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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Martin G

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/25/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                       - T H E  E T E R N A L  W A R -
    FAQ/Walthrough for the PS2, XBOX and PC versions of Underworld: The Eternal War
    Version: 1.0
    Date: 25/08/2005
    Author: Martin G
    Contact e-mail: gmarth@gmail.com
    Copyright Martin G. Torres, 2005. All rights reserved.
    This guide is for personal and private use. It may not be placed on any web 
    site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
    of this guide on any web site not listed below or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks 
    and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective 
    trademark and copyright holders.
    NOTE: XBOX and PC players
    Everything I've found during my various Internet investigations about 
    Underworld (including the really short article in its official site) leads me 
    to believe that all three versions of the game are identical, hence this 
    document being available for the three systems.
    However, I have never *seen* a copy of this game for XBOX or for the computer, 
    let alone play it (come to think of it, I've never seen a PS2 copy apart from 
    the one I own, either). So, if you own a PC or XBOX copy and spot any 
    differences, please contact me so I can correct or alter the FAQ accordingly. 
    Actually, even if you own a PC or XBOX copy and you see no difference 
    whatsoever, contact me anyway -that way I'll be able to know for sure!
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    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|        CONTENTS         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
             1. Introduction to Underworld / Game Basics :::::::::[XXINTR]
             2. Controls                                          [XCONTR]
             3. Vampires :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::[XXVAMP]
             4. Lycans                                            [XXWOLF]
             5. General Hints & Tips :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::[XXXH&T]
             6. Walkthrough                                       [XXWALK]
                6.1. Mission 1: Awakening / Dark Meeting :::::::::[XWLK01]
                6.2. Mission 2: Into the Depths / Invaders        [XWLK02]
                6.3. Mission 3: Windham Street War :::::::::::::::[XWLK03]
                6.4. Mission 4: Stronghold / Deep Trouble         [XWLK04]
                6.5. Mission 5: Open War :::::::::::::::::::::::::[XWLK05]
                6.6. Mission 6: Deadly Surprise / Desperation     [XWLK06]
                6.7. Mission 7: The Underworld :::::::::::::::::::[XWLK07]
                6.8. Mission 8: Freak of Nature / Fatal Blow      [XWLK08]
             7. Weapons ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::[XXXWPN]
             8. Items                                             [XXXITM]
             9. Characters :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::[XXXCHA]
            10. Extras                                            [XXXTRA]
            11. Credits / Special Thanks :::::::::::::::::::::::::[XXXCRD]
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|                         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|      INTRODUCTION       |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    This is a FAQ/Walkthrough for "Underworld: The Eternal War", a videogame 
    inspired by (and released at the same time as) the motion picture "Underworld", 
    starring Kate Beckinsale as Selene, Scott Speedman as Michael (both of which 
    you get to control in this game) and Bill Nighy as Viktor (whom you don't get 
    to play as, but you do fight him). This game is a shoot'em-up with slight 
    beat'em-up touches here and there in which you get to play eight levels either 
    as a vampire or a werewolf. 
    The following is a very brief introduction to how the game works, directed at 
    those who haven't played the game yet but would like to know what kind of 
    experience awaits them. For more thorough information, the rest of the FAQ 
    should have what you need. 
    Your first step when starting a new game is to choose a race between Vampires 
    or Lycans. Once you start playing with one side, you will have to keep playing 
    with them till the end unless you create another new game altogether with the 
    other side. So, if you have the space, you should have one file for Vampires 
    and another for Lycans. You also have to remember that you can't choose which 
    levels to play, even if you have completed the game: so once you finish a 
    level, you will invariably proceed to the next.
    Bearing all that in mind, and having chosen a race, you start playing. Every 
    mission plays the same way: you are given a list of objectives (objectives 
    which will virtually always start with the word "Kill" or "Protect") and your 
    character is dropped in the middle of a level. In order to accomplish the 
    mission, you will have to fight hordes of enemies with a wide array of weapons 
    you will find scattered around the level. Different types of items and special 
    powers unique to each race will help you in battle.
    Once you have fulfilled whatever objectives you were given, you will proceed to 
    the "Purchase Upgrade" screen, where you will buy upgrades for your abilities 
    or stats spending the experience points you received in this level. After 
    buying your upgrades, you proceed to the next level, and you start all over 
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|                         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|        CONTROLS         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
             Left Analog Stick:                 Move character
             Right Analog Stick:                Aim
             L3:                                N/A
             R3:                                Reset Camera Position
             Up:                                Zoom In
             Down:                              Zoom Out
             Left/Right:                        Switch between Map modes
             Start:                             Pause game, displaying Options menu
             Select:                            Toggle Life-Bar Display On/Off
             Triangle:                          Use selected power
             X:                                 Select next power 
             Square:                            Select previous weapon 
             O:                                 Select next weapon 
             L1:                                Jump 
             L2:                                Call reinforcements 
             R1:                                Shoot (Attack, if bare-handed) 
             R2:                                Reload weapon
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|                         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|        VAMPIRES         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    In Underworld at least, Vampires are all about guns. One of their three powers 
    increases their running and gun-reloading speed. Because that's the Vampire 
    strategy -running away from Lycans, shooting at them from a safe distance. They 
    are also significantly faster than Lycans, capable of outrunning them even 
    without using Blinding Speed. They also jump much higher and farther than 
    Lycans, even wolf-form Lycans.
