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    Level Guide by md2a

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 10/23/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Star Wars: Battlefront - Level Guide
    By Alex Fleming (Md2a)
    V 1.2
    1.-=Version History and Timeline=-
    4th July - v0.2: Started guide today, got the first 3 levels done.
    5th July - v0.4: Spent a couple of minutes writing the Geonosis level.
    6th July - v0.6: Finished Spire, did Tipoca City, Harbour and Docks.
    31st August – v0.8: Created ‘Remember…’ Section, completed 5 levels.
    1st September - v1.0: First day of Spring. Might submit today. Completed 
     most of guide, cleaned up a bit.
    2nd September - v1.2: Touched up a few levels; knocked off a few things
     from Still to Go list.
    24th October - v1.4: Added many submitted strategies. Thanks everyone!
    Still to Go:
    -Naboo: Theed Guide
    -Yavin 4:Temple as CIS/Empire guide.
    -Get different opinions with levels. (Ongoing)
    -Bespin: Cloud City guide 
    2. Table of Contents
    1. Version History
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Intro
    4. The Clone Wars
      4.a. Naboo: Plains
      4.b. Naboo: Theed
      4.c. Kashyyyk: Islands
      4.d. Geonosis: Spire
      4.e. Kamino: Tipoca City
      4.f. Rhen Var: Harbour
      4.g. Kashyyyk: Docks 
    5. The Galactic Civil War
      5.a.Tatooine: Dune Sea
      5.b.Tatooine: Mos Eisely
      5.c.Rhen Var: Citadel
      5.d.Yavin 4: Arena
      5.e.Yavin 4: Temple
      5.f.Hoth: Echo Base
      5.g.Bespin: Cloud City
      5.h.Bespin: Platforms
      5.i.Endor: Bunker
    6. COntacting Me
    7. Thanks
    8. Legal
    3. Intro
    'Fight as a soldier on the front lines where every weapon and
    vehicle you see is yours. Take the Empire head on or crush the
    Rebellion - by yourself or with an army behind you!'-SWBF Disc Case
    This is my first guide I have written, so go easy on me! Any
    feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can e-mail me at 
    If all goes well with this guide, I might write a walkthrough to Star 
    Wars Battlefront II, which is being released on the 1st of November 
    (New Zealand that is, I don't know about anywhere else).
    This guide is a bit late now, and I doubt it will be used much, because 
    of SWBF2... Oh well.
    In this guide I will cover each level, with the strategy that works best 
    for me. It is kind of a collection of secondary strategies if the main 
    walkthroughs aren't working for you, or you just want to try the level 
    another way. Full credit will be given to anyone kind enough to donate 
    their own personal strategies. So, here goes...
    #.X. Planet: Battle (Map Name)
         Difficulty Rating: #/10
    Battle Guide...
    Remember… (Small tactics/reminders specific to the success of that 
    4.-=The Clone Wars=-
    4.a. Naboo: Plains
         Difficulty Rating: 2/10 on Historical, 4/10 not.
    This level is not a favourite of mine, but I will attempt to do a good 
     This is the first historical campaign level in The Clone Wars, in which
     you are the CIS,  attacking the Gungan Army (confirmation anyone?). 
    This level is quite easy, although the Gungan's boomers (these are the 
    glowing grenades) can get extremely annoying when  you cant see them 
    lying in the long grass. So, start out at the vehicle spawn point, and 
    grab one of the AAT's. Press the right directional button, and wait for 
    one of your soldiers to jump in with you. Drive over to the big blue 
    shield, and go in. Open fire on the big dinosaur thing (Fambaa?), and 
    once you have killed it, the shield should go down. After accomplishing 
    this, you will want to go and capture some command posts. If you do, 
    you should watch out for the turrets scattered around the place. I think
    that these will kill you in two or three hits.
     Now, for Galactic Conquest, or Instant Action, Start at any of your 
    Command Posts, and run towards the Center as fast as you can. Enemies 
    (and allies) will start to pour in. Kill them, and don't let anyone
    sneak up behind you. Once you take that, move onto another Command
    Post. They should have two left. It is best to take their vehicle
    spawning CP, but tough. In the time it takes you to get another of
    theirs, they might have gotten one of your CPs. Basically, I think
    concentrate on one CP at a time, then move on,to the next.
