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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kmintram

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    Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone (XBOX)
    Complete Walkthrough Version 2.0 
    By Kathryn Mintram (kmintram78@yahoo.com)
    25th April  2004
    Chapter 1	Introduction
    Chapter 2	Controls
    Chapter 3	Walkthrough
    Chapter 4	Side Quests
    		4.1 Challenges Revisited
    		4.2 Witches & Wizard Cards
    		4.3 Lost & Found
    		4.4 Folio Bruti Pages
    Chapter 5 	Information
    		5.1 Items
    		5.2 Spells
    		5.3 Fred & George’s Shop
    		5.4 Enemies & Magical Creatures
    Chapter 6 	Questions & Answers (FAQs)
    Chapter 7 	Credits & Thanks
    Chapter 8 	Copyright
    Chapter 1	Introduction
    Here we are another Harry Potter game as great as the one before it. It is a 
    little strange playing the first one after the second one but I enjoyed it 
    none the less and I think EA games side-stepped this problem nicely. 
    The first walkthrough I wrote was for Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets 
    because while playing the game I noticed there were no walkthroughs for it on 
    the XBOX. As I enjoyed the other one so much, naturally I bought this straight 
    away and again, found no walkthrough for it, so here it is.
    This game is as enjoyable as the last despite a few changes, some for the 
    better, and some for the worse. For example, there are no Quidditch matches in 
    this game, save one and even then it is not a real match, it is only there 
    because it is important to the story line and you don’t even get to play till 
    the end. Some will say that the lack of Quidditch is a good thing if they 
    found it difficult or a hindrance but personally I miss playing for the 
    Quidditch Cup.
    Another distinct difference is the collecting of witches and wizard cards. 
    Although this is still a large part of the game it is made easier by being 
    able to find packs of cards and collecting infinite doubles that you can 
    traded with plenty of students around the school for those that you need in a 
    good old game of swappsies. 
    It is a far less specific way of getting all your cards and does make this 
    task a lot easier and quicker to get all 101. Personally I thought the way 
    they did it in the chamber of secrets worked just fine and I can’t see why 
    they changed it, this seems to make it too easy and therefore not at all 
    satisfying, if you know what I mean, not a change I like at all! 
    The last and most noticeable change between the games is the lessons and spell 
    challenges. Some classes will be repeated for separate spells, i.e. charms 
    class needs to be attended twice for the Spongify spell and then for the 
    Incendio spell. Some challenges will also need to be done a second time if you 
    want to up your grades and house points to end the game with a perfect all 
    round. With each challenge I will include two parts, how to get through the 
    first time and then how to get through again but get all the challenge shields 
    for top marks, once you have the necessary spells to do so. You can find the 
    second part of these challenges in chapter 4.
    Despite the changes this game equals its predecessor on playability. The games 
    are much alike, a fact that I definitely find to be a pro rather than a con. 
    If you liked the chamber of secrets then you’ll love this one. Let’s just hope 
    that when the third one comes out in May that it will meet the standards set 
    by these ones. I must also warn you that this walkthrough does contain 
    Chapter 2	Controls
    Left Analogue			Sneak/Walk/Run
    Right Analogue		Look around
    A Button			Action (i.e. Grab, release)
    B,X & Y			Assign spells, pellets or dungbombs then use
    Select				Rememberall
    Start				Pause/Options menu
    Options Menu
    Save Game
    Flying Control			Normal/Reversal
    Camera Control		Normal/Reverse
    Vibration			On/Off
    Subtitles			On/Off
    Sound Effects Volume	10-100
    Music Volume			10-100
    Speech Volume		10-100
    Quit to main menu
    Chapter 3	Walkthrough
    ~~~Day One~~~
    So here we are, day one and the game begins with you in Mr Ollivander’s shop, 
    purchasing your new wand. The one you want is behind the platform that is in 
    front of you, holly and phoenix feather. Pick it up and go up onto the 
    platform then press X,B or Y to use your wand. When Mr Ollivander is satisfied 
    and had his little say he will lead you into the next room.
    Walk forward and stand by the crate to the left of the barrels, the hint will 
    tell you how to wall sneak so do that now. Shuffle along to the next platform 
    and jump onto the large platform of crates right in front of you. You can drop 
    down here onto the floor and a ladder will be lowered for you to be able to 
    get back up but before you do, collect the beans that are under the platform 
    you entered the room in. You can then collect the beans at the foot of the 
    ladder and climb back up.
    Pick the beans up here then jump across to the next platform, timing your jump 
    of course so you don’t get hit by the swinging hook. Do this again until you 
    are right across the room then wall sneak along avoiding the wand boxes as 
    they stick out of the wall. Don’t worry if the boxes do knock you off, Harry 
    will keep hold of the ledge with one hand and then pull himself back up 
    allowing you to move on.
    When you step away from the wall, walk forward collecting the beans then jump 
    past the swinging hook to the next platform. Harry will grab it by the tip of 
    his fingers and pull himself up so collect the beans then walk over and pick 
    up the spell book by Mr Ollivander. This will give you your first spell, 
    Flipendo, assign it to a button of your choice then follow Mr Ollivander into 
    the next room.
    Start by Flipendo-ing the jars on the bookcases and collecting the beans that 
    are released from them, and then break the jar on the floor in the opening of 
    the crawl space. Ignore the Flipendo pad that appears for now and go through 
    the crawl space to find a chest. Open it up and you will be rewarded with your 
    first wizard card, number 52, Felix Summerbee. Go back through the crawl space 
    and Flipendo the pad that you revealed earlier to unlock the door. Before you 
    go through the door however, search the bookcases for four beans. You can now 
    enter the next room.
    In here Mr Ollivander will set you the task of hitting the three shields with 
    your Flipendo. Target the top one first then work your way down until all 
    three have been turned. When you have done this the base will open revealing 
    the first page for your Folio Bruti, all about imps. When the door opens two 
    imps will run in, Flipendo one and pick it up, walk over to one of the cages 
    on the left side of the room until the A button says place. When it does hit 
    the A button to drop the imp into the cage. Do this with both of them.
    With this done Mr Ollivander will ask you to follow him again but before you 
    do, use the closed cages to get up to the two ledges behind them. On the first 
    ledge you will find two chests with health items inside and on the second 
    there is a chest with a wizard card number 89 inside. When you have these you 
    can enter the next room but don‘t forget to search the bookshelves for three 
    Mr Ollivander will shout over the loud contraption in the centre of the room 
    to ask you to Flipendo the pad on the thingamabob. Target the pad and follow 
    it round while continuously Flipendo-ing it and after about four hits it will 
    lock into place in the ceiling. This will then reveal to you another book 
    which will allow Harry to charge his spells before releasing them, so go and 
    pick it up. 
    When you have done this you will have to repeat the Flipendo thing again but 
    this time you need to stand still and charge your spell while you wait for the 
    pad to come round to you. When it does release your spell and when you have 
    hit the pad with three good Flipendos it will lock into place again which will 
    earn you wizard card number 41 from Mr Ollivander. After that you will go back 
    to the front of the shop and meet Hagrid again, then it’s off to Hogwarts at 
    ~~~Night One~~~
    After many cut scenes you will find yourself in the main hall of Hogwarts, all 
    you have to do is follow Percy up the stairs and to the right then enter the 
    door he stops next to. Once again follow him up the grand staircase and half 
    way up you will be introduced to Peeves, not much to worry about with him so 
    continue up until you are at the top then enter the door. Keep following Percy 
    and you will find yourself at the portrait of the fat lady, or big boned lady 
    if you want to be political. There isn't a lot to do at this stage of the game 
    but you can have a look around to familiarize yourself with your surroundings 
    by all means. When you are ready enter the portrait. 
    Walk forward until you find Ron and after a brief chat you will be set the 
    task of trying to sneak past Percy to get to Fred and George’s shop. Before 
    you go, go through the archway opposite the door of the reading room and break 
    the jar for a few beans which should give you an even 50 ready to spend in 
    their shop. You can also open the chest in here for card #24. 
    When you have these items go across and enter the reading room then walk 
    forward a little way until you get a better view of the room and can see where 
    Percy is. It takes a little bit of getting used  to, to get past Percy but 
    after a bit of practice you will get used to it, especially after he has 
    chucked you out a few dozen times.
    When you are in the shop you can buy what you want but I recommend buying the 
    bean carrying bag so you can carry more beans and halve the amount of times 
    you have to try and get past Percy coz believe me, that gets annoying. There 
    is also a chest by the bean carrying bag with card # 38. When you have perused 
    their wares and are happy you can leave the shop and try to sneak past Percy 
    again to get back to the t he is not quick enough to catch you. 
    When you get outside Ron says he’s off to bed follow him through the common 
    room up to the dormitory. When you reach the top of the tower you can end your 
    first day. Well done.
    ~~~Day Two~~~
    Your second day begins with the sunshine pouring in through the windows and 
    you stood alone in the dormitory. Go downstairs to the common room and you 
    will find out what your first lesson of the day is. While Hermione is chatting 
    with you she will bring your attention to the lost and found board, use this 
    to return items from around the grounds and you will be rewarded with wizard 
    The best time to look for lost and found items is during the day as you can 
    walk around freely without prefects hindering your progress. Be warned though, 
    items on the lost and found board will not appear until you have read the 
    board, (for more information please see chapter four).
    When you are ready for your first lesson go over to Ron and after a short cut 
    scene you need to follow him all the way down to the dungeon for your first 
    Potions lesson. Before you can get there however you are delayed in the main 
    hall by Professor McGonagall for a little lecture on house points, when she’s 
    done carry on down to your lesson. 
    Once again before you actually get to your lesson you are stopped by a cut 
    scene, this time you are introduced to Malfoy, after a little back and forth 
    you are finally free to enter the classroom, it’s a miracle you never got 
    deducted any house points for being late.
    Anyway potions are very straight forward , just listen to Snape go on for a 
    bit and you will be given a list of ingredients to get for your next lesson, 
    don’t worry there’s time for that later. When you have the list its lesson 
    over, if only they were that short in real life eh? After potions it’s onto 
    Defense Against the Dark Arts, just follow Hermione. When you get to the 
    classroom you will be set your first spell challenge, Lumos.
    ~~~Lumos Challenge~~~
    As soon as you start there is another page for your Folio Bruti on your right 
    so pick that up. Ignore the tapestry on your right as you can’t get past this 
    until you have another spell. Walk forward into the next room and if need be 
    open the chest on your right for a cauldron cake. When your ready wall sneak 
    on the broken ledge to the left of the door being careful to avoid the moving 
    When you’re across a cut scene will deal with the majority of the imps leaving 
    you with just one to contend with so Flipendo him and place him in the cage 
    provided. With this done a challenge shield will appear, pick it up. Use the 
    chest by the cage for a health item if need be then jump across the broken 
    bridge. Don’t worry about the falling bits at the other side; Harry will grab 
    the edge before you plummet to your death. When you’re across enter the door 
    in front of you.
    This room is quite simple and a nice easy one to break you in with. Walk 
    forward to the light in the centre of the room then walk off to the right. Go 
    up the ladder and grab the block up there. You can probably see exactly where 
    the block needs to go but before you put it in the hole, move it over to the 
    ledge by the pillar and use it to get up to a chest worth a health item if you 
    need it. When you’re ready put the block into the hole and it will open the 
    flaps in the centre of the room.
    Climb back down the ladder and jump across to the ledge left of the alcove you 
    were just in. Flipendo the imp that is in a little niche just above you then 
    walk along the platform opening the chests for two health items and an owl 
    treat in the middle chest. Continue to the end of the platform and Flipendo a 
    second imp in another niche above you then jump the next gap.
    Climb the ladder here and do exactly as you just did in the last alcove. Move 
    the block over to the ledge first and use it to get up to some beans and 
    another health chest. Now move it into the hole to reveal an owl perch.
    Go back to the centre of the room and call Hedwig to the perch then feed her 
    the owl treat you collected earlier. When she has had her fill she will drop 
    down a ladder for you to use but before you go up it, drop down to the floor 
    of the room below you and find the two imps you knocked down just now.
    Do your thing with them and place each one in a cage so you can get to the 
    ledges behind, one contains a challenge shield and wizard card #18 and the 
    other has your third challenge shield and a health item. 
    To get back up to the ladder you must head towards the Flipendo pad sitting on 
    the outer wall between two burning torches, Flipendo this and part of the 
    upper level will drop down for you to walk back up to the owl perch and 
    ladder. Now just climb the ladder to the next room.