    When leveling up your vampire, it is advisable to focus greatly on Health and 
    Blood Control. You can try and spend some points in Blinding Speed if you feel 
    you're going to use it often, but I recommend not bothering to upgrade neither 
    Energy nor Bloodfrenzy. Not worth the trouble. You're going to suck at close 
    quarters combat with or without Bloodfrenzy, and Energy items are normally easy 
    to find.
    These are the Vampire Abilities:
    -Control Blood:
    By far the most useful of all three Vampire abilities, Control Blood basically 
    heals your character. The amount of health regained depends on the ability's 
    level; if you put some effort in maxing this ability up, you will be able to 
    regain half your lifebar in just one use. Another great thing about Control 
    Blood is that, from about level 3 on, it also heals any and all vampires around 
    you (the healing range, once again, depends on the level). It's useful if 
    you've ran out of reinforcements and your current bodyguards are about to die; 
    but the real use of healing others comes in two player mode. The situation can 
    -and will- arise when your less experienced friend is about to die, and there 
    are no items around. In these cases you can radically increase their health 
    simply by using Control Blood while standing close to them. Additionally, it's 
    a cheap way of ensuring your victory in "Protect" missions.
    -Blinding Speed:
    As the name implies, using this power allows your vampire to move much quicker, 
    as well as reload your weapons faster. Running quickly might come in handy once 
    or twice in a game, if you've ran out of ammo and want to dash away from battle 
    to replenish your guns. The reloading bit, however, isn't all that useful: it's 
    not like the regular reloading is all that slow to begin with. I've never died 
    just because I was attacked while reloading my weapons.
    This increases the physical power of your character, allowing them to deal more 
    hand-to-hand damage. I don't know why you'd want to fight hand-to-hand as a 
    Vampire, frankly, but if you ever do, make sure to use Bloodfrenzy. Even with 
    this ability maxed up weapons will always deal more damage, because no matter 
    how strong your hits are it will always be quite difficult to land them on 
    running enemies.
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|                         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|         LYCANS          |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    The best thing about Lycans is that they can transform into werewolves. As 
    humans they play exactly like Vampires, shooting guns, even if they're slower; 
    but everything changes in their animal form. They rock at physical combat, and 
    not only because their hits deal more damage than Vampires' -but because, as 
    werewolves, their claw-swipe has a considerably wider range than the human 
    punch, making it far, FAR easier to hit people this way. It's normal to hit 
    multiple enemies in a single swipe, too. However, don't think you're going to 
    spend the whole game in werewolf form; if the enemy's weilding automatic guns 
    like the assault rifle or the submachineguns, you'll receive much more damage 
    than you'll give, simply because you'll be a perfect target while you run 
    towards them. If he's using grenade or rocket launchers, you might not be able 
    of ever reaching him at all! So, even though mastering Transformation is 
    useful, don't forget Health and/or Purge either. Rage is expendable.
    Lycans can use the following abilities:
    By using this ability your character transforms into a werewolf. It costs a 
    little Energy, but turning back into a human is free. This is more than an 
    aesthetic transformation, as virtually all your stats improve while being a 
    werewolf. You move quicker, deal more damage and have a greater resistance 
    (exactly how much depends on the ability's level), ultimately turning your 
    Lycan into a killing machine. However, Lycans can't use weapons while in 
    werewolf form, so armed enemies will always have an advantage. Whether or not 
    you want to max this ability depends on how you prefer to play the game: how do 
    you spend most of the level, in human form or in werewolf form? If you're fond 
    of werewolf ass-kicking, then it's in your best interest to improve your 
    werewolf as much as you can.
    Just like Vampires' Bloodfrenzy, this ability increases hand-to-hand damage. 
    Use it exclusively while in werewolf form for maximum physical damage. Another 
    nice quality of this power is that, in higher levels, it also inflicts Rage on 
    nearby werewolves. Bodyguards are never strong enough for this to make a 
    noticeable difference, but in two-player mode this means BOTH you and your 
    friend will have a bigger attack power while only one of you had to spend 
    Energy on it.
    The equivalent of Vampires' Blood Control, this is the healing ability. It 
    works pretty much in the same way, except you can't heal other Lycans no matter 
    how much you level it. A vital ability, and one that you want to master.
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|                         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|      HINTS &  TIPS      |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    -Life Bars On/Off
    Pressing Select toggles the Life Bar Display on and off. You should have it 
    turned on permanently. Apart from just knowing how close to death your enemies 
    are, you can also use enemy lifebars to measure the strength of a weapon. The 
    colour will also allow you to distinguish between friend and foe: it's a bit 
    difficult sometimes.
    -Item Collection
    If an enemy drops a regular Health or Energy item, you should ALWAYS, no 
    exceptions, run and get it. That's because these items vanish a few seconds 
    after they're dropped, placing you in a "Now or Never" kind of situation.
    However, regular Health and Energy items never disappear. Reinforcements, 
    UV/Silver Nitrate Bullets, weapons and Full Health/Energy will never disappear 
    either, even if dropped by an enemy. That means you have to decide wisely when 
    to use those items. As a rule, never take Full Health/Energy items unless your 
    appropriate bar is dangerously close to zero.
    Leaving items behind will prove useful in boss fights, when you might find 
    yourself low on health. Just backtrack and you will find your items waiting for 
    you in the exact same place you left them in.
    You start every level with two reinforcement units, each one made of two 
    bodyguards. Your bodyguards' overall efficiency depends on the level you're 
    playing: they get stronger and better as you progress through the game.
