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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AWing Pilot

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                              The Elder Scrolls 3
               ___  ___                             _           _ 
    	   |  \/  |                            (_)         | |
               | .  . | ___  _ __ _ __ _____      ___ _ __   __| |
    	   | |\/| |/ _ \| '__| '__/ _ \ \ /\ / / | '_ \ / _` |
    	   | |  | | (_) | |  | | | (_) \ V  V /| | | | | (_| |
    	   \_|  |_/\___/|_|  |_|  \___/ \_/\_/ |_|_| |_|\__,_|
                             Game of the Year Edition 
                               99.9% Spoiler Free
    System: Microsoft X-Box
    Developed by: Bethesda Softworks, 2003
    FAQ/Walkthrough written by: Christopher Long (LtCmdData), June-Sept 2005
    Work in Progress.
    Note: For quick search hit Control-F in your browser and search for a section 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Table of Contents~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    1.0 Intro
    2.0 Overview
    ->2.1 Controls and Game Options/Preferences.
    -->2.2 Races
    --->2.3 Attributes
    ---->2.4 Arts
    ----->2.5 Magic schools
    ------>2.6 Classes
    ------->2.7 Birthsigns
    -------->2.8 Weapons, Armor and Miss. 'Equip-ables' overview
    --------->2.9 Additional Gameplay Mechanics
    ---------->2.10 Guild and groups overview
    3.0 Morrowind Walkthrough Overview
    ->3.1 Main Quest
    -->3.2 Thieves Guild
    --->3.3 Fighters Guild
    ---->3.4 Mages Guild
    ----->3.5 Imperial Cult
    ------>3.6 Morag Tong
    ------->3.7 Imperial Legion
    -------->3.8 Tribunal Temple
    --------->3.9 Vampire Clans
    ---------->3.10 Great House Redoran
    ----------->3.11 Great House Telvanni
    ------------>3.12 Great House Hlaalu
    ------------->3.13 Miscellaneous Info
    4.0 Tribunal Expansion Overview
    5.0 Bloodmoon Expansion Overview
    6.0 Update and Version Info
    ->6.1 Thanks and Legal Info
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.0 Intro~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Here it is, folks. My complete walkthrough for this planets best Role-Playing 
    game, The Elder Scrolls Three: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition. This guide 
    will include full walkthroughs for the main quest in Vvardenfell, all factions 
    and groups and their quests and the two expansions found in the Game of the Year
    edition; Bloodmoon and Tribunal. Also included will be basic hints, tips and 
    secrets to help you better survive and prosper in Vvardenfell. I've made it 
    as clean and clear as possible to provide help quickly and neatly. If you need 
    a quick point in the right direction then this guide is for you. SPOILERS are
    at a very low minimum and I'll try not to bore you with any details about the
    quests that aren't needed. Just simple, easy, clear info with minimum spoiling
    of this great games even better storyline. 
    Reading over the guide without knowing what's going might lead you to get a
    little confused so stay sharp to the storyline and plots. Trust me it's that
    good anyway.
    NOTE: Most of the below basic info is
    verbatim-ish from the game booklet but as some people lose or don't get the 
    book I'll go over the needed info as well as basic over-views of all gameplay
    So without further ado let’s get to it... 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.0 Overview~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Morrowind at its core is your typical Role Playing Game set apart from the 
    crowd by its immersive world, massive world and incredibly depth in gameplay 
    and character growth. This is one game that is truly what you make of it. How 
    you play directly effects not only your character but the world and story 
    around you. Do what you want, when you want and how you want. 
    You have multiple choices in everything you do. From the race of your 
    character to the skills and abilities you want to have him or her perfect.
    This game is amazing and should be played. Really, it needs to be a federal 
    law. Ok, so maybe I am being a bit of a fanboy but you won't regret picking 
    this title up and of course this guide is here to help you through the tough 
    spots without ruining any of the great story or holding your hand in a bunch
    of step by step directions.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.1 Controls and Game Options~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The controls work well in this game. Not PC well but they'll never catch you up
    or cause any problems in the heat of battle or exploration. Here we go.
    Left Control Stick or Direction Pad: Moves your character around Vvardenfell
    and your cursor around the menus and option screens.
    Left Control Stick click: Click and hold to sneak or double click to toggle 
    sneak mode.
    Right Control Stick: Look, turn and aim. The speed of this can be changed in
    the game options.
    Right Control Stick click: Click to change views between 1st and 3rd. Click and
    hold down to view character; use the Left Control Stick to move camera.
    [A]: Activate. It's how you interact with others and items in the world. 
    Selects items on menus and option screen.
    [B]: Opens your menu screen. Cycle through them with [L] and [R].
    [X]: Pulls out currently equiped weapon. Cycle through weapons in inventory by
    holding down [X] and hitting [L] and [R] to move through them.
    [Y]: Readies your magic. Cycle through spells by holding down [Y] and hitting
    [L] and [R] to cycle through them. 
    [L]: Jump. Also used in conjunction with [X] or [Y] to cycle.
    [R]: Attack with current weapon. Hold down and release for bows. Also used to 
    cast currently selected spell or power.
    [R] / [L]: used during character view to zoom in or out.
    White: Opens your Journal
    Black: Rest or sleep depending on your location.
    Back: Opens up your menus like [B] or backs out of option menu.
    Start: Opens up option menu.
    +Game Options and Preferences+
    Options are accesible by pressing Start and using [L] and [R] to move between
    the option pages.
    -->Control Settings<--
    Vertical Sensitivity: How fast the up and down on your look moves.
    Horizontal Sensitivity: How fast the left and right on your look and turn moves
    Invert Y axis: Makes up into down, down into up........
    X-Axis movement: switch between Left and Right Control sticks as your main turn
    and strafing controls. Back and forth, back and forth.....
    Controls: Set any of the other buttons to anything you want but let me add the
    default controls are great and no change is needed but you have the option...
    Reset Controls: Change all the crap you screwed up back to the way the game had
    Change any of the four categories of sound. They include Music, Footsteps(??), 
    Voices and Sound Effects. Each can go from one to one-hundred. One being the 
    softest and hundred being the highest of course.
    Difficulty Slider: Set the game diffculty anywhere from negative one hundred to
    positive one hundred with zero being the median. Negative numbers mean a easier
    game and positive mean a harder game. Mostly it weakens or strengthens the 
    amount of damage enemies do. From experiance a good choice is fifty positive 
    but to each his own.
    Help Menu Delay: when ever you target something a small screen appears telling
    you what it is. This controls how long said pop up stays on the screen after
    turning away from it.
    Menu Transparency: lighten or darken the menus.
    Auto Save when Rest: TURN THIS OFF RIGHT AWAY. Really, this option makes it so
    everytime you sleep or rest it saves your game. Not only does this take time 
    but it leads toward a crashed game. Take my advice, turn this option off.
    Always use best attack: This sets the game to always use your current weapons
    strongest attack regardless of how you are moving at the time of the attack.
    Subtitles: Turns subtitles on for spoken text.
    Crosshair: Turns off or on the cross hair(i.e Center of characters vision)
    Shadows: Turns shadows off or on for all objects. I haven't noticed any speed
    gain or loss between shadows being on or off so this makes me think this is
    a left over feature from the PC. Not sure.
    Controller Vibration: turns off or on the vibration when you take any kind of
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.2 Races~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    There are 10 races to pick from in Morrowind. Some are better for different
    things then others but all have the potential to be good in any field. That's 
    the beauty of this game. Some maybe good for a starter character while others
    only shine after you put some time into them. It's your choice; just know the 
    game doesn't punish you on your choice. Your choice in race should coincide with
    your choice in class so to best use that races skill bonuses. Example: If you 
    want to play as an Argonian then a good class would be something that would 
    benifit from those skill bonuses. You aren't required to match them like that 
    and the game does allow you to do your own way so just have fun. Listed with 
    each discription is the starting stats, skill bonuses and special trait for 
    that race.
    + STR: Strength      END: Endurance   +
    + WIL: Willpower     PRS: Personality +
    + AGL: Agility       LCK: Luck        +
    + INT: Intelligence  SPD: Speed       +
    Little is known and less is understood about the reptilian denizens of Black 
    Marsh. Years of defending their borders have made the Argonians experts in 
    guerrilla warfare, and their natural abilities make them equally at home in
    water and on land. They are well suited for the treacherous swamps of their
    homeland, and have developed natural immunities to the diseases and poisons
    that have doomed many would-be explorers of the region.
    Skill Bonuses: Alchemy +5, Athletics +15, Illusion +5, Medium Armor +5, 
    Mysticism +5, Spear +5, Unarmored +5
    Special: Resist Disease, Immune to Poison, Water Breathing.
    STR: 4o  WIL: 30  END: 40  PRS: 30
    INT: 40  AGL: 60  LCK: 40  SPD: 50
    Bretons feel an inborn, instinctive bond with the mercurial forces of magic and 
    the supernatural. Many great sorcerers have come from the home province of High
    Rock, and in addition to their quick and perceptive grasp of spellcraft, alchemy
    and enchantment, even the humblest of Bretons boast a high resistence to 
    destructive and dominating magical energies.
    Skill Bonuses: Conjuration +10, Mysticism +10, Restoration +10, Alchemy +5,
    Alteration +5, Illusion +5.
    Specials: Fortified Maximum Magicka, Dragon Skin, Resist Magicka
    STR: 4o  WIL: 50  END: 40  PRS: 40
    INT: 50  AGL: 40  LCK: 40  SPD: 30
    -->Dark Elf<--
    In the Empire, "Dark Elf" is the common usage, but in their Morrowind homeland, 
    they call themselves the "Dunmer." The dark-skinned, red-eyed Dunmer combine
    powerful intellect with strong and agile physiques, producing superior warriors
    and sorcerers. On the battlefield, Dark Elves are noted for their skilled and 
    balanced integration of swordsmen, marksmen and war wizards.
    Skill Bonuses: Long Blade +5, Destruction +10, Light Armor +5, Athletics +5,
    Mysticism +5, Marksman +5, Short Blade +10
    Specials: Ancestor Guardian, Resistant to Fire magicka.
    STR: 4o  WIL: 30  END: 50  PRS: 30
    INT: 40  AGL: 50  LCK: 40  SPD: 50
    -->High Elf<--
    The High Elves, or Altmer, are the proud, tall, golden-skinned peoples of 
    Summerset Isle. The common tongue of the Empire, Tamrielic, is based on
    their speech and writing, and most of the Empire's arts, crafts and sciences 
    are derived from High Elven traditions. Deft, intelligent and strong willed, 
    High Elves are often gifted in the arcane arts, and are far more resistant to 
    disease then the lesser races.
    Skill Bonuses: Destruction +10, Enchant +10, Alchemy +10, Alteration +5,
    Conjuration +5, Illusion +5
    Specials: Fortified Maximum Magicka, Weakness to Magicka, Fire, Frost and
    shock, Resitant to Disease.
    STR: 3o  WIL: 40  END: 50  PRS: 40
    INT: 50  AGL: 50  LCK: 40  SPD: 30
    Natives of the civilized, cosmopolitan province of Cyrodiil, the Imperials
    are well-educated and well-spoken. Though physically less imposing then the
    other races, the Imperials have proved to be shrewd diplomats and traders. 
    These traits, along with their remarkable skill and trainging as light
    infantry, have enabled them to subdue all the other provinces and to have
    erected the monument of peace and prosperity that comprises the Glorious
    Skill Bonuses: Speechcraft +10, Mercantile +10, Long Blade +10, Blunt Weapon
    +5, Light Armor +5 Hand to Hand +5
    Specials: Star of the West, Voice of the Emperor
    STR: 4o  WIL: 30  END: 50  PRS: 50
    INT: 40  AGL: 40  LCK: 40  SPD: 40
    Khajiit hail from the province of Elsweyr and can vary in appearance from
    nearly Elven to the cathay-raht "jaguar men" to the great Senche-Tiger. The 
    most common breed, the suthay-raht, is intelligent, quick, and agile. Many
    Khajiit disdain weapons in favor of their natural claws. They make excellent
    theives due to their natural agility and unmatched acrobatics skill.
    Skill Bonuses: Acrobatics +15. Athletics +5, Hand to Hand +5, Light Armor +5
    , Security +5, Short Blade +5, Sneak +5
    Specials: Eye of Fear, Eye of Night
    STR: 4o  WIL: 30  END: 40  PRS: 40
    INT: 40  AGL: 60  LCK: 40  SPD: 40
    The citizens of Skyrim are a tall and fair-haired people, aggressive and 
    fearless in war, industrious and enterprising in trade and exploration. 
    Skilled sailors, Nords can be found in seaports and settlements along all the 
    coasts and rivers of Tamriel. Strong, willful, and hardy, Nords are famous for
    their resistance to cold, even magical frost. Violence is an accepted and 
    confortable aspect of Nord culture; they cheerfully face battle with an 
    ecstatic ferocity that shocks and appalls their enemies.
    Skill Bonuses: Axe +10, Blunt Weapons +10, Medium Armor +10, Long Blade +5,
    Spear +5, Heavy Armor +5.
    Specials: Thunder Fist, Woad, Resist Shock, Immune to Frost
    STR: 5o  WIL: 40  END: 60  PRS: 30
    INT: 30  AGL: 40  LCK: 40  SPD: 40
    These sophisticated barbarian beast peoples of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail
    Mountains are noted for their unshakable courage in war and their unflinching
    endurance of hardships. In the past, Orcs have been widely feared and hated
    by the other nations and races of Tamriel, but they have slowly won acceptance
    in the Empire. Orcish armorers are prized for their craftmanship, and Orc 
    warriors in heavy armor are among the finest front-line troops in the Empire.
    Skill Bonuses: Armorer +10, Axe +5, Heavy Armor +10, Medium Armor +10, Block
    Specials: Berserk, Resistant to Magicka.
    STR: 45  WIL: 50  END: 60  PRS: 30
    INT: 30  AGL: 45  LCK: 40  SPD: 30
    The most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel. the dark-skinned, wiry-haired
    Redguards of Hammerfell seem born to battle, though their pride and fierce
    independence of spirit makes them more suitable as scouts or skirmishers, or as
    free-ranging heroes and adventurers. than as rank and file soldiers. In 
    addition to their culture affinities for many weapon and armor styles, 
    Redguards are also physically blessed with hardy constitutions and quickness of
    Skill Bonuses: Long Blade +15, Short Blade +5, Heavy Armor +5, Axe +5, Blunt
    Weapon +5, Medium Armor +5 Athletics +5
    Specials: Adrenalin Rush, Resist Poison, Resist Disease.
    STR: 5o  WIL: 30  END: 60  PRS: 30
    INT: 30  AGL: 50  LCK: 40  SPD: 40
    -->Wood Elf<--
    The clanfolk of the Western Valenwood forests. In the Empire, they are called
    "Wood Elves" but call themselves the Bosmer, or the  "Tree Sap" people. Wood
    Elves are nimble and quick in body and wit, and their curious natures and 
    natural agility make them good scouts, agents, and theives, and there are no 
    finer archers in all of Tamriel.
    Skill Bonuses: Marksman +15, Sneak +10, Light Armor +10, Alchemy +5, Acrobatics
    Specials: Beast Tongue, Resist Disease
    STR: 3o  WIL: 30  END: 40  PRS: 40
    INT: 40  AGL: 60  LCK: 40  SPD: 50
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.3 Attributes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Everything about your character comes from eight basic attributes. They are 
    described below. Along with these comes four Derived attributes that come 
    from your eight basic attributes and changed depending on the eight.
    Governs how much fatigue you have, your health, damage done by melee 
    weapons and how much you can carry(Endurance)
    Governs the arts of Blunt Weapon, Axe, Long Blade(but not short blade), 
    Acrobatics and Armorer.
    Total Magicka points is affected by intelligence.
    Governs the arts of Alchemy, Enchant, Conjuration and Security.
    Your ability to use magicka and your fatigue level comes from willpower.
    Governs the arts of Destruction, Alteration, Mysticism and Restoration.
    Hit and dodge attacks. Also factors into your fatigue level.
    Governs the arts of Sneak, Light Armor, Marksman and Block.
    How fast you move (Author note: DUH!)
    Governs the arts of Athletics, Short Blade, Hand to Hand and Unarmored.
    Fatigue, health and your resting ability to regain life. Also how much life you
    gain on level ups.
    Governs the arts of Medium Armor, Heavy Armor and Spear.
    Affects how much people like you which leads to better info gathered from them.
    Governs the arts of Speechcraft, Mercantile and Illusion.
    Universal attribute. Plays a small role in everything you do from hits to spell
    casting. Everyone needs a little luck in life, eh?
    +Derived Attributes+
    These four are the main attributes that really effect your character at the
    base level.
    How much damage you can take before you kick the bucket. It goes up everytime 
    you gain a level. Your Endurance is directly related to your health; affects 
    how much you gain per level and how fast health is gained back as you rest.
    Total Health = Strength + Endurance / 2
    Used to cast spells. Mostly affected at start by your choice in race and/or
    birthsign. Like Health it comes back while you rest.
    Total Magicka = Intelligence 
    How tired you are and get is your fatigue. Everything you do drains your 
    fatigue from swinging an axe, to taking a swim or just running around. To gain
    it back you can rest, use a spell or potions.
    Total Fatigue = Strength + Endurance + Agility + Willpower
    How much you can carry with you on your journey. The more you carry the more
    it affects your speed and fatigue. Carry more and you get tired sooner and move
    more slow. Simple huh?
    Total encumbrance = Strength * 5
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.4 Arts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The arts you can chose to level up come in three basic categories. Each 
    category has nine seperate arts that can be levled up to 100 by either 
    performing that action or getting training from the trainers spread all over
    Vvardenfell The three basic categories are combat, magic and stealth.Each art 
    is in turn affected by a certain Attribute.
    +Combat Arts+
    Skill allows you to use shields to block and melee attacks. A succesdul
    block removes all damage from the attack. It's governing attribute is Agility.
    Skill is used to maintain weapons and armor at top effectiveness. Word
    weapons do less damage. Worn armor provides less protection against attacks. As
    wear increases, the diminishing effectiveness of weapons and armor is dramatic.
    It's governing attribute is Strength.
    -->Medium Armor<--
    Skill lets you move and defend while wearing durable but flexible
    armors like chain, scale, bonemold and Orcish armor. To use any style of armor
    effectively, the wearer must be trained, conditioned and skilled in it's use.
    It's giverning attribute is Endurance.
    -->Heavy Armor<--
    Skill is used to move and defend while wearing massive and rigid
    armor like iron, steel, silver, Dwemet, ebony, and Daedric armor. To use any
    style of armor effectivel, the wearer must be trained, conditioned and skilled 
    in it's use. It's giverning attribute is Endurance.
    -->Blunt Weapon<--
    Skill makes you more effective when using heavy bashing weapons
    like maces, hammers, clubs and staves. It's giverning attribute is Strength.
    -->Long Blade<--
    Skill lets you use broadswords, sabers, longswords, claymores, 
    katanas and dai katanas effectively. It's giverning attribute is Strength.
    Skill helps a user weild heavy chopping weapons like war axes and battle-
    axes more effectively. It's giverning attribute is Strength.
    Skill permits effective use of long-shafted thrusting(Heh!) weapons like
    spears and halberds. It's giverning attribute is Endurance.
    Skill trans and conditions you for running and swimming. Skilled 
    athlets move short and long distance over land with speed and efficiency, and
    they also swim more swiftly underwater. It's giverning attribute is Speed.
    +Magic Arts+
    These include the six schools of Magicka that are found in Morrowind. I'll 
    detail that in the coming section. 
    Skill is the mastery of the spell effects of the School of 
    Destruction. Their spells harm living and undead creatures, and include
    elemental damage, draining, damaging, vulnerability and disintegration magical
    effects. It's governing attribute is Willpower.
    Students of the School of Alteration manipulate the physical world
    and its natural properties. Alteration effects include water breathing and
    walking, jumping, levitating, burdening, opening and locking, and creating 
    shield barriers against physical damage. It's governing attribute is Willpower.
    Spell effects of the School of Illusioni alter the perceptions and 
    thoughts of living subjects. Illusion effects include bling, light, paralyze,
    silence, calm or frenzy, chameleon and invisibility. It's governing attribute 
    is Personality.
    The spell effects of the School of Conjuraction include the mental
    domination of mundane and magical creatures, summonation of otherwordly weapons
    and armor, and summonation of Daedric or undead servants to serve and protect
    the caster. It's governing attribute is Intelligence.
    Spell effects of the School of Mysticism shape and focus otherwordly
    forces to bind souls in gems, teleport the caster's body, manipulate the world
    with telekinesis, absorb, or reflect magical energies, or sense unseen objects
    at a distance. It's governing attribute is Willpower.
    Adepts of the School of Restoration heal, restore and fortify the 
    body's attributes and abilities, cure disease and protect it from other malign
    influences. Restoration spells can also augment or absorb strength, endurance,
    intelligence, agility and other bodily attributes. It's governing attribute 
    is Willpower.
    Skill governs the creation, use and recharging of enchanted items. 
    Skilled enchanters are more succesful at creating new items. Enchanted items
    use less power and are recharged more efficiently from soul gems, for a 
    trained user. It's governing attribute is Intelligence.
    Identifies magical properties in mundane substances. Substances are 
    consumed directly, or prepared as potions to provide long-lasting benefits like
    healing and curing disease, water-walking, magical shielding, and fortifying
    attributes. It's governing attribute is Intelligence.
    Skill lets you avoid or reduce injury during combat while not 
    wearing any armor by evading, deflecting or absorbing blows. Those versed in 
    this skill are better defended wearing no armor at all then they are when
    wearing armor. It's governing attribute is Speed.
    +Stealh Arts+
    These nine arts are the skills most important to a agents,theif or a scout 
    but are needed with all characters to make him or her well balanced. Mainly 
    the merchantile and speechcraft skills.
    Skill lets you open locked doors and containers with lock-picks or 
    disarm traps with probes. This skill is essential for agents and thieves alike.
    It's governing attribute is Intelligence.
    Discipline is the art of moving unseen and unobserved. Skilled sneaks 
    are also adept pickpockets. It's governing attribute is Agility.
    Skill enables you to jump long distances and to avoid damage when
    falling from great heights. Nimble acrobats can reach areas others cannot get 
    to and direct their paths while falling. It's governing attribute is Strength.
    -->Light Armor<--
    Skill lets you move and defend while wearing light-weight, 
    flexible armors like leather, fur, chitin, and glass armor. To use any style of
    armor effectively the wearer must be trained, conditioned, and skilled in its 
    use. It's governing attribute is Agility.
    -->Short Blade<--
    Makes you more effective with short, quick, thrusting weapons like
    daggers, tantos, short swords and wakizashis. It's governing attribute is Speed
    Makes you more effective with ranged weapons like the short bow, long
    bow, crossbow, throwing stars and throwing knife. It's governing attribute is 
    Skill is the art of buying low and selling high. This skill 
    guarantees lower initial prices for goods, equipment, and services, and 
    improves your chances of getting better deals by bargaining. It's governing 
    attribute is Personality.
    Allows you to influence others by admiring, intimidating, and
    taunting them. Listeners are more willing to divulge information or to entrust
    important tasks to the skilled speaker. It's governing attribute is Personality
    -->Hand to Hand<--
    Skill is the martial art of unarmed combat. Hand to hand attacks
    damage only the Fatigue of a standing opponet, but hand to hand attacks damage
    health when a target has been knocked unconscious by Fatigue loss. It's 
    governing attribute is Speed.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.5 Magic Schools~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Like any other skill your ability to use the magic of any of the six schools
    depends on your level of profiency and/or level of training. New spells come 
    from all over the place in the form of scrolls, enchanted weapons, armor, 
    poitions or even taught to you by other spell casters.
    +School of Conjuration+
    Conjuration summons magical items and beings from the outer realms to serve 
    you. Conjuring effects included the mental domination of mundane and magical 
    creatures, summoning of otherwordly weapons and armor, and summoning of Daedric
    servants and powers to serve you.
    -->Turn Undead<--
    Temporarily increases an undead creature's flee rating (i.e. its inclination to
    flee from an attacker) The effect's magnitude is the value of the increase of
    the flee rating.
    -->Summon Creature<--
    Summons a creature from the Outer Realms. It appears six feet in front of the
    caster and attacks an entity that attacks the caster until the effect ends or
    the summoned creature is killed. If you summon a creature in a town, the guards
    will attack the creature and you on sight.
    Makes targeted creatures or humanoids fight for the caster. The magnitude is 
    the level of the creature or humanoid affected.
    -->Bound *Item*<--
    Conjures a lesser Daedra bound in the form of a magical, wondrously light 
    Daedric item. The weapon appears automatically equipped on the target, 
    displacing any currently equipped weapon to inventory.
    +School of Illusion+
    Illusion affects the perception and mind of living subjects.
    Completely conceals the target from others. If the target attacks, speaks, or
    activates items (i.e. doors), the effect is dispelled.
    Lets the target blend into the surroundings so no one can see him. The target
    can attack and use objects without disrupting the effect, but chameleon may
    range from 1% to 100% effectiveness. The effect's magnitude is the degree of
    Upon striking a target, it illuminates the area for a duration. Does not cause
    Causes the target to be harder to hit. The magnitude is the value that is 
    added to the target's chance to dodge attacks.
    Gives the target the ability to see in the dark. The effect's magnitude is how
    much the ambient light level is raised.
    Temporarily increases target's disposition towards the caster. When the effect
    ends, the targets disposition returns to its original value.
    Renders the target unable to move for the effect's duration.
    Temporarily renders the target unable to cast spells.
    Obscures the vision of the target, reducing his chance to hit with weapon or 
    hand to hand attacks.
    Produces a disorienting noise in the target's mind. The magnitude is the
    reduction in the target's chance to successfully cast spells(and the relative
    magnitude of the sound's volume).
    -->Calm Humanoid or Creature<--
    Decreases attack rating (i.e. its inclination to attack). The magnitude is the
    amount the attack rating is reduced. Undead, Daedra, and artifacts are not
    -->Frenzy Humanoid or Creature<--
    Increases attack rating (i.e. its inclination to attack). The magnitude is the
    amount the attack rating is increased. Undead, Daedra, and artifacts are not
    -->Demoralize Humanoid or Creature<--
    Increases flee rating (i.e. its inclination to flee from an attacker). The
    magnitude is the amount the flee rating is increased Undead, Daedra, and
    artifacts are not affected.
    -->Rally Humanoid or Creature<--
    Decreases flee rating (i.e. its inclination to flee from an attacker). The
    magnitude is the amount the flee rating is decreased. Undead, Daedra, and
    artifacts are not affected.
    +School of Destruction+
    Destruction harms living and unliving things.
    Lets the caster shoot out magical energy which lowers the value of a target's
    attributes, Health, Magicka, Fatigue, or skill. Attributes can only be 
    restored with a Restore effect spell or potion. The magnitude is the units lost
    each second of duration.
    -->Fire Damage<--
    This spell effect produces a manifestation of elemental fire. Upon contact with
    an object, this manifestation explodes, causging damage.
    -->Shock Damage<--
    This spell effect produces bolts of elemental lightning. The magnitude is the
    damage received by the first target along a bolt's path.
    -->Frost Damage<--
    This spell effect produces a manifestation of elemental frost. Upon contact 
    with an object, this manifestation causes frost damage over the area of the 
    Temporarily lowers the value of a target's attributes, Health, Magicka,
    Fatigue, or skills. The magnitude is the units reduced each second of duration.
    Creates a poison spray of acid that causes damage to the target's Health. The
    target continues to lose Health for the duration of the spell, unless canceled
    by cure poison.
    -->Stunted Magicka<--
    Prevents the target from regenerating Magicka while sleeping for the duration
    of the effect.
    Decreases the target's resistance to elements inluding elemental fire,
    elemental frost, elemental shock, Magicka(non-elemental), normal weapons(non-
    enchanted), common disease, blight disease, corprus disease, and poison.
    -->Disintegrate Weapon or Armor<--
    Damage the Health of an equipped weapon or armor on a touched or ranged target.
    +School of Restoration+
    Restoration heals, restores, and fortifies the body's attributes and abilities,
    cures diseases, and protects it from other malign influences. Restoration can
    also augment or absorb strength, endurance, intelligence, agility, and other
    bodily attributes.
    Cures a specific disease or states including Common Diseases, Blight Disease,
    Corprus Disease, Poison(does not restore lost health, only removes Poison) and
    If the target's attributes, Health, Magicka, Fatigue, or skill has been 
    reduced by magical attack, this effect can restore them to it's original value.
    The magnitude is the units of attribute restored for each second of duration.
    -->Fortify Attribute<--
    Temporarily increases the value of the target's attributes, Health, Magicka,
    Fatigue, or skill. The magnitude is the value of the increase of the attribute.
    -->Fortify Maximum Magicka<--
    Increases the target's maximum Magicka by a multiplier. The magnitude is 
    multiplied by the target's Intelligence. A magnitude of 2.o produces a Magicka
    bonus equal to the target's intelligence x 2.
    -->Fortify Attack Bonus<--
    Raises the target's chance of making a successful attack with a weapon or hand
    to hand attack.
    Increases the target's resistance to damage from the following: elemental fire,
    elemental frost, elemental shock, Magicka-based attacks, normal weapons, common
    disease, blight disease, corprus disease, poison, or paralysis. The magnitude
    is percentage reduction in damage caused by the effects.
    -->Remove Curse<--
    Removes a curse from the target.
    +School of Mysticism+
    Mysticism involves the manipulation of magical forces and boundaries to bypass
    the structures and limitations of the physical world.
    Removes Magicka-based spell effects from the target. Does not affect abilities,
    diseases, curses, or constant magic item effects. The magnitude is the chance
    an effect is removed.
    -->Soul Trap<--
    Traps the sould of the target creature in the smallest empty soul gem in the 
    caster's inventory, if the creature is killed during the effect's duration.
    Allows the target to pick up items, open containers, or open interior doors 
    from a distance. The magnitude is how far, in feet, the target can reach.
    Establishes a target location for the Recall spell. Stays where ever you used
    it until you "mark" somewhere else.
    Instantly transports the caster to the last Recall marker set by the Mark spell
    -->Divine and Almsivi Intervention<--
    Instantly transports the caster to the altar of the nearest shrine. For Divine
    Intervention, this is the Imperial cult. For Almsivi Intervention it is the 
    Tribunal Temple. You can also buy Divine and Almsivi spells to use in place of
    Allows you to detect creatures, enchanted items, or keys. They appear on the 
    map as symbols. The magnitude is the radius, in feet, that you will detect the
    -->Spell Absorption<--
    Lets the target absorb an attacking spell's power as an increase in Magicka. 
    The magnitude is the percentage chance of successfully absorbing the spell's
    power. If spell fails, the attacking spell takes effect normally. The target's
    Magicka cannot be increased above its maximum.
    Reflects any spell effects back at an attacking caster. The magnitude is the
    percent chance that the spell effect is reflected. If the spell fails, the
    attacking spell(s) takes effect normally.
    Temporarily transfers a portion of the target's attribute, Health, Magicka,
    Fatigue, or skill to the caster. A caster's stats can exceed their maximum
    for the duration. When the effect ends, attributes for the caster and the
    target return to original values. Changes to Health, Magicka, and Fatigue
    are permanent.
    +School of Alteration+
    Alteration involves manipulation of the physical world and its natural 
    -->Water Breathing<--
    Lets the target breathe underwater for the duration of the spell.
    -->Swift Swim<--
    Increases the target's swimming speed.
    -->Water Walking<--
    Lets the target walk on water for duration of spell.
    Creates a magical, fire, lightning, or frost shield around the target's body.
    Its magnitude is added to the target's Armor Rating, and also greatly reduces
    damage from fire, lightning, or frost attacks.
    Temporarily increases the weight carried by the target. The magnitude is the
    amount of weight being applied.
    Temporarily reduces the target's encumbrance. The magnitude is the units of
    weight removed from encumbrance.
    Increases the height and distance of the target's jumps. The magnitude is
    proportional to the increase in a jump's height and distance.
    Slows the target's rate of descent when falling, reducing damage received upon
    Temporarily lets the target levitate into the air. The magnitude is the speed
    at which the target can move through the air.
    Locks a container or door forever, until unlocked by a key, pick, or spell. The
    magnitude is the lock level placed on the container or door.
    Opens a container or door. The magnitude is the highest lock level that can be
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.6 Classes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Your class defines how you live your life in the game world. The game offers
    three ways to pick your class. You can answer a quiz, pick a class from any of
    the 21 pre-made classes or you can make your own. The pre-made classes come in 
    three categories; combat, stealth and magic.
    Each class has five major skills. They are the most important skills and level
    up faster then your minor skills. Minor skills which there are five of are 
    important to your class but may not be used that often so they level up slowly.
    The rest of your skills are called Miscellaneous skills. 
    The major skills start at 30, Minor skills at 15 and Miscellaneous skills at 5.
    In terms of speed of leveling up the order would be Major/Minor/Miss with a 50%
    multipler between. Easy huh?
    Finally, with each class come a +10 bonus to any two attributes that are 
    selected with the pre-made classes or any two you choose with your custom class
    +Combat Classes+
    Warriors are the professional men at arms, soldiers, mercenaries, and 
    adventurers of the Empire, trained with various weapons and armor styles, 
    conditioned by long marches, and hardened by ambush, skirmish, and battle.
    Favorite Attributes: Strength and Endurance.
    Major Skills: Long Blade, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Athletics and Block
    Minor Skills: Armorer, Spear, Marksman, Axe and Blunt Weapon.
    Barbarians are the proud, savage warrior elite of the plains nomads, mountain
    tribes, and sea reavers. They tend to be brutal and direct, lacking civilized
    graces, but they glory in heroic feats and excel in fierce, frenzied single
    Favorite Attributes: Strength and Speed.
    Major Skills: Axe, Medium Armor, Blunt Weapon, Athletics, Block.
    Minor Skills: Acrobatics, Light Armor, Armorer, Marksman and Unarmored.
    Any heavily armored warrior with spellcasting powers and a good cause may call
    himself a crusader. Crusaders do well by doing good. They hunt monsters and 
    villians, making themselves rich by plunder as they rid the world of evil.
    Favorite Attributes: Agility and Strength.
    Major Skills: Blunt Weapon, Long Blade, Destruction, Heavy Armor and Block.
    Minor Skills: Restoration, Armorer, Hand to Hand, Medium Armor and Alchemy.
    Of noble birth, or distinguished in battle or tourney, knights are civilized 
    warriors, schooled in letters and courtesy, and governed by the codes of 
    chivalry. In addition to the arts of war, knights study the lore of healing and
    Favorite Attributes: Strength and Personality.
    Major Skills: Long Blade, Axe, Speechcraft, Heavy Armor, and Block.
    Minor Skills: Restoration, Mercantile, Medium Armor, Enchant and Armorer.
    Scouts rely on stealth to survey routes and opponets, using ranged weapons and
    skirmish tactics when forced to fight. By contrast with Barbarians, in combat
    scouts tend to be cautious and methodical, rather then impulsive.
    Favorite Attributes: Speed and Endurance
    Major Skills: Sneak, Long Blade, Medium Armor, Athletics and Block.
    Minor Skills: Marksman, Alchemy, Alteration, Light Armor and Unarmored.
    Archers are fighters specializing in long-range combat and rapid movement. 
    Opponets are kept at a distance by ranged weapons and swift maneuvers, and 
    engaged in melee with sword and shield after the enemy is wounded and weary.
    Favorite Attributes: Agility and Strength.
    Major Skills: Marksman, Long Blade, Block, Athletics and Light Armor.
    Minor Skills: Unarmored, Spear, Restoration, Sneak and Medium Armor.
    Rogues are adventurers and opportunists with a gift for getting into and out of
    trouble. Relying variously on charm and dash, blades and business sense, they
    thrive on conflict and misfortune, trusting their luck and cunning to survive.
    Favorite Attributes: Speed and Personality.
    Major Skills: Short Blade, Mercantile, Axe, Light Armor, Hand to Hand.
    Minor Skills: Block, Medium Armor, Speechcraft, Athletics and Long Blade.
    +Stealth Classes+
    Thieves are pickpockets and pilferers. Unlike robbers, who kill and loot, 
    thieves typically choose stealth and subterfuge over violence, and often
    entertain romantice notions of their charm and cleverness in their
    acquisitive activities.
    Favorite Attribute: Speed and Agility.
    Major Skills: Security, Sneak, Acrobatics, Light Armor, and Short Blade.
    Minor Skills: Marksman, Speechcraft, Hand to Hand, Mercantile and Athletics.
    Agents are operatives skilled in deception and avoidance, but trained in self-
    defense and the use of deadly force. Self-reliant and independent, agents 
    devote themselves to personal goals, or to various patrons or causes.
    Favorite Attributes: Agility and Personality.
    Major Skills: Speechcraft, Sneak, Acrobatics, Light Armor and Short Blade.
    Minor SKills: Mercantile, Conjuration, Block, Unarmored and Illusion.
    Assassins are killers who rely on stealth and mobility to approach victims
    undetected. Execution is performed with ranged weapons or with short blades for
    close work. Assassins can be ruthless murderers or principled agents of noble
    Favorite Attributes: Speed and Intelligence
    Major Skills: Sneak, Marksman, Light Armor, Short Blade and Acrobatics.
    Minor Skills: Security, Long Blade, Alchemy, Block and Athletics.
    'Acrobat' is a polite euphemism for agile burglars and second-story men. These
    thieves avoid detecting by stealth, and rely on mobility and cunning to avoid
    Favorite Attributes: Agility and Endurance.
    Major Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Marksman, Sneak, Unarmored.
    Minor Skills: Speechcraft, Alteration, Spear, Hand to Hand and Light Armor.
    Monks are students of the ancient martial art of hand to hand combat and
    unarmored self-defense. Monks avoid detection by stealth, mobility, and agility
    and are skilled with a variety of ranged and close-combat weapons.
    Favorite Attributes: Agility and Willpower.
