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    Home FAQ by ww2jacob

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    Home Sweet Home FAQ
    By: ww2jacob
    Version 1.00
    1. Version Information
    2. Legal Stuff
    3. Opening Notes
    4. Why You Need a House
    5. The Three Ways to Get a House
         5.1. Stealing One
         5.2. Advancing in a Faction
         5.3. Taking Over an Empty House
    6. Locations for a House
         6.1. The Top Locations for a House on Vvardenfell
         6.2. Houses in Bloodmoon and Tribunal
    7. Strongholds
         7.1. Hlaalu Stronghold Info
         7.2. Redoran Stronghold Info
         7.3. Telvanni Stronghold Info
    8. Closing Notes
    1. Version Information
    6/8/05- Finished v. 1.00
    6/7/05- Started writing FAQ.
    2. Legal Stuff
    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission or submission by the 
    As of right now, this walkthrough should only be avaliable on www.gamefaqs.com.
    Please notify me if it appears elsewhere at ww2jacob@gmail.com.
    All names, locations, and references are property of Bethesda Softworks Inc.  
    The document itself is the property of ww2jacob.  Copyright law prohibits 
    plagerism of this material.  
    3. Opening Notes
    Welcome to my Home Sweet Home FAQ for Morrowind.  This guide will tell you 
    everything you need to know about why you should aquire a house in Morrowind 
    and how to get one.  This is my first FAQ, so go easy on me if I mess up on any
    thing.  I hope you learn something from this guide and I really hope that what 
    I say improves your Morrowind experience.  
    So, without further ado, I'll cut the chatter and tell you what you REALLY want
    to know.
    4. Why You Need a House
    Okay, I'm sure that by the time you are reading this guide, you have played 
    Morrowind and you understand at least the basics of the game.  If you haven't,
    I would recommend that you at least play the game and do a few quests, build up 
    your character, so you have a good feel for the game and how it works, as what 
    I'm about to dish out is for slightly more experienced players.  
    So, you know Morrowind.  You know where Seyda Neen and Balmora are.  You know 
    that Cliff Racers are annoying as hell.  Good, young grasshopper, you are 
    grasping the basics of the game.
    Now for the big stuff.  Why in God's name would you want a house in this game?
    Why not carry everything with you?  I mean, come on man, houses are for 
    wimps!  Real men go and carry their stuff around, and they don't sit in their 
    little houses all day!
    Well, I guess you should know some of the biggest reasons to have a house.
    Reason one:  Face it, you can't carry EVERYTHING you want to have or use around
    with you all the time and expect to succeed in Morrowind.  Even if you have 
    100 strength, it is very difficult and next to impossible to haul everything 
    around.  A house makes things much easier on your character's back, and it 
    allows you to have the room for that 40 pound Daedric weapon you find in a 
    ruin when your pack is bursting at the seams with stuff that you don't need to
    carry everywhere you go.  Simply put, you can leave things in your house that 
    you don't use that often, or that you are planning to sell, and it saves you a 
    ton of weight.  Not convinced yet?  Well, let's move on.
    Reason two:  It makes travel simpler.  Okay, so let's assume for a second that 
    you listen to me and get a house.  Then, you can set a mark at your house and 
    *presto!*, whenever you want to return to the area your house is in, or 
    whenever you want to make a quick escape, or whenever you need to sell some 
    stuff, you can recall to your house and you will have returned to civilization.
    It can also be useful for quests, if your house is close to the quest or the 
    quest-giver.  And finally, you can use your house as a safe place to recover 
    or hide if the guards are after you and you have a huge bounty.   
    Reason three:  It makes things more organized.  If you know that all your extra
    stuff is at one place, and you know where that place is, plus you have a mark
    set there, then it makes things simpler for you.  Plus, you can even have a 
    network of houses, where you can leave key items like potions and scrolls for 
    quick pick up.  
    So, as you can clearly see, having a house in Morrowind is very helpful.  Now 
    that I have hopefully convinced you of this, let's get to the real candy center
    of this guide: how to get a house. 
    5. How To Get a House
    A house in Morrowind can be many things.  It can be a "real" house, where an 
    NPC actually lives.  It can be a "vacant" house, where either an NPC owns it 
    but isn't inside, or it has no owner.  It can be an entire building, so if you
    wanted to make the entire Balmora Temple your house, you can.  Finally, it can 
    be a stronghold, where a faction decides you are good enough for a house that 
    is rightfully yours.  So, pretty much any building in Morrowind can become your
     house if you desire (yes, even Daedric shrines if you want) although how 
    useful your house is can vary greatly.    
