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    FAQ by Extraordinaire

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 10/19/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       7MMMWi   MZ@,  @Z8Z  MZMW                 a@ZZZ8ZZ;    MZZZZZZZM   
     MMMM     , MMMM MMMMM SMMM       MMMM       MMMM   MMMM  MMM@        
          :MMMM  MMMMMM MMMMMM                   MMMM   8MMM  MMMM XXW    
    :MMMM  MMMM  iMMMMW  MMMMM        MMMM       MMMMr;;MMMM  MMMM        
      MMMMMMMM    MMMM   MMMMB        MMMM       MMMMMMMMMM   MMMM        
                        aZ80822S77r;:,,..       ,;2WMWZ2
                      a8aS7iiiii;;;i::,,...          rM@Z
                     aZX:i;;;rrr;;;;i:,.,....          SM8
                    28r,:;rrrr;;;i;;i,,..  .            ,MZ
                    2Za,:i;;i,.,ii;r;:,:,.        .       ;B2
                   20,,i;i. S;:  i;i:,,.. .   ..          MaS
                   aZ :r;. MMMMMX.;i,,,....               Z8S
                   82 ;i  @WZZZMa                         ;BS
                  ZS.,i 0MMMMWWMB ii:......                aS
                 a2      2    iX ra27;,        : XZW@@ZriSMBX
                 ZX MM@Z  :i,    MMMMMMMMS2MMMMM       MM  ;X
                 0: MMMM .:;; .B  MMMMMMMMMMMW      .  MMMiX
                 0. .XMB .iri MM   0MMMMMW:       ,.   :MB;S
                 2 i:   .;r;.7MMM              .,,,.      0
                 r;r7:iXX7;r 0MBMMM:      .   .,:,..      B
                ;r7:  Siriir XMMMMMM;       . ..,,       iW
               ,;,  r7,  ,;7; ;MMM          .      .@MMM a
             ::r,27WMMMMB,  72: ;               ,MMMMMMM r
              i 7;i.  7Z8WZZ  iS2Xr;,        rMMMMMMM0r@ ;
             i..M iii,.  XZ72Z  ,Xa2Xr.   MMMMMMX        i
             M: rX  :i:::. .W8WB  .70B2, MM,       ..    27
             8MMM8aa ,iiii,   0  .i ,,ir.      .,,,,,    . W
              :aMMMMM: ,ir7ri,;X2i      ,:,.     .:,     ; B0
                    ,MM   .i;r;;;;..     .::.  . .,    :i.  80
                      MMMZ:  :;;;7i,.  .    ,.      MMM :    BZ
          ;:r8MMMMMMMMMMMMMM7 i;;rri.,         .   MMM8      iB
    BW827rSM0  .7ZMM@WW@WMMMM8 ,r77;::, SMMMM@.   7MBM:0MMMa SMMW8a
      :rrX:;MM2  .:XaWWWBZWBMMM  ;7ri:: MMMa:M ,MMMMMMMM. @.    :ZM@8
    .r7i:7Xi,MMM :,:iS88MMM@08MMX rS7:, MMM.  ZMMMMMM   ,    ..    ,BMB
    r7i: ..i.;MM2 2rrrZMMBBW@MMMMM8SZZS,    :MMM8aZ7      :,,....     WM
    ::,....   :MM  7rr;:i728BWB2i,;7iiirXriXSr.       ..M. ,........   iMW
    ,::,,::,.  MMX .:,..          ....   .           ..  M  ..........   M
    :::,,,::,,  MM  :,,.,:::.  ..    ...,..,..........., ,M  ,........   i
    iii:i:::::  MM .i:ii;rr7ii:::::i::::i:::::::::::::,,. iM ,:::::::::,..
    Version History:
    5th October 2004 - Version 1.00 finished. Vehicles + factions done. Maps will
    probably be updated more as I find new stuff.
    6th October 2004 - Version 1.01 (already). Minor updates and corrections, 
    thanks to helpful emails.
    13th October 2004 - Version 1.02. Tips for beating up special units added.
    19th October 2004 - Version 1.03. Removed typos, added droid info. Various
    vehicle updates.
    TO DO:
    General strategies
    In depth map strategies for each side
    Perhaps some background info
    1. Basics
    2. Factions
    	2.1 Rebel Alliance
    	2.2 Galactic Empire
    	2.3 Republic
    	2.4 Seperatists
    3. Other Vehicles
    4. Maps
    5. Galactic Conquest
    6. Acknowledgements, Contact, legal stuff
    1. BASICS
    If you've played Battlefield 1942/Vietnam, much of this will be familiar to
    you, but there are a couple of changes you may want to take note of.
