "Duel" as a topic in a dialog with another person,
    it can appear on Varus Vatinius' topic list. You see, to accend to the head of
    the legion, you have to challenge Varus to an honorable duel to the death.
    Thing is, this is only suppose to appear later once you have done some quests
    for him. Apparently, somewhere down the line, you can get the "Duel" topic to
    appear and challenge him before you even join the guild! Don't think this is
    good yet! I don't know if you'll advance to the head of the Legion or not, but
    you will not be able to do any of his quests.
        (Thanks to Thoughtcast88 for telling me)
    It appears that this also can happen with Archmage Trebonius (Mages Guild in
        (Thanks to Richard Scinto?)
    I also got an e-mail from Anthony Farina about this glitch as well. He said
    that when he ran into this glitch, he was a Knight Protector. After he finished
    this glitch, he found he was advanced to "Knight of the Garland." Thus, he was
    only advanced one rank.
        (Thanks to Anthony Farina for the addictional info)
    ---9. Ahnassi Disappearance Glitch:---
        In case you don't know her, she is the Kajit in the Halfway Tavern of
    Pelagaid.  She is right in front of the staircase up.  When you talk to her
    about the special dialogue topics she has ("Smooth moves", "Share a care",
    etc.) you'll agree to run a few errands for her.  After you do a few, she'll
    tell you she won't be in the bar anymore, and that she wants to meet you at
    her house.  She gives you a key to her house so you can get in, but
    sometimes when you do go to her house, she isn't there.  She isn't at the
    bar either.  I don't know if you can find her off in a void or not, but you
    can still finish every other guild without her.  Without her, you can't
    finish her quests, which give you some cool stuff (Redoran Treasury Key,
    Ebony Shurikens and the location of Elvul's Black Blindfold).
        -Anthony Farina-
        On the subject of the Anhassi glitch, I have something to add: When she
        says "I won't be at the bar here is the key to my house blah blah" and she
        isn't there, I made a HUGE mistake: put stuff in her house.
        Basically it treats it like a normal house, but one day I decided to see
        what I had in there (thankfully it was mostly crap, I got Azura's star out
        before it happened).
        Everything was reset. Anhassi was there. She finally re-appeared after 200
        or so days, and her house completely reset, all my stuff I placed was gone.
            -Steven Stone-
    What Steven said suggests that it's not actually Anhassi that dissappears. It
    appears that the Cell (Before she should appear) is replaced by a new one (a
    Cell where she is in her house). This happened to me with the Skaal, where they
    give you a previous resident's house and rename it. When it was renamed, the
    actuall Cell was replaced by a new one. This also likely happens to Thirsk when
    it is repaired after the Uderfrykt(sp) attacked the place.
    ---10. Human/Beast Character Creation Glitch---
    At last, a glitch that isn't bad. This glitch was found by Daedra_Lord.
    Step 1: Pick Humanoid or Beast race
    Step 2: When asked if your info is correct, change your race from beast to 
    humanoid or humanoid to beast. Press B when done, DO NOT press A.
    Step 3: After pressing B, the Name selection window appears. Change your name 
    if you want.
    Step 4: Finish creating your character. 
    At first, your character will resemble the race you first picked. However, if 
    you check your stats, your race will be displayed as the second. If you picked
    humanoid and then beast, take off your shoes. If you picked beast and then 
    humanoid, remove your shirt. Your appearance will be shown as the second race 
    you picked, but will walk like the first. Beasts will walk like humanoids and 
    humanoids will walk like beasts.
    I've tested this with the humanoid to beast version and the toes stretch out a 
    good distance. Also, if you reload your game after this glitch, the effects of 
    the glitch will be removed.
    H. Legal Junk
    Please don't copy this Guide and put it up on a website without my permission.
    Just e-mail me and ask me, I'm 99.99% likely to allow you to use it.

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