    Basically, there are three basic ways to get one.  
    First way: Kill an NPC and take their house.
    Second way: Advance high enough in a certain faction (Great Houses especially) 
    and get them to build a house for you, or give a house to you.
    Third way: Take over an empty house.
    No particular way is the best, and you can have multiple houses, so you can try
    it various ways and see which one is easiest for you.  I personally think that
    the first is easiest, the second is most rewarding and the third is best for 
    lower level players, but again, it's up to you.
    5.1. Stealing One
    So, you want to be evil and just barge in and kill someone for their house, eh?
    All the more power to you.  This is probably the simplest way to go about 
    getting a house, as most houses in Morrowind can be gotten this way.  
    To get a house (or building, if you prefer) this way, first you need to pick 
    out one that you like that also follows the guidelines below:  (You should also
    look at the "Locations for a House" section to find out what places are best 
    for having a house in.)
    - The house has no NPC guards in it.  (In most editions of the game, all NPC 
    guards respawn after one game day, and they can cause problems for you.
    - The house has none of the "nescessary NPCs" in it.  (If you kill these NPC 
    characters, you will be unable to finish the main quest.  Ignore this point if 
    you already finished the main quest or if you don't plan on doing the main 
    - The house or building has no respawning monsters inside it.  (Certain places
    in the game, such as some of the dungeons, have respawning monsters that come 
    back after you exit and re-enter the building.  For obvious reasons, this can 
    be very bad.  If your chosen location has any beasts in it at all, try killing 
    them and leaving.  If you return and the beasts are still dead, then you should
    be okay.)
    If the house fits within those guidelines, then feel free to hack and slash 
    your way through all the NPCs in the building.  The easiest way to do this 
    without getting a bounty if there are multiple people in the building is to 
    use the taunt/bribe trick, in which you alternate between taunting and bribing
    an NPC until they attack you.  If you are doing this or something similar, then 
    be sure to let the NPC hit you before you attack, as that is what counts as 
    aggrevated assault for the guards.  
    Once the NPCs are dead, you can begin using the house for your own purposes.
    5.2. Advancing in a Faction
    This way is usually the longest, as it requires you to finish one or more 
    quests to complete, but it is also usually the most rewarding as often the 
    houses you get are better than ones you can steal, and they are rightfully 
    yours, so there is no risk of getting caught by the law for stealing or 
    The most straightforward factions to get a house from are the Great Dunmer 
    Houses.  Hlaalu, Redoran, and Telvanni will build you "strongholds" when you 
    reach a certain level in their house.  These strongholds each have the same 
    basic idea, but are built in different locations, and with different aspects 
    of construction and other things.  See the respective sections of the guide 
    for House strongholds for more details.    
    Other quests and factions will either give you a house or cause you to vacate 
    a house that you can then use without anyone caring.  One of the first quests 
    that you can do, the Dead Taxman quest in Seyda Neen, will open up a house to 
    you.  Keep your eyes out for these quests, but I will not list all of them 
    here because there are many, and I wouldn't want to spoil it for you, although 
    I will hint you that factions that generally want you to kill people as part of 
    their quests will end up freeing a lot of potential houses.  (Hint, hint... 
    Morag Tong)   
    5.3. Taking Over an Empty House
    So, if you don't want to risk killing someone, and you don't want to take the 
    time to do a bunch of quests, then there is still hope.  Taking over vacant 
    houses is easy, quick, and almost risk-free, so it provides a good 
    alternative to the other two ways.
    Look around.  In most towns, there is at least one locked house.  Generally, 
    if a house is locked, that means that no one is home and the owner is strutting 
    around town somewhere.  The cool thing is that if you can pick the lock to the 
    house, it's all yours.  Sometimes this can be tricky, but there are many houses
    like this where no one is around, providing a good chance to comandeer the 
    Also, there are sometimes abandoned houses in the wilderness or on the edges 
    of towns that can be used.  Keep your eyes peeled. 
    ***Note***- If you own the PC version of Morrowind and have the Construction 
    Kit, then there is a fourth way to aquire a house: create one yourself!  You 
    can open the Construction Kit and create a plugin for the game that adds in a 
    house of your own wherever and however you want! A good choice for PC users!
    6. Locations for a House
    Now that you've decided how you're going to get your house, you should narrow 
    down the choices by figuring out what locations are the best for having a 
    house.  I have chosen some of the better locations and put down their pros and 
    cons, so hopefully it will make your search easier.  
    6.1. The Top Locations for a House on Vvardenfell
    The locations will be arranged as follows:
    The region capital of House Hlaalu.
