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    Exploit Easy Startup Guide by Wolfiesden

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    [XBOX Game of the Year Edition]
    Exploit Easy Startup Guide
    Feb 11, 2004
    Copyright 2004 By Wolfie
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    *G00000*	CONTENTS	
    Using the "G" numbers below, you can use CTL-F (assuming a windows platform) in
    your text viewer to locate the sections listed in the contents.
    1.	Introduction				G01000
    2.	Getting Started				G02000
    		Character Creation			G02100
    		Alternate Exit				G02120
    		Census and Excise Office		G02150
    		Seyda Neen				G02200
    		Balmora					G02300
    		Caldera and "Creeper"			G02400
    3.	Ramping up Stats			G03000
    		Getting Spells				G03100
    		The Snowball				G03200
    		Speed & Strength			G03300
    		Summary					G03400
    4.	Initial Cash Income			G04000
    		Getting Spells				G04100
    		Making Cash, Quick			G04200
    		Summary					G04300
    5.	A place to stay				G05000
    		Decisions, Decisions			G05100
    		Homes in Balmora			G05200
    		Unlimited Storage			G05300
    6.	Early Enchantments			G06000
    		Getting what you need			G06100
    		Your first Enchantment			G06200
    		Taking a trip				G06300
    		More handy Enchantments		G06400
    7.	Ramping up your Skills			G07000
    		Getting what you need			G07100
    		Boosting your skills			G07200
    8.	Additional Vendors			G08000
    		Mudcrab					G08100
    		Mournhold Vendors			G08200
    		Great Bazar				G08210
    		Craftsman Hall				G08220
    9.	Closing	and Contacts			G09000
    10.	Reader's Tips				G10000
    11.	Version Info				G20000
    *G01000*	INTRODUCTION	
    Welcome to my first FAQ for Morrowind.  I had looked at other guides but most
    were written for the PC version of Morrowind and didn't apply to the XBOX
    version or didn't apply to the Game of the Year Edition (GOTYE) on the XBOX.
    Much of what is in this guide is from notes I made playing the game both on the
    PC and the XBOX (prior to the MW:GOTYE edition) and then reviewing that
    information to see what still worked in MW:GOTYE on the XBOX.  All of this
    content comes from my personal experience actually playing the Morrowind: Game
    of the Year Edition on the XBOX.  I don't have that version for the PC but do
    have the original as well as Bloodmoon for the PC but this guide is expressly
    for the XBOX version and I can't guarantee any of this will work on the PC
    With that out of the way...what's this guide for?  Well, there are many
    exploits in Morrowind that you can use to make your game play quite a bit
    easier allowing you to focus on missions/quests.  This guide represents a
    compilation of these exploits organized and presented for the player just
    starting the game with a new character.  It's not really organized for those
    who have established characters, that's not this guide's purpose but you can
    use many of the tips/exploits on established characters.
    Create your character using any method you prefer.  I usually create a custom
    character but that's your choice.  Once finished with the character creation,
    pick up your orders off the table and STOP!  Don't do anything else until you
    read the rest of this section.
    EXPLOIT: Any item you steal is marked as stolen FOREVER (there is 1 exception,
    if you enchant it the item is no longer marked "stolen").  If you are caught
    with it in your possession, it will be taken from you, even if you are wearing
    it.  Once an item has been stolen you can put it down, it's still marked as
    stolen but you can pick it up again without alerting guards.
    EXPLOIT:  At the beginning of the game, it's impossible to get sent to jail!
    Once you exit to town for the first time, the grace period is OVER and you can
    be caught and sent to jail or fined.
    Now armed with those two exploits, let's get some starting cash.  Walk around
    the table to the bookshelf that has the platter on it.  Now, timing is
    important and you MUST be fast with the (B) button.  Pick up the platter and
    IMMEDIATELY hit your inventory (B) button.  Drop the platter on the ground.  In
    seconds a guard will talk to you and tell you not to do that again.  If you
    hadn't dropped the platter on the ground, it would have been taken from you.
    DO NOT PICK IT UP.  Leave EVERYTHING you are stealing laying on the ground.
    This is very important because when the guard comes to reprimand you ALL stolen
    items are removed, not just the one you just stole.  Now steal the other items
    on the shelf and drop them to the floor.  Stick with the higher value ones
    unless you have a strong character and can carry a decent load.  You have only
    ONE chance to do this, you can't come back from town and you don't have the
    option to save your game.  Now check the baskets in the corners and then
    approach the shelf with the books to the right of the locked door you initially
    entered from the ship.  These books are a little harder than the other items
    because the guard is closer and you have to read and then take the book adding
    another button press to the routine.  The books are worth 50g so the effort is
    well worth it.  Remember, leave EVERYTHING on the floor while stealing more
    Once you are done cleaning out the room, head down the hall and into the room
    on the right leaving everything on the ground.  Pick up the lockpick off the
    table.  Pick the locked boxes on the shelf but don't loot the contents yet.
    Leave the rest of the room alone for now as well.  Head back to the first room
    and stand between the table and the bookcase that had the platter.  Now use the
    lockpick to open the locked box on the table.  Odds are this will take a few
    tries to get open but stick with it.  Loot the money and immediately drop the
    gold before the guard visits you again.  NOW you can pick everything up off the
    floor.  If you can't carry it all, pick up stuff that has the highest value per
    pound of weight.  Head into the room where you got the pick and loot everything
    there too.  This room is easy to loot since there is nobody there to see you.
    Leave the candles for last unless you like groping in the dark.
    Head down the hall and outside.  Loot the lanterns hanging around.  Loot the
    barrel.  If you don't want to use the "Alternate Exit" in G02120, skip to
    G02150 section.
    *G02120*	ALTERNATE EXIT	
    "Nick" emailed me an exploit I didn't know about and I have confirmed it does
    work in GOTYE XBOX version.  Using this exploit/glitch, you can get to one of
    my favorite thieving spots in the game very early...Suran.  Once you loot the
    barrel, head to your left around the side of the building.  Stand in the corner
    where the wall meets the building wall.  Hold forward down and jump.  It may
    take a couple times but you will glitch through the wall into Seyda Neen.  At
    this point you have no save ability nor can you sleep.  You can also steal, get
    caught but not go to jail.  At this point, head to the trade house, sell
    everything there and get a couple hundred in your pocket (you will need 20-50g
    for stilt riders depending on your personality, more if you need to make
    several trips).  Keep the 650g platter.  Head to the stilt rider and drop the
    platter on the stilt rider platform.  Also drop your cloths, pick and dagger.