    -Watch your back!
    -Defend your territory.
    -Watch for grenades in the grass.
    4.b. Naboo: Theed
         Difficulty Rating: It depends... 4.5/10 maybe?
    A strategy from Kyle Thomsen:
    Become a sniper and go up the stairways in the buildings to the right
    and left of the central area with all the fighting.  Fomr here, you can
    take out many enemy troops and ducking down once conceals you from
    enemy return fire. 
    -The elevated walkway areas accessed by the short ramps are ok for 
    snipers, or cover.
    -Mines! Put mines on the bridges to the Rotunda (if you have it)
    -I suppose this is obvious, but there is a lot of cover in this level, 
    e.g. the small fences, or the walls. Use it.
    4.c. Kashyyyk: Islands
         Difficulty Rating: 6/10
     This level is crazy! Battles are going on everywhere, with lasers
    filling the air. If you are the Clones/Rebels, get into a starfighter
    (as a normal soldier), and fly over to the enemy's most distant CP,
    which should be their vehicle spawning one. Ditch it near the CP, and
    capture the Post. Usually, the enemies will run off to a battle, without
    seeing you. If they do open fire, it shouldn't be too hard to kill them.
    When you capture it, get back in the ship, and fly back to defend your 3
    starting posts. This should last you most of the match.
    If you have chosen the CIS/Empire, you will want to start out at your
    northern-most Command Post, the closest to the enemy. Charge down, and
    slowly, one-by-one, capture each of their 3 Command Posts.
     When you die, it might be a good idea to take a look at the map, and see
    if the enemy is getting to close to a CP of yours.
    -Use the cover to your advantage.
    -Inside the huts is an extremely good hiding place. (CHICKEN!)
    -This sometimes works; when in the starfighters, ground-strafe your 
    enemy (basically fire in the general direction of their ground troops.
    4.d. Geonosis: Spire
         Difficulty Rating: 8/10 as Clones, 4/10 as CIS
     I find this level quite hard as the Clones. Ok, first, grab a Republic 
    GUnship, and fly over to the Techno-Union Ships. Destroy them all, by 
    concentrating all your fire on them. Then you might want to go and 
    destroy the Spider Walker(s). By the way, if you lose the Derelict, run 
    back and reclaim it, because if you don't the CIS have a clear path to 
    your main Command Post (Oh no!). Next, it is a good idea to take the 
    Spire, if it isnt yours already. Once you have achieved that, the CIS's 
    troop count should be down, and all your Timuera Morrisons (the NZ 
    actor that plays the Clones in the movies) should take the Spire. Also 
    you don’t need to worry about the Geonosians, their weapons are pieces 
    of ____. (Fill in the blank)
    Here are a couple of strategies submitted by Kyle Thomsen:
    As the Republic, first become a pilot and quickly get in a Gunship.
    Tell everyone to get out, I will explain why later.  Fly over to the
    Techno Union Ships (TUS) and use your missiles and lasers
    simultaneously.  When the lasers overheat, switch positions and aim
    at the TUS and repeat with all the positions.  Make sure that you
    leave them in the position where they are aimed at the TUS so you don't
    have to bother with aiming.  Do this for each ship until they're all
    gone.  After that, support your troops with cover fire and help to take
    the Spire.  (The reason I said to make sure no one else was in the ship
    was to make sure no one flys off while you're shooting.)
    Make sure that friendly fire is offand that you are a sniper or ARC
    trooper/demolitions droid.  It doesn't matter which faction you are,
    but I prefer to be the Republic for this one.  Go to the back of the
    Derelicit (sp?), make sure your back is towards the back of it, and
    toss a grenade at your feet.  Stand a little in front of the grenade
    and when it goes off, try to make yourself fly onto the back of the
    Derelicit.  Now you are in a very good place to snipe soldiers or
    blast away at pesky vehicles. 
    -Destroy the Techno-Union Ships. (Don't worry, you wont forget this.)
    -Protect the Derelict.
    -AT-TEs are great!