    - Lots of house choices
    - Centralized location
    - Silt Strider port
    - Mages Guild
    - Fighters Guild
    - Thieves Guild
    - Temple
    - Imperial Garrison
    - Imperial Cult Shrine
    - Blades Headquarters
    - House Hlaalu capital
    - Security Master Trainer
    - Short Blade Master Trainer
    With no major cons and tons of pros, Balmora is probably the best place to 
    have a house.  It has just about everything one could need, and a huge 
    selection of houses to choose from.  
    The region capital of House Redoran.
    - Fairly central location
    - Lots of choices
    - Silt Strider port
    - Mages Guild
    - Fighters Guild
    - Thieves Guild
    - Temple
    - Imperial Garrison
    - Imperial Cult Shrine
    - House Redoran capital
    - Block Master Trainer
    - Not quite as central as Balmora
    - Can be a confusing city
    With a ton of pros and only a few cons, Ald'ruhn is an excellent choice for a 
    house, but not quite as good as Balmora.
    The largest city in Vvardenfell, and the city of the god Vivec.
    - Huge selection of locations for a home.
    - Mages Guild
    - Fighters Guild
    - Thieves Guild
    - Morag Tong HQ
    - Hlaalu presence
    - Redoran presence
    - Telvanni presence
    - Silt Strider port
    - Boat service
    - Temple
    - Blunt Weapon Master Trainer
    - Heavy Armor Master Trainer
    - Acrobatics Master Trainer
    - Obscure location
    - Very confusing city
    - Ordinators (Need I say more?)
    - Lack of Imperial services
    - No freestanding houses
    Vivec is a huge metropolis, bringing with it both the pros and cons of it 
    falling under that category.  It has most everything you need, but it is hard 
    to travel around in, and easy to get lost.  Plus, it is way down at the bottom 
    of the map, which means it can take a long time to travel to some places.  It's
    not a bad city, but I would prefer to settle in either Balmora and Ald'ruhn 
    and visit Vivec via Guild Guides or Silt Striders.  
    A Hlaalu city on the edge between Molag Amur and the Ascadian Isles.
    - Near the Talking Mudcrab merchant
    - Silt Strider port
    - Near a variety of good treasure-hunting locations
    - Good loot in and around Suran
    - Centralized location
    - Temple
    - Smaller city
    - No Guilds
    - Fewer services
    Suran is a nice little city, with fewer people, but a good location makes up 
    for it.  It is conviniently located near the Talking Mudcrab, a variety of 
    Daedric and Dwemer ruins, and near several key cities.  
    An Imperial City with a nearby ebony mine.
    - Centralized location
    - Mages Guild
    - Creeper
    - Ebony Mines
    - Imperial Garrison
    - Imperial Cult Shrine (I think...)
    - Smaller city
    - Less services
    - Smaller choice of house locations
    Caldera is a good city to live in.  It has a Mages Guild, for quick transport,
    it has Creeper, to sell your items to, and it has a great location along the 
    road from Balmora to Ald'ruhn.
    Sadrith Mora
    The region capital of House Telvanni.
    - Good choice of houses
    - Mages Guild
    - Fighters Guild
    - Boat service
    - Imperial Garrison
    - Imperial Cult Shrine
    - Telvanni capital
    - Illusion Master Trainer
    - Mysticism Master Trainer
    - Speechcraft Master Trainer
    - Terrible location
    - Confusing city
    - Unwelcoming
    Sadrith Mora is a House capital, bringing with it the expected services and 
    guilds, but it is marred by being so far off to the side of the map and having 
    such stuffy occupants.  I wouldn't recommend anyone live here unless you are 
    going to be spending some serious time with the Telvanni out in the middle of 
    6.2. Houses in Bloodmoon and Tribunal 
    If you have the two Morrowind expansions, then read on.  If not, skip this 
    section and keep reading.
    Due to their smaller sizes, Bloodmoon and Tribunal do not offer as many 
    possible houses as Morrowind.  Still the need for houses in Solstheim and 
    Mournhold is great.  I would recommend that you have seperate houses for both, 
    since it can be a pain to have to take all your stuff back to your house in 
    For Solstheim, the best way to get a house is to follow the East Empire quests 
    with Raven Rock.  After finishing these quests, the East Empire country will 
    build you an estate in the town.  It's a pretty nice house, built in the 
    Nordic style of many of the buildings in Solstheim, especially the other ones 
    in Raven Rock.  You could also take over a hut in the Skaal Village, and there 
    are also certain NPCs that you kill in the main quest for Bloodmoon whose 
    houses you may take.  