    You should be carrying NOTHING.  Travel to Suran.  Suran has some of the best
    low risk, high value thieving anywhere!  When you get to Suran, head for the
    pawnbroker.  Stand near the corner of the room and you should be able to steal
    the restore health potion from the shelf (you may need this in a bit if you get
    hit).  Now head around the counter and stand on/near the sacks against the far
    wall.  Steal 2 of the ebony darts and run outside.  I dropped them near the
    forge along with the potion.  Then head up the stairs to find a guard.  DO NOT
    TALK TO THE GUARD, LET HIM TALK TO YOU.  Apparently if YOU talk to him, you CAN
    go to jail.  You might have to run around the guard a bit until he notices you.
    Once he does, you can head back to the pawn broker, and steal a couple more
    items.  Don't get too greedy at once, you don't want anyone to attack you, you
    are still quite weak and can't sleep to recover the HP (which is why you stole
    the potion).  The pawnbroker has 5 darts (2k ea), Glass Dagger (4k), and an
    ebony bracer (5k) all worth 19000.  One you clean out the pawnbroker, you can
    head next door to the armorer.  He has 2 Orcish (960 ea) Pauldrons and an
    Orcish Helm (1200) on the floor behind the counter.  Only steal one thing at a
    time and head to the guard away from the armorer (he hits pretty hard).  There
    is also a crate behind the guard that has 1010g worth of Bonemold armor but it
    all weighs 101lb.  Depending on your character's ability to carry weight, you
    might want to hold off on the bonemold stuff but it's a nice one shot steal
    since you can loot the whole crate with the (X).  The stuff at the armorer is
    worth 4550g, and combined with the loot from the pawnbroker, that's a hefty
    23,550g take in one convenient take.  One last stop here, the Trader.  He has
    some soul gems (empty) on a table you might be able to sneak/steal and a
    limeware pot (350g), Blue Book of Riddles (250g) & The Wolf Queen, Book VII
    (250g) upstairs unguarded.  If you leave the counter door closed, the shopkeep
    can't get to you when you steal stuff.  The real prizes here is the Drewgh
    Curisass (5250g) and Dreugh Helm (2250g) for another 7500g worth of goodies.
    There are some enchanted weapons on the counter too but they aren't that great
    but if you can carry them, its extra gold in your pocket.  Odds are you are not
    going to be able to haul all this loot at once so for now get it to the stilt
    rider (make several trips to the platform).  Load up to your max of the stolen
    loot before leaving Suran.  Once you got the loot, head back to the stilt rider
    and take it to Balmora.  Drop all your loot on top of the platform.  No since
    in heading to creeper yet, you can't sleep so had back to Seyda Neen (leave
    platter until you are leaving for Balmora below) and enter the "Census and
    Excise Office".  Continue to G02150 section.
    Head into the building.  DO NOT talk to the man inside until you are all done.
    Go to the far corner and DROP ALL STOLEN GOODS you are carrying.  Now proceed
    to loot and drop everything in this room as well as you did in the first room,
    saving the lights for last.  Once you have cleaned this room, talk to the
    gentleman and present your orders and talk about DUTIES.  Now scoop up all your
    loot, again choosing the highest value per pound items if you can't carry it
    all.  Head through the door to Seyda Neen.
    *G02200*	SEYDA NEEN	
    Now that you have entered town, the no-jail grace period is over.  Permanently.
    You can now save, so do so.  Talk to Fargoth about his ring.  Give it to him
    then head to the trade house.  Sell the lower value stuff (1-10 gold ea) but
    keep the higher value stuff.  Books, lamps and paper are OK to sell here so do
    so.  Buy the Jack-Of-All-Trades Spell for 278g (324g if you didn't give Fargoth
    his ring back) then head upstairs and talk to Hrisskar Flat-Foot and accept the
    mission to find Fargoth's hiding place.  Head back to town and south to the
    light house (jumping, sneaking and stealing all lamps you can).  Enter the
    light house and head upstairs.  Grab the book under the bench and the other
    goodies as well and exit onto the terrace and climb the stairs to the top.
    Look back toward town at the swamp near the huge tree.  Press (BLACK) and
    sleep/rest until 11PM.  When Faragoth comes out and places stuff in the stump,
    head back down to the ground (you can jump into the tree above the boardwalk
    instead of going through the lighthouse) and loot the stump.  Head into the
    tradehouse and talk to Hrisskar Flat-Foot to complete the mission.  Giving you
    100g, ring and pick.
    Talk to Vodunius Nuccius and ask about LITTLE ADVICE.  Then talk to the stilt
    rider attendant and then back to Vodunius Nuccius and talk again about himself.
    Buy his ring for 100g.  Loot the Bungler's Bane, Hypha Facia, Violet Coprinus
    and Luminous Russula mushrooms.  The first three are on the tree near the swamp
    with Faragoh'ts stash, the last one is the glowing blue ones you can find near
    the lighthouse, around town or at its edge on your way to the stilt rider.  Now
    head out of town across the bridge to the north, across the second little
    bridge and on until the road turns NW.  Head off the road to the East and then
    follow up the hill and around behind a swamp area until you are able to slide
    down onto the exposed rocks at the back edge of the swamp area.  In the top of
    one if the hollow logs, you will find 2 stacks of 25g and a Firebight Dagger.
    Loot the Draggle-Tail while you are there.  Head west back to the road and then
    continue northwest until a guy named Tarhiel falls out of the sky (don't ask,
    just enjoy the extreme humor).  Loot his body and grab the journal on the
    ground.  Head back to town and hock all the books and such.  Head for the stilt
    walker again.  You should have a couple hundred gold in your pocket which is
    plenty for now.  (* If you used G02120, pick up the platter on the platform)
    Take the stilt rider to Balmora.