    Bodyguards will follow you everywhere and will engage in battle as soon as they 
    see an enemy. Even though they are awful in battle and hardly ever kill 
    anything, bodyguards have their uses. Sometimes bosses attack them instead of 
    you, giving you the chance to attack them freely. You can use them as human 
    shields or as a diversion while you run away.
    Bodyguards take damage just like everyone else, though, they don't live 
    forever. If you're a Vampire with a good Blood Control power, you can heal 
    them. If they die, you can summon one more unit of two bodyguards pressing L2, 
    as long as you have a Reinforcements coin (you normally start the level with 2 
    -they're those little red circles under your Energy bar).
    -UV/Silver Nitrate
    Special ammunition designed to exploit the weakness of your enemies. Against 
    Lycans you use bullets that introduce silver nitrate into their blood 
    circulation, making them turn gray and eventually explode. Against Vampires you 
    shoot ultraviolet-powered bullets designed to imitate the Sun's negative effect 
    on Vampires. They, too, end up exploding.
    These bullets are insanely powerful and incredibly scarce, so choose wisely 
    when to use them. Do bear in mind that once you take Bullets, you will be 
    forced to use them: you can't switch between normal and special bullets.
    Whether you use them against regular enemies or save them for bosses is your 
    choice entirely, but I encourage you to use them EXCLUSIVELY with the Handguns. 
    They are so powerful and scarce that you need to use them *very* carefully, so 
    you can't afford spraying them around with the submachineguns. Don't press the 
    trigger unless you know for sure you're going to hit the target.
    -Enemy Powers
    You are not the only one with Lycan/Vampire powers, you know. Regular thugs can 
    use Transformation if they're Lycan and Bloodfrenzy if they're Vampire, but you 
    won't see that often. Enemy bosses and ally commanders, on the other hand, can 
    use all three powers of their race. So be careful in boss fights!
    -Leveling Up
    Choose which abilities you want to level up, and do so. There's a level cap of 
    20 and you'll finish the game before you reach it anyway, so you won't be able 
    to max every single power you have.
    Underworld has a two-player cooperative mode which makes the game much more 
    entertaining. The game is played exactly as it is in 1P mode, except there are 
    two characters in the screen now. There is no credits system whatsoever: once a 
    character dies, they're dead for good. If you don't want to finish the level on 
    your own after your friend foolishly ran into a giant werewolf and was, in 
    short, eaten, all you can do is restart the level.
    Apart from the mindless fun of slaying immortals in the company of a friend, do 
    note that you can heal your companion if you're Vampires. If you're Lycans, you 
    can inflict Rage onto your friend to increase their hand-to-hand damage.
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|                         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|       WALKTHROUGH       |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    |                   MISSION 1: AWAKENING / DARK MEETING              [XWLK01] |
    | Vampire Objectives:                |   Lycan Objectives:                    |
    | -Recover Lycan Weapons Research    |   -Escape the Ambush                   |
    | -Kill the Lycan Leaders            |   -Protect Garth                       |
    | -Eliminate the Berserk Lycan       |   -Kill the Vampire Leaders            |
    This is going to be fairly long for a first level, but you should be okay. 
    I suggest you use this level to get used to the gameplay. Find which weapons 
    you like best, what each power does, etc. Note that you can destroy all the 
    wooden boxes piled against the walls. Note, too, that cars will explode when 
    shot: that'll come in handy more than once.
    Vampire Strategy:
    Vampires start at the Southern end of the map. You have to make your way to the 
    other end, so what you have before you is a long but linear path.
    You will encounter many ambushes in your way. You should have no problem 
    defeating everyone. Your first real challenge should come when you reach the C-
    shaped part of the level, more or less at the middle of the map. Here you will 
    face two Lycan bosses at once. There goes the learning curve! Try to fight only 
    one at a time, making them chase you back from where you came if you need to. 
    You can use the trip to retrieve forgotten items or weapons. All in all, you 
    shouldn't have any trouble.
    Once both bosses are dead, you'll have completed two of your three objectives: 
    the Lycan Leaders are dead and one of them dropped a briefcase containing the 
    documents you were sent to steal. 
    Now you just have to defeat the Berserk Lycan, who is waiting for you at the 
    Northern end of the map. The only remarkable trait of this boss is that he's in 
    wolf form. When you're fighting transformed werewolves, you must stay as far 
    away from them as possible. They're quite deadly at close range, but they can't 
    use weapons at all. Use that and your naturally superior speed to your 
    advantage, shooting at the werewolf from afar where he can't touch you.
    Lycan Strategy:
    You start in the middle of the map, caged. By the time you slay all the 
    Vampires, both doors should be open (two random enemies drop one key each after 
    dying). Take the chance to transform into a wolf and note the difference 
    between human and wolf gameplay. Decide which one you like best for what kind 
    of situations.
    There's one boss at the North and another one at the South end of this map. The 
    order in which you kill them is entirely irrelevant. Enjoy the freedom of 
    choice, you won't get it often in Underworld! In any case, I suggest you take 
    the North path first. There are only two ambushes that way, and you're probably 
    not a master Lycan yet (give it time, though). 
    Once you've killed him, turn around and go South. Check your surroundings to 
    make sure you didn't skip any items or weapons. There will be four ambushes 
    before you reach the boss, this time, so be ready for a long succession of 
    battles. If you're low on health, quit fighting for just a second and consider 
    your options: healing with Purge, kiling minor thugs to see if they drop 
    health, or backtracking to see if there are any health items left.