    For Mournhold, the easiest way to get a house would be to move into the first 
    floor of the Vacant Manor in Godsreach.  The first floor is pretty nice, but 
    there are some other people in the basement, so avoid that area.  As for other 
    buildings, I wouldn't mess with much until you finish the main quest for 
    Tribunal, since a lot of the places that you might want to inhabit (and more 
    importantly, the people you might kill to earn the right to inhabit them) are 
    key to the main quest. 
    7. Strongholds
    As mentioned previously, strongholds are houses that the Great Houses build 
    for you once you advance through their ranks far enough.  You may only have 
    ONE stronghold, since you may only belong to one Great House.  (Unless, that 
    is, if you exploit the Duke Dren glitch or you use a plugin)
    Each house has a different location for their stronghold.
    Hlaalu: Odai Plateau (Located south of Balmora along the Odai River)
    Redoran: Bal Isra (Located in the Ashlands west of the Ald'ruhn-Mar Gaan road)
    Telvanni: Uvirith's Grave (Located in Molag Amur west of Tel Fyr)
    There are three general phrases to the construction of the stronghold.  In 
    between each you must wait several days and complete a minor quest.  The 
    phrases are:
    Phrase 1: The manor house itself is built, and you can enter it.
    Phrase 2: Walls are added around the stronghold, and a few more NPCs are 
    Phrase 3: The final bits are added, with lots of NPCs and some guards.
    The completed strongholds are really nice, and they are all different in 
    several ways.  This is nice because it can allow you to create new characters 
    later on and have them complete the quests for a different Great House and 
    get a different stronghold.  
    Now, here comes my opinion on each stronghold.
    Hlaalu: Has a great location, really close to Balmora and practically next 
    door to Hla Oad.  You get some handy NPCs as well, who can sell and train well.
    Redoran: Decent location, decent features.  The manor house is a bit bigger 
    than the others, in my opinion.  
    Telvanni:  A terrible location, surrounded by lava, Dwemer ruins, Daedric 
    Shrines, and ocean.  In the middle of nowhere.  However, it does have a lot 
    of nice features, like having Dwarven Centurions as guards, and having the 
    Telvanni "tree-like" architecture.    
    7.1. Hlaalu Stronghold Info
    Here is how to get the House Hlaalu Stronghold at the Odai Plateau:
    Once you've reached a high enough rank in Hlaalu, you can go to the Hlaalu 
    Council Building in Balmora and talk to Dondos Driler.  He tells you that you 
    need two things to start the construction of your stronghold: a construction 
    contract and a land deed.  
    Getting the contract is easy, go to Ebonheart and talk to Duke Vedam Dren 
    (second floor of Grand Council Chambers) about it.  He'll give you one as long 
    as you promise to be a good person and uphold the law.  
    Getting the land deed is a little harder.  You need to go the the Hlaalu 
    vaults in Vivec and buy one at 5000 gold from Baren Alen.  
    Return to Dondos and he will give you directions to the construction site and 
    tell you to go and talk to the Orc foreman there.  Return to Dondos and talk 
    to him.  He'll tell you to wait a few days.  Your journal will update later 
    telling you that the first stage should be finished.  
    You can talk to Dondos again, and he'll tell you that you need to contribute 
    to Hlaalu by including egg mining at your stronghold.  Go to the Balmora Mages 
    Guild and buy a spell of Cure Blight Disease on Other from the Orc there, or 
    you can buy a scroll of Daerir's Blessing from Hetman Abelmawia in Gnisis.  
    Then, head to the Shurdan-Raplay Egg Mine, which is across the river to the 
    Southeast of your stronghold.  This is your egg mine.  
    Run through the mine, avoiding the kwama inside, and get to the queen.  Use 
    the scroll or spell on her, as she is blighted.  Then leave.  Head back to 
    Dondos, and he will want you to recruit miners.  
    You can find miners at Gnisis or Tel Aruhn.  In Gnisis, go to the northern 
    part of the town and find Tansumiran, in the Tansuriran Cave Dwelling.  He'll 
    agree to mine for you.  In Tel Aruhn, go the the Underground, and find the 
    slave pit guarded by the Orcs.  The male Dark Elf slave will agree to work 
    with you.  
    Return to Dondos, and he will order the phase two of construction.  
    Then, once you are Counciler or Grandmaster of Hlaalu, talk to Dondos again.  
    He will tell you to find someone to guard your stronghold against bandits.  
    Go to the Balmora Fighter's Guild and talk to Flaenia Amiulusus.  She will let 
    you hire Fjorgeir, a mercenary, for 1000 gold.  Hire him and head to your 
    stronghold.  Talk to him, and you can choose to have him remain at your 
    stronghold and guard it or go with you to fight the bandits.  