    Star Wars Battlefront is, in essence, a shooting game, in that you walk around
    shooting enemy troops. However, the actual progress of the battle happens on
    a larger scale. Central to winning in Battlefront are Command Posts.
    Command Posts are beams of light in key locations around a map. Examples might
    include a large building or a structure that's easy to defend. There are two
    types of Command Posts, capturable and destructible. To capture a (capturable)
    CP, simply walk near it (note that you must be on foot to capture it). An icon
    will appear on the screen, showing the CP's current ownership. If it's 
    neutral, the icon will gradually turn green, if it's controlled by the enemy,
    the red will drain out first. The rate at which you capture a CP is related
    to the number of friendly troops you have in the area. If an enemy unit is 
    also trying to capture the CP, the icon will flash, letting you know you must
    clear the opposition out first.
    Destructible CPs are much simpler - destroy them and they're gone forever.
    Note that they cannot be captured - they remain loyal to one side until
    Some vehicles serve as mobile spawn points for troops. If these are destroyed,
    they will respawn after a fixed amount of time, similar to other vehicles.
    Each side has a fixed supply of Reinforcement Points (generally either 200 or
    250). This number cannot be increased, and is decreased by 1 every time a
    troop dies. It has nothing to do with spawning, however. All 32 people on your
    team could spawn with only one point left. When one side's RPs reach zero, 
    that side loses.
    If one side controls the majority of CPs, the other side starts losing RPs at
    a fixed rate regardless of who's dying. Although this effect will never lead
    a side to defeat - the countdown stops at 32 (the number of players).
    Each faction has five Troop Classes, of which four are shared, more or less,
    but the fifth is specialized. Every faction has four main Classes:
    This is always the default class when you start a game. Each faction's
    infantry has a rapid fire laser rifle with around 55 shots in a clip. They
    also have thermal detonators and concussion grenades. Interestingly, the
    blaster rifle actually has near perfect accuracy - hello Z key.
    This class carries a missile launcher which deals heavy damage to vehicles.
    If you aim the missile launcher at a vehicle, you'll notice that it locks on,
    so you can use it to shoot down aircraft as well. This guy can also lay mines.
    Pilots regenerate the health of any vehicles that they man. They also have
    a fusion cutter, which can repair vehicles and build turrets on special 
    plates (they'll have a green spanner icon above them). They're generally not
    much good at fighting, but can hold their own if they really need to. Pilots
    can also dish out health and ammo.
    Sharpshooter, marksman, call it what you will. No shooting game is really 
    complete without the sniper. In addition to having a sniper rifle, the other
    main strength of the sniper class is that he has a recon droid. You only get
    one (although you can pick up more), and it has a limited fuel supply and is
    easily destroyed, but it has one major strength. It can call down orbital
    bombardments. Simply right click while flying the droid, and the bar that
    would usually be secondary weapon ammo will fill up green. Once that bar is
    full, the bombardment is locked on, and a couple of seconds later, the droid
    and anyone nearby will be annihilated. If the droid is destroyed before the
    bar is full, no bombardment happens, but once the bar's full, it doesn't
    Star Wars Battlefront features four factions: the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic
    Empire, the Republic and the Seperatists. Games are always played between
    either the Empire and Alliance or Republic and Seperatists, you cannot mix
    eras. However, most maps can be played with either era. The labels beneath
    each vehicle name show the equivalent in the other era.
    2.1 Rebel Alliance
    The heroes of the movies, rising against the tyranny of the Empire. They're
    quite a hard side to play as when you're a beginner, as they have a vehicle
    disadvantage on some maps. However, once learnt, they're no worse than any
    other faction.
    The Rebels' special class. At first sight, the Wookiee appears to be nothing
    special, but with experience, you'll soon discover its real strengths.
    BOWCASTER - Slightly more powerful than your standard blaster, but that's not
    the real beauty of this weapon. Hold down the fire button and you'll charge up
    your shot. At maximum charge, you'll shoot seven shots at once. It's useful
    when either a) you have multiple enemies in front of you or b) you're at close
    GRENADE LAUNCHER - Not that much to say. That's not to say it's a rubbish
    weapon or anything. Once you learn how to angle it to get exactly the shot you
    want, it's ace at clearing out closely knit groups of Imperial troops.
    TIME BOMB - I love this thing. It's insanely powerful. Attach it to the foot 
    of an AT-ST and it'll blow the thing up. It's that powerful. Also very good on
    Endor - four bombs take out the generator. Pity you only start with three.
    The best way to deal with a Wookiee Smuggler is to keep your distance. You 
    don't want to be close when that bowcaster goes off. Other than that, just 
    shoot. Bear in mind the increased stamina, though.
