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"Blade, Kill Bill And Bordello Of Blood Rolled Into One."

BloodRayne, the character who first appeared to gamer's in 2002 is back in this new adventure. And if you thought the first one was bloody and gory, you haven't seen anything yet. I haven't seen so many bodies chopped in half in a game before ever. This is a gore-hound's delight, but does the gameplay match up? Let's find out and see.

The story goes like this, since Rayne's last adventure in the year 1935. She joined forces with the Brimstone Society, in which she destroyed a plethora of Nazi's with her sharp blades. Her father, Kagan who was an influential Nazi collaborator, was killed in an accident at the close of the war. Since she felt cheated of killing him herself, Rayne had spent the last sixty years slaughtering his offspring's. Who have all banded together and formed, "The Cult of Kagan". Aside from butchering humans left and right, they have formed a mysterious substance called "The Shroud". In which, when released, renders the sun's lethal rays harmless to vampires. So basically, if the plan goes through, it could mean big trouble. Now enter Rayne once again to save not only the day but the world.

Gameplay, ah the gameplay...for those who have played the original you know what to expect. Massive amounts of hemoglobin spilling and tons of limbs being sliced off. This one does everything the first one did right and adds more to the tray. This time when bodies are chopped, blood sprays in that old-school Kung-Fu way, think "Shogun Assassin". Combat is extremely easy to get a hold of, so you'll be unleashing some carnage faster than a speeding bullet. Rayne has an impressive thirty combos and twelve fatalities, she has also gone the route of the Prince Of Persia. Doing acrobatic maneuvers from poles and jumping from wall to wall. You can also slide along rails and shoot at enemies while doing so. And if you feel the need, whip out the blades and cut some of them in half while grinding. The game also incorporates Rag-Doll physics now, so with the aid of her harpoon. You can impale and toss enemies a rag-doll. And this comes in handy when you are doing the newly introduced, "Blood Puzzles". Which consist of you throwing baddies into wood-chippers and the back of garbage trucks until they explode from all the blood. You can't not love this stuff...Rayne has also acquired some new abilities as well. Such as "Ghost Feed" in which she sends out a ghostly version of herself to feed on enemies and "Blood Storm". Where a bloody tornado of sorts surrounds Rayne and destroys all enemies nearby.

Although the gameplay is not without it's faults mind you. Like the "Dhampir Guns", don't get me wrong they are awesome, but you only use them throughout the entire game. I want to pick up the enemies weapons and blast them away with those too. And toss in the cheat from the first and have the weapons strapped to my body, that cheat was pretty sweet. Some bugs appear here and there, like some severed limbs bounce invisible with the blood just spraying. The occasional running through doors or clipping, one time I even went to shoot a stuck enemy and he blinked off and appeared to the opposite side of me. The dialogue is messed up a bit too, the subtitles appear with words listed and they can either not be said or cut off suddenly. The same with sound, although I've only noticed this a bit when you are firing the turrets. Aside from these, which shouldn't really kill the gameplay for you anyway, everything is fun and easy to learn.

The original game had fairly decent graphics, but this baby was overhauled. Sort of like turning a Fiero into a Lamborghini, make the pretty prettier. The polygon count is much higher and it shows. Rayne herself looks better than ever and her enemies have received great treatment also. The blood and gore effects outdo the originals by miles, see if you don't smile when you decapitate a head and see the blood spray into a puddle. The environments are very destructible, so expect to see fire and rubble everywhere you look. And boy, when the destruction starts, it is candy for the eyes, you are bound to love it. This department was done greatly, two thumbs up here, or should I say two severed thumbs up?

The sound is mainly of Techno and Hard Rock, it works well in this game, considering it is hectic and very fast. Gunfire and explosion effects are loud and believable. But the best by far goes to the blood gushing effects, asking why I put the film "Kill Bill" in my tag-line? Aside from the constant limb hacking, the blood shoots out with a similar sound to that flick. The "Pssshhh" sound effect, it is so damn marvelous. And in case you were wondering, BloodRayne's "Pleasure Moan" is back when she feeds.

Bottom line, fans of the original will suck this one up, pun intended. Even people new to the franchise should dig this game, you got babes, blood, cursing, blood, tons of action and blood. Aside from a little problems that keep the game from reaching a perfect score, it is fast and fun. Replay value isn't much outside of throwing in some codes and putting on a different outfit to play it entirely again. But that shouldn't be bad since the game is awesome as all Hell. It might be a little on the short side, ten hours or less but the time it gives you is exciting and bloody.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/14/04

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