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    FAQ/Walkthrough by El Burrro

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Author       : El Burrro 
    Platform     : Microsoft Xbox, Gamecube, Playstation 2
    Last Updated : 29/10/2004
    E-Mail       : footballgamer@gmail.com
    Website      : http://www.rockyfans.info
    Copyright © 2004 Michael Storey. All rights reserved.
    This is a basic guide for T3: The Redemption. Please note
    that this guide will not get you 100% on every level, 
    but it will allow you to finish it. Any further comments, 
    questions or amendments you would like to make please send 
    me an email.
    This will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back.
    [Game Summary]
    You are the Terminator. A killing machine resurrected by 
    the human resistance to save the very thing you were 
    built to destroy. Race, fight and blast across the Terminator
    timeline – through present day L.A., the year 2032 and a 
    frightening, alternative future. Annilihate anything that 
    prevents your objective: Ensuring the survival of John 
    Connor, Kate Brewster… and tomorrow.
    1.0 Upgrades Guide
    1.1 Tech Comm Base
    1.2 Hollywood
    1.3 Exterior
    1.4 Bunker
    2.1 LA Desert
    2.2 LA Town
    2.3 Los Angeles
    2.4 Cemetery
    2.5 Hills
    3.1 FK Titan
    3.2 FK Harrier
    3.3 Tunnels
    3.4 Skynet
    4.1 CRS Hangar
    4.2 Crystal Peak 
    5.0 Hints and Tips
    1.0 Upgrades Guide
    After each mission, depending on how quick you complete the level
    and how many units you destory determines how many Terabytes
    you can get to upgrade your system.
    There are four upgrades available:
    Recharge: The higher the level, the more you will beable to 
              recharge your life up.
    Vision Time: The higher the level, the longer scan vision
                 can be used for.
    Vision Damage: The higher the level, the more damage you
                   will have with scan vision
    Vision Charge: The higher the level, the faster your scan
                   vision will be available.
    Personally, I believe the most useful upgrades to improve first
    are the Recharge and Vision Time. However, it is more efficient
    if you increase upgrade one level at a time so you have similar
    levels for each upgrade.
    1.1	Tech Comm Base
    Watch the cut scene and have a look at the basic controls that show
    up on the screen. You’ll eventually be led out of the base where 
    you need to take down an FK Hovercraft. Aim for it with your gun, 
    dodging its fire if you can, and after a few seconds it will come 
    crashing down to the ground.
    1.2 Hollywood
    OBJECTIVES: Disable the FK Command Engines
                Keep FK command within 400M
    Start by running forward and taking out the two T-900’s either 
    by using your gun or hand combat (Usually if there’s only one 
    T-900 it’s much easier to kill them using hand combat. Plus 
    if you press X a few times on them then you can steal there 
    guns and have double the firepower!). Move forward again and 
    you’ll come to another T-900, followed by two more and then 
    another one. 
    You’ll now be faced with a gun turret, quickly run up to it 
    and press Y and start to blast anything in sight. If something
     comes behind you then follow the on screen instruction to 
    throw them off. Eventually there will be nothing more to shoot
    so leave the turret and move on.
    There’s a recharge point ahead on the right, so use that if 
    you’ve lost some health and start blasting the 3 T-900’s 
    ahead. You’ll now see a car ahead, press Y to jump into 
    it and start driving. Again blast anything in sight, using 
    the main and alternative fire, moving quickly following the 
    round around. If any T-900’s become attached to your vehicle 
    then kick them or shoot them off.
    You’ll now soon see a big FK Craft in the sky ahead, start to 
    aim for it by blasting its engines one at a time (There are 3 
    in total). Make sure to keep on firing at the road in between 
    otherwise your health will soon start to drop.
    Once you’re at the end of the road a helicopter will be waiting. 
    Jump on and wipe out any craft in the air and you’ll start to 
    circle a building. Keep your finger on the trigger and fire like 
    crazy at the machine in the middle of the tower, watching out 
    for its purple fire. (Use your gun to shoot the purple missiles 
    to prevent them hitting you)
    1.3	Exterior
    Objectives: Follow FK Command Core
                Keep FK Command Core within 400M DBT
                Terminate all FK Aerials
    Run forward and take out the three T-900’s in front of you. 
    A craft will smash out of the wall in front of you, so take 
    that down along with another T-900. Move forward and take out 
    another two T-90’s, and then take control of the gun turret. 