    Probably one of the most distinctive Star Wars ships ever, along with the TIE
    fighter. Its four cannons allow it to bring a very large amount of firepower
    against a target, but also means you have to be careful on your trigger, as
    you run out of weapon energy very fast. The X-Wing's secondary weapons are 
    proton torpedoes. Remember that they lock on. Also bear in mind that they
    shoot in twos.
    Your standard bomber. It's slower than the X-Wing, but packs a serious punch.
    It has a gunner's position for better protection from fighters. The bombs are
    quite hard to place accurately, but you get 24, so you can do a limited amount
    of carpet bombing.
    A very versatile vehicle. It's just fast enough to be able to evade some 
    attacks, while still having the power necessary to take on other vehicles.
    It's not quite as good as the AT-ST for anti-infantry though, as you don't
    get the higher viewpoint from which to get splash damage kills. Also, DO 
    remember to make use of your rockets. You have plenty.
    Found only on Hoth, you probably already know all about these vehicles. Their
    blasters are quite good anti infantry weapons, but of course their primary
    function is to bring down AT-ATs. If you've played Rogue Squadron, you'll
    know what you have to do. Fly low past the legs of the AT-AT. Jump quickly
    into the gunner position (the AI can't do this bit very well) and shoot a tow
    cable anywhere on the legs. Then hop back into the pilot seat. The view will
    pan out a little to give you a better view. You need to complete three full
    circuits of the AT-AT's legs to take it down.
    2.2 Galactic Empire
    One of the best baddies ever, Darth Vader is the symbol of Imperial power
    and domination. John Williams' masterful Imperial March befits these guys
    I'm afraid I have to be a bit negative - the Dark Trooper has lots of promise,
    but very rarely delivers on it. 
    BLASTER CANNON - The equivalent of a shotgun. Fires a spread of five shots.
    Each one has (I believe) the same power as a regular blaster rifle shot, which
    means a very close range hit is almost guaranteed to be instant death.
    JETPACK - The major draw of the Dark Trooper. This handy gadget can boost you
    halfway across the map in a couple of seconds, or up to a platform full of
    people who thought they were safe. Note that it cannot be used to hover. So,
    why am I negative? Well, the jetpack has a VERY long recharge time, and it's
    easy to go accidentally in the wrong direction with your jump, leaving you
    waiting for ages until you can jump again. In summary - useful if you can use
    it accurately.
    When you're facing one of these, you definitely want to keep your distance,
    even more than with the Wookiee. However, with the jetpack, he can easily get
    the jump on you (haha). Remember that his jetpack only provides one boost, so
    his trajectory is somewhat predictable and you will probably be able to hit
    Dark Troopers on the way down from a jump.
    That "other" widely known Star Wars symbol. Not *quite* a fair match against
    the X-Wing, having no secondary weapon, but the Rebels have to be better 
    somewhere, no? However, having dual lasers means you can spray and pray a bit
    more than in an X-Wing, because you use less energy.
    More or less the equivalent of the Y-Wing. However, rather than having a 
    turret, the Bomber has proton torpedoes and bombs. The bombs must be dropped
    from the second position and drop in groups of five.
    Ah, the fearsome AT-AT. Every Rebel's nemesis. Insanely heavy armor, insanely
    powerful lasers, insanely slow. The ultimate tank. The lasers have a very
    large blast radius and so are good at clearing out Command Posts. They're not
    so good against vehicles because they're so slow. Although if you do get a 
    shot, don't hesitate to take it. It is possible to take down an AT-AT with
    conventional weapons, but it will take you a long time. The shortcut, as seen
    in ESB, is to tie its legs up with a snowspeeder's tow cable. As an AT-AT
    pilot, you should always be on the lookout for snowspeeders on Hoth. Bear in
    mind that all is not lost if it gets the cable on you - it has to complete
    three circles of your legs, so you'll have a couple of opportunities to blast
    it as it comes beneath the head.
    The Empire's "regular" land vehicle. It can't strafe like the Rebel speeder
    can, but it's a much better anti infantry vehicle, as you can shoot from above
    and use the splash damage of your shots to mow down troops. It's at a bit of a
    disadvantage against other vehicles - bear that in mind.
    2.3 Republic
    The predecessors of the Galactic Empire. You'll be able to see many parallels:
    the white armor, the walker, even their specialist troop classes are similar.
    Similar to the Dark Trooper in design, but far better IMO.
    EMP LAUNCHER - A sort of splash-less rocket launcher. It's not a great weapon,
    but it does its job. It's quite good against Droidekas, because they can't 
    really move. Even if they turn into wheel form after you fire, you'll still
    hit them.
    JETPACK - Much better than the Dark Trooper's jetpack. Activate it and you'll
    be able to go in any direction you choose. If you want to go up, simply look
    up and go forward. Remember that you have to press the jump button again to 
    shut it off, not simply release it. It also recharges faster than the DT's.
