Review by xboarthefighterx

Reviewed: 02/14/05

Fan or not, you'll love SW Battlefront.

After watching the epic movies, haven’t you ever wanted to play the epic battles? Occasionally, LucasArts gives us something great like X Wing, Rogue Squadron etc, but rarely do you get a true experience. SW Battlefront is exactly that...

There isn’t too much of a story in Battlefront, aside from a short briefing period, as it follows the movies, so I wont bother with that at all..

Gameplay 8/10: Overall, the gameplay is great. You, the player, assume the role of a soldier in one of the many battles from Star Wars. To win battles, you must capture all or most of the command posts on the field. This will cause your enemies numbers to deplete and if you have all of them, start a victory timer. There are five classes, each with their own special weapons/abilities. First off, theres the basic soldier. Nothing too special about these guys, but they can be effective. Next you have the heavy weapons and demolitions specialist. These guys have the ability to lay mines (great for guarding command posts) and weapons to take out vehicles more effectively. The rockets/cannons could have been done better, as (in campaign at least) vehicles can take a long time to take out, especially AT-ST walkers. And if your opponent is in one of the giant AT-AT walkers..well, good luck, they seem practically invincible, so use numbers as it can be horribly unbalanced. Next up is the pilot class, with the ability to repair vehicles, and autoheal vehicles while they are inside of them. Also, there is the scout/sniper class. The scouts have better rifles, of course with zoom functions. The scout also has recon droids that can provide air strikes, although I've yet to figure this one out.. Last, there are special classes that very from each race/team. Basically, they are better equipped than the foot soldier, although not well off enough to take down vehicles. Personally, I would have like to see a healer/medic class, but this was balanced as there are stationary medical bots throughout the levels.

There are also a number of vehicles you can pilot in the game. These range from speeder bikes to at at walkers to x wings (although no space battles...). While its no Rogue Squadron, it is incredibly fun, and since most vehicles require or allow more players, grab some buddies and go for a ride. The walkers are a bit too strong, but what they have in firepower, the lack in maneuverability and speed.

To add one final thing, the AI in the game is pretty bad. I've never experienced any team kills before, but basically, they are only useful for cannon fodder. Occasionally, they are good in vehicles, although don’t expect them to always go right for targets that are firing on you or help destroy what you are shooting at..

Control 9/10: Battlefront has a really easy learning curve and overall the controls are pretty slick. The vehicles can be awkward at times, especially starships, but you can get the hang of it soon. There are also some very basic squad orders, such as "spread out," "follow me," etc. You can also use these to get other soldiers to hop into the vehicles.

Graphics 7/10: Not much eye candy here, but given the size conditions, its acceptable. No noticeable glitches, but the environments/players don’t shine at all, so don’t expect anything like Halo 2. This is the one area of the game that I really wish was better.

Sound 9/10: All the sounds are taken right from the movies, although a few voices don’t sound that great (Yoda, Emperor). Music stays the same too, although there isn’t much during actual gameplay.

Replayability: Overall, the single player campaign is short, and the conquer the galaxy mode is decent. Online is good, better than the playing by the campaigns/conquer mode. Overall, if you're a fan, you should buy this game. If not, a rental will suffice, as it can get very repetitive. If you're like me, you'll want to play this game again and again.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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