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"Mediocre Gorefest"

Let's set this straight. I didn't like the first Bloodrayne game. it had so many bugs it would put my attic to shame and it needed a LOT of polish. Although it had its problems, it was a good vampire themed action game and it featured a very hot heroine to play with. It almost became a cult favorite because of all the extensive gore and action. And now the same developers of the first game (Terminal Reality) have made a sequel and I have to say it's the same thing with better graphics and more moves. here's my review:


The first BloodRayne game had a decent story. it was interesting and kept you craving for what would happen next. BloodRayne 2 is also like that. it's got a decent, almost engaging story. Not at all unique or epic but simply interesting. Rayne is our half human, half vampire heroine who generally acts like a vigilant and has her own way of bringing justice to the various freaks which pollute the entire levels. The theme of the story is "Revenge". Rayne wants to wipe out all her father's minions and children who are also vampires because they are evil. that's generally how the story goes. There are a few twists here and there which make the story interesting enough.


The graphics have made a rather huge leap from the first game. those who have by any chance played Devil May Cry will know how the game should feel and look like. there's some eye candy here and there and the lighting has improved a lot. the character models are pretty nicely modeled and can be maimed almost from any section. The violence in this game is pretty high and you're going to see a lot (and I mean a LOT) of dismemberment and lots of exaggerated blood effects whenever you're fighting your enemies. the character animation is also very good and every single move that Rayne executes is dripping with style. the level design is great too with lots of poles and pipes to hang on to and swing from that would make Tarzan blue with envy. to sum up, one of the most decent things done in this sequel is the graphics. they look great.


well, audio always has two parts: Voice acting/FX and Music. the voice acting of the game is very nicely done. just how it should be done in every game. the actors speak pretty naturally and sound very good. the sound effects are very well done too. from gun blasts to slashing bodies to gallons and gallons of blood spurting around the place. But the other part, which is music, is not done so well. you'll notice that the same stupid loop, which is pretty short and has to replay after just a little time, keeps playing and playing in the background of each level. sometimes it gets pretty boring. the music changes from time to time depending on what you're doing (fighting or not fighting). anyway, as a whole, the audio is good and tolerable.


This is all just like the first BloodRayne. nothing is different. there's also a complete moves list added to the pause menu to help remember the combos and executions and keep them handy. sometimes using the different powers become confusing. like you wouldn't remember which direction on the D-pad (which is used for activating powers) is for which power but that'll pass after some hours into the game. the jumping controls are a little bit awkward because Rayne doesn't jump so right which is a problem that existed in the first game too. the jumping is too fast and inaccurate which makes the jumping puzzles a bit frustrating.


Nothing has changed from the first game. that's a bit bad and a bit good. the good part is, if you've played the first game you can jump right in without a single problem whatsoever. but the bad part is, there's going to be some problems for the first timers. As you know, you'll be playing as Rayne. Rayne always carries her trusty "arm blades" which are attached to his arm and make one hell of a kick ass weapon. she can also kick and dual wield two special guns which feed on your victim's blood for ammo. if the victim blood runs out, they'll feed on your blood which is your life. Rayne doesn't pick up any health throughout the game. your enemies are your health which means if you want to replenish your life bar, you have to feed from the blood of the people you fight. a new thing added is the feeding fatalities. that means when you're done feeding from your enemy you can get rid of him in a number of nasty, gory ways. She also has super vampire powers like slowing time down or gaining super speed and aura vision (which points out the important items and enemies around you) and rage (which makes you invincible and very powerful for a limited time). Rayne also has a hook strapped to a chain which she throws to reach far away enemies or special objects and throw them around the place. all this is pretty nice but it sometimes gets confusing for beginners and sometimes there are some jumping glitches and movement glitches which frustrate most. but to sum it up it's very fun to play BloodRayne 2 because all the slicing and dicing doesn't get that boring. as I said before, the game feels a lot like Capcom's Devil May Cry.

TO SUM UP, BloodRayne 2 is a good action game which offers a lot. it's also got some replayability thanks to some interesting cheats and three outfits to unlock and some other extras. The gore level is way up high in this game. it's so much you think its a mistake or a joke. heads will be chopped off, hands and legs will go flying and buckets of blood will spray and pour out of the enemies. it's pretty nice and satisfying. just don't expect anything extraordinary or epic. go in with low expectations and you'll find much to like about this game. go in with high expectations and you'll be let down. And if you can, just rent it before you make a decision.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/18/05

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