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    Weapons/Item FAQ by dantedevil4

    Version: 1.12 | Updated: 03/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Version 1.12
    March 12th, 2005
    By : Jonathan (MetallicDeath@Gmail.com)
    Unreal 2 Weapons/Item FAQ Version 1.12
    (2)Legal Information
    (6)Special Thanks 
    (7)Contact Information
    (9)Frequently Asked Questions
    (10)Version Updates
    (2)Legal Information
    This FAQ is copyrighted and may only be used on GameFAQS.com . DO NOT, 
    I repeat, DO NOT steal this FAQ and claim it as your own. It is called 
    plagiarism. This is a quick way for you to lose some money. All weapons 
    and items are copyright of Atari.
    In my FAQ I’m going to give the weapon descriptions as told by the game 
    book. This includes uses, alternate names, primary fire, alt-fire and 
    ammo. I will then give you the weapons damage, fire rate, and reload 
    rate. Damage will be scored out of 5. Fire rate and reload rate will be 
    scored out of slow, decent and fast. I am also including descriptions 
    about items.
    ---Dispersion Pistol---
    Uses: “While the Dispersion Pistol is a fine weapon for a law 
    enforcement officer, it was not designed for military use and is not 
    effective in high-intensity combat. Us it only as a last resort.”
    Alternate Names: “LEPEW-13 or “Law Enforcement Personal Energy Weapon, 
    Type 13, also known by cops as Dispersion Pistol or more derisively as 
    a popgun.”
    Primary Fire: “A fairly low-power, slow moving quantum energy pulse.”
    Alt Fire: “A pulse with a higher energy level. The weapon charges up 
    over time, stores the charge in the capacitor, and releases a higher-
    power blast.”
    Ammo: “Does not need ammo; recharges from a small quantum source in the 
    My Opinion: Use it only as a back up weapon incase your primary runs 
    out of ammo and you have no time to reload. Aim for the head with a 
    charged shot for maximum damage.
    Primary Damage - 1/5
    Secondary Damage - 3/5
    Primary Fire Rate - Decent
    Secondary Fire Rate - Slow
    Reload Rate - Fast
    Uses: “The CAR is the standard infantry weapon for the Terran Military 
    grunt. Very effective overall, you can hose down an area using the 
    primary fire mode or deliver a lethal single punch with alternate 
    Alternate Names: “M32[A2] 5.56mm Combat Assault Rifle, standard issue 
    weapon for military infantry. Nicknamed the Duster.”
    Primary Fire: “Very high rate of automatic fire.”
    Alt Fire: “A cluster of 5 shards packed together to form a single, 
    slower moving slug. The slug will break apart on impact, allowing you 
    to bounce the shards of walls and around corners.”
    Ammo: “Depleted uranium shards.”
    My Opinion: A good primary weapon to use. It’s still accurate from even 
    long ranges and has a huge clip. Use the accurate secondary fire from a 
    long range on non-moving targets (campers) to inflict some major 
    Primary Damage - 3/5
    Secondary Damage - 4/5
    Primary Fire Rate - Fast
    Secondary Fire Rate - Slow
    Reload Rate - Decent
    ---Grenade Launcher---
    Uses: “The Grenade Launcher is an amazingly versatile and effective 
    piece of military hardware, perhaps the best all around portable weapon 
    in the Terran arsenal.”
    Alternate Names: “M406 Hydra 40mm Grenade Launcher, so named for the 
    multiple ammo types. Used by a wide variety of  military forces.”
    Primary Fire: “Tapping the primary fire lobs out a grenade that 
    explodes on contact. Holding down the Primary Fire button engages the 
    timing mechanism so the grenades do not explode until a few seconds 
    have passed.”
    Alt Fire: “Switches to the next grenade type if you have any in your 
    inventory. In an XMP game the Alt Fire control releases a second type 
    of grenade.”
    Ammo: “Fires six grenade types.”
    1. Fragmentation: “Enormous explosive power and needle sharp carbon 
    steel fragments. Absolutely lethal in close quarters.”
    My Opinion: Aim for the feet to rack up on splash damage. Be careful 
    not to be too close because you can get hurt or killed in the blast. It 
    shoots in an arc so be sure to compensate for that. Use on high armored 
    enemies or grouped targets.
    2. Toxic gas: “Sprays a cloud of neurotoxin gas that is so caustic it 
    eats through metal armor.”
    My Opinion: Think of it as a volatile smoke grenade. If anyone is 
    chasing you down a one way room shoot a few of these. 
    3. Incendiary: “Sprays burning phosphorus that sets almost anything on 
    My Opinion: Use on unarmored to light armored foes. This will catch 
    them on fire and will do damage. This also makes them more visible.
    4. Smoke: “Lays down a smokescreen to help you escape from enemies.”
    My Opinion: Use these to cover your movements, the enemy will not be 
    able to see you. In XMP mode, toss some smoke grenades around your 
    turrets if you’re a technician. The turrets will still fire and it will 
    be hard for your opponent to see the turret before it’s too late.