    4.e. Kamino: Tipoca City
         Difficulty Rating: 4/10
     Woohoo! We are now getting onto levels I like, so I'll be more helpful 
    than I have been  recently. Ok, first, spawn quickly and run around 
    grabbing as many Command Posts as you possibly can. I usually get 3, 
    sometimes 4 if I'm lucky. then the fighting should begin. Both sides: 
    watch out for the other faction's special unit. So, once the fighting 
    begins, basically run around and provide aid wherever you see your 
    troops failing (eg. if the opposition take a bridge that you just had, 
    or get uncomfortably close to a command post. Also, watch out behind 
    the main lines, because sometimes enemies get into the heart of your 
    territory using a bridge you forgot. In summary, fight defensively and 
    back up your troops, and when there’s a spare moment, push forward and 
    capture another Post for your side.
    A strategy from Kyle Thomsen:
    Be the Republic and get outside A.S.A.P.  Make sure you are a jet
    trooper.  Fly to the top of the cloning center.  Here you are almost
    invincible.  Everyone is too busy capturing command posts or warding
    off enemy soldiers to notice you standing up there shooting off EMPs
    at droidekas and the like that threaten your fellow clones.  When your
    ammo gets low or depleted, just fly over to a friendly command post,
    stock up on EMPs, and return to the top of the cloning center.
    -Try to spread yourself around.
    -Jet troopers are excellent at flying behind the enemy and stealing a 
    Command Post when the opposition is busy.
    -CIS: aim for the Cloning Centre! It is a great Post.
    4.f. Rhen Var: Harbour
         Difficulty Rating: 5/10
     I will deal with the Clones/Empire first, ok? Now, spawn as the Jet 
    trooper/Dark trooper at the AT-AT/AT-TE. Run (or fly) over to the 
    unclaimed post (I think this is the... Lighthouse?). Then go to the ice 
    caves entrance, and clear out any enemies there. This should let your 
    troops pour out like water from a tap. Fight everyone until you die.
    Spawn at the AT-TE/AT-AT, and run over to the far right. YOu should see
    some stairs going up to a command Post. This isn't too hard to take,
    you just have to watch out for enemies behind the pillars. The battle
    should be winding up around now...
     Now for all the Rebels/CIS. When the game starts, rush over and grab 
    the Lighthouse. After completing this, you have 2 choices. Either a) go 
    off and help destroy the AT-AT/AT-TE, or b) storm the ice caves. I 
    suggest the second option for now, because your allies will usually 
    take care of the opposing Heavy Assault Transport before it can do too 
    much damage... SO, attack the Ice caves, and when the passage splits up,
     go right. This is because the majority of the Clones/Empire take the 
    other passage. Once you arrive, either stand by the health robot, or 
    hide near the bit of ice sticking out of the wall, and begin to capture
     the Command Post. Just hope that 4+ enemies dont spawn around you all 
    at once. If you capture this, push forward and get their last Post. BTW,
     if you lose a Command Post back at the main Harbour Area, go back and 
    get it again.
    A Strategy submitted by Imperious813:
    Another strategy for the ice-caves if you are on CIS is to get a
    droideka and roll into the ice-caves and deploy your shield inside.
    Once you capture the ice-caves you can get to the Western LZ easily to
    capture and then mop up the clones.
    -Do not let the Ice Caves fall!
    -There are a few excellent sniping spots for the CIS/Rebels.
    -Either faction should go for the lighthouse at the start. It will 
    provide a strong foothold, or complete your defences.
    4.g. Kashyyyk: Docks
         Difficulty Rating: 5/10
     In this level, there are many things you can do. As any faction, the 
    first thing you will want to do is get the landing. It is hard to 
    capture this before you die, so try your hardest! After this, the 
    Clones/Rebels can do any of the following; (these are listed in my 
    priority) keep defending the landing, attack one of either Docks as the
    basic soldier, snipe people on the beach or on the two docks, or attack
    vehicles coming from the Island as a ARC/Vanguard.
     As the CIS/Empire, you should jump in a vehicle and get to the Landing.
