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"An excellent game that missed greatness by an inch."

Blood Rayne 2 is an action game about a half vampire, half human woman named Rayne. Rayne hunts her father's evil vampire children to seek revenge for killing her human family. Terminal Reality studios did an outstanding job in improving the original concepts into an addictive and entertaining game.

GRAPHICS 8/10: Blood Rayne 2 improves the graphics from the first game but still has a few issues. For starters, there graphics tend to look a little sloppy and blocky at times. The frame rate is not as high as it could have been and there are a few camera problems, especially in close corners. However, the overall presentation of Blood Rayne's graphics is good for the most part. Rayne is animated very well. She gets a lot of in-game facial expressions, different outfits, and is very sexy. The enemies look straight out of a comic book and resemble the vampires seen in the movie, "Queen of the Damned". The characters are animated well and everything works well together. The stages are very original and take advantage of Rayne's many acrobatic moves. There are many poles to swing from and she can interact with background objects to cause chain reactions of death. The action/combat in the game is very gory. Body parts fly off 90% of the time. You can even enter cheats to increase the violence. Although some gamers may be turned off by the bloodbath that is Blood Rayne 2, I found that the game was very entertaining. The violence was so over the top, that it was more comical than upsetting. Finally, Blood Rayne 2 was not the best looking game I have ever seen, but used what it had to its advantage. Its graphics are above average and pleasing to the eyes.

SOUND/MUSIC 9/10: Great voices and good music always make a good game, great. Blood Rayne has an excellent voice cast delivering an above average script. One thing I liked is how Rayne's character is genuinely cool. She has some funny taunts when she kills people like, “You saw the blades. What did you think was going to happen?" Some female action heroes usually fall into the trap of trying to be cool, but end up just being annoying. Rayne is all business and holds the story very well. The other voices are also good. The enemies sound like the usual dim-witted henchmen and the bosses sound ominous and taunting. The music in the game is very good. You get ambient music while wondering until you encounter the enemy. The music then changes to trendy Techno. The beats are catchy and enhance the action. Adding to the package are good sound effects. Everything sounds very good. From gunshots to slashing arms off, it all comes through clear. You also get humorous death screams and plenty of foul language. Finally, the best sound effect in Blood Rayne is the "blood draining". Rayne injects her blood guns into the victim and drains them dry. The sound effect is spine tingling and complements the action perfectly.

GAMEPLAY 9/10: Aside from some major glitches here and there, Blood Rayne plays very well. Rayne has many combat moves and gets acrobatic moves as well. She can swing on poles and shoot, slide down railings and jump behind mounted machineguns and blow people away. She also has an arsenal of vampire powers. All of which kick major butt. You can use your vampire vision to see through walls and also see the level objective. The puzzles in this game are fun and humorous. Almost every time you need to solve something, it usually involves you throwing multiple bodies into a generator or some other machine. Pile enough bodies and you'll complete your task. The action is fun and addictive. You can dice villains, shoot them, blow them up, crush them, drain them, throw them into meat grinders, and many other horrible forms of death. The loading times are short and there is very little slowdown. A few glitches keep this game from getting a perfect score. Overall, this game is a great and will provide plenty of entertainment.

FUNFACTOR 9/10: This game is an action packed bloodbath. Fans of movies like "Blade" or "Underworld" will instantly like the imagery that Blood Rayne delivers. The puzzles are not very hard and always fun. Violence seems to be the usual solution. Most of the levels are fun and offer plenty of action. Rayne is beautiful and deadly and entertains you with good lines and plenty of cleavage. Amid its minor glitches and sloppy graphics lurks a great game that made me glad I played it.

REPLAY 8/10: The game never changes but allows cheats to be unlocked once you finish the game. "Dismemberment mode", "Big Breast Mode", "God Mode", "Unlimited Rage", is waiting for you. The game is also not too involved and can be picked up easily. Thus you can have a bloody good time over and over again.

OVERALL 8/10: This game had some glitches and could have used a little more polish but is overall and excellent game. The action is very violent but always fun and exciting. It missed gaming greatness by an inch. Rayne is a beautiful and interesting character that seems to have plenty left up her sleeve for a sequel. As these games are only getting better, it is perhaps time you become acquainted with a rising star.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/21/05

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