    Major Skills: Hand to Hand, Unarmored, Athletics, Acrobatics and Sneak
    Minor Skills: Block, Marksman, Light Armor, Restoration and Blunt Weapon.
    Pilgrims are travelers, seekers of truth and enlightenment. They fortify 
    themselves for road and wilderness with arms, armor and magic, and through wide
    experiance of the world, they become shrewd in commerce and persuasion.
    Favorite Attributes: Personality and Endurance.
    Major Skills: Speechcraft, Mercantile, Marksman, Restoration, and Medium Armor.
    Minor Skills: Illusion, Hand to Hand, Short Blade, Block and Alchemy.
    Bards are loremasters and storytellers. They crave adventure for the wisdom and
    insight to be gained, and must depend on sword, shield, spell and enchantment 
    to preserve them from the perils of their educational experiences.
    Favorite Attributes: Personality and Intelligence.
    Major Skills: Speechcraft, Alchemy, Acrobatics, Long Blade and Block.
    Minor Skills: Mercantile, Illusion, Medium Armor, Enchant and Security.
    +Magic Classes+
    Most mages claim to study magic for its intellectual rewards, but they also 
    often profit from its practical applications. Varying widely in temperament and
    motivation, mages share but one thing in common: an avid love of spellcasting.
    Favorite Attributes: Intelligence and Willpower.
    Major Skills: Mysticism, Destruction, Alteration, Illusion, and Restoration.
    Minor Skills: Enchant, Alchemy, Unarmored, Short Blade and Conjuration.
    Though spellcasters by vocation, sorcerers rely most on summonings and 
    enchantments. Thy are greedy for magic scrolls, rings, armor and weapons, and
    commanding undead and Daedric servants gratifies their egos.
    Favorite Attributes: Intelligence and Endurance
    Major Skills: Enchant, Conjuration, Mysticism, Destruction adn Alteration.
    Minor Skills: Illusion, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Marksman and Short Blade.
    Healers are spellcasters who swear solemn oaths to heal the afflicted and cure
    the diseased. When threatened, they defend themselves with reason and disabling
    attacks and magic, relying on deadly force only in extreme circumstances.
    Favorite Attributes: Willpower and Personality.
    Major Skills: Restoration, Mysticism, Alteration, Hand to Hand and Speechcraft.
    Minor Skills: Illusion, Alchemy, Unarmored, Light Armor and Blunt Weapon.
    Battlemages are wizard-warriors, trained in both lethal spellcasting and 
    heavily armored combat. They sacrifice mobility and versatility for the ability
    to supplement melee and ranged attacks with elemental damgae and summoned 
    Favorite Attributes: Intelligence and Strength.
    Major Skills: Alteration, Destruction, Conjuration, Axe, and Heavy Armor.
    Minor Skills: Mysticism, Long Blade, Marksman, Enchant and Alchemy.
    Witchhunters are dedicated to rooting out and destroying the perverted practice
    of dark cults and profane sorcery. They train for marital, magical, and 
    stealthy war against vampires, witches, warlocks and necromancers.
    Favorite Attributes: Intelligence and Agility.
    Major Skills: Conjuration, Enchant, Alchemy, Light Armor and Marksman.
    Minor Skills: Unarmored, Block, Blunt Weapon, Sneak and Mysticism.
    Spellswords are spellcasting specialists trained to support Imperial troops in
    skirmish and battle. Veteran spellswords are prized as mercenaries and well
    suited for careers as adventurers and soldiers of fortune.
    Favorite Attributes: Willpower and Endurance.
    Major Skills: Block, Restoration, Long Blade, Destruction, and Alteration.
    Minor Skills: Blunt Weapon, Enchant, Alchemy, Medium Armor and Axe.
    Nightblades are spellcasters who use their magics to enhance mobility, 
    concealment, and stealthy close combat. They have a sinister reputation, since
    many nightblades are thieves, enforcers, assassins, or covert agents.
    Favorite Attributes: Willpower and Speed
    Major Skills: Mysticism, Illusion, Alteration, Sneak, and Short Blade.
    Minor Skills: Light Armor, Unarmored, Destruction, Marksman and Security.
    +Custom Classes+
    The custom class feature allows you to make and name your own class with any 
    skills as major, minor and miss. You can pick which of the three main forms you
    want; combat, stealth and magic. Also you select your two main attributes to 
    gain the bonus. Finally, name it and your done.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.7 Birthsigns~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    As the last step of character building you get to pick a sign which grants your
    character certain inherant abilities. There are thirteen in all, offering a
    balanced choice of special abilities to chose from. The choice is permant so 
    make it wisely.
    -->The Apprentice<--
    Those born under the sign of The Apprentice have increased Magicka, but also
    have a weakness to it.
    Abilities: Elfborn; Fortify Maximum Magicka 1.5x INT and Weakness to Magicka 
    -->The Atronach<--
    Those born under the Sign of The Atronach cannont regenerate Magicka, but have
    a chance of absorbing any magic cast at them.
    Abilities: Wombburn; Spell Absorption 50 pts, Fortify Maximum Magicka 2.0x INT,
    Stunted Magicka.
    -->The Lady<--
    Those born under the sign of The Lady have increased Endurance and Personality.
    Abilities: Lady's Favor; Fortify Personality 25pts, Fortify Endurance 25pts.
    -->The Lord<--
    Those born under the sign of The Lord can regenerate Health, but are weak to 
    Abilities: Trollkin; Weakness to Fire 100%.
    Spells: Blood of the North; Restore Health 2pts for 30secs on Self.
    -->The Lover<--
    Those born under the sign of The Lover have increased Agility and can paralyze
    others with a kiss.
    Abilities: Mooncalf; Fortify Agility 25pts.
    Powers: Lover's Kiss; Paralyze for 60secs on Target, Damage Fatigue 200pts on 
    -->The Mage<--
    Those born under the sign of The Mage have increased Magicka.
    Abilities: Fay; Fortify Maximum Magicka 0.5x INT
    -->The Ritual<--
    Those born under the sign of The Ritual can heal themselves and turn undead.
    Spells: Blessed Ward; Turn Undead 100pts for 30secs on Target. Blessed Touch;
    Turn Undead 100pts for 20secs on Touch.
    Powers: Mara's Gift; Restore Health 100pts on Self.
    -->The Serpent<--
    Those born under the sign of The Serpent can poison others at a loss of their
    own health.
    Spells: Star-Curse; Poison 3pts for 30secs on Touch, Damage Health 1pt for 
    30secs on Self
    -->The Shadow<--
    Those born under the sign of The Shadow can make themselves invisible.
    Powers: Moonshadow; Invisibility for 60secs on Self
    -->The Steed<--
    Those born under the sign of The Steed can move faster.
    Abilities: Charioteer; Fortify Speed 25pts
    -->The Thief<--
    Those born under the sign of The Thief are harder to hit.
    Abilities: Akaviri Danger-sense; Sanctuary 10pts
    -->The Tower<--
    Those born under the sign of The Tower can unlock doors magically and detect
    things at a distance.
    Spells: Beggar's Noise; Detect Animal 200ft for 60secs on Self, Detect 
    Enchantment 200ft for 60secs on Self, Detect Key 200ft for 60secs on Self.
    Powers: Tower Key; Open 50pts on Touch.
    -->The Warrior<--
    Those born under the sign of The Warrior have an increased chance of hitting.
    Abilities: Warwyrd; Fortify Attack 10pts
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.8 Weapon, Armor and Miss. 'Equip-ables' Overview~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    +Close Combat Weapons+
    Weapons come in all shapes, sizes and forms in the Vvardenfall. Except with the
    ranged weapons(Bows, throwing stars/knives) each weapon offers three basic
    attacks each with a attack strength ranging from the minimum to the maximum.
    Let's look at an example.
    -->Ex. Sword<--
    Type: Sword, Two Handed
    Chop 1-15
    Slash 1-15
    Thrust 15-20
    Condition: 500/500
    Weight: 10.0
    Value: 200
    Summon Storm Atronach for 30 seconds
    OK, we see that the type is a two-handed sword which means you would use both 
    of your hands to wield this weapon which of course means no shields but that's
    a given. Next we see the three basic attacks that you can do by pulling [R] and
    combining the direction of your Left Control Stick. The numbers next to each 
    attack shows both the weakest that attack will do and the strongest that it can
    do, with of course attacks that fall anywhere between those numbers possible.
    Each attack requires a differnt touch on the Left Control Stick and in addition
    you can set the game to perform that current weapons strongest attack each 
    You perform the Chop attack when standing still or moving diagonally.
    You perform the Slash attack when moving from side to side.
    You perform the Thrust attack when moving forward or backward.
    All of these attacks vary in strength by how long you hold [R] before releasing
    it. The more you hold it the higher the potential attack strength and you can 
    set to always use the best attack from the option screen but that lacks 
    Next in line is the Condition of your weapon. These points are facoted into the
    damage it deals per blow. As you use it more this number goes down and when it 
    hits zero the weapon becomes broken and requires repair right away.
    Weight is how much it weights, duh and your value is how much you can possibly
    get for it when selling not how much you will get. That depends on your 
    Mercantile skill and the shopkeep you are attempting to sell to.
    Finally we see that this weapon has another ability; to summon Storm Atronach
    for 30secs. Weapons and armor can have any form of enchantments, spells, 
    effects, etc so be on the look out for handy ones or go ahead and make your 
    +Ranged Weapons+
    Ranged weapons are a little different. They include all the bows and throwing
    weapons. They have only one attack with a rating going from minimum to maximum.
    They can however have the same range of magical properties and spell effects.
    Here is an example.
    Type: Marksman
    Attack: 1-20
    Condition: 500/500
    Weight: 10.0
    Value: 200
    Here we see that the weapons attack will do anywhere from 1 to 30 in damage 
    each shot you get off. Condition, Weight and Value again has the same meaning 
    as any other weapon.
    Ranged weapons are used by pulling back [R] and then releasing when you have 
    your target in line with your cursor. Some weapons fire quicker then others so
    try and fine your balanace if you play as a Marksman. 
    All ranged weapons use ammo that runs out so watch your supply before and after 
    battles so you don't get caught off-guard. Bow's use arrows and crossbows use 
    arrows and bolts. Some ammo is stronger then other and they can be enchanted for
    a stronger effect.
    Armor comes in seven different pieces that all fit together to form your 
    overall armor rating. The six types and their overall percentage of your armor 
    rating are listed below.
    +++Armor Piece+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Total of AR++++++++
    + Cuirass(chest)                                                  40          +
    + Helmet(Head)                                                    10          +
    + Pauldron(Left and Right upper arm)                              10          +
    + Gauntlets and Bracers(hands and wrists on left and right hand)  10          +
    + Greaves(Upper legs)                                             10          +
    + Boots(Lower Legs)                                               10          +
    + Shield(lower and front of body. used for Block ability)         10          +
    Your Armor rating is the weighted average of all your currently equipped armor.
    You can choose to wear as much or as little as you want; with each piece going
    towards your overall armor rating. So maybe you decide you would rather have 
    the ability to move quicker then to absorb damage? In that case you would wear
    maybe just a cuirass and greaves to protect your vital area while still staying
    low in the overall weight.
    Whenever you pick up armor stats are listed much in the same way weapons are 
    with that pieces armor rating and weight being the most important. Value is the
    same as it is with weapons; the total you can possibly get but won't always.
    The armor rating that is shown will be relative to your armor skill in that
    certain pieces armor class. So if you have a high heavy armor rating then a 
    heavy armor helmet will have a higher armor rating then it would for someone 
    with a lower heavy armor rating. Sound confusing? We'll look at a few examples 
    to clarify.
    -->Ex.Helmet for charcter with Heavy Armor profiency<--
    Type: Helmet, Heavy Armor
    Weight: 10.0
    Condition: 500/500
    Armor rating: 260
    Value: 10
    Fortify Agility for 40pts on self
    -->Ex.Helmet for charcter with Light Armor profiency<--
    Type: Helmet, Heavy Armor
    Weight: 10.0
    Condition: 500/500
    Armor rating: 120
    Value: 10
    Fortify Agility for 40pts on self
    So as you can see the heavy armor helmet offers more of an armor rating for the
    character with profiency in that armor class then it does for the character who
    prefers light armor. Simple enough in idea and execution.
    Armor's main purpose is to absorb blows from enemies. Whenever you get hit the
    game compares that attacks strength against your total armor rating and then 
    some of the attack is absorbed at a cost of wear and tear on your armor. This
    in turn affects just how much of a blow get's absorbed but we'll look at that 
    in a moment.
    Another good point not to forget is that if you are highly trained in the skill
    of Unarmored then you might be better off without any form of armor then with 
    it. It all depends on your current skill in each of the armor skills. So if 
    your highest skill in armor is light armor then you would be better of using 
    light armor over heavy or medium or none at all. The only real thing to keep in
    mind when selecting an armor class to skill in is how much weight you want to 
    be carrying for that little extra strength in armor. There is no real way to 
    perfect this as it's up to each individual character and how he or she wants to
    play the game. You can choose to perfect in all armor classes or none of them,
    just got to put the time and effort into it.
    So while heavy armor does have the potential to offer the greatest protection 
    to someone with a high heavy armor skill it does have a downfall of great 
    weight which can affect Fatigue, Endurance and your speed. The trick is to 
    find a balance that you are happy with. 
    Just remember: your highest armor skill will show the highest armor rating on 
    that class of armor. High Heavy armor skill = high armor rating on Heavy Armor.
    It may sound a little confusing in text but in play it all falls together.
    +Weapon and Armor Maintenance+
    The more you use armor and weapons the more they are worn. All armor and 
    weapons can only take so much damage before they become un-useable and will 
    require repair before being usable again. For weapons damage relates directly 
    to the amount of damage it can do to a target. The more damaged your weapon 
    and the less powerful it becomes until finally it breaks and is not able to be 
    used. Armor is the same except the more damage it takes the less damage it can
    absorb from attacks by enemies until again, it breaks and is made un-useable.
    Morrowind offers a couple ways of repairing your armor and weapons. The first 
    would be to simply pay someone to do it. This will cost some coin but they
    get the job done quickly and right but hey, there isn't always a town around
    now is there? Nope, so this is when your second option comes in handy. Why not
    fix them yourself? 
    To do this you'll need armorer hammers/prongs and a useable skill in 
    Armorer. Hammers can be bought at stores and carried with you on your 
    journies. While this offers great convenience those damn tools can get heavy so
    carry only as much as you think you'll need and no more.  Simply select the 
    hammer you want and then a list of armor or weapons that need attention will 
    come up. Select which you want to work on and hit [A]. The quality of the tool
    will be compared against your skill and with a little luck the repair will work
    or if not then it will fail and you will need to try again. The amount of 
    damage each succesful repair fixes depends on the quality of the tool and your 
    Armorer skill. Raise your skill in Armorer to make the process easier and more
    Let's look at the types of tools available to you and their stats. The range 
    from the Repair prongs to the Grandmaster's hammer in quality.
    +Repair Prong                    20       0.50      2.5+
    +Apprentice's Armorer's Hammer   20       0.80      4.0+
    +Journeyman's Armorer's Hammer   20       1.00      3.0+
    +Master's Armorer's Hammer       10       1.30      2.0+
    +Grandmaster's Armorer's Hammer  10       1.70      1.0+
    +Miss. 'Equip-ables'+
    What? 'Equip-ables' isn't a word? Well, sorry Webster I just made it one. 
    Throughout Vvardenfall you'll encounter hundreds of other items that are
    able to be equipped but don't fall under the weapons or armor category. These
    included shoes, shirts, pants, rings, amulets, lockpicks, probes and even 
    torches. We'll take a close look to see what all of these things are used for 
    and how to use them.
    -->Clothing and Accessories<--
    Beyond the obvious cosmetic benefets clothing in the game serves two other main
    purposes. One being that it can be sold at a tidy profit and the other more 
    important use being enchantment. All the clothes from the shirts on down to the 
    shoes can be enchanted with magical properties. Each item has a different 
    amount of room for enchantments with that number usually going up as the 
    quality of the clothes go up. You equip clothes just like armor and they can be
    worn under or with armor.
    On quality; higher quality clothes fetch more at sell usually along with a 
    better cosmetic look. For the Unarmored players out there clothes come into 
    play soon and a lot.
    Accesories are also important. While they don't play such a big role in the 
    cosmetic department they do usually offer more enchantment points then your
    clothes usually do. They include rings, amulets and other "decorations".
    For a list of enchantment points search forward to section 13.3 and look
    for the list of Enchantment points which were provided kindly by DeathXI and
    Jeez, I wonder what these do? Lockpicks come in four different variants ranging
    from the poor but usable to the high end and reliable lockpicks. To use a one
    first you equip it like any weapon, aim at whatever it is you want to attempt 
    to unlock and then pull [R]. The quality of the lockpick, your Security skill 
    and Luck will all come into play when attempting to pick a lock. There are 
    different quality picks and each has a certain quality of use.
    +Apprentice's Lockpick  25     1.00        0.3+
    +Journeyman's Lockpick  25     1.10        0.3+
    +Master's Lockpick      25     1.30        0.3+
    +Skelton Key            50     5.00        0.5+
    Shown above you can see lockpicks range in quality from Apprentice to the great
    but rare Skelton Key. Note that a failed attempt still counts as one use off 
    the pick. Usually magic replaces the need for lockpicks but hey, your options 
    remain open.
    Probes are used to disarm traps that may be waiting on doors, containers, chest
    or anything else that can be opened. The traps range from those that do fire 
    damage to some that poison you or even paralyze you. It differs by location and
    other elements. Some are no doubt random.
    To use a probe equip it just like you do a weapon, approach the area to be 
    probed and then pull [R]. The quality of the probe, your Security skill and
    Luck all factor into a disarm attempt. Like lockpicks a failed attempt still
    counts as a use.
    +Apprentice's Probe     25     0.50        1.0+
    +Journeyman's Probe     25     0.75        0.3+
    +Master's Probe         25     1.00        0.3+
    Torches and Lanterns are used to provide light in dark or other hard to see
    enviroments. They are equipped like a weapon only they are used by the left
    hand which means no shield and no use of two handed swords at the same time.
    So if it's dark and you know you need some light it's best to have a short 
    blade with you just in case.
    They cost and weight little but to be honest not a lot of situations if any
    arise were you need extra light but it's nice to have the option. Guards are
    a good source of torches and many houses all around the world have lanterns 
    outside. Make sure no one sees you swipe it though.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.9 Additional Gameplay Mechanics~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    We'll go over basic gameplay mechanics like the Stealth, Alchemy, Spellmaking 
    and Enchantment features.
    Stealth is important to thieves and all characters alike. If you are doing the
    Thieves Guild or just want to play robber in the night your stealth skills come
    in handy. They include....
    Sneaking is..... well sneaking. Having your character move in a way that keeps
    him or her hidden from others perception. To start sneak mode click the Left
    Control Stick down once and hold to enter sneak as a toggle or double click the
    stick to enter Sneak mode more permanently.An icon of a hand will appear on the 
    screen meaning you are in sneak mode and are currently undetected by everyone 
    nearby. If for some reason you become detected then the icon will disappear to 
    warn you that you're being watched.
    Your ability to sneak is reliant on a few skills and factors. Your sneaking 
    skill, footwear and luck all play into it. While in sneak mode you can do
    things that would otherwise get you in trouble freely as long as you don't get
    noticed in the process. This includes stealing, unlocking places and picking
    pockets. If you get caught in the process then you will be reported. More on 
    this in the section Law and Order.
    First let me say that stealing is wrong and everytime you do it God kills a 
    kitten. Ok, now that's said let's look at the fine art of Stealing.
    It's really as simple as it sounds. Just enter sneak mode and then take 
    whatever it is you want from a shelf, container, desk etc. The item or items
    you take will be added to your inventory as yours to keep.
    A few things to remember about stealing. One, NPC's are like Rainman when it 
    comes to remember their belongings so don't try to be sneaky and sell your 
    stolen items back to their original owner. They will get pissed and might call
    the Guards and even refuse you service in the future. Heck, the might even be
    mad enough to hurt you so watch out. Second, Guards have a keen eye when it 
    comes to spotting stolen goods. If for some reason you are held up by a Guard 
    for any other crime they will take your stolen goods no matter if you pay your
    fine or serve your time. The only real way to get away from a guard with stolen
    items is to resist arrest and that's not usually smart since not only is that 
    another crime you are held responsible for but now you have some crazed guard
    after your ass. This is touched on again in the section Law and Order.
    -->Picking Pockets<--
    Simple process. First enter sneak mode then position yourself behind the NPC 
    you intend to rob. Hit [A] and an inventory will show up. Here you'll see 
    things that the NPC is carrying. Not all the NPC has on him will be shown until
    you max out your Security level so everytime you "peek" into a NPC the shown
    items may be different. 
    If you see something you want to steal then select it and hit [A] again to take 
    it. If your Security skill and Luck is high enough then you'll get away with it
    , if not then you'll be detected and the NPC will report you or even try to 
    kill you. 
    Picking pockets is a great skill to get up to at least a proficent level as it
    does come in handy later on. Still there is always the "kill him and take it"
    method of doing things........
    -->Critical Hits<--
    If you can sneak up behind someone without being noticed then hit them you have
    the chance that your first hit will do four times the damage. You will get a
    prompt if you did it right notifying you of a "Critical Hit"
    -->Other Notes<--
    Picking locks and the use of probes have already been covered but they both 
    also fall under the Stealth category, meaning they depend a lot on your 
    Security level.
    +Spells and Spellmaking+
    Spells can be found all over the world from people who sell them. When you 
    learn a spell you'll notice six important pieces of infomation on your 
    spell screen.
    Spell Name: Name of selected spell. Can be anything.
    Magic School: Which of the six schools it belongs to which is also the skill 
    that will be raised with each succesful casting of this spell. A destruction 
    spell will raise your skill in Destruction.
    Magic effects: the effects contained in the spell. The school the spell falls
    into is determined by the most difficult effect the spell has for your 
    Magnitude: the strength of the spell. How much damage it does or how much it
    effects attributes on the target. It's repersented by a range of numbers and
    the magnitude falls between them just like your weapon ratings. This range can
    be as broad as 1-100 or as narrow as 100 -100 with the latter guaranting a
    succesful cast with a magnitude of 100. This is explained more in spellmaking.
    Duration: How long any effects last.
    Range: Spells can be cast to affect in three ways.
    Cast once you touch a target.
    'Shot' at a target from a distance.
    Affects your character automatically.
    Area: This applies to Touch and Target spells. It's range in feet.
    So let's look at an example.
    Ex. Spell
    School: Destruction
    Fire Damage  2 to 25pts in 10ft on Target.
    This spell will shoot fire that will do anywhere from 2 to 25 points of damage
    in a 10 foot radius of the target you 'shot' it at. Simple right?
    For some coin NPC's will make spells for you using any combination of spell
    effects your character knows. You'll get to choose all the aspects and the name
    of your new spell.
    On the spellmaking screen you'll see your possible effects on the left and the
    current effects in the spell to be on the right. AS you pick and choose effects
    the counters at the right hand top will change to show how many Magicka points
    will be needed to cast the spell, your chance at casting the spell successfully
    and how much the current spell is going to cost you to have them make it. They
    can get pricy so wach out.
    When you select an effet to add you'll be prompted to input info including
    everything we went over in the spell section. All those attributes effect the
    Magicka needed and the price of the spell in gold. Once you have the effects
    you want and a good name simply hit [X] and if you have enough money the spell
    will be added to your inventory. 
    The most important thing to keep in mind during spellmaking is the Magicka 
    needed and the price in gold; other then that just have fun!
    Alchemy is a great skill. It helps you in a lot of ways from showing the 
    abilities of a potion or plant to allowing you to make your own potions. The
    ingredients you get can come from anywhere; plants, animals, shops or just on
    the ground. Everything has effects so check it all out but beware that not all
    effects are good(at first) but have the potential when made into a potion.
    Whenever you pick something up it has stats listed. Potions, plants, food, 
    and other ingredients all have effects that can help or even hurt you. With a 
    low Alchemy skill they appear as question marks, the higher your Alchemy skill
    gets then the more the attributes of an ingrediant are shown.
    An ingredient can have up to four effects; each one shows up once a certain 
    level is reached in Alchemy. Those are listed below.
    ++Effect+++++++++Alchemy Lvl+
    +1st effect           Lvl 15+
    +2nd effect           Lvl 30+
    +3rd effect           Lvl 45+
    +4th effect           Lvl 60+
    If you eat or use something with out knowing what it does (i.e. ??? on stats) 
    then you can still be effected by any of it's effects but it will be at random
    from an ingredients possible effects. Having a high Alchemy skill allows you to
    see an ingredients effects so you can better combine them in potions and the 
    strength of the potion will be stronger.
    Here is an example of Bread that would be shown if you had low Alchemy skill.
    NOTE: Examples aren't true to the game. Just off my head.
    Value: 10
    Weight: 1.0
    Now with Alchemy skill at level 15.
    Value: 10
    Weight: 1.0
    Restore Health 10pts
    ...and so the next effect will show up after another 15 levles gained in 
    To get a certain effect to be applied to your potion you need two of an 
    ingredient that has the effect you want. So to make a potion that restored your
    health upto 10pts then you would use two of the above type of Bread.
    To make potions you use any combo of the four available tools. Each tool 
    performs a certain function that may or may not be needed for your desired 
    potion. They are listed below along with a chart showing the differences 
    between the different qualities of tools available to an Alchemist and their 
    +Apprentice's Mortar and Pestal         5.0               0.5+
    +Apprentice's Retort                    8.0               0.5+
    +Apprentice's Alembic                  10.0               0.5+
    +Apprentice's Calcinator               25.0               0.5+
    +Journeyman's Mortar and Pestal         4.0               1.0+
    +Journeyman's Retort                    8.0               1.0+
    +Journeyman's Alembic                   7.0               1.0+
    +Journeyman's Calcinator               18.0               1.0+
    +Master's Mortar and Pestal             3.0               1.2+
    +Master's Retort                        4.0               1.2+
    +Master's Alembic                       5.0               1.2+
    +Master's Calcinator                   13.0               1.2+
    +Grandmaster's Mortar and Pestal        2.0               1.5+
    +Grandmaster's Retort                   3.0               1.5+
    +Grandmaster's Alembic                  2.0               1.5+
    +Grandmaster's Calcinator               8.0               1.5+
    Mortar & Pestal: needed to mix the potion and determines it's strength.
    Retort: Increases the magnitude and duration of all positive effects in your
    current potion.
    Alembic: Decreases he magnitude and duration of all negative effects in your
    current potion.
    Calcinator: Increases the magnitude and duration of all effects in your potion.
    Say your potion has a good effect you want to try and make stronger, then you 
    would use your retort. For a bad effect you want to try and make weaker, you 
    would use your Alembic.  Your calcinator is used if for some reason you want to
    weaken the positive effects or strengthen the negative effects.
    To sum it up your potions effects are determined by your ingredients. You need
    two of any ingredient before it's effect can be used in your potion. The over
    all magnitude of said effects be it positive effects or negative effects are
    determined by the tools you use in the making of the potion. While it may sound
    complicated in text it's actually pretty simple so go check it out if you are
    interested in this aspect of gameplay.
    Alchemy overall isn't a needed skill rather it's just another fun skill to work
    on and learn to perfection for that great Mage character of yours.
    Enchantment is the process of adding any of your learned spell effects to an
    item so to be used as a medium. Enchantable items include clothes, rings, and
    just about anything else. Each individual item has a differnt amount of room
    for enchantments, these are called enchantment points.
    For a list of Enchantment points search forward to section 3.13 for a
    list provided by GameFAQ's users Quanze13 and Death XI. Thanks to them for use 
    of their list.
    First step in the enchanting process is to acquire a soul.
    Can be taken from fallen enemies and held in soul gems. To get a soul first
    cast soul trap or use a soul trap scroll on an ememy, kill the enemy and then 
    the soul will be  trapped in the smallest possible gem in your inventory. There
    are many kinds of gems that each hold a different 'amount' of soul Those are..
    +Petty Soul Gem             30+
    +Lesser Soul Gem            60+
    +Common Soul Gem           120+
    +Greater Soul Gem          180+
    +Grand Soul Gem            600+
    Gems from Petty to Greater can be found in shops, on people and on monsters.
    Grand soul gems are usually found sitting around bandit caves or the houses
    of Mages. There is also one more level of gem called Azura's Star and it holds
    an infinite amount of soul. Find out more by searching the term Azura's Star
    in the walkthrough.
    Once you have a soul you have two options you can use to add spell effects to
    any item. You can do it yourself which is dependant on your enchant skill and 
    runs the risk of failing or you can pay someone to do it for you which works
    one hundred percent of the time but can cost a fortune. 
    The actual process of enchanting is a lot like spellmaking. There are nine 
    possible categories of info that you change to your liking before finishing the
    enchantment. They are..
    Name: The name of your enchanted item. Can be anything
    Item to be enchanted: select an item you want to enchant; keeping in mind the
    enchantment points on the item and your total points provided by the soul you
    Soul: provides the total amount of enchantment points you can spend on the 
    current enchantment. Souls differ in enchantment points available so play 
    around to see which you'll need for what enchantment.
    Enchantment Points: shows how many enchantment points available to be used and 
    how many you already have. Ex. 1/20 says that you have twenty to spend and have
    already used one on an effect(s).
    Cost: How much Magicka is needed per use. More effects = more points needed.
    Higher enchant skill means lower cost overall.
    Charge: how much Magicka is available at full charge.
    Effects: all the effects and powers the current item posses.
    Range: Cast when used, cast when strikes, constant effect or cast once.
    If you are doing this throught a person then you'll also have a price which is 
    how much gold this service will cost you.
    Enchantments are what you make of them. You can make a ring that always opens
    everything at any level or you can use paper to make your own scrolls to use or
    sell. Like Alchemy just play around and you'll get the hang of it. Soon you'll 
    be making your own kick-ass weapons and magical rings.
    A good example of how enchantment can be useful would be to have one glove 
    enchanted with Mark and another with Recall. Neat huh?
    +Law and Order+
    Just like the real world the land of Vvardenfell is governed by a central 
    system of laws and punishment for breaking those laws. Guards patrol all over 
    the land to keep order and make sure those who break the law are punished.
    -->Morrowind Laws<--
    A list of laws that your character is expected to follow.
    Stealing: taking anything that is not yours from anyone or anywhere is a crime.
    If someone sees you they will report the crime and you will be held responsible
    for the theft. Just because you weren't spotted doesn't mean you got away with 
    the crime. Oh no, if you are ever stopped by a guard to answer for another 
    crime not matter how unrelated the guard will still confinscate any stolen 
    goods you have on your person. So remember kids, if you steal it's best to hide
    or sell the loot.
    Assault: hitting or hurting any citizin of Vvardenfell in an act that is not
    self-defense is considered a severe crime. Not only will the victim report the
    crime but he or she will also try to kill you so it makes for one tough crime
    to get away with. So why not just make sure you kill them? Maybe that sounds 
    like a smart idea but still you would be held responsible for the murder so 
    that goes to show no matter how slick you think you are, most crimes will 
    still get you in trouble. This is where magic comes in play; a quick hit with 
    the charm spell and the victim is good as new and happy as a clam. Cheating?
    You decide.
    Sleeping in a bed that is not yours: this is considered a minor crime but can 
    still lead to jail time. If you attempt to sleep in a bed that is not yours in 
    front of the bed owner one of two things might happen. Depending on the 
    disposition of the NPC he or she might either warn you harsly to stay away from
    their bed or they might just report your crime. 
    Breaking and entering: breaking into any locked home or house is a severe crime
    and subject to punishment. If guard or any civilian sees you breaking into any
    house or home by any means you will be stopped by a guard.
    Unlocking any locked containers: It's locked for a reason you know? People want
    to protect their stuff so stay out or face the guards when the owner reports 
    you..........and they will.
    Summoning creatures in a town: This is a marital offense. If you summon any
    creature in a town for any reason, you and the creature will be executed on 
    spot. If this happens it's best to run and try to clear your name.
    Picking pockets: Same as stealing, champ. DUR!
    The more crimes you commit the higher your bounty gets. If your bounty reaches
    past 50,000 then you will have a death mark. This means that any and all guards
    will attempt to kill you on sight until you clear the price on your head.
    Bounties also change the dispostion of many of the NPC's you meet; simply put 
    citizins are naturally afraid of criminals and may deny you service at their 
    -->Clearing your name<--
    If you are part of the Thieves Guild then there are certain people that can and
    will clear your name for you at the price of half the bounty on your head. Just
    remember not to commit crimes against the guild or this service might disapper.
    The honorable thing to do here is turn yourself into a guard. For this you will
    get a smaller fine but still be held accountable for all your crimes and of 
    course your stolen goods will be taken from you.
    The guards are the law enforcement of Vvardenfell. If they see you break any
    law they come after you, if they get reports that you broke a law they come 
    after you, and if you attack one of them then a whole bunch of them come after
    you. Who would have thunk?
    When you are stopped by a guard after a crime you have three options open to 
    you. They are...
    Pay the Fine and be released: pay a hefty fee in gold and surrender any stolen
    goods you have on your person. After this you are free to go with a harsh 
    warning to be good in the future.
    Go to jail: If you don't have the gold then you got to do the time. You will be
    transferred to the nearest holding cell and suffer a loss in profiency in any
    of your skills. As to be expected any and all stolen goods will be taken and 
    you will be released after a certain time period in jail from the jail itself.
    If you have the gold but are stingy or just like the look of stripes then you 
    can choose to go to jail also. It's your choice.
    Resist arrest: Not. A. Smart. Idea. Not only is it another crime you have to
    answer for but you'll have a bunch of pissed off guards on your ass until you
    can get away. This does lead to a raise in bounty and the guards are tough to
    get away from alive..... not to mention they won't ever forget you until you
    pay for the crimes. You can kill them but that just leads to more bounties and
    more pissed guards.
    Crime just doesn't pay....
    Along with housing the loot of the local houses, temples, caves, stores and 
    other locations, these can be used to store your own loot for later use or just
    if you feel like collecting stuff. Containers include chests, desks, wardrobes,
    dressers, boxes, crates, barrels, pots, planters and for the sake of gameplay
    discussion; corpses. 
    Of course everyone wants to keep their junk safe so a lot of containers will be
    locked or maybe even trapped.
    -->Container Controls<--
    [A]: takes the selected item from the containers inventory and adds it to your
    [X]: takes all the items in the container and adds them to your inventory.
    [B]: closes container inventory screen.
    White: used only with corpses. This disposes of the corpse; taking all the items
    and adding them to your inventory automatically. The corpse never comes back.
    [L] and [R]: switch between your inventory and that of the container and back.
    Easy now, don't go throwing the game out yet. Yes, there are books that can be
    read in the game to add history and even train you. No, they aren't mandatory
    but it's in your best interest to read them as some can level skills up for you
    Books range from those about history, to comedy, to ABC's for Orcs and even 
    erotic literature. Yea, now I got your attention huh?
    -->Reading Controls<--
    [L]: Turn back a page.
    [R]: Turn forward a page.
    [B]: Set the book back where you found it or back into inventory.
    [A]: Put book in inventory. Note: This counts as stealing if it's not your book
    and the owner might get pissed if he sees you. So beware.
    +Rest and Wait+
    Depending on your location at the time you can rest or wait for a certain
    amount of time.
    Rest: restores Health, Fatigue and Magicka(Depending on race and status at 
    time); useful for passing time. NOTE: when you level up rest is required to 
    gain the level.
    Outside in the wilderness you are free to sleep as long as you want however 
    animals can and will attack you; disrupting your sleep in the process so be 
    careful. In towns it is illegal to sleep in the streets so you will need to 
    either find a free bed somewhere away from the eyes of its owner, a bed in a
    friendly factions halls or just give the coin to rent a room. Legally, you get
    the room for 24 hours put some have been known to pick a lock or two at a Inn.
    To sleep you hit Black, move the slider to the desired time you want to rest 
    and then hitting [A] to Rest.
    Wait: Restores only fatigue; useful for passing time.
    Waiting is your only option to past the time while in the streets of a town or
    in someone's home.
    You wait in the same way you rest only [A] will read Wait instead of Rest.
    +In-Game Journal+
    This feature will become your best friend. It keeps a record of anything and 
    everything relavent to your quests. Everything ever told to you will be in this
    journal. Information appears dated with the day you were told that certain bit.
    Important topics that have other, related info for it already in the journal is
    marked blue and appears in alphabetical order on the topic page.
    The topic page contains all the topics you have talked about, learned, read or
    heard. Simply select the letter of the topic you are looking for and find your
    relative topic.
    -->Journal Controls<--
    White: Opens Journal.
    [L]: moves back a page.
    [R]: moves forward a page.
    [A]: Opens the Topics screen.
    [B]: closes Journal, goes from topic page to main journal.
    While the journal does it's job it can be a bit on the confusing side as info 
    is logged in order of when you recieved it and now by topics, quests or in 
    relative groups. The topic page helps but the topics are vague sometimes. A 
    search feature would have been nice but can't win them all.
    You have a built in map with you. Areas become uncoverd on it as you visit them
    , as people mark areas for you or you read books that tell directions to a 
    certain place.
    Locations are marked by yellow squares that when highlighted by the cursor 
    display the name of that location at the top. In World view this will be cities
    , towns, and landmarks. In Local view these will be stores, homes, caverns or 
    anything else. 
    Spell effects that detect items or animal will display that info on the local 
    view as well.
    -->Map controls<--
    Left Control Stick: Move around the map.
    [A]: switches from the Local and World Map.
    [X]: re-centers the map view back to your characters location.
    +Travel methods+
    Beyond the obvious walking there are a few other ways to travel place to place
    in Vvardenfell.
    -->Silt Striders<--
    By riding a giant flea like animal you can save time and hardship on yourself
    when traveling between most inland towns. It costs some coin but not much to 
    really be a worry. Just talk to the Silt Striders owner and select where you
    want to go from the list of places. You'll notice the price to the right of the
    Listed below are the towns with silt strider service and where the service 
    takes you to and from.
