How do I fix my disc drive that won't open?

  1. The disc drive on my regular xbox doesn't open when I press the eject button. A few years ago when it did open I left a disc inside so next time that I pressed the eject button after I turned it off it did open.

    User Info: fez31

    fez31 - 8 years ago

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  1. You shouldn't keep a disc in the drive.

    <b>redvett111</b> gave the best advice. There is a little hole to the right of the disc tray on the front of the Xbox. If you insert a thin but stiff wire (as he suggested a paper-clip is suitable) and push it unlocks the tray drawer so it can be manually pulled out.

    The ways to fix this problem permanently are twofold. The first is to replace the tray drive belt, easily found via eBay etc. These stretch with use, stiffen with age or may get greasy, whatever the reason it causes the belt to slip resulting in the fault.

    The belt is basically a square profile rubberband about an inch in diameter and connects two small drive spindles. Situated under the tray it can be accessed when the tray is out. It's a bit fiddly but can be removed and replaced using a pair of tweezers without dismantling the Xbox.

    An alternative semi-permanent fix if you can't get a new belt is to put the old one in a mug of near boiling water for a minute or so. Dry it and you'll find when you refit the belt it will be tighter (and cleaner).

    BTW at all stages you should make sure the belt is kept grease free or when refitted it'll likely start slipping again and the problem will recur. So keep any handling to a minimum or better wear gloves.

    The second factor causing this trouble is that the Xbox holds the disc in place in the drive by a magnet which is a little too powerful for the job. The belt slips because it not only controls the tray but raises and lowers the whole drive mechanism. It's acting against the power of the magnet when it does this and so if the belt isn't tight on the spindles it is much more likely to slip meaning the tray doesn't open.

    Putting a thin plastic or cardboard spacer over the magnet is the recommended solution but to do this requires opening the Xbox and partially dismantling the disc drive So don't do this unless you have the right tools and know what you're doing.

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  1. Consult microsoft, or send it to a gamestop of some gaming store

    User Info: ReallyBigBook

    ReallyBigBook - 8 years ago 1 1
  2. The same thing happens to my Xbox.

    Lightly slam the top of the Xbox where the disk drive is as it tries to open. There's IIRC 3 or so times it tries to open. Hit the top of the Xbox when you hear a slight knock.

    You'll have to leave a disc in the Xbox at all times in order for it to open now.

    I know these instructions sound crazy but it's a very reliable method for opening the disc drive if it's stuck.

    User Info: Koopa64

    Koopa64 - 7 years ago 3 2
  3. It's fubar'd get a new one. same thing happened to mine.

    User Info: ReggieBush09

    ReggieBush09 - 7 years ago 1 1
  4. Not 100% clear on the question, but I recently started using my original Xbox again. The tray would not open. I was not willing to buy a new one or even take it in for repairs, being such an old system. So, knowing the risk, I used a butter knife to gently pry on the upper part of the tray. GENTLY. With some prying, and pressing the eject button a few times, I eventually got it to open. (took about ten minutes). Then I gently used my hands to pull the tray to open all the way, every time it re-opened partially. Now, it opens completely fine, with no need of any prying or pulling. My guess is MS just sucks at making hardware, and I do not recommend leaving a disc in. I suspect (at least for me) it's a time thing. Use the system often, it keeps the gears working properly. Stop use for a few months, it may need a reminder sort of speak.

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  5. Take a paperclip, open it up, and slowly jam it in the little hole located a fraction of an inch below the disc tray, right where the design kinks inwards. It'll force it open in the even of a jam or broken eject button.

    User Info: redvett111

    redvett111 - 7 years ago 1 0
  6. I have tha same problem. you probably dont want to leave a game inside if you want it back. when mine doesnt like to open i take my finger and brush it lightly along the disk tray and that usually does it, jaming things inside of it isnt to good of an idea, i gave my xbox some good scars and it didnt really help.

    User Info: speakno3vil

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  7. Yeah this happened to me also.See always keep a disk in a disk drive.To open my uncle opened my one with something steel.Consult someone man

    User Info: Zayaan_ROCKS

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  8. Yeah this happened to me also.See always keep a disk in a disk drive.To open my uncle opened my one with something steel.

    User Info: Zayaan_ROCKS

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  9. Ha i had this same exact prolem. After hours of extended youtubing(heh),i found a way to unjam the drive with no tools or threat of damaging the inside of your system. Although people will say tapping on the top of your system works i have doesnt. This method is simple. So simple a toddler could do it. 1.) Press Eject. 2.) While system is trying to eject use your fingernails (DO NOT USE A TOOL IT COULD RUIN THE SYSTEM) and pull up on the tray. About as hard as you would if your window was stuck. 3.)it should open if you hold it long enough. 4.)repeat as needed.


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  10. Its common sense that you don't keep your disc in the disc tray if the disc tray is broken or doesn't open, keep your disc out of the disc tray cause then obviously you won't break or lose the disc, I've tried all of these ways to try and open my disc tray and they all don't work, especially trying to put a paper clip through the tray, so the only way to fix it is by being patient and not forcing the disc tray open, switch your xbox on and off and by the plug also, and eventually the disc tray will open, have a nice day :)

    User Info: oioipavan

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  11. Gamerzhelp Thank you so much man :D. You are a legend ... your method was the only one that actually worked... i tried with a paper clip but it broke inside ... but after i saw your method i tried it and it actualy worked:D. Thank you bro

    User Info: andreirosu

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  12. all I do to mine is pull off the face plate then tug lightly on the tray then push the button then let go. Opens no problem then. Only have to do that if I dont have a disc in or I have it standing vertically....

    User Info: xxZerox

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  13. I also have this problem for a couple of years. I always had a disc inside but tonight I accidentally closed it without it. Finally made it with that paperclip trick BUT for it worked after some time because I didn't knew where to "aim". When you're using this method try to "aim" the paperclip a little bit to the right. If you'll aim it properly the tray will start to get out imidiatelly so there's no way using force. Hope it helps!

    User Info: LukeInside

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