    When all the bosses are dead, the level will be over. Congratulations! Now you 
    have to choose which upgrades to buy for your character. Check the Vampires 
    [XXXXX] or Lycans [XXXXX] section for recommendations on what to upgrade and 
    what to ignore.
    |                  MISSION 2: INTO THE DEPTHS / INVADERS             [XWLK02] |
    | Vampire Objectives:                |   Lycan Objectives:                    |
    | -Christov Must Survive             |   -Protect Cutter                      |
    | -Kill the Lycan Leader             |   -Kill the Vampire Leader             |
    Vampires and Lycans start at the same place this time. What you have before you 
    is a pretty long but completely linear level. First of all, and even if it 
    sounds selfish, forget about your protege. He's right in the middle of the 
    level, not particularly close to enemy groups, and won't engage in ANY fight 
    unless you literally push him into one, so the chances of him dying and 
    therefore ruining the mission are negligible. Also, watch out for fuel cans, 
    they can and will explode on impact. Use them to your advantage, especially at 
    the beginning of an ambush when all of the bad guys are together on the same 
    side of the arena.
    You are going to find five ambushes, one of them in the Underworld trademark 
    square room. Don't let your guard down though, because there's a mini-boss just 
    before you find your protege. Kill him (the mini-boss), heal if necessary, and 
    proceed with the remaining ambushes. 
    The actual boss will be waiting for you in another inconspicuous square room. 
    To defeat him, just shoot him with everything you've got. Killing the boss 
    shouldn't be difficult; the real danger in this fight is staying alive. There 
    are not many health items in this area. That would normally mean you should run 
    away and check whether you left any in previous areas, but that's not such a 
    good idea in this particular level. If you run away, your enemies might follow 
    you into your protege's team, possibly leading to a dangerous situation. To 
    avoid this potential conflict, consider healing with powers or hunting thugs 
    for item drops.
    Once the boss is defeated, the level will be over.
    |                       MISSION 3: WINDHAM STREET WAR                [XWLK03] |
    | Vampire Objectives:                |   Lycan Objectives:                    |
    | -Defeat Blaze                      |   -Acquire the Briefcases              |
    | -Collect 5 Briefcases              |   -Kill the Vampire Leader             |
    This level has HEAPS of ambushes, so be ready for long and tiresome fights. The 
    good news is that this level is entirely linear, so you have absolutely no 
    chance of getting lost.
    There are two objectives. One is to defeat the boss; he's the white, shiny X at 
    the very top of the map. Pretty hard to miss, especially because it's not like 
    there's anywhere else to go anyway. The second is to collect the briefcases 
    random enemies drop after dying. The five briefcase-dropping enemies are in the 
    2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th ambushes, which means there are three 'empty' 
    ambushes where you don't get anything. Shame.
    The key to survive this level is to hold your ground or retreat, NEVER keep 
    going forward. All the ambushes are very close to one another (you may find two 
    in the same street!), so you might drag one group of enemies into another if 
    you're running around without thinking. Believe me, you don't want to do that: 
    you'll end up badly surrounded by twice as many enemies as you were fighting 
    before. If in trouble, always run south: the area will be free of enemies and 
    you can use cars that didn't explode in previous fights or items you forgot to 
    or couldn't pick up earlier.
    Use the same philosophy for the boss: the farther away, the better. Lycans can 
    afford to jump into close-quarters combat if, and only if, the boss casts 
    Bloodfrenzy and starts fighting bare-handed. Otherwise, keep running!
    |                   MISSION 4: STRONGHOLD / DEEP TROUBLE             [XWLK04] |
    | Vampire Objectives:                |   Lycan Objectives:                    |
    | -Kill the Lycan Leader             |   -Eliminate the leader                |
    Well, aren't these objectives easy to memorize! Anyway. This level has a fairly 
    difficult boss fight, but you'll find it significantly shorter than the 
    previous one. It has less ambushes and it's much smaller.
    As you will instantly notice if you check the map, the are two paths you can 
    take as soon as you get out of the first ambush. The East path is closed, so 
    you have to go West. As soon as you turn around the corner, you'll find 
    yourself in another ambush; one of the enemies will drop a key at some point. 
    There's also a Health Item in the vicinity if you need healing.
    Now turn around, because this key is not going to help you in this path. It 
    will open the fence that kept you from taking the East path, so go there; the 
    fence will open automatically. Here you will face two ambushes, the latter of 
    which will give you a new key. At the (dead) end of this path there are two 
    Health Items, and I suggest you use them if you can. If you don't need them, 
    note they're there anyway in case you might need to go fetch them in the 
    Once you have the new key, backtrack once again towards the other path. I know 
    it's tiring, but there will be no more of that for the rest of this level, 
    unless you voluntarily decide to go back and snatch any possible items or 
    weapons you might have left behind. Anyway, you'll only find one ambush on your 
    way to the end of the level, in a very obvious square room that is screaming 
    "Perfect ambush location!!". Deal with the enemies and, once all of them are 
    dead, proceed. Don't try to run past them or they'll follow you into the next 
    battle, which is definitely against your interests. Notice you're in a Subway 
    Station, pretty much like the one in the movie. Once you've opened the fence at 
    the very end of the level, you'll be in a Boss fight.
    Vampire Strategy:
    The Lycan boss comes with a lot of werewolves, some of which are HUGE. It's a 
    good idea to focus on the regular enemies before trying to kill the boss, to 
    prevent finding yourself surrounded by angry werewolves. Believe me when I say 
    you don't want to be in that situation: these giant werewolves can inflict some 
    serious damage with a single claw swipe. They can toss your Death Dealer around 
    as if she were a rubber ball.