    Seyda Neen: Vivec, Gnisis, Suran and Balmora.
    Balmora: Seyda Neen, Ald'ruhn, Vivec and Suran.
    Ald'ruhn: Balmora and Gnisis.
    Gnisis: Kuul, Maar Gan, Ald'ruhn and Seyda Neen
    Maar Gan: Gnisis and Khuul.
    Khuul: Maar Gan, Ald'ruhn and Gnisis.
    Suran: Seyda Need, Vivec, Balmora, and Molag Mar.
    Molag Mar: Suran amd Vivec.
    Vivec: Seyda Need, Suran, Molag Mar, and Balmora.
    Boats offer you fast and easy travel to most towns on the waterfronts. Like the
    Silt Striders just talk to the boat owner and select your destination from the
    -->Mages Guild<--
    The most expensive of the modes; Mages use their magical powers to transport 
    you quickly and easily from Mages Guild scattered around the map. Listed below
    are the Mage Guilds that offer the service and where the service takes you to 
    and from.
    Balmora: Caldera, Vivec, Sadrith Mora and Ald'Ruhn.
    Ald'ruhn: Caldera, Vivec, Sadrith Mora and Balmora.
    Caldera: Balmora, Sadrith Mora, Ald'ruhn and Vivec.
    Sadrith Mora: Ald'ruhn, Caldera, Balmora and Vivec.
    Vivec, Sadrith Mora, Caldera, Ald'ruhn and Balmora.
    -->Mark and Recall<--
    These two spells offer the adventurers most handy way to travel at the downfall
    of having to had marked the location first then only being able to travel back 
    to it.
    Using Mark you simple cast the spell anywhere you want. This "marks" a spot on 
    the map. Cast Recall and your whisked away to the spot you marked with the Mark
    spell but be warned it's a one way trip. A handy tip is to use Mark at the 
    enterance of any unknown areas so you can return to safety if you run into some
    trouble you can't handle or weren't prepared for.
    -->Almsivi and Divine Scrolls<--
    These offer quick, one way trips at the use of one scroll. Almsivi transport 
    you to the nearest Tribunal Temple and Divine to the nearest Imperialm Temple.
    Downfall? You have to purchase and carry scrolls with you.
    +Groups and Guilds+
    All over Vvadenfell there are different groups you can join to advance up it's
    ranks and maybe one day be the head of it. Which group, how many groups and how
    you perform the actions requested of you is all up to you. Heck, you might 
    decide not to join any and that's fine. Guilds include Theives, Fighters, Mages
    , Imperial cult, Imperial Legion, Temple, and Morag Tong.
    Guilds come in a lot of variety to attract any type of characters. From the
    Thieves guild to the Fighters guild, you can find a group for any character.
    This isn't saying you can only join the guild that your character is most like.
    Nope, you can join them all but a bit of diplomacy will be needed as some 
    guilds have fueds with others so some quests for one group might cause problems
    for a job from another but as with everything in Morrowind there are ways 
    around this to protect your standing in each group.
    Beyond giving you quests being part of a group has other benifits like being 
    able to sleep in any of their halls around the world, use member only trainers
    found in these halls, get free supplies and even some special, hidden benifits
    like a certain person who can make crimes disappear for his members.
    Each guild is covered in greater detail in their cooresponding section of the
    -->Great Houses<--
    There are three houses in Morrowind that your characer can join. This is one 
    set of two groups that your character will be limited in how many he can join
    which is just one. The house are sort of like bigger guilds each one for a 
    certain type of character but you can join any one of them you cant. Beyond 
    more quests, Great Houses also control a lot of influence in the world and can
    maybe one day lead to your own place to call home in Vvardenfell.
    These are explained in much more detail in their sections of the walkthrough so
    search foward now if you need to.
    Your character one day may come down with a case of Vampirism. In this case 
    there are three main clans of Vampires that your blood-sucker can join. These
    will work just like any other guild; each offering a different style and set
    of quests and rewards. Whatever one you join is up to you. 
    As a Vampire you will be held to the rules that govern their groups like not
    going out in the light and of course your need for blood. Vampirism can be 
    cured although the process is a little tricky. 
    These three clans are explained more in their part of the Walkthrough.
    Although not a group I'll stick this little bit of info in here. In the
    Bloodmoon expansion part of the game it is possibile to become a Werewolf. Just
    like the Vampires you will be held to the rules of Werewolves like turning into
    one at night.
    A big note about Werewolf form: don't let any NPC see your transformation. The
    word will spread fast and you will be hunted forever even when not in your 
    werewolf form. This NPC rage cannot be stopped so be careful. If you are 
    spotted changing then I suggest reloading a game.
    You can be cured of the disease eventually if you choose and you might even
    find a way to have the best of both worlds; normal and werewolf.
    The whole process and resulting quests are explained in more detail in the 
    Bloodmoon expansion section of the Walkthrough.
    Each group has a set of ranks that can be achieved. AS you meet their standards
    you go up in rank and are given harder quests and more responsibility in your 
    guild. In the walkthrough the ranks and their requirments will be listed in a
    chart. Groups require certain level's to be gained in certain attributes before
    you are promoted. 
    Each guild has a different set of favored attributes and skills, and to be able
    to be promoted you need one or more of those skills and attributes at a certain
    level for that rank. The charts will clear this up more.
    Quick over view of the rank chart. Required Attributes show which level you 
    need to have in the guilds two favored attributes and required skill levels 
    will show how many skill needed and which level they need to be. 20, 30, 10 
    would mean you need three of the favored skills; one at 20 one at 20 and one at
    10. It doesn't matter which of the skills you have at those levels as long as
    they are one of the guilds favored skills.
    -->Crimes against your guild<--
    Don't steal or harm any member of your guild. Not only will you be kicked out
    but you'll have to pay some money or do some chore to get back in. Guilds can't
    be jerked around a lot, they will reach a limit of thier forgiveness and then 
    they will just flat out not allow you back in. This happens and you are gone
    for good so be careful. If you have to steal or hurt someone then make sure you
    do it smart.
    +NPC interaction+
    Saved the most important for last. 
    When talking to other people, called NPC's, you'll notice a lot of info on 
    screen at once. Look to the upper right, that blue bar is the most important. 
    It's the NPC's disposition or how much he likes you out of one hundred. The 
    more he likes you the higher that number and the more free he would offer info
    up to you or his willingness to discuss secrets or private info with you. 
    This means that the lower the number the less likely he will discuss or offer 
    up info with you. Storekeeps might refuse  service to you, people will ignore 
    you, and things might even get violent. 
    Disposition is affected by almost everything you do and are. Some races hate 
    others, if you were mean to this NPC, if you stole or harmed them in the past,
    what groups you are a part of, what your job is, if you are sick or diseased or
    even if you hurt a pal of theirs in the past.
    There are four ways of possible persuasion. Taunt, Admire, Intimidate and bribe
    are all available to you.
    Taunt: This lowers the NPC's dispostion and can eventually lead to him or her
    attacking you. Do this if you want to fight the NPC but avoid any crime. Some
    people are thin skinned while others let stuff role off their backs so keep at
    it until you get results.
    Admire: 'ass-kissing' This give the NPC a compliment of some sorts that can 
    either raise his disposition if he finds it to be honest or lower it if he
    sees through your plan.
    Intimidate: A succesful intimidation will only temporarily increase an NPC's
    disposition out of fear however once you leave this NPC will dis-like you 
    more then ever so don't expect a warm welcome around those you bully. Fail at
    intimidation and the NPC will simply laugh and his disposition will lower.
    Bribe: Just pay the bastard. Bribery works the best on the most people although
    you will run inot goody twoshoes who refuse your money. This lowers their 
    disposition. However a succesful bribe will increase the NPC's disposition 
    depending on how much you slipped him. Bribe money is only removed from your
    gold if the bribe was succesful.
    A lot of NPC's offer many services to your character through-out Vvardenfell.
    They are listed below. Remember that a NPC's disposition affects if they want
    to offer services to you or not so be nice to the other kids.
    Enchanting: use the spell effects you learned to enchant in item in your
    inventory for you.
    Barter: buy and sell goods. Higher your Mercantile skill and the better prices
    you can get from someone when buying or selling. When you select something to 
    buy you are presented with a screen showing how much he asks for the item(s) at
    start. Use Black and White to raise or lower the offer until you both find a
    deal that suits you. Sometimes being persistant pays off so stick to your guns
    and you'll walk away not so light on coinage. Beware that everytime you offer
    a deal he declines his disposition will drop but not by much. 
    If you are selling at the same time as buying then the money he pays for your 
    goods will be subtracted from the money you owe him and the difference will 
    what you pay. If you sell more then you take in goods then he will pay the
    difference. Each shopkeep only has some much in gold to give out so spread 
    your selling needs around or wait until the next day(full 24 hours from last
    sale). For a list of all shopkeepers in the game as well as their daily
    possible amount of gold search forward to section ***.
    Repair: fixes weapon and armor for you; quickly and easily.
    Spells: adds new spell effects you learned.
    Spellmaking: use said spell effects to make spells by combining them and 
    changing their attributes like range and magnitude.
    Travel: move around, move around.
    Training: recieve training in a specific area. Each skill will raise one point
    per purchase until you reach that trainers highest possible level to be taught.
    For list of trainers and the highest level they can teach in their skill search
    forward to section ***.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.0 Morrowind Walkthrough Overview~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Finally. Here we go with the walkthrough of all the quests in The Elder Scrolls
    Three: Morrowind. All the quests will include clear instructions of how and 
    where to get everything you need to pass. Also where needed I'll include the 
    readout of the loot you get, if you should sell or not and optional ways to go
    through that quest so you won't mess anything up with other future quests.
    I'll be listing the guilds and groups in no certain order but each will be 
    marked for easier searching. The Main quest will of course come first. 
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Quests listed in the guild sections are listed in order of
    of each particular person gives them to you and not the order you'll 
    nessesaraly do them in. Every game of Morrowind is different; your actions
    change your future so everything won't be the same for everyone. Again quests
    are listed in order of how the person gives them; you may or may not have to 
    do certain ones in that order or even at all.
    Alright, let's go......
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.1 Main Quest~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    You were just released from prison and now you stand alone, empty and poor in 
    the middle of a strange town. Your directions: take a package to the next town
    and deliver it for furthur instruction.....
    +Deliver a package+
    So you've created your character and have spoken to Sellus Gravius for your 
    first set of directions. You are to take a sealed package to a town called
    Balmora; northwest of your current location of Seyda Neen. You are advised not
    to open the package(you can't read it anyway) so don't mess with it. Sellus 
    tells you to take the package to a man named Caius and to check a local pub, 
    Southwall Cornerclub, for directions to him.
    You have two options to get to Balmora. You can start out on foot or you can 
    pay the silt strider north of Seyda Need a little gold to take you there. The
    choice is yours but I suggest walking as at this point in your adventure you're
    running low on gold. It's a quick walk but before you leave you can explore the
    town for some quick quests, experiance or items. Maybe you've heard of a 
    missing tax collector....
    Once in Balmora you can head to the southeast part of the town and check out 
    the pub Sellus mentioned and eventually learn of Caisu's location or you can 
    just head to the upper northeast part and find his house yourself. Once inside
    give the package to him and listen to his advice. You will then be made a 
    member of the Blades; the spies of the Emperor. Caius will hand over 200 in 
    starter gold and tell you to go out and join some guilds and gain experiance or
    you can ask him for more orders for the Blades. Choice is yours like always.
    +Antabolis' favor+
    Your first mission for Caius is to go to the local Fighters Guild hall and talk
    to a man there named Antabolis. You are to ask him about everything he knows
    concerning a cult called the Sixth House and something called the Nerevarine.
    Looking due north the Fighters Guild is to your east and in the center or the 
    town; near the Mages Guild, Armorer and, bookseller. Head inside and downstairs
    and all the way past the bunk room into a large training room where you will 
    find Antabolis. Upon speaking to him you learn he wants you to do him a favor
    before he can trust you and thus give you the info Caius needs. You knew there
    had to be a catch to this mission..
    Antabolis wants you to travel to a near by Dwemer ruin by the name of 
    Arkngthand and retrieve a small Dwemer puzzle box. He give you directions so 
    remember them to uncover the location. Arkngthand is not hard to find; it's 
    almost due east from Balmora, east across the Odai river. Search the area until
    you find a large bridge that leads to the ruins. This bridge is guarded by an
    NPC summoner who favors skeltons. He can be tough to beat but should be no 
    trouble for your character if he or she is above level 4. If you are having
    trouble beating him then maybe you can do some more travelling to gain more 
    Once you beat this NPC head across the bridge he guards, turn the crank to open
    the sphere that holds the entrance to Arkngthand and head on in. This ruin is 
    big and you can get lost really quick. Since we are here for a specific item 
    we'll skip the tour and just snatch and run. From the entrance head down the
    stones until the place opens into a large room. You should see two open levels 
    of the ruin in front of you; the lower level having a door facing you. To your
    left you'll notice a rock pile you can travel up to reach the second level. 
    The door to the room that holds the box will be directly to your left. Open the
    door to enter the Cells of Hollow Hand room. Head in, grab the puzzle box of 
    the shelf and backtrack to the entrance. Feel free to look around the rest of 
    Arkngthand but the puzzle box is the only thing you need so keep a close eye on
    it and make sure you make it out of there alive.
    Head back to Antabolis in the Fighters Guild hall and give him the puzzle box. 
    He'll then make good on his deal and tell you what you need to know. Make sure
    you hit him up for everything Caius wanted to know and then head back to Caius
    to complete this quest.
    NOTE: If you talk to Antabolis again he will give you a key that unlocks 
    certain sections of Arkngthand for further exploration so keep that in mind if
    you wand to look around more.
    +More Nerevarine info needed+
    Preplexed by the info you got from Antabolis, Caius wants you to learn more 
    about Nerevarine from a orc named Sharn gra-Muzgob in the Mages Guild hall 
    located right next door to the Fighters Guild hall in Balmora. Head there now.
    Head downstairs once you get to the Mages Guild; Gra-Muzgob will be on your 
    left near a couple bookcases. As could be expected she wants you to do her a 
    favor before she will give you the info Caius wants. She wants you to retrive
    a skull for her from a tomb called Andrano located on the path north of Seyda
    Neen. This tomb is really easy to find; refer to the directions she adds to 
    your journal to find the tomb. To help you out she also give you a small
    enchanted weapon as it's the only thing that can be used against undead enemies 
    . Head to the tomb.
    The Andrano tomb is pretty straightforward. From the entrance head forward and
    take the second left as far as possible until it opens in to a bigger room with
    a door in the upper right of the room. Inside this room is the skull you need.
    Along the way you'll fight spirits but that weapon she gave you is enough to 
    hold them at bay. Grab the skull and loot the tomb if you want and head back to
    the orc at the Mages Guild.
    Upon giving Gra-Muzgob the skull she will hand over the notes regarding the 
    Nerevarine to give to Caius. Read them if you want then hand them over to 
    Caius for more info on the subjects and access to the next Blades quest if your
    character is Level 3 or above.
    +Vivec Informants+
    Caius still needs more info. Now he will ask you to talk to three informants 
    of his. Mehra Milo, Huleeya and Addhiranirr all of which can be found in Vivec
    to the south of Balmora. Again Caius is looking for info on the Nerevarine and
    Sixth House. Tracking these three down might be difficult or time consuming so
    Caius hands over 200 in gold for expenses.
    Addhiranirr: You can find her in the St.Olms canton you're told so let's head
    to Vivec. Once you make it to St.Olms canton look around and talk to a few 
    people. While you won't be able to find her yet, you do find a tax agent who is 
    also looking for her. Talk to the agent to find out that she is wanted for
    some reason and is possibly hiding. Look around the canton to find Addhiranirr
    hiding from the agent in the Underworks. 
    Upon talking to her she tells you that she will give you all the information
    you want if you can get rid of the agent so let's do that. Head back upstairs
    and talk to Platorius; the agent we meet earlier. Again since he is looking for
    her he will ask if you know where she is. You can tell him where she is hiding
    although this will piss her off or you can lie and tell him that Addhiranirr 
    left the city. 
    If you lied to the agent head back to our Khajiit friend and she'll thank you 
    with the info needed for Caius however if you ratted her out you will need to 
    do a lot of sweet talking to raise her disposition before she hands over the
    info for Caisu but she never quite forgives you.
    Mehra Milo: You can find this informant in the Hall of Wisom in Vivec; in the
    Library of Truth. Once you meet her she get's all cloak and dagger on you and
    you must follow her to a back room so she make speak to you in private. Once
    you both reach this secure area she lets you know info on the Sixth House and
    let's you know that a rare, oulawed book called the Progress of Truth has more
    infor that Caius could use so you might want to grab him a copy. The library
    you are in has one towards the south of the room on a shelf; look for it 
    carefully and don't snag it until you are sure nobody is watching you. This
    combined with Milos' info completes your task with this informant.
    NOTE: If you don't want to steal the Progress of Truth for some reason you can 
    get a copy from the rare bookshop ran by Jobasha in the Foreign Quarter. Price
    is 150 and it's a lot less risky then stealing; it's where I got my copy.
    Huleeya: you'll find this Argonian in the Foreign Quarter in a local pub; the
    Cornerclub. Talk to him to learn that a few racists have been bothering him and
    giving him a hard time. These bullies are here in the pub with you and Huleeya
    would be happy to have you help him out with his problem. Talk to any of the
    three men by the door to learn of their feud with Huleeya. You need to dispense
    with these men and as always you have two option; ask nicely which will require
    a high dispostion(see: bribe) or you can just kick their asses into an early
    grave. The choice is yours but be warned that if you try to leave the pub 
    without solving this feud they attempt to solve it for you by attacking you and
    Once the bullies have been taken care of Huleeya leads you to a rare bookshop
    owned by Jobasha; downstairs in the Waistworks. Once there you will recieve
    some notes to take to Caius about the Sixth House cult and the Nerevarine. We
    are done with this Argonian. Kill him if you want..... what?
    Head back to Caius. He thanks you, promotes you and orders you to take some 
    time off to train and rest. Sleep or quests for a few days and then come back 
    for more orders.
    +Information from an Ashlander+
    Caius needs you to go get an Ashlander named Zainsubani on your goodside by 
    buying him a gift. He should in turn give you more information that Caius needs
    about Ashlanders and Nerevarine Cult. Caius will tell you where to find this
    Zainsubani and will hand over 100 in gold to cover any expenses you might have
    in your gift shopping. This Ashlander is in a Ald'Ruhn; probably in an inn so 
    lets head there now. You can take a silt from Balmora or just walk north out of
    town until you come across the city. If you have done a few quests for the 
    Theives Guild you know this place already.
    Head into the local Ald Skar Inn and search around for Zainsubani. You'll find
    him under the bar downstairs. Speak to him and learn of his fondness for books
    about poetry. He will only take certain selections as it turns out so try 
    talking to the local patrons or maybe searching his room for books he already
    owns for ideas. Since he likes books it's a good idea to talk to the local
    bookseller who happens to be near Ald Skar Inn. 
    Speak to the owner of the store who goes by the name Codus about Zainsubani and
    he will give you a few suggestions on what books he might like and as luck 
    would have it those books are sold at this fine establishment. Whoda thunk?
    +Potential Gifts++++++++Gold+
    +Words of the Wind        45+
    +Ashland Hymns            35+
    +The Five Far Stars       25+
    NOTE: If you explored Zainsubani's room in the inn you might have noticed that
    he owns two of these books already. Maybe he wouldn't notice if you game him a
    "second copy"?
    Take him any of these books(You went with the cheap one huh?) and he will give
    you the info about the Ashlanders and Nerevarine cult Caius needed in the form
    of more notes to deliver back to Caius. Return to Caius for another promotion 
    and a startling revelation about yourself and your past. You'll also recieve
    the orginal orders back you gave Caius this time decoded so you can read and a
    small allowance of 200 gold. 
    +Travel to Urshilaku +
    Ok, so apparently you are some bigwig people hope. Wow. Best to continue with
    your orders. You're to now travel to a Ashlander camp called Urshilaku and 
    speak with two people there about the Nerevarine; Nibani Maesa and Sul-Matuul.
    Nibani is the wise-women of the camp while Sul-Matull is the Ashkahn; he's the
    head of the camp. You're goal is to become part of the Nerevarine cult for 
    reasons spelled out in the story.
    Urshilaku camp is located due north of Balmora on the shores of the main island
    Don't worry Cauis will mark it on your map. Decide how you want to get there
    be it walking or transports, once you get there the first person you want to
    talk to will be Nibani Maesa who is in the Wise Women's Yurt; it's labelled as
    such so don't worry. 
    Talk to her about Nerevarine and the prophecies and such things. She may 
    require a small boost in disposition before she speaks to you but that's 
    nothing a little praise and gold can't handle. You learn that you can't talk 
    to Sul-Matuul with out first getting the permission of another in 
    the camp, one Zabamund in his hut. Zabumund is the Ashkhan's main man; his 
    protector of sorts. You need his permission and in turn the Ashkhan's 
    permission before the Wise Women will let you in on what's really going on and
    what needs to be done.
    Head back out into Ushilaky and find this Zabamund's hut. Talk to him about
    the Nerevarine and the prophecies until he mentions gifts. If he doesn't 
    respond in the way you want to hear you may need to raise his disposition with
    bribes to get the info and goodnature you want. Bribes combined with a 
    respectful attitude will get you far with him. Eventually after filling in some
    more info he grants you permission to talk to the Ashkahn in the neighboring  
    tent so lets head there now.
    Once inside the Ashkhan's tent you'll find he is a bit more open and polite 
    then others in the camp. He knows of your quest to join the Nerevarine cult
    but first you must take a test to prove you are worthy since you are not of the
    Ashlanders. This rite of passage must be done before he will let you join the
    Nerevarine cult so let's get to it.
    Sul-Matuul asks you to travel to a nearby Burial Caverns and retrieve a
    fabeld bow that once belonged to the Ashkhan's father, the Bonebiter Bow. 
    Bring this bow back and you'll have proven yourself worthy to join the cult
    and have earned the respect of the Ashkhan and the people of his camp.
    To get to the Burial Caverns you'll need to travel just outside of the south-e
    east portion of the camp; look for a cave marked Astral Burial Caverns. Head 
    inside after resting up outside.
    Here we are inside the caverns. We need to get this bow and get yourself back
    to the Ashkhan to be let in the Nerevarine cult as per Caius orders. The 
    cavern is large and easy to get lost in so stay to the directions. You can
    always come back and loot it later. 
    You need to travel from Astral Burial chambers to the Karma Burial Chambers. 
    You'll find the way into Karma Burial by taken the forward most door from the
    entrance. Stay on your toes in teh Karma Burial, there are lot of skeltons to 
    bother you. From Karma Burial you need to make your way to the Laterus Burial
    chamber which will be the left most door facing the way you came into Karma.
    Take a break for a second and look around. Ready? Ok, inside Laterus you will
    need to locate and travers a rock ledge that leads to a upper level with an 
    entrance labelled as June Burial. Take a breather here. Maybe save and sleep.
    When you are ready enter June Burial and head to the back of the chamber. Here
    you will encounter the ghost of Sul-Matuul's father armed with the Bonebiter 
    bow you need to bring back. Kill this spirit using enchanted weapons and then
    back track your way outside then back to the camp.
    Head back into the Ashkhan's tent and tell him you have the bow. He will be 
    very please and in turn will name you as a clanfriend of the Ashlanders, give
    Nibani the Wise Women permission to let you in on the needed info and heck you
    get to keep the bow too. Boing!
    Finally head back over to the Wise Women's yurt and talk to her about 
    everything she will speak about. It's all needed info; she hands over a book
    you'll need to keep for the future and also let you know that there are some
    tests coming in your future. Drag your tired ass back to Caius for some sleep
    and then your next set of orders.
    +Attack on the Sixth House+
    Cauis will order you to make an assault on a Sixth House base near Gnaar Mok.
    During the assault you are to make sure you destory a priest named Dagoth 
    Gares. Cauis doesn't know exactly where this base is but he knows someone who
    might so your first step in this quest is to report to Raesa Pullia at Fort
    Buckmouth. You'll find this fort to the north of Balmora, south of Ald'ruhn.
    Report to Raesa at Fort Buckmouth to learn that they have already tried to 
    attack the Sixth House base but were wiped out save one. This lone survivor
    died days later from a terrible sickness that mutated him until death. She
    isn't privy to the details of the attack but suggest that someone in Gnaar
    Mok will know where to pick up so let's head there now. Gnaar Mok is to the
    west of the Fort; on a small island in the western Ocean surronding the main
    island. It's marked for you on your map so check it if needed. Raesa let's lose
    the only clue she got from the surviving man; a cavern named Ilunibi somewhere
    on the coast came into play somehow.
    Once you make it to Gnaar Mok talk to the locals about this Illunibi to learn
    of it's location. The cave is located on the northern point of the island near
    a landmark called Khartag Point. This point is pretty close but they mark it
    for you on your map anyway. Head to the point and locate the entrance to 
    Illunibi. Can't miss it.
    The cavern here is straightforward and almost impossible to get lost in so 
    I'll spare you the hand holding. The enemies however are pretty tough depending
    on your current level but you can handle it. Inside Illunibi you need to
    continue forward until you run into the dead end that holds the priest we must
    kill. When you hit an entrance to a room called Soul's Rattle you know you are
    there so prepare to fight and then enter when you are ready.
    Dagoth Gares like all bad guys has a need to tell you his plan and the
    evil doings so hit him up for all the info he has and then kill him afterward.
    Tough spells but stay sharp and you'll get him down in no time.
    After he falls you suddenly become ill with a strange disease called Corprus.
    This must be what happened to that survivor. While you have Corprus you are
    unaffected by any diseases or blights and certain stats will increase or lower
    check your stat page for more infor.
    You need more info and cure so let's head back Caius for a must needed bout of
    rest and info.
    +Getting cured+
    So here you are sick with some weird disease and you need to get rid of it 
    fast. Caius has some ideas on who might be able to help. Caius has learned 
    from a friend named Fast Eddie that there is a man named Divayth Fyr who runs
    a Corprusarium beneath his tower in Tel Fyr. This Corprusarium is a place 
    where those with this nasty disease can live out their days away from those
    who might want to hurt or take advantage of them. You're to head to Tel Fyr
    and see what can be done abuot getting you cured of Corprus disease. To help 
    you Caius hands over a Dwemer artifact that might help you get on Fyr's good
    side and a little gold to help with expenses. Apparently Fyr collects artifacts
    so it might come in handy. Let's head to Tel Fyr to the east of Balmora on the
    eastern coast; it'll be marked for you.
    Once you arrive at Tel Fyr enter the only building there; Onyx Hall. Speak with
    the people there to learn of Fyr's location above the entrance in the Hall of
    Fyr. You need to levitate up to the area to meet with Fyr. Talk to him about
    the Prophecies, Nerevarine and your disease. Make sure to give him the artifact
    as a gift. After much talk he agrees to help you get a possible cure but first
    you must do him a favor. Fyr wants you to go into the Corprusarium and retrieve
    a pair of Dwemer boots from man inside called Yagrum. Leads head downstairs and
    into the Corprusarium now to get those boots and get rid of this disease.
    Upon entering the Corprusarium first speak to the Argonian warden to learn that
    you are not to harm any of the patients here at all. NO MATTER WHAT, even if 
    they hurt you first and they will hurt you first. If you hurt any of the
    patients in the Corprusarium you will piss everyone off so just don't. The
    Corprusarium is pretty straight forward, you're looking for a man name Yagrum.
    He is the fattest dude in the place with a Dwemer robot for legs. You can't 
    miss him. 
    Talk to him about the boots and listen to his tales about the Dwemers and 
    things. Eventually after talking your ear off he hands over the boots to take
    back to Fyr. Finally. 
    NOTE: You can also do a mini-sidequest here. It turns out that the patients
    in the Corprusarium love music. It calms them down but the drummer who plays
    has lost her drum. Look around the Corprusarium for a drum and give it to 
    Fyr's daughter who stands next to Yarum and she will begin to play. This
    will keep the patients off your back. Cool.
    Take these boots back up to Fyr in the Hall of Fyr and he will hand over a 
    potion that may cure you or it may kill you. He doesn't know and it's up to 
    you to decide to take it. You really don't have a choice so swallow that puppy
    down. It's free too in return of the boots so keep that 1000 in gold Caius 
    gave you to pay for the cure. 
    Success! The potion works and works well. It took away all the negative effects
    of the disease and left you with the resistance to disease and blight. Alright,
    that is cool huh? Head your newly cured self back to Caius for more quests.
    Caius has some big news upon your return. He's being recalled back to the 
    Imperial capitol and you are being made the head of the Blades in Vvardenfell.
    The house and everything in it is now yours to use after you complete one last
    mission for Caius. You're to continue on the path of the Nerevarine and learn
    everything you can about the prophecies. He wants you to go pay another visit 
    to Mehra Milo in the library in Vivec. She is being watched on suspicion of
    spying and will leave a contact message in her quarters; remember the codeword
    Amaya. After you report to Mehra you are to head to Nibani the Wise Women in 
    Urshilaku and tell her what you find out. She is to be your advisor of sorts 
    on the Nerevarine and the prophecies.
    The library in question is the same one we visited earlier so refer 
    back to that section if you can't remember how to get there and have your head
    checked at some point in the future, k?
    Head to the library and look for Milo. She is obviously not there at this point
    so ask around or look for her quarters; they're in the same building as the
    library. Get around the lock somehow and enter her quarters. Look around until
    you find a note left to Amaya. The note informs you that she is over at the
    Ministry of Truth and will wait for you there, she also asks you hurry and 
    bring two Divine Intervention scrolls. Finally the note mentions that the 
    guard to the Ministry of Truth is a friend of hers and will let you in with
    no problem if you mention you are there to see Milo. Before leaving her room
    snag a couple of the levitate potions she has lying around. You'll need them. 
    Go get some scrolls if you don't have any and get your butt to the Ministry of
    Truth. Head outside and look for the Ministry of Truth. What? Can't find it? 
    Look up. OMG, yea that big floating rock is the Ministry of Truth. You'll need
    to float up there with the levitation spells we took from Milo. Once you made
    it go ahead and talk to Alvela the friend of Milo who guards the place. You 
    learn that Milo is actually being held prisoner now and that you need to help 
    her escape. Alvela sticks her neck out for Milo and hands over the key to the
    Ministry that will open the front or back doors, the latter of which she 
    suggests you use.
    Prepare to move quick once you enter from the back. You need to make it to the
    Prison Keep found by going to the right as you enter perferably without any
    of the guards seeing you. The door for the Prison Keep is locked at level 20. 
    Instead of wasting time on looking for the key just pick it or use a spell and
    make your way in but be careful as you will almost certainly be seen by the
    guards inside and they will attack.
    Once inside the prison keep the trick is to make it to Milo's cell before any
    of them kick the crap out of you. Which one is her cell? The one on the far 
    right of course. The door to her cell is also locked so be prepared to get it
    off quick befor the guards catch up with you and probably kill you. Once the
    lock is off her cell rush inside to meet Milo. Take a breather while you are 
    at it because apparantly the guards can't open doors.
    Talking quickly Milo tells you her plan for escape. Remember the Divine 
    Intervention scrolls? YEp, she is going to use one to escape while you use 
    the other. Before you do she tells you to meet her at a secret monastery at
    Holamayan. Secret huh? So how do we get there? She fills you in on this too.
    You are to head to Ebonheart to the southeast of Vivec and find a women at the
    docks named Hateria and tell her that Milo sent you to go fishing. This phrase
    will mean something to Hateria and she will help you reach Holamayan to meet
    up with Milo.
    So let's head to Ebonheart and go "fishing". Hateria will drop you off at
    Holamayan where a women named Vevrana meets you. Speak to her about the
    monastery and Milo to learn the entrance of the monastery is magic and only
    opens twice a day; at dawn and at dusk. You'll find the entrance at the top
    of the hill. Simply wait until either 6 A.M or 6 P.M. and then head inside
    when the monastery opens up for you.
    Inside the monastery head to the right to find Milo and her companion Barelo.
    Barelo is a priest and has info for you regarding the Nerevarine, prophecies
    and other things. Talk to him about everything so as not to miss any of the
    story. Things are starting to get complicated huh? Now with Caius out of the
    picture you should go and talk to the Wise Women in Urshilaku camp for
    recomendation on how to proceed.
    NOTE: Make sure you exhaust all avenues of talk with Barelo and recieve all
    the books he has to offer you including Seven Curses and Kagrenac's Tools. 
    Read these books to get a better grasp of the story and things to come.
    +Third Trial+
    Head to the Wise Women in Urshilaku and tell her of the lost prophecies that 
    were showen to you by Milo and Barelo previously. She ask that you leave
    for a single day to give her time to think things over so let's give her some
    space. Go mess around or sleep for a day and return to hear what she has to 
    say about the matter at hand.
    As far as she is concerned you are the fabled Nerevarine, She tell you that
    you must lift seven curses from the Sixth House and Dagoth Ur. Along the way
    you will walk the path of Seven Vision and pass the Seven Trials of which you
    are now ready for the third. The first was accomplised way before you knew of
    the Nerevarine; you were born on "an unknown day to unknown parents". The
    second trial was passed when you became resistant to all disease when you were
    cured of Corprus. For info on the third you need to go talk to the Ashkhan here
    in Urshilaku again about the Third Trial.
    Before he can give you the info on the Third Trial he needs you to take yet
    another test that many have failed in the past. It's a test of a warrior. He 
    wants you to travel to a place to the southeast of the camp called Kogoruhn.
    Kogoruhn is a former Sixth House base, once there you are to bring him three
    artifacts. Bring him these items and he will tell you about the Third Trial.
    +Corprus Weepings   Any Corprus monster     +
    +6th House Cup      All over Kogoruhn       +
    +Shadow Shield      Deepest part of Kogoruhn+
    The Ashkhan will mark Kogoruhn for you on your map so let's make our way there
    now. The Weepings and a cup are all over the place so just make sure to grab
    both while you are in Kogoruhn. The sheild on the other hand there is only
    one of those so you'll need to find it inside Kogoruhn. To find the chamber 
    that holds it continue all the way down inside of Kogoruhn until you find a 
    chamber called Bleeding Heart. The shield will be lying there for you to take.
    Kogoruhn itself isn't a confusing place to find your way around so I'll spare
    you a walkthrough but the monsters inside of Kogoruhn do put up a good fight 
    so stay sharp to stay alive. Unless you need help finding the shield skip the
    following section.
    Finding the cup and some weepings proves to be a lot more simple then finding 
    that damn shield so I will detail how to make it to the shield. 
    1. From the outside of Kogoruhn find and enter the entrance called Hall of
    2. Head Left until you find a staircase that leads to a door labelled Hall of
    3. Head straight through the door that is facing you into a larger room. 
    4. Inside the larger room take the left hallway until you hit anothe door.
    Enter it.
    5. Turn north and go through the north door. 
    6. Head down to the lower section of the current room still walking north
    until you hit a door labelled as Nabrith Waterway. It's locked and you may
    or may not have the key; find or make a way in to the door.
    7. Keeping heading left through a small water way and after a small swim you
    should be able to find a door labeled Charma's Breath. it's locked also; enter.
    8. Inside Charma's Breath you will find Dagoth Uthol. Kill him and take his
    stuff including a belt. Don't lose this belt. Inside this room are walkways
    that lead to doors. One takes you outside to red mountain the other into 
    Blleding Heart where you will find the shield.
    NOTE: You can skip killing him and just make a dash for the right door but you
    have to come back for him later so......
    9. Enter Bleeding Heart. Inside you will find two hallways. Pick either since
    both lead you to the main chamber where the shield lies. Find the shield and
    grab it. 
    OK, you should have all three artifacts for the Ashkhan now so lets head back 
    to Urshilaku and give them up. Before leaving Kogoruhn make sure you have the
    shield, a marked cup of the Sixth House and some corprus weepins. Have them?
    Alrigh, roll on. Once you make it back to Urshilaku head into the Ashkhan's
    tent and talk to him.
    After congratulating you on coming back alive the Ashkhan tells you of the
    Third Trial with a small saying
    In caverns dark. Azura's eye sees and makes to shine the Moon and Star.
    ... Ok... You are told you must travel to a place called the Cavern of the 
    Incarnate and recover the Moon and Star, whatever that is, and take it to the
    Wise Women here in Urshilaku for more infor. THe only clue you have to the
    location of this Cavern of the Incarnate is riddle.
    The eye of the needle lies in the teeth of the wind.
    The mouth of the cave lies in the skin of the pearl.
    The dream is the door and the star is the key.
    Ok, so how the hell are we to find this place anyway you may ask? Well, let's
    go talk to Nibani. They can't call her the Wise Women for nothing right? She 
    tells you that this riddle is a Wisdom test and you must use the wisdom of the
    camps people to help you solve the riddle. 
    Ok, if you don't want to waste time on the riddle then you can just travel to
    Tel Vos and search the area to the west of it in the mountain range but without
    the clues you might not know what to look for to help you pinpoint the location
    so let's take a closer look at the riddle line by line.
    -->The eye of the needle lies in the teeth of the wind<--
    Speak to the Ashlander about this. They tell you that it refers to a tall 
    rock formation that looks like a needle in a place called the valley of the
    -->The mouth of the cave lies in the skin of the pearl<--
    Again you get this info from the Ashlanders. The inform you that on top
    of thise "needle" is a white part of rock that resembles a pearl. So the 
    entrance to this cave must be underneath this "pearl"
    -->The dream is the door and the star is the key<--
    You get the answer to this line from the Wise Women. She informs you that
    the door for the cavern only opens at dawn or dusk and you must use Azura's
    Star as a key of sorts as this star only appears in the sky at dawn or dusk.