    Now, go to the cave Zainsipilu.  To find it, go south and slightly west from 
    the egg mine.  Enter, and kill the eight bandits inside.  Once they are all 
    dead, you can go back to Dondos and tell him about what you did and he will 
    give the order to build the last stage of the stronghold. 
    7.2. Redoran Stronghold Info
    Here is how to get the House Redoran Stronghold at Bal Isra:
    Once you've reached a high enough rank in Redoran, you can go to the Redoran 
    Council Hall in Ald'ruhn and talk to Galsa Gindu.  She tells you that you need 
    two things to start the construction of your stronghold: a construction 
    contract and a land deed.  
    To get the contract, go to Ebonheart and talk to Duke Vedam Dren (second floor 
    of Grand Council Chambers) about it.  He'll give you one as long as you 
    promise to be a good person and uphold the law.  Then give Galsa 5000 gold for 
    the land deed. 
    Several days later, return to Galsa and she will tell you to go and inspect 
    the construction.  Head to the site and talk to the Orc there.  Then return 
    to Galsa.
    After gaining a few more ranks, Galsa will want you to hire a garrison of 
    guards for your stronghold.  Percius Mercius will give you guards for free if 
    you will save Frelene Acques from the prison in the Hlaalu canton at Vivec.  
    Go to Vivec, and then to the prison cells inside the Hlaalu Treasury.  There 
    will be a guard with a key on his desk, and two prisoners, one of which is 
    Frelene.  Steal the key using any means needed, and talk to Frelene through 
    the cell door.  You will give her the key and she will escape on her own.  
    Talk to Percius about it and he will agree to give you the guards.  Then talk 
    to Galsa and she will agree to start work on the second phrase of the 
    stronghold.  Your journal will be updated a few days later.
    After it's done, you can go back to Galsa and she will tell you that you now 
    need to attract more settlers to your stronghold.  She wants you to see the 
    hetman of your stronghold.  See the hetman, Hetman Guls, outside of the manor 
    at Bal Isra.  He will inform you that the men want more wives.  Now you must 
    find some bachelorettes to come to your manor to make the men happy.  
    Back in Ald'ruhn, there are two women who will agree.  Fathusa Girethi is 
    downstairs in the Ald Skar Inn, and Aryni Orethi is on the streets of the city.
    She tends to be found near the temple.  If you get them to like you enough, 
    you can ask them about "needing wives".  They will agree.  Return to the 
    hetman and tell him the good news.  Then talk to Galsa and she will start the 
    last stage of the stronghold.   
    7.3. Telvanni Stronghold Info
    Here is how to get the House Telvanni Stronghold at Uvirith's Grave (or Tel 
    Once you've reached a high enough rank in Telvanni, you can go to the Telvanni 
    Council House in Sadrith Mora and talk to Llunela Hleran.  She tells you that 
    you need two things to start the construction of your stronghold: a 
    construction contract and a land deed.  
    To get the contract, go to Ebonheart and talk to Duke Vedam Dren (second floor 
    of Grand Council Chambers) about it.  He'll give you one as long as you 
    promise to be a good person and uphold the law.  Then capture two strong souls 
    (atronach, golden saint, winged twilight) and give them to her.  She will then 
    begin construction of the stronghold.  
    Llunela will want you to go and speak with the Orc foreman at the site, so go 
    out and do it, and then return to her after finding him.  Wait a week, and 
    then your journal will update.  
    Go back and talk to Llunela and she will ask you to investigate the Dwemer 
    ruins at Mzachend and bring some schematics back to her.  Go the the ruins, 
    which are northwest of the stronghold, and bring her back the schematics.  
    Then pay her 5000 gold as the construction fee, and she will order the next 
    phase of construction.  
    After a few days the journel will update telling you that phase two is 
    complete.  Return to Llunela, who now wants you to find the book "Secrets of 
    the Dwemer Aniunculi".  She says that they are in the ruins of Galom Daeus, 
    and they are southwest of the stronghold.  These ruins have vampires in them, 
    so watch yourself.  Get the book, and return to her.  
    Wait a few more days, and the stronghold will be complete.  Return to check 
    out this unique stronghold.  It has steam centurions as guards.  
    8. Closing Notes
    I hope you learned about having a house in Morrowind from this FAQ.  Please 
    let me know if you catch any mistakes or have any sugestions for this guide.  
    I don't appreciate attacking emails, and I will delete everything that isn't 
    constructive criticism.  My email is ww2jacob@gmail.com, and I always like to 
    know what you think of this guide.  
    Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!

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