Review by samthebigkid

Reviewed: 10/22/04

"Tippecanoe and Darth Vader Too!"

Let's face it. Star Wars has had an odd mixture of games. Some games are just plain awesome (like Rogue Squadron games) and others not so hot (like Obi-Wan). But none-the-less, George Lucas has made himself a ver very very rich man from this franchise. So what's Battlefront got to do with the series? How does it compare to other Star Wars games? These questions will soon be answered. But no matter how you look at it, this is a franchise that no one in the world could ever forget.

Graphics- Only so-so. They aren't bad, but they aren't anything ground-breaking. For example, the detail on the soldiers and such aren't as great as they could be. Also the animations aren't real great either. Like a CIS Super Battledroid will blow up, but the body kinda bounces around in a flame. The cinemas though are awesome. They are actual clips from the movies. This adds a sense of realism to the game. The effects of the blasters are pretty nice though. It's hard to explain but they look they should, right from the movies except the Tusken Raiders, Ewoks, and Gungans have weapons that do not fire the way they did in the movie. But in general everything looks pretty good. This game doesn't look bad, but slightly above average.

Sound- Wonderful. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, sounds awesome. To start things off, the music is your classic Star Wars composed by John Williams himself. They music changes to suit the mood and it really adds to the game's excitement value. For example, when you're losing, "Imperial March" plays while the Jedi Theme plays when you're winning. The voices are very realistic. The blasters and other weapons sound exactly like you'd imagine they would. All the native species sound exactly like in the movies. Pretty much everything in this game sounds perfect.

Gameplay- Brilliant. There is no real story other than your two Star Wars plots: The CIS are trying to separate from the republic and you must stop them as the Republic Clones. The other is the Rebellion plots to overthrow the evil Galactic Empire and bring peace to the galaxy. There are a few modes of play. These are Single Player, Multi-player (online/system link), and split screen. Among these are more modes which are Historical Campaign, Galactic Conquest, and Instant Action. Historical conquest is where you face yor historical enemy in the Era you choose and play out that war (either Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War). Galactic conquest is where you choose a side and take over the galaxy one planet at a time. Two wins gets you the planet an the ability to use it's Planetary bonus. This could be anything from Troops who regenerate health, More accurate soldiers, or even a Jedi/Sith who helps your troops in battle. The game runs like this: You and your enemy start on your battle field and face each other. You both start with even reinforcements (200/200). You must take over enemy bases to decrease the rate which they can get more units. You can pick either Rebels, Empire, CIS, or the Clones. But you always face your historical enemy. You always start on foot, but you can enter turrets, vehicles, or even starships. The game is very fun and exciting. In all, this game will not let Star Wars fans down.

Online- Good fun. A little lag, but fun. Most people play clean and you can even rate players on attitude and such. You can also use your microphone and headset.

Special Features- Not too many. You unlock a few galleries and you can watch a preview to "Star Wars: Republic Commando", but that's about it.

In conclusion, this is a great game. No Star Wars fan will be disappointed. For high replay value and only a small few flaws, I give Star Wars: Battlefront for XBOX a 9-10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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