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Reviewed: 11/01/04

"Play this game, you must"


Ever wanted to be a rebel soldier on Hoth defending against the attacking Empire? Ever want to unleash your dark side and kill some Ewoks on Endor? Or maybe just want to play a wookie? Well now you get that chance in Star Wars : Battlefront


The basic idea of Battlefront is you are able to play in battles from the Star Wars movies. You are playing as a regular grunt on a battlefield. You are not able to play as a Jedi. There are different classes of characters you can choose to be. For instance, you can be a sniper who can call in laser air strikes and shoot with a high powered rifle, or a rocket wielding soldier that can punch holes in armor. Controls are customizable which is good because the default layout is kind of odd.

There are two eras you can play in. The first era is episode 1 - 3 which is the Clone Wars. Episode 4 - 6 is the Rebellion and the second era. When you enter a game you first choose which side you want for the respective era. These sides are Republic and CIS for the clone era. For the Rebellion era the two sides are the Rebels and Empire. Once you choose your side you get to choose from 5 character classes. These are standard infantry, snipers, anti armor infantry, pilots , and special units. After that you choose a spawn point, unless in the rare case that the enemy has token all yours, you wait. Once you die you get to reselect only your character class.

For single player you can play Galactic Conquest, Historical Campaign and Instant Action. Galactic Conquest is basically a shallow story mode. You fight for control of planets and once you conquer it you gain their bonuses. This can include more accurate troops, a Jedi hero to fight alongside you or regeneration for you forces. There are a bunch of preset scenarios to choose from. In Historical Campaign you choose an era and fight for control of that level. Once you win you either unlock concept art or a small clip from the movies. Nothing is different from Glactic Conquest other than that. Instant Action is just lets you pick how many maps you want to play and throws you into a battle.

Split screen play and system link play is included too. Don’t expect split screen to look to good unless you have a decent sized TV The ratio’s are out of place somewhat. Halo split screen this is not. But all these modes basically serve one purpose, to get you ready for Xbox Live play. Xbox Live is how this game is meant to be played. Humans and AI bots can be mixed and matched in games online. You may or may not have heard lag was a problem. I only experienced very bad lag online when the game first came out and not since. Also try joining games with good ping numbers. Support so far is good in Battlefront. A patch has already came out and another one is in the works and should come out soon.

STORY 0/10

Before I did the review I was wondering to myself how would I rate the story. There is no story in the game however the story comes from the movies. But I realized I’m rating the game not the movies. However the millions of people who saw the movies know the battles and plots.


Graphics are mixed bag. The character models and some part of the terrain are rough. The special features like shadows, fire, water and lighting are well done. The dust coming off the Genosis floor from spider walkers walker or the light from your X-Wings lasers are truly amazing. Another thing, 3rd person view is done perfectly fine, however, 1st person view is terrible. What makes it terrible is that not only are the weapons blocky and have little detail is that’s your gun is way to small. Anyone who has played Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy knows what I’m talking about. You can be carrying a rifle and it take up the smallest portion of the screen.

SOUND 9/10

Sound effects are great! All your authentic sounds are there like a Tie Fighters laser shooting or a wookie’s howl. Sound is one of the definite things that stand out in this game. Guns have there own distinct sounds when shot that are clearly differentiated. An AT-AT’s thunderous footsteps rumble on Hoth when you get near them. There is only two problems with sound however, one being is sometimes sounds like you have three legs when running and two, that sometimes the sound effects will be muted for a split second.


Battlefronts playtime is nearly infinite if you have Xbox Live. But eventually you will probably get tired of the maps. However there are a lot of maps so you should be entertained for quite a while. Single player replay ability is not really good unless you are practicing for Xbox Live. While there are a few unlockables like short movie clips or concept art there is nothing else in single player to keep you playing once your tired of playing with bots.


If you’re a Star Wars fan and you have Xbox Live this game is a must buy. However, if you don’t have access to Xbox Live you just might want to rent it and see if you are getting bored of it. Overall, Star Wars : Battlefront earns an 8 out of 10.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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