    5. Concussion: “Sends out a shockwave that will knock out most 
    My Opinion: Use on groups of charging adversaries to knock them down. 
    Finish them off with a Fragmentation) grenade.
    6. EMP: “Massive electro-magnetic pulse that will instantly disable 
    almost any electrical system.”
    My Opinion: Use the EMP grenade to take out vehicles, turrets, force 
    fields and anything electric. 
    Primary Damage - Varies on grenade type
    Secondary Damage - N/A
    Primary Fire Rate - Slow
    Secondary Fire Rate - N/A
    Reload Rate - Slow
    Uses: “This gun is perfectly devastating at close range. Perfect for 
    clearing a room or taking out an enemy or group right in front of you. 
    Don’t use it at long distances. The effectiveness drops off quickly as 
    the pellets scatter.”
    Alternate Names: “M700 12G Semiautomatic Riot Shotgun, affectionately 
    called the crowd pleaser.”
    Primary Fire: “A single shell containing 16 pellets.”
    Alt Fire: “Incendiary slugs with a wider spread and shorter range.”
    Ammo: “Uses standard 12-guage shotgun ammunition.”
    My Opinion: Aim at the chest region. Make sure adversaries are close to 
    you because it is not accurate from medium to far range.
    Primary Damage - 4/5
    Secondary Damage - 5/5
    Primary Fire Rate - Slow
    Secondary Fire Rate - Slow
    Reload Rate - Decent
    Uses: “This is the most lethal short range weapon in the Terran 
    arsenal. You can incinerate entire squads of enemies in close 
    Alternate Names: “UA69 Vulcan Flamethrower. Used by Urban Assault Units 
    of the Terran Heavy Infantry.”
    Primary Fire: “A jet of flaming gas”
    Alt Fire: “A spray of unignited napalm that will stick to almost any 
    surface, and which can be ignited by several of your other weapons.”
    Ammo: “Canisters of napalm.”
    My Opinion: Use it when the foe is up close and it will inflict major 
    damage. Don’t bother with the alternate fire. Aim for the chest and if 
    you get low on ammo start using it in bursts.
    Primary Damage - 3/5
    Secondary Damage - 1/5
    Primary Fire Rate - Fast
    Secondary Fire Rate - Fast
    Reload Rate - Decent
    Uses: “The Magnum is the most powerful sidearm out there. Best for 
    medium range targets, when you’re to far away for the Shotgun, but too 
    close for the Sniper Rifle.”
    Alternate Names: “P400 Avenger .50 caliber semiautomatic pistol, 
    standard sidearm for the Terran Military Special Forces.”
    Primary Fire: “A standard single shot. Very accurate and powerful.” 
    Alt Fire: “A three-round burst with an even bigger punch.”
    Ammo: “Used .50 caliber explosive ammunition.”
    My Opinion: Aim for the head with the alternate fire mode. Think of the 
    Magnum as a futuristic Desert Eagle (Deagle). Extremely accurate from 
    all ranges so it makes an ideal on the move sniper rifle for campers.
    Primary Damage - 4/5
    Secondary Damage - 5/5 
    Primary Fire Rate - Decent
    Secondary Fire Rate - Fast
    Reload Rate - Decent
    ---Rocket Launcher---
    Uses: “Nothing beats the primary mode for accurate long range 
    devastation with significant splash damage. The alternate fire drunken 
    missiles are wildly unpredictable, but are good for saturating an area 
    or providing suppressing fire.”
    Alternate Names: “MP3 Man Portable Rocket launcher type 3. Called the 
    shark by the units that use it because of the weapons appearance.
    Primary Fire: “Four missiles bound together as one rocket.”
    Alt Fire: “Releases the four component parts of a rocket as individual 
    missiles. They are unstable in flight and hence are called drunken 
    Ammo: “Self-propelled rockets with four thrusters and explosive 
    warheads that detonate on impact.”
    My Opinion: Use this weapon to take out vehicles in XMP mode. To kill a 
    person or vehicle use the primary fire. Aim for the feet of a person 
    and aim for the biggest the part of a vehicle if you see one. 
    Primary Damage - 5/5
    Secondary Damage - 4/5
    Primary Fire Rate - Slow
    Secondary Fire Rate - Slow
    Reload Rate - Slow
    ---Sniper Rifle---
    Uses: “The T72 is a highly specialized weapon that should be used only 
    for long range sniping, but it does it’s job very well. It’s targeting 
    system compensates for wind and other variables to create an instant 
    hit on virtually any target you can see.”
    Alternate Names: “Type 72 Sniper Rifle, the Widow maker. Favorite of 
    snipers in the Special Forces.”
    Primary Fire: “Fires a single shot.”
    Secondary Fire: “Toggles the scope on and off.”
    Ammo: “Fires .50 caliber depleted uranium slugs.”