     Next, move up the beach, and over to either side. When you get close 
    to one of the bridges leading to the Piers, get out of the vehicle and 
    go up. When you capture that you can do the same to the other Pier, 
    snipe the opposition who are sniping your guys down below, or snipe the
    people down below you. It shouldn't be too hard as the CIS/Empire to
     Another CIS/Empire strategy I remembered. Get into either an AT-ST or 
    AAT as your prefered fighting unit. Clear the Landing of enemies, and 
    let your allies take it. Kepp on going up the bank, until you get to 
    the City Hall. Park your vehicle as close to the doorway as you can, 
    and hop out. Run inside, and kill everyone you see, usually a couple of
    snipers, maybe a pilot. Stay there until you capture it. Once you have, 
    get back in your vehicle and go over to either of the Piers. Take 
     Ahh! another Republic strategy I just remembered; Fight any way you 
    want for the start, but check the map regularly [SELECT]. Often the 
    enemy will ditch an AAT over to the far right or left of the map. Jump
    in it, and follow this route… (while killing everyone in you path) Go 
    up the beach, then turn left. Stop at the vehicle repair droid, and 
    let it heal you. Next, drive right down the left Pier. Do a little 
    hop off the end, and come back up the beach. This time, go right. Stop 
    at the droid again, and go down the Pier. Repeat until you win. 
    -Droideka's cant swim!
    -As the Rebels/Clones, don't forget to occasionally push back the 
    other team along the Piers a bit to stop them getting up.
    -Snipers kick as* on this level.
    5.a. Tatooine: Dune Sea
         Difficulty Rating: 5.5/10
     For the Empire (or CIS) grab either a speeder bike or an AT-ST (The 
    Bike is the recommended choice). Go over to the Homestead, and jump off
    (or out of) your vehicle when you get to the entrance. RUn inside, and 
    stand by the health machine until you capture it. Go outside, and kill 
    any Rebels remaining. Once this is done, move up towards the Bluff. 
    Kill any Rebels you see, and attempt to take the Command Post. Watch 
    out for Rebels hiding in and around the many rocks. Once this is done,
    you should have nearly won.
     I am working on a strategy for Dune Sea as the Rebels, and I will 
    update this when I work out a good one.
    A strategy from Kyle Thomsen:
    It doesn't matter which faction you are here, just that you be a long
    range unit (sniper or missile launcher) and get in a starfighter.
    Fly to the top of the level and land on one of the many tall rocks here.
    From here, you can obliterate enemies.  You should be hidden in the
    glare of the twin suns, so no one can see you.  One fun thing to do in
    to be a jet trooper/dark trooper and try to jump from rock to rock.
    It's really fun, but it does absolutely nothing to help your side gain
    victory, so I suggest you only do this in instant action.
    -Tusken Raiders are a threat!
    -Please don't forget the Sarlacc...
    -Med-assault vehicles rip through enemies, especially Tuskens.
    5.b. Tatooine: Mos Eisely
         Difficulty Rating: 4/10
     For Either side, start out at the northern-most CP, and run along the 
    long wide street that runs almost the length of the map. About half-way
    down, you will encounter troops of the enemy faction. Kill them, using 
    the cover on the sides of the street. Dart out, kill one or two guys, 
    and run back before you get hurt. Run around the general outside of the
    map, taking CP's as you go right around in a circle. Once the opposing 
    factions reinforcement count get rather low, wander the streets taking 
    out any stragglers. Easy.
    -Take shortcuts by hopping the fences.
    -Use the cover! Theres just soo much of it...
    -Jet/Dark Troopers are handy for getting around.
    5.c. Rhen Var: Citadel
         Difficulty Rating: 5/120
     My strategy is veeerrry similar to that of Kamino: Tipoca City. At the
    start, run around and collect as many CP's as you can. Then, when 
    battles break out throughout the castle, aid your soldiers. The Keep is
    the main CP you want to defend. Also, try to get the Watch (I think 
    that's the one I mean, it's kinda on the end of a long bridge with two
    turrets at the end. CONFERMATION, ANYONE?) I recommend getting this 
    Command Post because it provides easy access to the Keep. Cover is 
    plentiful in this level, so use it well. I have a few strategies on 
    capturing certain command posts, if anyone needs them. (Email me if 
    you do. See Contacting section for details...)
    -Run as fast as you can at the start! Often, this decides the final 
    outcome of the match.
