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"Quite a solid fps on xbox improvement over gc version"

Ok ok, I first started playing this game on gamecube knowing that some reviews given to it, were only rating it as an average to a well below average first person shooter. So I was only ever going to play this game as a rental and forget about it then and there. However its only because I didn't finish the game on gamecube that i continued to play it on the xbox. And boy am i glad I did....Die Hard Vendetta on Xbox is a much improved version of the same game that was released on the gamecube in 2002.

The game follows the adventures of John Mclane and is set in a fictional story and location, supposedly after the die hard movies most of us love. It's the standard first person shooter fare that doesn't stand well above the pack of current console first person shooters, but it doesn't fall to the bottom of the pile either.

Here are some points about the game I liked

+ nice graphical reflections on the guns (improved over gc)
+ good character interaction
+ Bodies and bullet holes stay
+ Excellent voicework (very funny dialogue)
+ Crude yet sometimes funny language just like the films
+ fairly good shot detection physics
+ control improved over gc version
+ hero time!!! = (slow mo like matrix or bullet time)
+ decent music
+ nice reload animations
+ You too can take baddies as hostages

And here are some not so good points

- some trial and error gameplay (ie saving hostages, bombs)
- linear path
- cutscene graphics are bland
- in multiplayer the guns arent as detailed and the reload animations are gone!
- only 3 bots max in multiplayer
- no online component
- get stuck on some corners
- few cheap ai moments

The game has about 10 or 11 levels, but they are fairly long. There are also some new additions to this version too, they include a making of Die Hard Venetta feature, a 1 - 4 mutiplayer mode with a few standard game modes like team death match, capture the badge etc. And there is also improved control and hit physics, did I mention the improved stage graphics?

There are many types of control configurations so there is bound to be a few that suits most people. You can also make the gun sit on the left side of the screen opposed to the standard right side in other games like this. And you can also choose what type of aiming cursor you want....Having just said that I have just reminded myself that one of the biggest critisisms with the gamecube version was that with auto aim turned on, the game is boring and too easy because it is too easy to kill baddies when they are miles away. Well the developers seemed to have fixed that problem in this version. Personally though I think its better to play with no aiming assistance in first person shooters at all.

At the end of the day this game wont win any awards but I enjoyed the game and recommend it to die hard first person shooter fans. It is a solid title for the action junkies out there.

7 / 10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/24/03, Updated 07/24/03

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