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"Unfortunately, this game has no contact with the Force whatsoever."

Ok. This is an OK game.
Graphics: 6/10
The graphics are not that great, I mean, How can your sniping reticule be pointing straight at an enemy and not hit him?Sometimes it doesn't even change colour. Otherwise, these are pretty standard graphics with not much interactibility and eye candy value.Some glitches occur (Think half bodies sticking out of walls) but otherwise they are ok.

Sound: 8/10
There's not much to say about sound - regular Star Wars blaster fire and explosions. Not much in the way of comm tech, with regular words like "We are losing reinforcement", not up to par with my expectations.

Gameplay: 7/10

Let's face it. How many variations and different storylines and locales can you add to a shooter game until it all comes off as a carbon copy of the next "conguer the ----- and shoot all the ------ with your new weapons and units in the --------- universe" (The dashes are interchangable) You play a soldier/sniper/pilot/special troop/heavy weapons unit in any of the four major factions of the Star Wars universe: The Confederacy of Independent Systems, The Republic, The Rebellion and the Empire. You can play through the Historical Campaign mode, which takes you through significant battles in either the Clone Wars or the Galactic Civil War. You don't get to choose your side, but you can choose it if you play the map in Instant Action mode. There is also a Galactic Conquest mode where you battle different planets as the same faction and gain bonuses at the end of each victory, and you try to defeat all your opponent's planets. I feel that there should have been more maps and a larger variety of troops. This game shouldn't have come out until after Episode III, then they wouldn't have to replace this game with new stuff from Battlefront II in the first place. Any Star Wars game is actually not true to the movies- in them, it only takes one bolt to kill you. Here, sometimes you have to hit your enemies three times in the head to make them go down. The Jedi bonus/Instant Action Hero/default entry in historical is a generic kills everything and can swipe through droideka shields kind of person that you can't kill but can be blown flying with vechicles or rockets. Pretty generic and unfair to the opposing side. One thing that really got me angry was the inability to pick up weapons and that you only can carry two weapons and are forced to pick up little tubes of health and ammo. Also, there is no melee attack, so you have to stand there and shoot. What kind of a game does that? Otherwise, its ok with the shooting and all that.

Replay: 8/10

If you really want to, you can replay this game. You can try teh battles from a different soldier's view or you can get into vehicles instead. After a while, it gets repetitive and you notice a lot of this game's inconsistencies, but I enjoyed replaying some battles. Also, you can unlock extras by winning select battles and one of them is a trailer for Star Wars Republic Commando, which totally made me buy it. So try that.

Multiplayer: 9/10

Nothing wrong with this. Like singleplayer with an extra controller, although there are no deathmatches or slayer, you are allowed to go on seperate factions and duke it out or join the same one and kill everything.

Personally, I feel that I should have waited for Battlefront II. They should have waited for the Episode III to come out - then they could not release Battlefront and just hype up Battlefront II and from what I've seen, it's spectacularly better to this. Technically, it was good and that's all fine, but it's the finer points that made me give this game a 7. IF you like Star Wars, go ahead and buy this... it's really cheap now ($19.99) and if you're not sure, rent it. By now, since Battlefront II is out, go and rent that instead - it's like this but better.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/21/06

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