Review by Raddishsmoke878

Reviewed: 03/06/06

Sam has done it again, this time in gold

When I think of all my favorites on Xbox, a lot of games come to mind, on e of the best was and still is serious Sam, a shooter with a classic flavor but delivered with 10 times the force. When I learned that serious Sam II was coming out for the Xbox, I was as excited as a child on Christmas morning. So how does this one stack up to the great original? Well I’ll put it this way, the last game was amazing, this game takes the same game I loved and just gloss it with everything nice about FPSers.

Gameplay -10/10: just as the original Serious Sam did, Serious Sam II blends classic gameplay into a run n’ gun style of play. You once again assume the roll of Sam “serious” stone, an average Joe that just gets to take care of all the problems in the universe, that’s all you need to know basically. The games concept is what has made it so popular, which is throwing hoards of enemies at you and quickly giving you a massive arsenal of monster weapons to rub-out any of these wacky aliens, its the perfect formula!

One of the great improvements in this edition of Sammy is that you wont have to stare at the same Egyptian theme over and over again (quite possibly the only flaw found in the first game) this game takes you not only to different colorful new worlds but each one is VERY different from the population to the enemies, its all great and makes the game even more compelling since now every step of the way can be much different. The games also packing some new little things such as destructible environments, If you fire your shotgun at a tree you can see it break apart and watch it shred, its really a good move on the designers part seeing as how it just makes you feel more powerful. The game has more timeless odd enemies, like a zombie stock broker with a shotgun, Or how about a screaming bomber? Either way it’s all fun to just rip em’ apart and have fun while doing so, that’s basically was the gameplay is driven towards.

This version is also a bit more interactive but still stays strict to its arcade roots. Sam can pick-up different objects such as boxes and TNT but can use them as well, I loved this, it doesn’t change the fast pace either so even hardcore fans won’t mind it. Sam will also get some new toys in this quest. For one, every weapon has been redesigned and they are all 10 times better now, even the addition of new weapons! The dual sub-machine guns are one of the new weapons and let me say, they are seriously fun. Sam also gets an array of wicked bad vehicles, and once again, fans will not be bothered by this add-on, they control as arcade if not more! There are a lot of them too and they control great! And alas Sammy stone gets to hop into some big BIG guns! There’s now a host of turrets for the player to snatch up and take down the hordes and waves of aliens! And this where I really have fun, remember the endless waves of foes from just being on foot, wait till you get into of these, its so intense, so fun that altogether the game seems like it is possessing you!

Graphics – 10/10: this game looks AMAZING! The guns literally shine and have a great glossy effect, the environments have full 3D backgrounds and the textures are beautiful! The game looks great even on a basic TV, the vibrant colors and gorgeous models make this game a triple threat, I swear its like the game gods love the serious Sam fans, another spectacular addition that is included in this package is the ability for you to run it on an HDTV! Then you will truly enjoy the games serious graphics. All in all the GFX are great and all the remodeled enemies, guns, interface, everything makes the gameplay more enjoyable than ever. I can honestly say it also maintains an impressive 60 frames per second even with 100+ enemies on screen! That’s power baby!

Verdict – Easily one of my favorites, and I don’t just hand out 10/10’s...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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