    Take out everything in front of you, again watching carefully 
    for anything that tries to take you from behind. Move forward 
    taking out all the T-900’s and a car will smash through the 
    wall. You’ll jump in automatically and take control of the 
    gun turret at the back. Take out all the machines that follow
     you using main and alternative fire, knocking off any T-900’s 
    that try to climb up the car. Eventually the car will turn 
    around letting you take control of it along with the guns. 
    You’ll be charged up when you pass under a narrow bridge down 
    the road. Take out everything again, including the small red 
    towers. When the chopper appears, you have the option to jump 
    up to take out a few of the crafts but you’ll soon be back in 
    the car and blasting things. You’ll pass another recharge zone, 
    and then come to another Helicopter, which you’ve guessed it; 
    you have to jump up to. Use the gun to fire at the two crafts 
    following you – both have engines either side so take them out 
    one at a time. Watch out for the purple rockets again, so shoot 
    them down when they start firing at you.
    1.4 Bunker
    Objectives: Disable Reactors
                Disable Generators
                Acquire FK Command Core
    Run ahead and take control of one of the gun turrets. Another two 
    large crafts will appear, so shot down any purple rockets fired at 
    you and aim for the engines either side of it. Keep an eye on 
    anything behind you too as a few T-900’s appear from nowhere
    Once everything’s been taken down, a car will appear and you’re 
    in control once more. Follow the road around shooting everything 
    in site and moving fast and you’ll come to a big tank which you 
    take control of. 
    Move forward in the tank shooting any craft that appears and 
    blow up the reactor machine directly in front of you. Go around 
    to the right and take out the tank in the far corner. Follow the 
    path around and take out another reactor, as well as taking out 
    any craft that fly above. Follow the path around again and take 
    out another tank with the final reactor.
    A helicopter will appear again, so jump up and take control of
    the gun shooting anything that follows. The helicopter will fly
    inside a tower, so take out those four things that stick out. 
    Another cut scene will appear and you will be following the carrier.
    Take out its four engines, shooting any red missiles it aims at you. 
    Level finished so watch the nice cut scene of Kristana Loken naked 
    and into the future we go
    Level 2.1 LA Desert
    Objectives: Reach Connor before T-X
                Keep T-X within 600m Distance
    This level is very difficult, and will most likely take you at 
    least 4 or 5 tries to complete as you need to take all the 
    shortcuts there are. There are some slightly different routes 
    to take compared to what this guide gives you, but this route 
    should let you keep near the T-X. Just keep the accelerator on 
    and don’t use the breaks!
    Start moving forward and take the short cut just down the road 
    on the left. You’ll jump over the road through another passage, 
    and once this ends aim to drive for the green sign directly in 
    front of you and you’ll be on another shortcut. Follow this along 
    and you’ll soon be back on the road again, quickly look for a big 
    yellow sign on your left as behind it’s another shortcut (You can 
    drive through the sign, it smashes). Take that and follow it 
    around, and you’ll make another big jump over the road. The passage 
    soon ends and you’ll fly back onto the road again. Don’t follow the 
    road though, look straight in front of you for a pair or tall steel 
    gates with a ‘Cal Pak’ sign and smash through them. Follow it up and 
    you’ll make a big jump landing in a pylon yard. Keep to the left and 
    you’ll smash through some more railings and back onto the road again. 
    Follow the road around and you’ll come towards a train track – 
    look for the ramp on the right hand side and jump over the train. 
    Keeping on the right hand side of the road you’ll see another 
    passage which will again jump you over part of the road. You’ll 
    again soon be back on the road again, so follow it around until 
    you come to another train track – follow what you did last time, 
    keep to the right, up the ramp and jump the train. Again the right 
    hand side provides another passage, so use it and you will jump over 
    the road into another passage which will lead you into a scrap yard. 
    When you land, look just to your right and you’ll see a ramp which you 
    need to go up. This will jump you up to a number of roof tops so follow 
    that along and you’ll eventually jump back onto the road onto another 
    passage. Follow the passage, keeping on the left hand side and you’ll 
    jump again onto another cut. Follow that and you’ll fly back onto the 
    road again, where you need to take the cut off to your left with the 
    purple sign. Follow it along and you will move back onto the road again, 
    from which you’ll need to take a left cut once more. Follow this going 
    through a number of jumps and under a small subway type thing in the rocks. 