    Up here there are two imps standing on the bookcases so you should know what 
    to do with them by now. When both of them are in there cages the door at the 
    other end of the room will unlock allowing you to exit, but before you go c
    heck behind the second bookcase for another shield, then enter the next room.
    When the door has closed behind you pick up the spell book and the bars in 
    front of you will sink away. Assign Lumos to a button and then light it. Walk 
    along the wall to the left of the door, (if you were facing it) and Lumos will 
    show you the floor boards to avoid. In the corner you will find a door, go 
    through. Pick up the beans and open the chest for the health item if you need 
    it then open the gold chest for card # 98.
    When you’re ready leave the room and light Lumos again. Follow the next wall 
    along and when you are almost at the illuminated doorway a hidden panel will 
    be revealed by Lumos, push it and enter. In here there are two ghosts, to get 
    rid of them you simply have to shine Lumos on them a few times. Each time you 
    get a hit they will disappear and reappear somewhere else in the room, just 
    hit them again and after you have hit them about four times each they’re done 
    When you have disposed of them a challenge shield will appear as will a 
    Flipendo pad. Pick up the shield and hit the pad which will open the doorway 
    at the far end of the next room. Open the chests in here for health item if 
    you need it then go back out into the previous room.
    Light Lumos once more and continue to follow the wall along past the door and 
    pick up the shield, behind that there is another hidden panel so push it and 
    go through. All you need to do in here is hop up to the block on the upper 
    ledge in here and push it off so it lands on the floor, then pull it along 
    until it slips into the hole. With this done the last door opens allowing you 
    to walk through the hall, picking up the beans as you go and go through the 
    next archway.
    Walk to the end of the platform and then turn around so you are facing the 
    arch you just came through. To the left of it is a Flipendo pad so hit that 
    and a statue will be lifted up behind you. All you have to do here is shine 
    Lumos on the statue and he will reveal some hidden platforms for you. Jump 
    onto the first one then across to the next and turn to your right. Jump to the 
    platform there and go through the door. Walk forward and get the challenge 
    shield and open the chest if you need to then go back out. Climb the rest of 
    the platforms to the top of the room and pick up the last shield.
    Now simply go through the crawl space, pick up the beans and walk to the dark 
    end of the room. Light Lumos to reveal the panel and walk through. Now all you 
    have to do is go back through the crawl space here to return to the classroom. 
    Professor Quarrel will give you a B which will earn your house 30 points.
    Don't worry yet about getting the perfect grades as you need other spells to 
    get this. You can come back later to repeat the challenge and get full marks 
    later when you have the right spells. For now just leave the class room.
    ~~~Flying Practice~~~
    Outside Ron will tell you it’s time for your flying lessons so follow him out 
    into the grounds. Madam Hooch will be teaching you to fly, it’s fairly simple 
    when you get the hang of it but it can be frustrating to start. After she has 
    taught you to fly she will set you an exam. You need to fly through as many 
    rings as you can in the set time. Ignore her when she says you can’t afford to 
    miss anymore as I missed 14 rings and still managed to get a distinction. If 
    however you get a low grade and want to improve it just speak to Madam Hooch 
    and she will give you a chance to improve your grade. 
    After Neville has fallen from his broom you and Malfoy pass a few words then 
    you need to chase him around the grounds on your broom. You don’t need to 
    catch him; you just need to catch up to him. When you do another cut scene or 
    two will ensue so sit back and relax for a moment. When they’re done follow 
    Ron and he will lead you to Hagrid’s hut. If you lose Ron try keeping your 
    eyes open for Hedwig, she will lead you there too.
    More cut scenes follow then Hagrid says you can use his garden to find your 
    potions ingredients.
    ~~~Hagrid’s Garden~~~
    Enter the garden and turn left at the fountain. Go through the door and take a 
    look around. On the shelves you will find some jars for some beans and there 
    is a chest in the corner for some health if you need it. When you have cleaned 
    up head up the stairs and break the jars up here so you can collect the beans 
    when you come back down then go through the crawl space. Open the chest for 
    card # 12 then go back through the crawl space and down the stairs.
    Collect the beans then stand at the bottom of the stairs and face the wall 
    then light Lumos to reveal a hidden panel. Walk outside and follow the trail 
    round until you find another crawl space leading into a cave. Open the chest 
    for a cauldron cake if needed and exit through the crawl space opposite the 
    one you came in through. 
    Follow the trail once again and you will have your first encounter with 
    gnomes. You can deal with these in more or less the same way as imps, Flipendo 
    them and pick them up when they are down. When you have your first gnome take 
    him behind the large tree on the left and you will find a hole. Get close 
    enough to the hole so the A button says throw down hole and do it. Do this 
    with all three gnomes and the bars in front of the Lumos statue will 
    disappear, you know what to do.
    Go over and Lumos the statue and he will show you his platform. You can get on 
    it in two ways, one is to run down the hill then back up towards the platform 
    and Harry will jump up and grab it and the second is to use the ledge at the 
    far end of the shed to get onto the roof and jump across that way.
    Either way get onto the platform and look to the left of the shed where you 
    should see a gold chest and a little ledge leading to it, jump across and wall 
    sneak over to the chest to get card # 10. Get back onto the platform either by 
    dropping down and jumping back up to it or wall sneaking back across then 
    jumping to it.
    Whichever way you choose, when you get onto it you will see a second one, jump 
    to that and when your feet touch the platform the first one will disappear and 
    another will be revealed. As you jump from each platform to another, this will 
    keep happening so follow them round until you can jump onto the grassy ledge 
    that leads behind the waterfall. Inside this cave off to the left there is a 
    little plant with white flowers, walk over and pick it up and you have your 
    first ingredient, asphodel. 
    When you have picked the plant four more gnomes appear but don’t fret, there 
    is a purpose. Drop back down outside the waterfall and dispose of these gnomes 
    as you did the last and when the last one has dropped, the bars in front of 
    the gold chest will be gone. Go over and open it up to be rewarded with card # 
    17. When you have got this card follow your trail back and leave the garden as 
    this is the only ingredient you can get at this time.
    Outside if you talk to Ron he says it’s time for bed but before you go this is 
    an ideal time to collect beans without a problem so when you have ended the 
    day you can go straight to Fred & George’s shop and spend away. Don’t forget 
    the lost and found as well, as the more cards you get the more health you get. 
    When all is said and done end the day, phew that was a long one!
    ~~~Night Two~~~
    The nights in this place can be a pain because of the prefects walking around 
    just giving you hell, and as each night passes it gets tougher. I normally 
    can’t wait to get them over with and get onto the next day. However the first 
    night is not too bad.
    You will start your night up in the dormitory alone as usual so go down 
    through the common room and into the hall beyond that to find Ron. It’s time 
    for your wizard’s duel with Malfoy. 
    After the cut scene you need to leave Gryffindor Tower but I would advise you 
    to go and spend your beans first as you will be facing ghosts in a minute and 
    you don’t want to lose the beans it has taken you so long to collect. When 
    you’re ready, leave the tower and you will meet Ron and Hermione outside for 
    another cut scene. 
    When this is done you will need to follow Ron to the trophy room to meet 
    Malfoy. When you get there Malfoy is ready for you but unfortunately he has a 
    little trick in store. By the time he is done you are in the hidden corridor 
    and on the run from Snape, The only way out is locked but you can open the 
    door by finding the Alohomora spell book.
    Go through the crawl space shown to you by Hermione and you will find yourself 
    in the library. Walk forward to the alcove that sits between the two sets of 
    stairs and you will see the book sitting on it’s stand, pick it up. Assign 
    your spell and close the book. When you have, two ghosts will come into the 
    library so get rid of them with your Lumos spell. When they are gone a chest 
    will appear with card # 78. Pick up the card go back to Ron and Hermione 
    through the crawl space.
    Unlock the door with your new spell and go through it in the nick of time 
    before Snape comes. After seeing Snape having a saunter, go across the 
    corridor and go through the door that your friends are stood by. On the other 
    side Hermione will show you what door to go through, unfortunately it’s the 
    wrong one and you come face to face with Fluffy. After the cut scene you will 
    be back in the other room and Hermione will show you the right door to go 
    through. You will find yourself on the 3rd floor and all you need to do now 
    get back to Gryffindor Tower and end your day.
    ~~~Day Three~~~
    Go down to the common room and you will find that your first lesson is charms 
    with Professor Flitwick so follow them down to the 2nd floor and enter the 
    classroom they are stood outside of.
    ~~~Spongify Challenge~~~
    When Professor Flitwick has set you your task and you have gone through the 
    crawl space, your second challenge begins. You will be able to see another 
    page for your Folio Bruti right in front of you when you start, so pick that 
    up then walk through the doorway in front of you. 
    Flipendo the fire crab to your right as you enter then keep Flipendo-ing it so 
    that it bounces along the floor and will eventually fall down the gap. Walk 
    around the central pillar and you will find another crab, do the same to this 
    one and a chest will be revealed with a wizard card pack inside. When you are 
    ready go up the staircase and pick up the spell book at the top. 
    When you have assigned your spell, go around the other side of the wall behind 
    the spell book and you will see an alcove with two flaming bowls in it. Stand 
    in there and light Lumos to reveal a hidden panel, push it and go through. 
    Shoot down the imp then hit him again so you can pick him up and put him in 
    his cage. Now use the cage to pull yourself up to the ledge behind and get a 
    challenge shield and a health item if you need it. Drop back down and go back 
    into the room that had the spell book. 
    Walk around the outside wall again until you find another alcove and light 
    Lumos to reveal the panel, push it and go in. In this one you need to move the 
    block over so you can use it to pull yourself up to the ledge above and get 
    another challenge shield and stock up on health if you need to. With all this 
    done go back out into the first room and go down the passageway that leads off 
    from this room. 
    Pull yourself up onto the ledge when you get there and use Spongify on the pad 
    on the floor, then walk over it so it will spring you up onto the higher 
    ledge. Don’t forget the challenge shield that is on the wall you just jumped 
    over then move the block over to the crawl space and go through it.
    This room is a bit of a pain as you must not forget anything on the way up. 
    When you go up you can’t come back down or it kills you, nice! Anyway first 
    job on the agenda is to dispose of the ghosts with your Lumos so do that. With 
    them gone you will be shown a Spongify pad in the floor so do the magic and 
    jump up to the next level.
    Go through the door and get the frog if you need it then follow the passage 
    right round into the room at the end. Use Spongify on the pad on the floor and 
    jump to the ledge. Up here is another shield and a chest with card # 75. 
    Collect both then go back out through the door.
    Go up the stairs and use the Spongify pad to jump onto the pillar that juts 
    out from the central column, then use Flipendo on the pad on the wall of the 
    pillar. This will raise your platform up to a new level and reveal another 
    Spongify pad. Do your stuff and get up to the ledge just above you. Head up 
    the stairs and jump the gap you reach at the top to get over to the platform 
    you can see from here. 
    Go up the next flight of stairs and use Alohomora to enter the door at the 
    top. Follow this passage to it’s end and Flipendo the crab until it falls into 
    oblivion. This will cause a block to drop from the ceiling. Before you go over 
    to it, walk to the edge of the path you are on, being careful not to fall off 
    of course, and Flipendo the pad that you can see on the far wall. This will 
    lower the bars blocking the Lumos statue meaning you can now walk back to it 
    and move the block over to the alcove it is sitting on and pull yourself up to 
    it. When you have done this light Lumos and a platform will be revealed by the 
    Flipendo pad you just hit. 
    Walk back over there and jump onto the platform. Either side of this platform 
    are two more alcoves, the one on your left contains a challenge shield and a 
    gold chest with card # 8 and the one on the right contains another gold chest 
    with card # 27. 
    When you have them both go back to the block and move it to the hole in the 
    floor. When this is done the pillar outside the door will light and the 
    central platform will rotate to your side of the room. 
    Leave this room and walk forward, then hit the Flipendo pad on the central 
    pillar again. Once again it will move you around the room but the Spongify pad 
    remains hidden this time, although there is another one just beyond that one. 
    Ignore this pad for now and turn to your left where you will see another 
    platform that you can jump to, be careful with this one though as I usually 
    miss it at least once. When you are across enter the door. Follow the passage 
    once more and you will find some imps at the other end, deal with them and 
    climb up to the ledges above their cages. 
    Light Lumos at the statue in the right hand alcove to reveal his platforms and 
    collect the health item from the left hand alcove if you need it. Drop back 
    down and face the wall that is blocking your way. Pull yourself onto it but 
    don’t jump off the other side without looking where you are going. Collect the 
    shield then hop down from the middle of the wall and you will land safely on 
    the platform below.
