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"Airships, Jedi's, and blasters; what more could you want?"

In Star Wars: Battlefront you can play as a wide variety of troopers. You can play as the rebels or you can be lead by Darth Vader. If you want to go to the very beginning of Star Wars and play as the CIS drones or the Republic clones then you have the opportunity in front of you. Where does your allegiance stay? Make sure you pick well because going back is going to be very difficult. Lord Vader would not accept such treachery under his command and Mace Windu would feel betrayed by such disloyalty.

Graphics (9/10)

Things tend to have huge lags. When this happens the game seems to shift everything out of focus and the graphics look horrible. The game makes up for this by actually doing a great job of maintaining some of the graphics during the lag. Also, the scenery isn't bland and boring, it has colors mixed into it. The vibrant colors will keep you entertained unlike some dull color that would make you rather watch paint dry instead. This game has graphics that do not disappoint.

Sound (10/10)

Whenever things get quiet you know something is wrong. You steady your hands, blaster on your sides, the next thing you know, a hole is in your chest. That is how silent things are in the game when it's a one on one match with the computer and you. However, things can get very noisy very fast. Blaster fire comes from every direction, even if it is friendly fire. This is how amazing the game seems to keep everything in shape. They can make you quiver in fear when there is no one around or they can make you jump out of your seat when someone finally pulls the trigger.

The background music is great also. Star Wars music has always been great, George Lucas did a fine job of finding a great music crew. Anything music in the game is great, including: Darth Vader's theme, Republic theme, Jedi theme, Dark Side theme, Light Side theme, and airship themes. This game doesn't have the tendency to let you get bored, it has the action, the colors, and the sounds to keep you awake.

Storyline (4/10)

How can a great game have a bad storyline? That's right, there isn't one. There isn't a story to talk about, campaign and things like that in this game doesn't count. That's like playing free mode except you have to win the games and win a series of them. It isn't that fun, I like to play the games for game play and storylines. This game fails to deliver when it comes to the storyline department.

Game play (8/10)

Finally, we are done with the fries and we are on to the burger! This is the juiciest part of the meal, and no one enjoys anything else better then this. This game has a basic capture the flag system. You go from command post to command post trying to capture them all. You do all this while maintaining all of your command posts and troops. The more command posts you have the more people can respawn from them. If you let the enemy get down to one command post don't under estimate them. They'll have loads of people coming in and out of the command post room. So be weary of your surroundings and don't let anything scare you.

When you start off in the game you get to select a character. Character's range from automatic rifleman, snipers, grenadiers, and even Wookies! Every single class has different advantages and disadvantages. One class has less health then the other class. The other class has more health then the other. If you take advantage of this you can probably take down a vehicle without any problems.

In this game you can pilot a vehicle while on the map. It could be an airship, a speeder bike, or just a regular vehicle in general. You can use all of these vehicles to your strategic advantage, but it gets rather difficult to maintain their velocity while close to the ground. If you can become a great pilot in this game there will be nothing to stop you from winning in the next matches and the matches ahead of time.

Buy or Rent (BUY)

This is a definite buy, regardless if you are a Star Wars fan or not. If you hate games that are TPS games then don't buy this one.

Replay Value (X)

Since this game allows you to go back and play through it without going through a story mode there really isn't a replay value put onto this game.

+ Great Game Play
+ Great Graphics
+ Great Sound

- Bad Storyline

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/18/07

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