    -Jetpack units are fast...
    -Duck behind cover and use grenades if you get pinned by enemies.
    5.d. Yavin 4: Arena
         Difficuly Rating: 8/10 as Clones, 6 as any other faction.
     Start out at whatever Box you have, and run down (or jump out the 
    window) as fast as you can. Take the Arena, and hold it. Move up to the 
    other Box, and try to get a bunch of allied guys to go with you. Up top,
    enemies spawn all around you, and come from everywhere. Once you take
    the East/West Box, go back down to the Arena. Chances are some more
    enemies have flooded in. Kill 'em, and go through the tunnel. In the
    open space up top, People will be swarming all over the place, and the
    air will be full of grenades and flying bodies. Either stay in the
    relative safety of the tunnel, and poke your head up every so often
    (cowards!), or make a dash up the looong flight of steps to their main
    Command Post. Either way, if you've pushed them back to one CP, you've
    -Enemies seem to come at you from everywhere!
    -I'm getting tired of writing these things...
    -Alternate strategies include; grabbing a vehicle, sniping into the 
    other box.
    5.e. Yavin 4: Temple
         Difficuly Rating: 8/10 as Republic, 6 as any other faction.
     As ANY faction, go for the Forest Ruins (the one in the middle) 
    straight away. Enemies will swamp you as you are getting it, but your 
    allies should 'take care' of them. As the Republic/Rebels, then head to 
    the Viaduct. There are a couple of turrets you should watch out for, 
    and the enemy's AT-STs/AATs might be coming that way. If you manage to 
    take that, head for the fountain next. This is kind of hard to take, as 
    you can't always see the enemy, and many turrets surround it. Now, if 
    you are rrreally good, you probably aren't reading this guide. But, if 
    you have all the CPs except their main one, and they still have many 
    people left, you have two choices. Either a) charge the bridge, on which
    a pretty good fire-fight breaks out, or b) you can sneak around the back
    way, up a path behind the waterfall, and attack from behind. I suggest 
    you take the back route, as your buddies will hold back the enemy long 
     Empire/CIS: Coming soon. I don't very often play this level as them, 
    but it can't be too hard to get a good strategy going.
    -Move through the CPs one by one.
    -The back path up the side of the mountain is an awesome way of getting
    into the enemy base undetected. I only recently found out about this, 
    when I was (the Empire) sitting and waiting for an AT-ST to appear, 
    and saw 3 red arrows coming up behind.
    -The turrets on the poles can be useful. There are 3 near the Temple, 
    1 next to the Altar, 1 at the end of the big bridge, and 1 in the 
    5.f. Hoth: Echo Base
         Difficulty Rating: 7/10 as Rebels, 5/10 as Empire.
     Rebels first. Spawn as a pilot in the Echo Base, and jump into a 
    snowspeeder. Tell an ally to get in with you, and fly off towards the 
    AT-ATs. When you get near, switch positions to Co-Pilot, and aim the 
    gun at the AT-AT's legs. Fire, and when you catch on, let your ally fly
    you around its legs. 3 passes and its down. Do this as they respawn, 
    but if your reinforcement count start to get low compared to the 
    Empire's, join the battle near the Outpost. Also, try not to lose the 
    Bunker, because enemies will run through the tunnel and come out right
    by the Generator.
     Now the Empire. Become a Pilot (recommended, but you don't have to be
    one). Get into an AT-AT, and start walking towards the Generator. If 
    you get caught by an Airspeeder, I don't think there is much that you
    can do... (Sorry! They're just so bloody hard to hit, and kill.) When
    you get there, fire at the Generator. Once it is destroyed, get out
    and head to the right, through the tunnel, and take the Bunker. Next,
    you can do one of two things. Either go and take the Echo Base, then
    the Control, then the Outpost (not much resistance with this way). Or,
    join the battle in front of the Outpost (good for getting the Rebels 
    reinforcements down).
    A strategy from Kyle Thomsen:
    Make sure friendly fire is off.  As the Rebels, be a sniper and spawn
    at Echo Base.  Toss a grenade at your feet and try to aim yourself so
    you will land on top of the Millenium Falcon.  Another way to do this
    is to get in a snowspeeder and land on top of it, but your ship may
    explode if you hit the walls too much. 
