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    Sept 25, 04
    Author: Assassin X 
    Others: Emails from Gamefaqs members!
    Id like to apologize in advance, sometimes my program messes up my FAQ so if a 
    line is a little off it wasn't me! It really likes messing up my spelling and 
    grammar! I'll fix it!
    1. Weapons
    2. Units (And faction descriptions)
      2A. Rebels
      2B. Galactic Empire
      2C. Republic
      2D. CIS
      2E. Classes
    3. The Art of Sniping (By Hypadash)
    4. Vehicles
    5. Map Pictures (With strategies on them)
    6. Map Strategies
    7. Command Posts
    8. Single Player
      8A. Instant Action
      8B. Historical Campaign
      8C. Galactic Conquest
    9. Hints, Strategies and Things you probably didn't know!
    10. My Advice
    11. Interesting Facts
    12. Special Useable Vehicles or Animals
    13 UPDATES
    1. Weapons
    This section is about the weapons this way you know what the heck a Blaster 
    or a Droid is!
    Every weapon in Star Wars is LASER based and doesn't have bullets. So unless I 
    say other wise assume it's a laser.
    GE = Galactic Empire
    RP = Republic
    C = CIS
    RB = Rebels
    Blaster Rifle:
    A blaster Rifle is basically a machine gun.
    Clip Size: 50
    Clips: 5
    Clip Size: 55
    Clips: 4
    C (AKA Wrist Blaster-Super Battle Droid)
    Clip Size: 60
    Clips: 3
    Clip Size: 55
    Clips: 4
    Range: Mid-Far
    Damage: Medium-High
    Reload Time: 2 Seconds
    Blaster Pistol:
    Normal Pistol
    Clip Size: 11 shots before it overheats (Assuming constant fire)
    Clips: N/A
    Range: Mid-Far
    Damage: Medium
    Reload Time: Recharges (3 seconds if overheated)
    Thermal Detonators:
    Creates explosion
    Count: Depends on Unit
    Range: Close-Mid
    Damage: High
    Concussion Grenades:
    Knocks unit on ground
    Count: Depends on Unit
    Range: Close-Far
    Damage: None
    Mine Dispenser:
    Lets you lay down mines on the battle field so vehicles blow up.
    Count: 4
    -Strong against smaller things like AT-ST
    -Weaker against things like AT-AT
    Blaster Cannon/Blast Cannon:
    You shoot allot of lasers/flak at once instead of one at a time. Like a flak  
    cannon (See Unreal Tournament). Its also slow and can be inaccurate.
    GE(Dark Trooper laser version)
    Clip Size: 30(Shoot 5 at a time)
    Clips: 6
    Clip Size: 30(Shoot 5 at a time)
    Clips: 3
    Range: Close-Mid
    Damage: Medium-High
    Reload Time: 2 Seconds
    Health/Ammo Dispenser:
    You give health and ammo packs to other (to yourself).
    Count: 5
    Fusion Cutter:
    Repair Tool and use it to build Repair, Health or Ammo stations.
    You can also fix things.
    Bow caster:
    Crossbow that shoots lasers. Hold button longer to shoot multiple shots! 
    Clip Size: 35(Charge it to shoot a spread shot of 7)
    Clips: 5
    Range: Close-Mid
    -Low if single shot
    -Instant death if charged shot up close at enemy
    Reload Time: 2 Seconds
    Grenade Launcher/Mortar Launcher:
    Shoot it and the nade bounces then blows up.
    Clip Size: 5
    Clips: 2
    Range: Close-Mid
    Damage: High
    Reload Time: 2 1/2 Seconds
    The Mortar Launcher is the same thing except the nades blow up instantly when 
    they hit something.
    Time Bombs:
    These are the same as mines but sticky. Best used against vehicles. Run up to 
    A vehicle stick it on and run. You'll have 5 seconds to get away. Also they 
    create a small light and beep and so other will know what's going on!
    Count: 3
    Damage: High
    Sniper Rifle:
    Lets you shoot from distances.
    Clip Size: 5
    Clips: 9
    Clip Size: 6
    Clips: 6
    Clip Size: 6
    Clips: 6
    Clip Size: 5
    Clips: 9
    Range: Far
    Damage: Medium-Instant Kill
    -Headshots are instant kill
    Reload Time: 2 Seconds
    Recon Droid:
    This little droid has limited power so use him wisely. Primary fire makes him  
    shoot small lasers. Secondary make him call in an artillery strike. When he  
    call it in he'll count down. Listen for 4 beeps!
    Just remember Recon Droids can be killed by one shot! Use the to take out 
    vehicles and men! There very useful on Yavin.
    Missile Launcher:
    Shoots missiles. They can lock on targets and be shot too.
    RB (Rebels can fire two shots at the same time)
    Clip Size: 2
    Clips: 4
    Ammo: 7
    Ammo: 7
    Clip Size: 2
    Clips: 3
    Range: Close-Far
    Damage: Mid-High
    -4 Shots can destroy a AT-ST
    Reload Time: 3 Seconds
    EMP Grenades: (Same as Thermal Detonator really)
    Grenade that creates EMP blast.