    All together the clues tell you that a door at the base of this rock formation
    will open only at Dawn or Dusk when the star is in the sky to let you into
    the Cavern of the Incarnate. Now getting to this place is no easy task to
    explain in text but to find this area your best bet is to travel to Tel Vos and
    head west until you hit the mountain range. Using your clues you should be
    able find the needle in question and the entrance to the Cavern of the 
    Inside the Cavern is completly safe so enter without fear. Head to the statue 
    in the middle of the room and pick up the ring there called Moon and Star. So
    that's what it was all along. After picking up the ring a cutscene will play
    so sit back and watch your fate unfold as told by Azura.
    Azura will tell you that you have completed the third trial and now your
    task is to get recognition. You will need to have have four tribes accept you
    as Nerevarine and also have the three great houses name you has Hortator.
    These are the fourth and fifth of the seven trials so best get underway.
    After the cutscene your destiny will be in concrete. You'll be surronded by
    people who have tried to get where you are today and failed. Each has a tale 
    and a cruddy gift for you so skip if you want.
    Head back to the Wise Women in Urshilaku for confirmation that you are done
    with the third trial and the fourth and fifth trials are like Azura told you.
    +Informational Breather+
    Ok, you just compelted the third trial out of seven and Azura has spelled out
    the fourth and fifth of the trials for you.
    Fourth Trial: Have the four Ashlander tribes name you as Nerevarine. The tribes
    include the Urshilaku, Zainab, Erabenimsun and Ahemmusa.
    Fifth Trial: Have the Three great Houses name you as Hortator. Being the 
    Hortator the three Great Houses, Redoran, Hllalu and Telvanni, means basically
    that you have proved to them that the Sixth House and Dagoth Ur are a threat
    and that you are the one elected by that house to take care of it.
    The next two sections are quite long, they'll cover the fourth and fifth trials
    in full fashion.
    +Fourth Trial+
    You need to have the four Ashlander tribes name you Nervarine. Each tribe is
    sure to have some sort of test or favor to be done so let's get on with it.
    -->Urshilaku Tribe<--
    We'll start with the easy one. Go talk to the Wise Women about being named
    the Nerevarine for the tribe and she will tell you to go speak to the Ashkhan
    about such things. So go ask him about it.
    You'll need to talk to him about things like duty, needs and the prophecies 
    before he will name you the Nerevarine. Just cover all topics with the Ashkhan
    to be safe and you'll be named Nerevarine. The Ashkhan will also give you a 
    gift as congratulations.
    -->Zainab Tribe<--
    Zainab's location can be gathered from the Ashlanders in Urshilaku. The Zainab
    camp is best found by travelling southeast from the Cave of the Incarnate that
    we visisted earlier. Once you make it to Zainab camp located the Wise Women's
    hut and enter.
    Tell your tale to Zabamat the Wise Women after which she will tell you to go
    visit the Ashkhan of the Zainan Camp who is called Kaushad. Locate Ashkhans
    Kaushad's hut and enter. Talk to him about your need to be named the Zainab
    Nerevarine. He may or may not respond depending on his disposition. If he
    igonres you then raise it so you can get an answer.
    Naushad will want you to prove yourself to him before he will name you the
    Nerevarine of the Zainab. He first want you to go kill a Vampire by the name
    of Calvario in the Nerano Ancestral Tomb. This Tomb can be found heading out
    of town to the north; east of Vos.
    Inside Nerano you will have no problem finding the Vampire Calvario in the 
    small tomb. Kill him, loot the place but watch out for the rest of the undead 
    and then head back to Naushad for his thanks. You learn of one last favor he 
    needs from you. He wants you to get him a women.
    Yep, a women is what he wants for a wife so we'll try to help him out. He tells
    you that the women of his dreams is a plump, pretty Telvanni of the upper class
    and also suggest talking to the Zainab Wise Women for help on completing this
    slightly odd request.
    Speaking with Zabamat again about this women problem. She says you can buy a
    slave women, dress her up nice and dandy and then present her to the Ashkhan to
    be his bride. She suggests you head to a slaver named Imayn who lives in Tel
    Aruhn so let's head there now.
    In Tel Aruhn locate Imayn and speak to her about the situation. Imayn will tell
    you she has the perfect girl in mind but will first need a full exquisite set
    of clothes; shirt, shoes and a skirt. Imayn suggests going to Elegnan the 
    Clothier in Tel Mora north of your current location in Tel Aruhn. 
    Hop a boat(or walk if you are cheap) to Tel Mora which is north of Tel Aruhn 
    and locate Elegnan the Clothier on the south side of Tel Mora. Buy the clothes
    needed and return to Imayn. Good but now she needs you to go get the right kind
    of perfume to complete the act. Telvanni Bug Musk will help the slave fit in
    as a Telvanni so you need to pick some up.
    Closest place to grab some Telvanni Bug Musk is the Apothecary shop right here
    in Tel Aruhn so go grab some and return it to Imayn so she will finally sell
    you Falura the slave for 1200 gold maximum. She will give you the key to 
    release Falura whenever you want. When you are ready you can have her follow 
    you back to the Ashkhan of the Zainab camp. 
    Make your way back to the Zainab camp slowly so you don't lose Falura. Present
    her to the Ashkhan when you get there but make sure you give her the clothes
    and perfume you bought for her before presenting her to the Ashkhan or he won't
    accept her. Once you "give" him the slave the Ashkhan will thank you and 
    finally name you the Nerevarine of the Zainab. Finally indeed.
    NOTE: After being named the Nerevarine of Zainab go back and talk to the 
    Ashkhan about his "Telvanni" wife. Humor will insue.
    -->Erabenimsun Tribe<--
    You should know the location of the Erabenimsun camp but if not you can find
    it southeast of Sadrith Mora; can be a trick to find but stick with it. Also
    in terms of the layout on you map the camp is far north of Molag Mar. Of course
    you can get this info from any of the friendly Ashlanders around Vvardenfell.
    Just get to the Erabenimsun camp and talk to the Wise Women about becoming the
    Erabenimsun Nerevarine.
    Manirai the Wise Women tells you that you will never be named the Nerevarine at
    least not while the current, corrupt Ashkhan is in the seat and helped by his
    supporters. If you can manage to take them out she might be able to help you.
    Political Murder? Not like we haven't done that before! You're to kill the
    Ashkhan Ulath-Pal and thre of his friends Ranabi, Ahaz and Ashu-Ahhe. Come back
    to Manirai once you are done.
    Our first victim will be Ashu-Ahhe. You can find him close to the Ashkhans tent
    in the camp. Head inside and kill him. Then enter the tent of Ranabi next door
    and take care of him too. Finally enter the Ashkhan tent where you will be 
    attacked on sight by the last two; Ulath-Pal the Ashkhan and his guard Ahaz.
    Once these two are out of the picture return to Manirai for further discussion.
    Manirai informs you that before you can be named Nerevarine you must insure
    that a man named Gulakhan becomes the next Erabenimsun Ashkhan. Manirai tells 
    you that his father was once the Ashkhan and was known for a powerful axe that
    the current erm... former Ashkhan held. Go and grab the axe off of Ulath-Pal if
    you didn't already and then go talk to Gulakhan about becoming the Ashkhan. He
    will also require two more artifacts to help make up for his lack of strength,
    wisdom and courage. You'll need the War Axe of Airan, Heart of Fire and Robe of
    Erur-Dan the Wise; all of which can be found on the corpses of those you killed
    Give Gulakhan all the items and speak to him about becoming the Ashkhan and 
    things like honor and strength. He will eventually be persuaded into taking the
    job and will name you Nerevarine for helping him into his destiny. Before 
    leaving for the next and final camp talk to the Wise Women again for a gift.
    -->Ahemmusa Tribe<--
    If you don't know where the Ahemmusa camp is you can find it on the northern 
    tip of the land above Tel Vos. Head to the point of the northern side and you 
    can't miss it. If you hit the ocean you went to far so turn around. You can 
    also have the Urshilaku Wise Women put the location on your map but that isn't
    really needed I think.
    Once you make it to Ahemmusa camp speak to the Wise Women Sinnammu. You learn
    that the Ahemmusa don't have an Ashkhan so that leaves the Wise Women in charge
    of things concerning the Nerevarine. Before she will speak to you about this
    though you will need to go talk to three people in camp and gain their respect.
    These three, the Gulakhans, are her advisors of sort and if they decide for her
    to help you she will
    Find the tents of Kausi, Yenammu and Dutadalk. Yenammi and Dutadalk are both in
    Dutadalk's tent and Kausi is in her own. Enter and talk to each about becoming 
    the Nervarine. They all will eventually agree that the Wise Women should help
    you so head back to her and ask her about the Nerevarine again.
    Sinnammu agrees to name you the Nervarine if you help in one task. You are to
    travel to a Daedric shrine called Ald Daedroth and clear a safe spot for the
    Wise Women to follow you there to. Sounds easy enough. Ald Daedroth is north
    of the camp and will be marked on you map so you can't miss it. It will require
    some swimming to get to but that's nothing a few spells can't handle to speed
    things up. Head to Ald Daedroth now.
    Ald Daedroth was once a safe haven for the tribe but ever since a priestess 
    started working there the tribe hasn't been able to use the shrine. Right now
    the shrine is inhabited by two groups of people that are fueding for control
    of the shrine.
    Once you make it to Ald Daedroth you will notice a fight going on outside. Wait
    for a victor to come out and then go talk to him; tell him you are there to 
    steal things and he shouldn't bother you. Inside the shrine avoid the others 
    and the others fighting each other and head into the inner shrine. Here you 
    will find the priestess in question,Hlirenu Indavel. Raise her disposition and
    talk to her about the current situation and she may or may not come to her
    senses and let the tribe Wise Women come back safely to look over the situation
    at hand.
    An alterate route has you waiting all the battles out and siding with the
    Ordinators. Tell them you are there to loot and you shouldn't have an problem.
    Once the Ordinators have taken care of the others(but not the monsters) the 
    shrine will be considered safe. To speed things up you can attack the others
    but make sure to spare the Ordinators to keep them on your good side.
    NOTE: If talking isn't your thing you can simply kill every living thing there
    to make the shrine safe for the wise women.
    Either way make the shrine safe and return to Ahemmusa camp to get the Wise 
    Women to follow you back to Ald Daedroth. Sinnammu has the ability to walk on
    water so don't worry about waiting for a slow swimmer on your way back to
    Ald Daedroth. Make your way there slowly as not to lose the Wise Women. Once t
    there head inside to the inner shrine. There she will finally name you the
    Nerevarine of the Ahemmusa Ashlanders and will part with a gift to you.
    +Fifth Trial+
    Congrats you have know been named the Nerevarine by all four Ashlander tribes.
    Now comes the task of being named the Hortator of the three Great Houses. We'll
    start with Redoran; my favorite.
    Getting to be named Hortator of the Great Houses require you to get the votes
    of all that houses council members. Some will be willing while others won't
    until you help them. Some might refuse all together so you might have to find
    other ways of getting things done. Ready? Let's start with the Redoran
    --Redoran Hortator<--
    You're first stop will be Athyn Sarethi in Sarethi Manor located in Ald-ruhn.
    You can find the Manor "under-skar" or under that bug shell thingy as us normal
    folks call it. Once you find the manor inside head inside and talk to Athyn 
    about being named Hortator. He'll believe that you are really there to help 
    but you first have to do him a favor before you can get his help. He wants you 
    to go rescue his son being held captive in a nearby Manor called Venim. His
    son is named Varvur and was kidnapped as the result of some silly feud.
    Head to Vernim manor now. DON'T KILL ANYONE INSIDE AT ALL. Inside Venim Manor
    to get to his son you need to go to the Right Wing of the manor and look for
    a note and key on a bench. The note is to a higher up in the manor informing
    him of the location of the "guest" and providing the key to open his "room"
    The note tells you that cell is behind a wall hanging nearby so located the 
    door behind the hanging and enter using the key. Talk to him about why he is 
    there for some background if you want. When that is done take him back to his
    father in Sarethi Manor. At this point everyone will be pissed with you and try
    to stop you. Ignore them so you don't kill anyone and just get his son back to
    Sarethi Manor on the double.
    Athyn will be so pleased you brought his son back that he will name you the 
    Hortator and tells you that the other council members will too except one
    dick of a member named Bolvym Venim. Doh!
    Let's forget about him for a second and get the other votes needed. You will
    be given a book that tells of the name and location of all the Redoran 
    council members that are in Ald-ruhn. Head to each and get his vote by talking
    to them about the Nervarine and such things. Mention the votes you already have
    to move things along.
    You need to visit and get the votes of Garisa Llethri, Miner Arobar, 
    Hlaren Ramoran and Brara Morvayn before finding someway to convince Venim.
    Let's start with Miner Arobar. You can find him in his home Arobar Manor under
    skar. Simply talk to him about the matter at hand and he will name you 
    Hortator. Next head to Ramoran Manor which is also underskar and speak to
    Hlaren in the bedrooms to get her votes. Finally visit Llethri Manor underskar
    and speak with Garisa in the bedroom section of the manor to get her vote as 
    well. One more attainable vote to go then we deal with Venim somehow. 
    You're last manor to visit is located outside the shell. Located Morvayn Manor
    and speak to the people inside about Brara's location. You learn she is not
    home right now but you can find her at the Redoran Concil Hall underskar. Let's
    go. She will be in her quarters inside the Council hall so locate her and ask 
    for her vote which she will give to you. This leaves Venim as our last stop
    before being named Hortator of the Redoran Great House.
    Head back to Venim Manor underskar(where you took back the kid) and locate 
    Bolvyn Venim. Talk to him about being named Hortator to learn he is none to 
    pleased about your little quest and he aims to put a stop to it. He wishes to
    fight you in a duel to the death at the Arena in Vivec. Cool, doing things the
    easy way for once.
    Head to Vivec's Arean anytime after the challenge to fight Bolvyn. Once he is
    dead return to the first council member we talked to, Sarethi, to finally be
    named Hortator of the Redoran Great House. Whew! Sarethi will also give you 
    a note that I suggest you read and keep track of.
    -->Telvanni Hortator<--
    NOTE: You will need some sort of levitate ability for this quest.
    Your first stop in your quest to become Hortator of the Telvanni is the 
    Telvanni Council House. Here you will talk to those called the Mouths. These
    are like the speakers of the actually council members. They will tell you
    where to find their "boss". 
    Head to Sadrith Mora and into the Telvanni Council House. Heads up to the 
    Mouth's room and speak to each about his corresponding council members. You'll
    learn of each's location in the world and certain traits about them. They'll 
    also fork over a book for easy access to the locations of the council members.
    All in all you need to talk to six people to be named Hortator. They are
    Master Aryon, Master Neloth, Master Baladas, Mistress Dratha, Mistress Therana,
    and finally Gothren. Let's start with Aryon since he has a lot of prudent info
    on the others.
    NOTE: If you are a member of the House Telvanni getting the votes of the 
    council members becomes a lot easier. Not required to pick Telvanni as your
    Great House though to become Hortator.
    Master Aryon can be found in the tower of Tel Vos. Tel Vos is outside of the 
    community Vos which is itself west of Tel Mora on the mainland. Find Tel Vos 
    and enter. Float to the top to locate Aryon and speak to him about being named
    Hortator. Right away you notice this guy is an alright kind of guy and he gives
    you his vote right away. The Telvanni House has been in a bad state and 
    he hopes your actions might help in some way.
    Aryon will also give you some info on the others that you might want to pay
    attention to as it will help you get their votes. Of real note Aryon warns you
    that Dratha hates men with a passion(!), Threana is cooko and Gothren the head
    member is a major dick and will more then likely need to be killed since he 
    will never give you the vote. Forget about Gothren for right now and let's head
    to Master Neloth; an easier to get vote.
    Master Neloth can be found in the tower called Tel Naga located in the dead
    center of Sadrith Mora. Enter the tower and fly upward to the very tip of Tel
    Naga. Speak to Neloth about being named the Hortator. This doesn't sit well
    with him at first but raise his disposition through bribes and eventually he 
    breaks down. He still doesn't like you but you have his vote for Hortator.
    On to Master Baladas who can be found in the tower Arvs-Drelen which is on the
    outskirts of Gnisis to the northwest. SHouldn't be hard to spot since it's the
    only tower but if you hit a place called Mantiti Cave then you went to far to 
    the northwest. Enter Arvs-Drelen and find the only locked door in the tower but
    stay sharp, the place is filled with baddies. Pick the locked door then 
    continue on up to meet Baladas. Ask about becoming Hortator and if his 
    disposition is high enough he will agree. If it isn't the open your wallet just
    get that vote.
    3 down. Next on your list is Mistress Therana. You'll find her in Tel Branora
    which is a tower located to the far south of Molag Mar. It's a long walk from
    just about anywhere so just get a ride from the boats at Sadrith Mora. They'll
    take you right to the foot of the tower. Walk or float your way to the upper
    tower section and enter. Head straight to find Terana. Ok, she is kind of on
    the Looney side of the spectrum like Aryon warned you but stick to your guns 
    and ask about being named Hortator. She'll eventually agree but you might have
    to "humor" her somehow. Crazy!
    OK, now we have to go talk to the man-hating Mistress Dratha in Tel Mora. Tel 
    Mora is easy of the tower Tel Vos that we visisted for Master Aryon. You should
    know the area well by now. Locate and enter the Upper Tower in Tel Mora and
    make your way to the top by way of levitation. Speak to her about becoming the
    Hortator. If you are playing a women you get her vote right off the bat. If you
    are a man then you have to play to her ego awhile and raise that disposition 
    before she grudgingly gives you her vote.
    NOTE: Even at full disposition she might not want to vote for you if you are a
    man. Check back in a few days or try lowering her disposition then raising it
    again to get that vote.
    One more to go this one is going to be tough. You need to convince Gothren that
    you are the Nerevarine to get his vote for Hortator. You can find him in Tel
    Aruhn; Upper Tower. Tel Aruhn is on the outside of Sadrith Mora, you should 
    know the location. He is at the top of the tower like the rest of the Telvanni
    and is guarded by two Dremora. Speak to him about being the Hortator and at
    first he seems to be a nice enough guy about it. He asks you give him time to
    think it over so lets.
    Come back in a day or two and speak to him and he wants more time still! Ok, we
    are smart enough to know when we are being jerked around right? Time to get
    dirty. Taunt this Gothren into attack you which with him shouldn't be hard at 
    all. Kill him and his two guards which may prove to be a tough battle, loot the
    place and leave with your "vote".
    Head back to Aryon in Tel Vos and tell him you gathered all the votes and had 
    to kill Gothren. He will be pleased to hear this and will finally name you as
    the Telvanni Hortator. Congrats, two down and one to go.
    -->Hlaalu Hortator<--
    You need to get the votes of Yngling Half-Troll, Crassius Curio, Dram Bero, 
    Nervana Oles, Orvas Dren and Velanda Omani.
    First on our way to becoming Hlaalu Hortator is to speak to a man named 
    Crassius Curio in his manor in the Hlaalu Canton of Vivec. Head to the Hlaalu
    canton in Vivec; you'll find Curio Manor in the Plaza on top. Head inside and
    locate Crassius on the bottom level. Speak to him to learn that certain people
    in the house don't want you to become the Hortator but Crassius is more then
    willing to give you his vote for a little in the way of gold. *sigh* TO get
    his vote pay him 1000 in gold and his vote is yours. 
    Crassius will also give you some relavent info on a few of the other council 
    members. Pay attention; he tells you that two of the council members, Ules and
    Omani, are in in deep with a man named Orvas Dren who is also a council member.
    You'll need to convince Dren some how before those two will help you by way of 
    their votes. Put them off for now and let's head to the next on our list 
    Yngling Half-Troll who Crassius tell of being a jerk and not liked among the
    NOTE: If you want to save some gold play towards Crassius' perverted side and 
    you might get away with just a kiss in payment. .... I paid the gold too.
    Yngling Half-Troll is an easy vote to get. You will find Half Troll here in 
    Vivec, inside his Manor in the St. Olms Canton plaze. Head to the St. Olms 
    plaza on the top of the canton and locate Yngling Manor. Head inside and you'll
    find Half-Troll just standing around; looking ugly. Ask about Hortator and you
    learn he is a greedy old orc. For 2000 in gold you have his vote. Whatever,
    just get the vote.
    NOTE: If you are a member of the Hlaalu Greathouse he gives you a discount.
    NOTE: Remember Half-Troll is said to be hated by the others so killing him 
    might not be such a bad thing. Save some gold too....
    Number three: Dram Bero. You'll find him in Vivec also. He is in the basement
    of a so called Haunted Manor in the St. Olms Plaza, right across the way from
    Half-Trolls Manor. Head inside the Manor and make your way to the basement to
    find Bero. He is behind a tightly sealed level 55 door so make your way past it
    to confront Bero.
    Seems he wanted to get away from things for awhile hence the location. He is 
    amused you managed to find him(Was it hard?) and will be more then glad to let
    you have his vote if you leave. Ok, fair enough. That's another vote.
    OK, now we need to take care of Orvas Dren because the last two of the council
    members won't act without his approval.  You'll find Dren on his plantation 
    to the east of Pelagiad. Find his villa on the plantation and enter to speak
    to Dren who is on the top floor. Raise his disposition high enough and soon
    he will break down and give you his vote as well as tell the last two members
    to support you as well.
    NOTE: If you want to avoid raising his dispositon through bribes or just want
    to save time head down to his basement for some interesting papers. Maybe a 
    little blackmail is in order?
    OK, now that Dren is taken care of let's go see the other two council members 
    starting with Velanda Omani. You'll find him on an island called Elmas. If you
    listened to Crassius he gave you good directions. If not you can find Elmas 
    Island and Omani Manor just to the east of Vivec on the first island that way.
    His manor is on the eastern coast of the island. If you hit a shrine you've 
    gone to far.
    Head inside her manor and find Omani on the second floor. Now that Dren is
    no longer a problem you get her vote just by asking for it. Take about being
    whipped. One more to go and that's Nevene Ules.
    You'll find Ules in her manor east of Dren Plantation and west of Suran. Best 
    way to get there is to travel to Suran and then head due west until you find
    her two story manor. Head inside and upstairs to get her vote as long as you 
    have Dren's. SHe is as bad as the other one. Jeez. Anyway that's all the votes
    so let's head back to that funny dude Crassius in Vivec's Hlaalu Canton.
    Tell Crassius that you have all the votes and he will name you the Horator of
    the Great House Hlaalu. 
    YES, the fourth and fifth trials are DONE. Finally. Let's go tell the Wise 
    Women in Urshilaku about it and ask for the sixth quest. We are almost done!
    +Sixth Trial and Seventh Trial(END GAME)+
    -->Meeting with a God<--
    Nibani, the Wise Women of Urshilaku camp will tell you that her dreams have
    told her that you need to go meet the Archcanon in Vivec to see what's going
    on. You'll find the Archcanon, Saryoni, in the temple canton of Vivec. He is 
    in the High Fane, a church of sorts. His quarters are in the East Chapel of the
    High Fane which is by the Halls of Justice and Wisdom. You've been here before
    so you know the area or should anyway.
    Head to Vivec and locate the Archcanon in the High Fane. His door will be 
    locked so pick it and enter to talk to him. He will go on and on about the
    Nerevarine and prophecies. Finally he offers you the chance to go meet a god
    for yourself. This god, Vivec, should be able to help you and fill in some 
    things so pay attention to what he has to say. You will recieve a couple
    keys that should help you; one that opens the doors around High Fane and the
    other that opens the Palace in Vivec that holds the god Vivec himself. Cool.
    Head back outside High Fane and head on over the bridge south and up the 
    stairs to reach the Palace's door. Inside you will meet with Vivec himself. 
    Speak to him to learn just what the hell is going on for real. Turns out all
    that stuff you have been hearing about yourself is true!
    List to what Vivec has to say and you'll learn it is you who will destroy 
    Dagoth Ur and end all this Sixth House nonsense. About time. At the end of
    Vivec's longwinded explanation he will part to you a sacred artifact that is
    needed. You must wear this Wraithguard before you can touch and weild the tools
    needed to destroy Dagoth Ur. Finally, swear to Vivec you will destroy Dagoth Ur
    with this responsibility.
    When Vivec is done now is the time to hit him up for all sorts of info. Ask and
    learn about everything he has to offer you. When you are ready continue on to 
    the next section.
    +Destroy some Ash Vampires(Optional)+
    NOTE: This quest is optional at this point. If you listend to Vivec he mentioned
    killing other of the Dagoth vampires to get hold of some tools they have that
    might make your mission a little easier. Not needed so you can skip to the 
    next quest to grab Sunder.
    These optional Vampire quests are very easy to complete so I'll just list their
    location and some relavent location. Locations are spelled out so you can 
    quickly search for them on the provided offline map.(See:Top)
    -->Vampire #1: Dagoth Uthol<--
    You might remember him from the the quest to learn of the Third Trial. If you
    killed him then as noted then you already have the belt if not refer back to
    Section: Third Trial. Use Ctrl+to search for "+Third Trial+" to make it easier.
    -->Vampire #2: Dagoth Tureynul<--
    Dagoth Tureynul can be found inside Ghostgate at a place called Tureynulal which
    is north east of the spot you enter to fight Dagoth Ur. Refer to the map for
    more info. Upon entering Tureynulal you will find Dagoth Tureynul in the main
    champer. Kill him and take his artifact. 
    UESP Map location search: Tureynulal, Kagrenac's Library
    -->Vampire #3: Dagoth Endus<--
    Dagoth Endus can be found in a place called Endusal; southwest of the place
    you enter to fight Dagoth Ur. Enter and destroy Dagoth Endus for his amulet.
    UESP Map location search: Endusal, Kagrenac's Study.
    -->Vampire #4: Dagoth Araynys<--
    You'll find him in a shrine called Mamaea southeast of Gnisis. Search the area
    for a place called Dusharian Shrine; Mamaea is near that. Enter and move 
    go forward until you find Dagoth Araynys. Kill him for his ring.
    UESP Map location search: Mamaea, Sanctum of Awakening
    Remember what Vivec told you about these guys. Not only do they hold good
    artifacts to use but with each Dagoth killed you weaken Dagoth Ur so it might
    be in your best interest to whamp them all.
    +Go get Sunder+
    The fist tool we need is Sunder located in a place called Vemynal which Vivec
    will have pinpointed on your map for you so head there now. Vemynal is located
    inside the Ghostgate so be prepared for some fights.
    Inside Vemynal you'll need to continue down to the lowest level. Vemynal is 
    pretty straight forward. From the entrance you want to go left until you reach
    the door for the Hall of Torque. Inside the Hall of Torque you will have to
    go down the flight of stairs and into the room ahead where you will find the 
    Dagoth Venym. Kill him and retrieve Sunder; a mighty hammer.
    NOTE: To use Sunder you MUST have the Wraithguard Vivec gave you equipped.
    +Go Get Keening+
    Our last tool need before we can kill Dagoth Ur and ends this crap is a blade
    called Keening. Vivec will have marked the Citadel of Odrosal on your map. Here
    you will find Dagoth Odres and Keening. Head to the Citadel of Odrosal now.
    Inside Citadel of Odorsal you'll want to just go through the facing door and 
    there you will find Dagoth Odres. Kill him to retrieve a key and an artifact 
    you might like. Leave the current room and turn left. Head down until you find
    a locked door. Use the newly gotten key to open the room. On the left of this
    room you'll see a latter. Climb it to enter a smaller room where you will find
    Keening. Congrats now you have all the tools need to end this Dagoth Ur problem
    once and for all. Let's go.
    NOTE: To use Keening you MUST have the Wraithguard Vivec gave you equipped.
    +Dagoth Ur+
    Now that you have the three tools needed to kill Dagoth Ur it's time to head
    to Dagoth Ur's Citadel and end this. This is marked on your map thanks to Vivec 
    so let's head there now.
    When you get to the location on the map you will need to make your way down
    to the lower level where you can find the way into the Citadel. Be careful and
    make sure not to fall into the lave below. Find the crank outside that lets
    you into the citadel and enter to hear the voice of Dagoth Ur himself
    calling you for battle.
    Dagoth Ur Citadel is a confusing place so let's go over how to get to the final
    battle and end game.
    -->Step by step directions to Dagoth Ur<---
    1. Head into the Citadel and head down the stairs in front of you.
    2. The next room has a pit in the floor. Go around it and through the door 
    facing the same direction you came in.
    3. Continue straight ahead through the gap in the floor and into the inner
    4. Down the stairs and take your first right and follow through two more doors
    and then take your next right again. Here you will find the door to the lower
    facility. Enter to face a Dagoth Gilvoth. 
    Kill Dagoth Gilvoth and then continue on ahead into the cavern to finally meet
    up with Dagoth Ur. Like all great bad guys Dagoth Ur feels the need to tell 
    you everything about his plans and the like. Listen to as much or as little as 
    you want then go ahead and attack him. Weird, this battle seems so easy. Keep
    at him and eventually he will fall and disappear. All is quiet. Head through 
    the exit to the east to enter a huge lave filled cavern and Dagoth Ur will
    pop back up. I knew that bastard wasn't dead.
    Think back to everything you learned and the info you heard from Vivec. The way
    to really kill Dagoth Ur is to destroy that heart. Rush across the bridge and 
    equip the Wraithguard and then Sunder. Hit the heart once with Sunder and then
    five times with Keeing to destroy it and finally put an end to Dagoth Ur.
    Throughout this whole heart process Dagoth Ur will be assualting you but try to
    stay on task; hurting him will do nothing. You have to destroy the heart. Once
    it's gone make your way back out to the entrance of the Citadel and leave to 
    watch the ending cutscene and learn the final part of your story. All the 
    loose ends will fall into place and you will have completed your destiny.
    YEA! The Main Quest is over and done with. Now the people of Vvardenfell will
    treat you with a little more respect knowing you saved their sorry asses. The
    game doesn't end here however. Go ahead and finish the guilds, bonus missions
    and Great Houses. Keening, Sunder and the Wraithguard should make it a little 
    easier :)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.2 Thieves  Guild~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + STR: Strength      END: Endurance   +
    + WIL: Willpower     PRS: Personality +
    + AGL: Agility       LCK: Luck        +
    + INT: Intelligence  SPD: Speed       +
    Ahh, the Thieves Guild. My personal favorite. Let's take a look at the ranks 
    you can gain during your quest to become a Master Thief.
    Thieves Guild Favored Skills: Short Blade, Light Aromor, Marksman, Acrobatics,
    Security and Sneak.
    Thieves Guild Favored Attributes: Personality and Agility.
    +Rank++++++Required Skill levels+++++++++++Required Attributes+
    +                                                             +
    +Toad             ~                             ~             +
    +Wet Wear        10                            PRS: 30 AGL: 30+ 
    +Footpad         20                            PRS: 30 AGL: 30+
    +Blackcap     30,5,5                           PRS: 30 AGL: 30+
    +Operative    40,10,10                         PRS: 30 AGL: 20+
    +Bandit       50,15,15                         PRS: 31 AGL: 31+  
    +Captain      60,20,20                         PRS: 32 AGL: 32+
    +Ringleader   70,25,25                         PRS: 33 AGL: 33+ 
    +Mastermind   80,30,30                         PRS: 34 AGL: 34+
    +Master Thief 90,35,35                         PRS: 35 AGL: 35+
    Makes sure to periodically check if you are eligible for promotion with any of
    the stewards. Also, at certain times some stewards might require a rank for 
    some quests so if you don't have the required rank refer to the chart on how to
    get it. Simple enough right?
    Speak to Sugar Lips in Balmora about joining. He is located in Southwall Corner
    Club. He is also the first steward and will give you your first set of quests.
    +Sugar Lips Habasi, Balmora+
    -->Diamond for Sugar Lips<--
    She wants you to steal a diamond from Nalcarya; a local storekeep in Balmora.
    You can find her in the northwest part of Balmora. Upstairs in her store is 
    a locked small chest. Inside is a diamond. Take it back to Sugar Lips for a
    reward; some invisibility potions.
    The diamond you give her doesn't really have to be stolen. You can give her any 
    diamond but the chance of having one early in game is low at best so stealing 
    one might be your best bet. Hey, it is called the Thieves Guild afterall.
    -->Needed Key<--
    Sugar Lips wants you to acquire a key to the local Nerano Manor by any means.
    There are two people in Balmora that have the key. 
    Trandel: he is the owner of the Manors, Ondres Nerano , servant and is found in
    the Council Club in Balmora. You can either kill him, bribe him at a price of 
    100 or you can just pick his pocket. If you fail he will attack you since this
    dude is one mean bastard. Killing him is fine since he is a target in a later 
    quest so feel free to do this quest the easy way.
    Ondres Nerano: he is the owner of the Manor in question. He is found on the 
    first floor of the manor itself. Break in by spell or lockpick and steal the
    key from him. DO NOT KILL HIM though as Sugar Lips will fail you for this.
    Stealing from a dead man is not cool!
    Once you have the key return it to Sugar Lips for a cool 500 gold but before
    you do, don't forget to rob the manor. No need to let his posessions collect
    dust right?
    -->Get my Artifacts back!<--
    Sugar Lips would like you to get some artifacts back for him. A Khajiit that 
    goes by the name of RaZhid has them and you have to get them back somehow. The
    artifacts you need are a Dwemer goblet, tube and bowl. Ra'Zhid is in the only
    store in Hla Oad known as the Dropoff. The artifacts are in a chest behind him.
    Hla Oad is southeast of Balmora; located on a small swampy island.
    You'll need to pick the lock and steal the artifacts from the chest without 
    being noticed as the Khajitt will attack at first sign of wrong doing. Return 
    the artifacts to Sugar Lips for a reward of 2 Master lockpicks, 2 Journeyman's
    probes, and 2 Journeyman's hammers.
    -->Someone have a drinking problem?<--
    Now Sugar Lips want you to get a bottle of vintage brandy for him. The brandy
    belongs to a man named Hlaalo who has recently died and is located in Hlaalo 
    manor. You'll find the manor in the northwest part of town with the others.
    Simply sneak into the manor from any of the doors without being spotted
    and grab the brandy of the shelf near his corpse. The best way in would be from
    the top door as the guards can't spot you as easy. Your reward from sugar lips 
    is a nice 1000 in gold but don't forget to do your thief duty and rob the joint
    NOTE: his corpse is a permanate one so it can hold items for you in the future
    of need be. 
    NOTE: in the manor is Hlaalos wife who can be talked to about another quest; 
    finding her husbands killer. This quest is covered in section ***
    -->Let my friend GO!<--
    Now Sugar Lips will need you to free a friend of his that goes my the name of
    New Shoes. He is being held in prison in the town of Pelagiad. Sugar Lips will
    tell you of an orc who guards New Shoes. He takes bribes of the Dwemer kind so
    it looks like some blackmail is in the future.
    If you talk to the orc who goes by the name Shadbak about Dwemer artifacts he 
    will get a bit pissed so it looks like you'll need some artifacts to make him
    sweat. Head over to a shop owned by Ence and head upstairs. Turn out this guy
    smuggles Dwemer artifacts too so unlock the chest upstairs and grab the 
    artifact within. 
    Head on back to our orc friend and with the right wording you can convince him
    to let New Shoes go or face legal response. If you want you can head to the 
    cells below and get a reward from New Shoes which turns out to be a new pair
    of shoes itself or you can just skip the footwear and go back to Sugar Lips for
    another 1000 gold in reward.
    -->All secure, sir<--
    Sugar Lips wants you to help her make the Southwall club more secure and to do 
    this you'll need the help of a secret security master. The only clue Sugar Lips
    has about this security master is that he or she is an Altmer or as they are 
    known in the Empire, High Elf somewhere in Balmora.
    In Balmora there are five Altmer altogether. They are...
    Estirdalin: located at the Mages Guild Hall
    Imare: located in the Hlaalu Council Manor.
    Nalcarya: you know her; you've stolen from her before.
    Hecerinde: located in his house; east side of the river.
    Tyermaillin : located in her house; east lower end of the river.
    Go and talk to them all and when you find the right one; Hecerinde. Talk to him
    about the South Wall and eventually he agress to help you with the security of
    the SouthWall. Return to Sugar Lips for a hardy thank you. She'll also tell you 
    that she has no more jobs for you so we are headed to the next steward.
    NOTE: Hecerinde is also a trainer in Security and sells the only supply of
    Grandmaster Lockpicks and probes.
    NOTE: After this mission you have the option of clearing your bounty with Sugar
    Lips for the cost of half the total bounty.
    +Aengoth, Ald'ruhn+
    Aengoth is a Jeweler located in Ald'ruhn a town to the north of Balmora, in the
    mountains past Caldera.
    -->Devil Tanto<--
    Aengoth wants you to steal Tanto called the Devil Tanto from Ald'ruhn's Mage's
    Guild. The Guild is unguarded supposedly and now is the perfect time to steal
    this weapon.
    Head on over to the Guild and you'll notice that it isn't totally empty but 
    still rip for the picking. Sneak past the guard near the door or you can kill
    him. Go downstairs and to the right of the floor is a locked chest at level 65
    . Open it to recover the Tanto and return it to Aengoth for a thank you and the
    next quest.
    NOTE: Don't forget to steal anything else you might want in the room. Maybe a
    good book.......
    -->Stolen Helmet<--
    Aengoth want you to next steal a helmet; a Redoram Master Helm. This helmet is
    located 'under skar' in the Arobar Manor. Under skar refers to the part of the
    city that is located under the shell. As you go "under skar" the manor you are
    looking for is on your right. Head inside and head to the master bedrooms part
    of the Manor. 
    The helmet you are looking for is untop of the dresser in the room. There are 
    two people in the room with you so you'll need to remain undetected or you can 
    simple snatch and run. Choose either and then get that helmet back to Aengoth
    for a reward of 100 gold.
    NOTE: for this quest any other Redoran Master Helm will work in place of the 
    one from the manor so if you happen to have one then go ahead and lie to 
    Aengoth and hand it over.
    --> Back to Arobar Manor<--
    Aengoth wants you to next steal a book, a Pillow Book in fact from Arobar Manor
    . Seems to me he could have had told you on the first quest here but whatever.