    -Take out the AT-ATs in a Speeder.
    -Rebels: Try not to lose ANY of you CP's. Any of them create a window 
    for the Empire to completely destroy you!
    -No Forward Camp = no AT-ATs.
    5.g. Bespin: Cloud City
         Difficulty Rating: 6/10 
    A strategy submitted by Rabid:
    For the Rebels/Clones: Start at the SouthWest CP and begin charging 
    toward the nearest Enemy CP. I suggest using the standard soldier. Press 
    the R3 button to zoom in and aim your crosshairs at the enemy command 
    post. Keep running to the post until you see the enemy begin to spawn. 
    Fire away with your rifle and try to kill as many enemies as you can. 
    (NOTE: If you run out of ammo switch to your secondary weapon and fire a 
    few shost and then switch back to your primary) When you see a clear 
    room then press R3 again (or twice if you're a sniper, not reccomended) 
    and charge into the room. STOP right when you see the capturing symbol 
    come up. That way you won't be surrounded by enemies.  Kill any enemies 
    that spawn and capture the CP. After the capture is complete go left and 
    kill any enemies on the circular bridge. After you exit the circular 
    undercover bridge look ahead of you. If you see any snipers (there will 
    usually be 1 or 2) kill them because they WILL be aiming for your head. 
    Cross the walkway and charge into the room, making sure you've cleared 
    out any visible enemies before you enter.(NOTE: By now the enemies 
    should have captured the Courtyard and your faction should have captured 
    the Carbon Freezing Chamber) This room is a little harder because you 
    can't take the CP in the doorway. I suggest standing behind the health 
    droid or in front of the resupply droid (Not right in front...so you 
    still in the capture symbol up) 
        You should now be in possession of 5 command posts and the enemy 
    should have 1. Now you can do a few things.... 
    1) Assuming you're still at the Forward Flank (the CP you JUST 
    captured) you can run down the walkways and into the center of the map 
    and kill the enemies. 
    2) You can kill yourself (or do #1 until you die, recommended) and 
    spawn at one of the CPs on the upper level (Rear Flank, Walkway, 
    Fordward Flank) as a sniper and snipe enemies. I suggest killing the 
    enemies that enter a turret. 
    3) ATTEMPT a siege on the Courtyard. I find it extremely difficult 
    All you really have to do is just kill enemies until the battle is over. 
    Taking the Courtyard is difficult because by now all the enemies are 
    isolated in the center of the map. 
        For Imperials/CIS: Follow the same instructions except do it 
    backwards. Go for the Rear Flank (SW Corner) first. I find it a bit 
    more difficult because more enemies seem to spawn there. Either way, 
    after you capture the Rear Flank then make your way across the skybridge
    and down to the next CP, killing any enemies in your way. Be Warned: 
    This CP is probably the most difficult to capture because alot of 
    enemies spawn here. Just keep fighting at it and you'll eventually 
    capture it. 
        Another Option, after you capture the rear flank, is to go for the 
    Carbon Freezing Chamber. But, like the Courtyard for the Rebels/Clones, 
    this is where most enemies spawn after you've captured the upper level 
    CPs. So it may also be difficult. Basically you're just going to be 
    fighting the rest of the battle instead of getting all the CPs. 
    - Start out at the Rear Flank for Rebels/Clones or the Walkway for the 
    Imperials/CIS and go for CP closest to you. 
    - Capture all the upper level CPs and isolate the enemy in the center. 
    - Always aim for the snipers on the upper level if you're a Rebel/Clone. 
    5.h. Bespin: Platforms
         Difficulty: 4/10
     This was my favourite level for a while. Then I got bored of it. 
    Aannyywwaayy... Start as a normal soldier, and run on down to the 
    extractor. Just as you take it, a bunch of enemies will probably be 
    coming up. The next part is fighting. Watch for grenades, they're 
    everywhere. Try to slowly push forward, killing everyone as you go.
    The bits of wall that stick out in the bridges are good cover, although
    grenades can still kill you. Once you get up to the end of the bridge, 
    you can do one of two things. 
    A) Hold the enemies back without going forward, so you don't get out in
    the open. 