    Once the boss is alone, you can play hide and seek with him, up and down ledges 
    or around the train; if you're low on health it'll be a safer method than 
    confronting him directly, especially when he's in wolf form. The bad part is 
    that, if you keep running around the place while the boss chases you, your 
    bodyguards won't be able to land a single shot on him and you won't be able to 
    use them as diversion/human shield/bait, either.
    Lycan Strategy:
    Kill all the regular enemies... if you want. Whether the boss is alone or 
    surrounded by enemies, you're going to be dodging a shower of bullets all the 
    same. Additionally, it might be a good idea to spare a couple of enemies. Have 
    them waltz around the place until you're low on health, at which point you can 
    kill them and see whether they drop items. 
    The Vampire boss' assault rifle hurts a lot, so it's in your best interest to 
    keep moving and shooting him with all you got. The above strategy of running 
    around the train won't work very well with Lycans, because the boss will have a 
    gun too. 
    For Lycans, the best part of the battle comes when the boss foolishly activates 
    his Bloodfrenzy and lunges at you, trying to fight bare-handed. Even if you 
    haven't invested many points in Rage yet you will undoubtedly be better at 
    close quarters combat than him, so whenever you see his fists glow red it's 
    time to forget the hide-and-seek, transform into a wolf and beat him up. If he 
    goes back to shooting, turn into a human again and go back to running around 
    the place and using your guns. The farther away from his rifle, the better.
    If you absolutely need to replenish your health and you've ran out of Energy, 
    run away and hope your bodyguards will keep the boss busy while you fetch any 
    remaining items. Once he's dead, the level is over.
    |                           MISSION 5: OPEN WAR                      [XWLK05] |
    | Vampire Objectives:                |   Lycan Objectives:                    |
    | -Kill the Lycan Commander          |   -Kill the Vampire Commander          |
    | -Kill the six Lycan Leaders        |   -Kill the Vampire Leaders            |
    | -Protect the Death Dealer Commander|   -Protect the Lycan Commander         |
    This is going to be quite a complex level; you shouldn't have a lot of problems 
    staying alive, but you ARE going to do quite a lot of running. First of all, 
    look at the map. The green dots are your allies. The seven crosses are the six 
    leaders plus the commander: that is, your targets. The yellow circles that 
    flash now and then simply indicate that something just happened in the point 
    they sign, usually a side engaging in battle with another. 
    One interesting note about this level is that the character locations are 
    identical for both Lycans and Vampires. That means that the Vampire Stephen 
    will be in the bottom right corner of the map, for instance, regardless of 
    whether you are a Vampire or a Lycan. If you're the former he'll be your ally, 
    if you're the latter he'll be your target; but he'll be in the exact same 
    place. The experience of beating this level will come in handy during your 
    second playthrough!
    It is important that you begin running as soon as you start the level, because 
    the different teams I mentioned above will move away from their starting 
    location and start fighting each other as soon as the level begins; therefore, 
    it's better to start fighting while you still know where's everyone. Do note 
    that Lycans start at the Eastern end of the level, whereas Vampires start at 
    the West.
    The best way to beat this level is to follow one of your allies. You have 
    surely noticed that most of the friendly NPCs usually stay in one place, not 
    really caring whether you're battling it out with hordes of angry, angry 
    enemies mere inches from them. *However*, this isn't true for all the NPCs! 
    Every time I've played this game, I've found that there's one ally commander 
    that actually DOES actively chase enemies and fight them, rather than stick to 
    their default corner.
    If you're a Lycan, this fierce and helpful NPC is the Gate Commander and he 
    starts the level at the middle street. If you're a Vampire, it's Julian and he 
    starts at the South end of the middle street, where it meets the horizontal 
    Go and find either Julian or the Gate Commander, according to your race. Once 
    you have found them, stick to them at all times. If everything goes well, when 
    all enemies are dead he should automatically start running towards the next 
    group. Now you just have to follow him around the level as you kill the bad 
    guys, saving you the trouble of choosing your next target yourself.
    In case there's some obscure glitch and Julian/GC don't chase enemies all 
    around the place or you're on your own for whatever reason, you must bear in 
    mind that there are two ambushes in this level. You're already going to find 
    several compulsory battles to kill all the enemy commanders, so I suggest you 
    run away from these ambushes if you run into them.
    Once the six bosses and the commander are dead, and obviously if your own 
    commander survives (which shouldn't be too difficult, given how fond they are 
    of staying out of trouble), the level will be over.
    |                 MISSION 6: DEADLY SURPRISE / DESPERATION           [XWLK06] |
    | Vampire Objectives:                |   Lycan Objectives:                    |
    | -Survive for 15 minutes            |   -Survive for 15 minutes              |
    | -Do not leave the mansion grounds  |   -Do not leave the plaza              |
    Hello and welcome to one of the only two race-exclusive levels in Underworld! 
    Vampires fight in the courtyard of their mansion, whereas Lycans battle it out 
    in a plaza (or square). That being said, it's not like there's any difference 
    between both levels. Both are extremely small areas with a few items scattered 
    around. If you try to leave the courtyard or the plaza to find out what those 
    little paths hide, you'll first get an onscreen warning and then fail the 
    mission. So don't run away!