    Obviously, being able to move freely in all directions can make the Jet 
    Trooper hard to hit, although you'll soon find that to actually hit opponents,
    the Jet Trooper has to hover to a limited extent. He's not much harder to hit
    than a regular trooper, you just have to remember to look up and down.
    Similar to the Rebels' X-Wing fighter. Laser cannons and seeker missiles. A
    slightly smaller hit profile though.
    Oh boy. Get this fully manned and you're tooled up for almost anything.
    Remember that the Gunship can actually stop in midair. So, if you're fairly 
    sure nothing can hit you, just stop and rain down green death from the skies.
    Don't forget the capabilities of this ship to deliver troops though.
    A quality anti-infantry vehicle. The pilot position has all the features you'd
    expect - dual cannons and rockets, but don't forget the main gun. It shoots a 
    beam that lasts for a second or so, so you can sweep it across a row of enemy
    troops for maximum destruction. However, when using it against a vehicle, 
    remember to keep it trained on the enemy vehicle until it disappears.
    Forerunner of the AT-AT. Slightly faster and weaker, but nonetheless makes up
    for it. The AT-TE fires four lasers at once, and can fire again before having
    to recharge. Best of all though, is the big gun on its back. The AT-TE is 
    equal parts an infantry killer, vehicle killer and mobile transport. Do be 
    aware of the armor weakness compared to the AT-AT, you do actually need to
    keep an eye on it in the AT-TE.
    2.4 Seperatists
    The Republic's equivalent of the Rebels. Some would argue that the Seperatists
    are underpowered, but they have some great vehicles to make up for any 
    deficiencies in their troops.
    Aha. The ominous rolling sound of the Droideka - something you don't want to 
    hear when trying to capture a CP. Droidekas are quite hard to use effectively,
    because of the lag time between stopping the roll and getting the shield up.
    Bear in mind that Droidekas cannot use vehicles or turrets.
    REPEATING BLASTERS - Spray and pray incarnate. Plenty of power for these, you
    should only occasionally have to recharge. Side tip - always use A and D to
    turn. Much faster than the mouse.
    SHIELD EMITTER - Provides complete protection against all attacks as long as
    the shield lasts. Bear in mind, though, that not only will attacks deplete it,
    but also just having it on. Whenever you get even the tiniest break from 
    fighting, even if you can see the next wave of enemies approaching down the
    corridor or whatever, turn off the shield. Every second of regeneration
    Ah. A way to take them out, you seek? Well. The shield is fairly resistant to
    blaster fire, certainly long enough for the Droideka to take out the offending
    party. However, missiles and grenades can put a dent in it. The Jet Trooper's
    EMP launcher seems to have been specially designed for this purpose, as they
    can't move very much, but unfortunately you need three, but the weapon only
    loads two.
    Not much to say. Plenty of laser power, and fairly powerful lasers too.
    More or less the same as the Droid Starfighter, but a little more agile.
    Almost the equivalent of the AT-TE, but not quite. Primary weapon is a
    powerful beam laser - see notes on the TX-130S above. Secondary weapon is a 
    more conventional laser. Death to infantry.
    The real powerhouses of Episode 1, these tanks are generally more than a match
    for Republic vehicles. Two heavy lasers from the pilot's position and a 
    whopping big main gun give this ample firepower. Pity you can't use the energy 
    shell launchers though.
    This is another vehicle with a lot of promise, but generally proves quite
    hard to use effectively. You get a blaster and a load of missiles.
    Unfortunately, unlike in the movies where these things shoot missiles all over
    the place, you only load 5 at a time. Still, I suppose they're fairly good at
    taking down AT-TEs.
    The Seperatist equivalent of the Republic Gunship. You get a pilot, a gunner
    who controls the turret on top, and a co pilot who mans the Gunship-esque
    beams beneath. These beams can only shoot within a downward arc.
    The Seperatists' equivalent of the Speeder Bike, but a little slower. It makes
    up for this by being fairly good as a gun platform, albeit a fragile one. If
    there's a group of infantry while you're cruising along with this, don't be
    afraid to take them on.
    Besides the vehicles in the section above, there are more vehicles around the
    maps that aren't associated with any side. The generally appear either in the
    middle of the map (like the Cloud Car) or at both bases (like the Speeder
    FOUND ON: Endor, Yavin: Temple, Tatooine: Dune Sea, Naboo: Plains
    It gets you from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible. That's all
    there is to it. This thing goes insanely fast considering the number of 
    obstacles you can crash into on each landscape. It does have a laser, but it's
    not much use, really. Only if you come across an isolated trooper.