    B) Rush out, killing everyone in your path. This one is good, although
    usually your enemies will get onto the bridge, and push your allies 
    nearly to the Extractor.
    Either way, keep fighting until you win.
     If the enemy 'steals' one of your rear CPs (Dock, Fuel, Landing, or 
    Depot), it is a good idea to run back and re-take it.
    Haha, I just remembered something really funny. When I was over at my 
    friends house, I was playing this level with my mate's brother. We were
    on one of the bridges, and he said," Don't worry, the windows have 
    glass so you can't fall out. Look, I'll show you..." He jumped out the 
    window, and fell to his death. Me and my friend laughed soo hard...
    A strategy from Kyle Thomsen:
    If you do not like using vehicles, you can be a sniper and stand facing
    the Extractor near the side of the bridge.  Jump up and hold towards
    the bridge.  You may need to adjust how you're standing, but you'll
    eventually get on top of the bridge.  From here you can support your
    troops' advance by sniping the opposition. 
    -The windows DON'T have glass!!
    -Watch for grenades.
    -Don't let the enemy flank you by getting the CPs behind you.
    5.i. Endor: Bunker
         Difficulty: 4/10
     As the Empire, be a pilot, hop into an AT-ST, get a co-pilot, and kill
    everything!!! E-mail me if this wasn't clear enough, or you need 
    something else. (See the Contacting section.)
     For the Rebels, spawn as a soldier at the northern-most Command Post, 
    and run over to the closest CP (Can someone give me the names??). YOu 
    should be able to capture it, but if not, make sure you check for the 
    Empire behind trees, or behind you..
     After you take that, your allies should run up to the next CP. Join 
    them, and kill any Imperial you see. I usually don't get any further 
    than this; the Empires reinforcement count runs out before i get the 
    Barracks. SO thats it really... Oh yeah, I forgot the Shield Generator.
     If you DO want to destroy it, (I don't, it doesn't seem necessary) 
    spawn as a Wookie at the Rebel Outpost, and jump on a Speeder Bike. 
    RIde it to the Generator, and run in. Then, unleash your arsenal. 
    Throw down your time-bombs, use your grenade launcher, then finally 
    the Bowcaster. It will take a while, but if you leave an Imperial 
    Pilot will run down and repair it :(.  
    -It isn't really necessary to destroy the Shield Generator
    - If you are in an AT-ST, watch out for the traps! (They are logs 
    between the trees, suspended by ropes) See them in action in Episode 
    -Watch out for enemies popping out from behind trees.
    Well, thats all the levels complete! I still have a bit of cleaning 
    and adjusting to go, as well as finishing some strategies for certain 
    6. Contacting Me
     You can email me at md_2a@hotmail.com
    My Rules:
    - Constructive criticism is ok.
    - Try to use good grammar and spelling.
    - Sensible suggestions are allowed.
    - State your email topic in the subject box, and say it is about the 
    SWBF Level Guide.
    - Requests for entering this guide into another site is fine, AS LONG 
    - Please, so spam/flaming!
    - Feedback on this guide will be great, the plus' and minus' of it, 
    Any strategies will be greatly apprieciated, as long as they work, are 
    sensible, and LEGIBLE.
    7. Thanks
    Thanks to...
    - LucasArts and Pandemic, for making this wonderful game!
    - Me, for writing it. NOOOO... I'm just kidding, it was fun writing 
    this guide, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    - You, for reading it. 
    -=Submission list=- People who submitted things I have in my guide.  
    Imperious813 for his strategy on Rhen Var: Harbour.
    Kyle Thomsen for his strategies on Bespin: Platforms, Naboo: Theed,
     Geonosis: Plains, Kamino: Tipoca City, Tatooine: Dune Sea, and Hoth: 
     Echo Base.
    Rabid for his entire level guide for Bespin: Cloud City
    8. Legal
    This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances excepting 
    private, personal use. It may not be placed on any website without my 
    full written permission.
    E-mail me if you want your site to acquire permission for this guide 
    to be placed on it, or if you want to recommend a website to me.
    Allowed Sites: GameFAQs.com, SuperCheats.com, NeoSeeker.com
      Alex Fleming, 2005

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