    A plane will appear in the sky now, if you can manage to catch up to 
    it on a jump press the Y button and you’ll get a nice boost along 
    the road. Follow the large road along, and a cut scene will appear. 
    Finally finished, now take a deep breath and lie down for a few hours….
    2.2	LA Town
    Objectives: Shoot out crane tyres
                Keep T-X within 700m distance
    Another driving level, but this time you start 
    on a motorbike with a shotgun. Drive forward and 
    shoot the police car on your right, then shoot the one 
    just ahead on the left corner. Move ahead and press the
    action button next to the police car on your right – 
    a police car has a better top speed so you will get 
    closer to the crane with it. Make sure you shoot the 
    tyres whenever you have a chance, and make sure you 
    shoot the T-X whenever she gets on top of the vehicle 
    and watch out for her missiles
    Keep on driving and shoot the crane if you manage to 
    get it in sight. Follow the road around and go through 
    the building the cranes smashed through, over some grass 
    and through another building where you will eventually 
    jump out and go down an alleyway, blowing up any police 
    cars that get in your path.
    Keep going shoot the T-X/Tyres when you can and you’ll be 
    lead down a large bank into a deep alleyway (Much like the 
    one in T2 with the T1000 in the truck) The T-X will shoot 
    down 3 bridges, so dodge these. If your car is losing health 
    then get close to another police car and take over it.
    Once you’re off the big alleyway you will be lead through 
    another building – you must have all the tyres shot by 
    now otherwise you will end up losing the 
    A few hints for this level is to more or less get a police 
    car straight away, and when you have the chance to fire 
    at the T-X/Tyres then use your scan vision as it will 
    create more damage.
    2.3 Los Angeles
    Objectives – Stop T-X
                 Shoot out crane controls
    On this level you can control the vehicle left and right, 
    and use your trusty shot gun. Keep on moving to the left 
    and right to dodge cars if you haven’t managed to blow 
    them up. Watch out for the T-X’s fire, and once she gets 
    up on top of the crane blast her down – when she falls, 
    quickly press the Y button,go into scan mode if you haven’t
     already and aim for the crane controls at the top right 
    of the crane. Do this three times and you will complete 
    the level once you get to the end of the road. If you 
    keep to the right hand side you also will eventually go 
    up a ramp and through a building, in which a recharge 
    zone will charge you up.
    2.3	Cemetery
    Objectives – Re-acquire Kate Brewster
                 Protect SWAT van from T-X
                 Knock SWAT officers out of the van
    Another driving level this time taking control of a hearse. 
    The object is to knock out five officers from the van, so 
    try and use every alternative road to knock the van 
    There will be several roads which go two ways and join 
    into one again, so make sure you take the opposite one to 
    the van, and then ram it as soon as the road joins again. 
    Be sure to dodge any fire they aim at you, you 
    can’t fire back as you aren’t allowed to kill anyone 
    (Basically keep to the right if they fire from the left 
    of the van and vice versa) If the T-X jumps on top 
    of the van, quickly shoot her until she falls off.
    2.4	Hills
    Objectives – Protect John and Kate
                 Stop T-X
    Driving the hearse once more, you must throw off
    the T-X whenever she jumps onto the vehicle. 
    Drive down the road and take any cuts you see –
    a lot of items will help to knock the T-X off. Once 
    the T-X jumps onto the hearse shoot her so she is 
    just hanging on, then either use a tree branch or 
    pipe to knock her off or swerve using the break to 
    knock her onto the side of the car. If she is hanging 
    onto the side of the car, then use any railings on the 
    road to scrape her against and she eventually fall off.
    Once you get so far down the road, a cut scene 
    will appear and you can control the car left and right 
    to dodge any fire/cars and the machine gun. Keep to the 
    right, and you’ll pass a recharge point. Soon you will 
    see the T-X in the Helicopter, so start firing at her 
    avoiding her missiles. Quite a few cars will be taken over by 
    the T-X, so be sure to blast them or dodge them if there are 
    too many.
    3.1 FK Titan
    Objectives – Reach FK Carrier before counter reaches 999
    Run ahead and kill the T-900. Watch out 
    for the strips of fire that can damage 
    you badly ahead. Jump down a small ledge 
    and take out five T-900’s you will 
    encounter, and dodge the two strips of fire 
    once more. Run down the corridor and take out 
    another three T-900’s and go through the door 
    ahead, where you can jump on a small machine. Use 
    the machine to drive ahead, blasting anything 
    that gets in your way using both main and 
    alternative fire. Be sure to dodge the strips of fire
    again, but if you do get low on health then steal another 
    machine if one comes near you. Follow the ‘road’ 
    all the way down and you will soon blast through a wall 
    and jump automatically onto a hook. Now you will be 
    in control of a massive machine, so take control of 
    the gun and aim for the bright blue towers – some are hidden
     behind buildings so keep an eye out. 