    Count: Depends on Unit
    Range: Close-Mid
    Damage: High
    DN Bolt Caster:
    Shoots electricity. Hold down to get full charge to destroy a unit.
    Clip Size: 5 (Constant fire, not being charged)
    Clips: N/A
    Range: Close 
    Damage: Minimal-Instant Kill
    Reload Time: 4 seconds if shot after being fully charged.
    EMP Launcher:
    Shoot fatal EMP shot.
    Clip Size: 2
    Clips: 3
    Range: Close-Far
    Damage: Mid-Instant Kill
    Reload Time: 2 Seconds
    Commando Pistol:More precise pistol.
    Clip Size: 17 (Constant fire before it overheats)
    Clips: N/A Range: Close-Far
    Damage: Mid-High
    Reload Time: Recharges (3 seconds if overheated)
    Tri Shot:
    Shoot a three shot at once from wrist.
    Clip Size: 5 (Constant fire before it overheats)
    Clips: N/A Range: Close-Medium
    Damage: Mid-High
    Reload Time: Recharges (3 seconds if overheated)
    Wrist Rocket:
    Shoot rockets from wrist.
    Ammo: 3
    Range: Close-Mid
    Damage: Instant Kill
    Radiation Launcher:
    Shoot radiation grenades.
    Clip Size: 5
    Clips: 3
    Range: Close-Far
    Damage: High
    Reload Time: 2 Seconds
    Repeating Blasters:
    Shoot multiple shots from multiple guns. Very powerful.
    You can shoot for 5 seconds worth of time before you overheat. Then it takes
    2 seconds for you to recharge your guns.
    Shield Emitter:
    Put up a shield that stops most small fire.
    Lasts: 28 Seconds (Assuming not fired on)
    Recharge time: 10 Seconds (Assuming needs full recharge)
    With this most normal laser blasts it takes 1/20th of a piece off your shields 
    2. UNITS
    In this section ill talk about each unit in detail so you know what to use in 
    the field!
    (*)Means the unit has a unique ability.
    2A.Rebel Units:
    Rebels in general are camouflaged so on most planets there hard to see in  
    general. Rebels are team oriented.
    -Rebel Soldier:
    The soldier you want to use if you're going to go out and shoot everything.  
    You have a blaster rifle, a blaster pistol, thermal detonators and some  
    concussion grenades.
    Try and use this guy in groups of people so you can take down allot more with 
    all your ammo!
    -Rebel Vanguard:
    This is a good unit if you're going to stop vehicles. Make sure you get ammo  
    Allot because you'll need it. You get  Missile Launcher, Blaster Pistol,  
    Thermal Detonators and Mine Dispensers.
    Use Vanguards missiles and they lock on vehicles. Use the mines in spots where 
    a vehicle will most likely go or is headed.
    -Rebel Pilot:
    Rebel pilots are good in vehicles. While inside them they automatically  
    restore the vehicles health. They can also repair Turrets, Vehicles and  
    Droids. Also you give health and ammo packs to other units. You get Blaster  
    Cannon, Blaster Pistol, Fusion Cutter and Health/Ammo Dispenser.
    If your going to be a pilot stay in a vehicle and fight or help out on the  
    -Wookie Smuggler:
    Wookies are pretty much general soldier but they have a stronger weapon. They 
    have Bowcaster, Grenade Launcher and Time Bombs.
    Hold down your primary fire to charge the Bowcaster and have it fire a spread 
    -Rebel Marksman:
    This unit is a sniper plain and simple. Headshots are instant to most  
    enemies. You have Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators and a  
    Recon Droid.
    If you?re a sniper stay away from battles and fight from a distance. Recon  
    Droids are useful especially for vehicles or groups. Use them (under WEAPONS  
    description) to take out big areas.
    (*)Rebel Marksman have a  Sniper rifle that has a second zoom.
    2B.Galatic Empire
    Imperials have no distinct advantage. The always wear white except for the  
    pilots who wear black.
    -Storm Troopers same as Rebel Soldier
    -Shock Troopers same as Rebel Vanguard
    -Imperial Pilot same as Rebel Pilot
    -Scout Troopers same as Rebel Marksman (No second zoom).
    -Dark Trooper:
    Be this is you want to have an advantage over most players in the game. The  
    troops has Blast Cannon,  Blaster Pistol and Themeral Detonators.
    (*)The Dark Trooper has a jet pack that lets him go very far and high very  
    fast for a short amount of time. He can be used to access good spots or get  
    somewhere fast. However his Primary Weapon seems to be weak.
    The Republic also has no advantage as a group either. Fact: The Republic  
    becomes the Galactic Empire in the future of Star Wars!
    The REPUBLIC hero is Mace Windu (Jedi)
    -Clone Trooper same as Rebel Soldier but has EMP Grenades over Thermal  
    -Arc Troops same as Rebel Vanguard
    -Clone Pilot same as Rebel Pilot but has DN Bolt Caster instead of Blaster  
    -Clone Sharpshooter same as Rebel Marksman (No second zoom).