    *G02300*	BALMORA	
    As soon as you arrive in Balmora, head down to ground level and head right
    across the river, through the first archway and into the South Wall Corner
    Club.  Talk to Sugar-Lips Habasi and join the Thief's Guild.  This will allow
    you to have your bounty removed if you are caught stealing or killing by Phane
    Rielle downstairs (NOTE:  They fixed the no gold cheat to have bounty removed
    for free in MW:GOTYE, it actually costs now).  Head back past the stilt rider,
    to the courtyard and north to the Mage's Guild looting crates as you go.  (* if
    you used G02120 section, pick up a load of loot at the stilt rider instead of
    looting crates in Balmora)  Talk to Ranis Athrys and join the guild.  Go
    downstairs and talk to Ajira about duties.  Give her the mushrooms you
    collected in Seyda Neen.  Then talk to her about duties and the bet mission.
    Go upstairs to place the fake soul gem into the desk.  Loot everything else
    there.  Be warned, if you do steel the soul gems, you can NEVER use Galbedir to
    enchant ANYTHING.  That won't be a problem, but just be warned.  Go back
    downstairs and complete the mission.  You can wait for the other missions
    later(or never, your choice).  Talk to Masalinine Merian and transport to
    *G02400*	CALDERA	
    Head out into town and straight down main street to the Ghorak manor (big house
    to the south of the armorer at the end of the street).  Enter and go upstairs
    to find a scamp named "Creeper".  He isn't a hostile!  In fact he will be your
    best buddy for awhile!  Creeper buys stuff at FACE VALUE unlike all other
    vendors but one (Mudcrab, see section G08100) who buy at reduced prices based
    on your personality, mercantile etc. which is why I said don't sell the high
    value items at Seyda Neen trade house.  Sell everything you stole EXCEPT for
    alchemy ingredients and clothing (explained later).  He has 5000g to spend
    every 24hrs so use him well :)  You can sleep in the beds in the corner if you
    hide from the wondering woman there.  Sell all the soul gems you stole from the
    mage's guild, you won't need them.  You won't be able to sell the Grand Soul
    Gem (60,000) yet but you will eventually so you can lay it down on the crates
    behind Creeper until time to sell it.  This should give you plenty of starting
    cash, 10k-15k (45k+ if you did section G02120) depending on what you stole/sold
    earlier.  For additional cash, see Kevin R's tip and Demon Phoenix's tip in
    G10000 section.  Head back to the Mage's Guild.  Downstairs, enter the wood
    door near Ernand Thierry and close it again.  Loot all the chests and head
    upstairs and loot the Master Alchemy equipment.  Depending on what you looted,
    you can return to Creeper to empty your inventory, otherwise teleport back to
    *G03000*	RAMPING UP STATS	
    *G03100*	GETTING SPELLS	
    Head to Balmora Mage's Guild if you aren't there already.  Loot the guild
    supply chest in the hall as you enter.  Its ok, its there for you since you are
    in the guild now.  Head downstairs and buy the spell SoulTrap from Masalinine
    Merian (teleporter).  Look at your character's stats and make a note of your
    max manna.  Since this differs based on your character creation choices, you
    will have to make some reactive decisions shortly.  Talk to Estirdalin and
    select Spellmaking.  Read the rest of this section before continuing...
    EXPLOIT:  Some spells when grouped with SoulTrap become permanent.  This gives
    you the ability to apply spells to yourself and have them stackable and
    Now since you purchased the Jack-Of-All-Trades spell in Seyda Neen, you have
    access to the Fortify: Attribute spell tree.  You will need to make a Fortify
    Willpower spell.  Depending on your max mana right now, you will have to watch
    the mana cost for spells you are about to make.  For example, my test character
    has 50 mana max and fortify 10 costs 1 to cast while fortify 20 costs 3.  So
    add Fortify: Willpower 10 to 10 on SELF for 1sec (adjusting for your mana).
    Then add SoulTrap on TARGET 1sec.  Give the spell a name and buy.  Now buy a
    similar spell with Fortify: Intelligence 100 to 100 on SELF and SoulTrap on
    TARGET 1sec.  Yea, you won't be able to cast the intelligence YET but the
    willpower boosting will fix that.  Why willpower?  Willpower is the primary
    attribute for the restoration class of spells which the fortify spell is.  This
    makes it easer and easier to cast these as you ramp up.  Why Intelligence?  It
    controls your max mana and the higher it gets the more mana you have to cast
    spells.  Ok, head over to the bunks area and aim straight down at where your
    feet should be.  Cue up the fortify willpower spell.  Fire a few off and drink
    the restore mana potions you looted from the guild chest if you need to.  The
    spells will probably fail a lot at first but you will continually get higher
    and higher success rate.  By the time your Willpower is up to around 200 or so,
    you will be getting 100% success rate.  Continue firing it off until you get
    your willpower up to around 500.  Now cue up the fortify intelligence spell and
    use it until your intelligence is up around 500 also.  You can sleep in the
    beds until healed (X) (restoring mana too) since you are a guild member.
    *G03200*	THE SNOWBALL	
    Now you should be able to cast Fortify Intelligence and Fortify Willpower at
    100-100 so go buy fortify willpower 100 spell.  Return to the bed area and ramp
    up willpower and intelligence to around 10,000 or so.  Personally, 10k is an
    ideal area and I will explain why later.  Now to ramp up the other attributes
    OTHER than Speed and Strength, go buy a spell that looks like this:
    Fortify Agility 100 on Self
    Soultrap 1sec on TARGET
    Fortify Personality 100 on Self
    Fortify Endurance 100 on Self
    Fortify Luck 100 on Self
    Remember that's ONE spell, not several.  And make sure Soultrap is the second
    entry. Now return to the bed area and ramp up the other stats to around 10k as
    well.  Remember do NOT include speed and strength YET.
    *G03300*	SPEED & STRENGTH	
    You need to make a rather hard decision at this point.  How much do you want to
    ruin the game.  No, really.  If you are so strong that you can kill anything at
    any time, why are you playing?  Your choices at this point affect how the
    entire rest of the game goes..or doesn't go.  I will give the information to
    you, how and whether you use it is totally your choice.  Return and buy a
    Fortify Speed 25/Soultrap (yes 25 not 100 for speed) and a Fortify Strength
    100/Soultrap pair of spells (2 different ones).  Return to the bed area.  SAVE
    your game.  Yea, do it now, trust me here.  Cue up the speed spell.  Fire it
    off once and test things out.  Move around, go outside, pick stuff up, etc.