    The first one is straight ahead of you, so use the alt
    -fire to blow it up. Shoot the ground in front of you to take
     out any additional T-900’s, and start to aim for a building 
    to your left to blow up the blue tower behind it.
    Quickly look to your right and you should see another blue 
    tower behind a building so take it out again Shoot the floor
    again to wipe out any T-900’s and blow up the building just
    to the right in front of you to take out another blue tower.
    Another blue tower is straight ahead, so take that out 
    now too. Shoot the T-900’s on the floor again, and you will
    notice another blue tower to take out. Moving ahead, another
    blue tower to your left will appear behind a building, and another
    right in front of you just to the right,again behind a building.
    Another 4 towers will be ahead, most of them behind 
    buildings but they are easy to spot so blow them up and you will
    finish the level without coming close to 999.
    3.2 FK Carrier
    Objectives – Disable all FK Carrier Engines
                 Reach Skynet
    Walk ahead and take out the four T-900’s, and 
    the craft that appears. Now, blow up the two 
    engines close to your right and move ahead. Another
    carrier and T-900’s will appear, so take them 
    all out and charge up if you need it by going to 
    the opposite corner of the hole nearest to where 
    you started. Take out another carrier and a few 
    T-900’s, and move onto the gun turret and take 
    down the big craft shooting any purple missiles
    it throws at you. Another 3 small craft will 
    appear, along with another big one so take them 
    all out. Move ahead, charging up if needed at the 
    top right just ahead of the turret and take out 
    all the T-900’s and crafts. Further on, two big 
    walking machines will appear – quickly run back 
    to the platform in front of the turret and fire 
    at them both, stopping and dodging their slow firepower 
    when they shoot. Once they are blown to bits, shoot 
    the two engines and go up the ramp, charging up as
    you go along up onto the roof with an infinite amount 
    of T-900’s.
    Try to take out the four engines, watching out for 
    any T-900’s, carriers and walking machines. The best 
    idea is to pick one corner that you can stop in and 
    shoot two of the engines out, then move to the 
    opposite corner and take the other two out – 
    watching out for the T-900’s coming from behind you.
    Once the engines have been taken out, you will be blown 
    onto another big machine where you have two things 
    to do. Firstly, you need to blow up any crafts, 
    and secondly (at the same time…) take out any 
    walking machines below from the left and right. Use 
    the main and alternative fire power to wipe everything 
    3.3 Tunnels
    Objectives: Reach Bomber chamber before temperature 
                reaches 800
    Again a level where you really need to play five 
    or six times so you can memorize the route. Dodge all 
    of the railing that you see, and for the fast fans shoot 
    them about a second or so before you go through them to 
    stop them turning. There are three charge zones, but 
    you need to be in the right position in the
    tunnel otherwise you will miss it and get damaged
     by a laser instead.
    There are also two blue tunnels that you need to go 
    through which will speed you up. The first you will 
    automatically go into, so just shoot the red machines 
    and eventually you will come out, soon to reach the 
    next one. Just before the second blue tunnel, make 
    sure you go up the ramp to the left otherwise you 
    will miss it and the temp will likely go over 800 due 
    to time. In this tunnel, be sure to shoot the round
    machines to knock off the little things which 
    leave a gap for you to go through. If you do smash 
    into the machines, then be sure to use any ramps or 
    tunnels to jump back in and you will soon be at the 
    end of the level
    3.4 Skynet
    Objectives: Disable the T-900 towers
                Disable FK Bombers engines
                Charge all time chamber generators
    Move ahead and shoot the five bright white dots that 
    appear on each corner of that ugly thing in the middle 
    of the room. Once all the time locks have been released, 
    a door will open and you need to follow the FK Bomber. The 
    next part is extremely difficult, and you will need to 
    memorize the route again and there are a lot of ramps you 
    need to jump up on to get a shot on the engines. Basically 
    use all the ramps, and keep at a height until all 
    four engines have been taken out. Once you get near the
    end in a sort of docking bay, press the action button 
    and you will jump onto the Bomber.