    -Jet Trooper same as Dark Trooper but less fast Jet Pack and has EMP  
    Launcher, Commando Pistol and Thermal Detonators.
    (*)Jet Trooper has a jet pack that isn't as powerful as Dark Trooper but has 
    better guns instead and they can be controlled like a starfighter. Personaly I 
    tend to go do more with a Jet Troopers Jet Pack.
    CIS is the strongest of the groups. Its strong points are overall they are a 
    harder faction to defeat and they have a Droideka unit. 
    The CIS hero is Count Dooku (Jedi)
    -Super Battle Droid:
    Use this if you want a stronger then normal unit with unique weapons. You get 
    Wrist Blaster, Tri Shot, Wrist Rockets.
    (*)Besides this unit's unique powerful weapons you also take longer to kill  
    then a normal unit.
    -Assault Droid same as Rebel Vanguard
    -Pilot Droid same as Rebel Pilot but has Radiation Launcher instead of  
    Blaster Cannon.
    -Droid Sniper same as Rebel Marksman 
    (*)Sniper Rifle has second zoom.
    Be this if you want power and speed but are willing to die allot. You get  
    Repeating Blasters and Shield Emitter. If you want to curl into a ball use you 
    "Use" button.
    (*)This is the most unique unit. First in order to move around fast you can  
    curl into a ball and move faster then anything (except flying vehicles).  
    Second your guns are fast and powerful but only last a few seconds before hey 
    got to recharge for a few more seconds. You also get a shield that stops 
    normal laser fire.
    The con to this unit is they recharging and the fact that when your deployed 
    (shooting) you turn VERY VERY SLOW. So expect to die allot but rack up kills! 
    Also this unit cant fly ships!
    2E. Classes
    The grunt, Rambo, machine gunner...whatever you want to call him. This guy has 
    is the guy you pick if your going to run around and try to stay at the front 
    lines and go for command posts and just be an all out doer.
    -Rocket Man
    This guy is the one that goes after vehicles and has mines. His main goal is 
    to stop anything that isn't flesh!
    This guy flies and fixes stuff. You give ammo and health and can build and fix 
    things. Also if your piloting something you auto repair it while inside which 
    is a really cool feature.
    -Sniper/Spy/Artillery Strike
    Pick this class id you want to stay back from the battle and pretty much 
    instantly kill people with your sniper rifle. Or you can use your recon droid 
    as a camera to spy or better yet call in an artillery strike.
    -Special Unit
    These units have there own abilities and weakness's. Some maps lets these 
    units shine and others maps just make these units useless.
    3. The Art Of Sniping (By Hypadash)
    The Art of Sniping: The essential guide to marksmanship in Star Wars 
    Battle Front
    "One shot, one kill".  The sniper's motto.  In Star Wars Battle Front, 
    the sniper must be swift, silent and deadly.  Here are the 10 rules that 
    ensure your survival on the battlefield and how to rack up those kills.
    --1. Location: In order to kill, you must find a suitable position to 
    eliminate targets.  Not all areas are ideal for a proficient sniper.  The 
    Rebel Alliance cameo almost always match their surroundings.  Choose a 
    place with cover (i.e. grass, boulder, structure) that overlooks a 
    chokepoint.  Favorable points would be command centers or bridges.  Camp a 
    high location that overlooks the main battlefield with a difficult 
    approach from behind.
    --2. Defend: To make sure that you don't get caught off guard, try to have 
    a friend be a soldier and become your "spotter".  If things get out of 
    control, you can count on your friend to eliminate any close-quarter 
    threat.  Another good idea is to have a heavy trooper (Vanguard, Arc 
    Trooper etc.) plant several mines at a distance behind you to prevent 
    someone sneaking up on you.
    --3. Patience: Never rush into the battle, as you are a sniper, not a 
    soldier and will get blasted fairly quickly.  Take your time to approach 
    the target, preferably from side or back, and stake out the location 
    before taking anyone out.  If you get caught, try again, but with more 
    caution to avoid anymore encounters.
    --4. Marksmanship: Eliminate with one shot, never two.  This may prove 
    difficult when your target is moving and the fact that it takes time for 
    your round to arrive at the target.  A good idea is to play the 1st 
    Bespin level which requires excellent marksmanship due to the enormous 
    environment.  Practice against bots to perfect your aim.  Headshots are 
    essential to the one hit one kill rule.  A sniper will often find 
    himself/herself in a tight situation when three enemy soldiers rush towards 
    them.  Keep your cool and throw a grenade or take each out with a 
    --5. Re-locate: To keep players guessing, relocate to a different spot.  
    Use crouch or prone to get to a different area so you do not expose 
    yourself.  Timing is crucial in order to stay alive.  Try to move out when 
    there is general mayhem around you.  Also, watch your step when 
    leaving, as many Demolitions players love to leave mines on the battlefield.
    --6. Recon-Droid: One of the coolest elements in the Battle Front game.  