    Fire again and test.  When it gets too fast to control, look at your speed
    attribute and load the save game back.  Fortify it to one LESS than you thought
    you wanted (trust me!).  For me, I settled on 150 fortification so it will max
    out at 250.  Anything higher makes it hard to control and pick up small stuff
    (arrows, darts etc.).  Make a NEW save, keeping your pre-speed one.  Ok, on to
    strength.  This is another touchy one.  If you get it too high, you will
    destroy your weapon in one swing, not fun.  A 1000 fortification for a max of
    1100 gives pretty nice results.  That gives you +5000lb carrying capacity, more
    than you will ever use and will most likely kill any monster in the game with
    1-2 hits with almost any weapon.  You can stop around 500 and fortify it higher
    later IF you wish.  That will lower your carrying capacity but isn't 2500lb
    still enough?
    *G03400*	SUMMARY	
    At this point, you should have all attributes except speed & strength at around
    10,000, Speed probably around 150 or so and Strength between 500 and 1,000 if
    you decided to go all the way.  Why stop at 10k?  Well, you don't really have
    to but anything above that seems to be overkill in the extreme.  With an
    intelligence of 10k, potions you make (covered next) will be worth about 2300-
    2400g each. Selling 2 to creeper for 5k, 1 to Nalcarya (Balmora) per day, 6700g
    per 24hr game day.  If your intelligence is higher then you can't sell to
    Nalcya who only has 3000g and can't sell 2 to creeper and later mudcrab (see
    G08100).  These potions you are selling now will be used as "change" for sales
    later of higher value items later.  Although your health is quite low still,
    you are virtually untouchable for quite some time but you will level up by then
    anyway.  BTW, with the ramped up luck skill, you will be able to sneak right in
    front of everyone.  You should also be able to open nearly all locks using just
    an apprentice lockpick though you might want to purchase an Open 100-100 on
    touch spell so you don't have to carry picks anymore.
    *G04100*	GETTING SPELLS	
    Head to Balmora Temple.  You don't need to join the temple right now and it
    might be better not to yet.  Purchase the Mark and Recall spells from the two
    guys downstairs.  Also purchase Almsivi Intervention, it won't be used right
    now but you will want it soon anyway.
    *G04200*	MAKING CASH, QUICK	
    Remember that alchemy equipment you looted in Caldera?  Time to use it to make
    some fast cash.  Equip it and use the Kwama Eggs (Small and Large) to produce
    some restore fatigue potions.  Also use crabmeat and bread.  With an
    intelligence of 10,050 and alchemy skill of 21, my test character produced
    potions worth about 2400g each and made 15 from the little bit of ingredients I
    looted.  That's a fast 36,000g  Get the picture :)  While you are there at
    Creeper, use the Mark spell.  Sell 2 potions to creeper for around 5k, 1 to
    Nalcarya (Balmora) per day, 6700g per 24hr game day.  Granted Nalcarya will
    only give you around 1700 per potion but hell they were nearly free to make
    anyway so stop griping.  Use the Mage Guild to travel to Balmora and Recall
    spell to return to Creeper with a 24hr rest per round trip.  Once you get 200k-
    400k you can stop for a while.  Store the potions somewhere, near Creeper if
    you wish.
    *G04300*	SUMARY	
    Use non-valuable ingredients to make potions you will never use, such as
    fortify or restore fatigue etc.  Creeper should be the main place you sell at,
    especially high value items since he pays full face value.  For armor and
    weapons, a quick visit to any armorer to repair them will pay off when you sell
    the fully repaired items to Creeper.  I will lead you to another vendor with
    10k cash to spend per day later in this guide.  A personal decision, I chose to
    store my alchemy set in Balmora (crates right outside mage guild).  Balmora
    will be an easy center for you to get to for the foreseeable future.  While you
    are making potions, you might want to whip up some telekinesis potions using
    Alit Hide and Scuttle.  With my test character, he produced Telekinesis 816ft
    for 2441 seconds, basically loot anything you can see, even across town :)
    Also, with the cash you earned, buy some training in weapons and armor or
    whatever skills you chose for primary/secondary skills for your character.
    Just a few levels in them and your character should be ready to level up
    gaining additional health.
    *G05000*	A PLACE TO STAY	
    A decision is at hand.  Where to call home?  You can't store much in the
    thieves guild or in the Mage's Guild.  Boxes in the street?  Yea but not
    classy.  You need a place to call home.  Depending on what town you want to
    call home, you will have several houses to choose from.  I always use Balmora.
    Don't know why..just because.  It's centrally located, on both mage and stilt
    rider routes and the center of the story line for a while so that's where this
    guide will focus on.
    *G05200*	HOMES IN BALMORA	
    Yes, the heading says HOMES, plural.  One is easily available the other
    requires someone to, um, "disappear".  The first one, Hlaao Manor is up on the
    hill next to the Western Guard Tower and diagonally across the plaza from the
    Hlaalu Council Manor.  Head for the front door which is lock level 30 (piece of
    cake).  Head into the house.  There is only one living person in the entire
    house and she is upstairs behind a closed wood door, her name is Uryne Nirith.
    Talk to her about the murder and murder's description.  Then you can either
    kill her right then or simply exit her room and shut the door behind you,
    closing her inside and she will never bother you again.  On the third floor is
    a bed to sleep in, if you don't mind the mess.  On the main floor is an alcove
    with lots of boxes, sacks and barrels to store stuff in.  Clear them out, clear
    off the dining tables and shelves and you have tons of storage and presentation
    areas for your loot.  On the floor is the REAL reason you want this house,
    Ralen Hlaao's body!  It is a bottomless container, at least I haven't managed
    to ever fill it up.  That means you have a bottomless pit to store stuff in,
    assuming you don't mind having a dead body on the floor :)  Loot the body for
    the clothing.  You ARE still keeping all those cloths I told you to hold onto
    RIGHT?  I will explain the cloths later.
    The second house requires you to murder someone and if you chose not to beef up
    your strength, he can be a bit of a fight early in the game.  That's Ra'Virr's
    shop.  It's the first building in the square from the stilt rider and right
    next to the Mage's Guild.  That's nice and close.  It's got a bed and a few
    containers and shelves.  Problem is, it's inhabited.  Ra'Virr isn't required
    for any missions, quests and is just a so-so vendor.  He has 2 nice swords.