    FOUND ON: Bespin: Platforms
    Genius. These lasers rival the Droideka for total power, meaning you can
    really blast away. Plus, it can carry a gunner, who launches massive salvoes
    of missiles. If you can get your hands on one of these, try to keep it. It's
    worth it.
    FOUND ON: Tatooine: Dune Sea
    Basically an armored transport. You get a pilot and up to three gunners. Then,
    you go find some infantry to mow down. With the wide fire arc of this vehicle,
    it really is dangerous to troops. Unfortunately it packs no such punch against
    vehicles, so you'll need something heavier for them. Also remember that you're
    exposed in this, so you can't use it as a shell to hide in.
    FOUND ON: Naboo: Theed
    Another genius. If you find one, take it. It's more or less the same as the
    Rebel landspeeder, but in my experience, it's been a lot better. It has the 
    same basic weaponry - blasters and a big main gun.
    FOUND ON: Hoth, Naboo: Plains
    They're virtually identical, so I put them together. They're used for
    transport, nothing more. They have no weapons. However, they are quite fast
    and they're reasonably agile.
    4. MAPS
    In this section is a breakdown of each map into vehicles present, CPs and the 
    like. Vehicle description fits the Galactic Civil War era - consult above for
    equivalents in the Clone Wars. Command Posts are listed (number of capturable
    CPs) + (number of destructible CPs).
    Remember that on most maps, each side has one "base" CP that will take 
    significantly longer to capture than regular CPs.
    Dotted around the various maps, you will run into three kinds of droids:
    HEALTH DROID: These are the tall black ones. Stand near them and your health
    will be gradually replenished.
    AMMO DROID: The short, boxy ones. These slowly refill your ammo stocks.
    REPAIR DROID: The R5 droids will repair any vehicle nearby. Simply drive your
    vehicle up to one and it will start getting repaired.
    Droids can be very easily destroyed, and indeed it's sometimes a good idea
    to take out the droids at an enemy CP before going for it. Pilots can rebuild
    all three kinds of droids with their Fusion Cutter.
    VEHICLES: 6 X-Wings, 2 Y-Wings, 6 TIE Fighters, 2 TIE Bombers, Cloud Car
    This is largely an aircraft map, although significant fighting happens in the
    tunnels linking the opposite sides of the map. Most landing pads have an anti-
    air turret on them which is very good against the aircraft but also dies 
    fairly easily, don't count on it against a head on run by a bomber. 
    You won't be able to win uniquely by being an air ace. Well, you might, but
    it will be by luck. If you want to win, you'll have to fight in the central
    tunnel. It's very hard to keep the central Command Post because of the way the
    enemy can bring in troops from three directions. If you're playing as either
    the Empire or the Republic, you can cheat a bit. Use the jetpack to get on the
    roof of the tunnel, and you'll be able to skip out the actual fighting there.
    Being able to capture the CP itself while remaining alive is something else.
    If you're playing as the Seperatists, a couple of Droidekas will help too.
    It's only playing as the Rebels that you have a major difficulty. Your best
    bet as the Rebels is to simply be a regular trooper, and just get in there 
    with your rifle. Remember to make use of your thermal detonators.
    - If you're quick at the beginning, you can use the turrets to down some of
    the fighters on enemy platforms.
    - If everyone's involved in the fighting in the main tunnel, go land your ship
    on one of the enemy's outlying platforms. You can never have too many CPs.
    - Take out enemy anti-air turrets at the first opportunity.
    No vehicles at all on this map, it's purely shooting. Your first move should
    be to get the carbon freezing chamber, as controlling it wastes the enemy's 
    tickets (in addition to any advantage by controlling the most CPs). If you go
    for the carbon chamber, chances are the enemy will get the courtyard. Don't
    bother trying to displace them straight away. Instead, from your CP at the
    bottom edge of the map, try to push along to the other one, and then up. It
    may take a few tries, but with a standard trooper it's not too hard. Then, 
    they should be forced back to the courtyard. Once they're there, it's more or
    less game over for them. 
    - Snipers rule here. If you control both CPs on the bottom edge, you can
    safely snipe from the balcony. Once you've got them back to the courtyard
    only, you can just stand by an ammo droid and keep shooting.
    - A rather cheaper tactic is to stand by an ammo droid and deploy Recon Droids
    into the courtyard. Then just call down repeated orbital bombardments.
    - If there's fighting going on around the carbon chamber, you can use the 
    multiple entrances to surprise the enemy. Particularly good is if you're a 
    Jet or Dark Trooper. You can use your jetpack to get between the walkways 
    in the shaft area.