    Only snipers get this cool piece of equipment.  Select it and you assume 
    control of it.  One piece of advice, hide your actual soldier body 
    before using the droid, because you can't control the body once u get the 
    droid.  Anyways, your droid is dual purpose: scout and call in air 
    strikes.  Your primary fire is virtually useless, as they do little damage.  
    Take your time to maneuver them into an open command centre and hit 
    secondary fire.  Wait four seconds and an orbital strike will commence its 
    attack.  Note: THe orbital strikes the location of the droid, not its 
    --7. Support: As a sniper, you always need help at one point or another.  
    Problems could be ammo, health or armored vehicles.  It's very handy 
    to have a pilot around at all times.  He/she can give you ammo and 
    health when you need it most.  Another way to counter this problem is choose 
    a high location by a command centre.  There will be droids here that 
    automatically dispense ammo and health for your survival.  As for 
    armored vehicles, call in an artillery strike with your Recon-Droid, or give 
    the location of the vehicle to a demo-player and have them take it 
    --8. Chokepoints: When camping an area, take notice of the general area 
    in front of you.  A good location would allow you to see a chokepoint 
    and most of the general battlefield.  A chokepoint is an area which many 
    troops clutter due to a small opening.  This could be caves, bridges or 
    river crossings.  Use this to your advantage to take out as many units 
    as possible.  It is also a good idea to eliminate in order of threat 
    level.  A rival marksman is probably one of the highest threat to you.  
    Then would probably be the soldier, Special unit (i.e. smuggler, jet 
    trooper etc), pilot then demolitions.  Also, watch your fire as your close 
    quarters buddies will also attempt to engage these hostiles.  Your job 
    is to disrupt the infantry and allow your team members to clear up what's 
    left of your handy work.
    --9. Gunner positions: When enemy units jump into a vehicle or stationary 
    turret, their torso is often exposed.  Use this to your advantage to 
    take them out with easy headshots.  If teammates are attempting to 
    capture a command point, and are pinned down by fire from a turret, try to 
    take out the gunner to give your mates some breathing room.  Same for the 
    vehicles.  When several demolition players are trying to take out a 
    speeder, the gunner can be easily picked off, and your team mates will 
    have an easier time taking out the vehicle.
    --10. Elevation: Use the terrain to your advantage.  When you are on a 
    higher area, you are less exposed, and you get a better view of the 
    battlefield.  In Endor, it is a good idea to hang by the Ewok villages and 
    snipe from the platforms.  With the  mayhem on the ground, take your time 
    to pick off camping infantries.  Also, watch other elevated areas for 
    your next re-location and to see where other enemy snipers are headed.
    Well, that's it for the fundamentals of sniping.  I hope you find this 
    section a helpful tool for your gaming entertainment!
    Special Thx to: Assassin X
    4. Vehicles
    This section is about the vehicles. Don't forget with most vehicles you can 
    step or run over people! And when I say something has X shots I'm assuming 
    your firing non stop until it overheats. If your not then your guns always 
    auto recharge as long as they haven't overheated.
    I also have sites with picture so you know what each looks like.
    Small vehicles like the Speeder Bikes or STAPS are made for quick getaways and 
    and not much else. Use these wisely and with a purpose.
    -Speeder Bikes:
    These are fast moving hovering bikes. They have small lasers that are good for 
    shooting ground units. The lasers recharge. Downside to them is crashing tends 
    to destroy you. However they are good for getting somewhere in a hurry.
    Staps are CIS's version of a speeder although they are slow. They also have 
    lasers that recharge. Staps unlike speeders don't blow up if you hit a wall. I 
    do recommend you use LEFT RIGHT keys to turn LEFT or RIGHT instead of your 
    Mouse (or strafe) for turning on these for better control!
    Medium Assasult Vehicles are AAT, Rebel Combat Landspeeder, TX-130S Fighter 
    Tank and the Hailfire Droid. All these vehicles have long ranges.
    The drivers primary fire is two laser canon from each side of the tank that go 
    pretty far.  You'll get about 6 shots before you'll have to recharge which 
    take 4 seconds.
    The second seat(the turret) lets you shoot 1 shot every 3 seconds. 
    -Hailfire Droid:
    The Hailfire is a fast vehicle. Its primary fire is missiles. You can fire 5 
    at a time, you wait 3 seconds between every reload. It's actually a weak  but 
    good suppressing fire vehicle to use against the AT-TE. However if you can 
    get behind the AT-TE with it you can wreak havoc! 
    Its Secondary fire lets you fire 5 small lasers that recharge after 2-3
    -Rebel Combat Landspeeder
    As the pilot in this fast vehicle you 6 double laser blasts that take 3 
    seconds to recharge as your primary and as your secondary fire you get to fire 
    two set of double rockets. Which when they reload take 3 seconds. You have 112 
    In the second seat you man the turret which is lest you fire 3 shots which 
    recharge after 3 seconds. This turret is more effective against units then
    other vehicles.
    This is the most useful of smaller assault vehicles by far.
