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Reviewed: 10/06/04

I know what your thinking, "Please no, not another Starwars game." I thought the same thing too

Remember watching those "Epic" battles in the Starwars movies? Remember watching Return of the Jedi just to watch Ewoks fight off tons of Storm Troopers? Now you can actually be in it. In Starwars: Battlefront you play as a soldier in one of 4 different armies. The Droid Federation, the Clone Army, the Galactic Empire, and the Rebels. But you dont play as a legendary Jedi or Sith in this game. Your role in this game is a little different, you are a singal trooper fighting alongside your army to destroy the other army.

Sound: Excellent sound, the blasters sound just like the movie, the vehicle engines sound great, you can hear your troopers footsteps on the different surfaces, you can hear nearby X-Wings flying near you, excellent sound, as good as you can get. I couldn't even imagine how great it would be in surround sound. Not much to say about the music though, its basically what you can expect from a Starwars movie.

Controls: Descent controls, the controls for your soldier are excellent. Move with your 2 joysticks, fire with right trigger, grenade with left trigger. Pretty neat stuff. The worst part about this game in my opinion are the vehicle controls. They are horrible... You use the left joystick to control where your plain goes and where it aims. Kind of like using an N64 controller all over again.

Gameplay: When you join the fight, you can choose between a normal unit and your armies "Special unit". The normal units is are units with different weapons like, a blaster, missile launcher, and a sniper rifle. The special units are pretty cool, like for the Galactic Empire your guy has a Jetpack with a big Blaster Cannon. And get this, the rebels special unit is a Wookie! He even makes the Chewbacca sounds when he gets killed... very cool.

You start off in one of various maps and locations, the idea of the map is to control all of the command posts, which are spread out across the map. Whichever command post you control, after you die, you can spawn at that command post. You can even spawn next to AT-AT's and other huge vehicles. You and the troopers next to you have to fight your way through hordes of enemies to the command post. If you die, no big deal, you get to choose what kind of unit you want to be and spawn at your choice of command posts. Each army has a certain amount of reinforcements... so if you run out of reinforcements, you lose the battle, but if an army controls every single command post for 20 seconds, you also lose the battle(Visca Versca).

During your fight, on certain maps, you can man turrets and other vehicles. The vehicles range from Speeder Bikes to X-Wings to AT-AT's, basically every single vehicle in the Starwars Universe.(When fighting an AT-AT, the best way to take it down is to shoot a tow cable at its foot, just like in the movie). Sometimes Jedi's accompany you on your battle, or worse, against you. Jedi's are basically impossible to kill, so I would suggest just running away like a little girl(Better alive then dead, right?).

Did I mention you could fight in 1st or 3rd person? Thats also a cool element that was put into this game.

Multiplayer: I haven't played this System Link, but I have played this on Xbox Live. From what I've seen there is a great online community, and a very fun multiplayer. I would suggest joining games with a Dedicated Server because the other ones can get rather laggy. It's basically the single player but instead of fighting bots, your fighting real people, very tough if your new at playing it. I would suggest practicing offline for a few hours before you go online.

And the famous question you see in all GameFAQs reviews, Buy or Rent? I'd say buy it if your a big Starwars Fan and have Xbox Live... its really great. But if you dont have the money and really want to check ths game out, definatly rent it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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