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"Rayne is back and more gruesome as ever!!!"

Rayne is back in BloodRayne 2! Did I mention she's more gruesome than ever!! BloodRayne 2 picks back up (I'm guessing) 57-60 years later. If you didn't play the first BloodRayne, then you have a little cathing up to do. She isn't fighting the enemies from the previous game anymore. She's fighting a new blood of vampire's who call themselves, The "Cult of Kagan" These so called "Cult" of vampires has something new and very dangerous to humanity; They have something called "The Shroud". The Shround makes it possible for vampires to roam the streets during the daylight hours. And that's exactly what their trying to do. So it's up to Rayne to stop them before "The Shroud" is released. The police means nothing, as well as the human race to the vampires. The first level in the game WOWed me. The graphics are nice. The game runs smoothly and the controls where on point; But then I wondered if BloodRayne 2 could WOW me for the rest of the game. What makes BloodRayne different from other 3rd person action games/fighting games, is that Rayne comes packed with 30+ combos! She has moves anywhere from Combo's, to Evasion, to Fatalities, to super vampire moves. You also have attacks on verticle and horizontal poles.

Only a few things need to be unlocked. These "things" can be unlocked by beating a boss or by engaging in combat and upgraded your carnage meter. Did I mention that Rayne has a pair of Dhampir Guns. These guns have 7 unique features. One being the upgrades you can obtain by shooting enemies with them. You also do not find ammo in this game, so to speak. Your ammo is actually the blood of other vampires. Rayne has unique moves that lets her reload her guns by draining the blood from others. Vice Versa, if Rayne's Blood Ammo is empty, then the guns uses the host's blood, which is Rayne's BLOOD! So be sure to keep that Blood Ammo filled. Enough about the guns, now to the gameplay. BloodRayne 2 runs smooth. There's a couple of glitches, but that's nothing to worry about. The moves are executed very smoothly (especially the fatalities!!). The art in the game is great also. The background, the enemies, and I love the blood! This is some of the most realistic blood I've seen in awhile for a game. And trust me, those vampires have a lot of blood to give! Blood also stays on the ground, even after you've killed a foe.

Another thing I love is the ability to run around and use moves freely. And I love the environment. Why do I love the environment? Because it's packs with explosive barrels and/or Propane tanks, and "Death traps" or shall I just say a dangerous environment for untrained foes! Rayne can kill enemies in Gruesome ways. She can use the environment to her advantage by throwing enemies onto Steaks, poles, or by throwing them of off a ledge or building. There are plenty of other ways to kill enemies, but I won't get into that. Sometimes during the game, the environment comes into play in order to complete a mission or to continue a mission (killing puzzles!). The game revolves around Rayne chasing around different vampire leaders. Some boss's can put up a good fight. The enemies can put up a good fight too! Enemies can whip your ass, especially when there's 3 or more. Sometimes there might be 2 enemies shooting, 3 enemies with weapons, and 1 unarmed enemy.

This adds a little strategy to the game, as well as tactics. To make the game more comfortable, Majesco has added a very nice option menu that makes the game more enjoyable. And each button on the controller can be customized to your liking. The game does however have cheesy lines every once and awhile, and almost all the time while you're battling enemies. Rayne's gives off some nice lines and some very chessy lines as well. The enemies haves very intresting lines that I think most poeple will like. I love when enemies get their body parts cut off and run! HA HA! I recommend BloodRayne to any game player (that's older than 18). Because BloodRayne is Rated (M) of course!

BloodRayne receives a 8.5 out of 10!

Graphics: 9/10
Oh yeah! This game shows the potential of the Xbox graphics card! Beautiful. Nothing is left undeatailed. Walls look realistic while Rayne throw enemies into them. The blood looks extremely realistic and gory during gameplay. Enemies die in so many different cool ways. The game has never slowed down on me. I've noticed only very few minor glicthes; Well really I've only seen one minor glicth, but don't worry, you might not even notice it. No game is glicth free anyways because nothing is perfect, but BloodRayne graphic-wise is close enough. A big overhaul from the first game graphics. This shows gamers what the Xbox can produce. The graphics are simply great!

Controls: 8.5/10
The controls in the game are pretty good and responsive. And the controls can be fully customized. The controls could have been a tad bit better, regarding the combo system. Rayne will do just about everything your fingers tell her. I also feel that Majesco took time out, in order to make the controls feel comfortable. Controls takes a short while to used to. But it's actually faster than other games, since you can change all of the button layouts, plus a couple of text's, guides you early in the game. Some gamers might complain, but most probably won't. Overall the controls are great.

Gameplay: 8/10
I could just simply say that the gameplay is the best I've ever seen, or played, but I can't just simply lie to serious gamers. I'm not trying to say that the gameplay is bad, but I'm sure 8 out of 10 gamers would enjoy it. The game runs smoothly, and when the action gets intense, the game pretty much never slowsdowm. Mid way through the game, it gets a little repetitive, but makes up for it later in the game. If the gameplay is not too fast or too slow for gamers (There are ways to speed or slowdown the gameplay ^_^). There are so many col ways to defeat foes. The move list is great. Boss battles are very challenging, so practice makes perfect.

Fun Factor: 8/10
This game is worth the purchase hands down. Rayne doesn't take crap from anyone and
puts the enemies to a early death. Beware though, enemies are tough as well, especially the boss battles. The game is beautiful and very challenging. The movement is flawless and cool! The music fits the game perfectly. The voice acting is passable. This game is very long too. You can easily throw in about 10 hours of gameplay before you even know it. There are secrets/extras to unlock and trust me they are really cool and worth it. I love the blood and gore. The "slow motion" is just plain simple and cool. You shouldn't have any problems with the camera since you can move it freely 360 degrees. If you can still find this game I suggest you consider buying it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/29/07

Game Release: BloodRayne 2 (US, 10/12/04)

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