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"Star Wars really turns into WAR!"


Ah, another Star Wars game. It just sounds like another round of Jedi madness or flying around in a star-fighter, blasting enemies, but this time, this is total war. You are simply a soldier on any side of Star Wars. Yeah, you can be the bad guys, but being good is still fun. Well, I guess.

Story: 7/10

All episodes are mashed in here and since that you can be the bad guys, the good guys will win. Huh? Yeah. If you are following the story, you will sooner or later, have to give up being bad. So all Star Wars fans should know the story unless you are not a Star Wars fan.

Game-play: 8.75/10

Now this is truly a star war. You can play as the CIS (episode 1-3), the Republic (episode 1-3), the Empire (episode 4-6), and the Rebels (episode 4-6). Each of them have different abilities, units, vehicles, and just about everything else. I can tell you that the armies from Episode 1-3 can't fight those from Episode 4-6. It doesn't really matter anyway, because you are having to much fun.

There are 3 modes, all which are pretty fun. Historical Campaign follows the story, but the bad guys must lose. Galactic Conquest is just something out of the story and all you do is try to battle the enemies for the control of a planet. Then there is Instant Action where you can arrange a bunch of random games for fun.

Like I said, you can be different armies. once you choose that, you get to choose a type of soldier you want to be. There are different battle droids to choose from and the same thing goes for all the other armies. Get used to all of them or you might stick to a soldier type and when the time comes, you'll get killed while using another type.

This plays like a Third-Person-Shooter, but it starts to feel like an FPS. You can see your character and a cross-hair in the middle and then, you start shooting at people. You can change it to a FPS screen, which I like.

You never really die in Battlefront. Instead, you come back as another soldier type (or the same one, if you wish). Then you come back at a command post or a big transport unit like the big AT-AT. You can capture command posts by standing next to it and I always have to fight over it.

You never really fight alone either. The same rules apply to your allies, but now, you really don't want them to die. Once you start running out of allies, your defeat comes near. The number at the top screen shows your troops and the enemy's troops. It starts at about 200, but that's not the total amount of troops you have. You get like 30 on the field and when they die, the number grows smaller and the fallen allies some back as new soldiers.

So is this fun? Heck yeah. You'll be playing this for a while. All you really do is try to wipe out the enemies and capture command posts. But wait, there's more. A bunch of Star Wars vehicles can be used. The X-Wing, TIE Fighter/Bomber, AT-ATs (yep), and many more. The funny thing is that you can steal an enemy vehicle if nobody is using it. I found myself taking the X-Wing as the Empire's team because the TIE Fighter was not very good. Heh.

Sound: 9/10

Listen to all of those blasters shoot people. They sound good, don't they? That's all you will hear most of the time and there's plenty of explosions! So it's pretty good for a Star Wars game.

Music: 9.5/10

Star Wars music gets really, really old, but not boring. I'm used to it and it still sounds good. Music from all episodes makes it into the game and all of them are fit for war.

Control: 8/10

I really like to shoot people with the Right Trigger and that's what goes on here. It's just that I can't shoot while jumping (true for every occasion). And I accidentally roll to the right when I want to jump because they use the same button.

Multi-player: 9.3/10

This game supports XBOX LIVE! It's just that it always tries to automatically logs you into your account. If you can't do that, link up another Xbox. If you can't do THAT, then grab another controller and do co-op mode on all 3 modes that were in single player.

Overall: 9.4/10

I would of given this game a 9.3, but this is Gamefaqs, so I might as well give it a 9. Star Wars: Battlefront is the best squad-based Star Wars game you might ever play in your life. Unless this is the only one. So it's worth playing this for sure!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/28/05

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