    Head on back to Arobar Manor under skar and head to the same room you stole the
    Redoran Master Helm from. On the other side of the hall from that room is 
    another room that which upon entering you'll notice is full of pillows. 
    Along with pillows the room is full of potential witness so you need to remain
    hidden when stealing the book which is located in a locked Level 65 chest. If
    your Sneak skill is really low then you can use chameleon effects or again you
    can just snatch and run but you'll have to fight your way through some tough 
    ones to get out. 
    Return to Aengoth for a magical reward of Chameleon Ring(ARGH, he could have
    lent this to me!) and Amulet Far Silence.
    -->"Borrow" a Book; Withershins<--
    Aengoth now wants you to steal an ancient book called Withershins from a man 
    named Miles located in the Andus Tradehouse which is in the town of Maar Gan.
    Maar Gan is north of Ald'ruhn over the mountains; you can walk or you can catch
    a ride from the Ald'ruhn silt strider. Regardless the Tradehouse is directly
    north of the Maar Gan silt strider port and the book is downstairs in a box
    behind Miles next to his desk.
    The box is locked at level 70 so open it without being detected and grab the 
    book. Again, chameleon or a high sneak skill will be needed here. Once you have
    the book you can return to Aengoth for a reward of 1000 gold.
    NOTE: as luck would have it I found another copy of Withershins in Ald'ruhn 
    right across of the crate we stole the Devil Tanto from earlier. You'll notice
    a shelf behind the shrine with the book sitting there ripe for the taking so to 
    save time you can use this copy, Aengoth won't notice(or care)
    -->Scrap Metal<--
    Simple, quick and odd quest here. Aengoth needs you to get him four pieces of
    Dwemer scrap metal, any four pieces will do. If you have any one you from other
    means then hand them over or you can go under skar and buy some from the 
    Alchemist in the manor district of Ald'ruhn. Then again you can go to any 
    Dwemer ruins you want and search for four pieces if you are watching the purse
    strings. Aengoth will give you another grand in gold for a reward.
    -->Darts of Judgement<--
    Aengoth will now want you to steal some magic darts for him from a manor that 
    is called Llethri. The owner of the darts, a guard names Eindel, won't give 
    them up so you need to pocket them for Aengoth.
    Head to Llethri Manor in the manor district of Ald'ruhn. Once you find the 
    place you can talk to Eindel about the darts but he is tight lipped so it's 
    time to find the jerks room. Head to the guards quarters of the Manor and 
    search all the beds until you see some darts. DON"T GRAB THEM YET!. You need to
    watch the other guards in the room for the right time to grab them unspotted.
    Head back to Aengoth and tell him of your conquest. He tells you that you can 
    either keep the darts or sell them to him for a total of 2000 gold along with 
    a clear bounty if you have one. Nice. This is Aengoth's last quest so now we 
    are headed to another steward.
    +Big Helende, Sadrith Mora+
    Helende is a dark elf in the Dirty Muriel's Corner Club located in Sadrith Mora
    and is a steward of the Thieves Guild. She is a rude women with a bunch of good
    quests for you so don't mind the rudeness.
    -->Potion recipe<--
    There is a local Alchemist named Seloth in Sadrith Mora that has a recipe for
    a spell that Helende wants. The recipe is for a Dispel spell and Helende needs
    you to deliver it to a Mage contact of hers in Wolverine Hall found due north
    of the entrance to the Corner club Helende is in. The Mage contact goes by the
    name Tusemireil. 
    Find the shop owned by Seloth and head upstairs. Next to the plant in a crate 
    is the recipe. No one can see you up there so snag it and head to Wolverine 
    Hall and hand the spell over to Tusemireil in the Mages Guild room. Then head
    back to Helende for 500 gold. 
    -->Retort for Helende<--
    Helende now needs a Grandmaster's Retort. She suggests stealing one from a
    trader named Berwin who lives in Tel Mora however any Grandmaster's retort will
    do. If you don't have one then hop a boat ride from Sadrith Mora north to Tel
    Mora or you can swim. To the east of the docks is where you will find Berwin's 
    Alright, now Berwin is needed for a future quest for another guild so killing 
    her is a no no. Stealing from her is also not a smart idea so I suggest just 
    buying the retort unless you are sure you can get away with stealing it from 
    the shelf behind her. Return to Helende for a reward of 200 gold. Cheap son of.
    -->Wizard Protection<--
    Helende now needs you to hire a Wizard as a form of protection for the Corner
    Club. They seem to be a target of a rival guild so Helende feels extra help is
    needed. Head on over the mages guild in Wolverine Hall again and talk to them
    about hiring a wizard. Talk to Arielle and she will tell you that she needs
    four pieces of ebony before letting a wizard go over the the Corner Club for
    Any four pieces of ebony will work and there is a number of ways of getting 
    some including mines all around the world. The quickest way to get the ebony is
    to head back to Seloth's shop and just buy some. THe choice is yours, just make
    sure you get four pieces for Arielle.
    Head back to Arielle and give her the ebony. She will then agree to send a 
    battlemage named Flavonius to protect the Dirty Muriel. Helende will give you a
    Dire Shardbolt ring; a ring that does frost damage on target. Not to shabby of
    a reward.
    -->Cooking Secrets<--
    Helende wants a book called Redoran Cooking Secrets for herself that is 
    currently under the ownership of a woman name Dinara in Llethri Manor 
    located in Ald'ruhn. You know the place; you've been there once before.
    Now since this is the thieves guild you can simply go to her private bedroom in
    the manor and steal the unguarded book from a level 50 locked chest or you can
    talk to her about cooking and she will hand a copy over to you. She is found 
    near the entrance of the manor. Your reward from Helende is a potion of Shadow.
    -->Ebony Staff<--
    Helende wants you to steal a Telvanni wizards staff from a wizard name Felen 
    Maryon who lives in Tel Branora which is in the south. Best to take the boat
    from Sadrith Mora or you can walk if you want to but it's far. Before heading 
    out Helende will give you a few spells to help you levitate in the tower.
    East of the docks in Tel Branora is the Upper tower. Head in and head towards 
    the top in a room called Therana's Chamber where you will find Felen. The staff
    is right behind him near a bookcase so steal it from him and leave. I suggest
    not hurting Felen as he is one strong wizard to a weaker character and will 
    wipe the floor with you. 
    Helende offers you 250 gold and Ring of Far Reaching, a telekinesis effect ring
    , or you can keep the staff at a lost of the 250 gold in reward. The staff 
    isn't that great so go with the gold but hey, the choice is yours. This is the
    last quest from Helende so now we need to seek out another steward; Jim Stacey.
    +Jim Stacey, Vivec+
    "Gentleman" Jim Stacey is found in the  Foreign Quarter Canalworks of Vivec. He
    is in a back room of a bookstore owned by Simine Fralinie. The backroom is 
    locked with a 65 level lock so consider it a test of your thief skills at 
    NOTE: In addition to the quests for the Thieves Guild Stacey also has special
    Bal Molagmer missions. These are described as a very "Robin Hood" kind of deal.
    Ask about them with Stacey for the full report and history. These bonus 
    missions must be done before completing the final Thieve Guild mission.
    -->Nads Tharen<--
    Jim Stacey will first want you to track down a fellow thief and guild member
    named Nads Tharen and more important get a key from him and bringing it back to
    Jim. Nads was last seen the The Elven Nations Corner Club located in the
    Hlaalu canton of Vicec. Head there now; you'll find it to the south of your 
    current canton.
    Once you find the Elven Cornerclub speak with all the patrons of the bar and 
    you'll eventually here from the barkeep where Nads lives in the St. Delyn 
    canton, below in the canalworks. Canalworks being the lower most level of the 
    This canton is to the east of your current canton. Search all the doors on the
    south side of the canton until you find Tharen's home. Once inside you'll 
    notice that the place has been wrecked and Nads has been killed. Odd. Anyway
    take the key from his corpse, rob the place of anything you want and return the
    key to Stacey in the Foreign Quarter for a reward of 500 gold and your next
    NOTE: While in the Elven Cornerclub it is possible to uncover who it was that
    was last seen with Tharen and is therefore his probable killer. Track down and
    deal some justice to this person for another 500 gold in reward.
    -->Comonna Tong<--
    Jim Stacey needs you to go talk to a contact of his from the Fighters Guild 
    hall in Ald'ruhn named Percius Mercius. A group called the Comonna Tong have
    been taking over guilds and the thieves guild leader want to know how to better
    protect his group.This is a real simple quests in fact so just make your way on 
    over to Ald'ruhn and find Mercius. 
    Raise his disposition high as possible then start hitting him for infomation 
    about the Comonna Tong and ways to help the thieves fight. You'll eventualy get
    get a bunch of info might be useful to Jim and the coming quests.
    You learn:
    -Mercius used to be the head of the Fighters Guild but was moved down when the
    Comonna Tong took over his guild
    -Eydis; a stewart of the Fighter Guild in Balmora is really deep into the 
    Comonna Tong and can not be persuaded to help. She worships Clavicus Vile,
    which might prove helpful. Vile is a Daedra god of sorts.
    - the Comonna Tong placed head of the guild is to debted to the Comonna Tong 
    too much to ever escape and can not be trusted. Killing him will be needed; 
    goes by Hard-Heart.
    - Mercius' former XO, Hrundi, is an honorable man and will more then likely 
    help the thieves guild.
    Return to Stacey for thanks and 500 in gold to help you out.
    -->Get Eydis to help<--
    Jim Stacey now wants you to convince a steward of the Fighters Guild named 
    Eydis to help the Thieves Guild in it's battle witht he Comonna Tong. We know 
    of her, Mercius said she wouldn't help us no matter what. Stacey knows of her
    deep devotion to the Daedra Clavicus Vile and suggest that her devotion to the
    Comonna Tong isn't as deep. He says if you recover a sacred artifact of the
    Vile followers she might be presuaded to help. This artifact is known as the 
    Bitter Cup.
    The Bitter Cup is located in a ruin called Ald Reydania which Stacey will mark
    on your map. It's far to the north so make your way to the ruin by any means 
    you want and enter the ruin. There are a few skelton warriors inside but they
    shouldn't be to much trouble so just run upstairs to locate the cup. STOP FOR A
    When you pick up the cup it offers you special attribute bonuses that are 
    permanate. If you accept them the cup will vanish and giving Eydis the cup will
    no longer be an option. If you use the cup the only way to complete this quest
    would be to take Eydis out of the picture altogether by killing her however as
    she is a steward of the fighers guild it will mean you can't complete that 
    If you decide to use the cup then kill Eydis and head back to Stacey for a 
    reward of a hardy thanks. If you don't use the cup then offer it to Eydis in 
    return of her pledge to help the Thieves Guild and complete the mission with
    Stacey this way.
    -->Gain Hrundi's help<--
    Jim Stacey now wants you to get the help of Hrundi; Mercius' former second in 
    command. Hrundi is honorable but may be too afraid to stand up to the Comonna
    Tong so you might need to blackmail him by finding his Dark Elf lover. Both of 
    them are located in Sadrith Mora.
    Head to Sadrith Mora and speak around to anyone to find out that Hrundi himself
    hangs around a local bar that goes by the name Hole in the Wall. Head there and
    speak to the owner Fara to learn that Hrundis lover, Falena, is in this very
    bar but Hrundi isn't. He is at the local Fighter guild hall in Wolverine Hall.
    Anyway speak to his lover about Hrundi to find out of their plans to leave the
    land together one day. After talking to her head over to Wolverine Hall and 
    speak to Hrundi. He will be mad you snooped around his life but eventually 
    pledges to help the Thieves guild since you know of his secret affair with the
    Dark Elf women. No reward from Stacey on this one beyond a thank you and the
    next quest.
    -->Fighting the Comonna Tong<--
    Jim Stacey says it's time to take the fight to the Comona Tong now and the 
    first targets are two brothers by the names of Ranes and Navil Lenith. They
    both live on Dren Plantation which Stacey will mark on your map if you ask.
    Head over to the Plantation and into the Villa. Looking around you'll notice
    locked doors downstairs. Must be something important in there. Break into them
    somehow to uncover Navil hiding like a coward. His brother is no where to be 
    seen until you attack Nevil. At this point Ranes will make his appearance from
    behind you. Both of this men are tough for a weak character but you can do it.
    Once they are dead loot the room and villa without being seen by the other 
    people in the villa. There are a lot of good items here including some heavy
    ebony armor pieces. Return to Stacey for Shadow effect ring and the last quest.
    -->Bring justice to the Comonna Tong<--
    Here we are. Stacey wants you to end this trouble once and for all by taking 
    out the Comonna Tong placed head of the Fighters Guild; Hard-Heart. Simple 
    enough so head to the Vivec Plaze and into the Fighter Guild hall. Hard Heart
    is in the back and to the right. Kill him and head back to Stacey for a reward
    of a Skelton Key and being named the head of the Thieves Guild. Stacey at this
    point will retire and leave. Hard Heart is a tough battle but you can do it.
    Once the Comonna Tong's influence in the Fighters Guild is gone then the 
    Thieves guild is in less danger and your job is done.
    NOTE!!: at the completion of this quest Stacey will disappear taking the 
    ability to do the Bal Molagmer quests with him so make sure you do them before
    this mission if you want to otherwise they are gone for good.
    +Jim Stacey, Vivec, Bal Molagmer Bonus Missions+
    The Bal Molagmer quests are noble in purpose. You'll play the role of a Robin
    Hood of sorts in these do good missions. Before your first quest for Bal 
    Molagmer Jim Stacey will give you a set of gloves that you need to be wearing 
    to accept new Bal Molagmer missions from him. They are nothing special beyond
    snazzy black but they are needed so don't sell or otherwise mis-place them.
    -->Return a stolen Locket<--
    Jim Stacey tells you a tale of a man named Hlervu who his last remaining family
    heirloom away in place of tax money. He's a broken down, poor egg farmer and 
    nothing would make him happier then to have this locket back so we are going to
    go steal it back for him. The locket is being held in Ald'ruhn in a manor 
    named Venim, where else but in the Manor district. 
    Weird thing you will notice is that this manor is full of Hlervu lockets. Must 
    have been a lot of poor egg farmers this season, anyway take a locket back to
    Hlervu out side his house in Ald'ruhn. Make sure you put in a good word for the
    Bal Molagmer upon return of the heirloom. Return to Stacey for thanks and the 
    next quest.
    -->Yngling Half-Troll<--
    Easy and quick one here. Jim Stacey wants you to find proof of Half-Trolls 
    being corrupt in the form of a ledger that houses all his records. Head over 
    to his manor in St.Olms canton and head downstairs. The ledger is near a large
    caged room of game rats. DON'T KILL THE RATS AT THIS TIME. They are needed 
    later. Also, DO NOT TALK TO HALF-TROLL about the ledger. He will get mighty 
    pissed. Return the ledger to Stacey for the next quest.
    Jim Stacey wants you to stop an unjust stealing of land from one Indrele 
    Rathryon at the hands of a man named Omani. Omani has placed a forged land deed
    in the Hall of Wisdom in Vivec and Stacey wants you to steal it back and give 
    it to the owner of the land. 
    The deed is in the Hall of Wisdom Library. It's on a shelf in the back just 
    make sure you remain unspotted. The Hall of Wisdom can be found in the temple
    canton to the south. Check your in game map.
    Indrele lived in Seyda Need which you started this crazy game in so head over 
    to the town and find her outside of a shack. Return the deed and your good deed
    is done. Stacey will thank you in the name of all that is right.
    A sword given to a man named Sarethi from Vivec himseld was stolen and ends up
    in the hands of the guild. Stacey fears the guild will be blamed for it's theft
    so you need to bring the sword and a clever note back to Sarethi in the Tower
    of Dusk at Ghostgate. Ghost gate is southeast of Ald'ruhn and hard to miss. 
    Outside the gate are two towers, enter the Tower of Dusk, head downstairs and 
    place the sword and note into Sarethi's chest. Return to Stacey for a thank you
    and the next quest.
    -->Brallion's Ring<--
    Jim Stacey is against slavery in all it's forms so for this next quest he wants
    you to steal a ring from a slaver named Brallion and take it to an freedom
    fighter against slavery known as Ilmeni Dren. You're told that Brallion is in 
    Sadrith Mora and that Dren lives near-by in St.Delyns, Vivec.
    Head on over to Sadrith Mora and go back to the Hole in the Wall. We visited 
    here once so you should remember the way. Inside you'll find Brallion, steal 
    the ring or purchase it from him and take it back to Dren in the name of Bal
    Molagmer. Stacey will thank you and give you the next quest.
    NOTE: Don't kill Brallion. My first time through I killed him to get the ring
    since my sneak skill was low and he wanted a fortune for the ring. That failed
    the quest for me so be warned.
    This is an easy one. Jim Stacey needs you to go to Caldera and steal four books
    called A Brief History of the Empire from a person named Helvi and then give 
    the books to a Catraso of the Mages Guild located in Ald'ruhn.
    Head on over to Caldera to get the books. You'll find them in the Governors 
    Hall upstairs in a room adjacent to Helvi. They will be in a locked chest so 
    remain in sneak and out of sight. After you have the books get back to the 
    Mages Guild and hand the books over to Catraso in the name of the Bal Molagmer.
    Stacey will thank you and now on to the final Bal Molagmer quest.
    -->Steal a goblet<--
    Jim Stacey now needs you to go over to the Hall of Justice and steal a goblet 
    right under the nose of it's owner Berel Sala. Once you have the goblet you are
    to give it to a man named Indules.
    Make your way into the Hall of Justice and search around until you located Sala
    and his desk where you will notice the goblet sitting. I suggest using some
    spells here like a heavy chameleon or telekinesis since the goblet is in plain
    view of others. It's tricky but when you have it return the goblet to Indules
    who is wondering about somewhere outside near the Halls. Can't miss him. Return
    to Stacey for some long winded speech and a thank you. 
    NOTE: It is now safe to finish the Thieves Guild quests.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.3 Fighters Guild~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The Fighters Guild. Where the tough advance and the weak umm... get tougher?
    For this guild expect to do a lot of killin' and a lot of walking. You'll be 
    asked to do things ranging from simply extermination to assassination. Fun.
    Fighters Guild Favored Skills: Blunt Weapon, Long Blade, Heavy Armor, Armorer,
    Block and Axe.
    Fighters Guild Favored Attributes: Strength and Endurance.
    +Rank++++++Required Skill levels+++++++++++Required Attributes+
    +Associate         ~                                  ~       +
    +Apprentice        10                          STR: 30 END: 30+
    +Journeyman        20                          STR: 30 END: 30+
    +Swordsman       30,5,5                        STR: 30 END: 30+
    +Protector      40,10,10                       STR: 30 END: 30+
    +Defender       50,15,15                       STR: 31 END: 31+
    +Warder         60,20,20                       STR: 32 END: 32+
    +Guardian       70,25,25                       STR: 33 END: 33+
    +Champion       80,30,30                       STR: 34 END: 34+
    +Master         90,35,35                       STR: 35 END: 35+
    To join the Fighters Guild speak to Eydis Fire-Eye in the Fighter Guild hall
    located in Balmora. It's right next door to the Mages Guild and you can find 
    her on the first floor; she's the mean looking one.
    +Eydis Fire-Eye, Balmora+
    -->Time to kill us some rats<--
    OK, simple and easy job. Eydis needs you to go across the river in Balmora to 
    the house of one Drarayne Thelas and take care of some rats for her. Head to 
    her house and speak to Thelas to learn there is three rats in total; one in the
    basement and two in the storage room upstairs. Let's take care of the two that
    are upstairs first; she gives you a key for the room but this might be a good
    time to practice some skills. Either way bust on in and send those rats back to
    hell and then head to the basement to have their last rat bastard friend to 
    meet them.
    For your trouble you get a cool 100 in gold from Thelas and new orders from 
    -->Dirty Poachers<--
    You learn there is a mine to the south of the town that mines eggs, Shulk eggs.
    This mine is being disturbed by a pair of poachers that are hurting business 
    and moral. You're to take the poachers, Othan and Valas, out. Head south out
    of town travelling on the river until you see a wooden bridge on your left, the
    mine will be to your right. Talk to the two men out front for some info on the
    situation but be sure not to kill them as the whole mine will be pissed. 
    Head on into the mine and make your way to the Queen's chamber making sure to 
    not hurt anyone or steal anything as to avoid trouble. The room with the big
    ass worm thingy in it is the Queens chamber. As if that wasn't clue enough 
    upon entering the room the two poachers will attack you. You know what to do,
    make it hurt. Once these bastards are down and out head back to Eydis for some
    praise, a little gold and some potions. More orders will open up.
    -->Kill some Agents<--
    NOTE: Depending on if you have completed certain Thieves Guild missions you 
    may or may not have to do this quest.
    Eydis orders you to take care of four Telvanni Agents that have been hurting 
    the ebony trade around Caldera, north of Balmora. These four men, Aralen, 
    Herothan, Nerothren and Alveleg are hiding in a cave north of the Caldera 
    ebony mine. You will find this mine southwest of the city itself; from the mine
    head due north and the cave can't be missed.
    Once there you'll notice a guard posted; Alveleg. Kill him, head inside to 
    finish his pals, loot the place for goodies and head on back to Eydis for a 
    cool 400 in gold.
    NOTE: The three agents inside the cave attack on sight so if you are having 
    trouble beating them be careful to not let them gang up on you.
    NOTE: Depending on if you have completed certain Thieves Guild missions you 
    may or may not have to do this quest.
    Eydis wants you to head to the Cornerclub here in Balmora and get a codebook 
    from a women named Sottilde. Head over to the club and talk to her. You have
    a few options to retrieve the book.
    Kill her: simple but it will affect your membership to the Thieves Guild and 
    the missions you will do or not get to do.
    Steal it: tricky and if you get caught it will affect your membership to the 
    Thieves Guild
    Ask her: Easy but requires a high disposition and if you are part of her guild
    she may not want to hand it over. I had this problem so I just offed the women.
    Get the book somehow and give it back to Eydis for thanks, some gold and the 
    next orders.
    -->Debt must be paid<--
    Eydis now wants you to collect some debt money owed by the owner of a Suran
    strip club who goes by the name Helviane Desele. You are to get this 200 gold
    and any costs.
    Let's head to Suran which is easily found by heading northeas out of Vivec or
    taking a silt. Head into the club, House of Earthly Delights, and find Desele.
    At first she may not want to pay but if you raise her disposition she'll hand
    the gold over. Or maybe you should just threaten the women. After enjoying(but
    not killing) the strippers found here head back to Eydis for 100 gold; half the
    -->Kill an Orc<--
    Simple and quick killing here. Eydis needs you to kill an orc named Dura gra-
    Bol who lives right here in Balmora near our client with the rat problem. Find
    this house and kill the orc. You can outright attack him or you can get him 
    pissed either way you need to kill him quick and head back to Eydis for the
    bounty of 250 in gold. More orders await.
    NOTE: After this quest you may not have the required rank of Protector to get
    more quests from Eydis so head to another steward of the Fighters Guild to get
    some more quests and rank under your belt but for the sake of order the guide
    will continue on with the missions from Eydis.
    -->More Orc problems<--
    NOTE: Must be rank of Protector or higher for Eydis to give you this and more
    This mission is a favor for some bigwig in Vvardenfell; Duke Vedam Dren. Eydis
    needs you to go take care of some orcs that are disturbing some local farming.
    These orcs are making their home in a Daedric Shrine but unfortunatly Eydis 
    doesn't know where this shrine is. For that info you need to talk to a local
    farmer named Alof who lives on a small farm northeast of Pelagiad so let's head
    to Alof's and talk to him.
    Finding Alof and his farm can be tricky. Head to Pelagiad and head northeast 
    out of the town until you hit the lake; his farm is the small hut on the north
    side of this lake. Upon talking to Alof he tells you that those dirty orcs are
    hiding at Ashunartes, a Daedric Shrine that is northeast of here. He'd like it 
    if you take care of these bastards for him and the other local farmers so let's
    go kick some orc ass.
    Heading northeast from Alof's farm you realise that Alof doesn't know his ass
    from his head as the shrine is no where to be found in the northeast of his 
    farm; actually you need to travel east from his farm until you head over the 
    set of hills then travel due north until you find Ashunartes. You'll know it's
    a Daedric shrine because it will look all creepy.
    Once you get to the shrine you have two options of entering the shrine. You can
    take the high entrance which will lead to the leader of the Orc's right away or
    you can take the bottom entrance which leads to two orc lackys then fight your
    way to the top. Either way you decided the only orc you have to kill is the 
    leader on the top floor but kill them all if you want the experiance and loot.
    You can head back to Alof for some thanks and to hear some funny commentary 
    about Eydis or just skip him and go back to Eydis right away for thanks and
    some gold for reward.
    -->Gang problems<--
    Eydis needs you to take care of the Verethi gang for her. These guys are hiding
    in a cave liar called Mannammu on the southeast outskirts of Pelagiad. Mainly
    she is concerned about  Dovres Verethi, the leader of the gang, but you might
    have to fight your way to him through his gang members so it might be tricky.
    Head to Pelagiad and locate this cave on the southeast side of Pelegiad and 
    enter ready to fight. Dovres himself is in the very back of the cave system and
    you'll have to kill seven gang members to get to him. Once you do make your way
    to him you'll find he is a push over so just knock him off this mortal coil. 
    Before heading back to Eydis for your reward make sure you loot Mannammu. There
    is a lot of junk here to take so you may need to make multiple trips depending 
    on your endurance if you want all the cave has to offer. Once you have had your
    fill head back to Eydis for a reward of 1000 gold.
    -->Hunger Pains<--
    Eydis needs you to kill this beast called a Hunger that is messing around a 
    tomb near Fort Moonmoth called Sarano Tomb. This Hunger is like a monster of
    sorts and easy to defeat.
    To get to Sarano Tomb head to Fort Moonmoth which is due east of Balmora. The 
    tomb is southeast of the Fort. If you remember the way to Alof's farmhosue you
    can get to this tomb by heading straight north from his house. Once you make
    it to the tomb head inside and find the only locked door in the place. It's a
    level ten lock so it should be easy to pick. Once it's open the Hunger will 
    attack you. Kill it and then head back to Eydis for 1000 in gold. 
    This is the last quest from Eydis Fire-Eye.
    +Percius Mercius, Ald-ruhn+
    Percius is located in the Fighters Guild hall in Ald-ruhn.
    You're first quests for Percius has you traveling to a far away place called
    Vas and help a woman named Ulyne Henim kill some Necromancers. Now Necromancers
    are witches/wizards of sorts that study the forbidden arts surronding death.
    Basically they bring the dead back to life to use as monsters. This is illegal
    in Vvardenfell and is seen to be a strong moral wrong so you're going to take
    care of the problem for Henim.
    Vas is a small set of ruins located to the very North of the map; ask Percius
    about it's location to get him to mark Vas on the map for you. Head to Vas any
    way you see fit; walk or use transportation. Once you make it to Vas you'll
    find Henim outside the ruins waiting for you to go in with her. The ruins are 
    filled with many undead monsters and necromancer lackeys but you don't need to 
    kill them, just take care of the leader, Daris Adram, to finish the quest. You
    can find him on the very top of the tower in the ruins. What's with the main 
    baddies and being on top anyway? 
    Anyway once Adram is dead Henim will thank you and stay in the ruin to guard
    over it. Make your way back to Percius in Ald'ruhn but me careful to avoid any
    monsters or necromancers you may have left alive on your way out. Percius will
    reward you in gold for your trouble.
    -->Another day, another outlaw<--
    Percius now needs you to collect the bounty on a dangerous outlaw named Nerer
    Beneran who is hiding in a very well hidden cave system called Sargon. All
    Percius knows about it's location is that it's somewhere north of Maar Gan so
    you might have to ask around there for more help. Head to Maar Gan now and ask
    If you ask the right people in town they tell you that Sargon is actually way
    north of Maar Gan in the ocean on a secluded island. Now these townfolk don't
    give that great of directions but that's what a FAQ is for huh? OK, to get to
    Sargon the easiest way is to actually travel southwest from Vas(as seen in our
    last quest) until you hit a long island from left to right; it's a large island
    that resembles a snake if you use your imagination. On this island toward the
    back right of the "tail" you'll find Sargon. It's hidden but you shouldn't 
    have any trouble.
    Once inside you'll find a lot of his buddies spread out all over Sargon so if 
    are looking around for loot be careful. Make your way to the back into the
    largest room to find the outlaw we are looking for. Unlike is buddies this guy
    is no pushover but he isn't too hard at the same time. His ebony armor is a 
    plus for when you kill him. Anyway finish him. loot Sargon, then head back to
    Percius for a small reward in gold.
    -->Suran bandits<--
    Percius asks you to go talk to a man named Avon Oran in Suran. You can find him
    in Oran Manor on the south of Suran. Percius mentions something about bandits
    but let's go talk to Oran to get the real deal. Yep, it's bandits. Apparently
    these bastards have been attacking Suran at whim all from a cave they use as 
    their base of operations; Saturan cavern. You're to head to the cavern and kill
    Saturan is quite easy to find just head north East out of town and you'll 
    stumble on it. Kill the bandits inside, loot the place(although there isn't
    much) and return to Oran for the bounty of one thousand gold. Percius will also
    thank you.
    -->Booze runnin'<--
    Easy quest here. Percius ask you to deliver some Flin to a recently dry mine.
    The miners need the hooch to think straight I guess. You can find their mine,
    Elith-Pal near a Ashlander camp called Zainab. You should know the place from
    the Main Quest but if not ask Percius to mark it on your map. The mine is 
    directly west of Zainiab camp. You're to give the flin to Dangor and only
    Ok, this is an ebony mine so be careful not to steal any unless you are one
    hundred percent sure you won't be seen. Ebony theft comes with an automatic
    death mark. Anyway take the Flin to Dangor in the back end of the mine near
    some magma. He'll take it without so much as a thanks. Head back to Percius 
    for some gold as reward.
    NOTE: After this quest Pecius won't have any more missions for now so now is a
    good time to go complete the quests for Eydis where you left of or maybe see
    another steward of the Fighters Guild.
    NOTE: Depending on certain quests you've done for other guilds the following
    two quests may or may not come up. Like everything in Morrowind the story is
    ever changing so be warned; the following two are not mandatory quests but if
    they come up in your particulary game you'll have the info needed to complete 
    -->Kill Two members of the Fighters Guild<--
    Percius will ask you to kill two stewards of the Fighters Guild as they are
    certain reasons why they are in the way. I won't spoil the story for you but
    if you need to take them out then that's your job.... The two he wants killed
    are Eydis Fire-Eye and Lorbumol gro-Aglakh the Orc in Vivec. If you've been 
    paying close attention to the story you'll understand why these two need to be
    killed so get to it. 
    You should know where to find Eydis in Balmora. The orc you might not. He is 
    in the Fighter Guild hall in the Foreign Quarter plaze located in Vivec.
    Once they are dead Percius will thank you and may have one last job for you 
    and the future of the guild.
    NOTE: If you have done a mission for the Thieves Guild involving the Bitter 
    Cup and Eydis killing her may not be needed as she is already "out of the way"
    However maybe you would like that cup back.....
    -->Kill the GuildMaster<--
    After Eydis and the orc are out of the way one last person stands between you 
    and the Guildmaster title. You are to kill the current Guildmaster; Hard-Heart
    located in the same hall you found Lorbumal the orc in previously. Percius
    will also give you a key to his quarters in the Vivec hall; inside you might
    find some stuff you could use.
    Head to the hall in Vivec and down to the basement where you will find the
    Guildmaster Hard-Heart. If you straight out attack him the others in the hall
    will attack you too so it's best to get Hard-Heart pissed enough to attack you
    first. Kill this bastard and head back to Percius to be named the new 
    Guildmaster of the Fighters Guild. Congrats.
    +Lorbumol gro-Aglakh, Foreign Quarter, Vivec+
    You'll find the Orc in the Foreign Quarter of Vivec. The hall is located in the
    plaza on top.
    Lorbumol's quests are simple and straightforward. Pay attention to the story
    to learn why.
    -->Need a juicedew feather ring<--
    Lorbumol tells you to get something called a Juicedew Feather Ring from another
    orc named Nar gro-Shagramph. This orc was supposed to deliver the ring to 
    someone but never did so you have to go get it back. You can find him right
    in Vivec, in the plaza of the Hlaalu Canton. Once you find the orc how you get
    the ring back is up to you. You can kill him or just get him on your good side
    and ask for it back. Either way get the ring(or another of the same type) and
    give it back to Lorbumol for a really small gold reward. Cheap orc bastard.
    -->Kill Tongue-Toad<--
    Lorbumol orders you to travel to the Rat in the Pot club in Ald'ruhn and kill
    an Argonian there named Tongue-Toad. Once you located this Argonian you can
    decide to just let him go or you can follow orders and kill him. Either way as
    far as Lorbumol is concerned he is out of the picture so quest complete and 
    he'll reward you with a little more gold.
    NOTE: For an intersting part of the story you may miss head to Percius before
    you take care of Tongue-Toad and tell him about your orders.
    NOTE: Letting Tongue-Toad go instead of killing him is in your best interest
    if you want to stay on the goodside of certain former friends..
    -->Lirelle's Debt<--
    Lorbumol orders you to go get 2000 in gold from a women named Lirielle Stoine
    in the Rat in the Pot. You know this club; it's in Ald'ruhn. Talking to her
    you find out that it wasn't her that owed the money but her now dead brother
    who was murdered somewhere north of Gnaar Mok in a place called Mallapi.
    You have a few options here. You can head to Mallapi northeast of Gnaar Mok to
    find her brother and maybe get the cash off his corpse or you can simply
    pay the 2000 yourself to be a nice guy. You get half back as a reward anyway
    so this may be in your best interest. If you do decide to head to Mallapi you
    will find plenty of loot to sell to make up the 2k in gold needed so it's not
    like you will be out anything.
    NOTE: Again you can return to Percius to get more info. He also suggest you
    help the poor women out and pay "her" debt for her. Nice guy huh?
    -->Another bounty?<--
    Lorbumol now orders you to go collect a bounty on a women named Adraria who 
    works in the Census buildings found in Sedya Need. What's with all these 
    killings anyway? Oh well, head to Seyda Neen, find her in the buildings you 
    visited at the start of your game and kill her. Return to Lorbumol for 1000 in 
    NOTE: Again as not to miss any of the story if you talk to Percius he suggest
    you not kill this women as the corruption of the guild is getting to strong
    and she is more then likely innocent. If you decide not to kill her then you
    won't get the last quest from Lorbumol.  Something is going wrong in the
    Fighters Guild it seems and Percius was right.
    -->Kill a Judge<--
    Lorbumol's last mission is another assassanation. This time on a Judge who
    resides in Ebonheart; Grand Council room. Rufinius Alleius is the Judges name
    so find him in Ebonheart and kill him. Return to Lorbumol for some gold.
    NOTE: If you decide to run your orders by Percius again he suggest not killing
    the Judge as he may also be innocent of any wrong doings. If you decide not
    to kill the Judge you won't get the bounty.
    Either way you go this is the last quest from this mean Orc.
    +Hrundi, Sadrith Mora+
    You can find Hrundi in the Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora. That's where the
    Fighters Guild hall is located.
    -->More Necromancer problems<--
    Hrundi asks you to travel to a Dwemer ruin called Nchurdamz to help a women 
    out with a few Mecromancers that are causing a problem. THe ruin is far, far
    south of Sadrith Mora; Hrundi will mark it on your map.
    Once you find your way to the ruin talk to Larienna out front. She tells you
    that she is hunting someone by the name of Hrelvesuu who is now in the ruin.
    Head inside to look for this Hrelvesuu. The enemies in the ruin shouldn't give
    you and problem; let your compainion do a lot of the fighting. This place can
    be confusing so it's easy to get lost.  Look around for a set of locked doors
    and remeber this place; the enemy awaits behind those doors.
    You should eventually find a key that unlocks a set of level 65 doors. Behind
    the doors is where you'll find this Hrelvesuu. Kill him, loot the place and 
    then head back to Hrundi for some gold.
    NOTE: I missed the key a few times so I just picked the locks and went. The
    key is in the room with exposed magma if you don't have good lock skills.
    -->Dissapla Mine problems<--
    Hrundi on the dollar of Novor Drethan asks you to check out some sort of 
    problem in a far away mine of Dissapla. Dissapla is located northeast of a
    Dunmer ruin called Falensarano. Hrundi will mark this on your map for you.
    Make your way to this mine and inside to talk to Novor. He tells you that they
    have had a bad problem with Nix Hounds lately and that the mines healer has 
    been dragged off by the hounds. Novor asks you to go inside and find the healer
    , Teres Arothan.
    Make your way down the mines killing the hounds as you see them. Eventually 
    you stumble across Teres so speak to him to have him follow you out. Fight
    the hounds on your way back to Novor where he will stop following you. Norvor
    rewards you with some of the mines local stock; 4 Raw glass. 
    Return to Hrundi for some gold as a reward. Not much of course. 
    NOTE: Remember that Dissapla is a glass mine and glass sells for a pretty 
    -->Kill a corprus stalker and take care of a bounty while you are at it<--
    Hrundi orders you to travel to a shop in Tel Mora owned by Berwen to kill
    a corprus stalker that has been bothering him. While you are at it you are to
    take care of a bounty on an outlaw named Rels Tenim. Rels is somewhere near
    Vos. not to be confused with Vas the ruins.
    First, we'll take care of the stalker. Head to Tel Mora and find Berwens shop.
    Head upstairs to kill the stalker, talk with Berwen for her thanks and then
    head back out and on to Vos.
    Once in Vos speak to the locals to find out that Rels may be hiding with 
    the Ashlanders at a local camp called Ahemmusa. If you have already done the
    Main quest then this camp is already on your map but if not you can find it due
    north of Vos.
