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"Fight on the frontlines of your favorite Star Wars Battles"

First off I'd like to say that this game was really satisfying to me. Not really many complaints, and it's got fun, addictive gameplay. Here's my review and I hope it helps you decide to buy or rent this game.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is great. Unlike many Star Wars games, you aren't a hero. Your just an average soldier in the army of one of four factions: Rebels, Imperials, Republic, or CIS. You can use any vehicle on the battlefield that you see. Each faction has 5 different types of soldiers: A regular Infantry soldier, a Sniper, Missile launcher, Pilot, and that faction's special unit. You can issue commands to the AI troops around you with the click of a button, and this game is quite easy to get used to as far as controls are concerned. This game has three different ways to play, discluding Xbox Live. These are Historical Campaign, where you choose an era (Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War) and play the battles that took place in the era in chronological order. The second mode is Galactic conquest, where you choose a faction and fight enemies on the planets of the Star Wars galaxy. Each planet has two battlefields, and if you win both battles, you take control of that planet. You continue this until you have control of all planets in the galaxy. The third and final mode is Instant Action, which lets you jump right in to a battle. You choose the planet, battlefield on that planet, and the era. Then you choose a faction and the battle starts!

Graphics: The graphics of Star Wars Battlefront (Which I'll refer to as SWBF from now on) aren't anything special, really. They aren't horrible, but just not what you would expect from an Xbox game, because it doesn't look very realistic. The level design isn't great either, but it's pretty good.

Sound: Here's the best part of SWBF. The sounds of grenades exploding, people screaming, blaster fire, and vehicles cruising across the battlefield make you fell like your really fighting on the front lines of the Star Wars battles.

Xbox Live: I really liked Live play and think it's extremely fun when you have a lot of players. There is tons of lag though, and that tends to bother people a lot. Basically, Live play is the same thing as playing instant action, only with a lot of actual gamers with you.

Replay Value: This game is replayable, because it is a fun game and it's fun to see how many battles you can win when you change the difficulty. If you have Xbox Live, SWBF, without a doubt, is a replayable game.

Rent or Buy?: If your a Star Wars fan, buy it, if you have Live, buy it, or if you are neither you should rent it. Obviously, if you liked it after you return it to where ever you rented it, I'd buy it.

Overall this game is solid in all areas, Star Wars fans will love it, and it's a recommendation to everyone, even those who have no clue what Star Wars is.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/14/05

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