    VEHICLES: 2 AT-STs, 8 Speeder Bikes (4 each side)
    COMMAND POSTS: 5 + 1 (Shield Bunker)
    The Empire has a big vehicle advantage here with AT-STs, but the Rebels can
    destroy the Shield Bunker, knocking off an Imperial CP permanently. Also, 
    AT-STs can fall victim to the Ewok log traps. The Rebels also have camouflage,
    whereas Stormtroopers stick out like a sore thumb. There are many high 
    walkways between trees on this level, don't pass them up. They can provide
    good sniping positions and also a way around enemy troops without having to 
    fight them. Ewoks on this map will attack Imperial troops.
    - When you start as the Rebels, be a Wookiee and grab a Speeder Bike. Go
    straight to the Bunker. If you're lucky, you should be able to get straight
    into the bunker. To destroy the Bunker you have to destroy the control panel
    next to the shaft of light. Use all three time bombs you start off with and it
    will be at aroun 20% health. The difficult part is getting out to grab more
    from the ammo droid without dying.
    - To reset the log trap, look for the fusion cutter plates nearby. The bar
    will fill up as if you're building a turret. When it reaches full, the logs
    will be reset.
    VEHICLES: 2 AT-TEs, 2 Republic Gunships, 2 Hailfire Droids, 2 Spider Droids, 2
    Geonosian Fighters
    COMMAND POSTS: 4 + 4 (Republic Command Center and 3 Techno Union ships)
    Can you say "big battle"? Hope so. Here, the Republic must take the AT-TEs
    around the Spire and use them to destroy the Techno Union ships, while making
    sure that their Command Center doesn't die. Here, though, the AT-TE isn't
    nearly as invincible as it usually is, and it's very likely that at least one
    will go down. If either AT-TE can actually reach the TU ships though, the 
    Seperatists are in trouble. The Geonosians on this map help the Seperatists.
    - The Gunships are death to droids. You can use them to keep Assault Droids
    away from the AT-TEs and to take down Hailfire Droids. You can use them 
    against the Spider Droids, but that's not as good a use of their abilities.
    - Geonosian fighters are death to Gunships. They also do a nice line in
    taking down infantry, although they're so fast that you don't get many shots 
    in one run.
    - The Spider Droid is very good at taking down the Republic Command Center.
    VEHICLES: 2 AT-ATs, 2 AT-STs, 4 Snowspeeders, Tauntauns
    COMMAND POSTS: 5 + 1 (Shield Generator)
    Any Star Wars fan knows exactly what the objective of this battle is, but I'll
    go over it for the benefit of everyone else. The Imperials must destroy the 
    Rebel shield generator. They can only realistically do this with their AT-ATs,
    because the generator's heavily armored. So, the Rebels must take down the 
    AT-ATs before they get in range. They can do it the hard way, which involves
    lots of missiles and turrets, or they can do it the easy way, which involves
    Snowspeeders' tow cables. See above for how to use the cables.
    - Echo Base can be entered from the Outpost as well as from the hangar.
    - The black turrets with the dishes are very good at taking down AT-STs. You
    can charge up shots with this turret, but I wouldn't bother, the extra damage
    isn't worth the wasted time.
    - Regular troops have to be very careful on this level. Both AT-STs and 
    Snowspeeders are death to infantry.
    - Don't underestimate the value of Tauntauns, just for getting about.
    Like Cloud City, a no vehicle level and sniper's paradise. Almost all of the
    level is completely exposed, so you can shoot people miles away. There's not
    really much to say about this level, it's nice and simple. The cheap tactic
    of using orbital bombardment applies here if you need it. It can be useful in
    getting rid of Droidekas, as there's no cover to hide from them.
    VEHICLES: 1 X-Wing, 1 Y-Wing, 1 TIE Fighter, 1 TIE Bomber
    A fairly close-in map, there's not much room to move around. Cue heavy
    fighting. One side starts in a central-ish position, the other side starts
    more or less on the outside. Expect your CPs to change hands several times
    as play moves back and forth on this level.
    - Make good use of your aircraft. With such a small map, you should just be 
    able to aim into an enemy area and hit a load of troops.
    - Also make good use of your explosives. With much less space than most other
    maps, you can really clear the house out with thermal detonators.
    VEHICLES: 3 AT-STs (2 Spider Droids and 1 STAP in Clone Wars Era)
    In this map, one side has the vehicle advantage, but the other has the terrain
    advantage. The high platforms are sniping incarnate. The high platforms can
    also be quite hard to capture, because of the difficulty in getting along
    them, especially if there are snipers in place. Also the hut at the back can
    be hard to get without a vehicle to take out the two turrets first.
    - Playing as the defenders, spawn as a tankbuster on one of the high platforms
    and you should be able to take down one if not two of the incoming vehicles.
    If you're playing online, just mass tankbusters there for the first wave to
    keep the vehicles at bay.