    -TX-130S Fighter Tank
    This tank is almost the same as the above one except as the driver you get 9 
    shots then a 3 second recharge time. Your secondary is two rockets. You get 
    100 rockets total with a reload time of 2 seconds. This tank is also very 
    In the second seat you get a laser that shoots very far and is instant kill.
    It has a 4 second recharge time.
    Heavy Assault Vehicles are the AT-ST and Spider Droid. 
    -AT-ST (AKA Chicken Walker)
    The AT-ST is one of the coolest vehicles in the game. As the pilot you fire a 
    twin heavy laser shot which has a nice ballast radius for ground units and 
    does some nice damage to vehicles. You can fire about 4 shots before having to 
    reload for 4 seconds. 
    As the second seat you fire a 9 smaller laser shots and wait 3 seconds to 
    recharge.  When two people are in this it can be a pain for the enemy. Not to 
    mention it just looks really cool!
    -Spider Droid (Technically it's the Homing Spider Droid)
    As the pilot of this your primary fire is a single laser blast that goes far 
    that's instant kill. It takes nearly 5 seconds to recharge though. Your 
    secondary lets you shoot 3 small laser blasts that take 3 seconds to recharge.
    Heavy Assault Transport includes AT-TE and the AT-AT.
    These are the bad boys of the game. The heavy vehicles that can tear apart 
    anything! These are also Mobile command posts, so you can spawn from these as 
    long as there on a map! There only down side is there both very slow and they 
    cant 1 person cant defend themselves that well.
    If you actually get to pilot this monster you get to fire 1 MASSIVLY powerful 
    shot that can wipe out most stuff in 1 hit and can take out crowds of people.
    It has a 3 second recharge time. If you're the co pilot you can shoot duel 
    smaller (but still powerful) lasers 10 times before they need to recharge for 
    3 seconds.
    This powerhouse is very strong and on Hoth its biggest enemy is the 
    Snowspeeders Tow cable. And on Rhen Var its enemy's are the tanks. . . . after
    a few hours. This is pretty much the best of the best!
    -AT-TE (AKA Early version of AHHHHHHHH!)
    As the pilot of this other smaller but still powerful monster you shoot about 
    2 blasts of 4 massive lasers. These lasers are scattered so kind of aim where
    your target is! They recharge after 3 seconds.
    In the second seat you can fire 2 smaller shots from the turret. The turret 
    takes 4 seconds to recharge. 
    And in the third seat you can fire 6 double barreled laser shots from the back 
    of the AT-TE. This takes 4 seconds to recharge too.
    Starfighters are the hardest to control in game and are really useless unless 
    you attacking other fighters or units on the ground. If you're going to use  
    them fly slower. Most rockets have lock on features.
    -Jedi Starfighter
    When you fly the Jedi Starfighter you 6 primary shots with a 4 second recharge 
    time. Your secondary fire lets you shoot two sets of two missiles with a 
    recharge time of 3 seconds. In total you hold 20 missiles including the loaded 
    -Droid Fighter
    Your primary is 7 double laser's and a 3 second recharge. Since you don't have 
    missiles your lasers are a little more powerful then normal.
    As pilot of the Y-Wing you get 6 laser shots and a 3 second recharge. Your 
    secondary is 24 bombs. If your in the second seat you fire a small laser from 
    the roof, you get 5 shots with a 3 second recharge time. The Y-Wing is a 
    bigger Starfighter and personally is harder to use.
    As pilot you get about 16 shots and a 3 second recharge time. Your secondary 
    is double torpedo's. You et 8 on total. They reload fast. The X-Wing is the 
    easiest to use and the funnest.
    -Tie Fighter
    As the pilot you get 8 double shots with a 3 second recharge time. The tie 
    fighter is made for speed.
    -Tie Bomber
    As the pilot you get 10 double laser shots and a 2 second recharge time. Your 
    secondary fire is 4 torpedo's, You have 18 total. If your in the second seat 
    you shoot a large spread of 5 torpedo's. They come out 5 in a row. After the 
    first 5 you can shoot another 5 then you have to recharge. After you recharge 
    you have 10 more. In total you have 50.
    The Tie Bomber is very useful when there are two people inside!
    -Geonosian Starfighter
    As the pilot you fire 9 shots and have a 4 second recharge time.  This ship is 
    useful for killing off ground units and that about it. The only level you'll 
    find this is Genosis and there are only two of them near the cave.
    Attack Transport Flyers are MAF and the Republic Gunship. These are best if 
    used with every position filled but deadly by themselves too. These ships can 
    hover which is useful too.
    MAF is a new vehicle made by Lucas Arts for the game.
    As pilot your primary fire is 5 double laser shots with a 3 second recharge 
    and your secondary is 40 torpedo's. You hold 8 and can fire 2 at a time and 
    the recharge time is 4 seconds.
    In the Co-Pilot you fire 5 decently powered shots with a recharge time of 4 
    seconds. Also this Co-Pilot lets you circle around the whole ship which is 
    very useful. In the third seat you fire a long laser burst which takes 3 
    seconds to recharge.