    Once in Ahemmusa speak with a few of the Ashlanders to get some info. If you
    have already done the Main Quest then they will be glad to give you the info bu
    if not you may have to bribe a few of them. Eventually you learn that Rels may
    be hiding in a cave system called Shallit. This cave is on a small island 
    north west of your current location. THis cave is a bitch to find but if you 
    travel northwest from the camp the cave will be on the third small island you
    run into.
    Once you finally make it to Shallit you'll notice that is's really quiet. They
    are probably hiding; look around where you came in to notice a ledge that will
    require you to levitate to. Make your way up to it to be attacked by four of
    Rels guards then eventually Rels himself. Kill them and return to Hrundi for
    some gold.
    NOTE: Shallit is filled to the brim with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Grab 
    them all for an added bonus.
    -->Sujamma RUN!<--
    Hrundi orders you to take a load of Sujamma to a person called Nelacar in a 
    cavern called Dunirai. You are told that you can find this place southeast
    of Ghostgate. It's southeast of the Tower of Dusk at Ghostgate. It's tricky
    to find but stick with it.
    Once inside look for a campfire and deliver the goods to Nelacar who is sitting
    around said fire. Hrundi will reward you with another small load of gold.
    NOTE: Another glass mine.......
    NOTE: Dunirai mine maybe hard to find if you don't know your way around 
    Ghostgate from the Main Quest. Since any reference points would be lost on you
    you might want to check one of the many online maps for a pinpoint location.
    -->Escort Duty<---
    No, not that kind of escort. Get your mind out of the gutter. Hrundi orders you
    to escort a researcher through a place called Telasero. He marks this ruin
    on your map. Sondalle, the researcher in question should be there waiting for
    Once you get to Telasero you find a note saying she went in without you. Crap,
    better go see if she is ok. Once inside head straight down to the lower levels
    and take your first left to find her. Escort her back out through the enemies
    and she'll thank you for the time and effort. Head back to Hrundi for some more
    gold and thanks.
    NOTE: Telasero is filled with a lot of creatures that like to shoot crap at
    you, staying out of reach. It may be in your best interest to rush in and grab
    the researcher and rush back out. There is very little loot inside anyway.
    -->Bounty on Engaer<--
    Yet another assassination. Hrundi now orders you to kill a man named Engaer. 
    He is an outlaw that is currently hiding in a tower called Tel Naga here in 
    Sadrith Mora. You can find Tel Naga just North of the Wolverine Hall. You're
    told to avoid any imperial entanglements. LOL.
    Head into Tel Naga which is a sort of hotel/community center and head into
    the upper tower until you find a locked level 20 door. Engaer is behind this
    door, you know what to do. Return to Hrundi for 1000 in gold.
    NOTE: If you flat out attack the outlaw the whole place get's pissed so be sure
    to taunt him into attacking.
    NOTE: You will need to levitate in the towers so plan ahead.
    -->Egg Mine troubles<--
    Hrundi asks you travel to a mine from Morrowind lore called Pudai and retrieve
    7 legendary Eggs of Old. All he know about the mines location is that it's
    somewhere on or near an island of Sheogorad which is the largest island to the
    north; home of Dagon Fel. I'll go ahead and tell you that the mine is far 
    west of Dagon Fel on that island. It requires a lot of searching but stick to 
    that area and you'll stumble on it eventually. 
    Once inside the mine you'll notice it's rather empty and quiet. Anyway head to
    the back into the queen's liar and grab the seven eggs behind her. Hrundi is 
    so please once you return he hands over a cool 10,000 in gold. Yea, baby.
    NOTE: Each egg weighs 30lbs so prepare ahead so you're not over your 
    encumbrance. Hate to make multiple trips to this mine.
    +Sjoring Hard-Heart; Vivec+
    Hard Heart can be found in the Foreign Quarter plaze of Vivec; inside the
    Fighters GUild hall and in the basement.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are already a member of the Thieves Guild and/or don't
    want to mess up missions for that guild then you can skip these last two 
    missions as they deal with killing a few members of the Thieves Guild whick
    will of course get you expelled.
    -->Kill 3 Stewards of the Thieves Guild<--
    Hard-Heart orders you to kill three prominent members of the Thieves Guild.
    +Helende    Sadrith Mora; Dirty Muriels Cornerclub+
    +Habashi    Balmora; South Wall Cornerclub        +
    +Aegoth     Ald'ruhn; Rat in the Pot club         +
    He gives you 5k in gold to cover any costs while on this quest. Once they are
    dead report back to Hard-Heart.
    NOTE: At this point you will have a huge bounty so be careful to avoid guards.
    -->Kill the Master Thief<--
    Hard-Heart now orders you to go kill the Master Thief of the Thieves Guild; 
    Gentleman Jim Stacey. You can find him at Sinine Fralinie's bookstore in Vivec
    which is in the Foreign Quarter canelworks. In the back of the shop is a locked
    level 65 door. You'll find the Master Thief as well as one thief behind the
    door. Enter and kill them then report back to Hard-Heart.
    That bastard attacks you once you report you have done his dirty work. You 
    have no choice but to defend yourself and kill Hard-Heart. Once he is dead 
    you will be the new GuildMaster of the Fighters Guild. Congrats.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't want to affect things with the Thieves Guild you
    can skip these last two missions and just get Hard-Heart to attack you right
    away thus ending the Fighters Guild quests.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.4 Mages Guild~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I hate the Mages Guild personal. Too much boring mage crap and even more 
    walking but this is a FAQ so here we go with the Mages Guild walkthrough.
    Expect to do a lot of collecting, sneaky underhand moves and even murder while
    you quest to become the Guildmaster of the Mages Guild. However as far as the 
    guilds go this one is the easiest to complete so conceder doing it first to
    level up quickly.
    Mages Guild Favored Skills: Illusion, Destruction, Alchemy, Enchant, Mysticism
    and Alteration.
    Mages Guild Favored Attributes: Intelligence and Willpower.
    +Rank+++++++++++Required Skill levels+++++++++++Required Attributes+
    +Apprentice                 ~                            ~         +
    +Associate                 10                       INT: 30 WIL: 30+
    +Journeyman                20                       INT: 30 WIL: 30+
    +Evoker                   30,5,5                    INT: 30 WIL: 30+
    +Conjurer                40,10,10                   INT: 30 WIL: 30+
    +Magician                50,15,15                   INT: 31 WIL: 31+
    +Warlock                 60,20,20                   INT: 32 WIL: 32+
    +Wizard                  70,25,25                   INT: 33 WIL: 33+
    +Master Wizard           80,30,30                   INT: 34 WIL: 34+
    +Arch-Mage               90,35,35                   INT: 35 WIL: 35+
    Head to the Mages Guild hall in Balmora which is next door to the Fighters 
    Guild and speak to Ranis Athrys about being let in the Mages Guild. Ask and
    you shall be permitted to enter.
    +Ajira; Balmora+
    -->Four Mushrooms<--
    You're first task for the Mages Guild has you hunting down for specific types
    of Ajira. She needs them so she can advance in rank in the Mages Guild herself.
    She needs the mushroom types Bungler's Bane, Violet Coprinus, Hypha Facia and
    Luminous Russula all of which grow locally around Balmora she says. Check the
    southwest she advises. Sure enough you can find all four types of 'shrooms in 
    the swampy area southwest out of Balmora. 
    Report back to Ajira for her thanks and some potions.
    -->Ajira and Galbedir's bet<--
    There is a bet going on between the Ajira and Galbedir about who will reach the
    rank of Journeyman within the Mages Guild first. Ajira being the sneaky cat 
    she is want you to sabotage Galbedir by placing a fake soul gem in her desk in
    hope it ruins and spells she might make later. 
    Take the gem to Galbedir's desk on the top floor of the Mages Guild in Balmora
    and place it in there. Be carefully not steal anything during this attempt. 
    Report back to Ajira for thanks on your sneak.
    NOTE: Maybe you should tell Galbedir about the attempt? Never know what might
    -->Every lady loves flowers<--
    Ajira now needs a few types of flowers for her study. She needs Willow Anther,
    Heather, Stoneflower Petals and Gold Kanet all of which she says can be found
    on the shores of Lake Amaya which is the lake south east of Balmora. The flowers
    are quite easy to find. 
    Heather is a pink small flower, Willow Anther is a taller flower that is a 
    dark red/purple color, Stoneflower Petals look just like the Anther but are
    blue and finally Gold Kanet is the only golden flower out there.
    Head to the lake, find the flowers and report back to Ajira for some more 
    potions and her thanks on the help for her studies.
    -->Ceramic Bowl<--
    Ajira now needs you to go get a ceramic bowl for help in her studies. She
    suggest that you go buy one from the local trader Ra'Virr whose shop is to
    your left as you exit the Mages Guild but any ceramic bowl will do so if you
    want to save the whopping 2 gold you can go find one to steal in the many 
    houses in Balmora. 
    Report back to Ajira for her thanks. Looks like she is well on her way to 
    becoming a fine mage.... or a good con.
    -->Stolen Reports<--
    Someone has stolen Ajira's reports on the flowers and Mushrooms you helped her
    collect. She is sure that her feud with Galbedir cause her to steal the plans
    and Ajira is positive that Galbedir has not left the Mages Guild since the 
    plans up and went missing so they must be hidden somewhere in the guild.
    You can speak to Galbedir to get the location of the hidden plans if she likes
    you enough(Remember us ratting Ajira out?) or you can just find them yourself.
    The first is on the first floor amongst some bags and the second is in the
    basement bedroom under a dresser. 
    Take them back to Ajira for her thanks and some more potions. This is the last
    of her Mages Guild quests also but she may have some bonus work for you later.
    +Ranis Athrys; Balmora+
    She is located in the Balmora Mages Guild Hall.
    -->Guild Dues are due, dude<--
    NOTE: This and the following mission can be asked for and done at the same time.
    Ranis orders you togo collect the Mages Guild dues from a member named Manwe 
    who hasn't paid them in a lont time. The have collected up to a debt of 2000
    in gold so you need to go meet with Manwe in Punabi and get this money or if 
    she refuses to pay then you are to kill her. Rough Guild huh? 
    You are told Punabi is north of a stonghold called Marandas which Ranis will
    mark on your map for you. So head to Marandas then north and find Panabi with
    Manwe there right as you enter. Raise her disposition high enough and she forks
    over the dough which upon return to Ranis you will get to keep half of. If 
    Manwe proves thickheaded you will have to kill her at which point you won't get 
    any reward beyond thanks from Ranis.
    NOTE: If you want to skip the walking you can always pay the dues yourself.
    -->Recruitment Drive<--
    NOTE: This and the previous mission can be asked for and done at the same time.
    Ranis ask you to go convince a former Telvanni mage to join the Mages Guild. If
    he can't be convinced then you are to kill him so he doesn't pose a threat in 
    the future. Llethar Beraloth the ex Telvanni lives in Sulipund which is just 
    shy north of Punabi from the above quest. Punabi is again north of Marandas 
    which is marked on your map.
    Head to Sulipund and speak to Beraloth who you will find on the top level of
    Sulipund. Raise his disposition to the max and then make the offer. He'll agree
    and you can report success back to Ranis. She will fork over some Magicka
    potions. in reward. If for some reason he refuses and/or you just want to kill
    him then you can still finish the mission at a loss of the potions.
    NOTE: Before leaving Sulipund look around for a book called Chronicles of 
    Nehuleft and keep it nearby. It's needed for a future mission.
    -->Training goig on without permission<--
    Ranis has learned that an Argonian has been offering training in the Mage arts
    without permission of the Mages Guild. You're to travel to the Southwall 
    Cornerclub and make this Argonian stop with his illegal training.
    Head to the Southwall Cornerclub, go downstairs and talk to the only Argonian
    there, Only He Stands There. You have three options to complete this quest.
    Lie: The Argonian agrees to offer his service to you at cost if you tell Ranis
    he has agreed to stop the training without him actually stopping.
    Convince him: This requires a high disposition but you can get him to agree to
    just stop pushing the issue.
    Kill him: Simple. Just make sure he starts the fight to avoid any legal trouble
    from the guards.
    Head back to Ranis for thanks.
    -->Escort Mission*sigh*<--
    Ranis will now order you to escort a man name Itermerel from Balmora to the 
    Pelagiad. After you arrive in Pelagiad Ranis would like you to see about 
    getting a copy of his notes as apparently Itermerel is a great scholar.
    Itermerel is waiting for you in the Eight Plates here in Balmora and wants you
    to take him to the HalfWay Tavern in Pelagiad. Just take your time while walking
    to Pelagiad as the NPC's that follow you tend to be stupid and get caught on
    every little thing.
    Once you arrive at the Halfway Tavern ask for a copy of his notes and he will
    be glad to share them. Report back to Ranis and hand over the notes for thanks.
    Ranis has learned that a man named Tashpi Ashibael is practicing the forbidden
    art of Necromancy in Maar Gan. Tashpi must be killed Ranis believes and it's up
    to you to do take care of the problem. 
    Head to Maar Gan and ask the local where you can find Tashpi, you'll eventually
    find out where she lives so go speak to her. Tashpi is rather suprised that she
    is being accused of something like this until she learns who it is that is 
    making the accusations. It seems her and Ranis have some long standing feud and
    now apparently Ranis is trying to get the ultimate end to things. Tashpi 
    assures that she is not a Necromancer and that Ranis is just trying to get even
    for past problems.
    So as not to make your job any harder Tashpi agrees to just disappear so you 
    can report the problem "taken care of". Then again you can simply kill her if 
    lying is beneath you... and murder isn't. Choice is yours, decide and report to
    Ranis for thanks and graditude.
    -->Telvanni Spy<--
    Ranis thinks that the Mages Guild has a Telvanni Spy in it's ranks.  You are to
    visit all the Mages Guild halls and ask around for info on the spy. Use the 
    Mages teleport ability to make this mission quite simple. Start with the Mages
    Hall in Ald'ruhn and speak to Edwinna Elbert. She reports that.....she knows 
    nothing at all. Ok, on to Sadrith Mora Mages Guild hall in Wolverine Hall. 
    Speaking with the members there you come across one person that does think 
    that a spy could possibly be among them but suggest a spies time would be best
    spent near those who run the guild in Vivec. What do you know? We were headed 
    there anyway so let's go check those guys out.
    Take a teleport to the Vivec Mages Guild hall and speak to Trebonius the Arch
    Mage of the Mages Guild about a spy. He of course says that it's not possible
    and that he even has a special advisor that looks out for that kind of stuff.
    This advisor, Tiram Gadar, came highly recommended and has been doing a good 
    Trebonius will turn over Tiram's credentials in defense of his main man. Look
    over the credentials and you'll notice small problems which could mean forgery.
    Report your unsecure findings to Ranis for her thanks in the form of some
    powerful spells and a enchanted dagger.  This is her last quest for you.
    NOTE: If you want to dabble in the darkside you can report to the Arch-Mage
    that Ranis herself is the spy and she will be kicked out of the guild. Thanks
    to my friend D.Letar for this extra.
    +Edwinna Elbert, Ald'ruhn+
    Edwinna is located in the Mages Guild hall in Ald'ruhn.
    -->Book shopping<--
    Edwinna Elbert's first set of orders for you is to go out and located a copy
    of a rare Dwemer book called Chronicles of Nehuleft. For this task she hands 
    over some gold and tells you to try Vivec for the book.
    Now if you took the copy from the ex-Telvanni we recruited earlier then you can
    hand that copy over and finish the ques right now. If you didn't grab that copy
    you can head back to Sulipund to get it or head to Jobasha's Rare Books 
    in the Foreign Quarter Wasitworks in Vivec and buy a copy.
    Somehow get a copy of that book and take it back to Edwinna(Really what kind of
    name is that?!?) and you'll be thanked for your trouble.
    -->Pick up a potion<--
    Edwinna needs you to travel to the Sadrith Mora Mages guild and pick up a
    potion for her from an Argonian there named Stink-in Tree's Shade(Edwinna don't
    seem so bad now!) and bring it back. Simple. 
    Take the teleport to the Mages Guild in Sadrith Mora, pick up the potion from
    the Argonian and take it back to Edwinna for her thanks and a potion of your
    own. Easy quests there. Almost too easy.
    -->Borrow a Book<--
    Edwinna tells you that a person named Sirilonwe in the Vivec Mages Guild has 
    come across a rare book titled Chimarvamidium. This book is the sixth part
    of the Ancient Tales of the Dwemer and may actually be written by the Dwemer so
    it can be worth a lot. Edwinna wants to read this book so you have to sneak
    into Sirilonwe's chambers and borrow the book. Edwinna hands over some scrolls
    enchanted with open to help you out.
    Now getting caught stealing from a guild member will result in your being 
    kicked out so be careful. Head to the Vivec Mages Guild hall by way of the 
    teleport and into Sirilonwe's room to the left of the teleport. Look around her
    room until you discover a chest in her closet. The book is in the chest. Enter
    the closet, close the door behind you so you won't be seen, open the chest with
    a scroll or other means then take the book.
    Head back to Edwinna again using the teleport and hand over the book for her 
    NOTE: Don't speak to Sirilonwe while you have the book on you; you'll get
    caught with it. Also you can go back and speak to her after you deliver the
    book to Edwinna for some funny commentary.
    -->Trouble with Huleen?<--
    Edwinna has heard rumors that some sort of problem has fallen on Huleen. Huleen
    is a guild member who lives in Maar Gan with her apprentice. You're to go check
    these rumors out and if they are ture try to make right the situation.
    Head to Maar Gan by any means and ask or look around for Hullen's hut. Once you
    find it head inside to be greated by one pissed scamp. Kill this little monster
    and take the key that is near him. The key must open a door in the hut.
    Head downstairs and through the locked door to discover one Listien Bierles who
    is without cloths and is scared stupid. It turns out in an attempt to impress
    Huleen her apprentice Listien summonded the scamp but wasn't skilled enough to
    control it and the scamp got out of hand. All is taken care of now so no need
    to report this to Huleen but maybe you can leave a little gold for ol' Listien
    to buy some threads.
    Report success to Edwinna for thanks and some scrolls.
    -->Bring Chimarvamidium back<--
    Edwinna is done with the book. Turns out it wasn't that special after all. You
    have to return the book exactly where you took it from so go ahead and hop a
    ride on the teleport to the Vivec Mages Guild hall.
    Head back to Sirilonwe's room and repeat the process with the closet as if she
    sees you putting it back you will be caught and thus expelled. Edwinna will 
    thank you on your return with some magic jewelry.
    -->Dwemer Tube<--
    Edwinna needs you travel to a Dwemer ruin called *Deep breath* Arkngthunch -
    Sturdumz and retrive a Dwemer tube for her. These ruins are somewhere northwest
    of Gnisis on the very tip of the northwest section of the island. The ruins are
    right over this large bridge so they are almost impossible to miss so just
    search the northweat of Gnisis for them.
    Head inside and keep heading straight, eventually you end in a dead end chamber
    with a Dwemer Tube righ there on a shelf. Grab it and go. Be warned that the 
    ruins are filled with a lot of Dwemer robots and enemies so a snatch and run 
    might be a good idea. Return the tube to Edwinna for her thanks.
    -->Nehuleftingh report<--
    Edwinna needs you to go cheack on a friend of hers named Senilias Cadiusus. He
    is currently researching in the Dwemer ruin Nehuleftingh. Edwinna is worried
    because his latest report back is way overdue so you need to go check on him a
    , his daughter and their guide. She offers two ways to get to Nehuleftingh. Go
    northeast out of Suran or North from Molag Mar. 
    Either way you choose it's hard to miss the ruins however I find it a little
    easier to travel out of Suran heading northeasy along the mountain side until 
    you find Nehuleftingh. If you have done the main quest then you know of
    Erabenimsun camp; Nehuleftingh  is located directly between Suran and the
    Erabenimsun  camp if you drew a line between the two.
    Head inside and in to the first door on your right to find Senilias and his
    daughter. You learn that his guide, Anes, has the notes but is lost in the
    lower levels. Not much of a guide then but anyway you have to go down there
    to get him and the notes.
    Head back behind you and to the left down the hallway until you find the room
    called Test of Pattern. Head inside to see three hand cranks on your left. You
    need to find the right one which opens the path to the lower levels; the other
    two are trapped so be careful. The right one to turn is last one to your right.
    Go down into the newly opened lower level and take your first left to stumble 
    upon the body of their guide, Anes. Oh well, take his notes and head back the
    way you came and speak to Senilias. He tells you to take the notes back to 
    Edwinna along with his best wishes. Edwinna thanks you once you return with
    the notes.
    -->Scarab Blueprints<--
    Edwinna nows needs you to retrive any blueprints you can find in the Dwemer
    ruins of Mzuleft so they can be sent to the Emperor. Mzuleft is southwest of
    Dagon Fel and she'll mark it on your map for you.
    Take the teleport to Sadrith Mora then take a boat from Sadrith Mora to Dagon 
    Fel. The ruin is on the outskirt of Dagon Fel to the south. Unlike other quests
    in the Dwemer ruins this one is actually quick and easy. Head into Mzuleft and
    take your first right down the stairs and into a room that has a few orcs
    guarding a shelf it seems. Grab the plans and dash back out or you can stay and
    fight. The plans are on the lower part of the shelf so move quick.
    Return the plans to Edwinna for her thanks.
    -->One more Dwemer Ruin; Bethamez<--
    Edwinna asks you to travel to Gnisis and into a newly discoverd Dwemer ruin 
    that has been found in the eggmine to the east of town. You're to travel to
    Gnisis, make your way inside the ruins and find any blueprints which you will
    bring back to Edwinna.
    Head to GNisis and find the eggmine outside of the east part of town. Due to 
    the newly found ruins the place is on lockdown and is guarded by a Imperial.
    TO get inside the mine you can simply pick the lock and enter at risk of 
    breaking the law or you can attempt to get the guard to let you in with some
    sweet talk and or bribe.
    Head inside the eggmine and travel to the left and then north of wear you enter 
    to find the opening of Bethamez. The plans you need are right there as you 
    enter sitting on a table so snatch them and make your way back to Edwinna.
    +Skink-in-Tree's-Shade, Sadrith Mora+
    Skink is located in the Mages Guild hall inside of Wolverine Hall; Sadrith Mora
    -->Escort a scholar<--
    Skink asks you to the scholar Tenyeminwe from Muriel's Cornerclub to a boat at 
    the docks owned by Gals Arethi. Muriel's is located right ouside the bridge
    leading out of Wolverine Hall.
    Hook up with Tenyeminwe at the club and walk him through Sadrith Mora to the 
    northwest until you hit the docks and which point Tenyeminwe will thank you
    with a couple scrolls. Return to Skink for his thanks as well
    -->Vampire book<--
    Skink asks you to now located a rare book called Vampires of Vvardenfell Volume
    II. It's the rare sequel to another book that Skink wants to own. He suggest
    checking rare bookshops. Jobasha's in Vivec's Foreign Quarter has a copy 
    although I got mine in one of the Vampire liars. You might not be to that part
    of the game so best bet is Jobasha.
    Find a copy somehow and return it to Skink for 1000 in gold as a reward.
    -->Ashlander Meeting<--
    Skink needs you to set up a meeting between one of the Wise Women from any of 
    the four Ashlander tribes; Urshilaku, Zainab, Ahemmusa or Erabenimsum. He 
    suggest the only tribe that would be willing is the Ahemmusa so let's head to
    the camp. 
    Ahemmusa Camp is located North of Tel Vos so head there now. Speaking to the 
    Wise Women only ends in a refusal but she will send her apprentice Minabibi if 
    you can find her inside Favel Tomb, west of the camp.
    When you find the Favel Tomb to the west of Ahemmusa Camp past some ruins go 
    inside to meet Minabibi right in the entrance. She agrees to meet with Skink
    if you kill the ghost that is in the tomb. Turns out she was sent her as a 
    punishment to kill the ghost but she can't so you help her and she will come
    talk to Skink.
    Head right past here and into the next room then to the room beyond that. 
    Inside this room you will find the ghost. Enter and kill the ghost to complete
    Minabibi's favor. Now she claims she needs permission from the Ahemmusa Wise 
    Women first before she goes and talks to Skink so trek back to Ahemmusa Camp to
    ask her. She agrees to let Minabibi go if you tell her who it was that killed
    the ghost. 
    Don't lie as she can tell; just tell her you did and she will allow her 
    apprentice to visit Skink. Great, head back to Skink for confirmation of the 
    meeting since Minabibi is already there and his thanks.
    -->Another day, another Necromancer<--
    Skink asks you to take care of a former Mages Guild member who is now 
    practicing Necromancy. You need to find Telura Ulver in her cave of Shal which
    is north Of Hla Oad.
    Travel to Hla Oad and then north out of town until you find the cave; it's hard
    to miss if you look the area over. Once inside you will be attacked by quite a
    few undead monsters while you travel to the main chamber where you will face
    Telure herself. She is one tough mage so fight smart Kill her, loot Shal and 
    then report to Skink for his thanks.
    -->Ash Ghoul Soul<--
    Skink now needs you to capture a Ash Ghoul's soul for him. He gives you all the
    tools needed; two Soul Capture scrolls and two grand souls gems. He suggest 
    looking in Yakin for a Ash Ghoul.
    Yakin is a Sixth House base that is just on the outside of Sarrith Mora to the
    west. Once you locate Yakin head inside to face a Ash Ghoul. After one attacks 
    you make sure you cast the soul spell before you kill it. After a succesful 
    capture take the soul back to Skink and he doesn't even ask for the stuff he
    lent you back! Nice lizardman.
    NOTE: Yakin can be tricky to find. If you've done the Main Quest you should
    know where Zainab Camp is. Yakin is directly between Zainab Camp and Tel Aruhn
    if you were to connect them with a line.
    -->Another Vampire book<--
    Skink needs you to grab another book about Vampires called Galur Rithari's 
    Papers. He has no ides how to get the book or where but again suggest talking
    to rare booksellers. Let's go check with our main bookdude Jobasha in Vivecs
    Foreign Quarter.
    Damn, Jobasha doesn't have it but he knows that the Hall of Justice library in 
    the lower levels of the Temple canton does have a copy. To get to this library
    you need to to make your way to the lower levels of Temple canton into the
    Hall of Justice then through a trap door in the floor of the Office of the
    Once inside the secret library you will need to locate the book and then steal
    it without being seen by the patrolling guards. The book is somewher in the 
    middle row of shelves so locate it and then snatch and run. A good time as any
    to use Recall or a scroll.
    Hand the book over to Skink for a nice reward of 1000 in gold.
    +Trebonius Artorius; Vivec+
    He is the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild located in Vivec.
    After the compeltion of the other Mages Guild quest you have two options on 
    becoming the Arch-Mage. You can share the job with Trebonius or you can get rid
    of him and be the sole Arch-Mage.
    -->Joint Command<--
    Talk to Skink in Sadrith Mora to learn that the higher ups in Cyrodill have 
    decided that you are to rule beside Trebonius as Arch Mage. Skink will hand 
    over the letter that directs Trebonius to let you be Arch Mage also. Take it
    to the none so please Trebonius who will eventually agree. Congrats, Arch Mage!
    -->My job!<--
    TO get rid of Trebonius simply talk to him about becoming the Arch Mage after
    you complete all the Mages Guild quest and achieve the rank of Master Wizard.
    Trebonius get's kind of pissed that you are wanting his job or is it jealousy.
    Either way Trebonius ends up challenging you to a duel to the death; winner 
    gets the job(Duh!)
    Meet him whenever you want in the Arena canton of Vivec to fight him for the
    Arch Mage job. Once Trebonius is dead you will be the Arch Mage. Congrats.
    -->Bonus Mission: Kill Telvanni<--
    Before you take over the Arch Mage job if you went that route and you have 
    already done the Main Quest, Trebonius may make a strange request to have you
    kill all the Telvanni Councilors. If you haven't done the Main Quest then 
    consider waiting on killing Trebonius until you have and know who the
    Telvanni councilors are(you have to talk to them all in the Main Quest).
    Your reward is a couple of so-so magical items. Again this mission is
    completly voluntary and adds nothing to the story line.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.5 Imperial Cult~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Imperial Cult. This is a fun little group of quests. This is basically the 
    religion of the world. Imperial Cult differs a little from other guilds in that
    there are three basic sets of missions that you can choose to do or not do 
    depending on different attributes you might be interested in. Lay Healers are
    like doctors, healers and chemists. They do a lot of things with Alchemy. 
    Almoners are like the cult's door to door members who collect money and do 
    deeds for the cult; think of them like PR men :) Finally you can do missions
    for the shrine seargents which include escort, enforcement of the rules, 
    defense if need and any other thing that needs doing.
    After joining the guild you are free to do whatever missions for each of the 
    three jobs you want. At a certain rank you can continue on and do some other
    quests for another important person in the cult that combine all skills. All
    jobs of the cult will be here in this section. 
    Imperial Cult Favored Skills: Restoration, Mysticism, Blunt Weapon, Security,
    Unarmored, Speechcraft, and Conjuration.
    Imperial Cult Favored Attributes: Personality and Willpower.
    +Rank+++++++++++Required Skill levels+++++++++++Required Attributes+
    +Layman                   ~                                 ~      +
    +Novice                 10,5,5                      PRS: 30 WIL: 30+
    +Initiate               20,8,8                      PRS: 30 WIL: 30+
    +Acolyte               30,10,10                     PRS: 30 WIL: 30+
    +Adept                 40,12,12                     PRS: 30 WIL: 30+
    +Disciple              50,15,15                     PRS: 31 WIL: 31+
    +Oracle                60,18,18                     PRS: 32 WIL: 32+
    +Invoker               70,20,20                     PRS: 33 WIL: 33+
    +Theurgist             80,25,25                     PRS: 34 WIL: 34+
    +Primate               90,25,25                     PRS: 35 WIL: 35+
    To join speak to any of the followin cult members: Syloria Siruliulus in 
    Buckmoth Legion Fort, Somutis Vunnis in Moonmoth Legion Fort or Ygfa in Fort
    We'll start with my favorite job in the Cult, the Shrine Seargents.
    +Kaye, Ebonheart Imperial Chapel: Shrine Sergeants+
    Kaye is the steward to see for Shrine Sergeant quests of which there are five 
    to do.
    -->Missing Bowl<--
    Kaye asks you to help locate a missing Limeware bowl. This bowl went missing
    after the cult treated a High Elf named Caryarel for a swamp fever. He suggests
    looking for this elf and see if the bowl is with him. He doesn't know where
    Carynal lives but tells you that some local High Elves might. The only other
    two High Elves in Ebonheart are in the Hawkmouth Garrison so go over there
    and talk to either of them about Carynal to learn he lives in Gnaar Mok. Off
    to Gnaar Mok to find our bowl.
    Once in Gnaar Mok you should be able to find Carynal easily. He is wondering 
    around the village toward the center so find him and ask him about the missing
    bowl. He lies of course like any thief so it might be time to check out his
    house for any clues. Stupid elf.
    Located Carynal's house by the boat docks. Wouldn't you know it? Damn thing is 
    locked. Well, get in some how and look around. You'll find the bowl inside
    a barrel near his sleeping mat. Liar, had it all along. Good thing we did
    some B&E huh?
    Take the bowl back to Kaye for some gold and scrolls. 
    NOTE: Any Limeware bowl can be returned to Kaye. Lying is wrong though!
    Kaye will now ask you to help a Bosmer in Caldera who is having problems with
    his house being haunted. Ok! You're to go to Caldera and find out what's going
    on, fix the problem and report back. Kaye gives you some gold for expenses so
    be grateful.
    Head into Caldera and find the Bosmer Nedhelas. He tells you that his house
    is haunted and it probably has something to do with a weird trap door in the 
    basement. Nadhelas has strict orders from his landlord to never touch it so you
    need to go check it out.
    Head into his house using the key he provides and on down into the basement. 
    Find the trapdoor and enter. Well no kidding the place is haunted! It's build
    on a tomb, duh. Head into the tomb and find the ghost in the second room. Kill
    it, loot the place and then return upstairs to speak to Nedhelas for thanks.
    Tell the tale to Kaye for thanks and some scrolls.
    -->Witch Hunt<--
    Kaye now wants you to travel to a eggmine outside of Khuul and take care of a
    witch that has set up residence. This witch is named Thelsa Dral and is causing
    all sorts of problems so it's up the cult to help out. She is in the egg mine
    called Asha-Ahhe and it is due south of Khuul right past a tomb and another
    eggmine by the name of Panud. Go on now, find out what's going on.
    Once you find Asha-Ahhe talk to the miners out front to learn that there is a
    witch inside(No?!?) and that she may not be alone. Pfft, no witch can slow you
    down. Head on inside and take the only path straight back until you run into 
    the witch Thelsa and two guards. Kill Thelsa and leave the guards if you want
    and then return to Kaye for thanks and a magic ring.
    -->Silver Staff<--
    Kaye tells you a tale of a man named Linus Iulus who has disappeared a while 
    ago. On his person he carried a staff called the Silver Staff of Shaming. 
    The Oracle of the cult had a dream that might have told her the location of the
    staff and probably what remains of Linus. You're to go check out an area called
    Mount Knad which is north of Molag Mar. The Oracle mentioned seeing snow in
    her dream so that means the staff and Linus are outside possibly. Bring back 
    everything you find on Linus to Kaye.
    Mount Kand is actually northwest of the city of Molag Mar so make your way
    to Molag Mar and head out that direction until you find Mount Kand cavern. 
    It lays on a path that comes from Molag Mar and then forks to the west where 
    you will find the entrance.
    The dream the Oracle had didn't say where you'd find the staff only that it
    was laying out in the open somewhere so using levitation magic float around 
    the outside of the mountain until you spot the corpse of Linus. Shouldn't be
    hard to miss; they're on the side west of the cavern entrance. Take all Linus
    has on him including the staff and report back to Kaye.
    Kaye in return will let you keep the staff along with his thanks but only if
    you brought back everything Linus had on him. Otherwise you get nothing.
    -->Spirit in Hla Oad<--
    Kaye tells you that an Argonian in Hla Oad claims she is being visited by a 
    spirit of a women named Julie. The guards in town don't mess with this kind of
    problem so you are to go talk to Okur the Argonian in Hla Oad and see how you 
    can help out.
    Go talk to Okur on the northeast side of Hla Oad. She tells you that this ghost
    named Julie was robbed and killed by four local bandits. Julie will leave this
    world once someone gets a amulet back from the bandits and returns it to her
    husband. The spirit was even kind enough to tell Okur the location of the four
    bandits. They are located in Yasamsi, a cave located on the very end of the 
    road leading out of Hla Oad to the south.
    Inside Yasami you'll find the four bandits. You'll need to locate the one named
    Orthrenim and kill him to recover the amulet. The other three can be spared if
    you want but since you more then likely want to loot the place you'll kill all
    Take the amulet back to the Argonian in Hla Oad who promises to give it back to
    Julie's husband. You have her thanks so return back to Kaye for his and some s
    scrolls. This is also the last of the Shrine Sergeant quests that you get from
    +Synnolina Tunifus, Ebonheart Imperial Chapel: Lay Healer+
    These quests are not much more then collection so you'll have no problem with
    -->Five Pieces of Marshmerrow<--
    Synnolina needs you to go get five pieces of Marshmerrow from a man named
    Balur who lives on a farm just southeast of Pelagiad. He gives you a potion
    to give to Balur as thanks for helping you out.
    Balur's farm can be found on the shore of Lake Hairan southeast of Pelagiad.
    When you find it talk to Balur about the Marshmerrow and make sure to give him
    the potion. Turns out he farms Marshmerrow and let's you take the five pieces
    you need back to Synnolina.
    Synnolina thanks you with some potions and alchemy tools.
    NOTE: Any five pieces of Marshmerrow will do. You can find it growing around
    Balmora or in almost any Alchemist shop.
    -->Pick up and Delivery<--
    Synnolian now needs you to go deliver four potions to a Chaplian in Gnisis and
    while you are there pick up five pieces of Muck from a local farmer in Gnisis
    who grows it. Just go ahead and take it; you'll be fine.
    First let's deliver the potions. The Chaplian you are looking for is an Orc who
    you will find on the lower level of Fort Darius in Gnisis. Head downstairs to
    find him in the chapel room and give him the potions. As a thanks he offers to
    teach you one of a few spells he knows so pick which you want and then head 
    back outside to Gnisis. 
    Next we need five pieces of Muck.  A local man in town grows it so locate this
    small field of Muck near the Legion Barracks outside Fort Darius and grab five
    pieces of Much. Report back to Synnolian when you are done in Gnisis.
    Synnolian will thank you in a few more potions and a book to help in your
    Alchemy skills.
    NOTE: Again, any Muck will do so if you located some around the world or in a 
    shop you can give it to Synnolian instead.
    -->Five Pieces of Willow Anther<--
    Synnolian needs you to go steal some Willow Anther from an Orc naked Gurak
    gro-bagrat on his farm north of Vivec. Apparently Synnolian steals from this 
    poor orc farmer all the time and you should have no problems taken some Willow
    to bring back to him for his potions.
    Willow Anther is a pink flower that grows just about everywhere in the world
    so if you can find five pieces somewhere else then you can bypass having to 
    steal. You can find this Orc's farm due north of the Foreign Quarter of Vivec 
    with the Willow being the pink flowers growing all around outside. You can
    also find some Willow Anther outside of Balmora too. 
    Get five Willow Anther flowers and return to Synnolian for thanks, more potions
    and another book.
    -->Scrib Jelly<--
    Synnolian wants you to travel to the should be familiar Shulk Egg Mine outside
    of Balmora and bring back five servings of Scrib Jelly for use in his potions.
    You get the jelly from the corpse of Scribs you kill so you'll need to kill at
    least five to get the needed potions.
    Mack your way to Balmora and head soutwest out of the town by the river until 
    you find the mine just to the right of a large bridge. A few miners out front
    are willing to help you out if you talk to them about needing some jelly but
    you can also get the pieces from inside the mine. Head in and kill enough
    Scribs to get five servings of the jelly. Make sure to not kill the workers or
    queens so as not to piss off the miners. 