    You will fly through the insides of Skynet, so be sure 
    to wipe out any flying crafts and you will eventually land 
    in a circular room and onto a walking machine. There should 
    be two other robots either side of this room, so first 
    take down any craft and move over to one of the robots. 
    Use the energy beam to disable them, and then push them 
    towards the edge onto one of the grated floors. Press the 
    beam button again and the life should start to drop, 
    charging the time chamber. Do exactly the same 
    for the other one and the level will be complete.
    4.1 CRS Hangar
    Objectives: Clear Path for Plane
                Stop T-X
    Surprisingly one of the easier levels, start by running 
    over to your left and stand next to the wall. A T-900 should 
    appear in the distance infront of you, so use alt fire to 
    take it out. Stay where you are andwait for another T-900 
    to come around the corner and wipe it out. 
    Now, quickly run to the corner and take a shot at the 
    machine, runningback behind the wall when it starts to fire. 
    When it stops, shoot it againand repeat the steps till its 
    dead. Now take out the two cars and plane thats
    blocking the path, and shoot down the small craft that appears. 
    Run down the warehouse and take out another plane, along with 
    a T-900 and any other craft that appear.
    The warehouse door will now open, so run outside and take 
    down any craft. Clear the path for the plane then run to 
    the next warehouse. Run past the two objects
    blocking the path for now and take out all the craft 
    and any T-900's. Once all the machines are down, then 
    clear a path for the plane.
    Run out of the warehouse, and once again take anything out 
    that moves. Then clear the path and run to the next warehouse. 
    When you get to the next warehouse, ignore the two cars and 
    take out the two T-900's and any craft. RUn towards the back 
    wall and take out the large machine that appears, and then 
    another one which appears. Try and hide behind any objects 
    to aviod the fire, then once it stops try to take
    it out.
    Now start to clear the path for the plane, and you should 
    see a hook that you can shoot down on the left part of the 
    ceiling. Shoot it till it falls, and take out any T-900's 
    or craft that appear. Once the whole path it clear, 
    the T-X will appear with a harrier, so quickly jump on 
    the hook (using Y) and shoot the missiles on the planes 
    wings which will hit the harrier. You will fall down, 
    so now just keep on firing at the harrier, dodging its 
    fire when possible to end the level.
    4.2 Crystal Peak
    Objectives: Protect John and Kate
                Stop T-X
    The T-X is indestructable on this level so don't bother
    shooting at her. Start shooting at the Jeeps
    either side of you, as the T-X will start to control
    them pretty soon. You should beable to take out at least two
    before the T-X gets close enough. Once the T-X starts to control
    the Jeeps, start blasting them to prevent them from hitting
    John and Kate. The best position to be in is just infront of
    the big door, leaving you plenty of time to blow up the Jeeps
    before they can cause damage.
    Once the door opens, quickly run through and shoot the lock
    on the right hand side so that the door shuts and gives you a 
    bit more time. Try and blow up the Helicopter on the left hand
    side on the top shelf if you can, as the T-X usually takes over 
    that first. Once again run to the doors near the John and Kate
    and start to blast everything that moves. Use your scan vision,
    and watch out for the missiles the Helicopters shoot (you can either
    dodge them or shoot them down). There are two yellow blocks of 
    rockets too either side of the room, so if there are a lot
    of vehicles in the middle of the room blast the rockets
    and it will destory them.
    The next door will open now, so once again shoot the lock on
    the right hand side, and try to take out a few vehicles before
    the T-x comes through the door. Run again near John and Kate
    and start to blast anything that moves. Shoot the yellow
    Rockets either side once more to blow up several vehicles, 
    and watch out for the tanks fire.
    Soon the next door will open, but you will be injured by the
    T-X. This severly slows you down, so shoot the yellow rockets
    either side to slow the T-X down as you try to catch up to her.
    You have to shoot the 6 yellow rockets at the right time so they hit 
    her, so this may take a bit of practise. Once you can catch up 
    her, press the action button (Y) to finally finish her off 
    once and for all.
    5.0 Hints and Tips:
    * To increase your firepower, press X a few times 
    on a T-900 to pinch its gun.
    * Use your scan vision carefully to take down hard targets.
    * Dodge large missiles by moving left or right if you cant 
    shoot them down
    *Memorize routes as best you can
    * Use your scan vision as often as possible, as it increases
     the damage
    Copyright © 2004 Michael Storey. All rights reserved.

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