    Pick up the next shield that’s right in front of you then turn round to face 
    the wall you just jumped over. Hit the Flipendo pad and the bars beside you 
    will rise letting two fire crabs out. Get rid of them both and a block will 
    fall from the ceiling, move it into the hole in the floor. This raises the 
    central platform once more so go back out the door you came in through.
    Jump back across to the platform you were on before and use the Spongify pad 
    to get onto the raised platform. Turn to face the outside wall and use the 
    Spongify pad to get up to the ledge above you, you will find yourself at the 
    foot of two flights of stairs, go up the right hand side first. Go through the 
    arch at the top and light Lumos for the statue in there. As there is nothing 
    else to do in here go back down the stairs and up the other side.All that’s 
    left to do now is jump onto the green platform then walk forward and exit 
    through the crawl space. 
    You will get a good grade for that but it can be improved upon later when you 
    have more spells. After you have completed the challenge and been graded, 
    Professor Flitwick will pass on a reminder from Snape about your ingredients 
    so head on down to Hagrid’s garden, (with a lecture from Snape along the way). 
    Before entering the garden walk over to Ron and Hagrid and have a nice little 
    chat, then go over to the garden gate.
    ~~~Hagrid’s Garden~~~
    Enter the garden and go into the stone building you went in the first time you 
    were here. Inside you will find an Alohomora door that you are now able to 
    unlock, do this and go through to find a greenhouse on your right. Go in there 
    and you will see the second ingredient you need, dittany. 
    When you pick it up a bunch of Doxies will fly down and bug you to hell. You 
    can get rid of these with a couple of well aimed Flipendo but it is not 
    necessary as you are not rewarded for your trouble. You can now go back out to 
    the fountain and find the Spongify pad beside the building you just came out 
    Use the pad to jump up to the gap between the stone building and garden wall 
    and follow the trail round to a crawl space that leads into a cave. Go in and 
    look around until you can see the Folio Bruti page, pick it up and then leave 
    through the other crawl space that you haven’t used yet. 
    Follow this path round and you will come out by a large dead tree with a hole 
    in it’s side, in this hole is a Bowtruckle. To kill these you need to use 
    Flipendo just like you do for most other enemies. One good hit will sort them 
    out but it’s hard to get them targeted properly so it may take a few attempts, 
    you need to avoid the things they throw at you so be careful. 
    When you’re ready use the Spongify pad to get over the tree root and there is 
    another Bowtruckle in a hole, deal with this one and use this Spongify pad to 
    get over the next root. On this side there is a hole with two Bowtruckles, 
    clear them out.
    When your way is clear, head across the bridge and walk up to the gap in the 
    wall of the big hollow tree. In here you will see three Bowtruckles and they 
    are standing in front of your final ingredient. Get rid of the Bowtruckles 
    then jump across and pick it up. If you want some health drop down into the 
    gap you just jumped over, if not just jump back across and make your way out 
    of the garden. When you are outside you can choose to end the day or look 
    around as you please.
    ~~~Night Three~~~
    Another night, another challenge, although this one is also not that bad, all 
    you have to do is beat up a fully grown troll. No, it’s not as bad as it 
    sounds but we’ll get to that later. For now just walk down to the common room 
    and talk to Ron. Follow him down to the great hall and make the most of your 
    dinner as it’s about to be interrupted.
    While you are enjoying the lovely Halloween feast Professor Quirrell comes in 
    screaming like a girl about a troll. Unfortunately Hermione doesn’t know about 
    the troll so it’s Harry to the rescue. Head up to the second floor and enter 
    the girl’s bathroom. Inside you will see your first troll but they’re not as 
    tough as they look. 
    To beat the troll you need to Spongify one of the pads and wait for the troll 
    to start swinging his club above his head. Just when he is about to bring it 
    down on your head use the pad to jump clear leaving the troll to hit the pad 
    and have his club bounce back up and hit himself over the head. Five hits like 
    this and he’s out cold but watch out for the rocks he will sometimes throw and 
    get out of the way if he brings down his club without swinging it above his 
    head first as it sends out a shock-wave that will hurt you if you are caught 
    in it.
    When he is gone open the chest that appears in the middle of the room for card 
    # 6 and use the Spongify pads to get up on top of the toilet cubicles to open 
    the chests. If you are having trouble getting up to the gold chest that’s 
    right in the middle then aim to catch the ledge either to the left or right of 
    the door, when you get it open the chest has card # 68.
    When you are ready go over towards Hermione and slip through the rubble to 
    face the music. When all is said and done, end your night and prepare for the 
    next day.
    ~~~Day Four~~~
    Go downstairs and talk to Hermione who tells you it’s time for potions, 
    thankfully we have all the ingredients so go down to the dungeon and listen to 
    yet another lecture. When Snape has finished he will leave you with another 
    list of ingredients to collect but now is not the time. Fill your potion vial 
    with Wiggenweld potion, this will come in handy later then leave the dungeon. 
    Time for another spell challenge and this one takes place in the Herbology 
    greenhouse so go outside and head over towards Hagrid’s but take the left fork 
    in the path and that will lead you to the greenhouse, go in and let your next 
    challenge commence.
    ~~~Diffindo Challenge~~~
    Walk through the door in front of you and pick up the Folio Bruti page beside 
    the exit. You will have to ignore the tapestry on your right because even 
    though you are going to get the spell that can deal with these, you will not 
    have a chance to come back to it. You will have to wait until you can repeat 
    the challenge.
    Go out through the door and you will find yourself faced with another troll, 
    deal with this one in the same way you did the last. When he is defeated a 
    tree will fall providing you with a bridge, before you cross though don’t 
    forget to pick up the shield that is now by the door you came out through.
    Walk onto the bridge but don’t cross it all the way, drop down and get the 
    gnome. Drop him into the hole at the end of the path then get the other one 
    and do the same. When they are gone, walk to the other end of the path and 
    pick up the challenge shield, you can then walk back to the other end and use 
    the tree root to get back up and cross the bridge properly.
    Follow the path and jump over the two fallen tree trunks. Stop before the 
    trunk that is resting above your head and you will see the Flipendo pad on its 
    side, hit it and it will sort out those Horklumps for you. Ignore the shield 
    surrounded by the remaining Horklumps for now as you can’t get rid of these 
    ones yet, just follow the path round until you come to another bridge, drop 
    down here.
    At one end of the path is a perch for Hedwig and at the other is a chest with 
    an owl treat. Get the treat out of the chest then walk into the dark corner 
    behind the chest and light Lumos, you will see a hidden panel in the brick 
    wall, push it and you will find a gold chest with card # 19. 
    Take the owl treat down to the perch and call Hedwig then give her the treat, 
    (don’t forget to get the shield that’s on your right on your way to the perch).
    When Hedwig has had her fill she will fan away the pile of leaves by her perch 
    to uncover a Lumos statue, you should know the drill by now. He will light up 
    some platforms that you can now use to get back up to where you were, then 
    cross the bridge.
    When you get across you will see the Diffindo spell book but it is being 
    guarded by two Gytrashes, use Lumos on them in the same way you do the ghosts 
    and they will be gone in no time leaving you free to pick up the spell book. 
    Assign the spell then target the ropes on the bridge. Hit them with your new 
    spell and it will cut straight through them bringing down the bridge for you 
    It will also bring down two gnomes but after trolls they’re nothing now so get 
    rid of them in the hole provided then open the new chest and get card #  57. 
    Before going up the bridge walk over to the opposite corner and you will find 
    a group of Horklumps, hit one with Flipendo then when it has shrunk in size, 
    get it with Diffindo. Do this with each of the Horklumps and they are gone for
    good. Okay now you know what to do with Horklumps walk back across the bridge 
    you came over on and back track to the Horklumps you passed earlier and 
    dispose of them to get the shield. Now you can go up the bridge you just 
    At the top you need to stand on the platform that is being held up by a rope 
    and use Diffindo. This will cause you to fall but don’t worry, it doesn’t 
    hurt. Run around the tree until you can find a shield hidden behind a root, 
    then leave through the tunnel in the rock-face.
    You will come out by another troll and an open space that has a sort of 
    assault course theme to it. First things first, get rid of the troll. Empty 
    the chest that you get when he’s out cold and you will get card # 26. When you 
    have done that walk past the sleeping troll and follow the path round until 
    you find a grassy ramp. Go up this and you will see a shield in a nook, pick 
    it up. 
    Continue on round the tree and you will find another shield, when you have 
    picked that up go back to the opening of the tunnel you came in through. Take 
    a stroll down the other side of the tree and jump over the tree root blocking 
    your path. On your right is another chest with card # 87. 
    Finally go back to the tunnel opening one more time. Go up the ramp that 
    starts at the tunnels mouth and turn left. Jump the gap and follow the ledge 
    then jump the next gap. Keep going and jump yet another gap so you land onto 
    the tree branch, walk to the end of this and jump off onto the grassy ledge. 
    Turn left here and walk along this ledge until you get to the thrashing roots. 
    Wall sneak past these roots and good luck because I get hit by them nearly 
    every time I do this. When you get past them go on a little way more and get 
    rid of the Horklumps blocking your path. When you are past them there will be 
    another gap to jump so do that then walk to the end of the grassy ledge.
    You will now be able to jump back onto the tree via anther ledge in front of 
    you then across to another one that has an archway on it. Go through the arch 
    and follow the wooden path up and jump yet another gap! When you reach the end 
    of the path you might be able to see a green verge on your right that you 
    should jump to, but before you do look over the edge of the ledge you are 
    stood on and you will see a chest, hop down and open it for card # 84. When 
    you have this pull yourself back up and jump across to the grassy bit yonder.
    Get the imp down off his perch and get him in his cage and you will get 
    another shield. As you pick this one up you will be able to see another in the 
    distance behind a Horklump, use Flipendo and Diffindo to get rid of it and 
    pick up the shield. When you have it go through the crawl space the Horklump 
    was blocking.
    When the crawl space has been blocked off, leave the shed via the doorway and 
    you will come face to face with the Venemous Tentacula oooh! Don’t worry you 
    won’t get to fight it yet as Professor Sprout comes in and ends your challenge.
    With eight shields you should have some good house points and a good grade. 
    Now all you have to do is leave the greenhouse. Now you can explore or end 
    your day, the choice is yours.
    ~~~Night Four~~~
    It’s Christmas time at Hogwarts and time for a midnight stroll. With your new 
    invisibility cloak you can go and look up Nicholas Flamel in the restricted 
    section. With the aid of your cloak it’s easy enough to get into the section 
    you need. Follow Ron down to the common room and after a cut scene it’s off to 
    the library. Go down to the second floor and enter the library annex. Upon 
    entering you will notice the place is crawling with prefects but you will also 
    be wearing your father’s cloak. You can walk freely about as although they can 
    hear you, they can’t see you, just don’t walk into anyone. 
    Go over towards the main entrance into the library but go right when you reach 
    the door. On this side you will find a grey door that is the entrance into the 
    restricted section, mind the prefect stood in front of the door so slip by him 
    and go inside. In here you have a lot of prefects walking around the 
    bookshelves, find your way to the other end of the room without hitting a 
    prefect along the way and don’t walk directly in front of them or they will 
    see the tip of your wand and kick you out meaning you have to start over. When 
    you reach the far side go through the crawl space, phew! 
    In this room you can move more freely but don’t go too far into the room 
    without emptying the chest there because those bookcases will close behind you 
    and there’s no going back. Open the chest and get card # 25 and get the Folio 
    Bruti page from the corner.
    When you have both of these items walk forward and the bookcases will close 
    behind you. Oh you’re going to love this room. Run over to the far corner of 
    the room and climb the ladder there then wall sneak across to the next ledge, 
    avoiding the books that are putting themselves away. Climb the next ladder and 
    wall sneak again. 
    When you reach the other side and walk onto the middle of this ledge, the 
    centre bit will rise up and take you to another level, walk to the far end of 
    the ledge you are on and Flipendo the pad on the far side wall. This moves the 
    far platform out a bit meaning Harry can now jump the distance so do so, then 
    wall sneak again!
    The middle of this next ledge will also rise up and you can jump across to the 
    next platform, just watch out for books as a hit from those can cause you to 
    fall all the way down again. Keep jumping from ledge to ledge around the room 
    until you reach the stone ledge with a tapestry on it. Use Diffindo on the 
    tapestry and go through the doorway.
    Empty the chests of their health items if you need it and go through the door 
    at the other end of this room. You will now find yourself in a large room with 
    two ghosts, you know the score. When the ghosts are gone a Spongify pad 
    appears, use it and get up to the ledge above. 
