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"My ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is."

Ah....this is it. The Star Wars game everyone has been waiting for. And it's GOOD too! I won't bore you too much with this foreword, so I'll skip straight to the specs.

Gameplay- 10/10.
Absolutely marvelous. Has three different modes (I won't spoil it for you with too many details, but note that it takes place in both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War). Fluid movement, no slowdown, very smart A.I.., great level design, and realism all come together to give this game a very low learning curve for newbies and make it a very good game!

Graphics- 9/10.
The graphics could have been a tad better, with more than three to four death animations. Aside from the fact that rag doll physics are very sorely needed in a run and gun/strategy game like this, the graphics are flawless. The levels are detailed, right down to the rail on Kamino to the forests of Kashyyk. The designers obviously spent a lot of time working out the small details on the levels. The weapon models are great too, the standard Blaster Rifle for the Rebels to the Quad-Shot of the Dark Troopers, the weapons look great...with one exception: the "grenades". The grenade models (thermal and ion detonators) are very bland looking. They are basically little red dots with a glowing orange-red haze around them, though the explosions are very realistic.

Sound- 10/10
The sound is excellent, due to the fact that most of the music comes straight from the movies. If you listen hard enough, you can hear the Imperial March, Rebellion theme, and the song that plays in the mos Eisley cantina on their respective levels. Nothing more needs to be said here.

Physics- 8/10
Probably the game's lowest rating, the physics could have been a LOT better. This game sorely needed rag doll physics. It is strangely un-satisfying to finally land a Thermal Detonator on an enemy in cover only to have him fly at you ala Superman when the grenade goes off. The recoil of the weapons is great as is the movement when you are walking, crouching, laying down, strafing, side-rolling, or jumping,

Online capabilites- YES!
SW: Battlefront takes advantage of the wonderful XBox Live system. You can play with up to 24 players, and have bots in game as well!

Rent or buy?
I'd say buy it if you are a fan of the run n' gun shooting genre and rent it if you are trying it out or your first time playing. The game runs for around 50 USD and you will get your money's worth.

Overall- 10/10
Dissapointing physics brought down the score, but this is a great game for fans and non-fans alike. It also has XBox Live, which warrants a high score, so go out and buy, rent, or steal it from your friend's house, but whatever you do, you must play this game if you have an XBox.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/04/04

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