    Overall, the bad thing of this level is that there are many, many enemies: you 
    will be chased and attacked from all angles and directions, every single one of 
    the fifteen minutes this level is going to last. But huge amount of enemies is 
    also the best part of the level: if you keep killing them, you should always be 
    able to find Health or Energy items and weapons should also be relatively easy 
    to find (pay special attention to enemies armed with Sniper Rifles).
    Do note that there are several UV/Silver Nitrate Bullets scattered around the 
    area (I think Lycans have more than Vampires, lucky them, but I could be 
    wrong). They won't respawn after you've taken them and as you know by now 
    enemies don't drop them, so you should decide carefully when to use them. I 
    suggest you start using them when you're about five minutes into the battle; 
    that's when the more powerful thugs and even mini-bosses begin coming in. 
    There's not much point in wasting your precious, precious bullets in weak 
    enemies that can go down just as easily with regular attacks. 
    So there's very little I can tell you here. Keep running around the area, 
    killing everything you see and, most importantly, collecting everything they 
    drop. Don't count on your bodyguards, since they'll die easily and can't be 
    replaced manually. Reinforcements will arrive every now and then automatically. 
    If there's about one minute left and you're really low on health, you ran out 
    of ammo, or just grew really bored of the level, you can always give up 
    fighting and simply run around in circles, waiting till the timer hits zero and 
    you've won the level. Otherwise, fight till the last second!! You're going to 
    need all the experience for the remaining levels.
    |                        MISSION 7: THE UNDERWORLD                   [XWLK07] |
    | Vampire Objectives:                |   Lycan Objectives:                    |
    | -Kill the Lycan Commander          |   -Kill the Vampire Commander          |
    | -Protect the Death Dealer Commander|   -Protect the Leader holding the Plaza|
    |                                    |   -Protect the Lycan Commander         |
    Doesn't look very good, huh? Well, the first thing to note is that Lycans start 
    at the Eastern side of the map whereas Vampires start at the Western side. 
    Other than that, there's no difference between one level and the other. Lycans 
    seem to have one more objective at the start of the level, "Protect the Leader 
    holding the Plaza", but it doesn't appear in your objectives list. And since we 
    tend to ignore the "Protect:" objectives because Underworld characters aren't 
    very courageous, so to speak, the aim of this level is once again to kill 
    Like Mission 5, this level has two ambushes apart from the compulsory battles. 
    This map is smaller, though, so it's going to be more difficult to avoid them.
    The good news, however, is the presence of UV/Silver Nitrate Bullets hidden in 
    boxes. I suggest you save them for the bosses, they're not easy and the level 
    isn't exactly crowded with health items.
    |                  MISSION 8: FREAK OF NATURE / FATAL BLOW           [XWLK08] |
    | Vampire Objectives:                |   Lycan Objectives:                    |
    | -Destroy the Beast                 |   -Defeat the Elder                    | 
    Last mission, woohoo! This time the map is not really complex, now is it? This 
    is the second and last level in Underworld that varies between one race and the 
    other. It's still a small difference and simply a boss fight in essence, but 
    I'll make seperate sections anyway.
    Vampire Strategy:
    This level just a long rectangle, divided in rooms by metallic fences. Three 
    ambushes await you in just as many rooms; once you've dealt with the ambush, 
    you'll get a key to proceed to the next section. The first two contain Silver 
    Nitrate bullets, too -use them well!
    The last fight, with "The Beast", is going to be difficult. It's insanely 
    strong. You WILL run out of everything, so expect having to backtrack to get 
    more ammo. Pray that you didn't use it all on your way in. Also, don't even 
    think of fighting him hand-to-hand; actually, keep him as far as your current 
    gun's range allows. The fact that The Beast can only fight hand-to-hand is 
    ultimately good for you, because it will be easier to run away from him... and 
    since we've already unlocked all the previous fences, now you can run around 
    the entire level. Don't get too confident, though! The hits of this beast hurt. 
    A lot.
    Lycan Strategy:
    You fight in the Vampire mansion, which you got to visit as a Vampire in 
    Mission 6. Unlike the Vampires, you only have two ambushes before the boss 
    fight, but in exchange you don't get UV Bullets. Oh well!
    You will be fighting an enemy called "Vampire Elder". It's Viktor, a major 
    character in the movie. It looks nothing like him but since there are only 
    three Elders and one of them is dead (and a woman) and the other is 
    hybernating, it can only be Viktor. He is the only Vampire that can inflict 
    significant damage bare-handed, so think twice before engaging in hand-to-hand 
    combat with him. Running away in this tiny space isn't a very good idea either, 
    since he can easily outrun you with Blinding Speed. I'm afraid you're gonna 
    have to run around the fountain and shoot non-stop. I'd rather not Transform 
    unless you really ran out of ammo.
    Once you've killed your boss, the level will be over. You've now finished the 
    whole game :D Congratulations! You've also unlocked the Hybrid (Michael, in the 
    movie), who is insanely powerful. He can only fight hand-to-hand (no guns) and 
    has Vampire powers, but you can play both Vampire AND Lycan levels with him. 
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|                         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|         WEAPONS         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    The weapons below are sorted according to their usefulness, not their power or 
    speed. The top being the most useful and the bottom being the least useful.