    Walk to the right hand side and hit the Flipendo pad then drop back down and 
    go through the newly opened bookcase. Against the wall you will find another 
    Flipendo pad, hit it and the middle of the room will open and bring up another 
    rotating cog device like the one in Mr Ollivander's shop, do to that exactly 
    what you did to the other one. 
    Three hits and the bookcase on the other side of the room will part giving you 
    access to this part of the room but before you go rushing in like a bull at a 
    gate, beware of the prefect that is in there. All you are looking for is a 
    ladder on the end of a bookcase on your left hand side just as you pass the 
    bookcase that opened, climb that and the prefect is non the wiser.
    Jump across to the Lumos statue on your right and do your stuff. When he has 
    revealed his platforms, climb back down the ladder and run so the prefect 
    doesn’t see you and get back over to the other side of the room where you hit 
    the first Flipendo pad.  
    When you get there pull yourself up onto the platforms and get the book you 
    are after from the stand in the corner on top of the bookcase. Now you have to 
    find your way out of here. Go out through the door you came in by, you’ll know 
    you have the right one because only one will open. When you walk through the 
    room the bookcases will move and reveal another crawl space, use it. 
    When you come out the other side the earlier bookcases will have moved back 
    into place leaving your path clear. You are now wearing the invisibility cloak 
    again and it’s time to get past all those prefects and now Filch too. When you 
    have the safety of the hall again you will get a cut scene so just heave a 
    sigh of relief and sit back for a mo.
    After you have watched Peeves run off with your book you must chase him up the 
    stairs and into the fifth floor. Go into the classroom that has previously 
    been off limits and get your book back and you can have another breather 
    during a cut scene.  All that’s left to do now is end the night.
    ~~~Day Five~~~
    Day Five
    You start your day at breakfast and finally get your nimbus 2000. Before you 
    can try it out however, you have another charms class and it’s time to get 
    your last spell. Go on up to Professor Flitwick's room and prepare for your 
    last challenge. 
    ~~~Incendio Challenge~~~
    Start out by walking up the stairs and into the main room, you will be able to 
    see the spell book but not get to it, don’t worry we’ll get it in a minute. 
    The first thing in front of you will be a shield so pick it up then deal with 
    the fire crab by pushing it off the edge with Flipendo. Keep walking around 
    until you find a Flipendo pad which will bring out a platform beside you, walk 
    across it and shine Lumos onto the statue. You can now use the platforms to 
    get to the upper level so do that now, collecting a challenge shield as you go. 
    When you are up you can pick up another shield between the two small pillars 
    on your right then go back to the fire-spewing hog statue by the green 
    platforms you came up by. Wait until he has just shot a flame out of his 
    mouth, then chase the flame down the path and when you are in the next room, 
    move aside quickly before his next flame comes down after you.
    Follow the passage round and up the stairs into another room and Spongify the 
    pad on the floor. Use this to propel yourself up to the next ledge being 
    careful to time your jumps between the flames. Repeat the process up to the 
    next ledge and then wall sneak across to another one but mind the flames that 
    come out of the wall. Spongify one last pad and you are at the top of the 
    Up here you will find a block, push it over the edge so it falls to the very 
    bottom of the room, then turn around and look for an owl perch on one ledge 
    and two chests on another. Wall sneak over to the chests first and get the owl 
    treat then wall sneak across both walls to get to the perch. Call Hedwig and 
    feed her the treat and she will drop a ladder down so you can reach the bottom 
    of the room the not so painful way, so sneak back across to the other platform 
    and descend the ladder.
    Get hold of the block you pushed down earlier and put it in the hole in the 
    corner of the room. This will stop the hog in the main room from breathing 
    fire and put him out of action but it will also lock the door to the room you 
    are in and release two fire crabs. You will also notice that a large hole in 
    the floor has appeared so Flipendo the crabs and knock them down that hole, 
    when they are gone the door will be open again. When you have cleared the 
    room, Spongify your way back up the first two pads and you will find a 
    challenge shield on the next platform.
    Go out the door and directly facing you will be an Alohomora door, do your 
    magic and go through. Open the chest in here and you will get card # 92, you 
    can then go back out and return to the main room. When you get there you will 
    see a Flipendo pad on the belly of the hog that is now facing upwards, hit it 
    and it will lower the first set of bars.
    After you have lowered the bars, go over and stand by the next hog. Do the 
    same here as you did before and cross the bridge into another room. Follow the 
    passage round until you emerge in a smaller room with two pillars and a 
    flaming grate between the two. You need to cross this grate so wait until the 
    flames have died down then run for your life, (okay so I can be a bit 
    To get past these smaller hogs you must Flipendo one and then Flipendo the 
    other as quickly as you can then run past while they are still facing upwards. 
    with this done follow the path once more.
    When you enter the next room the game will give you a nice glance around. 
    Flipendo the three hogs so you can pass them,  then put one imp in the cage 
    and throw the other over the edge, he he. Use the cage to get up to the higher 
    ledge and open the chest for card # 33 then walk back to the opening of this 
    ledge and target the ropes holding that ramp up. Hit them with your Diffindo 
    and go up the newly lowered ramp so you can Diffindo the rope holding that 
    block in place. 
    Yes you guessed it, go back down the ramp and put the block in the hole. This 
    stops the second hog in the main room and releases another two fire crabs, but 
    they can easily go over the edge. When they are gone pick up the challenge 
    shield that appears by the door and go back out into the main room again. 
    Flipendo the belly of the second hog and move on to the last one.
    Dodge the flames of this hog as you did the others and cross the bridge. A 
    little way down the passage you will come to two tapestries, Diffindo the one 
    on the left and go through the arch to open the chest. When you have got the 
    wizard card pack go back out and carry on up the passage. 
    When you go through the arch at the end keep going and Harry will jump the gap 
    you didn’t know was there and land safely on another ledge. Turn left and jump 
    across to the next ledge then face the wall and light Lumos, push the panel it 
    reveals and enter. Kill the ghost and empty the chest if needed then go back 
    to the central ledge and jump across to the ledge on the other side of the 
    room. Reveal the panel and go in and get the health item if needed, then once 
    again return to the middle ledge.
    Turn and face up the room and jump across to the ledge then jump to the one on 
    your left. Reveal the panel and inside you will find a Lumos statue, so light 
    Lumos to see his platforms. Before you jump across to his platform, go across 
    the room once more for the last hidden panel where you will find a challenge 
    shield and another ghost, get the shield and get rid of the ghost. You can now 
    go over to the green platform and be lifted up to the top part of the room.
    Move around the room by running across the grates when the flames are down and 
    you will eventually come across a break in the outside wall giving you an 
    opening to jump through to get to another platform. 
    From there you can turn to your left and see a Flipendo pad in the wall, hit 
    it to release a block. Turn 180 degrees and jump across to the block then put 
    it in the hole. This turns off your last hog and releases two more ghosts on 
    the level below. Work your way back down to them and get shot of them to 
    reopen the door. I now suggest you get the shield and go back to the main 
    Flipendo the pad on the belly of the last hog and you are free to get the 
    spell book.  After you have picked up the book you will see one of those small 
    pillars ignite giving you a pretty good hint as to what to do next. Use 
    Incendio on the other one and your escape route is made clear. 
    Drop down between the two small pillars to collect the shield and then go down 
    to the bottom level to find another shield across the new bridge then go into 
    the passage beyond that. Follow this round and empty the chests as you need 
    then carry on round to collect your last shield through the open doorway for a 
    perfect grade. Empty the chest to get card # 3 then go back and use the door 
    you passed as you were coming into this room. Now you have to face the 
    Venemous Tentacula.
    To deal with this you must first target his hands and use Diffindo on them to 
    cut them off. Next target it’s head and hit it with Diffindo to get this plant 
    to open his mouth.  When it’s mouth is open hit it with an Incendio. Try to 
    charge your Incendio even just a bit if you can as this will reduce the amount 
    of times you have to repeat this process. 
    Dodge his green spit, (nice), and mind out for the shockwaves from his hands 
    then just keep going until it is dead. When its gone two of the three panels 
    behind it will open revealing torches. Light these torches using Incendio and 
    the crawl space will finally open leaving you free to go.
    When you have been awarded your grade and house points you can leave the 
    classroom. Out side you are met by a strange looking boy who informs you that 
    you must go to the common room so I suppose you must do as he says, go on up 
    to Gryffindor Tower. After a brief chat with Neville you finally find Nicholas 
    Flamel on the back of a wizard card. When all the chat is over and you have 
    your card, you are given the option of ending the day but now is a good time 
    to revisit the earlier challenges and pick up all the shields that you 
    couldn’t get before, this will up your grades and up your house points 
    ensuring that Gryffindor win the house cup. If you do want to revisit any of 
    the challenges see the next chapter, other wise just end your day.
    ~~~Night Five~~~
    When you enter the common room you will be met by Hedwig with a letter from 
    Hagrid. He invites you down to his hut so you can get an ingredient for 
    Potions. Watch your step when you leave the portrait as there is now a prefect 
    patrolling outside Gryffindor Tower, get past him and go down the staircase. 
    As you can see there are more prefects wandering around the main hall so watch 
    their timing and run when they have each disappeared down either side of the 
    staircase. Run straight across to the door and head outside. 
    There is now only one prefect standing between you and Hagrid’s and he is 
    lurking about outside the tunnel that leads to Hagrid’s hut. Wait until his 
    back is turned then run past him. When you do run out give him a wide berth 
    and try to run as far away from him as possible. When you have cleared him 
    there are two Gytrashes to contend with. I generally find it easier to run 
    away from these and not bother trying to kill them. When you finally reach 
    Hagrid you can watch another cut scene. 
    Follow Hagrid into his garden and he will open up another part of the garden 
    that you have not been in before. If you wish, before entering, you can 
    Diffindo the tapestry by the fountain and a chest is there with card # 38, 
    when you have the card follow Hagrid into the door.
    When you are inside Hagrid will walk forward and stop, leaving you to roam 
    around at your leisure. Take the path that leads off from Hagrid’s right and 
    get rid of the Horklumps there, then follow the trail when it is clear and 
    Harry will jump down into a clearing. Pick up the frogs if you need them then 
    get rid of the Gytrashes. Clear the Horklumps that are blocking the crawl 
    space then use it. In here you can find the ingredient you are looking for and 
    empty the chest for card # 70. You can then use the crawl space to the right 
    of the one you entered by.
    Jump down from the ledge and follow the path to the left back towards Hagrid. 
    When you get there you will have a cut scene and your first meeting with 
    Voldermort. Not a great deal happens, just a few more scenes then it’s time to 
    leave the garden again. When you step outside you can end the day rather than 
    trying to sneak past all those prefects again.
    ~~~Day Six~~~
    Back in the common room you can have a nice little chat with Ron about your 
    midnight excursion. When you have brought him up to speed you need to head 
    back outside and go to Hagrid’s garden for the last of your ingredients.
    ~~~Hagrid’s Garden~~~
    When you enter in the garden, remember the tapestry you cut down last night, 
    cut it down again and this time the way is not blocked by a chest. Follow the 
    path and go through the crawl space to enter, surprise surprise, another cave. 
    Pick up the Folio Bruti pages and leave through the other crawl space, the 
    dark one.
    Keep going round and up the stairs then take the right hand flight of stairs. 
    Go right again at the next fork in the path and you will find a Flobberworm, 
    now to get his mucus. Flipendo the Flobberworm to move it in the same way you 
    would a fire crab, and take it back to the fork you just came from. When you 
    get there, move the Flobberworm down the right hand path and put it on the 
    dark spot in the middle of the ledge. You will know when you have done this 
    right as a cut scene will show you that the cog below this ledge has started 
    Go back to the first fork in the path you came to and take the other turning. 
    Keep moving round until you reach the cog. Get rid of the Bowtruckles and 
    target the Flipendo pad on the cog just as you did in Mr Ollivander’s shop. 
    When you have hit it enough, it will rise up and squash that helpless little 
    Flobberworm flat, aaah. Now all you need to do is go back up the path and pick 
    up it’s mucus.
    With this done it is time to get your last ingredient so go back the way you 
    came and return to the fountain at the start of the garden. Turn right at the 
    fountain and you should be looking at some bars, either side of the bars there 
    are some Incendio pillars, light them and the bars will drop. Walk down there 
    and use the crawl space, pick up the Folio Bruti page and exit via another 
    crawl space, (how has this kid not worn holes in the knees of his trousers?).
