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"Not the best story but damn, that price and the battle system makes up for it"

Lets cut right to the chase. It's $20 brand new, hugely customizable, and has online play. To come to quick conclusion, AWESOME! It is like a card game though, but don't make you think any less of this game. Let's jump into the review.


The graphics are awesome. The lighting effects and character composition is very well done. Every skill has its own look, while every character has their own unique appearance. The graphics also do not lessen with the online play and still are as vibrant as always. The game has its own unique style, also comes equipped with destructive levels as well. Presentation is wonderful.

Graphics- 10/10


To be totally honest the sound is alright. It creates the ambiance that is meant to be in the desolate world you play in. There aren't too many times that there are voices since the protagonist is nameless and I suppose a mute. Yet during normal gameplay there are no voices but the music is fair.

Though it isn't the best, the game gets great points for one sound feature that many games SHOULD have, and that is Custom Soundtrack. I put my favorite band on this game and made each level have a different song and that made my ideas of sound in the game go through the roof. Sure it's not the game's original music but Custom Soundtrack was put there so you can use it, and is a part of the game, and the premise of it makes the music totally in your control. And before I score this, let me add the awesomeness of having Custom Soundtrack available when you play online.

Sound- 10/10
(yes CS is that awesome to get this score)


I can't give away too much because it ties together towards the end dramatically. The world has been almost completely destroyed and now covered in a dust that can kill many people. The few that are still alive, live underground away from the dust. There are a few people that can survive out on the surface can only last for a limited time before they will be consumed by the dust. Yet with research, the survivors have found a way to manipulate the dust into skills, skill which they use to ward off monsters that have been created by the dust.

The protagonist and another person were found in containment capsules when others were investigating the surface. They were brought underground and discovered they both have amnesia, so they train them both to help defend their underground base.

That's about the start of it. Its not the best story but it will shock you with its twists. It's not a bad story, its sometimes just a lack of with a lot of the missions being little tiny errands to run.

Story- 7/10


Magnificent. This is some of the most fun I've ever had. I played this game a lot because its just so fun (not to mention I was ranked one of the top 10 in the world, but we won't say that's a bias of this game, no, no of course not.) It is like a card game except not. You have an arsenal, which is like a deck, and you have skills, which are like cards. You have to bring up your Aura which is like energy to use more skills. Then you can use your skills and hurt the opponent.

You run around and can dodge and do whatever. Seems simple? There is over 300 cards and 5 schools of cards and you can only have 1, 2, or 3 school in your arsenal depending on which arsenal you have. The more schools you can have in your arsenal the slower your aura level regains. There are attack skills, defense skills, environment skills, status skills, and more. All have an required amount of aura. Most skills don't delete your aura level but you spend that much aura and then it regains to the level you had.

I won't go too far into detail as this is a review, not an FAQ. The game does a great job at explaining how to play throughout the course of the game. There's also over 100 missions to play in single player.

There's a split screen versus mode and then there's the online play. You can trade skills online, or play a bunch of different types of games with your own arsenals over the internet with up to three other players. Team battles or free-for-all's can take place online with normal battle rules, Heavy battle rules, Ante, and more. The gameplay of this game is just amazing. It will keep you playing on and on.

Gameplay- 10/10


For an overall score there's a reason that it gets a 10 even with teh story being a 7. If you didn't read the title then I'll tell you, the price of being only $20 brand new!!! Without that price the game would still be an 8.5/10 which I would have bumped it up to a 9 because the story doesn't compare to the way this game plays. The price on this awesome game bumps it up to a definite 10.

Pick this one up.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/28/06

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