    -Republic Gunship
    As the pilot your primary is 5 double laser shots with a 3 second recharge and 
    your secondary is 24 torpedos. You hold 4 and shoot each one at a time and it 
    takes 3 seconds to reload them 4.
    As Co-Pilot you shoot a weak dual laser twice with a recharge time of 4 
    seconds. The laser is made for ground units.
    Left Turret and Right Turret are the same as the Co-Pilots weapon except you 
    each get a single laser and it fires twice. Recharge time 3 seconds.
    The non named part of where you can sit is just transportation.
    The best units in this game are the AT-ST, AT-AT, AT-TE and the Republic  
    Gunship. The mentioned ones above can be piloted by yourself (if need be) and 
    cause allot of damage. 
    5. Map Pictures (With strategies on them)
    Due to an error on my behalf I forgot whatever side you choose you see green so 
    the new key is as follows:
    Enemy = Galactic Empire, CIS
    Ally = Rebels, Republic
    The pictures will still say RED or GREEN simply because I cant undo them. The 
    color will mean when you first start and choose a side (or when your 
    automatically chosen a side). Sorry for any confusion.
    ===End UPDATE===
    This section has pictures I made that shows the mini map with lines and numbers 
    and info on them (strategies) so you can use them if you wish. Everything is at 
    a website because FAQS are al text. 
    These maps are simple to follow. Below ill say the map name and what side the 
    strategy is for and then the website the picture is at. On the picture there be 
    the mini map with colored line which are the paths. Numbers which are points of 
    detail and circles which what you should take over.  On the right side of the 
    map ill have written directions which are colored and easy to read and follow 
    along with the maps so you'll have no problem understanding!
    Remember these are just my strategies but are here to help you out! By the way 
    there's no spell check in PAINT but I everything looked ok when I typed It up!
    Also decision like what turret or vehicle to use is all yours. I just lay down 
    the overall plans and some details.
    --Bespin: Platforms
    --Bespin: Cloud City
    -Endor: Bunker
    --Geonosis: Spire
    --Kamino: Tipaco City
    --Kashyyyk: Islands
    --Kaskyyyk: Docks
    --Naboo: Plains
    --Naboo: Theed
    --Rhen Var: Harbor
    --Rehn Var: Citadel
    --Tatooine: Dune Sea
    --Tatooine: Mos Eisley
    --Yavin 4: Temple
    --Yavin 4: Arena
    6. Map Strategies
    This section is about things you could do on a map to do more damage or in  
    general help you win on most maps or on specific ones.
    -On Hoth (assuming your Imperial) go right for an AT-AT and just walk  
    straight towards the Shield Generator. While on the way there shoot every  
    turret you see. Don't worry about ground units because they cant do squat  
    unless there in good range. I have yet to be killed going straight for the  
    -On Cloud City where you're on the docks and everyone is flying around (either 
    side) camp at either end of the long middle path and snipe or shoot. Or camp 
    in the middle of the map aimed towards the enemy' side.
    -Yavin, Endor and Kashyyyk favor the Rebels clothing. So if you're on this map 
    remember in grass you're very hard to see.
    -On Cloud City (the non flying version) at the bottom of the map (either side) 
    there is a long hall way to the enemy's command post. When you first  
    spawn just shoot down there like crazy to score allot of kills.
    -Either Yavin map is a good map for sniping and recon droids.
    -Avoid vehicles because they are pretty much useless on the Yavin map where 
    there is a giant arena in the middle.
    -On Rhen Var, there version with vehicles, if your starting on the side that 
    gets the AT-AT (Or AT-TE) just move it up a little so you can you can fire to 
    your left. From this spot mostly fire straight ahead at the stair well where 
    the enemy spawns from and tends to build the turrets. And dont worry about
    enemy vehicles. There no match.
    -On Kamino assuming your the outside starting faction try to take over the 
    main building first. This is hard but makes the rest of the map easy.
    -On Tatooine you CAN kill a jedi. Take a small craft and push a jedi into the 
    pit. I did it once and it ate the Jedi!
    -On Endor don't try and get to the Shield Generator. If your playing bots its 
    near impossible. If your online its is possible but even if you make its hard 
    to do. Assuming you get down there you have to shoot the console on the wall 
    until it blows up. This can take awhile. If your a Wookie it takes like 4-5 
    Time Bombs. Also I should note Speeders blow up if they try to enter the 
    -Also on Endor you can take a AT-ST and just shoot down the hall of the Shield 
    Generator room and destroy it. But this means you'd have to steal one and stay 
    alive long enough!
    7. Command Posts
    This section is about command posts.
    In Battlefront you really have two objectives (unless otherwise stated). One  
    kill until the enemies Meter is gone. The Meter is the counter that is at the 
    top middle of your screen that usually starts at 200 or so.
    Or to command every command post.
    Basically on your map you'll see some round circles. White means no one  
    controls them, yellow means native (AI's), red means there the enemies and  
    green for yours. When you die you can spawn from any green one. So that why  
    you want to get more.
