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Reviewed: 09/30/04 | Updated: 03/23/05

The force is not strong with this one.

What is your favorite Star Wars era? Or your favorite Star Wars battle? Is it the clone wars or is it the era where the rebels and the empire clashed. Play through some of the famous battles in the Star Wars universe. The battle of Hoth or the clone wars are a few selections to choose from. Have an all out war on single player or on Xbox live. Do take note that playing online enhances the experience by a large margin. The game plays like Star Wars literally because it is like an all out war. The game was published by Lucasarts and developed by Pandemic Studios who are also the developers of Full Spectrum Warrior. Although I have never played Battlefield 1942, I have been told Battlefront plays like it. I just wanted to point that out to give you an idea of what type of game it is. Battlefront is like no other game I have played before or at least the online portion of the game. I will dwell deeper into what I mean by that as I go on with my review. And before I go on with the review I would like to add that this review is mostly based on the online portion because that is what I bought the game for.

One thing that left me amazed at the game’s graphics were its environments. The environments were flat out gorgeous. I was playing online and there was a map that featured a body of water and I fell into it, and from here I noticed the beautiful water and the gorgeous landscape from afar. The maps are rather huge so I find myself on several occasions just staring at the sheer beauty of the environment and how large it is. The environments portray the Star Wars universe extremely well. Even though the maps are huge and there is a lot going on at once it surprisingly maintains a solid frame rate. The character models isn’t anything extraordinary, but it holds its own. Character animation overall is very solid, everything from the movements of your walkers to the movements of the troops are very fluid. Overall Star Wars Battlefront offers an incredibly detail and beautiful environment. However the lackluster character models kept this game from being one of the better looking Xbox games.

The best part of the game is definitely the online portion, but I will go a little into the single player mode. The single player allows you to play 2 modes, the first is historical campaign which lets you relive the past battles. Galactic Conquest lets you take control of other worlds. Now the single player is fairly lacking and while it offers some fun, if your getting this game I would highly recommend having Xbox live for it. The single player which is lacking a bit is not worth the money, the online portion on the other hand is different. The single player is pretty straight forward you basically have an all out war, but with a bunch of computerized characters. I’m all for blasting things, but the A.I is out of placed making it too easy. When it is too easy it takes the fun out of it. That is it for the single player and on with what makes this game so special.

What do you get when you put a bunch of vehicles, a bunch of people in a server and also A.I bots? You get chaos and total war. The matches are total insanity and the online portion will own your soul. Before each match you get to pick between two types depending on which era of battles it is. You can pick the Clones or the robots as seen in Episode 2. Or you can pick the rebels or the empire. Then each type also allows you to pick a character, each character has its positives and negatives. I prefer to use a standard trooper. Your also allowed to pick between first person view or third person view. I use the third person view because everything is more fluid to me, the first person view feels a bit clunky to move your character. The maps as stated before are huge and allows a lot of different approaches towards achieving your objectives. Also different character can do different things like certain robots can raise shields and certain troopers can fly, etc. You can also control vehicles like speeders, walkers and ships. The controls of the vehicles are a bit clunky, but still acceptable.

While there are a few issues the controls are fluid and plays real well. The aiming is right on the spot and it doesn’t glitch on you or anything. The game is really fast paced, your moving quickly and blasting any enemies you see. I also like how you throw grenades with the L and shoot with R as oppose to switching and using R for all the weapons. Overall Star Wars Battlefront offers a mind blowing online experience, but its lacking single player knocks it down a notch.

The game offers your traditional music from a Star Wars game. The theme is what you hear from the Star Wars movies. The sound of blasters going off and grenades going off is a bit lackluster. Like most online games you can communicate with others through the headset. This always helps because you can have a nice conversation over Xbox live. While the music is nice and dandy a little variety would have been nice. All in all the sound department is good, but could have been better.

This is where the game shines, the replay value of it. Being online this game will keep you busy for hours. The single player is fun and will keep you occupied for a few hours, but the meat of the game is online. If you have Xbox live this game will keep you coming back for more. This game will surely be one of the favorites among the Xbox live community.

The Star Wars theme is great and I enjoyed it. The online portion is also a load of fun. There were a few problems, but nothing to big. A lacking single player does hinder the experience of those without Xbox live.

Simply put Star Wars Battlefront is great fun online, but if you do not have Xbox live I would suggest renting it first. With the vast amount of replay value and the awesome online experience, one would wish that this game had a better offline mode, which would of made this game a great game. So as it stands Battlefront is a good game and should not be missed by online gamers. If you have Xbox live you need to definitely pick this up. If you don’t have Xbox live I would suggest renting it first.

+ Great fun on Xbox live
+ Beautiful environments
+ Hours of gameplay
+ Gives you a Star Wars feel to it
+ Controls fluidly

- Lacking single player
- Vehicle controls are a bit iffy
- Not really worth it if you don't have Xbox live

Graphics - 8/10
Gameplay - 7/10
Sound - 7/10
Value - 8/10
Presentation - 8/10
Overall - 7.5/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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