    Once you have the five servings of Scrib Jelly take it back to Synnolian for
    yet more potions and tools.
    NOTE: Remember any Scrib Jelly will do and Scribs can be found all over the 
    mountain areas if you don't want to travel to Balmora.
    -->Cork Bulb<--
    Yet another errand mission. Synnolian needs you to go get some cork bulb from
    Arvel Plantation. Don't worry about taking it; the cult has a deal with the 
    farmers there. You're to get five pieces of Cork Bulb and return it to be used
    in Synnolian's potions.
    Arvel Plantation is a tricky one to find. Travel to Pelgiad and head due
    east until you hit Dren Plantation from there head straight north and you'll
    find Arvel Plantation with the cork bulb growing all around the place. Snag
    five pieces(or more) and take it back to Synnolian in Ebonheart.
    Synnolian will reward you with his thanks and even more potions.
    -->Rat Meat<--
    Synnolian needs five servings of rat meat for his potions now and it's up to 
    you to get them. He suggest looking around the lower levels of the Vivec 
    Cantons for rats but any rat meat will suffice. If you head south out of 
    Ebonheart you can often find rats there to attack. Kill them and then sleep to
    have more come until you have the rat meat you need. You can also get rat meat
    from a lot of Alchemists and traders in the world so it shouldn't be hard to 
    find five pieces to bring back to Synnolian.
    Upon you giving him the five pieces of Rat Meat Synnolian will thank you and
    give you some books and potions.
    -->Netch Leather<--
    Finally for your last mission(errand) from Synnolian he asks that you bring him
    some Netch Leather from a Bull Netch. He doesn't really suggest where to find
    any but come on, Bull Netches are all over the damn place; most notably in 
    the swamps around Balmora and Seyda Need. These Netches are the big pink and
    purplish jellyfish like animals you see floating around the world. They won't
    bother you until you bother one of them so they pose no problem. Best to kill 
    one with ranged weapons if they are high up.
    You can also buy the leather from alchemists and traders in the world. 
    Located a single piece of Netch Leather and return it to Synnolian for his 
    thanks, a few more potions and a magic belt.
    This is the last of the errandboy... I mean Lay Healers and the last you get
    from Synnolian.
    NOTE: I found the Bull Netch for this misson just to the south of Ebonheart 
    near the coastline. They really are everywhere so finding one will be no 
    trouble to you.
    +Iulus Truptor, Ebonheart Imperial Chapel: Almoner+
    You find him in the lower floors of the Imperial Chapel. He is the man to see
    about the Almoner quests of the Imperial Cult.
    -->Skyrim Alms<--
    Iulus needs you to go collect some gold from the Skyrom Mission. You're to tell
    them it's alms for the poor and your target 100 in gold. When you have at least
    100 gold report back to Iulus for more directions. You can find the Skyrim 
    Mission just in the center part of Ebonheart; east of the chapel you are in.
    To get the alms is simple as going to the Skyrim Mission and asking everyone
    there for donations. Depending on their disposition they may part with a lot
    to a moderate amount of gold. Once you reach your target of 100 gold you can
    continue to collect or return to Iulus. So raise the NPC's disposition before
    asking them for a donation and you'll get better results.
    Return to Iulus when you are done at the mission. Remember our target was 100
    and if you get that much you'll recieve some potions as a thank you. If you 
    managed to get 200 in donations your reward will grow to some potions and a p
    nice pair of magic shows*insert Forrest Gump joke here*
    NOTE: You can pay the difference of 200 if you want to shoes out of your own
    -->Argonian Alms<--
    Same process as before only now you'll be asking for donations at the Argonian
    mission; right next to the Skyrim Mission. Once you get there you will notice
    that these Argonians are not a nice bunch. Now normally if they won't donate
    anything to you except for their leader but if you have released a lot of 
    slaves in your journey then they can be presuaded to help you out.
    Anyway your target goal is 100 in gold and you can get that from the head of 
    the Mission who will be more then glad to spare the 100 in gold if for no 
    reason to get rid of you.
    Return 100 in gold to Iulus for some potions or 200 in gold for some enchanted
    NOTE: Look around the mission some and you eventually find out that the high
    and mighty Argonian are actually keeping slaves themselves even though they 
    are supposed to be against it. Use this info to get the Head of the Mission to
    hand over more gold.
    NOTE: You can stil pay the difference out of your own gold to meet 200.
    -->Ald'ruhn Alms<--
    Now you will need to get donations from the people of Ald'ruhn for the local
    Buckmoth Fort shrine. It's the same basic process as the other donation 
    missions only now you are dealing with a bigger portion of people who may or
    may not donate so reaching your target will be a little tougher.
    Head to Ald'ruhn and start talking to the people there. No place in certain to 
    start so just pick a point and start the donation process. Some people like
    the Dunmer(Dark Elves) will not spare a dime and the others who will spare some
    gold won't part with much so you'll need to get their dispositions up. It might
    be in your best interest to just pay Iulus the 100 or 200 out of your own gold
    to spare yourself a lot of wondering around.
    At 100 in donations you recieve some potions from Iulus. At 200 you will a nice
    -->Red and Black shirt<--
    Iulus needs you to locate him a specific shirt for use in the upcoming
    Harvest's End Festival. He tells you the shirt must be red with a black layered
    vest over top. He doesn't know where to get it but suggest to look in clothing
    shops(Duh), skipping Dunmer(Dark Elf) shops as the design isn't of their kind.
    Now to spare you time wondering all over the damn place looking for this shirt
    I'll just tell you to go ahead and head to Falanaamo;s shop in Caldera. Speak
    to him about this specific shirt and he tells you that he carries this type.
    Now you can buy it or if Falanaamo's disposition is high enough he'll donate 
    it to the cult and Iulus. Nice guy but if you can't get him to donate it the
    cost won't break your bank. Either way get that shirt back to Iulus for a
    nice book in thanks.
    Iulus needs you to collect five bottles of Cyrodilic Brandy for a feast that
    is being put together by the cult members of Balmora. You are to go to Balmora
    and collect this brandy by asking around or any other means. Now you can ask
    the local businessmen for any brandy and a few might donate some but Balmora
    is a big place and you probably won't get enough from donations anyway.
    Skip wondering all over Balmora to ask for donations since you'll come up short
    anyway and head on over to the Council club. Inside the closet on the first 
    floor there are five bottles of brandy ripe for the taking. Snag them some
    how and make your way back to Iulus for a pair of gloves. 
    -->Pelelius' pledge<--
    A man named Pelelius promised 500 in gold to the cult awhile back but still 
    hasn't paid. As this man is the head of a ebony mine and can spare the gold
    you are to go collect this promised money anyway you can. Pelelius keeps 
    putting off donating the money so you're going to get it from him finally.
    Go to Caldera and find Pelelius in the foyer of the Governors Hall. Talk to him
    about the 500 in donation and still he won't budge. He'll donate it later he 
    claims. ARgh, difficult.
    Now there are a number of ways to get the money from Pelelius. If you keep 
    pressing the issue he will eventually get mad and try to kill you. Finish him
    off then take his stuff from his body of which there will be enough to sell for
    500 in gold and maybe more.
    To get the money in a peaceful manner head upstairs into his bedroom and locate
    a ledger that is hidden in a locked chest. Read it to discover that ol' Pelelius
    is scamming his mine out of money that is to go to other areas. Show him this
    evidence of wrong doing and he will give you some ebony to keep you quiet as
    stealing from the ebony mines is a serious crime. Sell the ebony for more then
    enough to cover the 500 in gold for Iulus. Then again you can always just pay
    the money yourself but why do that? Blackmail and murder is much more fun.
    Return to Iulus for some scrolls and his thanks.
    -->Ponius' pledge<--
    This time you need to get your hands on a pledge that was promised by the
    head of the East Empire Company here in Ebonheart who goes by the name of
    Canctunian Ponius. He promised 1000 in gold but hasn't paid so you're to head
    over to his office in the east part of town and see what's what.
    Head to his office on the east side of town and talk to Ponius to learn that he
    was going to donate the 1000 in gold but can no longer afford to. A former
    clerk of his named Mossanon stole 3000 in gold from the company and now Ponius
    has to pay it back out of his own pocket. He suggest if you can help him get
    the money back from the little thief he will be more then glad to finally make
    good on his promise. He has no idea where to find Mossanon but says a good bet
    is to just ask around for clues.
    Speak to an orc in town named Shazgob to learn that the clerk was seen using 
    the Mages Guild teleport in Vivec and he supposedly has a secret Telvanni 
    girlfriend somewhere. So let's head to the Mages Guild Hall in Vivec and ask
    about the clerk. Speak to the operator of the teleport, she tells you that
    Mossanon has travelled a lot between Vivec and Sadrith Mora so you might want
    to check there for more clues.
    Head to Sadrith Mora and start asking around about Mossanon. If you ask any 
    of the women(Gossips!) you can find out that a women named Volmyni Dral was
    seen once or twice with a strange man. You can find Volmyni in her house near
    Wolverine Hall; where you came in from the Mages Guild.
    Head inside her house and speak to Volmyni about Mossanon. Yep, we have a 
    winner. Mossanon has been staying with her and is currently upstairs so let's
    go pay this thief a visit. You learn from Mossanon that he stole the money
    to impress his girlfriend. He only has 2500 of it left and will gladly give it
    back to you; he asks only that you don't tell anyone where he is. We'll see...
    Return to Ponius and tell him as little or as much as you want and return the 
    2500 in gold for his gratitude. After returning the gold speak to him again 
    about his 1000 gold pledge and he will gladly pay it. Honest Man. Finally
    return the 1000 gold pledge to Iulus for a reward and his thanks.
    This is the last misson for the Almoners.
    +Lalatia Varian, Ebonheart Imperial Chapel: Oracle+
    NOTE: These Oracle missions can be done from Lalatia Varian anytime after
    reaching the rank of Acolyte in the Imperial Cult.
    You can find her in the chapel located behind the shrine. Speak to her any
    time after reaching the rank of Acolyte and you can begin special quests for
    her after pledging your allegiance to her and the Nine Divines of the cult.
    These quests are by far the hardest the cult has to offer as Lalatia has that
    special Morrowind talent of talking in riddles. 
    -->Ring of the Wind<--
    Your first quest for Lalatia involves you going to get the Ring of Wind; an 
    artifact of great importance. She doesn't know the exact location but gives you
    a riddle that came to her in the vision where she spotted the ring. She suggests
    talking to some scouts and Savants to get the meaning of the riddle. She gives
    you the name of two people, Llaalam Dredil here in Ebonheart and Nalasa 
    Sarothen in Vivec. Finally she will part with a few scrolls to help you on 
    your quests to bring her this ring.
    "Wind upon a Dark Elf's hand, the Fire Gleam on the Dwarf's face and darkness
    upon the Ring of Water and heard no name wishpered in the Mouth of Stone."
    What....the.... ****? Ok, to help you get some meaning from this cryptic clue
    you have to go talk to a Dunmer Scout named Llaalam. You can find this Llaalam
    on the second floor of the Castle in Ebonheart in the Grand Council Chamber.
    Speak to him about the riddle and he'll tell you of a cave named Nammu that
    might have what you are looking for. Certain things in the cave match the 
    decriptions in the riddle so checking at Nammu might be a good start. You can
    find this cave west of Tel Aruhn which is a vague discription. Finding this
    cave is going to be no easy task but her is how. Go to Tel Ahurn like suggested
    and then head due west acorss two islands, first will be a smaller one centered
    to the north and the next will be a larger one. On this larger island head to 
    the center then from there you want to head to the island northwest of this
    one. Look on your map to see if you have been to it before; if not don't worry
    it's out there. The island that holds Nammu is northwest of the island you 
    stand on now; centered on the island itself. Whew!
    Nammu is filled with a few basic bandits that attack on sight but shouldn't be
    too much of a problem for you. Nammu also holds a lot of nice loot so look 
    around for it before heading out.
    When you finally make it to Nammu enter it and go straight ahead until you see
    a small rock tower surrounded by a ring of water. Here is where you will run 
    into a Dark Elf smuggler named Galmis who will have the ring on him. Kill him
    for the ring. Before leaving Nammu locate a person named Jon Hawker who will
    be to the right of where you found the smuggler. Speak to him to learn he was 
    being held captive by Galmis and would appreciate a Divine Intervention to help
    him leave the place. Pay close attention to what he has to say as to not miss
    his importance. Hawker turns out to be some sort of god and will part with a
    pair of gloves for your help.
    Return to Ebonheart and hand the ring over to Lalatia and she will reward you
    by letting you keep it. Don't forget to tell her of this Jon Hawker fellow.
    -->Boots of the Apostle<--
    Lalatia asks you to go recover a sacred pair of boots called the Boots of the
    Apostle from a ruin named Berandas that was gathered from another riddle.
    "Through the doors of Berandas, within the silent caverns beneath the wings of
    twilight, dust sleeps in the shoes that Talos wore."
    Ok, these damn riddles are giving me a headache. Go speak to the scout Llaalam
    again to learn the location of this Berandas. It's located just south of 
    Gnisis. Let's head there now.
    Berandas is actually more southeast from Gnisis then south. Head across the
    river and located a tomb called Falas Ancestral Tomb on the shore of the river.
    From this tomb head straight south and you can't miss Berandas. It's a big ruin
    but really straight forward. You'll find the boots on a dead warrior in the 
    lower levels. There will be a couple tough flying monsters called twilights
    around the room that you should take care of before grabbing the boots.
    Snag them off the dead for yourself and use their levitate 
    ability to fly to the rooms above your location where you will find another
    trapped person looking for a Divine Intervention to escape. Help this scared
    healer out and give her a Divine Intervention scroll to escape. She leaves you
    some magic clothes that belonged to someone named Mara.
    Head back to Lalatia with the boots and tell her of this hurt Dunmer healer. 
    She goes on to say that this was probably Mara a god sent to look over you and
    test you. Lalatia is please you found the boots and lets you keep them.
    Why does everything in this game have to end up being about gods? Jeez.
    -->Ice Blade of the Monarch<--
    Lalatia now orders you to go to the stronghold of Rotheran and recover the
    Ice Blade of Monarach then bring it back to Ebonheart. A Oracle named Adusamsi 
    has already went to Rotheran to get the blade but hasn't come back. Rescue her
    if you can while you get the blade.Rotheran is located south of Dagon Fel you 
    are told. Let's go find it.
    Rotheran can best be found by heading to Dagon Fel and then heading to the 
    far south tip of the island. Like all strongholds Rotheran is hard to miss due
    to it's large size. The outside is pretty safe but when you enter you will be
    in an arena that can be dangerous due to the summoners and their summons.
    Located Rotheran and enter the arena which is filled with a lot of summoners. 
    Ignore them if you want and locate a person on the right side layer named 
    Llaren Terano. He has the Ice Blade you need so kill him and take the blade, 
    the key, a ring and the clothes belonging to Adusamsi from his dead body.
    Alright now we need to see what happened to Adusamsi if we can. Locate a door
    that heads to the bottom of the arena. This place is filled with a lot of 
    enemies as well as slaves that can be freed..... or killed. Here you can find
    Adusamsi in a cell to the right of your entrance. Talk to her and then give her
    the ring you found off the body of Llaren who had the blade. She will thank you
    and ask for a Divine Intervention scroll to help her escape Rotheran. If you 
    want to help the other slaves then go ahead and free them too. Let's head back
    to Lalatia now that we have the blade and rescued the Oracle Adusamsi.
    Lalatia has already heard from Adusamsi that you helped out and got the blade.
    She let's you keep the blade as your reward.
    -->Scroll of Fiercely Roasting<--
    Lalatia tells you the tale of a cult lay healer named Urjorad who was sent to
    a Daedric shrine name *Deep breath* Ashalmimilkala to kill a priest named 
    Carecalmo. As can be expected the lay healer didn't return for some reason.
    Urjorad has a powerful scroll with him to help him kill this priest. You're to
    find out what happend to Urjorad, the scroll and if you can complete the quest
    to kill the priest. Lalatia will tell you that Ashalmimilkala is somewhere 
    on an island south of Gnnar Mok.
    Ashalmimilkala is best reached by going to Balmora and then heading west until
    you hit the coastline. Ashalmimilkala will be on an island across a short swim
    directly in line with Balmora so check your map. 
    Head into Ashalmimilkala to find a bodyguard of the priest we are here to kill.
    Kill him and continue on until you see a huge statue; the priest will be at the
    foot. Kill Carecalmo to finish the quest of Urjorad. Now that the priest is 
    killed let's find out what happened to Urjorad and that scroll... like we didn't
    From the statue room you killed the priest in head to the room to the right and
    search around until you find the dead Urjorad and the scroll of Fiercely 
    Roasting. Take the scroll and the news of the lay healers death back to Lalatia
    for her thanks and a nice book. You can also keep the scroll.
    NOTE: You can reverse the order and get the scroll first to help you kill the
    priest. The scroll isn't need in your inventory to pass the quest.
    -->Skull Crusher<--
    Our last mission for Lalatia is to go recover a powerful hammer called Skill
    Chrusher. Again she doesn't know the location of the hammer but does know you
    have to go through a place called the Halls of the Dead. We can talk to the
    scout Llaalam again and the savant in Vivec but that will only get you so far
    in finding out where you need to go so I'll just tell you where to head. Hey,
    thats what guides are for...
    Head to Omaren Ancestral Tomb which is best located by going to Sadrith Mora 
    and then heading to the small island to the east of the center of Sadrith 
    Mora.Find the island and you can't miss the Tomb. Head inside and down to the 
    lower levels of the Tomb to find a tunnel that leads you into a hidden 
    Daedric Ruin.
    The shrine is straight forward; you're looking for a room called Forgotten 
    Vaults of Anudnabia where you will find the Skull Crusher in a floating chest 
    suspended over some lava. To get to this room you want to head from the 
    entrance through a waterfall, up a stair case, into another Forge called Forge
    of Hilbonguard. Swim under the water here and you'll come out in to the room
    where you find the Skull Crusher; look for the lave and the chest above. It 
    will be locked and trappes so be warned.
    Take it back to Lalatia who will let you keep it as reward as well as a magic 
    ring for helping her in the last few quests. This is the last quest for 
    Lalatia and if you have done the other stewards missions the last for the 
    Imperial Cult as well.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.6 Morag Tong~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The Morag Tong is a group of Assassins. They kill those who need some killin'
    This guild is a little different as there are not quests taht have to be done
    in order just writs that must be completed. A writ is a document marking 
    someone for death. You can get a writ from a lot of different members of the
    Morag Tong around the world but for this guide I'll give them all from the 
    man you have to sign up for the Morang Tong with.
    The Morag Tong quests are nothing more then straight forward killing that takes
    little to no time to complete so running through the whole guild will take you
    no time.
    Morag Tong Favored Skills: Marksman, Acrobatics, Light Armor, Sneak, Short 
    Blade and Illusion.
    Morang Tong Favored Attributes: Speed and Agility.
    +Rank++++++Required Skill levels+++++++++++Required Attributes+
    +Associate           ~                                 ~      +
    +Blind Thrall       10                         SPD: 30 AGL: 30+
    +Thrall             20                         SPD: 30 AGL: 30+
    +White Thrall     30,5,5                       SPD: 30 AGL: 30+
    +Tinker          40,10,10                      SPD: 30 AGL: 30+
    +Brother         50,15,15                      SPD: 31 AGL: 31+
    +Knower          60,20,20                      SPD: 32 AGL: 32+
    +Master          70,25,25                      SPD: 33 AGL: 33+
    +Exalted Master  80,30,30                      SPD: 34 AGL: 34+
    +Grandmaster     90,35,35                      SPD: 35 AGL: 35+
    +What's a writ?+
    For each job you will recieve a writ. This document allows you to kill the
    named person without getting in trouble for the murder. If stopped by a guard
    just present the writ to be let free without any trouble.
    Joining the Morag Tong is a little more tricky then other groups. You need to
    speak to a hidden person in Vivec named Eno Hlaalu and complete a test for him
    before you can be let in the Morag Tong. You'll find Eno in the canalworks of
    the Arena Canton in Vivec. He'll be behind a locked door in the canalworks and 
    down a trap door. Locate him and ask about joining to be given a test to see
    if you are worthy of being let into the Morag Tong.
    +Membership Test+
    To prove yourself Eno wants you to kill Feruren Oran here in Vivec. You can 
    find him in the Elven Nations cornerclub located in the Hlaalu Canton. Like all
    "jobs" for the Morag Tong you will recieve a writ for this person so head on
    over to the Elven Nations cornerclub in Hlaalu Canton which is on the floor
    level of the canton. 
    Oran isn't hard to find in the club so kill him and get back to Eno for him
    to make you a part of the guild and be eligible for more writs.
    +Basic Writs+
    NOTE: THe following writ walkthroughs will all be done from Eno although you 
    can get the jobs and complete the jobs from other stewards. The jobs are the 
    same no matter who you get them from so why not start with Eno... Some writs
    can be done while you have others open so the quests listed below may or may 
    not be in the order you yourself do them.
    -->Kill Toris Saren<--
    This job is pretty close to your location with Eno right now. You're to kill
    a person named Toris Saren located in his home, Saren Manor. You can find Saren
    Manor in the Redoran Canton plaza. Head over to the Redoran canton and then up 
    to the highest level to enter the plaza.
    Locate Saren Manor, head inside and locate a trap door under a big bed. Toris
    will be hiding down there somewhere. Enter the trap door and follow it back
    until you find Toris who seems to know why you are there and attacks you first.
    Kill him, take anything you want and then return to Eno.
    You will be thanked and recieve a small portion of gold for your trouble.
    -->Kill Odaisha Yaslmibaal<--
    This job has you killing a hard to find Ashlander named Odaisha Yaslmibaal. 
    You need to locate him before you can kill him obviously. You'll find him in
    his tent just to the northwest of the tower of Tel Fyr. TO get to Tel Fyr head
    from Sadrith Mora to Tel Aruhn then head on south until you find the tower
    on the coast of the mainland. If you have done the main quest you know where
    Tel Fyr is and it will be marked on your map.
    Enter his tent, kill him and then report back to Eno for his thanks and some 
    more gold as reward.
    -->Kill Sarayn sadus<--
    You will find Sarayn in a place called Zaintirari where he is hiding amongst
    other outlaws. You need to travel to Zaintirari, kill Sarayn and report back
    as soon as you are done. Zaintirari is near the Erabenimsun Camp which should
    be marked on your map by now so head there now.
    From the Erabenimsun Ashlander Camp you want to follow the path out of town
    to the north west then take the left fork when you get to the first split. 
    Follow this path until you see your first right. Take that right to come upon
    Zaintirari is filled with a bunch of people who will want to kill you. Rush in,
    locate Sarayn in the upper part of Zaintirari, kill him and then report back to
    Eno for some gold and thanks in reward.
    -->Kill Inroso Vendu and Ethal Seloth<--
    This is a double writ. You'll find them both together in the Telvanni Plaza of
    Vivec. You can find the Telvanni canton to the east of the Arena canton which 
    you should know well by now. Here in the canton you need to locate the 
    Temporary Housing and enter it to find the two targets.
    Be careful in here; the place is filled and it can get you in trouble if you
    hit someone in battle that you don't have a writ for. Locate both Ethal and
    Inroso and then kill them.
    Report back to Eno for a job well done and 500 in gold per head.
    -->Kill Galasa Uvayn<--
    You can find Galasa Uvayn in the Hlaalu canton Treasury. You can find the 
    treasury in the norhtern part of the Hlaalu canton waistworks and Uvayn in
    the main hallway of the treasury.
    Kill her, loot whatever you can grab and get back to Eno for 1000 in gold for
    this writ.
    NOTE: The items in the Great House treasury rooms are different based on your
    characters level so you may want to wait to loot the place until later depending
    on how far you are in the game right now.
    -->Kill Guril Retheran<--
    NOTE: If you are part of the Great House Redoran you may be expelled for this
    writ so you may want to compelte the Redoran Great House missions before taking
    this writ.
    Another Vivec victim. You are to locate Guril Retheran in the Flowers of Gold
    Cornernclub in the Redoran canton; waistworks. The Redoran Canton is east of 
    the Hlaalu canton towards the middle of Vivec. You'll find the Flowers of Gold
    cornerclub on the west side of the Redoran Waistworks.
    Enter the Flowers of Gold cornerclub and head to the lower level where you will
    find Guril. Kill him and then report back to Eno for 1000 gold for this writ.
    -->Kill Tirer Belvayn<--
    You're next writ is for a mage named Tirer Belvayn who can be found in a place
    called Shara; a dome located on the same island as Dagon Fel. Kill this mage 
    and report back to Eno.
    To get to Shara you want to first travel to Dagon Fel on the large island to 
    the far north; you should know the area and have it marked on your map by now.
    Once in Dagon Fel set out to the west on the path that is split right out of
    Dagon Fel. Take the left path until the next split. Again turn left and follow
    it all the way down until your first right. Keep following this path until you
    see an entrance for a eggmine on your right called Pudai. You may know this 
    mine from the Main Quest, anyway from this eggmines entrance turn to the 
    southwest and continue forward to find the entrance to Shara, close to the coast
    of the island.
    Enter the dome, head up the way facing you and there you will find Tirer, ripe
    for the killing. Kill her, take whatever catches your eye and get back to Eno.
    -->Kill Mavon Drenim<--
    This writ has you tasked with killing a Telvanni mage here in Vivecs Telvanni
    Canton. You'll find him in the Telvanni Tower in the plaza of the Telvanni
    Canton so let's head there now. The Telvanni Canton is the east most canton of
    Head into the plaza at the top of the canton and locate the tower in the west
    part of the plaze. Enter the tower and go on to the upper levels to find Mavon
    and a few other mages, all of which attack you on sight. Mavon is the only one
    you need to kill so make it happen and get back to Eno for some more gold as 
    -->Kill Brilnosu Llarys<--
    NOTE: Make sure you have some potions or spells of Levitate. Makes this writ
    a lot easier.
    You're almost done with the basic writs. Now you are needed to kill a women
    by the name of Brilnosu Llarys located somewhere in a stronghold called 
    Hlormaren which will be marked on your map for this writ. Hlormaren is way west
    of Balmora near the coast or northeast of Hla Oad. Make your way to the strong
    hold of Hlormaren now.
    Skip heading into the stronghold as you won't find your target any where inside.
    Instead use levitate or any other means to locate Brilnosu on the roof of 
    Hlormaren. Kill her to complete the writ. You can return to Eno once she is 
    -->Kill Mathyn Bemis<--
    This writ has you killing a leader of a local gang of no good thives. You will
    find Mathyn Bemis and his gang in the Hlaalu Canton of Vivec; somewhere in the
    canalworks. Let's head to the Hlaalu canton now.
    Inside the lower canalworks you will find the entrance to Hlaalu Ancestal Tomb
    which you need to enter and then head into a door that should be to the right
    of wher you came in. Inside this room is where you will find Mathyn our target
    and a few of his gang members. Mathyn is the only one you need to kill so don't
    worry about the others. Once Mathyn Bemis is dead head back to Eno to complete
    the quest and get the last of the basic writs.
    -->Kill Navil Lenith & Ranes Lenith<--
    NOTE: You may have already done a quest to kill these two brothers for the 
    Thieves Guild so you may or may not have to do it now.
    Your last writ for now is to kill two brothers who are part of the Commonna 
    Tong. Both of these brothers are found in the Dren Plantation, in the basement
    of Dren Villa. Let's head to the Dren Plantation.
    If the Dren Plantation isn't marked on your map from a previous quest you can
    find it just north of the Hlaalu canton in Vivec; across the river. Just head
    straight north from the canton across the river and you will be on Dren 
    PLantation. The Villa will be in the east part of the plantation. Enter and
    head on downstairs until you run into a locked door. Behind this door will be
    Navil whose brother, Ranes, will appear when you attack Navil. Kill them both
    and return to Eno for 2000 in gold for completion of the writ. 
    This is the last of the writs for now. More are available once you become the
    Grandmaster of the Morag Tong. Now let's move on to the special quests you can
    recieve only from Eno Hlaalu in Vivec.
    +Eno Hlaalu, Vivec+
    These special quests can be taken from Eno whenever you reach the rank of 
    Thrall in the Morag Tong. There are eight quests in all inlcuding the final to
    make yourself the Guildmaster of the Morag Tong.
    -->Dark Brotherhood Contact<--
    You're fist mission is to make contact with an enemy of the Morag Tong called
    the Dark Brotherhood who you should be familiar with by this point. You need to
    go talk to a enchanter in Vivec named Miun-Gei who is in the Lower Waistworks
    of the Foreign Quarter canton and learn of his contact with the Dark 
    Head to the Foreign Quarter canton and locate the enchancter Miun-Gei in the
    lower waistworks. Raise his disposition high enough before asking him about the
    Dark Brotherhood and he will let you in on his contact. The contact for the
    Dark Brotherhood is a Khajiit named Tsrazamo who is also in the Foriegn Quarter
    but in the plaza.
    Head back to Eno with this new info to complete the quest.
    -->Get the  Belt of Sanguine Fleetness<--
    You need to retrieve a Belt from a Dark Brotherhood member named Hrordis who 
    can be found in the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad. This is an easy quest to 
    complete so make your way to Pelagiad southwest of Vivec and enter the Halfway
    Tavern to locate this Hrordis.
    Head upstairs to the second floor to locate Hrordis. Speak to her about the
    belt if you want but it won't get you anywhere so just kill her and take the 
    belt back to Eno to complete the quest.
    -->Talk with Movis Darys <--
    Eno needs you to go speak to a Dark Brotherhood member named Movis Darys and 
    attempt to get him to join the Morag Tong. If you can't get him to join then
    you are to kill Movis Darys instead. You'll find this Movis Darys in the Mages
    Guild hall in the city of Ald'ruhn. Ald'ruhn is of course north of Balmora; you
    should know the spot by now.
    Head into the Mages Guild hall which is in the east part of the town and should
    be in front of you if you came in toward the east entrance between the guard
    towers. You'll find Movis on the lower floor. You can either raise his 
    disposition to have him come to the Morag Tong or you can just kill him so do
    whichever you prefer and then head back to Eno to compelete the quest.
    NOTE: You can threaten Movis into joining the Morag TOng a lot quicker then it
    takes to raise his disposition by bribes or some other means.
    -->Ultimatum for Carecalmo<--
    Eno needs you to go pay a visit to a Dark Brotherhood member named Carecalmo
    and attempt to get him to stop offering his services to the Dark Brotherhood
    or face a bad situation with the Morag Tong. Carecalmo can be found in a ruin
    named Ashalmimilkala.
    You can find this Ashalmimilkala far to the west of Balmora on an island. If 
    you remember the location of Hlormaren from a previous writ then you will find
    that gettting to Ashalmimilkala is a bit easier as the shrine is on the south
    tip of the island to the east of the stronghold. Make your way there now.
    Head into Ashalmimilkala and continue down the main hallway until you run into
    Careclamo's location. When you find her you can attempt to get him to listen to
    reason but it's a moot point with this dipwad so just kill his ass. Take 
    whatever you want from Ashalmimilkala and then get back to Eno and fill him in
    on what happened to complete the quest.
    -->Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom<--
    Eno needs you to retrieve another Sanguine item for him. This time it's the 
    Ring of Sublime Wisdom. You will have to get this item from a person named
    Anel(!) Rethelas in the Shrine of Yasammidan which is northwest of the town of
    Gnisis. Get there and get this ring back somehow.
    Head to Gnisis. Yasammidan is actually on an island to the norhtwest near the
    very northwest tip of the land mass. The srine is towards the western end of 
    this island and can't be missed. Head inside to find this Anel Rethelas who 
    will attack you on sight. Kill Anel and get the ring he was on him. Take it 
    back to Eno now to complete the quest.
    -->Kill Durus Marius<--
    Almost done with these special missions for Eno. You need to kill a person 
    named Durus Marius who you will find in the Shrine of Assernerairan which can
    be accessed from the underworks of the St.Olms canton in Vivec. Durus is a
    Dark Brotherhood member so he is expected to be dangerous. Let's head to St.
    Olms canton now.
    Head to the southeast portion of the underworks in St.Olms canton to find the
    Shrine that holds Durus. This shrine is filled with a ton of strong enemies so
    be prepared for a fight. The area inside Assernerairan is pretty easy to
    navigate and you'll find your target Durus Marius towards the back. When he is
    dead you can return to Eno to complete the mission.
    -->Kill Severa Magia<--
    One more killing to do before becoming the Grandmaster of the Morag Tong. You
    need to kill a Dark Brotherhood leader named Severa Magia who you can find in
    the Shrine of Ald Sotha which is pretty close to Vivec.
    TO get to Ald Sotha head northeast out of the Telvanni canton toward the 
    coast of the land mass you are on and you will find Ald Sotha ruins at the
    end of the path.
    Head inside and make your way to the lower level and head to the eastern part 
    of the level to find Severa who will be with a guard. Kill them to complete the
    mission. Report back to Eno now.
    -->Becoming the Grandmaster of the Morag Tong<--
    Speak to Eno about becoming the Grandmaster and two options will present 
    themselves. You could do the traditional thing and fight Eno Hlaalu for his job
    or you can simply take the job since Eno is leaving anyway. Do what's in your
    heart. If you let him go you will be named the Grandmaster right away. if you 
    decide to fight him in a duel then you face a so-so fight that ends with you
    being named the Grandmaster.
    Either way you do it you will now be the leader of the Morag Tong and have the
    ability to carry out a few more writs. Congrats!
    NOTE: Killing Eno is the only way you can get the items back you have been 
    collecting for him all this time so keep that in mind.
    +Writs for the Grandmaster only+
    NOTE: Depending on what you have done in other guilds and the Main quest you
    may or may not have these writs presented to you. 
    NOTE: These targets in these writs can affect your future in other guilds so
    saving them for later is a good idea.
    Once you become the GrandMaster of the Morag Tong you can speak to any other
    Morag Tong high ranking member to recieve up to four special writs that can
    only be trusted to a assassin high in skill like the Grandmaster. Wait. You're
    the Grandmaster now? Well let's go look at these writs then.
    -->Kill Larrius Varro<--
    This Writ has you travelling to Moonmoth Legion Fort southeast of Balmora and
    killing Larrius Varro who you will find downstairs in his bedroom. Killing him
    nets you a cool 4,00 in gold.
    NOTE: This writ can affect your standing with the Imperial Legion so be careful.
    -->Kill Baladas Demnevanni<--
    This target lives in Arvs-Drelen tower in Gnisis. He is a Telvanni bigwig so 
    he might prove to me a tough one to kill. You can find Arvs-Drelen in the
    northwest part of Gnisis.
    Enter Arvs-Drelen and head to the very top of the tower. If you have done the
    Imperial Legion quest to rescue a tax collector from this Baladas then his
    quarters will be unlocked already. If not the door to Baladas will be locked at
    level 50 so get in there some how and kill him to complete the writ. You get
    5,00 in gold for killing him.
    NOTE: Killing him before doing the mentioned Imperial Legion quest can affect
    your chance of completing it in the future.
    -->Kill Dram Bero<--
    For this writ you need to kill Dram Bero who is in Vivec. You can find him in
    a so called Haunted Manor in the St.Olms canton Plaza. If you have done the
    Main Quest you will remember both Dram and his "haunted manor". The Manor is 
    in the east part of the plaza in St.Olms.
    He will be with another person who will help him when you attack so be warned.
    Killing himw ill earn you 3,000 in gold.
    NOTE: Dram is needed in a mission for the Main quest to become the Hortator of
    the Great House Hlaalu so be warned.
    -->Kill Mistress Therana<--
    The last of the Grandmaster writs has you travelling to Tel Branora and killing
    a Telvanni council member named Therana. You may or may not know of her 
    depending on your progress in the main quest.
    Tel Branora can be found south of MOlag Mar and should be marked on your map.
    The best way to make it to Tel Branora is to take the boats from Sadrith Mora
    that will take you right to the foot of the tower. Once you make it to Tel
    Branora you will find Therana at the top of the Upper Tower portion of Tel
    Brnora. Killing her will piss off the other mages in the tower so be prepared
    to flee or fight.
    Once this writ is completed you gain 10,000 in gold as a reward.
    NOTE: Therana is needed in a quest for the Main Quest to become the Horator of
    the Great House Telvanni so be warned.
    NOTE: Therana may already be dead depending on your actions in the Main Quest. 
    If this is the case the Morag Tong will still pay you for the writ.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.7 Imperial Legion~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The Legion are like the knights of the world. They do a lot of adventuring, 
    enforcement and fighting monsters. Such quests lead you to great treasure, 
    wealth, honor and fame.
    Running through the Imperial Legion won't take you to long so it's a good
    group to start with if you like these kinds of quests.
    Imperial Legion Favored Skills: Long Blade, Sneak, Security, Spear, Acrobatics,
    and Athletics.
    Imperial Legion Favored Attributes: Personality and Endurance.
    +Rank+++++++++++Required Skill levels+++++++++++Required Attributes+
    +Recruit                   ~                             ~         +
    +Spearman                 10                        END: 30 PRS: 30+
    +Trooper                  20                        END: 30 PRS: 30+
    +Agent                   30,5,5                     END: 30 PRS: 30+
    +Champion               40,10,10                    END: 30 PRS: 30+
    +Knight Errand          50,15,15                    END: 31 PRS: 31+
    +Knight Bachelor        60,20,20                    END: 32 PRS: 32+
    +Knight Protector       70,25,25                    END: 33 PRS: 33+
    +Knight of the Garland  80,30,30                    END: 34 PRS: 34+
    +Knight/Imperial Dragon 90,35,35                    END: 35 PRS: 35+
    To join the Imperial Legion you have to speak to General Darius in the
    Gnisis; Madach tradehouse is where he is found. Speak to him to be let
    in and recieve a Imperial Chain cuirass. 
    NOTE: To recieve orders from any of the Imperial Legion stewards you have be 
    wearing this(or another) Imperial Chain Cuirass.