    The more command posts a side gets the more points get taken away from he  
    enemies Meter. Usually when you kill someone 1 point gets taken away. Well if  
    you have most of the command post it just takes away points automatically  
    from them. If your team can control all the command posts a Victory Timer will 
    countdown (from 20 usually). If time ends and you haven't taken over at least 
    one command post the other team automatically wins. If your in a vehicle you 
    cannot turn a command post to your side.
    Some command posts such as Hoths Shield Generator are Destructible Command  
    Posts and cannot be taken over and can only be destroyed. These will show up  
    as a square with a dot in them. Also there are Mobile command posts that are  
    vehicles. Look on your maps for a AT-AT looking icon on HOTH as an example.  
    You can spawn from it where ever it is it. This can be destroyed too but will 
    regenerate after a certain amount of time.
    You should always go for the "destroyable only" command posts because the 
    enemy gradually loses units if they don't have them!
    8. Single Player
    This section is about the single played options of the game.
    To start off in your GAME OPTIONS is there is an INSTANT ACTION HEROS option. 
    Turn this on to have a JEDI on each side of a match be turned on. The JEDI is 
    AI controlled and supposedly invincible, ALTHOUGH I've seen them die once.
    I should mention a few people have said I should talk more about single payer 
    but there not to much to say. You really have to play however works for you 
    when it comes to fighting in the battles. I'm just here to provide the
    important stuff.
    8A. Instant Action
    Instant Action is the easiest way to play singe player. You choose a  
    planet (most planets have multiple spots to play on). You choose an Era 
    (Galactic Civil WAR- AKA Rebel vs. Galactic Empire or Clone War- AKA CIS vs. 
    Republic) and then you start. Once in the game you can choose either side and 
    switch whenever you like.
    8B. Historical Campaign
    Historical Campaign lets you play through either era (mentioned above) as the 
    events happened in the movies. You also unlock stuff as you play. This is a  
    fun mode for the Star War fans.
    8C. Galactic Conquest
    This mode to be simple goes like this:
    1. You pick a planet you win you pick another you win etc...
    2. If you happen to lose the other side goes and picks a planet of yours.
    The goal is to take over all the planets on the map. After 4 wins you get 
    access to a secret base which lets you take over a whole planet automatically. 
    Heres an example of how a beginning of a game would go.
    1. Theres 5 red planets lit up that say ENEMY CONTROLLED. I pick HOTH and then 
    I get to pick a SPECIAL ability from a previously beaten planet (you get one 
    at Start of game). Then the computer chooses ability.
    2.You fight on the map and if you win HOTH becomes white.
    At this point WHITE means you got to beat it again for full control. RED =  
    Full Control by enemy, WHITE = part controlled by enemy. 
    Every time you beat a planet completely you get a power up. SO when you  
    fight on a planet you can use a power up to help you out in battle! 
    Assuming you turn all the planets from red to white then from white to  
    defeated you beat the game. If you lose once the enemy keeps going until you  
    beat him once. Vica versa.
    9.Hints, Strategies and Things you probably didn't know!
    These can be used on or offline depending on what you're doing.
    -Red canisters on the battlefield will give you more ammo for both primary and 
    -Blue canisters give you health.
    -Tall droids with arms give health to units(not vehicles or ships).
    -Small "trash can" aka GONK droids give you secondary ammo.
    -The medium sized droids give you primary ammo.
    -The goofy U. droids with stubby legs refill ammo.
    -R2 Units repair vehicles.
    -Double Jump to activate JETPACK.
    -Aiming for the head kills in one hit on most units.
    -If your a pilot in a vehicle you repair the vehicle your in so don't worry  
    about being shot.
    -Just because you're smaller then a vehicle doesn't mean you can't take it
    -Use cover that matches your body. You'd be surprised how hard it is to see  
    people hiding in grass and stuff.
    -As a Marksman (or any unit if you want) try to find good spots to kill from).
    -More people around a command post means it will switch faster.
    -F1, F2, F3, F4 give commands.
    -Use vehicles if possible to kill more. Just don't spawn kill.
    -Regardless of what you may think worry about kills then about command posts.  
    Online (or off) it's easier to get the other sides score down faster then it 
    is to waste time trying to take over every command posts. You only need one to 
    stay in the game! AND DON'T SPAWN KILL!!
    -If you can't get in a vehicle (enemy or ally) go on it and use it for  
    -Hold RIGHT or LEFT when before you jump to do a roll.
    10. My Advice
    You want to get that number from 200 to 0 as quick as possible to win. Most 
    important factor though is work as a team. Pick a role that's good for you 
    but one that can be useful to the team. Like if everyone is a gunner and
    you want to be one too, just skip being one and be a sniper. This game needs 
    Did I mention don't spawn kill? It ruins it for everyone. I prefer killing 
    over going for command posts simply because I'm better at it and it seems more 
    effective then command posts. This is just my opinion.
    Also if someone wants to make a walkthrough on singe player go ahead. Everyone 
    plays there own way so its hard to tell someone how to do it your own way.