    Kill him.  Loot the 12k worth of weapons and stuff and hock what you don't want
    at Creeper.  You got yourself a second home in Balmora.  This is where I tend
    to store magic goods, spell scrolls, potions and ingredients since its real
    close to the stilt rider and next to the Mage's Guild.  But, again, its use is
    completely your choice.
    Ok, so you got (or will get) loads of stuff.  Where to put it all?  Crates?
    Chests?  Shelves?  Yea, those are options but they have limits.  Each container
    can only hold so much weight of goods.  So now what?  You can force some
    bottomless containers to "appear".
    EXPLOIT:  Overflow Loot Bag.  Overflow bags will hold unlimited amounts of
    stuff.  You can take stuff out but you can't manually put stuff in, but there
    are ways to get around that.  They are used by the game to clean up areas you
    have dropped too much stuff into.  Dropping too much stuff in a small area
    affects game performance during loading and rendering so the game cleans up the
    area and shoves it into a bag.  Handy actually.
    You can force overflow loot bags to appear in specific spots but be careful
    with your choices.  You want to create them in corners or near walls so you
    aren't tripping over them.  These containers also "scoop up" stuff a good
    distance from them.  That means anything you drop on the ground will be put
    into the container if you leave the area and then return.  This is good AND
    bad.  If you create one inside, like in Ra'Virr's you can't then use the
    shelves to hold stuff since the bag will scoop it up.  Like I said, good and
    bad.  I usually make 3 containers outside in Balmora.  One next to the urns in
    front of the stairs leading up to the Lucky Lockup in front of the stilt rider.
    A second bag I create on top of the crates between Ra'Virr's place and the
    entrance to the Mage's Guild, and the third up by the Hlaao Manor.  These 3
    locations cover the southwestern quadrant of Balmora.  And since bags scoop up
    stuff from quite a rage, you can't get them any closer together than this nor
    would you really want to.
    To create an Overflow container, you have to drop so much stuff AT ONCE that
    the game triggers the creation.  Remember all those cloths you been hauling
    around because I said hold onto them?  Yep, those, you didn't sell them right?
    Go north in Balmora and buy everything that Milie Hastien has for sale except
    for the jewelry to augment your clothing collection.  You want LOTS of cloths.
    Lots!  Once you buy her out, put on the exquisite Amulet, Ring, Robe and one of
    the skirts (yea, yea, even for a male character) so you don't accidentally get
    them lost.  You want ALL the EXQUISITE stuff for yourself.  If need be, drop
    them into a box somewhere in one of your homes but its easier just to wear the
    stuff.  You can also hit all the other shops and buy up all the
    shirts/pants/robes etc around town, the cheap stuff.  Quantity not quality at
    this point.  Now head for the urns near the stilt rider I mentioned above.
    Stand near the urns in front of the stairs.  Here is the trick, jump up onto
    one of the urns, turn around and face back toward the plaza.  Jump up again and
    move toward the plaza in mid air.  At the height of your jump, hit your
    inventory (B) button.  This freezes you in mid air..exactly what you want.
    Start dropping belts first (because they are small).  Then drop shirts, robes
    and pants.  Drop them ALL.  You should have LOTS of them by now.  By lots I
    mean 100 or more items.  If you have stacks of stuff, drop small groups not the
    whole stack at once since you want quantities of items and stacks count as only
    1 even if there are 20 in the stack.  When you exit out of the inventory, you
    will land.  Turn around and you should have a tower of cloths with the top
    being a collage of items in one spot.  This is your goal.  The bag will appear
    at the largest concentration of stuff and up in the air is what you want.  Huh
    you say?  Yep.  If the bag forms on the ground, you can't pick up stuff it
    formed on top of.  The items are lost forever.  By making the bag appear in the
    air, you can crouch down and grab the stuff under it to make more bags with,
    another reason you are using cheap junk to do this.  Now with your nice pile of
    stuff created, head for the stilt rider.  Go somewhere, doesn't matter where,
    just go.  Then come right back.  If you dropped enough stuff, a cloth bag will
    have appeared called "Overflow Loot Bag".  It will remain there for the rest of
    the game.  It's unmovable and bottomless.  You can take everything out but you
    can't put anything in using the inventory screen.  To get stuff in it, simply
    drop them on the ground, anywhere near the bag will do..several feet away even.
    Then leave and come back as you did to create the bag.  Everything you put on
    the ground, on something or simply left out in the open will now be inside the
    overflow bag.  Nice.  A Self cleaning game.  It will NOT, however, scoop
    anything up until you leave and return, nor will it scoop anything up that was
    there before its creation.  I use this container to dump off stuff I intend to
    sell at Creeper or Mudcrab.  Next container to create is the one by the mage's
    guild.  My choice for a location is above the highest crate right next to the
    Mage's Guild sign.  Repeat the method above by climbing onto the box and
    jumping straight up and entering inventory in mid air.  This bag I use to
    collect and hold alchemy ingredients.  The crates here are handy for stuffing
    the potions and alchemy equipment into when done.  The third place I like to
    create a loot bag is outside the Hlaalo Manor though this one I usually wait
    until I get a levitation spell or item because jumping doesn't get you high
    enough.  You can't put it near the door, too close to the bag at the Mage's
    Guild.  It has to be just around the corner in the street.  This one is where I
    drop all these cloths and general garbage I may want access to easily but don't
    want to sell.  After creating it, pick up all the cloths under it, and then re-
    drop them to make them move into the bag.  Use this same method to create bags
    anywhere, even inside.  In the short alcove next to Creeper in Caldera, or
    inside the book seller in Balmora for example.