                                 1. Assault Rifle
                                 2. Sniper Rifle
                                 3. Shotgun
                                 4. Dual Sub-machine guns
                                 5. Dual Handguns
                                 6. Laser
                                 7. Electric Gun
                                 8. Flamethrower
                                 9. Multi-Grenade Launcher
                                10. Rocket Launcher
                                11. Grenade Launcher
                                12. Fists
                                13. Stars
    As you can see, the Top 5 weapons all use bullets, and all the weapons which 
    use bullets are at the top. This is because they ARE the most effective weapons 
    in the game, but also because (with the exception of the Shotgun and the Sniper 
    Rifle) they can be used to shoot Silver Nitrate or UV bullets.
    I'll procceed to describe each weapon individually now.
    -Assault Rifle-
    This rifle is undoubtedly the best weapon you're going to find in the 
    underworld of Budapest. It's completely automatic, you don't need to reload it 
    very often, and it does a lot of damage to everything. Plus it's actually not 
    hard to find, so don't hesitate in using this against everything that moves. 
    You can even afford using it to destroy wooden boxes, since it is possible to 
    shoot just one bullet if you tap the R1 button just once.
    -Sniper Rifle-
    In case you're wondering, no you can't aim in first person. But this rifle is 
    insanely powerful just the same. Regular thugs will go down in just one or two 
    shots, while stronger enemies will be pushed back even if they can survive five 
    or six shots. You also have a pretty good chance of popping the enemy's head 
    off, if you're into those things. Unfortunately, it's very VERY hard to find 
    and never comes with much ammo, so don't shoot with it unless you know for sure 
    you're going to hit the enemy. But by all means, enjoy it while you can -you 
    don't know when's the next time you might run across one.
    The Underworld shotgun is less powerful than that of your typical shooting 
    game, but in exchange it's much, much quicker. The range doesn't suck as much 
    as you'd initially assume, so it's all around a great weapon to blast your 
    enemies to pieces. Do watch out for the ammo -it runs out quickly and there's 
    never a whole lot around.
    -Dual Sub-machine guns-
    These are the weapons you should have permanently equipped, if you have them. 
    They fire bursts of five or six rounds which do decent damage. It would be wise 
    to use these against regular enemies as long as you can, reserving stronger 
    weapons for bosses or particularly tough enemies. They're especially useful on 
    the first levels, before the really tough enemies begin stalking you 
    -Dual Handguns-
    You start every level with these weapons. The fact that they're not automatic 
    doesn't mean they're slow, as you can shoot pretty quickly if your have agile 
    fingers. The damage the handguns deal isn't spectacular, especially in advanced 
    levels, but they're not at all the weakest weapons of the game either.
    Quite a scarce weapon, this one. It seems to shoot a white energy beam which I 
    arbitrarily decided to call "Laser". It's not very powerful, but it doesn't run 
    out of ammo very quickly and, best of all, it inflicts continuous damage. 
    Another advantage is that you can always tell where you're shooting, since the 
    huge energy beam is quite hard to miss. Overall it's the best weapon you can 
    get when you've ran out of bullet-using weapons.
    -Electric Gun-
    This weapon shoots pure electricity, which will instantly paralyze the target 
    as long as they're receiving said electricity. The good thing about this is 
    that the electric rays can jump from one enemy to another if they're close 
    enough, so you can end up electrocuting up to about five enemies at the same 
    time. It takes AGES to kill even the weakest enemies only with this weapon but 
    none of the enemies will move a muscle meanwhile, so A) your bodyguards will be 
    happy to shoot at them unhindered, and B) the enemies won't be attacking you 
    either. Be aware, though, that you need to reload from time to time. When this 
    happens, the rays will stop and all enemies will be free again...
    Oddly enough, there seem to be plenty of flamethrowers scattered all around 
    Budapest. There's one in every level and you really have to be desperate to run 
    out of ammo with this one. In most games the flamethrowers are the ultimate ass 
    kicking, mass murdering weapons, but not in Underworld. It's one of the 
    "Desperation Weapons" which you shouldn't use unless you really have nothing 
    else to shoot or throw at the enemy. The flamethrower's range is awfully short 
    and the damage is pretty much non-existant: in order to hurt anyone with it, 
    you need to place your target in the WIDE part of the flames for a few seconds. 
    If you are too close to your enemy they won't be hurt, a problem common for 
    most weapons. You are going to use this weapon often after running out of 
    bullets, so learn how to use it well: don't wave it around aimlessly, instead 
    focus on constantly burning one enemy at a time. It's really the only way to 
    use this weapon. It works better against Lycans than against Vampires, by the 
    way; maybe because fur burns more quickly. Also note that you can't break boxes 
    with this weapon: they catch fire, but don't break.
    -Multi-grenade Launcher-
    Okay, so I don't know how to call this thing. It looks like a bazooka that 
    shoots six little bombs in a wide angle. The grenades don't hurt much at all 
    unless all of them hit the enemy (which you're not likely to see), but there's 
    a good part -the little explosions of these bombs don't hurt you no matter how 
    close you're standing, getting this weapon right above the rocket and grenade 
    launchers in terms of usefulness. But due to the low damage anyway, use it as a 
    last resort and only until you find a better weapon.