    11. Interesting Facts
    This section has really awesome and cool facts about some stuff in the game 
    that is so cool I couldn't help but tell you. From AT-AT's real weakness's to 
    what the Empire has written in the AT-ST manuals now since Endor! These facts 
    wont help you with the game but are just meant for fun!
    I all of this obviously to my inner nerd and all my nerd reading I do of star 
    -Some people don't know this but the Republic become the Galactic Empire in the
    future of Star Wars.
    -Our modern day guns are called Slugthrowers in the Starwars world.
    -The AT-PT is the AT-ST's early model that the Republic (from the game) used
     for a short time.  http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/ATPT.html
    -For those who don't know, Clone Troopers are clones of Jango Fett the blue 
    bounty hunter) who is Boba Fetts dad. Boba Fett is a clone himself! Yeah I know 
    it's a drag. And for you Fett fans out there he doesn't die in the Sarlacc pit 
    on Tatooine, he escapes!
    -The AT-AT would not actually be destroyed by falling down from tow cables.
    once down, or even when standing, its weak point is its un protected neck 
    between the head and the body of it.
    -The AT-AT can actually  hold 40 Stormtroopers, different weapons, 6 speeder 
    bikes and can be configured to carry two AT-ST's.
    -The AT-AT has to kneel down to let off troops.
    -Thermal Detonators actually randomly explode when thrown for no reason some 
    times. Also they have a much bigger and more "disintegrating" effect when the 
    go off unlike in the game!
    -Even though most of the game is inaccurate Dark Troopers are the wrong in a 
    lot of ways including the size and weapon.
    -The AT-ST can be toppled by a well placed shot to its Gyro system.
    -There's a line the AT-ST manual that say "AT-ST's will no longer be deployed 
    on planets with an abundance of trees or other known obstacles such as rock 
    wielding primitives." LOL!
    -If a Jedi really wanted to he could cut a through a AT-ST or any smaller thin 
    metal vehicles and cut it in half with his light saber. Luke Skywalker did 
    this on Endor to a Scout trooper speeding by on a Speeder.
    -The Homing Spider Droid (4 legged CIS vehicle) is actually pilot less.
    -The Republic Gunship technically holds 30 people and 4 speeder bikes. Plus 
    the cockpit eject if the ship is destroyed.
    -During the long range part of the Naboo Battle there were 35 AATs, 3 MTTs, 4 
    Troop Carriers and 8 Droidekas. During the attack there were 40 MTTs and 35 
    ATTs. Both of these not counting the hundreds of battle droids!
    Heres a picture of an MTT in case your wondering:
    -During the Genosis battle on the CIS side there were 16 Core Ships, 13 Techno 
    Union Ships, 6 Hailfires, 11 Spider Droids, 11 Tank Droids, 15 Droidekas and 5 
    Spider Droids (Smaller Versions).
    Heres a Tank Droid: http://www.geocities.com/kswdb1/droid_catank1.html
    The Republic had 8 Republic Gunships, 9 SPHA-Ts and 24 AT-TEs.
    Heres the cool SPHA-T: http://www.starwars.com/databank/vehicle/sphat/
    -Technically during the Battle of Hoth the Empire has 5 AT-ATs and 6 AT-STs.
    The Rebels had only 6 Snowspeeders!
    -Really if it wasn't for the Ewoks and Chewie taking that AT-ST the rebels 
    would have never gotten the bunker on Endor!
    12. Special Useable Vehicles or Animals
    This section is about the special vehicles or animals you might see in the 
    -Cloud Car 
    The orange double pod ship on Bespin.
    -Snow Speeder
    The Rebel ships on Hoth.
    The Rebels ride able animal on Hoth.
    -Desert Skiff
    The Empires "floating boat" looking ship with guns looking thing on Tatooine.
    -Gian Speeder
    Blue "tank" on Naboo.
    Technically it's a Gungan animal but anyone can ride it. Its on Naboo Plains.
    -Tank Droids
    Someone sent me an email with a picture of a tank droid on Naboo: Theed in the 
    game. I think it's a fake picture though. Heres what a tank droid looks like:
    13. UPDATES
    This part is just about updates to the faq.
    Oct 9th '04:
     -Turned 23 on Oct 7th! WOOHOO!
     -Added Art Of Sniping guide by Hypadash 
    Oct 6th '04 (Later):
     -Major correction with map strategies. Please read the new section!
    Oct 6th '04:
     -After playing BF1942 I decided to add a classes thing under UNITS
     -Added special Vehicle and Animal section after many email about it.
    Oct 5th '04:
     -FIXED more things Microsoft WORD messed up!!!!
     -Added Map pictures section.
     -Added interesting Facts Section
    Oct 4th '04:
     -Some more small things because Microsoft Word hates me.
     -Finished Weapons Update.
     -Finished Vehicle Update
     -Added DON'T SPAWN KILL because people thought I was implying it.
    Oct 1st '04:
     -Some Minor and other details that I left out. 
     -Massive additions to map strategies (section 4).
     -Added more to section 7.

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