Review by EinDataDog

Reviewed: 10/13/06

Mindless killing has come back!

Let me start by saying that this game has slightly improved since the first on Xbox. The guns have had a face lift for the best and the rate of fire of some of the guns have increased slightly, the new monsters look better and are more challenging (the bosses have more of a strategy needed) and the land scapes have some colour in them not dark and terrible tombs and desolate desserts.

Cut Scenes:
The humour in this game is second to none. There are many different humorous scenes that incorporate different movies and other games preformed by the Serious Sam characters. The cut scenes are well developed with no limbs or any other body parts sticking into walls or rocks that you see in many other games. There will be a couple of cut scenes that you won’t laugh at. There were some failed attempts at humouring the players with puns.

Story: 7/10
The story line follows a heroic “cough” and gun touting madman who is trying to restore peace to the universe using as much violence as possible. Sam is his name. The second instalment has a group of universal peace keepers guiding Sam through different areas such as cities, artic regions and medieval times to collect five pieces of a talisman that when joined will bring down the evil Mentals plans. The only problem I had will this game was the story was covered up with all the puns and cut scenes that had nothing to do with the story. Although the story had a good base line and it kept with it.

Graphics and designs: 8/10
The graphics haven’t improved much since the last game but the monsters have improved, instead of the headless enemies have been changed with orc enemies that have many different forms that range from foot-soldiers to the pilots in small aircrafts. The guns have changed in two ways, the designs and the types of weapons. The guns have changed to make them look futuristic, there have been have been two new weapons (parrot bomb and a charger pistol), and the bowie knife has been changed into a handheld circular saw. The levels have been made into more depth and have made them longer. To finish off this section this game has better graphics than most other games that are available.

Senseless violence: 9/10
This was one of Serious Sam’s redeeming qualities for the “mindless shooting” crowd members and it seems that they have taken a small part of that away from us. When hordes of enemies come charging at you there is only thing you can do is take out the biggest gun you have and start firing as many rounds as you can into the nearest enemy. The amount of enemies in one area seems to have decreased since the last game. Although the overall number has increased. So the violence has been toned down by a slim margin this doesn’t really affect the people who haven’t played the first or second encounter on PC or the Serious Sam on the Xbox.

Gameplay: 8/10
There are 42 levels in seven different areas to keep you entertained. The enemies very from stage to stage and there are many different secrets to find in each level to help through the stage. The difficulty types will provide for the starting gamer to people who just want to see Sam die over and over again. The game gets predictable and will run dry after the player has played through on the serious difficulty. Although the game can sustain a person on serious for many hours trying to use different strategies or just throw that out the window and let the guns blaze. Overall the game can be played many times before it becomes dull.

Sound: 7/10
The music has repetitiveness to it but it changes when you are fighting a boss or if you have changed areas. The music can be turned off so it shouldn’t really affect the playability of the game. This is it’s only down fall in the sound department. It redeems its self with the voicing of each character been unique and fitting to the design.

Overall: 8/10
As a fan of mindless shooting games it was quite a let down to see that the monsters are coming in smaller hordes and your guns have been made stronger. I believe there should be and element of challenge in games. The only real challenge is if you go onto the serious mode. Overall though the game is quite a good game but if you want to buy Serious Sam II game buy it on the computer it has far better graphics and the controls are far easier to use.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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