    - To remedy this when playing as the attackers, make sure to have some snipers
    at your base. You'll be able to get a good angle on the guys on the platforms.
    - If you get a vehicle onto the beach, head straight up it and take out the
    two turrets guarding the hut. They're exceedingly annoying.
    VEHICLES: 2 Landspeeders, 2 AT-STs, 1 X-Wing Speeder Bikes
    An open, flat level and as such a fairly vehicle-dominated one. Spawn as a 
    Pilot and grab yourself a vehicle at the beginning, it'll serve you well. I 
    think the Rebels have an advantage here, as the Landspeeder generally wins
    against the AT-ST. Like the Kashyyyk Islands, expect CPs to change ownership
    many times over the course of this battle. Although you shouldn't really
    worry about CPs too much, as you'll be chewing through their reinforcement
    points left, right and centre. The Gungans help the Rebels/Republic.
    4.10 NABOO: THEED
    VEHICLES: 2 Landspeeders, 2 IFT-Ts (see note below), Gian Speeder
    I love this map. Plenty of fighting. The Empire can't realistically use AT-STs
    on this level, so they use an equivalent of the Republic tank instead. The 
    long circular street outside the Rotunda and the central road from that are
    generally the firefights here, so take your vehicles straight there. Try not
    to get surrounded though, as the vehicles aren't invincible.
    - You can use the river to get from one side of the map to the other with a
    minimum of fuss if you need to.
    - Make use of the elevated balconies for sniping and cover.
    VEHICLES: 1 AT-AT, 2 Landspeeders, 2 IFT-Ts
    This is such an unfair map. Unless you're playing Galactic Conquest and have
    used Sabotage, it's very hard to win with the Rebels/Seperatists. OK, so two
    Landspeeders could probably take down an AT-AT if skilfully piloted, but the 
    two IFT-Ts can tie those up, leaving the AT-AT free to take infantry down. Oh
    - If you're playing as the attacking side, there really isn't much strategy. 
    Just be a pilot, hop in the AT-AT and you're away.
    - Your best bet as the defending side is to simply spam missiles at the walker
    and hope it's not a pilot on board healing it. 
    - Try to avoid being in the central area if you can. Prowl around the edges 
    with your gun. Resist the temptation to rush in there, even if a big group of
    guys comes through.
    Another no-vehicle map. Although this one still remains surprisingly good.
    Whichever side you start on, you should always go for the central CP first.
    You should be able to get it due to the delay in AI spawning. Once you've got
    that, you can go in whatever direction you want, really. Although having the
    duo central CP + the one on the bridge is very helpful and puts you in a 
    strong position.
    - The turrets can be very annoying on this level. If they're bothering you, 
    take them out with a missile launcher. Don't bother sniping the guy in it, 
    because most of them are so close to a CP that someone else will just come
    along almost immediately.
    - Make good use of the pillars and such like for cover, very useful.
    VEHICLES: 2 AT-STs, 2 TIE Fighters, 2 Landspeeders, 2 X-Wings, Desert Skiff,
    Speeder Bikes
    A very good map IMO. You can play this however you want. You can get a fighter
    and do strafing runs on the enemy base, you can get a combat vehicle and 
    take them head on, you can use a speeder bike to get right into their midst
    and unleash laser death. Your choice. Try to get the Tusken CPs, but don't 
    spend too much time on it, because beating up Tusken Raiders doesn't help you
    win any faster.
    - It might seem obvious, but do remember to mind the pillars while flying
    around. 'tis detrimental to your health to crash into one.
    - Try to go around the outside with your vehicles. Going in between the
    pillars at ground level gives rise to choke points. You need to keep your
    agility here.
    VEHICLES: AT-ST (see note)
    Urban warfare as we know and love. The streets are fairly narrow around all
    but a couple of the CPs, so thermal detonators prove useful. Make good use of
    all the doorways and such like as cover. Remember to get the Cantina, if just
    to hear the music ^_^
    - If you have the hangar, you can get up on the top of it. Hello sniper.
    - The Jet/Dark Trooper rules the roost here, being able to boost right over
    the obstacles that other troops have to go round.
    - The other factions have their advantages too. The Droideka is the king of
    narrow passages, and the Wookiee's spreading bowcaster shots can cover more or
    less the entire alley.
    - To get the AT-ST, the Empire must capture the Hangar. The Rebels don't get
    a Landspeeder from it. Similarly, the CIS can get an AAT.
    4.15 YAVIN: ARENA
    VEHICLES: 2 AT-STs, 2 Landspeeders
    By far the smallest map. Technically, it's the same size as the others, but
    you'll find that almost all the fighting happens around the central three CPs,
    because the outside ones take too long to capture for the benefit they give.