    When you get to the end of this path you will see a little wooden shed, go 
    round the side and there is a crawl space, go inside and imprison those imps, 
    when all three are gone the bars on that brick wall will move aside clearing 
    your path.
    Before you go through the new opening, try the crawl space just to the left of 
    it. Empty the chest and you will be rewarded with card # 79, when you have 
    that go back out and use the new opening.
    When you go in the bars close behind you and you are faced with gnomes, throw 
    them in the hole. When they are gone the next lot of bars will open so go 
    through there and you are faced with another lovely Venemous Tentacula. Deal 
    with it the same way you did the last and when it’s done and dusted the next 
    bars will open.
    Following the path you will eventually come out by a large tree with the 
    Puffapods nearby being guarded by Doxies, clear out the Doxies then hit the 
    Puffapods with a Flipendo each. Wait for the yellow haze to disappear and when 
    it has there will be little white spots floating in the air, these are what 
    you must collect but don’t approach them before the haze has gone. Pick up the 
    Puffapod spores and look behind where they were. You should be able to see the 
    top of one of the walls you came through to get here. Climb up and jump from 
    wall to wall and you will be able to reach the chests on the far side with 
    cards # 55 and 90.
    With all this done you can now leave the garden and go to your potions lesson 
    at which time you will learn that it is time for your one and only, half a 
    Quidditch match.
    This is very quick and very easy and is only in there to fill in a gap in the 
    story line. Follow Ron down to the Quidditch pitch and prepare to face 
    Slytherin. All you need to do in this match is fly around after the golden 
    snitch until the cut scene takes over. Fly through the rings and just when you 
    are about to catch the snitch the game will take over. Watch the scenes then 
    take up the chase again, just when you’re about to catch it again, the game 
    kicks back in, oh it’s such a tease. After this scene take up the chase once 
    more and no you don't get to catch it, another cut scene and another chase and 
    just when you think you can enjoy a moment of glory, the game takes over and 
    catches the snitch for you, ruining your fun. Gee that was thrilling.
    Back outside the story is finally starting to come together and you have to go 
    to the staff room to find Dumbledore, don’t worry, follow Hermione and Ron. 
    When you reach the staff room the game takes over so let it do it’s thing and 
    relax for a minute. After Snape has dismissed your claim there really isn’t 
    anything more you can do for today, at least not until you start the night. A 
    word of warning though before you end the day, redo any challenges you have 
    not yet got a distinction on, collect any lost and found items you have yet to 
    trace and get your card collection up to date, you are nearing the end of the 
    game. Don’t panic if you don’t want to get everything now but I would advise 
    you get all the cards you can to get your health to maximum as you have a few 
    hard battles ahead and will need all the health you can get.
    ~~~Night Six~~~
    When you go down to the common room Harry can discuss the situation with Ron 
    and Hermione. With Dumbledore gone, it’s up to you three to sort this out. 
    Three guesses where you’re going, yup, the third floor, off you go. Open the 
    door to the forbidden corridor and retrace your steps back to fluffy. When you 
    reach fluffy a cut scene takes over and you will not regain control until you 
    have gone down through the trap door. 
    Oh joy, another plant to beat, funny how it looks just like a Venemous 
    Tentacula. Never mind at least you know how to defeat the Venemous “devil 
    snare” Tentacula. The difference is you have no room to run out of it’s arms 
    length and when you sever on arm the other one goes mental, the good news is 
    there’s no spitting, only biting. When it’s health start to get about half way 
    down it will bite you so watch your step and stay nimble. It’s bite is also 
    poisonous which gets to be a pain after your first bite when you have no more 
    antidote left. Keep hitting it until it is dead and it will release Ron and 
    you guys can move on. 
    In this next room you have to fly around with about a hundred keys trying to 
    chase you down and kill you. You need to chase the single key in front of you 
    through the rings in the same way you would a snitch. When you catch up to it 
    Harry will tell Hermione to open the door and throw the key down to her, then 
    it’s on to the next room.
    Enter the room behind Hermione and enjoy the cut scenes. When they’re finished 
    you have to play chess, yes chess. Don’t worry the normal rules of chess don’t 
    apply here, it’s really more like a game of chequers. All pieces move only one 
    space at a time and it doesn’t matter if you lose or take a king, you still 
    play on. Your sole purpose is to get Harry and his piece to the other end of 
    the board and leave no white piece standing. I am not exactly sure of how I 
    got across so I can’t give you any advise on how to do this. If someone would 
    like to write something to put here then please feel free, you will get full 
    credit for it. After you have won at chess you will go onto the last room and 
    face your foe. 
    When all is revealed to you it is time to take a stand and bring Quirrell 
    down. To do this you must first defeat the Gytrashes he sets on you. Use your 
    Lumos as normal but be careful as these Gytrashes will shoot out sound-waves 
    that can hit you. When you have taken enough health from the Gytrashes the 
    blue ring will come down and Quirrell will start chanting. 
    You need to hit him with Flipendo before he can complete his chant or he will 
    release another Gytrash to replace one you have already gotten rid of. When 
    you have managed to get rid of all the Gytrashes you are left to face Quirrell 
    and Voldermort.
    If you thought the Gytrashes were annoying or even the Venemous Tentacula then 
    you are going to hate this. To start this battle you must avoid the flying 
    boulders that he throws at you, just keep moving and you will hopefully avoid 
    getting hit. Keep avoiding these boulders by running around until Quirrell 
    starts a new incantation. You will know when he is doing this as his wand will 
    glow red. When he does this make sure the white beam is connecting Harry to 
    the mirror and stand quite still. 
    Let the spell hit Harry and he will absorb 
    it. You must then let the spell charge slightly and when it is glowing a 
    brilliant white, (so the blue tint has all but disappeared), hit the A button 
    and send it back to him. 
    Make sure when you send it back you are facing 
    Quirrell as it will shoot out in a straight line so get a good aim. The timing 
    on this takes a little practice and can be touch and go but bear with it, it 
    comes together in the end. Follow this routine until you have hit him five 
    times, when you have, he’s toast! Congratulations you win!
    ~~~Day Seven~~~
    When all the scenes have ended you will find yourself back in the dormitory, 
    go downstairs and watch as Dumbledore dishes out the house points. Now all you 
    have to do is go down and enter the main hall to wallow in your glory. Pick up 
    anything you have missed on your way down and when you are satisfied you have 
    done all you can or want to do, enter the main hall for the closing sequences 
    of the game. Well done!
    Chapter 4	Side Quests
    4.1 Return Challenges 
    When you finally have all your spells you know that there is nothing stopping 
    you from getting a distinction in every challenge and taking the house points 
    so high there is no way that Gryffindor wont win the house cup. If you want to 
    return to any of the challenges it must be done during the day but only when 
    all your other tasks have been completed, basically when you are given the end 
    the day option. 
    Below I have included each challenge again in full, (as you 
    even have to collect the ones you got earlier to ensure top marks), all except 
    the last challenge, Incendio. I have not repeated this one as the walkthrough 
    tells you how to get every shield first time round. If you did miss one then 
    go back to that section of the walkthrough and go from there. To repeat any of 
    the challenges you must go back to the classroom where the challenge took 
    place and re-enter through the crawl space you used the first time around. 
    Okay, Lumos take two. Return to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom 
    and approach the portrait at the foot of the stairs, when it gives you the 
    opportunity, crawl into it. Straight away there is a tapestry on your left, 
    use Diffindo and go inside then do the same again with the tapestry in there.  
    Pick up the challenge shield and empty the chests if need be then return to 
    the start. 
    Walk into the next room and wall sneak past the moving blocks in the wall. Put 
    the imp in his cage and pick up the challenge shield. Cross the bridge by 
    jumping the gap but don’t enter the door, instead turn left. Here you are able 
    to wall sneak across to the broken ledge with the tapestry, when you get there 
    take it down. 
    In this new room, empty the chest if you need to then exit via the door on the 
    other side of the room. Watch your step in here as there is fire crab and no 
    hole to push them into. Run in and get the shield then run back out again. It 
    might help if you can give it a quick Flipendo on the way in then get the 
    shield and leave again before it can right itself. With this done you can 
    return to the other room you were in and wall sneak back to the other door and 
    this time go through it.
    From here on in I am going to repeat all that you have done before but please 
    bear with me, this is purely for those of you who are only using the 
    walkthrough to find the missing challenge shields so I apologize to those who 
    have already been through this part with me.
    Walk forward and use the bridge that leads right. Use the ladder to climb up 
    and put the block in the hole. This will light the flame in the pillar beside 
    you and open the hole in the centre of the room. Climb back down and jump over 
    to the ledge on your right that runs around the room. Shoot down the imp and 
    open the middle chest for an owl treat, then walk forward and shoot down the 
    next imp.
    Jump across the next gap and climb the ladder on your right then put the block 
    in the hole. As you can see this has raised a perch for Hedwig but there are 
    two more shields to get first. So, climb back down the ladder and jump off the 
    edge of the ledge so you are in the lower part of this room. 
    Down here you must find two imps and Flipendo them. When they are stunned and 
    lying on the ground, pick them up and put them in the cages provided. When the 
    cages are closed you can use them to reach the alcoves behind them and 
    situated in both of these you will find two more shields. 
    To get back up to the owl perch, find the Flipendo pad on the outer wall 
    between two flaming torches, hit it and part of the upper ledge will lower 
    providing you with a ramp, go back up and approach the perch. All you need to 
    do here now is call Hedwig and feed her the treat, then climb the ladder that 
    she sends down for you.
    Take down the two imps that are on each of the bookcases then hit them again 
    to stun them and put them in their cages. When they are both in, the door at 
    the other end of the room will open, before leaving though, check behind the 
    second bookcase for your sixth shield, only four to go.
     Light Lumos and walk across the room, avoiding the lit panels in the floor as 
    they collapse, until you reach the door at the other end. You may have noticed 
    just off to your left there is another shield. With Lumos still lit make your 
    way over to it and pick it up. Now stand where the shield was and face the 
    wall. Light Lumos and you will see a hidden panel, push it and go in. 
    You will find a block up on a ledge to your left, push it off the ledge and 
    put it in the hole in the floor. Go back out and stand just outside the 
    opening then turn left. Light Lumos and walk back past the door. Along this 
    wall you will find another hidden panel so push this one and go in but mind 
    out for the ghosts. Lumos the ghosts to death, ha ha, and when they are gone 
    pick up the shield and turn around to face the other wall. Hit the Flipendo 
    pad and you will open the exit to these rooms, go through now and say goodbye 
    to this collapsing floor.
    Walk to the end of this bridge and turn round so you are facing the door you 
    just came through. Hit the Flipendo pad that is just to the left of the door 
    then turn around and show your Lumos might to the statue that was raised by 
    the pad. When he has revealed the green platforms that spiral up around the 
    room, jump onto the first one and then across to the next. Turn to your left 
    and jump to the platform that is in front of the door then go through it.
    Pick up this shield and go back out to climb the rest of the platforms.  
    At the top you will get your last shield so pick it up and go through the 
    crawl space. 
    Turn left and walk to the dark end of the room and stand right in front of the 
    wall. Light Lumos and push the hidden panel it reveals then go through and you 
    will be back at the crawl space that returns you to the class room. Go through 
    it and you will be rewarded with a distinction and another twenty house 
    points. (Don’t you think it’s strange that Professor Quirrell’s voice comes 
    out of nowhere? No? Just me then)
    Return to the charms classroom and go through the red portrait on the left 
    hand side of the room, this will take you back to the Spongify challenge. When 
    you are through the crawl space go through the door in front of you and run up 
    the stairs but be careful of the fire crabs on the ground floor, (get rid of 
    them first if you prefer).
    As you reach the top of the stairs you will see an alcove with two burning 
    torches in it, walk over and light Lumos to find the hidden panel in the wall,
    push it and go through. Move the block over to the far wall and hop onto it so 
    you can pull yourself up to the ledge above. Pick up the shield and go back 
    into the other room.
    Walk around the room until you find another alcove and find the hidden panel 
    in this one. Go through and shoot down the imp on the ledge above you. When he 
    is down, hit him again and put him in the cage. When the cage is shut use it 
    to get up to the ledge behind and get the shield from up here. Now go back to 
    the other room.
    Between to two alcoves is a passage, go down there and pull yourself up to the 
    first ledge. Use Spongify on the pad in the floor and jump off it up to the 
    upper ledge. When you have cleared the wall go back to it and climb up on top 
    of it to get another shield. When you’re ready, drop back down and move the 
    block over so it is directly under the crawl space. Now stand on the block and 
    use the crawl space. 