    My Opinion: Use this to pick off foe’s from far away. Very powerful and 
    your almost guaranteed to kill your intended target if the head is hit. 
    Try not to use it up close too much due to the small clip size.
    Primary Damage - 5/5
    Secondary Damage - N/A
    Primary Fire Rate - Slow
    Secondary Fire Rate - N/A
    Reload Rate - Decent
    ---Energy Rifle---
    Uses: “The Shock Lance won’t pack much punch against most enemies, but 
    it’s lethal to automated defenses.”
    Alternate Names: “Izarian energy weapon, dubbed the Shock Lance by 
    Primary Fire: “ Generates two fast moving plasma bolts that do 
    relatively small amounts of damage. The rate of fire is very high 
    allowing you to put many bursts into a target into a short period of 
    Alt Fire: “An EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) burst that detonates on 
    impact. The EMP burst is particularly effective against machinery.”
    Ammo: “Izarian energy crystals derived from ASMD technology.”
    My Opinion: Try not to use this weapon unless you have to. The 
    alternate fire works well when taking out vehicles or machinery like 
    Primary Damage - 2/5
    Secondary Damage - 3/5
    Primary Fire Rate - Fast 
    Secondary Fire Rate - Decent
    Reload Rate - Decent
    ---Singularity Cannon---
    Submitted by : Alienfreak497@aol.com 
    -“You left out a weapon, it's called the Singularity Cannon. It fires a 
    green orb that kills Tosc and pulls them into a void. It is the last 
    weapon you get. You acquire it when you destroy the Alien Tosc 
    monster's arm at the last level in the game, the Dorian Grey. The 
    monster that has it is on: Dorian Grey Chapter 1 : The Vault.”
    Artifact Node: Return artifacts here to score them.
    Field Generators: Essentially a laser fence that when 2 or more are 
    deployed beside each other are connected. You can keep adding more to 
    make a bigger fence. The fences are especially deadly to anyone who 
    hits them while in a vehicle.
    Supply Packs: A small deployable station that can repair you.
    Laser Trip mines: Place these near chokepoints where you know enemies 
    are going to go. Try to put them in unobvious places also for a kill.
    Manned Turret: Fires a plasma energy that can kill in one hit. If you 
    see a bunch of vehicles coming toward your base hop into this and fire 
    Auto Turrets: Fires machine gun rounds at the enemy. Deployable almost 
    everywhere. Put them near generators or in front of doors.
    Rocket Turrets: A powerful deployable rocket launcher that shoots 
    enemies. Try to stick them in the enemies base or near generators.
    Land Mines: Deployable mines that are especially deadly to vehicles. 
    Anyone in a vehicle that runs over one of these it going to die. Try to 
    place them in front of the enemies base or in front of their vehicles. 
    They probably want even notice and you get an easy kill.
    Supply Stations: There are two kinds, which are a health station and 
    power station. The health station obviously gives you health but you 
    have to stand on it. The same deal with the power station but it 
    repairs your shield.
    Deployment Points: Hack able respawn points either team can gain. Each 
    team has a certain number of deployment points but they can gain more. 
    This helps by being convenient to getting where you want to go without 
    (6)Special Thanks
       - God (For allowing me to write this)
       - CJAYC (For making Gamefaqs.com)
       - Atari (For marketing Unreal 2)
       - Microsoft (For making Xbox what it is now)
       - LUE (For supporting me in writing this FAQ. LUESHI forever!)
       - Mods (For keeping the Gamefaqs boards free of trolls, flamers and 
       - Alienfreak497 (For pointing out the singularity cannon to me. 
    (7)Contact Information
    If I have made a grammatical mistake or left out anything contact me at 
    MetallicDeath@Gmail.com  . I WILL give you credit and thanks.
      - Atari’s Unreal 2 Instruction Manual
    (9)Frequently Asked Questions
       Q: Can I use your FAQ on my site?
       A: Yes if I give you permission. Don’t try to contact me unless you 
    have a decent amount of visitors on your site per week.
       Q: Do you still play on Live (XMP Mode)?
       A: Yes, my Gamertag is MetallicDeath. I won’t accept your invite if 
    I don’t know who you are, so send me an email.
       Q: What is your opinion on Unreal 2?
       A: Not the greatest port but the XMP mode is fun.
       Q: I liked this game. Is there anything similar to it?
       A: Check out all the other Unreal’s or the Tribe series.
       Q: Are you going to make anymore FAQS?
       A: Yes, I’m going to start working on some more.
    (10)Fixed for Version 1.10
       -Added Items Section
       -Added more information for guns
       -Fixed minor errors 
       -Corrected grammar
       -Added Ammo
       -Added Alternate Names
       -Fixed dividers
       -Remade heading
       -Added to Legal Information
        Fixed for Version 1.11
       -Fixed Email
       -Fixed ASCII header
        Fixed for Version 1.12
       -Added new weapon

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