    +General Darius, Gnisis+
    General Darius, who enlisted you, will be your first location to recieve
    -->Deed for land<--
    Darius want you to convince a local widow to hand the deed to her land over
    so they can build a dock on it. Apparently Vabdas's husband has died in the
    local eggmine so Darius thinks she can be pushed into giving up her land with
    out much trouble. You're to get that deed anyway you can. Sounds mean.
    Go find Vabdas's house on the far west outskirts of town. To get there take the
    path out of the west part of town and then take the first split to the left and
    the house will be on your right. Can't miss it. Enter and locate the widow to
    get that deed.
    Speaking with her she refuses to hand over her land and asks that you find out
    what happened to her husband in that eggmine. Well, she was just widowed so 
    let's humor her. Head back into the town and then into the eggmine in the
    east part of town. The entrance is guarded by a brother from the Legion so 
    just ask to be let in and you shouldn't have any problems.
    Right in the entrance of the mine you'll find one agitated orc named Lugrub. 
    He is in a bad mood for some reason and doesn't want to talk to you much so 
    why not just continue on your search to find out what happened to Vabdas's 
    husband. Head into the lower sections of the mine until you are suprised by
    the ghost of the widows husband. Ok, who saw this coming? *raises hand*
    The ghost tells you that he was murdered by the very orc you passed on your
    way to the lower mines because he was caught sleeping on his post in the mine.
    To protect this apparently big secret he killed Vabdas and lied about it. The 
    ghost offers a nearby broken axe as proof. That bastard orc! Let's go talk to
    Darius to see what needs to be done. Don't forget about the axe in the water;
    it's your only proof.
    Return to Darius with the axe and your story and he will agree that the orc is
    to be punished. He orders you to go kill Lugrub for his crime of murder. No
    problem, we'll do it gladly. Go kill that Orc Lugrub and report back to Darius
    who has apparently forgotten about the land deed. Must have figured the Widow
    has been through enough.
    NOTE: Of course to make this quest easier you can simply "force" the Widow to
    hand over that deed. *Evil laugh*
    -->Cure a kwama Queen<--
    Darius now needs you to return to the mine from his first quest and cure the
    blighted queen inside so the mine can get back to full productivity. You'll
    need either a cure blight spell which you might have or a cure blight scroll.
    Potions won't work here. If you have none of these head over to Abelmawia here 
    in Gnisis on the western part of town to buy some cure blight scrolls.
    Return to the egg mine and take the left walkway from where you killed the
    murdering orc. Head down to the lower sections, find the Queen Kwama and use 
    a cure blight scroll to heal her. Make sure you target well or you'll waste a
    Return to Darius for a reward of 100 in gold.
    -->Rescue a Pilgrim<--
    You need to travel to a place north called Ald Velothi and see if you can find
    out what happened to ta pilgrim  that was travelling in that area awhile back. 
    If pilgrim is in trouble you are to help. Bring new back to Darius when you are 
    done. Speak to the people in Ald Velothi for clues on what might have happened
    to her.
    Let's head to Ald Velothi now which can be found to the north of Gnisis on the
    coast. She was actually kidnapped in a small Ashlander camp between Gnisis and
    Ald Velothi called Aidanat. Head inside the tent of Abassel to find the pilgrim
    Madura here surronded by Abassel and two other Ashlanders. The look like jerks 
    so be careful.
    Speak to Abassel who will offer to sell you the pilgrim back at the price
    of 500 in gold. Whatever, pay the price and get control of Madura. Once outside
    the Ashlanders tent she will ask that you take her to the Ald Velothi outpost 
    just a little to the north. No problem, take her  there and report back to 
    Darius as mission complete for his thanks.
    NOTE: Instead of parting with your 500 in gold why not just kill the three? Hey,
    they're just kidnappers anyway?
    -->Rescue a tax collector<--
    Darius now needs you to go rescue a orc tax collector from a tower here in 
    Gnisis called Arvs-Drelen. She was sent there awhile back and no word has come
    of her so she must be in trouble. She was sent to talk to a man named Baladas
    so you might want to start with him for info.
    Arvs-Drelen is the big tower in the northwest part of town. Enter and speak to
    Baladas who you will find near the top of the tower like all Telvanni. Speak to
    him and he is very frank about the tax collector.... yep, he locked her up. 
    You have a few choices of getting her back. You can simply head down there, 
    pick her lock on the cell and then make your way back to Darius with her or you
    can raise the disposition of Baladas and finally get him to let her go. If this
    is the case he will hand her key over, if not you will have to pick the lock. 
    This is a Telvanni place so be on the look out for your standard monsters and 
    baddies here.
    Either way you need to make your way down the stairs to the right of your
    entrance, grab the Orc tax collector from her cell and make it back to Darius
    who will thank you for saving the tax collector and the hard work.
    NOTE: You can burst into Arvs-Drelen and switch the talking for some ass
    kicking if you want. Prepare to fight some strong Telvanni though.
    -->Talos Cult<--
    Darius will tell you of some supposed conspiracy against the Emperor brewing 
    inside the group of some weird cult that is made up of members of the Legion.
    Traitors! You're to ask around the legion members here and in the barracks in
    town to see if you can find out anything. Doing so you learn that a member
    named Oritius Maro is part of this Talos Cult. You'll find him in the barracks
    outside of where Darius is in the tradehouse. 
    Go to the barracks and speak to Maro. At first he may deny any involment with a
    cult but raise his disposition high enough and he begins to trust you. 
    Eventually he will ask you if you want to join the cult. Agree and he will hand
    over a key that leads to a shrine you can enter from the trapdoor in the store
    room of the barracks.
    Head down the trap door into the shrine and speak to the man there named
    Atius about the cult. He seems pleased that you are "on there side" so he will
    let you look around. Also down here is a level 5 chest that has notes in it
    describing the plot to attack the Emperor while he comes to Vvardenfell. You
    need this evidence so snag the notes. Seeing you steal the cults notes Atius 
    might attack you and so will Oritius upstairs to protect the secret. Kill them
    if they attack and return to Darius for a job well done. If you didn't kill
    the two traitors on the way back to Darius he will ask you to go back and take
    care of them before the quest will be over.
    This is his last quest and he suggest going to talk to a few of the other 
    knights for more quests.
    +Imsin the Dreamer; Buckmoth Legion Fort+
    You can find Imsin on the first floor in Buckmoth Fort outside of Ald-ruhn.
    -->Dwemer Artifact Smuggler<--
    Imsin will ask you for proof of a man named Drinar Varyon smuggling Dwemer 
    Artifacts here in Ald-ruhn. She want's you to go check his house out and report
    back to her with some evidence. Make sure not to tip him off that the Legion is
    on to his actions.
    You will find Varyon's house in the west part of town near the Inn. It will
    be unlocked and you'll find Drinar inside the house. Don't bother speaking to 
    him as he'll deny everything. Look around in the OPEN for any Dwemer Artifacts
    you can snag easily. You see that tube on the table? Take it without being seen
    and run it back to Imsin. She'll be more then happy with your evidence and 
    reward you with her thanks.
    -->Rescue a Knight<--
    Not much of a Knight if he needs rescue huh? Oh well. Imsin needs you to travel
    to a Daedric Shrine named Ashurninibi and help a Knight named Joncis Dalomax 
    out of whatever trouble he may be in. You're told you can find this Shrine 
    north of Hla Oad so head there now. Report back as soon as you have news on
    Ashurninibi is directly north of Hla Oad which is the town to the west of 
    Balmora. We've been there so you should know the place. If not refer to your
    map for help. You can't miss the shrine if you head north out of the small
    town of Hla Oad.
    Enter the shrine from the north side entrance and continue underwater from
    there until you hit a room with a huge statue and two pissed orcs. Kill them 
    both once they attack you; making sure to grab the key they have on them. Find
    the locked door the back end of the room(north of where you came in from the
    water), unlock it and speak to Dalomax. If both Orcs are dead he will thank you
    and insist he can make his own way back. Appears he was captured by them and is
    now afraid of them. 
    You'll be thanked for saving this helpless knight by Imsin and she will have 
    orders for her last quest.
    -->Maiden's Token<--
    Imsin needs you to go get a glove back for her from a cave called Assumanu. 
    This glove is being used by a bandit named Varona Nelas to blackmail a prominet
    figure and you need to get it back. Assumanu can be found just north across the
    water of the Urshilaku Camp which you should remember from the Main Quest. If
    not don't fear because Assumanu will be marked on your map for you anyway. Head
    there now.
    Enter the cave of Assumanu and head right from the entrance. You'll run into a
    few bandit lackeys before you hit Nelas who you can kill to get the glove back.
    Nelas and the bandits will attack on sight so be warned. Make sure you grab the
    glove before leaving.
    Return to Imsin in Buckmoth Fort for mission complete and thanks.
    NOTE: For a small bonus you can return the glove to the maiden herself. Her 
    name is Ilmeni Dren and you can find her in the St. Delyn Canton of Vivec in
    her house. 
    +Radd Hard-Heart; Moonmoth Legion Fort+
    Moonmoth Legion Fort is the Imperial Fort southeast outside of Balmora.
    -->Some Scrap Metal<--
    Quick and easy quest we have here. Hard-Heart wants you to go get him some 
    scrap metal from Dwemer Centurion. You can find these in any dwemer ruin. The
    closest would be Arkngthand which is northeast of the Moonmoth Legion Fort you
    are in now. Head there, enter the ruin, kill a Centurion and bring the scrap 
    metal on it's body back to Hard-Heart for quest complete.
    NOTE: You could do it that way or you can head to the Alchemist in Balmora and
    buy(steal) yourself some of the scrap metal she has. The trader near the Mages
    Guild has some too.
    NOTE: Arkngthand should be familiar to you if you have done the Main Quest.
    -->Save a Missionary<--
    Hard-Heart orders you to save a missionary named Jocien Ancois. He was teaching
    culture to the Erabenimsin Ashland camp but was then kidnapped by some rogue 
    Ashlander jerks. You need to head to Erabenimsin to see what happened and where
    to start looking for the missionary.
    Erabenimsin Camp is north of Molag Mar near the coast. You should know the spot
    if not it will be marked on your map. Head to Erabenimsin Camp and speak with 
    any of the locals to learn the missionary was kidnapped by "witch women" named
    Zennammu. Head west out of town and follow the trial of pages from a book that
    have fallen out. THe pages belong to a book of the missionary and they will 
    lead you right to the hut Zennammu is located in.
    Zennammu kidnapped this missionary because she wanted a man. Speak to her and 
    she will agree to give you Jocien for another man named Assaba who lives in the
    Ashlander camp we just came from. Argh, run around. Head back to the 
    Erabenimsin camp and speak to Assaba and it will become clear to you how to get
    him to follow you back to Zennammu. I won't ruin it; quite funny. 
    Once Zennammu has this new man she will allow the missionary to head out with 
    you. The missionary will be fine on his own; you return back to Hard-Heart for
    his thanks.
    -->Dandsa in distress<--
    Hard-Heart orders you to travel to the town of Gnaar Mok and recue a Imperial
    named Dandsa. Some bandits captured her and are holding her in a cave near 
    Gnaar Mok called Abernanit. You can find this Abernanit on the only penninsula
    to the southeast of the city. The cave is dead center almost of the penninsula
    so you can't miss it.
    Once you make it to Abernanit head inside and down to the lower level. Once you
    start seeing the bandits look for a wooden staircase. Go up the staircase and
    continue on until you run into another bandit guarding the Imperial. Kill the
    bandits and save the Imperial. Escort her back out to the entrance to complete
    the quest.
    Head back to Hard-Heart for his next mission.
    -->Mating Netches<--
    Hard-Heart needs you to travel back to Gnaar Mok, locate a pair of Bull Netches 
    that are breeding in the area and kill them. The netches are outside the town
    to the northwest. Can't miss them. Speak to the locals for more info if needed
    and then kill both the Bull Netch and the Betty Netch. Hard-Heart will thank 
    you for your hardwork. Why didn't he give us this quest while we were in the
    town before?
    For Hard-Hearts final quest he will need you to travel to Dagon Fel. There you
    will need to locate and kill a necromancer named Sorkvild the Raven. Speak to
    the locals to find out where this Raven dude is and then kill him for his 
    crimes. Dagon Fel is to the far north of Balmora; on an island out past the
    shore. Best way to get there from Moonmoth Fort would be to travel long north
    until you reach Khuul and then taking a boat from Khuul to Dagon Fel.
    In Dagon Fel speak to a few locals to find out that Sorkvild is located in a 
    tower in the east of the town. This towr is directly east of Itar the Gentle's
    house there in Dagon Fel. It's the only tower out that way so don't worry about
    missing it.
    Inside Sorkvild's tower you will find the necromancer himself in the upper
    level. He will attack you on sight so deal with him, loot the place and report
    back to Hard Heart for mission complete.
    This is the last quest for Hard-Heart in Moonmoth Fort.
    +Frald the White; Hawkmoth Legion Fort+
    You will find Frald the White in Hawkmoth Legion Fort in Ebonheart.
    -->Represent the Legion!<--
    You're first quest for Frald has you traveling to the Tower of Dusk at 
    Ghostgate to show a elf named Salyn a thing or two about the Legion. Let's head
    there to figure out what all is going on.
    Salyn is in the lower level of the Tower of Dusk. You'll know the place and it
    should be on the map. If not then you can find it southeast of Ald-ruhn towards
    the dead center of the map.
    Speak to Salyn to learn he has been badmouthing the Imperial Legion. According
    to him the Legion is basically a bunch of brutes with no class. You need to 
    prove to him that not all in the Legion are like that by outsmarting him. You
    need to answer three riddles right to best him and shut his trap about the 
    Legion. Riddles are a cackwalk so you won't have an trouble; answers at the
    end of this quest's section.
    Return to Frald the White in Ebonheart for his great thanks and a nice book.
    NOTE: If you can't answer the riddles right then you need help.... ok, here are
    the answers..... Ready? Just answer the last option each time and you will be
    -->Kill a Traitor<--
    Now we're talking! Frald the White orders you to kill a former Legion member
    named Honthjolf. Apparently Honthjolf quit the Legion to go work for a 
    sorceror named Andrethi. Both can be found in a place called Aharnabi; a cavern
    due east of Molag Mar.
    There is no quick way to tell you how to get to Aharnabi since that whole area 
    is filled with tiny crisscrossed islands. The best info is that it's east of
    Molag Mar and directly south of a shrine called Shrine of Azura. If you have
    the map mentioned in this guides opening then search for Aharnabi and you will
    get a pinpoint.
    Once you managed to reach Aharnabi the cavern itself is pretty easy to 
    navigate around. It is however filled with a lot of tough baddies so you might
    consider just running in and killing the traitor then running back out; you 
    will miss out on loot though.
    From the entrance you want to go to the left most lower sections. There you 
    will find Honthjorf. Kill him and report back to Frald The White for quest
    NOTE: Aharnabi is filled with a lot of Mage related loot so maybe you might
    want to take a trip back for some loot...
    -->Kill a Ordinator<--
    Frald The White needs you to go take care of an Ordinator in Vivec named Suryn
    Anthones. He has been telling all kinds of false tales about your friends so 
    you need to make him pay. Kill him and report back.
    You can find this Ordinator in the Hall of Justice in the Justices Office. You 
    can find the Hall of Justice in the south most part of Vivec but before the 
    Palace. You should know the area well by now.
    Speaking to Suryn about his lies and slander get's you know where so proceed
    to taunt him into attacking and then finish him off. Make sure know one is 
    around during the fight to avoid hitting anyone else or a bounty.
    Steal his armor if you  can carry it and report back to Frald to complete the 
    NOTE: Outright attacking Suryn will earn you a bounty so be careful.
    NOTE: DO NOT WEAR THE ARMOR. If any other Ordinator sees you wearing the armor
    you will be marked for death.
    -->Escort a convict<--
    For the last quest from Frald he needs you to escort a fellow knight back to 
    Ebonheart safely. Apprently this knight has been accused of murder and the 
    Legion fears for his safety. This knight, Saprius Entius, has gone into hiding.
    Fra;d suggests asking the ordinators around Vivec if they know where he his.
    Head to Vivec. Don't bother speaking to the Ordinators. They offer little help.
    If you speak to any other locals you can hear that a knight was seen around 
    the Arena canton. Let's go check it out.
    Head into the lower canton canalworks in the Arena Canton. You will find the
    knight hiding out behind a wooden locked door done here. Once you open and
    speak to him two ordinators(They followed you?) will attack. You have no
    witnesses down here so help the knight kill the Ordinators and then get him
    back to Ebonheart. You have to keep him out of sight to avoid any trouble. The
    best way to get him to Ebonheart is the local strider outside of Vivec but 
    walking there is no hassle either.
    Return to Frald for both his and the knights thanks and a small gift. This is 
    the last quest from Frald the White.
    +Varus Vantinius; Ebonheart+
    You'll find Varus Vantinius in the Dukes Castle in Ebonheart. You should 
    already be there if you are doing the quests in order of the guide. He has 
    really only one quest for you then a minor job.
    --> Lords Mail and Chrysamere<--
    You are told to retrieve two artifacts for Varus to secure your promotion 
    within the Legion. The Lords Mail and Chrysamere(sword) were both stolen. Let
    look how to get them back.
    -->Lords Mail<--
    You were told this was stolen from the shrine here in the castle. You will be
    given a key to the area and told to go investigate to find the Mail. Speak to
    a person there named Rufinius to learn he suspects that a former Legion member
    named Furius Acilius stole the Lords Mail. Listen to his story why he suspects
    Furius and then head out to find him. 
    Look around the lower shrine until you spot a level 95 locked door. This door 
    leads to a hidden cave where you will find the former Legion member wearing the
    Lords Mail. He will attack you so kill him to retrieve the armor. There are two
    ways out of the cave; back track into the lower part of the castle or the other
    which leads outside of the castle in Ebonheart.
    Return the Lords Mail to Vantinius for a set of curiass of your own.
    This blade was stolen by yet another gone bad knight. You find out that a 
    sorceress named Draramu has the blade. You will find her somewhere in or around
    Sadrith Mora so head to the city of Sadrith Mora to the east now. 
    Once you make it to Sadrith Mora speak to the locals to learn the location 
    of Draramu Hloran. Getting this info from the locals can be tough since they
    are scared of here so bribe a few if needed. You eventually learn she is 
    located in a cave called Abanabi.
    You'll find this Abanabi on in island going southwest out of Sadrith Mora. From
    the southwestern most corner of Wolverine Hall travel to the first island going
    in a direct line northwest of that spot and you will run right into the island
    that has the cave Abanabi. You can also search for it on the UEPS map if you 
    have it under the name Abanabi.
    Head inside and go straight on in; taken the right way at the fork. The cave is
    filled with a lot of baddies but you shouldn't have any problems fighting them
    off. You will find Draramu in the back northeast part of the cave. She will
    attack you right away so kill her and grab the mighty Chrysamere.
    Take the sword and the Lords Mail back to Vantinius who will promote you with
    his thanks and some more armor. One last rank to go and that will make you the 
    head of the Legion.
    NOTE: You get these back to don't worry.
    NOTE: Make sure you loot the cave Abanabi. Not much but you can find some good
    -->Becoming the head of the Imperial Legion<--
    SPeak to Vantinius about becoming the Knight of the Imperial Dragon. You'll
    find out quickly that the only way to become the leader of the Imperial Legion
    is to take the spot of the current one. Vantinius offers to fight you in a duel
    for the job. Meet him at the Arena in Vivec to start.
    Simple? Not really. Vantinius will be using the two artifacts you just got for 
    him so he'll be tough. Head to the Arena Canton in Vivec and jump on in the 
    Arena to start the battle. Once he is down and out you can grab the Lords Mail
    and the sword Chrysamere to keep for yourself although they aren't as good as
    you would think after that battle.
    You are now the head of the Imperial Legion with the rank of Knight of the 
    Imperial Dragon. Congratulations!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.8 Tribunal Temple~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.9 Vampire Clans~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.10 Great House Redoran~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.11 Great House Telvanni~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.12 Great House Hlaalu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.13 Miscellaneous Info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Below you'll find some "good to know" info. Hey, that Rhymes!
    +Enchantment Points List+
    NOTE: The following list was provided by "Quanze13" and "Death XI" from
    the GameFAQ's boards. Used with permission. You can find the original
    guide at the link below. 
    Aundae Amulet - 60
    Berne Amulet - 60
    Common Amulet - 1
    Daedric Sanctuary Amulet - 15
    Delyna's Locket - 15
    Expensive Amulet - 15
    Exquisite Amulet - 120
    Extravagant Ruby Amulet - 60
    Extravagant Sapphire Amulet - 60
    Firejade Amulet - 15
    Hlervu Locket - 120
    Julielle Aumine's Amulet - 1
    Mandas Family Locket - 120
    Methas Hlaalu's Amulet - 15
    Pop’s Amulet - 15
    Quarra Amulet - 60
    Skink’s Amulet - 60
    Tel Fyr amulet - 15
    Common Belt - 1
    Expensive Belt - 5
    Exquisite Belt - 40
    Extravagant Belt - 20
    Imperial Belt - 0.5
    Imperial Templar Belt - 10
    Indoril Belt - 0.5
    Racer Suede Belt - 5
    Bal Molagmer Glove - 1
    Black Glove - 10
    Common Glove - 1
    Expensive Glove - 5
    Extravagant Glove - 20
    Ilmeni's glove (Left) - 5
    Left Glove/Right Glove* - 1/2
    Maurrie's Glove - 20
    Common Pants - 2
    Expensive Pants - 7.5
    Exquisite Pants - 60
    Extravagant Pants - 30
    Hentus Pants - 2
    Silk Pants - 60
    Aundae Signet Ring - 60
    BlueDev's Ring of Viewing - 120
    Brallion's Exquisite Ring - 120
    Common Ring - 1
    Danar's Ring - 1
    Ebony Ring - 15
    Erna the Quiet's Ring - 15
    Expensive Ring - 15
    Exquisite Ring - 120
    Extravagant Ring - 60
    Glass Ring - 15
    Hircine's Ring - 120
    Othril Ring - 1
    Processus Vitellius' Ring - 120
    Tsiya's Ring - 1
    Common Robe - 1
    Expensive Robe - 5
    Exquisite Robe - 40
    Extravagant Robe - 20
    Frostguard Robe - 1
    Glenmoril Witch Robe - 1
    Ashkhan's Wedding Gift - 60
    Brocade Shirt - 60
    Common Shirt - 2
    Expensive Shirt - 7.5
    Exquisite Shirt - 60
    Extravagant Shirt - 30
    Gondolier Shirt - 10
    Common Shoes - 1
    Expensive Shoes - 5
    Exquisite Shoes - 40
    Extravagant Shoes - 20
    Common Skirt - 20
    Expensive Shirt - 7.5
    Exquisite Skirt - 60
    Extravagant Skirt - 30
    Imperial Skirt - 0.5
    Imperial Templar Skirt - 0.5
    Therana’s Skirt - 60
    Adamantium Boots - 10
    Ancient Steel Boots - 8.8
    Bear Boots - 2
    Bonemold Boots - 7
    Chitin Boots - 4.4
    Daedric Boots - 26.3
    Dark Brotherhood Boots - 3
    Dwemer Boots - 8.8
    Ebony Boots - 17.5
    Glass Boots - 10
    Heavy Leather Boots - 2.6
    Her Hand’s Boots - 20
    Ice Armor Boots - 10
    Imperial Steel Boots - 8.8
    Imperial Templar Boots - 8.8
    Indoril Boots - 2.6
    Iron Boots - 2.6
    Netch Leather Boots - 2.6
    Nordic Fur Boots - 2.6
    Nordic Mail Boots - 8.5
    Orcish Boots - 10.5
    Royal Guard Boots - 15
    Steel Boots - 8.8
    Wolf Boots - 2
    Adamantium Cuirass - 30
    Ancient Steel Cuirass - 20
    Armun-An Bonemold Cuirass - 16
    Bear Cuirass - 6
    Boiled Netch Leather Cuirass - 6
    Chitin Cuirass - 10
    Daedric Cuirass - 60
    Dark Brotherhood Cuirass - 10
    Dreugh Cuirass - 18
    Duke’s Guard Silver Cuirass - 16
    Dwemer Cuirass - 20
    Ebony Cuirass - 40
    Gah-Julan Bonemold Cuirass - 16
    Glass Cuirass - 12
    Her Hand’s Cuirass - 55
    Ice Armor Cuirass - 18
    Imperial Chain Cuirass - 14
    Imperial Dragonscale Cuirass - 16
    Imperial Newtscale Cuirass - 10
    Imperial Silver Cuirass - 16
    Imperial Steel Cuirass - 20
    Imperial Studded Leather Cuirass - 6
    Imperial Templar Knight Cuirass - 20
    Indoril Cuirass - 18
    Iron Cuirass - 20
    Netch Leather Cuirass - 6
    Nordic Bearskin Cuirass - 6
    Nordic Fur Cuirass - 6
    Nordic Iron Cuirass - 20
    Nordic Mail Cuirass - 14
    Nordic Ringmail Cuirass - 14
    Nordic Trollbone Cuirass - 16
    Orcish Cuirass - 24
    Royal Guard Cuirass - 25
    Steel Cuirass - 20
    Wolf Cuirass - 6
    Adamantium Greaves - 3
    Ancient Steel Greaves - 2.5
    Bear Greaves - 4.5
    Bonemold Greaves - 2
    Chitin Greaves - 1.3
    Daedric Greaves - 7.5
    Dark Brotherhood Greaves - 5
    Dwemer Greaves - 2.5
    Ebony Greaves - 5
    Glass Greaves - 10
    Her Hand’s Greaves - 6
    Ice Armor Greaves - 10
    Imperial Chain Greaves - 7
    Imperial Steel Greaves - 2.5
    Imperial Templar Greaves - 2.5
    Iron Greaves - 2.5
    Netch Leather Greaves - 1
    Nordic Fur Greaves - 1
    Nordic Mail Greaves - 8
    Orcish Greaves - 3
    Royal Guard Greaves - 4
    Steel Greaves - 2.5
    Wolf Greaves - 4.5
    Adamantium Helm - 50
    Ancient Steel Helm - 25
    Bear Helm - 2
    Boiled Netch Leather Helm - 7.5
    Bonemold Helm - 20
    Chitin Helm - 12.5
    Chitin Mask Helm - 12.5
    Colovian Fur Helm - 7.5
    Daedric Face of God - 75
    Daedric Face of Inspiration - 75
    Daedric Face of Terror - 75
    Dark Brotherhood Helm - 17.5
    Dreugh Helm - 22.5
    Dwemer Helm - 25
    Ebony Closed Helm - 50
    Glass Helm - 15
    Gondolier's Helm - 10
    Her Hand’s Helmet - 65
    Ice Armor Helmet - 17.5
    Imperial Chain Coif - 17.5
    Imperial Dragonscale Helm - 20
    Imperial Silver Helm - 20
    Imperial Steel Helmet - 25
    Imperial Templar Helmet - 25
    Indoril Helmet - 22.5
    Iron Helmet - 2.5
    Morag Tong Helm - 20
    Native Amun-An Bonemold Helm - 20
    Native Chuzei Bonemold Helm - 20
    Native Gah-Julan Bonemold Helm - 20
    Netch Leather Helm - 7.5
    Nordic Fur Helm - 7.5
    Nordic Iron Helm - 25
    Nordic Mail Helmet - 20
    Nordic Trollbone Helm - 20
    Orcish Helm - 30
    Redoran Founder's Helm - 20
    Redoran Master Helm - 22.5
    Redoran Watchman's Helm - 12.5
    Royal Guard Helm - 30
    Sarano Ebony Helm - 50
    Steel Helm - 25
    Telvanni Cephalopod Helm - 100
    Telvanni Dust Adept Helm - 25
    Telvanni Mole Crab Helm - 50
    White Colovian Fur Helm - 7.5
    Wolf Helmet - 2
    Adamantium Bracer - 10
    Bonemold Bracer - 16
    Cloth Bracer - 6
    Dwemer Bracer - 20
    Ebony Bracer - 40
    Imperial Templar Bracer - 20
    Glass Bracer - 10
    Leather Bracer - 6
    Nordic Fur Bracer - 6
    Orcish Bracer - 24
    Ancient Steel Gauntlet - 20
    Bear Gauntlet - 1
    Chitin Gauntlet - 10
    Daedric Gauntlet - 60
    Dark Brotherhood Gauntlet - 10
    Her Hand’s Gauntlet - 50
    Ice Armor Gauntlet - 10
    Imperial Steel Gauntlet - 20
    Indoril Gauntlet - 25
    Netch Leather Gauntlet - 6
    Nordic Fur Gauntlet - 6
    Nordic Mail Gauntlet - 10
    Royal Guard Gauntlet - 12
    Steel Gauntlet - 20
    Wolf Gauntlet - 1
    Adamantium Pauldron - 3
    Ancient Steel Pauldron - 2
    Armun-An Bonemold Pauldron - 1.6
    Bear Pauldron - 1.6
    Bonemold Pauldron - 1.6
    Chitin Pauldron - 1
    Daedric Pauldron - 6
    Dark Brotherhood Pauldron - 1.2
    Dwemer Pauldron - 2
    Ebony Pauldron - 4
    Gah-Julan Bonemold Pauldron - 1.6
    Glass Pauldron - 1.5
    Her Hand’s Pauldron - 5
    Ice Armor Pauldron - 1.8
    Imperial Chain Pauldron - 7
    Imperial Steel Pauldron - 2
    Imperial Templar Pauldron - 2
    Indoril Pauldron - 1
    Iron Pauldron - 2
    Netch Leather Pauldron - 1
    Nordic Fur Pauldron - 1
    Nordic Mail Pauldron - 10
    Orcish Pauldron - 2.4
    Royal Guard Pauldron - 3
    Steel Pauldron - 2
    Wolf Pauldron - 1.6
    Ancient Steel Tower Shield - 75
    Auriel’s Shield - 100
    Bear Shield - 2
    Bonemold Shield - 40
    Bonemold Tower Shield - 60
    Chitin Shield - 25
    Chitin Tower Shield - 37.5
    Daedric Shield - 150
    Daedric Tower Shield - 225
    Dragonscale Tower Shield - 60
    Dreugh Shield - 45
    Dwemer Battle Shield - 50
    Dwemer Shield - 50
    Ebony Shield - 100
    Ebony Tower Shield - 150
    Glass Shield - 30
    Glass Tower Shield - 45
    Goblin Bucklet - 10
    Hlaalu Guard Shield - 60
    Her Hand’s Shield - 50
    Ice Shield - 40
    Imperial Shield- 50
    Indoril Shield - 45
    Iron Shield - 50
    Iron Tower Shield - 75
    Netch Leather Shield - 15
    Netch Leather Tower Shield - 22.5
    Nordic Leather Shield - 15
    Nordic Mail Shield - 10
    Nordic Trollbone Shield - 40
    Orcish Tower Shield - 90
    Redoran Banner Shield - 60
    Redoran Guard Shield - 60
    Riekling Shield - 8
    Steel Shield - 50
    Steel Tower Shield - 75
    Telvanni Guard Shield - 60
    Wolf Shield - 5
    Adamantium Axe - 10
    Ancient Nordic Pick Axe - 10
    Chitin War Axe - 2.5
    Daedric Battle Axe - 16.5
    Daedric War Axe - 15
    Dwarven Battle Axe - 5.5
    Dwarven War Axe - 5
    Ebony War Axe - 10
    Glass War Axe - 3
    Huntsman Axe - 5
    Huntsman War Axe - 5
    Iron Battle Axe - 5.5
    Iron War Axe - 5
    Lugrub’s Axe - 5
    Miner’s Pick - 1
    Nordic Battle Axe - 5.5
    Nordic Silver Axe - 6.5
    Nordic Silver Battle Axe - 10
    Orcish Battle Axe - 8
    Silver War Axe - 4
    Stalhrim War Axe - 25
    Steel Axe - 4.5
    Steel War Axe - 5
    Steel Battle Axe - 5.5
    Blunt Weapons
    Adamantium Mace - 10
    Chitin Club - 2
    Daedric Club - 12
    Daedric Mace - 15
    Daedric Staff - 21
    Daedric Warhammer - 16.5
    Dreugh Club - 3.6
    Dreugh Staff - 6.3
    Dwarven Mace - 5
    Dwarven Warhammer - 5.5
    Ebony Mace - 10
    Ebony Staff - 90
    Glass Staff - 4.2
    Goblin Club - 10
    Iron Club - 4
    Iron Mace - 5
    Iron Warhammer - 5.5
    Nordic Silver Mace - 7
    Orc Warhammer - 6.6
    Severed Nord Leg - 7
    Silver Staff - 5.6
    Sixth House Bell Hammer - 10.5
    Spiked Club - 4
    Stalhrim Mace - 20
    Steel Club - 4
    Steel Mace - 5
    Steel Staff - 7
    Steel Warhammer - 5.5
    Wodden Staff - 7
    Longs Blades
    Adamantium Claymore - 15
    Daedric Claymore - 21
    Daedrci Dai-Katana - 21
    Daedric Katana - 18
    Daedric Longsword - 18
    Dwarven Claymore - 7
    Ebony Broadsword - 10
    Ebony Longsword - 12
    Ebony Scimitar - 80
    Elberoth's Saber - 5.5
    Foeburner - 4.8
    Glass Claymore - 4.2
    Glass Longsword - 3.6
    Huntsman Longsword - 5
    Imperial Broadsword - 7
    Iron Broadsword - 5
    Iron Claymore - 7
    Iron Longsword - 6
    Iron Saber - 5.5
    Nordic Claymore - 10
    Nordic Broadsword - 6
    Nordic Silver Claymore - 10
    Nordic Silver Longsword - 8
    Odd Dwemer Weapon - 10
    Riekling Blade - 3.5
    Rusted Riekling Blade - 3.5
    Silver Claymore - 5.6
    Silver Longsword - 4.8
    Stalhrim Longsword - 8
    Steel Broadsword - 5
    Steel Claymore - 7
    Steel Dai-Katana - 7
    Steel Katana - 6
    Steel longsword - 6
    Steel Saber - 5.5
    Trueflame - 10
    Auriel’s Bow - 7
    Bonemold Longbow - 40
    Chitin Short Bow - 1
    Daedric Longbow - 10.5
    Dwarven Crossbow - 5
    Huntsman Crossbow - 10
    Long Bow - 3.5
    Short Bow - 2
    Steel Crossbow - 5
    Steel Longbow - 3.5
    Short Blades
    A Rusty Dagger - 2
    Adamantium Shortsword - 6
    Chitin Dagger - 1
    Chitin Shortsword - 2
    Daedric Dagger - 6
    Daedric Shortsword - 12
    Daedric Tanto - 6.6
    Daedric Wakizashi - 13.5
    Droth Dagger - 2
    Dwarven Shortsword - 4
    Ebony Shortsword - 8
    Enamor - 1.2
    Glass Dagger - 1.2
    Goblin Sword - 5
    Imperial Shortsword - 5
    Iron Dagger - 2
    Iron Shortsword - 4
    Iron Tanto - 2.2
    Iron Wakizashi - 4.5
    Iryon Dagger - 2
    Nordic Silver Dagger - 7
    Nordic Silver Shortsword - 7
    Riekling Lance - 8
    Orthil Dagger - 2
    Rathalas Dagger - 2
    Silver Dagger - 1.6
    Silver Shortsword - 3.6
    Stalhrim Dagger - 6.5
    Steel Dagger - 2
    Steel Shortsword - 4
    Wolfender Silver Dagger - 10
    Adamantium Spear - 8
    Chitin Spear - 2.5
    Daedric Spear - 15
    Dwarven Halberd - 7
    Dwarven Spear - 5
    Ebony Spear - 10
    Glass Halberd - 3
    Huntsman Spear - 8.5
    Iron Halberd - 5
    Iron Spear - 5
    Silver Spear - 4
    Steel Halberd - 5
    Steel Spear - 5
    *-The gloves are simply called Left Glove and Right Glove. There are different
    styles for both. One style has 1 enchantment point and another has 2
    enchantment points.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4.0 Tribunal Expansion Overview~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5.0 Bloodmoon Expansion Overview~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6.0 Update and Version Info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    All updates, error fixes and their dates listed below.
    First Submitted 8/31/05 File Size: 138KB
    +Game basics and mechanics completed
    +Thieves Guild completed
    Updated 9/5/05 File Size: 222KB
    +Main Quest done up to Fourth Trial
    +Fighters Guild completed
    +Mages Guild completed
    Updated 9/**/05
    +Main Quest completed
    +Imperial Cult completed
    +Imperial Legion completed
    +Morag Tong completed
    +Vampire Clans compelted
    +Tribunal Temple completed
    +Great House Hlaalu completed
    +Great House Telvanni completed
    +Great House Redoran completed
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6.1 Thanks and Legal Info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I'd like to thank the following people, places, things for help in this guide:
    -Bethesda Softworks for making this awesome RPG.
    -Quanze13 and Death XI for their great guide of Enchantment Points they 
    allowed me to use. Thanks guys.
    -TCalanis for pointing out a few errors.
    -www.uesp.net for the great map system used to make this guide a little
    easier and for refreshing my membory on a few hidden quests
    -CJayC and the GameFAQ's team for hosting this guide and all my work
    for that matter. Thanks for the hobby!
    -Me. Why? 'Cause I rule.
    The only place with permission to use this guide is www.gamefaqs.com and their
    affiliates. Any other hosting anywhere is going against my intent. I prefer to 
    keep my work on www.gamefaqs.com but if you want to host this guide then email 
    me at ltcmddata@gmail.com with the header Morrowind FAQ and ask. We'll try to
    work something out.
    The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind GOTY FAQ\Walkthrough and all the info here
    not specifically credited to another source is © of Christopher Long, 2005
    Please avoid using anything in this guide in anyway not listed here without
    permission including hosting it elsewhere and using any part of the walkthrough
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    To point out any errors, to ask for additions or gameplay questions
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