    Destroy the two ghosts and a Spongify pad will be revealed, use it to jump up 
    to the next level. Go through the door and follow the passage round until you 
    reach the little room at the end. Use Spongify to get up to the ledge and you 
    will be rewarded with another shield, pick it up and leave the room.
    Go up the stairs and use the Spongify pad to get onto that central platform. 
    Up here you will see a Flipendo pad so hit that and the platform you are on 
    will move you round to the next level. When it stops another Spongify pad will 
    appear so use it now and you can get up to the ledge above. Go up the stairs 
    and jump the gap at the top, then climb the next set of stairs and enter the 
    door at the top by using Alohomora. 
    Follow the passage round and find the fire crab at the end. Flipendo him so he 
    falls of the edge at the end of the room then hit the Flipendo pad on the far 
    wall. Go back to where the block dropped and move it over to the ledge with 
    the Lumos statue. Use it to get up to the statue and hit it with a Lumos. 
    Drop back down and move the block again so it is in the hole in the floor past 
    the flame that is shooting out of the wall. From here jump onto the green 
    platform that was revealed by the Lumos statue and turn left. Jump across and 
    pick up the shield then jump back onto the platform. Now leave the room.
    When you come out the door turn right and jump over the gap to the ledge with 
    two un-flaming pillars. Use Incendio on the pillars and the bars on the door 
    will lift. At the end of the passage drop of the edge and you will find 
    yourself in a lower part of the room. Pick up the shield and use Lumos to 
    reveal a hidden panel in the left hand wall. Walk in and move the block over 
    to reach the upper level to find a shield and a chest with card # 90. Now drop 
    down and head back into the previous room. Use Spongify and jump back up to 
    where you dropped down then leave the room.
    When you come back out head back down the stairs then jump back across the 
    gap. Go back down the stairs and use the Spongify pad to reach a tapestry. 
    Take it down and go inside. Mind the fire crab that is lurking round the 
    corner and follow the passage down. At it’s end you will find two more imps, 
    put them in their cages and use the crawl space that is revealed behind one of 
    them. Pick up the shield then use the Spongify pad to get up to the alcove 
    that is on your left as you come in, up here is a chest with card # 6. Now go 
    back out to continue the challenge. 
    When you are back outside, jump down to the stairs on your right and walk onto 
    the central platform that moves around the room, hit the Flipendo pad and it 
    will do just that. Walk forward and jump to the platform on your left then 
    enter the door there. Follow the passage and find the imps at the end, put 
    them in their cages. You can then use one of the cages to reach a Lumos 
    statue, show him the light and he will show you some platforms.
    Drop back down and climb up to the wall with the shield on it but be careful 
    that Harry doesn’t jump off the other side as there is a chance of pain and 
    death so be careful! 
    Pick up the shield then, making sure you are in the middle of the wall, jump 
    off the other side onto the green platforms. Pick up the shield from down here 
    and turn around to face the wall you just climbed over. Hit the Flipendo pad 
    and two fire crabs will be released, push them over the edge so they fall down 
    between the green platforms and the outer wall. When they are gone a block 
    will fall so put it in the hole and the central platform in the room outside 
    will move once again. 
    Go back outside and jump back across to your right then use the Spongify pad 
    to get to the central platform. Turn around and use another Spongify pad to 
    get up to the base of two flights of stairs, to start with go right. Enter the 
    room at the top and show the Lumos statue your stuff so he will reveal a 
    platform for you to use. Go back down the stairs and climb up the other side. 
    Jump onto the green platform and enter the crawl space beyond it to receive 
    your perfect grade and extra house points.
    Go outside and enter the greenhouse area then go into the large one in the 
    middle. Find the crawl space in the top right hand corner and go inside. 
    Ignore the tapestry on your right still and go outside to deal with the troll. 
    Pick up the shield that appears when he is out cold then go to the bridge he 
    made for you. Drop down to the left of the bridge and pick up the shield there 
    then follow the path back the other way. When you reach the other end use the 
    large tree root to get back up to the bridge, then cross it.
    As you turn the corner you will see a tree trunk has fallen and rests above 
    your head. On the tree trunk you will also see a Flipendo pad, when you hit 
    this the trunk will roll down the hill and take out most of the Horklumps the 
    quick way. When they are gone walk forward and use Flipendo and Diffindo on 
    the remaining Horklump then pick up the shield. 
    Keep following the path until you come to the next bridge and drop down under 
    this one too.  Open the chest at one end and get the owl treat then walk to 
    the other end to find an owl perch, picking up the shield you pass on your 
    right as you go. Call Hedwig and feed her the treat and she will uncover the 
    Lumos statue for you. Show him your Lumos and he will give up his platforms so 
    you can get back up to the bridge. 
    When you have crossed the bridge you will have two Gytrashes to contend with so 
    get rid of them then use Diffindo on the rope holding the bridge up. When the 
    bridge has dropped, go up it and stand on the platform that is being help up 
    by a rope and cut it. Walk around the base of this large tree and you will 
    find a shield hidden behind one of it’s roots. When you have that find the 
    tunnel that looks like a cave.
    Go through the tunnel and you will come out by another troll, easy to get him 
    right? When he’s no longer an issue, walk down the left hand side of the tree 
    and round the back you should find a grassy ramp, go up there and you will 
    find another challenge shield. Keep going round the tree and you will find 
    another one hidden round the corner. When you have both of these go back to 
    the front of the tree where you came out the tunnel.
    In front of the tunnels mouth you will find a tree root ramp, go up it and 
    jump to the platform on your right. Keep following this route and jumping the 
    gaps until you come to a tree branch that leads to the grassy ledge that runs 
    around the room. Get onto that grassy ledge and turn right. You have to wall 
    sneak past these vines and it can prove to be tricky as the camera angle is 
    iffy. I always get hit at least once so get there anyway you can. 
    Keep going and dispose of the Horklumps that are blocking your path, then move 
    on until you reach the end of this grassy bit. Jump onto the wooden ledge and 
    follow this one to it’s end where you will see a large grassy area just to 
    your left, jump over to it. Take down the imp and tuck him away to reveal 
    another shield then get rid of the Horklump blocking the crawl space. 
    you go in pick up the shield that lies just beyond it then go in. Walk out the 
    shed you find yourself in and you will face another Venemous Tentacula. When 
    you have got rid of it you will be able to enter the greenhouse it was 
    blocking and get your last shield. Don’t forget to open the chest for a wizard 
    card pack. When you have done all this you can find the tapestry around the 
    corner of the brick shed and take it down to get back to the crawl space and 
    finish the challenge. A perfect grade!
    4.2 Famous Witches & Wizards Cards
    Famous Witches & Wizard cards are easy to collect and unlike in the chamber of 
    secrets, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to collect all 101. It 
    is very important to collect as many as you can even if you don’t want to get 
    them all because for every twenty you get, you will be rewarded with another 
    health bar. 
    These cards are found in desks and gold chests and can be bought from Fred & 
    George’s shop. Any cards that are found in chests will always be the same no 
    matter how many times you play the game. You will always find the same card in 
    the same chest, in the same place every time. Any that are found in desks are 
    completely random, it will be a different card every time you play. You must 
    also remember that unlike in the first game, if you find a card in a desk, it 
    does not mean that you will not find another card in the same desk at a 
    different time. I have included below a complete list of every card I found as 
    an example as to how many you can get.
    No	Name				Location
    1	Merlin 				Traded
    2	Cornelius Agrippa		Classroom 7A (Desk, Day 3)
    					Lost & Found
    3	Elfrida Clagg			Incendio Challenge (Chest)
    4	Grogan Stump			Traded	
    5	Gulliver Pokeby			Traded
    6 	Glanmore Peakes			Girl’s Bathroom (Kill Troll)
    					Classroom 1E (Desk, Night 6)
    7	Hesper Starkey			Library (Incendio Door)
    					Classroom 6B (Desk, Day 7)
    8 	Derwent Shimpling		Classroom 6A (Desk, Day3)
    					Lumos Challenge (Chests, Lumos Statue)
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Day 6)
    9	Gunhilda of Gorsemoor		Classroom 1E (Incendio)
    10 	Burdock Muldoon			Classroom 1E (Desk, Night 2)
    					Hagrid’s Garden (Chest)
    					Classroom 7A (Desk, Night 4)
    					Classroom 4F (Chest, Night 4 Only)
    11	Herpo the Foul			Classroom 1C (Diffindo/Flipendo)
    12	Merwyn the Malicious		Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 3)
    					Hagrid’s Garden (Chest)
    13	Andros the Invincible		Classroom 1A (Desk, Night 4)
    					Classroom 1E (Desk, Night 4)
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Night 6)
    14	Fulbert the Fearful		Classroom 7A (Desk, Day 5)
    15 	Paracelsus			7th Floor Crawl Space (Chest)
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Day 4)
    					Classroom 7A (Desk, Day 7)
    16	Cliodne				Traded
    17 	Morgan le Fay			Classroom 1E (Desk, Day 3)
    					Hagrid’s Garden (Flipendo Gnomes)
    18	Uric the Oddball		Classroom 5B (Desk, Day 2)
    					Lumos Challenge
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Day 5)
    19	Newt Scamander			Classroom 7A (Desk, Night 1)
    					Diffindo Challenge (Chest)
    20	Wendelin the Wierd		Dungeon Store Room (Incendio Door)
    21	Lord Stoddard Withers		Classroom 1A (Desk, Day3)
    					Classroom 7A (Desk, Day 4)
    					Classroom 6B (Desk, Night 6)
    22	Circe				Classroom 5B (Desk, Night 2)
    					Charms Class (Flipendo Pad)
    23	Glenda Chittock			Lost & Found
    					Classroom 1A (Desk, Day 7)
    24	Adalbert Waffling		Gryffindor Tower Store Room (Chest)
    					Classroom 6A (Desk, Night 3)
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 6)
    25	Perpetua Fancourt		Classroom 1C (Desk, Night 2)
    					Library, Restricted Section 
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 5)
    26	Almerick Sawbridge		Classroom 6B (Flipendo only jar on 
    					Diffindo Challenge (Kill Troll)
    27	Mirabella Plunkett		Lumos Challenge (Chest, Lumos Statue)
    28	Tilly Toke			Classroom 6B (Desk, Day3)
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 3)
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Night 3)
    29	Archibald Alderton		Traded
    30	Atemisia Lufkin			Classroom 6A (Flipendo Pad)
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Day 5)
    					Classroom 6A (Desk, Night 6)
    31	Balfour Blane			Traded
    32	Bridget Wenlock			Classroom 4F (Desk, Night 2)
    33	Beaumont Marjoribanks		Classroom 6B (Desk, Day 4)
    					Incendio Challenge (Chest)
    34	Donaghan Tremlett		Traded
    35	Bowman Wright			Classroom 5B (Desk, Night 4)
    					Lost & Found
    36	Jocelind Wadcock		Classroom 7A (Desk, Day Two)
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Night 3)
    					Classroom 7A (Desk, Day 6)
    37	Cassandra Vablatsky		Ground Floor Grand Staircase (Chest)
    38	Chauncey Oldridge		Fred & George’s Shop (Chest)
    					Classroom 6B (Desk, Night 2)
    					Classroom 1A (Desk, Day 5)	
    					Hagrid’s Garden (Diffindo Tapestry, 
    					Night Only)
    39	Gwenog Jones			Traded
    40	Carlotta Pinkstone		3rd Floor Passage (Flipendo Imps)
    41	Godric Gryffindor		Mr Ollivander’s Shop
    					Library (Flipendo Jars)
    42	Crispin Cronk			Traded
    43	Cyprian Youdle			Classroom 6A (Desk, Night 4)	
    44	Devin Whitehorn			Classroom 6A (Desk, Night 2)