    Now that you have your homes secure, your attributes set and tons of cash, it's
    time to make some killer items and take a little trip.  You need 4 things to
    get started, the Summon Golden Saint spell, Levitate spell, Bound Longbow spell
    and an empty Grand Soul Gem.  One Grand Soul Gem is in Sadrith Mora and the
    Golden Saint spell is in Tel Branora.  Pick up the levitation spell and the
    bound longbow spells before heading to Sadrith Mora.  Head outside to town and
    enter and enter Tel Naga Great Hall.  After you enter, go down the stairs to
    your left.  When you reach the floor, turn around and go behind the stairs to
    the small alcove under the stairs you came down.  There is a Grand Soul Gem
    sitting right on the table in the open.  Sneak and then steal it.  There are a
    few other goodies but you got what you came for.  Now for the Golden Saint
    spell, head for the boat and take it to Tel Branora.  Once you get to Tel
    Branora, head for the big tower and work your way up to the "Upper Tower"
    entrance up the long spiral trail.  Go straight through the first room and
    follow the hallway to a second room.  There enter Therana's Chamber using
    either door.  At this point you WILL need several seconds of levitation, either
    by potion or by spell you purchased.  Levitate all the way up and then head
    northwest to Felen Maryon.  Buy Summon Golden Saint spell.  Also grab the
    Summon Dremora spell while you are here as well.  Now have Felen make you a
    spell that uses the Soultrap exploit, Summon Golden Saint 1s on Self, Soultrap
    1s on Target.  This makes a permanent Golden Saint that you can soultrap, kill
    AND loot the body of.  Also purchase a similar spell for Summon Dremora.  Now
    head out of town away from everyone.  If you chose not to ramp up your
    strength, you are in for quite a fight so bring restore health potions.  Save
    your game now, just in case.  Aim at the ground again and summon a golden
    saint.  She's your pal and will follow and defend you but that's NOT why she's
    here.  Cast soultrap on her and kill her while the spell is still active.  If
    soultrap wears off before she dies, cast it again and finish her off.  On her
    death, you should get the message "You have trapped a soul".  Check the grand
    soul gem and it should have the golden saint in it.  If not, summon another and
    try again.
    Once you have the soul gem with the golden saint, now you will make a ring to
    long trips way easier.  Make a save game.  Select the soul gem and select the
    option to enchant a new item.  Select that exquisite ring (remember the one you
    bought and I told you to put on?) you are wearing.  Select CONSTANT EFFFECT.
    The golden saint and ascended sleeper are the only two souls that allow
    constant effect.  Add Bound Longbow on Self.  Add Levitate 6 on self.  That
    should almost fill the ring's enchantment.  I called my ring "Sky Warrior".
    Press (X) to make the ring.  If all went well you will have a ring that you can
    travel everywhere with.  As long as you are wearing the ring, you will levitate
    and have a longbow that weighs nothing.  You only need to supply arrows.
    *G06300*	TAKING A TRIP	
    Next on your to-do list is to acquire Azura's Star.  This is the ONLY re-usable
    soul gem in the game.  You are heading for a small island off the small
    peninsula to the far southeast.  Azura's Shrine is marked on your printed map.
    Put on the ring you just created and levitate northeast from Tel Branora.  You
    will be going a long way, mostly over water.  Look for a huge statue of Azura
    on top of a hill.  If you find Aharnabi, you are close.  Head about 2/3 of a
    screen (local map) NNE from Aharnabi to find the Shrine of Azura.  Enter the
    chamber through the door at the foot of the statue.  There were no hostiles in
    here anytime I went in.  Go to the statue inside and press (A), listen to the
    speech.  Use your Mark spell here in the shrine.  Now use Almsivi Intervention
    to return to Molog Mar.  Use the boat to head to Tel Branora, then to Sadrith
    Mora, and finally to Dagon Fel.  Still in levitation, head west northwest.  On
    the world map you are headed for the large island off the shore, NNW of the
    large island that Dagon Fel is on.  On the printed map, look closely and you
    will see a small shack with one road that goes east-west.  The shack is under
    some of the giant mushroom trees, DO NOT ENTER IT.  There are several daedroths
    including a Golden Saint.  Kill them. Once you get a "Journal Update", use your
    recall spell to return Azura's Shrine.  Talk to the statue again to complete
    the quest.  Azura's Star will be placed into your inventory.  You need NO other
    soul gems anymore, they are nothing but common loot now.  The Azura's Star is
    refillable unlike all other soul gems.  The soul is used up but the gem is not.
    Summon a Golden Saint and fill the gem.  Always keep the star full with a
    golden saint, always.
    Summon a few Dremora and kill them.  Keep doing that until you get some nice
    swords.  Katanas and Di-Katanas are what you are looking for.  Once you get
    some, time for more enchantments.  Using the Azura's Star with a Golden Saint
    in it, enchant a Katana (don't waste a Di-Katana on this) with SoulTrap for 10-
    30s and change the mode to "When Strikes".  I called my sword "Soul Thief".
    You now have an awesome sword that you can use to refill your Star.  It casts
    soul trap every time you hit the golden saint.  Be SURE you refill the star
    IMMEDIATELY after using it so you don't accidentally trap a rat in it.  You
    can't empty it without enchanting something.
    Next item to create is a Shirt of Vision.  Enchant the exquisite shirt you are
    wearing with 15 points of light on self, and Night Eye 30 points on self with
    constant effect.  Remember to refill the star with a golden saint.
    Up next is an invisibility locket.  Enchant an exquisite locket with constant
    effect Invisibility on self.  The spell will be broken if you attack, open
    doors, trunks etc but throw it on for travel so you aren't pestered by those
    damn cliff racers and such.
    For your next project, you will need to find another exquisite ring.  Enchant
    it with constant effect restore health 4-5 points on self.  Ring of
    regeneration for you Diablo fans.
    Other items you might want to make: Shield or belt with bound longsword & axe
    (or your character's chosen weapon class), pants with resist paralyze 60%,
    Putting sanctuary, shield and reflect on various items, enchant a Di-Katana
    with 19pts Shock damage and Paralyze for 4 sec on strike (good if you didn't
    suberboost your strength).  The options are limitless and really depend on how
    beefed up you made your character and what class it is.
    What you really need is a Fortify Skill spell.  Well, guess what?  Its
    available in only two places in the game.  One requires a lot of effort the
    second requires beginning of a quest thread.  If you are beefed up from using
    this guide, not a problem for either option.  You have two options, one is to
    join the Morag Tong, do some quests and kill a lot of people to collect the
    needed 26 Sanguine items or two, join the Temple & start the Tribunal main
    thread to get to Mournhold.  There are enough good quest guides for either
    option so I won't go into detail for either.