    Don't try to hold the central CP, let its ownership slide. You can do much
    better simply taking them down, CP or no CP. With a couple of exceptions, the
    only two good classes on this map are the regular soldier and the sniper.
    - The exceptions are the Jet Trooper and the Droideka. The Droideka should be
    obvious, but the Jet Trooper is a little more cheap. Just jet over to the 
    enemy box CP right when you start. You won't be able to get it before people
    spawn there, but with some skilful fighting, you should be able to hold your
    ground until you turn it neutral, at which point just focus on taking out all
    the droids present.
    - If you choose to be a sniper, you can just stand in your box and snipe 
    straight across for muchos kills. If you see someone in the arena standing
    still, go for the headshot, but because of the angle, it's easier to get them
    while they're still in the box.
    - If the battle in the center isn't chewing through your RPs to quickly, take
    one of your vehicles and head for the enemy's CP outside the arena. The arena
    battle generally takes most of the AI's attention, but be ready to fend off
    the odd enemy who spawns there. It'll take a while to capture, but if you can
    cut them off into the arena, you're virtually guaranteed to win.
    4.16 YAVIN: TEMPLE
    VEHICLES: AT-ST, Speeder Bikes
    I don't know why, but I find this map rather boring. There really isn't much
    strategy to this level. As the Empire, grab your AT-ST and go mow some Rebels
    down. As the Rebels, grab a Speeder Bike, go to the elevated platform and
    missile the AT-ST down.
    - The turrets on the high poles are horrifically weak. They're quite useful,
    but just bear that in mind.
    Galactic Conquest is a novel way of presenting a game like Star Wars
    Battlefront. Basically: there are eight planets in each game. The setup of 
    which planets are controlled by you and your opponent is different depending
    on which Galactic Conquest you're playing. In addition, two of the planets are
    each faction's base, and as such change depending on the era you're playing.
    How it works: When you start, you have initiative. This means you select a
    planet to attack. A planet is either green, white or red. Green indicates it's
    under friendly control, white is contested and red is enemy controlled. When
    you click on a planet to attack, you'll see which map you'll play (each has 
    two, remember). If you attack an enemy planet, you'll fight a battle on the
    map shown. If you win that battle, the planet turns white, denying the enemy
    the access to that planet's bonus. Similarly, if you win a battle on a 
    contested planet, you have immediate access to that planet's bonus.
    Should you lose a battle, the enemy choose where to attack. The initiative
    is lost if the holder loses a match.
    If you win four battles (the blue lights light up), you'll be able to knock
    out one planet without fighting, using your side's special ability. For 
    example, the Republic just takes it over with a massive clone army and the
    Empire blows the planet up with the Death Star. Then you can immediately 
    attack another planet (fairly). Once all six regular planets are under your
    control (five if you blew one up), you'll be able to attack the enemy's base
    system. If you win there, you win the Galactic Conquest. Similarly, you lose
    if you lose on your base planet.
    Now, to the core of the Galactic Conquest: planetary bonuses. Every planet has
    a bonus, that can be used by the side controlling it. If the planet is 
    contested, neither side can utilise its bonus. This brings in an interesting
    strategical choice: do you attempt to make all your opponent's planets 
    contested to starve them of bonuses, or do you work towards your knockout blow
    first so it takes care of two battles rather than one? Anyway, the bonuses:
    Nice and simple. All your enemy's vehicles come into play damaged. Bear in
    mind that they do not have lower max health - they can be healed to full
    by a pilot or R5 droid.
    This bonus gives your troops bacta tanks which constantly regenerate their
    health as if they were standing next to a health droid. This stacks with
    actually being next to the droid, too.
    You get more Reinforcement Points. Simple.
    This bonus makes your troops invisible to the enemy on the map. In a real war,
    it would be amazing, but I've never been able to make much use of it.
    Possibly the most simple one of all. You get your Jedi fighting with you in
    the next battle. Remember that he's only one person and can't be everywhere
    at once. Best used on confined maps such as Mos Eisley and Cloud City.
    Your troops become more accurate with their weapons. This is good on maps
    where there are lots of opportunities for long range shooting such as Yavin:
    Arena and Mos Eisley.
    This is my first FAQ, I've tried to make it as easy to read and useful as
    possible. I doubt it's complete, I'll probably update it from time to time.
    Acknowledgements go to:
    Lucasarts/Pandemic - for making the game
    My brother - for picking up all the stuff I missed
    Rayzer - for correcting various oversights
    Mecandes - for a ton of useful input
    If you spot something wrong in this FAQ, or have found something interesting
    related to what I've written about that you think should be included, email me
    at megistos@gmail.com. I'll make sure you appear in this section in the next
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