    					Classroom 1A (Desk, Night 2)
    					Classroom 1E (Desk, Day 6)
    45	Dunbar Oglethorpe		Classroom 7A (Desk, Night 2)
    46	Miranda Goshawk			Dungeon Store Room (Incendio 
    					Door, Flipendo Pad In New Room Above 
    47	Edgar Stroulger			Classroom 5B (Desk, Day 2)
    					Fred & George’s Shop
    48	Salazar Slytherin		Classroom 1E (Desk, Night 3)
    					Classroom 6A (Desk, Day 6)
    49	Elladora Ketteridge		Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 5)
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 7)
    50	Musldora Barkwith		Classroom 1A (Desk, Day 4)
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Day 5)
    51	Ethelred the Ever-Ready		Classroom 1C (Desk, Night 4)
    					Lost & Found
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Night 6)
    52	Felix Summerbee			Mr Ollivander’s Shop
    53	Greta Catchlove			Main Hall (Alohomora Door)
    54	Gaspard Shingleton		Library (Diffindo Door)
    					Classroom 1A (Desk, Night 6)
    55	Honoria Nutcombe		Hagrid’s Garden (Chest)
    56	Gideon Crumb			Traded
    57	Gifford Ollerton		Classroom 1E (Desk, Day 2)
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Night 3)
    					Diffindo Challenge (Gnomes)
    58	Glover Hipworth			Traded
    59	Gregory the Smarmy		Classroom 7A (Flipendo Jars)
    					Classroom 6B (Desk, Day 4)
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Night 6)
    60	Laverne de Montmorency		Classroom 1A (Desk, Night 3)
    61	Havelock Sweeting		Classroom 4F (Desk, Day 2)
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Day 4)
    					Classroom 1E (Desk, Day 7)
    62	Ignatia Wildsmith		Library (Flipendo Pad Door)
    					Classroom 6B (Desk, Night 3)
    					Spongify Challenge Revisited (Chest)
    63	Herman Wintringham		Dungeon Store Room (Chest)
    					Classroom 4F (Desk, Night 4)
    64	Jocunda Sykes			Reading Room Crawl Space (Chest)
    65	Gondoline Oliphant		Classroom 5B (Desk, Day 6)
    66	Flavius Belby			Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 2)
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 4)
    67	Justus Pilliwickle		Classroom 1E (Desk, Day 4)
    					Dark Arts Classroom (Incendio)
    68	Kirley Duke			Girl’s Bathroom (Chest)
    69	Bertie Bott			Fred & George’s Shop
    70	Leopoldina Smethwyck		Hagrid’s Garden
    71	Queen Maeve			Classroom 1A (Flipendo Jars)
    					Classroom 4F (Desk, Day 5)
    72	Helga Hufflepuff		Classroom 1C (Desk, Night 4)
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 7)
    73	Mopsus				Classroom 7A (Desk, Night 3)
    					Lost & Found
    74	Montague Knightley		Classroom 4F (Flipendo Jars)
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Night 3)
    75	Mungo Bonham			Lumos Challenge (Chest)
    76	Myron Wagtail			Classroom 5B (Desk, Day3)
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 6)
    77	Norvel Twonk			Traded
    78	Orsino Thruston			Library (Kill Ghosts, Night 2)
    79	Oswald Beamish			Classroom 6B (Desk, Day 2)
    					Hagrid’s Garden (Chest)
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Day 7)
    80	Beatrix Bloxam			Classroom 6B (Desk, Day 2)
    					Classroom 4F (Desk, Day 7)
    81	Quong Po			7th Floor Alohomora Door
    					Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 4)
    82	Rowena Ravenclaw		Classroom 5B (Desk, Day 7)
    83	Roderick Plumpton		Library (Diffindo/Alohomora Door)
    84	Roland Kegg			Diffindo Challenge (Chest)
    					Classroom 6B (Desk, Day 5)
    85	Blenheim Stalk			Main Hall (Incendio)
    86	Dorcas Wellbeloved		Classroom 6B (Desk, Day 6)
    87	Thaddeus Thurkell		Diffindo Challenge (Chest)
    88	Celestina Warbeck		Classroom 4F (Desk, Day 4)
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Night 4)
    89	Alberta Toothill		Mr Ollivander’s Shop
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Night 2)
    90	Sacharissa Tugwood		Hagrid’s Garden (Chest)
    					Diffindo Challenge Revisited (Chest)
    91	Wilfred Elphick			Classroom 6A (Desk, Day 7)
    92	Xavier Rastrick			Incendio Challenge (Alohomora Door)
    93	Heathcote Barbary		Classroom 6A (Desk, Day 2)
    					Classroom 5B (Desk, Night 6)
    					Dungeon Store Room (Flipendo Jars)
    94	Merton Graves			Classroom 6A (Desk, Day 4)
    					Classroom 7A (Desk, Night 4)
    					1st Floor Corridor (Diffindo/Flipendo)
    					Classroom 1A (Desk, Day 6)
    95	Yardley Platt			Classroom 1C (Desk, Night 2)	
    96	Hengist of Woodcroft		Classroom 6A (Desk, Day 5)
    					Lost & Found
    97	Alberic Grunnion		Fred & George’s Shop
    98	Dymphna Furmage			Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 2)
    					Lumos Challenge
    99	Daisy Dodderidge		Classroom 1C (Desk, Day 5)
    					Classroom 4F (Desk, Day 6)
    100	Harry Potter			Classroom 1A (Desk, Day 2)
    101	Albus Dumbledore		Neville (Day 5)
    ~~~Wizard Card Packs~~~
    Sometimes you will find packs of cards which will give you duplicates which 
    you can then swap with other pupils around the school. These packs are only 
    found in desks and gold chests and will contain different cards each time you 
    play the game. However, they do always turn up in the same place so below are
    where you can find each pack I came across in my game play. The ones found in 
    desks work in the same way as the ordinary cards, although they may turn up in 
    different places at different times, it is always worth checking any time you 
    Pack 1		Classroom 7A (Desk, Night 1)
    Pack 2		Classroom 7A (Desk, Day 2)
    Pack 3		Classroom 6A (Desk, Day 2)
    Pack 4		Classroom 4F (Desk, Day 2)
    Pack 5		3rd Floor Passage (Chest)
    Pack 6		4th Floor Crawl Space (Chest)
    Pack 7		Classroom 1A (Desk, Day 2)
    Pack 8		Classroom 7A (Desk, Night 2)
    Pack 9		Classroom 6A (Desk, Night 2)
    Pack 10		Classroom 1A (Desk, Night 2)
    Pack 11		Classroom 4F (Desk, Night 2)
    Pack 12		Classroom 7A (Desk, Day 3)
    Pack 13		Classroom 6A (Desk, Day 3)
    Pack 14		Classroom 4F (Desk, Day 3)
    Pack 15		Classroom 1A (Desk, Day3)
    Pack 16		Lumos Challenge (Kill Fire Crabs)
    Pack 17		Classroom 7A (Desk, Night 3)
    Pack 18		Classroom 6A (Desk, Night 3)
    Pack 19		Classroom 1A (Desk, Night3)
    Pack 20		Classroom 7A (Desk, Day 4)
    Pack 21		Classroom 6A (Desk, Day 4)
    Pack 22		Classroom 4F (Desk, Day 4)
    Pack 23		Classroom 1A (Desk, Day 4)
    Pack 24		Classroom 7A (Desk, Night 4)
    Pack 25		Classroom 6A (Desk, Night 4)
    Pack 26		Classroom 4F (Desk, Night 4)
    Pack 27		Classroom 1A (Desk, Night 4)
    Pack 27		Classroom 1A (Desk, Day  5)
    Pack 28		Classroom 4F (Desk, Day 5)
    Pack 29		Classroom 6A (Desk, Day 5)
    Pack 30 	Classroom 7A (Desk, Day 5)
    Pack 31		Incendio Challenge (Diffindo Tapestry)                   
    Pack 32		Classroom 7A (Desk, Day 6)
    Pack 33		Classroom 6A (Desk, Day 6)
    Pack 34		Classroom 4F (Desk, Day 6)
    Pack 35		Classroom 1A (Desk, Day 6)
    Pack 36		Diffindo Challenge Revisited
    Pack 37		Classroom 6A (Desk, Night 6)
    Pack 38 	Classroom 1A (Desk, Night 6)
    Pack 39		Classroom 7A (Desk, Day 7)
    Pack 40		Classroom 6A (Desk, Day 7)
    Pack 41		Classroom 4F (Desk, Day 7)
    Pack 42 	Classroom 1A (Desk, Day 7)
    Pack 43		Square Tower Rooftop (Chest)
    Pack 44 	Church Building On Lake (Chest)
    4.3 Lost & Found
    These items have been lost by pupils around the grounds and if you return them 
    you will get a wizard card for each item you return. The best time to look for 
    these items is during the day after you have finished your lessons but before 
    you end the day for the evening to begin. That way you can walk about looking 
    for them without prefects stopping you all the time. It is also worth noting 
    that each item will not appear until you have read the lost notice for that 
    particular item. 
    For example, if you are looking for the Magical Theory book you will not find 
    it in the place I describe until you have read the notice for this item on the 
    board. If you haven’t read the notice and you go to where I say it is, nothing 
    will be there. Happy hunting.
    ~~~Copy of Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling~~~
    This is a nice easy one to start you off with as you will more than likely 
    stumble across it on your travels. To cut to the chase its at the foot of the 
    stairs round the back of Hagrid’s hut.
    ~~~Copy of Beginners’ Guide to Transfiguration~~~
    This one was a bit trickier but I can save you the time by telling you to go 
    down to where you had your flying lesson and head through the archway on the 
    left. You should find yourself on a bridge and facing the book you are after.
    ~~~One Pair of dragon-hide gloves~~~
    This is as easy as pie, (unless you’ve ever tried to make pie in which case 
    it’s just easy), it tells you exactly where it is on the board. Head down 
    towards Hagrid’s hut but swing left before you get there and walk across the 
    grass. Go past the clump of trees and when you come out past them you will see 
    the lake, go to the left hand side and right on the shoreline you will see the 
    gloves lying on the ground.
    You will not be able to get this until you have been given your new broom. 
    When you have it go outside and mount your broom, fly straight up as high as 
    you can and turn to face the building so you are more or less right above the 
    main entrance. There in front of you should be a large flat area with the 
    telescope sitting right there in front of you.
    As always Neville has lost his toad again and it’s your job to find it. At 
    least the board tells you exactly where to find it. Head on down to the 
    Herbology greenhouse to get it. When you get there don’t actually enter the 
    greenhouse area, stop outside the gates. You then need to turn left and follow 
    the wall round so you are heading towards the trees by Hagrid’s hut. Keep 
    heading in that direction and you will see Trevor, pick him up and take him 
    ~~~Wizard’s Hat~~~
    Oh the hours I spent trying to find this hat, I was so relieved when I did I 
    branded it’s location onto my brain so I would never have to waste such hours 
    again. Head down to the main entrance and step outside into the grounds. Walk 
    forward and head through the tunnel as if you are going to Hagrid’s but stop 
    as soon as you come out of the tunnel. Turn left and follow the wall round and 
    you should see the hat sat in the corner. Pick it up and pat yourself on the 
    back for having found all the lost items.
    4.4 Folio Bruti Pages
    These pages are found during challenges or in certain parts of Hagrid’s 
    garden. They will usually always precede you coming face to face with whatever 
    creature is on the relevant page and will contain information about how to 
    deal with each monster.
    No		Monster				Location
    Page 1		Ghosts				Lumos Challenge
    Page 2		Flying Books			Library (Alohomora Challenge)
    Page 3		Gnome				Comes with the Troll Page
    Page 4		Imp				Mr Ollivander’s Shop
    Page 5		Doxy				Hagrid’s Garden
    Page 6		Bowtruckle			Hagrid’s Garden
    Page 7		Gytrashes			Comes with the Troll Page
    Page 8		Fire Crab			Spongify Challenge
    Page 9		Puffapod			Hagrid’s Garden
    Page 10		Horklump			Comes with the Troll Page
    Page 11		Venemous Tentacula		Incendio Challenge
    Page 12		Trolls				Diffindo Challenge
    Page 13		Flobberworm			Hagrid’s Garden
    Chapter 5	Information
    5.1 Items
    ~~~Chocolate Frogs~~~
    Chocolate frogs can come in very useful but are far and few between 
    unfortunately. They will top up your health to the equivalent of one full bar, 
    so if you have one half empty then it will fill that one up and half fill he 
    next one. All you have to do to pick it up is to walk over it. 
    ~~~Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans~~~
    These are found in several places and can be used to purchase items from Fred 
    and George’s shop. They can be found lying around on challenges or in Hagrid’s 
    garden, in desks and occasionally in brown chests or by searching bookshelves. 
    You will know when there is a bean on a bookshelf as when you face it the A 
    button will have search written below it. When this happens press the A button 
    and Harry will pull the bean out from the shelves. They can also be found in 
    the bushes in Hagrid’s garden. If you can target the bush that means there are 
    beans to be had. When this happens keep hitting it with Flipendo until no more 
    beans come out.
    ~~~Pumpkin Pasties~~~
    These are found in brown chests and are most commonly found during challenges. 
    They will restore part of one health bar when collected and can be quite 
    useful when you have the need. On occasions they are also found in desks but 
    more often than not it’s not needed when all you are doing is searching desks.