    The result of the Morag Tong option is Mephalas Skill.  This spell opens up the
    Fortify Skill and Fortify Attack spells for spellmaking and it's the only spell
    in the game with both of these and as far as I know the only place to get
    Fortify Attack.  At least no other place I have found has it available but I
    have not completed the Tribunal expansion yet and it's not in Bloodmoon
    expansion which I completed on the PC.
    My personal choice is to begin the Tribunal quest.  You should have by now
    either been attacked by an assassin after sleeping or had the dreams, either
    way, talk to a guard, any guard anywhere.  They will send you to Apelles Matus
    in Ebonheart.  Finding him is a little of a chore but if you have your
    levitation ring, its easier.  Fly to the Six Fishes, then turn north and fly up
    to the top of the tower right next to it.  Turn west on top of the tower and
    look down on the battlement wall heading to the next tower to the west, you
    should see Apelles in steel armor walking the wall.  Talk to him about the
    mainland and then head inside to see Asciene Rane for transport to Mournhold.
    She is in the Grand Council Chambers building due west from where you found
    Apelles.  When you enter the Grand Council Chamber, she is on your right,
    brown/orange robe.  Speak to her about transport and she will tell you to talk
    to Effe-Tei in the Royal Palace to return to Vvanderfell and she will teleport
    you to Mournhold.  BTW, upon arriving in Mournhold, might as well take the
    levitiation ring off, all levitation is non-functional in Mournhold.  Use
    Almsivi Intervention to get right to the temple and enter.  Either go through
    the Archcanon area or the Infermery area to get to the Hall of Ministry. Head
    downstairs in the Hall of Ministry and speak with Nerile Andaren to purchase
    any of the fortify skill spells, Masterful Green Wisdom for example.  Be
    warned, she will not talk to you unless you have joined the Temple and
    completed the Pilgrimage quest.  Speak to the Temple patron at any temple about
    Advancement several times after completing the Pilgrimage quest.  That should
    give you the rank needed for her services.  The Pilgrimage quest is FAR easier
    than doing the Morag Tong quests.  Use recall (to a previous mark) or transport
    back to Vvanderfall or use Almsivi Intervention to be teleported to the Temple
    in Morunhold (thanks to Sean G).
    Now that you have the Fortify Skill tree of spells available by doing either of
    the two options above, you can return to any spellmaker and using the soultrap
    exploit, built fortify skill spells.  As with attributes, build one spell that
    boosts multiple skills (up to 7 per spell since max is 8 and you need 1 for
    soultrap).  Don't boost Alchemy, Athletics or Acrobatics above 100.  Athletics
    and Acrobatics are like speed, too high and remember the guy that fell from the
    sky near Seyda Neen(?), well that's you if you boost yours.  Boosting Alchemy
    unreasonably high makes the potions you produce awesome but also unsellable
    because of their value.
    For your magic skills (Alteration, Illusion etc) I suggest boosting to around
    10k.  For armor skills, 2000 is fine (wearing NO armor and an unarmored skill
    of 2011, my test character has an armor class of 26,286).  If you boost your
    unarmored skill, putting on armor will actually LOWER your armor class.
    For Merchantile, anything over about 100 doesn't affect the purchase price at
    all.  For example, with a Merc of 7, I bought a Master Mortar valued at 2400
    for 1695.  With a Merc of 107, that same Mortar cost only 300g.  That's with NO
    bartering.  I boosted my Merc up to 1007 and can buy that same Mortar for 0
    using the (BLACK),(WHITE) to set the price.  I also sold back a 10g potion for
    3000g (the vendors max cash).  So as you can see, going any higher is a waste
    of time.
    Sneak and Security are about the same as Merchantile, anything over 1000 is
    useless.  I can open a 100 lock using an apprentice's lockpick.  I can double
    click (R-THUMB) to enter sneak right in front of a guard and immediately see
    the sneak icon.  I also (as a test) pickpocketed EVERYTHING from Nalcarya while
    standing right in front of her and didn't get caught.
    If you boosted your strength attribute then boosting your weapon skills is a
    waste of time as well but if you didn't jack up your strength you might want to
    kick up weapons.  Again, as with strength, going too far simply removes all
    challenge from the game.  A modest 100 or 200 boost makes it easier but you
    still have to work at some things.
    *G08100*	MUDCRAB	
    Mudcrab is another special vendor that is located in southern Vvanderfal.  Like
    Creeper, he buys at face value but has 10k in gold each 24hr game day.  Since
    mudcrab is unaffected by your personality attribute, he is a very good choice
    to kick up the cash income early in the game, provided you can survive the
    swim/levitation to get to him.  Slaughterfish and cliff racers are your only
    real threat to getting to mudcrab but if you are low level and weak, they can b
    formidable.  You CAN swim to mudcrab but it takes forever, levitation is a far
    better alternative.
    To find Mudcrab, head to Vivic and then to Ald Sotha.  From there, head due
    east looking for Mzahnch ruins.  On the printed map, you are headed about to
    where the "h" is at the end of the word "Mzahnch".  You can also head WSW from
    Molag Mar which is slightly closer.  He is on an island SW of the Releth
    Ancestral Tomb, a little more than a screen worth on the game map.  He is also
    just barely within sight of the Mzahnch Ruin, about 1/4 map screen ESE on a
    medium sized island.  If you find Mzahnch, look for the giant sized crossbow
    launcher pointed SE (not the one facing NE).  Line up with the arrow on it and
    head out to the water.  Only a short distance offshore, you get to 3 small
    mounds sticking above the water surface, stop, turn to your left and look on
    the island and you should see mudcrab.  Once you find him, I suggest placing
    lanterns on top of the mounds on the island as well as torches/lanterns on the
    ground around mudcrab.  These lights will make it easier to find the island
    again.  You will also want to bring along that pile of cloths to make a
    overflow loot bag here.  I also placed a trail of lanterns/torches to form a
    path from mudcrab to Molag Mar.  Using Mark spell is a good thing here but you
    may need mark in your travels/quests so making a light trail to mudcrab is a
    reasonable backup.  From mudcrab, Almsivi Intervention will put you at Molag
    Mar and a stilt rider is just outside the city.  Divine Intervention will place
    you in Ebonheart, boat travel from there.
    The vendors/shopkeeps in Mournhold are standard vendors but if you have boosted
    your merchantile skill, you can sell for full or above face value.