    -Grenade & Rocket Launchers-
    Never EVER use these weapons. EVER. They're both fairly common when compared to 
    the Laser or the Sniper Rifle, but they're awful. The damage is great and the 
    explosion does a good job at tossing the enemies in random directions, but the 
    explosion will hurt YOU as well 9 out of every 10 times. Especially with 
    grenades, which have a funny tendency to bounce off walls and leap straight at 
    you. Just have a look at the CPU enemies -even *they* get hurt when they're 
    using a launcher. So, unless you have literally no other weapons, don't even 
    consider using this or your bodyguards and you will end up being immortal 
    The game lists them as a weapon, so I will too. You can perform a four-hit 
    combo which is weak and has a ridiculously short range but, obviously, it needs 
    no ammo of any kind. The Hybrid and Werewolves are forced to use only their 
    fists and they work well with them, but Vampires and Werewolves-while-in-human-
    form are hopeless at hand-to-hand combat. Not only it's slow and inoffensive, 
    but it's also quite hard to actually hit the enemy. By the time you walk up to 
    them and start your combo your target will probably be at the other side of the 
    screen already. And no, bloodfrenzy doesn't help much, in the case of Vampires.
    -Silver Stars-
    They're those shiny stars Selene throws against a Lycan at the very beginning 
    of the movie. In that scene four stars are enough to stop a Lycan right in its 
    tracks, but that's far from the truth in this game. They're slow, they're 
    virtually harmless and, as if that wasn't enough, have a laughably low chance 
    of hitting ANYTHING, even though they bounce off nearby walls. It's better to 
    use Bloodfrenzy/Rage and fight with your own fists rather than wasting your 
    time with these. Oh and, this has nothing to do with the actual gameplay, but 
    the animation of your Death Dealers throwing stars makes them look like 5-year-
    old girls cheerfully throwing little flowers around.
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|                         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|          ITEMS          |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    There are several items you will find in the streets of Budapest. You can find 
    them just lying around on the ground or hidden inside wooden boxes of different 
    shapes and sizes. You can also get them from fallen enemies.
    It looks like a Red Cross, except it's light blue. It restores a bit of your 
    health, as you probably deduced. This item is permanent if found inside a box, 
    temporary if an enemy dropped it (i.e., it will vanish shortly if you don't 
    pick it up).
    This items restores your Energy bar. If you're anything like me, at first 
    you'll have trouble distinguishing Energy items from Health items, especially 
    from afar. The most noticeable difference between them is ultimately the colour 
    -energy bars are deep blue instead of light blue and shiny. This item is 
    permanent if found inside a box, temporary if an enemy dropped it.
    -Full Health, Full Energy
    These items, which replenish the entirety of your Life or Energy bar, are very 
    easy to spot -they're the regular Health or Energy items surrounded by a golden 
    ring, making them hard to miss even in the most crowded fights. Sometimes 
    really tough enemies in certain levels will drop one of these presents. They 
    never ever disappear (even the ones dropped by enemies will stay there 
    You won't be seeing this very often: it looks like a big, shiny red coin, 
    really hard to miss. A handful of enemies drop them in one or two levels. This 
    will give you more reinforcement units, so you can ask for more help if your 
    bodyguards die.
    -Silver Nitrate / UV Bullets
    These are almost as scarce as Reinforcements but much, MUCH more useful. 
    They're special bullets that vastly increase the damage made by guns, and look 
    like a white or blue bullet magazine. Logically, these bullets can only be used 
    with guns that use bullets, that is: Handguns, Submachineguns and the Assault 
    Like Health and Energy items, weapons can be obtained BOTH from crates and from 
    enemies, with the additional advantage of being permanent: even the weapons 
    dropped by enemies stay there forever. If you have max ammo for a certain 
    weapon, you obviously won't be able to pick up more. 
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|                         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|       CHARACTERS        |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Whether you play as a Vampire or a Lycan, you have four characters to choose 
    from. From that total of eight different characters, three (Selene, Erika and 
    Raze) appear in the movie. Other than that, there is little to no difference 
    between characters: you may go as far as calling them "skins". Each character 
    starts with three skill points, but each one set them differently. The 
    following is a list of the available characters and in which skills they have 
    points by default.
    It is worth noting that Selene and Raze are the most balanced characters, and 
    that the Lycans Bruce and Zak are, for some obscure reason, clones of each 
         Vampire characters                     Lycan characters
         -Selene:                               -Raze:
           Bloodfrenzy 1                          Transform 1
           Blinding Speed 1                       Rage 1
           Control Blood 1                        Purge 1
         -Dawn:                                 -Kurt:
           Bloodfrenzy 2                          Transform 1
           Control Blood 1                        Purge 2
         -Julia:                                -Zak:
           Bloodfrenzy 1                          Transform 2
           Control Blood 2                        Purge 1
         -Erika:                                -Bruce:
           Blinding Speed 2                       Transform 2
           Control Blood 1                        Purge 1 [Same as Zak]
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|                         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|          EXTRAS         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    There are a few extras from the movie in the Main Menu, namely two videos and 
    several pictures. This list is permanent and available from the beginning: you 
    don't get anything else for completing the game.
    Short Trailer
    Long Trailer
    Creature Shop 1
    Creature Shop 2
    Creature Shop 3
    Creature Shop 4
    Creature Shop 5
    Crypt 1
    Crypt 2
    Lucian 1
    Lucian 2
    On the set 1
    On the set 2
    On the set 3
    Selene 1
    Selene 2
    Selene 3
    Selene 4
    Selene 5
    Selene 6
    Selene 7
    Werewolf 1
    Werewolf 2
    Whip Fight
    Hybrid Toy
    Lucian Toy
    Selene Toy
    Viktor Toy
    Werewolf Toy
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|                         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::|         CREDITS         |::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    I would like to thank:
    Lisanne, for proofreading this document (more than once!) as well as for the 
    "Underworld" ASCII art at the top of the FAQ.
    GameFAQs, for hosting this guide and providing the helpful copyright notice at 
    the beginning of this FAQ.

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