    ~~~Cauldron Cakes~~~
    These are exactly the same as pumpkin pasties and work in exactly the same 
    way. As far as I can tell the two items will restore the same amount of health 
    to one of your bars so I really can’t see the difference but I suppose it 
    makes a change from getting the same thing all the time. They are also found 
    in all the same places as pumpkin pasties so don't go thinking you can find 
    them in some obscure place.
    ~~~Eeylops Premium Owl Treats~~~
    These are found in brown chests but only if there is an owl stand somewhere 
    nearby to call Hedwig. If you do find one of these treats in a chest then find 
    the stand and call her down to you. You then feed her the treat and she will 
    always do something in return for you. 
    ~~~Potion Vials~~~
    There are two of these to get throughout the game and both are given to you by 
    Professor Snape during potions lessons. The first is given to you after you 
    have collected all the ingredients for your Wiggenweld potion and can be used 
    to carry some of this potion around with you. If you start running low on 
    health, equip the vial and then use it. One of Harry’s health bars will be 
    completely restored and the vial will be unequipped and the previous spell 
    The second potion vial is given to you after you have collected the 
    ingredients for the Antidote for Common Poisons and as you have probably 
    realized it is used to carry this potion. If you get bitten or poisoned by 
    any of the plants you come across, Harry will automatically reach into his 
    robes and drink this potion.
    ~~~Stink Pellets~~~
    Stink pellets are used to distract prefects attention when you are trying to 
    slip by. You assign them to a button like you would a spell and they are used 
    in the same way. I find them to be quite useless unless you are quite close to 
    a prefect, by which case you are already caught, but that’s just my personal 
    preference and you may find you can use them more effectively than I could so 
    try them out. The only way to get these is by searching in the desks in the 
    classrooms, but even then you are only likely to find a few, or by buying them 
    from Fred and George’s shop.
    These are exactly like stink pellets and work in exactly the same way. Use 
    them as you will and know that you can stock up at any time by purchasing them 
    from Fred and George or by searching in the desks in the classrooms.
    ~~~Bean Pouch~~~
    This can be bought from Fred and George at anytime you visit their shop. It 
    will cost you every bean you can hold but is worth it as after purchasing it 
    you will be able to hold 150 beans instead of just 50.
    ~~~Nimbus 2000~~~
    This is given to you before you go out and play your first Quidditch match, or 
    Harry does should I say because I don’t feel I actually got to play Quidditch. 
    You can use this at anytime outside in the ground by equipping it to a button 
    and press the relevant button when you want him to mount the broom. Be warned 
    you have to be quite close to the ground to dismount and it can take a bit of 
    practice but you will get used to it. You will know when you can dismount as 
    Harry’s legs will drop down towards the floor. Your broom will come in useful 
    when trying to find the telescope in the lost and found and there are also a 
    couple of chests with packs around the grounds.
    ~~~Folio Bruti Pages~~~
    These are usually found at the start of your challenges and will often be 
    relevant to whatever monster you are about to face. They can come in handy if 
    you are not sure how to defeat a monster, you can refer to the relevant page 
    in your Folio Bruti if you get stuck, or you can refer to my section below on 
    magical creatures.
    5.2 Spells
    Flipendo can also be known as the Knockback Jinx as it is used to knock over 
    enemies or to activate charmed switches. It is the most versatile of all your 
    spells and you will use it more than any other of your spells so you need to 
    keep it on the same button all the time, unlike the other spells which you 
    will chop and change as needs be. Flipendo can be charged but watch you don’t 
    charge it too much or it can backfire and hurt you.
    Lumos is another charm that will come in handy often as it also has a dual 
    purpose. It can be used against certain enemies, i.e. ghosts and Gytrashes, or 
    it can reveal hidden panels in walls that can then be opened and may reveal 
    any number of things. This charm works by lighting the tip of the wand and can 
    vary in it’s brightness depending on how much you charge the spell before 
    casting it. You also needn’t worry about over charging this one as it doesn’t 
    backfire, you can simply keep charging until it can’t be charged anymore, in 
    which case the spell will cast itself meaning you know you have the maximum 
    charge possible.
    This spell is also called the unlocking charm and can only be used on 
    non-magical items such as locked doors but can be very useful none the less, 
    especially if you are trying to find all 101 cards as it can get you into 
    certain rooms that contain gold chests. This spell does not, nor will not, 
    charge so don’t try, these is no need to and it can’t be done.
    Spongify is also referred to as the softening charms as it’s desired effect is 
    to turn any surface to rubber therefore making it bouncy and giving you access 
    to higher ledges or platforms. Much like Lumos this spell can be charged and 
    will not backfire if over charged, it will simply cast itself.
    Diffindo is the severing charm and does exactly as it says, it will severe 
    whatever you have targeted within reason. Diffindo will bring down tapestries 
    that are blocking doors or switches and can also be used to cut ropes, for 
    example, to lower a bridge. This charm is also used in the disposal of 
    Horklumps along with the Flipendo charm and like the Flipendo charm it can 
    backfire if it is overcharged so be careful. This charm is also used in 
    conjunction with the Incendio charm when tackling a Venemous Tentacula so it 
    proves to be quite invaluable.
    The Incendio incantation can also be known as bluebell flames or cold fire and 
    is used to ignite pillar torches or against certain enemies. It is used in 
    exactly the same way as Flipendo and can be charged to the point of backfire 
    so be careful.
    5.3 Fred & George’s Shop
    Fred and George’s shop can be found in a toilet via a crawl space behind a 
    portrait in the reading room. To get there you must get past Percy the prefect 
    and this is no mean feat. Eventually you will learn his pattern so just 
    percy-vere, pardon the pun. When you reach there shop you can exchange Bertie 
    Botts every flavour beans for other goods such as wizard cards, stink pellets 
    and dungbombs, (a full price list is included below). A new edition to their 
    shop in this game is the lucky dip chest. You could pull anything out of here 
    from a pumpkin pasty to a wizard card to stink pellets so for ten beans it’s 
    quite a bargain. 
    If you are trying to get 101 wizard cards then this chest may help as although 
    it is completely random as to which card you get, even if you get a duplicate 
    you can swap it with any of the other pupils around the school. It is also 
    worth mentioning, if you haven’t already figured this out, Fred and George 
    will only open their shop at night so if you go their during the day it will 
    simply be an empty bathroom.
    Bean Carrying Bag		50 Beans
    Edgar Stroulgar 		30     “
    Alberic Grunnion		30     “
    Bertie Bott			50     “
    Stink Pellets			20     “
    Dungbombs			20     “
    Chest				10     “
    5.4 Enemies & Magical Creatures
    Ghosts can be a pain but are easy to get rid of when you know how. Simply 
    light Lumos and point it at them. When the beam falls on them they will scream 
    and vanish only to reappear somewhere close by. Keep hitting them and after 
    about three to four good hits they are history. Bear in mind that the amount 
    of time you get to charge Lumos before casting it, will affect how strong your
    beam is and therefore affect how much damage you cause them with each hit.
    ~~~Flying Book~~~
    These are really annoying as by the time you have disposed of three of these, 
    the first one is coming back at you for another go. To sedate these lovely 
    things you need to hit them with a Flipendo, at which point they will close 
    and fall to the ground. I usually try to ignore them and slip by, not always 
    successfully, but what’s one hit compared to minutes of game play wasted 
    trying to clear a path through books?
    Puffapods look very similar to Horklumps but they are smaller and not spiky. 
    One Flipendo is enough to get rid of one but beware of the yellow haze they 
    emit as this will poison Harry and impair his vision for a few seconds, very 
    Now these can be tricky if you don’t have clear shot at them. If they are 
    flying around above you no amount of targeting is going to get Harry to hit 
    that Doxy so they are best aimed at when you have a level pegging. All they 
    need are a couple, or one direct hit, of Flipendo and they’re out of there. I 
    should also mention that they will try and nose dive you if you stand still 
    too long so be aware of that.
    These are dealt with in exactly the same way as ghosts but are twice as 
    annoying. You need to charge Lumos and shine it at them but you have to be 
    quick as they will run at you and if they hit you, your spell is lost and you 
    have to start charging again. Couple that with the fact that Harry can’t run 
    when charging a spell, it makes them kinda hard to avoid and very annoying. 
    Trolls may be big but they are stupid and although it can be time consuming 
    getting rid of one of these, it is very simple. By every troll you find there 
    will always be a Spongify pad on the floor somewhere. Spongify it and wait for 
    the troll to swing his club around his head then jump out of the way. The 
    troll will then bring his club down on the Spongify pad and it will bounce 
    back up and hit it in the head. After about five hits the troll is out cold. 
    You need to watch out for any rocks it may throw from time to time and if it 
    doesn’t swing it’s club above it’s head first, move fast because his club will 
    not rebound and will send out a shock-wave which if it hits you it hurts.
    Again Bowtruckles are like Doxies, hit them with one or two good Flipendoes 
    and they’re gone but targeting them can be a problem if they are above you in 
    any way. Persist with it and they will eventually die but watch out for the 
    twigs they throw at you.
    ~~~Fire Crab~~~
    These are a real pain and the bane of my life! They can only be put out of 
    action temporarily unless there is a nice hole in the floor you can push them 
    into. In the event that you are this lucky, hit them with Flipendo to flip 
    them on their back then keep Flipendo-ing them so you push them towards the 
    hole. When you have pushed them far enough they will fall into the hole and 
    bother you no more. 
    I actually find these quite amusing but that could just be a throwback from 
    the gnome-tossing in the other Harry Potter game. Wherever there are gnomes 
    there will be a hole to put them in. Stun them with a Flipendo then walk over 
    to it while it is on it’s back and pick it up. Carry it over to the hole and 
    place the troll in the hole.
    These are no trouble at all, unless you walk into them, Flipendo them first 
    then, when it has shrunk, hit it with Diffindo. All you’re left with is 
    Horklump pieces.
    Just like with the gnomes, where there’s an imp, there’s a cage. Hit the imp 
    with a Flipendo and pick it up while it’s still stunned. Place it in the cage 
    and listen to it screech.
    ~~~Venemous Tentacula~~~
    This is a bit of a monster and took me a few attempts to beat the first time 
    I played the game, very frustrating. Anyway, start by targeting the “arms” 
    with a Diffindo and sever each one. When it has no arms hit the head with 
    Diffindo and when it’s “mouth” is open, hit it with Incendio. You need to 
    repeat this process about three or four times but you will beat it, I promise.
    These are quite disgusting but you only come across one in Hagrid’s garden 
    when you are trying to collect the pus from it for your potions ingredients. I 
    won’t include here how to deal with a Flobberworm as it is detailed in the 
    Chapter 6	Questions & Answers (FAQs)
    I thought I had better add this in as the game can be very vague in places. I 
    found myself with few questions that I knew others would probably be 
    frustrated by too so I have included what I can here. If you think of anything 
    that you think others would like to know, then please email me and I will 
    update this section.
    Q I have found a lost and found item but when I go back to the board nothing 
    is happening?
    A This one bugged me for ages and I found it to be a slight glitch in the 
    game. If you find a lost and found item then save your game before completing 
    the tasks for the day, the game can’t manage the information. Although on your
    inventory it will show the item you have found, technically you haven’t found 
    it. Try going back to where you found the item and if it is still there, pick 
    it up again. Now when you return to the board a student should be there to 
    collect it from you.
    Q Why can I only get 88% completion on the game?
    A This is one I cannot answer and as yet have not found anyone else that can 
    either. I have not found anyone who got more than 88% on the game but if you 
    have then please email me because it drives me crazy to have done everything 
    required on a game and not be rewarded with 100%.
    Q I can’t reveal a chest using the Incendio pillars, what’s wrong?
    A These pillars must both be lit within a set time, if you have not lit the 
    second before time runs out then the other one you have lit will go out again. 
    Light them both as quickly as you can and the chest will appear.
    Chapter 7	Credits & Thanks
    So far there is only one mention I need to make here and that is to Pamela 
    Beale who,while using my walkthrough to find the ten shields in the Incendio 
    Challenge, notcied that I had missed two out. Thanks to her I have gone back 
    and included the last two shields and the challenge should now be complete. 
    Thanks Pamela for pointing out that rather embarrassing mistake on my part.
    Chapter 8	Copyright
    This document is copyright to Kathryn Mintram 2004.Please do not use this 
    document without my permission for any other website or to print it for 
    selling. It is solely for your own personal consumption only. Also please do 
    not email me to ask if you can use this on your website as I only deal with 
    gamesfaqs.com and get tired of answering emails from other websites.

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