    Vendors in the Great Bazzar (buildings, not the street vendors):
    Name, Location				Gold
    ------------------------------------	------
    Belwen, Clothier			5000
    Ten-Toungues Weerhat, Pawnbroker	1000
    Sunel Hlas, Trader			8000
    Sanaso Sarothran, Bookseller		5000
    Catia Sosia, Armory			10000, Repair
    Ungeleb, Magic Shop			9000
    Jeanne Andre, Magic Shop		0,Spells, Spellmaking
    Vendors in the Craftsman Hall in Godsreach district:
    Name, Location				Gold
    ------------------------------------	------
    Elbert Nermarc, Upstairs		6000,Enchanting,
    					Replenishing Soul Gems:
    					Grand, Greater,Common
    Bols Indalen, Main floor		8000, Repair
    Using this FAQ, you can easily build up a character that's basically invincible
    in the game.  Should you?  That's your choice.  It's easy to get hooked by the
    uberness at first but in my opinion, it ruins the game for me.  You can use the
    techniques I laid out here to beef up your character only a little.  Again, the
    point at which you stop must be your decision.
    I want to thank Bethesda for making a game that has kept me interested in it
    for so long.  I also want to thank all those others that have put work into the
    other FAQs I have read and used especially the UESP (http://uesp.net/).
    If you have questions, comments or corrections, you can email me at
    This FAQ is available on my website's game resources area:
    *G10000*	READER'S TIPS	
    First, I would like to thank all of you that wrote in with additional tips and
    tricks for this FAQ as well as those of you with corrections.  I have been sent
    some good suggestions and tips that don't quite integrate directly into what I
    already have written, some of them are listed below:
    Kevin R on Vivic and Ordinators:
    In Vivec, Foreign Quarter, there are flower boxes that seperate a smill bit off
    from everywhere else, you can jump behind this. When you're behind it, get out
    a bow or spell and shoot the ordinator with it. He'll run up to where you are,
    but he cant get close enough to cast his spell! Now you can draw out a melee
    weapon and kill him. Before you grab his 33k worth of equipment, report
    yourself to a guard for a fine of a measly 36 gold. Now bring your set of
    indoril armor AND the ebony mace to creeper, and sell it off.
    WARNING Do not let him cast his spell! If he does, he'll draw a weapon and can
    hit you. Also, sometimes he can get through due to a clipping glitch, just save
    before you do this.
    Note: The area he refers to is on the north wall almost exactly center -Wolfie
    Demon Phoenix on Creeper:
    As I was exploring the area around Caldera as a part of some lady's quest for
    her family rings, I came across Indalen Ancestral Tomb.  This place usually has
    four Daedra in it that replenish every 24 hours.  At levels 10 and up, these
    Daedra are very valuable, as then you will start to see Dremora among their
    ranks, Dremora which carry Dwemer, Daedric, and Ebony weaponry.
    It is located not far from Ghorak Manor, north northeast of it.  Asd you can
    imagine, I've made a ton of cash by frequenting this spot.  Have fun making
    money by the million.
    Note: Either exit the Ghorak Manor from the back or go between the manor and
    the armorer to the small courtyard.  Then exit through the broken portion of
    the wall near the armorer entrance.  Head North-NorthEast along the base of the
    mountains.  You will come to two small patches of Stoneflowers (purple
    flowers).  You should be able to see the entrance in the cliff face. -Wolfie
    Brian on Alchemy:
    (was 2 long emails, edited down to basics -Wolfie)
    First off, your guide was great. Funny that I haven't tried to make myself
    godlike through spells, only through alchemy. Not quite as versatile as spells,
    but adds some nuances that make games interesting.
    If you use alchemy only, you end up with a sick intelligence that lets you make
    superhuman potions, often with multiple effects. I haven't played for a bit,
    but last time I played, all my primary attributes were way up there, and I had
    fire, lightning and other shields. Pots of fortify speed are useless, as I fly
    everywhere. It makes travel easier, and is incredibly fast. You have to use
    slow movements most of the time, but this isn't a bad thing. Fast flight allows
    you to move quickly and also to "accidentally" warp through walls. If your
    flight is fast enough, and you rattle your left thumbstick around enough,
    you'll often find yourself outside the walls of an interior, looking in. The
    wall between you and the inside is transparent, and you can see what's
    happening. This lets you basically warp to other parts of the level and avoid
    useless encounters. It also gives you a quick and dirty layout of the level.
    Coupled with a high telekinesis, you can sit out in fairyville and steal
    anything you want, damn the consequences. It's cheap, but then again it adds a
    whole nother element to play.
    There's a small farming town in the middle of Vvardenfell, I think it's Maar
    Gan, where the temple sells two of the ingredients used to make intelligence
    potions. Instead of looking all over for them, you can just travel to Maar Gan
    and begin your work. Ramping up your Intel is relatively easy, and once you
    make the potions, all you have to do is keep a couple on hand for later. Intels
    are the most useful, but you end up making everything else. You can only
    fortify attributes, not skills, so that kinda sucks. But, alchemy quickly maxes
    out, and you are left with an easy game.
    One last thing unrelated to alchemy. One of my first attempts at quick travel
    was to make a ring of leaping. Basically, a ring to mimic the scroll of Icarus.
    Jump 100/1s, Slowfall 3/3s (or something like that. I forget). Basically, you
    fire off the ring and jump immediately afterward. Kinda funny to watch the
    world pass by as you bound over it like a giant frog. The slowfall at the end
    keeps you from dieing. I still enjoy using it, every once in a while.
    Oh, and if you wear items of chameleon, but don't want to devote an entire set
    to the invisibility, make a set that is almost complete. Then, enchant a weapon
    with the remaining % needed to get 100% chameleon and set it to cast on strike.
    Bingo -- invisibility when you need it. Kinda funny, too. Must be real annoying
    to be just about to hit someone, and then they disappear. Backstabs are a
    *G20000*	VERSIONS	
    Current version:
    v1.0.2		02/11/2004
    v1.0.2		02/11/2004
    Added new Reader's Tips section G10000.
    Minor spelling & grammatical corrections.
    v1.0.1		01/30/2004	
    Corrections to location of Azura (From DeadKennny56)
    Added "Alternate Exit" section G02120 (Glitch info from "Nick")
    v1.0.0		01/26/2004	Initial release

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